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Flag of the United Kingdom Super Smash Bros. Defiance
Flag of Spain Super Smash Bros. Desafío
France Super Smash Bros. Défi
Germany Super Smash Bros. Dynastie
Flag of Italy Super Smash Bros. Difesa
Netherlands Super Smash Bros. Defensie
Portugal Super Smash Bros. Desafio
Flag of Japan 大乱闘スマッシュブラザーズで内部矛盾
Request39-SSB Defiance
Logo—by EximiusMax (tbc)
Developer(s) Sora Ltd.
Bandai Namco
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Display
Genre(s) Fighting
Series Super Smash Bros.
Predecessor Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS
Super Smash Bros. for Wii U
Media Included Display cartridge
Super Smash Bros. Defiance (Japanese: 大乱闘スマッシュブラザーズで内部矛盾 Great Melee Smash Brothers Internal Conflict) is a fighting game in the Super Smash Bros. series, produced by Sora Ltd. in collaboration with Ninkancho and Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc. for the Display system. As the fifth generation and sixth game in the series, Super Smash Bros. Defiance aims to make the "definitive" Smash experience by representing a fairer variety of Nintendo franchises and third-parties.


Super Smash Bros. Defiance plays according to the typical Super Smash Bros. style, wherein unlike other fighting games, the goal is to ring other fighters out of a 2D stage. Attacking a fighter increases their damage percent, which in turn increases their knockback.

To attack, players use DisplayLP DisplayD in conjunction with the face buttons DisplayA and DisplayB. Players can also grab other fighters using DisplayR DisplayZR, and shield to defend against most oncoming attacks (but not grabs) using DisplayL DisplayZL. These controls can be customized in-game. If a fighter is launched away from the stage, they can usually still recover using jumps and other moves.

A fighter can break a Smash Ball to activate their Final Smash, a powerful one-use attack.


Players can choose from a large selection of Nintendo's most popular characters, alongside representatives of second- and third-party properties.

Early information suggested that veteran characters would keep the majority of their moves from previous games. However, later in development, it was announced that the movesets of at least perfect-attendance veterans would be retooled in the same vein as newcomers'. Therefore, the information in the following table is subject to change.

Key Default veteranUnlockable veteranDefault newcomerUnlockable newcomer

CharacterNeutral special
Custom 1
Custom 2
Side special
Custom 1
Custom 2
Up special
Custom 1
Custom 2
Down special
Custom 1
Custom 2
Final Smash
Mario SSB4
Mario Emblem Mario
jumps into action!
Fast Fireball
Fire Orb
Shocking Cape
Gust Cape
Super Jump Punch
Super Jump
Explosive Punch
Scalding F.L.U.D.D.
High-Pressure F.L.U.D.D.
Mega Mario
Luigi SSB4
Mario Emblem Luigi
stares down the competition!
Fast Fireball
Green Missile
Floating Missile
Quick Missile
Super Jump Punch
Fiery Jump Punch
Burial Header
Luigi Cyclone
Mach Cyclone
Clothesline Cyclone
Poltergust 5000
Peach SSB4
Mario Emblem Peach
turns up!
Sleepy Toad
Grumpy Toad
Peach Bomber
Flower Bomber
Flying Peach Bomber
Peach Parasol
Parasol High Jump
Light Parasol
Light Veggie
Heavy Veggie
Peach Blossom
Bowser SSB4
Mario Emblem Bowser
claws into his enemies!
Fire Breath
Fire Shot
Fire Roar
Flying Slam
Dash Slam
Dash Slash
Whirling Fortress
Flying Fortress
Sliding Fortress
Bowser Bomb
Turbulent Bomb
Slip Bomb
Giga Bowser
Yoshi SSB4
Mario Emblem Yoshi
rides into battle!
Egg Lay
Egg Launch
Egg Roll
Heavy Egg Roll
Light Egg Roll
Egg Throw
High Jump
Timed Egg Throw
Yoshi Bomb
Star Bomb
Crushing Bomb
Super Dragon
Rosalina ws
Mario Emblem Rosalina & Luma
blast off into the fight!
Luma Shot
Luma Warp
Power Luma Shot
Star Bits
Floaty Star Bit
Shooting Star Bit
Launch Star
Launch Star Plus
Launch Star Attack
Gravitational Pull
Catch & Release
Guardian Luma
Power Star
Donkey Kong SSB4
Donkey Kong Emblem Donkey Kong
kicks some tail!
Giant Punch
Lightning Punch
Storm Punch
Jumping Headbutt
Stubborn Headbutt
Spinning Kong
Chopper Kong
Kong Cyclone
Hand Slap
Focused Slap
Hot Slap
Konga Beat
Diddy Kong SSB4
Donkey Kong Emblem Diddy Kong
Peanut Popgun
Exploding Popgun
Jumbo Peanuts
Monkey Flip
Back Flip
Flying Monkey Flip
Rocketbarrel Boost
Rocketbarrel Attack
Rocketbarrel Kaboom
Banana Peel
Shocking Banana Peel
Battering Banana Peel
Rocketbarrel Barrage
SSB4 Wario
Wario Emblem Wario
twists the battlefield!
Inhaling Chomp
Garlic Breath
Wario Bike
Speeding Bike
Burying Bike
Corkscrew Leap
Wario Waft
Rose-Scented Waft
Quick Waft
Mario Emblem Waluigi
causes a racket!
Dr.Mario SSB4
Mario Emblem Dr. Mario
Fast Capsule
Mega Capsule
Slippery Stretcher
Motorized Stretcher
Virus Buster
Vertical Buster
Virus Toss
Exploding Virus
Speedy Virus
Miracle Cure
Mario Emblem Paper Mario
stages a coup de grâce!
Multibonk/Shell Toss
Gale Force/Bomb
Paint Hammer
Paper Airplane
Gliding Airplane
Spring Jump Airplane
Partner Switch
Ranged Partner Switch
Cutting Partner Switch
Geno Brawl
Mario Emblem Geno
beams down!
Pikachu SSB4
Pokémon Emblem Pikachu
tackles the competition!
Thunder Jolt
Thunder Wave
Thunder Shock
Skull Bash
Shocking Skull Bash
Heavy Skull Bash
Quick Attack
Meteor Quick Attack
Quick Feet
Thunder Burst
Distant Thunder
Volt Tackle
Jigglypuff SSB4
Pokémon Emblem Jigglypuff
changes your tune!
Relentless Rollout
Raging Rollout
Sideways Pound
Pound Blitz
Hyper Voice
Leaping Rest
Wakie Wakie
Puff Up
Pokémon Emblem Charizard
adds fuel to the fire!
Fire Fang
Fireball Cannon
Flare Blitz
Blast Burn
Dragon Rush
Rising Cyclone
Fly High
Rock Smash
Sinking Skull
Rock Hurl
Mega Evolution
Lucario SSB4
Pokémon Emblem Lucario
Aura Sphere
Snaring Aura Sphere
Piercing Aura Sphere
Force Palm
Advancing Force Palm
Long-Distance Force Palm
Extreme Speed
Ride the Wind
Extreme Speed Attack
Double Team
Glancing Counter
Stunning Double Team
Mega Evolution
Pokken Popplio
Pokémon Emblem Popplio
flips over the fray!
Water Gun
Scalding Water Gun
Coconut Water Gun
Bubble Beam
Sleepy Bubble Beam
Big Bubble Beam
Bubble Bounce
Bubble Equilibristics
Bubble Beam Bounce
Disarming Voice
Baby-Doll Eyes
Hydro Vortex
Mewtwo SSB4
Pokémon Emblem Mewtwo
Link SSB4
Zelda Emblem Link
slices into the opposition!
Hero's Bow
Power Bow
Quickfire Bow
Gale Boomerang
Ripping Boomerang
Spin Attack
Shocking Spin
Whirling Leap
Giant Bomb
Meteor Bomb
Triforce Slash
Zelda SSB4
Zelda Emblem Zelda
throws slings and arrows!
Ganondorf SSB4
Zelda Emblem Ganondorf
volleys his way to victory!
Midna & Wolf Link
Zelda Emblem Wolf Link & Midna
have more bite than bark!
Ghirahim Hyrule Warriors
Zelda Emblem Ghirahim
Kirby SSB4
Kirby Emblem Kirby
sucks it up!
Ice Breath
Jumping Inhale
Hammer Flip
Hammer Bash
Giant Hammer
Final Cutter
Wave Cutter
Upper Cutter
Grounding Stone
Meteor Stone
Robobot Armor
Kirby Emblem Meta Knight
King Dedede SSB4
Kirby Emblem King Dedede
Kirby Emblem Adeleine
Kirby Emblem Prince Fluff
spins a yarn!
Wii Fit Trainer of Awesomeness
Wii Fit Trainer
Villager Smash Bros
Animal Crossing Emblem Villager
Samus SSB4
Metroid Emblem Samus
Fox SSB4
Star Fox Emblem Fox
Falco SSB4
Star Fox Emblem Falco
F-Zero Emblem Captain Falcon
Olimar SSB4
Pikmin Emblem Olimar
Lucas SSB4
Ike SSB4
welcomes the fight!
Burning Flashlight
Strobe Flashlight
Crash Course Buggy
Buggy Flip
Battery Machine
Balloon Breeze
Rainy Balloon Breeze
Breaker-Shield Breeze
Clay Bomb
Triple Throwing Star
Katana Swing
Pachinko and Prizes
Inkling Smash5
charges into battle!
Splattershot Jr.
L-3 Nozzlenose
Luna Blaster
Splat Charger
Heavy Splatling
Super Jump
Quick Super Jump
Stealth Jump
Splat Bomb
Ink Mine
Squid Beakon
DJ Octavio
is gonna remix your face!
Spring Man
Mr. Game & Watch
Mr. Game & Watch
flattens the competition!
ROB Emblem R.O.B.
Phoenix Wright
Maxwell Scribblenauts
is quick on the draw!
Ray Gun
Death Ray
Freeze Ray
Race Car
Big Jalopy
Winged Dotted Bathtub
Supersonic Wings
Backpack Helicopter
Short Spike Row
Long Spike Row
Large Steel Spike
Post 217
Chibi robo smash bros style render by nibroc rock-d9ak4np
Sonic SSB4
Sonic steps up!
Homing Attack
Surprise Attack
Spin Dash
Hammer Spin Dash
Burning Spin Dash
Spring Jump
Double Spring
Springing Headbutt
Spin Charge
Auto-Spin Charge
Gravitational Charge
Super Sonic
Bonus Fruit
Freaky Fruit
Lazy Fruit
Power Pellet
Distant Power Pellet
Enticing Power Pellet
Power Pac-Jump
Meteor Trampoline
Fire Hydrant
On-Fire Hydrant
Dire Hydrant
Super Pac-Man
Mega Man
Metal Blade
Hyper Bomb
Shadow Blade
Crash Bomber
Ice Slasher
Danger Wrap
Rush Coil
Tornado Hold
Leaf Sheild
Plant Barrier
Skull Barrier
Mega Legends
Duck Hunt
Little Mac
Ice Climbers
Simon Belmont
Shovel Knight
Banjo & Kazooie
Smashified style bomberman render of 4 4 by nibroc rock-d95pvn5

Super Smash Bros. Defiance Fighter Ballot

Do you want your favorite video-game character to join the battle in Super Smash Bros. Defiance? Well, here's your chance. If you post a video-game character's name, we'll consider turning that character into a Smash fighter! Please limit your vote to three per person.

Your comment must include the title of the game each character appears in, and why you think each character should become a fighter.

Vote now!




  • The game was made in collaboration with Bandai Namco and Ninkancho to lessen the stress on series director Masahiro Sakurai without entirely handing the series over to another development team.
  • As with many other games for the Display, the title contains a word (Defiance) that starts with the letter D. Names in other languages follow this pattern as well.
    • The Japanese name contains the affix で内部矛盾 written starting with a character pronounced /de/—just as in the Japanese transliteration of Display, ディスプレイ.
    • For the Spanish, French, and Portuguese names, the English Defiance was translated into each language's equivalent, respectively Desafío, Défi, and Desafio.
    • The German name ends with Dynastie, translating to Dynasty and referring to the continuance of the series.
    • The Italian and Dutch names include the affixes Difesa and Defensie, respectively, which translate to Defense.

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