Super Smash Bros. Crossoverse is the spiritual successor of SMASH BROS: EVERYTHING!!!. The rules are even more strict, however.


  1. No real life characters. This means you can't have Taylor Swift or PewDiePie in this.
  2. Joke characters are allowed! You get to place joke characters, as long as they aren't too stupid and as long as they have a moveset. Fan characters are also allowed, and again, as long as they have a moveset.
  3. Characters without a moveset aren't allowed. Put them in the moveset wanted list. But you can't place joke characters into there. The only exceptions is if you are PLANNING to give them a moveset (mostly the veterans and newcomers)
  4. You can't have exclusivity for the sake of... well, movesets.
  5. Give your items and assistants a little description... even if you don't see any.
  6. Don't touch the veterans! To be precise, don't touch it unless you're Redwinggamer95 or Mr. Yokai! Also, Super Smash Flash 2-exclusive characters are in veterans, so are Smash Bros crusade and Super Smash Flash 1!
  7. Add a little description to the specials and such. It doesn't matter if it's not the same! If it doesn't have description, don't bold the special move name.
  8. No white backgrounds... sorry!
  9. When adding fan-made mechanics, be sure it's serious and not a joke. You can't have stuff like "Family Friendly Smash" and such.

Rules were all made by Mr. Yokai and Redwinggamer95. Don’t add more rules, unless you are Mr. Yokai and or Redwinggamer95.


Character Gallery



Fan-Game Veterans

To translate, veterans from fan-games.

Character List


  1. Mario
  2. Donkey Kong
  3. Link
  4. Samus
  5. Dark Samus
  6. Yoshi
  7. Kirby
  8. Fox
  9. Pikachu
  10. Luigi
  11. Ness
  12. Captain Falcon
  13. Jigglypuff
  14. Peach
  15. Daisy
  16. Bowser
  17. Ice Climbers
  18. Sheik
  19. Zelda
  20. Dr. Mario
  21. Marth
  22. Lucina
  23. Falco
  24. Pichu
  25. Young Link
  26. Ganondorf
  27. Mewtwo
  28. Roy
  29. Chrom
  30. Mr. Game and Watch
  31. Meta Knight
  32. Pit
  33. Dark Pit
  34. Zero Suit Samus
  35. Wario
  36. Snake
  37. Ike
  38. Pokemon Trainer
  39. Diddy Kong
  40. Lucas
  41. Sonic
  42. King Dedede
  43. Olimar
  44. Alph
  45. R.O.B
  46. Toon Link
  47. Lucario
  48. Wolf
  49. Villager
  50. Wii Fit Trainer
  51. Mega Man
  52. Rosalina and Luma
  53. Robin
  54. Greninja
  55. PAC-MAN
  56. Shulk
  57. Bowser Jr.
  58. Palutena
  59. Duck Hunt
  60. Little Mac
  61. Ryu
  62. Ken
  63. Cloud
  64. Corrin
  65. Bayonetta
  66. Inkling
  67. Ridley
  68. Simon Belmont
  69. Richter Belmont
  70. King. K Rool
  71. Isabelle
  72. Incineroar
  73. Piranha Plant
  74. Joker
  75. Hero
  76. Banjo-Kazooie
  77. Terry


  1. Arle
  2. White Mage
  3. Spyro the Dragon
  4. DeMille
  5. Hammer Bro
  6. SpongeBob SquarePants
  7. Steve?
  8. Cuphead
  9. Paper Mario
  10. Tempo
  11. Mii Mage
  12. Mii Medic
  13. Mii Thief
  14. Mii Archer
  15. Mii Smasher
  16. Koopa Troopa
  17. Sis Dawndusk
  18. Shovel Knight
  19. GingerBrave
  20. Peashooter
  21. Terrarian
  22. Greenie
  23. Sprixie Princesses
  24. Cooking Mama
  25. Agumon
  26. Four
  27. Tee
  28. Blazoid
  29. Chargin' Chuck E. Cheese
  30. Spring Man
  31. Ninjara
  32. Croagunk
  33. Rabbid
  34. Starfy
  35. Peacock
  36. Susie
  37. Jibanyan
  38. Rectangl'r
  39. Invader Zim
  40. Face Raider
  41. eShop Bag
  42. Flipnote Frog
  43. Klaymen
  44. Klogg
  45. Rash
  46. Pete (Harvest Moon)
  47. Toadette
  48. Swampert
  49. Sceptile
  50. Thrusterhound
  51. Zatcherzaur
  52. Nagaderm
  53. Builder Mario
  54. Mickey Mouse
  55. Leaky Louie
  56. Nightmare (Soul Calibur)
  57. Gruntilda
  58. Thwomp
  59. Crobat
  60. Green Starry & Wesley
  61. Threeten
  62. Goomy
  63. Mario Mario and Luigi Mario
  64. Pac Man ver. Pac Man & the Ghostly Adventures
  65. TV Donkey Kong
  66. SMG4 Mario
  67. Koopalings
  68. Mario Bros Duo
  69. Kalimba
  70. Gumball
  71. Toon Zelda
  72. Taz
  73. Glover
  74. Shy Guy
  75. Wonder Red
  76. Fridge E. Freeze
  77. Chuck the Clucker
  78. Akari Hamaya
  79. Coco Bandicoot
  80. Poptropican
  81. Sig
  82. Lincoln Loud
  83. Sky Whale
  84. Elsword
  85. Red
  86. Aisha
  87. Squarangl'r
  88. Beatrix
  89. Magia
  90. Heavy
  91. Frisk
  92. Hat Kid
  93. Chrissa
  94. Pancake Peggy
  95. Mipha
  96. Daruk
  97. Revali
  98. Urbosa
  99. Po (Kung-Fu Panda)
  100. Fait
  101. Big Daddy
  102. Cole McGrath
  103. Fat Princess
  104. Jax and Dexter
  105. Kratos
  106. PaRappa the Rapper
  107. Ratchet and Clank
  108. Sackboy
  109. Sir Daniel Fortesque
  110. Sly Cooper
  111. Spike (PS4)
  112. Spike (Super Mario Bros.)
  113. Toro Inoue
  114. Jake and Finn
  115. Max
  116. Captain Knuckles
  117. Slow Moe
  118. Boing Boing Betty
  119. Whoopee Cushner
  120. Chun Li
  121. Sans (Undertale)
  122. Sans (PPQ)
  123. Patapon
  124. Cuatro
  125. Blitzy
  126. Donald Duck
  127. Anakin Skywalker
  128. MC Ballyhoo
  129. Kamek
  130. Player (Starbound)
  131. 9-Volt
  132. Cat Goomba
  133. Broodals
  134. Reanimated Ron
  135. Flain
  136. Itachi Uchiha

Fan-Game Veterans

  1. Crash Bandicoot
  2. Geno
  3. Isacc
  4. Chibi Robo
  5. Toad
  6. Waluigi
  7. Goku
  8. Luffy
  9. X
  10. Zero
  11. Bomberman
  12. Ashley
  13. Porky Minch
  14. Snivy
  15. Klonoa
  16. Phoenix Wright
  17. Mr. Incredible
  18. Tails
  19. Shadow
  20. Krystal
  21. Rayman
  22. Ichigo
  23. Lloyd Irving
  24. Inuyasha
  25. Sora
  26. Naruto
  27. Weegee
  28. Ristar
  29. Crono
  30. Knuckles
  31. Gooey
  32. Bandana Waddle Dee
  33. Mach Rider
  34. Shantae
  35. Nega Shantae
  36. Evil Ryu
  37. Chun-Li
  38. Petey Piranha
  39. Tingle
  40. Saki
  41. Sandbag
  42. Blue (SSF Fan Character)
  43. Super Sonic
  44. Blade
  45. Ashley
  46. Akari Hamayi
  47. Black Mage

Alternate Veterans

These are veterans which were previously featured in a game, but... they've got their moveset changed up. Doesn't include certain characters like Dr. Mario or Builder Mario. Just an example, F.L.U.D.D Mario is Mario who utilizes F.L.U.D.D.

  1. F.L.U.D.D Mario
  2. Inside Bowser
  3. Sage of the Six Paths Naruto
  4. RinneSharigan Sasuke
  5. Shippuden Sakura
  6. Shippuden Hinata
  7. NUN2 Byakugan Mode Hinata
  8. Part I Naruto
  9. Part I Sasuke
  10. Sharigan Kakashi
  11. Chuunin Exams Sasuke


Unlock Requirements


Character Image Franchise Specials
Super Mario Bros.
  • Neutral B: Fireball - It's a fireball! What else did you expect from Mario? He's a blazin' plumber!
  • Side B: Cape - Reflect projectiles with this thing! Turn opponents around! And even get a bit of distance bfore falling to your death!
  • Down B: Cappy Spin - Because FLUDD is weak and creepy. Throw Cappy as he spirals around you and hurts opponents!
  • Up B: Super Jump Punch - Punch your enemies... while recovering! All in one, all in one!
  • Diagonal B: Bomb Derby - Throw a bomb and hit it! It'll do more damage the more times you hit it, and explodes if it hits a solid surface or an opponent. KA-BLANGIE.
  • Shield B: Statue Mario
  • Final Smash: Mario Finale - An ULTRA devastating flare which pushes your opponents far back. “Oh yeah! HEYAAAAAHHHHH...!!!”
Kirby SSBUltimate
  • Neutral B: Inhale/Discard Ability - Inhale your opponent's copy ability and basically get their copy ability! Does not give him a plumber's hat, unlike the previous game. Discard with a tap of B instant of taunting! Oh yeah, press down to absorb the copy ability. Pressing B again with the opponent in your mouth just shoots them back out.
  • Side B: Copy Ability - Use the copy ablity you have to your will... and basically, this is just the beginning!
  • Down B: Copy Ability 2 - Use the copy ability's other attack (which is a downwards one) add your will! Since WHY NOT?
  • Up B: Copy Ability 3 - Recover with the copy ability! Some attacks are new, since sometimes, Kirby couldn't do a jump with some moves.
  • Diagonal B: Chickie - This funny chick will make anyone around Kirby dizzy. FOR A VERY LONG TIME.
  • Shield B: Balloon Kirby - Kirby inflates, pushes back enemies, and does devastating damage if the opponent was so wanting to hurt him after that. When he wants you to get out, STAY OUT!
Luigi (fighter)
Super Mario Bros.
  • Neutral B: Suck - Luigi sucks in enemies with his Poltergust G-00, and shoots them out.
  • Side B: Green Missile - A chargeable move which makes Luigi fly like a rocket. It's Luigi, he's not 100% Weegee sadly, so he might screw up this move.
  • Down B: Poltergust Burst - A small shockwave which blows enemies away. Despite this, it doesn't give you height.
  • Up B: Balloon World - Luigi briefly gains a balloon pack to fly up with. Hey, don't pop the balloons! Those were hard to get!
  • Diagonal B: Suction Shot - Fire a plunger out of the Poltergust G-00 and suck in enemies to get a closer grip of, well, slamming! It's pretty inaccurate, but if you manage to suck it up, you can easily do slams.
  • Shield B: Mini-Nega - Emit a smaller version of the Negative Zone. It, well, is negative! Thus it has negative effects!
  • Final Smash: MEGA LUIGI! - A ton of Luiginoids gather up with Luigi... TO MAKE A GIGANTIC LUIGI. This thing is not joking, it has extremely hurtful moves! Includes jumping onto enemies.
Toon Link
ToonLink SSBUltimate
The Legend of Zelda
  • Neutral B: Fire Gloves - Fire out straight-moving fireballs which bounce off of walls! Hold down to create a flame shield with the cost of moving slower. That's just how it works in the game.
  • Side B: Whirlwind - A weapon pinwheel with the ability to pick up enemies and such and extinguish fire. Stuns enemies if they happen to be caught in the whirlwind.
  • Down B: Mole Mitts - With these digging mitts, you can dig into the ground, and sneak attack. However, it must be soft ground!
  • Up B: Sand Rod - Creates a sand block(?) underneath your feet(?!). This allows you to combo up some jumps! However, you can only execute this once.
  • Diagonal B: Gripshot - A dangerous tether which brings you closer to him! Also works as a recovery tool!
  • Shield B: Bomb - What else? Chances are, you might pull out a nice Bomb, which has a bigger blast radius!
  • Final Smash: Spirit Train - Well, ASDF time! Call in the spirit train, cause that's the special move for the Sand Rod! And of course, watch your enemies scream in panic as they helplessly get ran over!
Less pale pacman
  • Neutral B: Bonus Fruit
  • Side B: Power Pellet
  • Down B: Fire Hydrant
  • Up B: Pac-Jump
  • Final Smash: Super-Pac
Bandana Waddle Dee
BandannaWaddleDee KSA
Kirby's Super Star
  • Neutral B: Spear Throw
  • Side B: Aqua Shot
  • Down B: Spear Copter
  • Up B: Megaton Punch
  • Final Smash: Waddle Dee Army
Mii Mage
Super Smash Bros.
  • Neutral B: Lightning Lazer - Fires a chaining lightning bolt that electrocutes enemies. Has a chance to do more damage (10%).
  • Side B: Magic Missile - This homing magic blast doesn't do lots of damage but stops enemies for quite a time.
  • Down B: Diamond Pillar - Creates two protective ice pillars which shatter when hit too much times. Pressing Down B again allows you to knock 'em over!
  • Up B: Flare Jet - Rocket back up with some fire magic! Afterburners hurt opponents. Ow, ow, ow! That's gotta hurt!
  • Diagonal B: Sandstorm - A little sandy wind ball which bounces wherever you want it to go. Makes enemies have a chance to miss for 5 seconds if they're hit by it.
  • Shield B: Bubble Blastout - This bubbly attack can trap any opponents which harm this bubble, and effectively blow them up inside. Really painful, can do about 25% damage if handled incorrectly.
Mii Medic Super Smash Bros.
  • Neutral B: Healing Field
  • Side B: Team Syringe
  • Down B: Barrier Dock
  • Up B: Gauze Wrapper
Mii Thief Super Smash Bros.
  • Neutral B: Toxic Imbue - Imbues your twin daggers with poison! During this time, you can poison enemies with your daggers but you also take recoil damage for attacking.
  • Side B: Vanish & Stab - Sneak up to your opponent and stab them. Does more damage from the back!
  • Down B: Item Magnet - Pulls up a magnet which attracts all items towards you, even items the player has. Can't attract Smash Balls!
  • Up B: Rogue Teleport - Teleport to the place where you want and explode back in to existence. Useful for recovery! 
Mii Archer Super Smash Bros.
  • Neutral B: Guided Arrow 
  • Side B: Backflip Volley
  • Down B: Lay Explosive Seed
  • Up B: Windy Arrows
Mii Smasher Super Smash Bros.
  • Neutral B: Shield Smasher
  • Side B: Hammerang
  • Down B: Seismic Slam
  • Up B: Spinning Crusher
Luigi's Mansion
  • Neutral B: Robomb Throw - Throws a Robomb. This bomb is 1/4 the strength of a Bob-Omb but it should stun if it doesn't fling. Beware; it hurts ANYTHING, inclduing yourself.
  • Side B: Mummy Hand - Remember when Greenies wrapped themselves in... probably toilet paper? Well now they use their hand to grab their opponents and throw them away!
  • Down B: Kitchen Counterattack - Shield with a pan lid you got from nowhere and if you get hit, counterattack with a powerful spin attack... which can rack up like 30% damage!
  • Up B: Creeper Tether - This may sound weird, but use a CREEPER to tether yourself back up! Can be used indefinitely to fling opponents downwards.
  • Final Smash: Gigantic Potted Creep - Hide in a pot and call in a Possessor to make it a GIGANTIC POTTED CREEP that shoot out... burning painful coals. Likely to get a hit or two!
Grianna (Sprixie Princesses)
Super Mario Bros.
  • Neutral B: Seedling Shots - A rapid-fire attack; because Sprixie Magic can underenergy, this attack gets shorter the longer it's used.
  • Side B: Flowerang - Dashes a bit forward and throws out a flower which can bring items to her. This can also be put onto enemies to make them grow a flower on their head.
  • Down B: Chroma Coded - Switches to another Sprixie Princess.
  • Up B: Full Bloom - Brings out a flower which doesn't hurt anybody but the pollen does and ascends upwards but slowly falls down.
  • Diagonal B: Thorn Bomb - Throws out a thorny bomb which harms opponents and rolls on the ground. It also explodes into thorns which are pretty weaker.
  • Shield B: Pesky Pollen - Converts the shield into pollen which, as obvious as it is, is pretty pesky. Makes opponents stunned for a short while.
  • Final Smash: It's Always Fairy Weather - The Sprixie Princesses work together to create a gigantic storm dubbed the "Light of Paint", which rains down drops of color which have various effects. It even can destroy ANY assistant! Does serious damage if not careful. Take cover! (note that purple ones can phase through semisolid platforms)
Spring Man
Spring Man (ARMS)
  • Neutral B: Charged Springs - Spring Man does a charged shot which works similarly to Donkey Kong's neutral B in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, however, it throws the opponent upwards.
  • Side B: Elastic Shot - Spring Man throws his hands forward, if he hits anyone grabs onto them and headbutts them away.
  • Down B: Fists of Doom - Spring man grabs onto the ground and if B is held he can slam to the right or to the left, it can be controller with the joystick.
  • Up B: Ledge Zipper - Spring man throws his hands upwards. It can hurt enemies however it goes through them so they cannot intercept a recovery.
  • Diagonal B: Great Leap Forward - Spring Man changes his hands into saws and jumps diagonally with his hands at the front. Anyone hit by it will fly away from Spring Man.
  • Shield B: Spring Shield - Spring Man spins his hands around him similarly to when Donkey Kong's up B is done on the ground in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, except Spring Man doesn't move.
  • Final Smash: Almighty Uppercut - Spring Man dashes his hands forward, and anyone caught will be taken to a cutscene in to an ARMS arena where Spring Man will continuously punches them in differnet ways and change his arms styles. His last hit is a dangerous uppercut that sends the opponents flying in the air.
  • Neutral B: Dangerous Catch - When the B button is held, Ninjara will start aiming his hands into a position and when B is let go he flings his arms into whatever direction was set and grabs any opponents, then hitting them with his other normal hand.
  • Side B: Quick Agility - Ninjara turns his left hand into a wheel which makes it's way forwards and if pulled back quickly enough he will dash back faster than a race car, making any opponents in the way fly in the air.
  • Down B: Dangerous Spinning - Similarly to Spring Mans down B, Ninjara grabs onto the ground and if B is held he can slam to the right or to the left, it can be controller with the joystick.
  • Up B: Helpful Winds - Ninjara turns his left hand into a powerful fan which throws him up into the air. It cannot damage opponents due to it's long distance, it being similar to Villagers up B in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.
  • Diagonal B: Mighty Shurikens - Ninjara makes Shurikens appear from his normal hand which will fly diagonally, hitting any opponents.
  • Shield B: Full on Wind Power - Ninjara creates a bubble of wind around him for 3 seconds, anyone caught will be pushed away a little bit. Ninjara cannot move during this time.
  • Final Smash: Gust of Power - Ninjara will go to the top of the stage and create a gust of wind with his hands, pushing any opponents off the stage.
Planet Loser
  • Neutral B: Shape Heal - Everyone in Planet Loser can heal themselves. Just give them time.
  • Side B: Square Fist - A RECTANGLE PUNCH! To the side now, everybody!
  • Down B: 2D Twist - Becomes virtually invisible (and invincible), preventing any damage from being done. However, you can't move and you take recoil damage.
  • Up B: Hydro-Hexahedron - Water which hurts enemies and heals allies. Takes 4 seconds to recharge.
  • Final "Smoosh": Just Shapes and Beats - Become a JSaB version of Rectangl'r as he shreds his enemies apart! And pinches them!
Akari Hayami
Akari Hayami
  • Neutral B: Ice ball - Akari throws a hard Ice Ball forwards. Works similarly to Luigis fireball from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.
  • Side B: All A Board - Akari uses her snowboard to dash sideways for a short distance, hitting anyone in the way. Can also be used to recover (somehow).
  • Down B: Board Whack! - Akari grabs her snowboard by both hands and spins around like a tornado. If an opponent gets too close they freeze temporarily.
  • Up B: Front Flip - Akari does a long front flip upwards. It can also be used to hurt opponents. Goes around the same distance as Corrins up B in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.
  • Final Smash: The Great Stunt - Akari dashes forward and anyone caught by her will be thrown up and Akari will do multiple flips and turns until she throws you down.
Leaky Louie
Respect the Pouch
  • Neutral B: CapriSun Splashback
  • Side B: Hang Fifteen!
  • Down B: Thirst Quencher
  • Up B: Jets of the Pouch
  • Final Smash: Disrespected!
Green Starry & Wesley
Green Starry and Wesley
None (currently)
  • Neutral B: Weasel Roller - Wesley rolls around on a ball, straight towards opponents! Watch him roll and run over!
  • Side B: Bat-Starring Ram - Charge it up and fly forwards, at HYPER SPEED! The farther, the hurt-ier!
  • Down B: Holo-Copy - Teleport to a different location. Also, leave a decay of yourself! Works well for traps. And counters.
  • Up B: Whirlystar - Bring in some little stars and propel yourself upwards. It's cool. Very cool.
  • Final Smash: Killaweasel - Go bouncing around the stage while Wesley rolls on the biggest hurt-iest ball he can find, and end with a BIG BANG!
  • Neutral B: Numbergun
  • Side B: Golfball Eye
  • Down B: Flip Table
  • Up B: Cure Delivery
  • Diagonal B: Un-Rule-Y 
  • Shield B: Rearrange Shock
  • Final Smash: Extremely Un-Rule-Y
Shy Guy
1.BMBR Shy Guy Artwork 1
Super Mario Bros.
  • Neutral B: Boom Cannon - Shoots out a Bullet Bill. You can charge it, but it may backfire. Holding the L-Stick to the direction you're facing causes you to do Bullet Bill surfing which might harm you.
  • Side B: Swing Mace - Swings a chain ball, can swing up to nine times. The more it's swung the farther it goes; like Boom Cannon, it can backfire on you and trap you.
  • Down B: Shyster - Bounces up with a sword-tipped pogo stick. In mid-air it gains some height but not a ton. “Look at him! Can't even bounce! Hey, maybe we could bounce ON HIS HEAD!!!”
  • Up B: Flyby - Gains a propeller and flies for a limited amount of time. During this time, footstool jumping is illegal on him. Very brief.
  • Diagonal B: Spear Chuck - Gets ready to throw a spear. Charge it up to extend it in lenght; it only hurts if you touch the spear tip. Can backfire and break.
  • Shield B: Baila, Amigos! - Gains a sombrero and plays a different instrument. Effects of instruments wear off as you spam them. (Guitar briefly gives him some more ATK, Accordian can heal him, and Maracas can cause opponents to get a random status effect.)
  • Final Smash: General Charge!! - Similar to Yoshi's "Stampede!" except it ends with General Guy riding up on a tank blasting his opponents with electricity from a lightbulb.
Fridge E. Freeze
The Fight for Magic/White World
  • Neutral B: Mini Fridgey - Deploys Mini-Fridgey who will walk around like a Bob-Omb. Can only be used if FEF is not moving at all and is on the groudn!
  • Side B: Rangin' Pizza - Throws a very powerful pizza which acts like a boomerang. It does lots of damage but it hurts everybody so FEF has to dodge it two!
  • Down B: Freeze(r)! - Think Fridge E. Freeze does not have icy attacks? Think again! Freezes everyone around him temporarily.
  • Up B: Short Circuit - Causes a short circuit which causes an explosion and does 10% damage to him but launches him high. Can be used rapidly but it does 20%, then 30%, and so on damage until he lands.
  • Diagonal B: Mini Fridgey 2 - Why not THROW if you can't DEPLOY? Mini-Fridgey explodes into shrapnel in mid-air!
  • Shield B: Chilly Smoke - Emits cold gas which will slow you down if you're in it. Does this as long as he is shielding.
  • Final Smash: Ashes to Ashes (Stay Calm) - Shoots out 8 flames all around him which will home for the nearest fighter. It sounds pathetic, but they're fast moving. If you're caught, FEF comes out of a molten scrapyard as Molten FEF and shoves you them into an incinerator. ONLY ONE WILL TRULY DIE.
Coco Bandicoot
Coco Bandicoot (N
Crash Bandicoot
  • Neutral B: Twirling Roulette - Coco does a tornado spin with her arms which goes upwards a bit and can be used to recover.
  • Side B: Secret Book - Coco pulls out a book which can shoot out bazooka shots, exploding on impact. It will take a while for the shots to come out.
  • Down B: Scientific Genius - Coco charges up a potion which will randomly be chosen between ice, fire and ground. The ice potion will freeze opponents, the fire potion will work similarly to a fire projectile, burning the opponents, and the ground potion will make people stuck to the ground.
  • Up B: Jetpack Fuelled - Coco turns her book into a jetpack which works similarly to Diddy Kong's up B in Super Smash Bro. Wii U and 3DS.
  • Diagonal B: Hair Whack - Coco whacks her hair diagonally, grabbing any opponents and then slamming them on the ground.
  • Shield B: Reflection Tech - Coco turns her shield into a UV shield which can reflect projectiles.
  • Final Smash: Super Tech - Coco sets up a super tank-bike which shoots a huge beam sideways and when the beam stops the bike shoots forward and off the screen.
The Legend of Zelda
  • Neutral B: Lightscale Trident
  • Side B: ???
  • Down B: Mipha's Grace
  • Up B: Waterfall Ascend
  • Shield B: ???
  • Final Smash: Divine Beast Vah Ruta
The Legend of Zelda
  • Neutral B: ???
  • Side B: Boulder Breaker
  • Down B: Roll
  • Up B: Cannon
  • Shield B: Daruk's Protection
  • Final Smash: Divine Beast Vah Rudania
The Legend of Zelda
  • Neutral B: Great Eagle Bow
  • Side B: ???
  • Down B: ???
  • Up B: Revali's Gale
  • Shield B:
  • Final Smash: Divine Beast Vah Medoh
The Legend of Zelda
  • Neutral B:
  • Side B: Scimitar of the Seven
  • Down B: Urbosa's Fury
  • Up B: ???
  • Shield B: Daybreaker Counter
  • Final Smash: Divine Beast Vah Naboris
Slow Moe
Respect the Pouch
  • Neutral B: Cripple Curbstomp - Even if there is no curbs, Slow Moe will jump a bit high and try and stomp enemies into the ground.
  • Side B: Spinning Shell - Retracts into his shell and basically starts moving endlessly to the direction you wanted him to go. Speed determined on your previous speed.
  • Down B: Belly Flop - Slightly jumps into the air and belly flops onto his opponents. Also causes water waves.
  • Up B: Ninja Shell - Ninja jumps towards a random player and slams down on them. Otherwise, he just boosts up without harming anyone.
  • Diagonal B: Bombshell - Gets a bomb out of the spot where his head is located and throws it forward. This thing rolls and phases through three oponents!
  • Shield B: Shell Shocka - Umm... electrifies his shell. Can we pretend this move doesn't exist?
  • Final Smash: Rave Floppin' - Messing with Slow Moe? REALLY BAD IDEA, this final smash will attract everybody as he... bellyflops a dozen of times. Hmm. Weird.


Like father, like son, be serious when making these. Don't make trash mechanics.

Smash Combo - By pressing the special button at the exact time the character does their smash attack, you can repeat the smash attack again for much more hurtful effects.

Diagonal/Shield Specials - Originating from Redwing's Super Smash Bros, this allows for some spicy moves and some callbacks to forgotten moves.

Sliding: by dashing and holding down on the control stick fighters can perform slides to dodge attacks and final smashes and they can also act out of it with no end lag what so ever so they can perform easy combos.

Circular Air-Dodging: New in this game is circular air dodging, while in the air press the ZR or ZL button and then rotate the control stick to do a circular air dodge this will help with attacks with wide range and will help with heavy characters because this type of dodge is momentum based so you can spam it but only with right timing and coordination to send characters flying up to help with recovery.

Zig-Zag Air-Dodging: Also new in this game is Zig-Zag Air-Dodging by pressing the ZL or ZR button and quickly flicking the control stick in a direction you will be able to zig-zag out of the way of hard to dodge attacks or to space out opponents if they get to close.

16 Player Smash: along with having 8 player smash back we now have 16 player smash to have truly chaotic battles and to have up to 32 Ice Climbers at once, trully wonderful.

Windbox Spot Dodge: press the ZL and ZR button and rotate the control stick the player can generate a small windbox to blow opponents back while on the ground.

Sweep Kick Roll: double tap the control stick while rolling to do a sweep kick to trip opponents the heavy/taller the opponent is the greater the damage.

Smash Attack Chain: with good timing you can keep your opponent in a chain of smash attacks with no end lag as long as your fast enough and time your button presses right but your attacks still stale if you use the same attack 2 times or more in a row.

Item Snatch: if you perform a smash attack on someone with a item equiped or if they are holding one you can snatch it away from them just like with the Dragoon/Day Break Parts but it works with every item.

Neutral Throw: if an opponent is grabbed and the player only uses pummels after the pummel time is up they will perform a neutral throw it deal less damage than a normal throw but it still knock opponents away.

Grab Block: if 2 opponents try to grab each other at the same time they will recieve some small chip damage and will fail to execute the grab.

Pivot Grab and Pivot Throw: a pivot grab is if a player grabs an opponent just as there about to turn the opposite direction and a pivot throw is if you perform a pivot grab then immediately throw them its hard to pull of but it does more damage than a normal throw.

Rocket Footstool: when performing a footstool press and hold up on the control stick to gain more hight than a normal footstool jump but its hard to time but will pay off when you do.

Aerial Grab and Aerial Throw: you now have the option of grabing and throwing in the air by pressing the L or R button in the air with an opponent next to them they will pause in the air before slowly decending they can pummel or perform a Back, Down, Up, Forward or Neutral Throw and each throw will be unique too.

Ledge Break: if a player is hanging on to a ledge walk on their hands/stubs ect. to knock them off the ledge you can also attack people holding on to a ledge.

Shield Throw: while shielding flick the control stick to throw your shield at an opponent that will turn into a burst of energy to hurt opponents the bigger the character = the more damage the burst will do.

Final Smash Disrupt and Final Smash Retry: you can disrupt a final smash by attacking the opponent the second there about to release their final smash if you do that their final smash will be gone but final smash canceling is only when you have the smash meter on if you fail to connect the final smash, before the animation is finished press the b button with the right timing to re-gain your final smash to try again you can do it as long as you want but its very hard to pull of and wont work with a smash ball.

Shield Break Cancel: just as your shield breaks press up b at the right time to get your shield back and to avoid a shield break useful for attacks with shield killer properties.

True Stun Lock: by alternating A and B attacks with proper timing you can perform a chain of attack opponents cant even dodge out of but only on the ground.

Storing Items: while your holding an item you can spot dodge to save that item for later but it only works with held items not equipable items.

Stylish Moves and Stylish Meter: by playing a normal smash match and performing combos or successfully pull off hard to do techniques a little stylish meter will fill up over time and you can stack it up with 10 charges with each one giving you more power-ups with the 10th charge activating all of them by pressing the b button when the meter is full.

  • Charge 1: Speed, raises the players speed
  • Charge 2: Power, raises the damage of attacks
  • Charge 3: Jump, raises the jump hight of players
  • Charge 4: Knockback, raises the knockback power of players
  • Charge 5: Super Armor, gives the player Super Armor
  • Charge 6: Shield, raises the durability of shields and gives shield throw more power
  • Charge 7: Instant Perfect Shield, makes every shield perform perfect shielding
  • Charge 8: No End Lag, all ending lag on moves is gone.
  • Charge 9: Electric Shields, gives players electric shields that damage opponents when they touch it.
  • Charge 10: Gradual Healing, gives players gradual healing and activates all other powers.

Most of these mechanics are borrowed from Redwing's Super Smash Bros

Stock Sacrifice - In team battles, if the players taunt and press grab, they can give a live to a teammate of theirs. However, this means you must give up one of your life. If you happen to sacrifice your last one, you take 999% damage and fly off screen.


  • CapriSun
  • Fire Flower
  • Freezie
  • Home-Run Bat
  • Lightning
  • Snowboard
  • Wumpa Fruit
  • Bob-Omb
  • Bulk-Omb
  • Freezie
  • Screw Jump
  • Senbon


Assist Trophy

Assistant/Franchise Image Action
Pancake Peggy (Respect the Pouch) Coming soon... Basically runs towards an opponent and flops down, squishing them. Does this with multiple opponents!
Nikki (Swapnote)
Nikki Fighter
Sketches three different objects, varying from a bullet bill, fire-breathing dinosaurs, a fat Kirby, or probably even a living walking CapriSun!
Moon (Super Mario Bros.)
Swoops down onto opponents, damaging them for hefty damage; bumping into this Moon (well the summoner has to bump into it) causes it to do damage to everybody. Yes, everybody. I'm not joking.
Rick/Kine/Coo (Kirby)
KSA RickKineCoo
At all costs they will all attack at once. Coo will use Cutter Coo, Rick will use Fire Rock, and Kine will use... Ice Kine. However, they might be stones, whcih do absolutely nothing. Too bad. You don't get refunds.
Byte & Barq (Arms)
Hey look, a robotic duo! Byte will try and shoot you down with Seekies (which stun you temporarily) and Barq will try and get a little bite out of people. So to translate, a more hectic version of Spring Man. As an assist trophy that is.
Slow Moe (Respect the Pouch)
Goes into his shell and literally tries to shell you. It's not much use if it wasn't for the fact he sometimes can ninja fly over your head and slam down, and in fact sometimes get out to do a spin attack. He is not slow. He, however, will make you slow. And all crippled. So that way, he looks faster than you. Hmm. Maybe not. Also, you can't stop him.
Eggplant Wizard (Kid Icarus)
Eggplant Wizard-Uprising
This wizard tries to turn you into an eggplant. As an eggplant, you can't do anything but run. It's a pain to be an eggplant, but it could've been worse!
Marshal (Animal Crossing)
Marshal NL
Marshal... umm, dances? Whatever it is, it might make opponents uncontrollably taunt if they are next to him. Pretty uncontrollable, eh?
Ninja Kong (Donkey Kong Country)
MTOCG Ninja Kong
He kicks, he knee strikes, he uses KONG FU TO BEAT YOU UP! Well, yeah, he's Ninja Kong, what did you expect? Just beware of his most deadly punch which will send you flying.
Alvin and the Chipmunks (Alvin and the Chipmunks) Coming soon... The most insane edition to the assistant cast, they literally sing so earbleedingly that opponents take 5% every 2 seconds if they are standing on the ground. Don't ask about these chipmunks or these characters. Just... don't. It's a big nose plunge to insane valley.
Plessie (Super Mario Bros.)
You can jump onto Plessie, but you otherwise have to dodge him as he slides around. It hurts big time if he manages to belly slide you, and worse he can jump and turn.
Impmon (Digimon)
This dangerous impish Digimon will use a ton of Night of Fires on you. It's pretty hard to dodge, so good lucky dodging it! Thankfully, it doesn't make you flinch.
Dr. Neo Cortex
Doctor Neo Cortex Crash Bandicoot N Sane Trilogy
Once the Assist Trophy is activated, Cortex appears with his ray gun. He lets out an evil laugh before leaping into the air, summoning his flying platform. At this point, he proceeds to hover across the stage, watching the match. As he does, he'll fire random shots at the players, aiming randomly at anyone except for the player who summoned him. Purple shots are faster, while blue shots are slower but home in on opponents. Keep an eye out for green shots; attacking these causes them to fly back and strike Cortex. Cortex's effect lasts for 15 seconds, or until his shots are reflected 3 times.
The Fighting Fives Image has white background All 5 will attack random opponents. If the opponents get hit and stay on the ground, they will be dizzy.


  • Garbador
  • Alcreamie
  • Brionne


Stage/Franchise Image Description About Stage
Sprixie Kingdom/Super Mario Bros. Coming soon... The Sprixie Kingdom, in seven stages. Expect some obstacles like obstructing clouds and fiery Fire Bros. fire!
LemonLand/Numberlemon Coming soon... LemonLand is populated with Numberlemons and unexpected events. So the tables might turn and someone might make a game-change.

Smash Run Enemies

Enemy/Franchise Image What it Does
Glice Glire and Glunder (Super Smash Bros.)
Glice SSBL
Glunder SSBL
Glire SSBL
Freezes, burns, or electrocutes. Check the color to know what it does!
Unu (The Legendary Starfy) Coming soon... It swims in the water, and it's pretty calm. Nothing much, just move on and hurt it.
Jack O'Goomba (Super Mario Bros.)
A Goomba with a pumpkinhead. I don't see it spitting out fire any time soon! Wait, DOES it spit fire?
Pyrup (The Legend of Zelda)
Hides under a weird shell, and breathes fire. You can't really get up close to it, so try doing far-range hurt attacks!
Boom Stomper (Kid Icarus)
Boom Stomper SSBL
IT'S BIG! But the leaf is the weak spot. Hurt that part to hurt it! Well... it's optional, but recommended.
Specknose (Kid Icarus)
You'd think Hirokazu has weapons in his nose? You're absolutely correct, he's got a ton of bombs! Wait, who are we talking about again?
Frozum (Kid Icarus)
Very chilly enemies. Can cause a blizzard which is LARGE, LASTS A WHILE, AND FREEZES. Hope you got a heat source!
Waddlewing (Super Mario Bros.)
200px-Waddlewing Artwork NSMBU
All I gotta say is that they hurt if they bump into you while gliding. Truly hurts. REALLY hurts, actually.
Slow Moe (Respect the Pouch)
Why is Slow Moe here? Anyways, he's much more dangerous than you'd think of. High risk, high reward, high slowdown.
Octonaughty (Numberblocks) Coming soon... Why is Octonaughty here? Anyways, he just runs but is pretty much immortal. See, if you attack him, he just reassembles. He still hurts.
Moonja (Kirby)
A stealthy ninja, he acts like a ninja. A pretty interesting foe, he may as well shuriken you to death if you are not careful.
Dribblee (Kirby)
Driblee Transparent
Well... it shoots water balls. Frankly, it's an odd attack, but it'll still harm you badly.
Crumbug (Pikmin)
Crumbug icon
The smaller Breadbug. It's not really strong to be honest, nothing to be scared about!
Air Stone/Fire/Nut (Mega Man)
Air Stone
These enemies, like the Gl-s, come in different variants. They each have their own strength and weakness!
Conkdor (Super Mario Bros.)
4.283px-Conkdor Artwork - Super Mario 3D World
What this OSTRICH doing here? GET OUTTA MAH SIGHTS! (the head, the head!)
Fish Poker Pops (Donkey Kong Country)
Fish Poker Pops
Has a very powerful porcupuffer attack, and is pretty resistant. Can act like a meat shield, so meet its gaze.
Tiki Tank (Donkey Kong Country)
Invincible enemies which hurt if you touch them. However, with a bit of strategy, you can hurt them.
Blue Spike Top (Super Mario Bros.)
This time, completely resistant. Sorry for those who want to harass it. Well... again, with a bit of strategy, you CAN hurt them.
Mini-Goomba (Super Mario Bros.)
Mini Goomba Icon SMO
Small goombas. REALLY small Goombas, actually. They still can harm you and come in groups of thirty! Killed by everything.
Whoopee Cushner (Respect the Pouch) Coming soon...

Can someone tell me the existence of her? Anyways, she has pretty hard wind effects. And wind-related attacks. 'cause...



Name Mugshot Franchise Battle Moveset
Chuck the Clucker
Chuck The Clucker
Respect the Pouch Coming soon...
Meowser Official
Super Mario Bros.
  • Fireball Fleshout: Spits out fireballs in a circular motion, 8 each. Pretty devastating. Hope you got water.
  • Tail Whip: If you get too near him, he tries to hurt you with a tail whip. Which obviously is pretty effective. Also, hurts you with a... swipe.
  • Rollout: Jumps out of the battlefield and performs one of these moves.
    • Flamethrower: From the background, he spews out a heck ton of fire. Unlike in Super Mario Maker 2, it's super unpredictable.
    • Shoot Fireburst: You can damage him, but he spews out a gigantic fireburst which explodes and can be deadly if not careful.
    • Paw & Claw: Jumps and attempts to claw the player. It makes them stunned (gives them 20% damage two) if the player fails to dodge it, and it gets worse as he can swipe!
  • Super Paw Flamethrower: Curls up into his shell and spews out fire in the shape of a paw. He sometimes jumps while doing this, and worse it incinerates you and hurts you a ton!
Boomer Rango (image coming soon, it has a white background) Ron: U Mii Everybody, You Me Everybody! Coming soon...
Galleom SSBU
Super Smash Bros. Coming soon...
B01NG B01NG B377Y Coming soon... Ron: U Mii Everybody, You Me Everbody! Coming soon...
HW Ganon
The Legend of Zelda Coming soon...
Master Hand & Crazy Hand
Master Hand SSBU Artwork
Crazy Hand SSBU Artwork
Super Smash Bros. Coming soon...
Wario World/Land Coming soon...
Shake King
Shake King
Wario Land Coming soon...
Crash Bandicoot
  • Super Earth Slam: Yuktopus jumps high in the air and slams on the ground and shakes it. If you get hit by the earthquake you get stuck to the ground and Yutkopus will slam into you with his horns.
  • Blaster Shot: Yuktopus fires a strong blaster shot from his gun hand which works similarly to Samus Final Smash in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, however it is shorter.
  • Great Sprint: Yuktopus runs into you similarly in his Super Earth Slam but this time it's much stronger.
  • Tentacle Terror: Yuktopus uses his tentacle arm to swipe in front of him three times, the effects will knock you away.
  • Final Stand: When Yuktopus has low health he will get angry and jump around, if you get hit you will get knocked up.

Moveset Wanted

Place your characters here if you don't really know what their moveset should be. We aren't helping with joke characters though. You can also place it if you want a character's moveset upgraded (as long as it's related to you or you added it yourself).

  • Blastoise
  • Itachi Uchiha
  • Izuku Midoriya
  • Naruto Uzumaki
  • Sasuke Uchiha
  • Sakura Haruno
  • Hinata Hyuga
  • Pegasus Seiya
  • Andromeda Shun
  • Ling Xiaoyu
  • Kakashi Hatake
  • Iruka Umino
  • Shiryu
  • Roronoa Zoro
  • Nami (One Piece)
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