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Super Smash Bros. Crash 'n Bash is an upcoming Super Smash Bros. game being created by Outer Inc.. It is set for release on the Nintendo VR in Spring 2012. It is the sequel to Super Smash Bros. Brawl.



Image Name Moves Special Item
N/A Mario N/A fire flower
N/A Peach N/A umbrella
N/A Bowser N/A king shell
N/A Yoshi N/A egg
N/A Donkey Kong N/A king banana
N/A Diddy Kong N/A peanut popgun
N/A Wario N/A garlic
N/A Link N/A sword
N/A Zelda/Sheik N/A boot
N/A Kirby N/A star
N/A King Dedede N/A crown
N/A Pikachu N/A thunder
N/A Jigglypuff N/A song
N/A Fox N/A starship
N/A Samus N/A blaster
N/A Ice Climbers N/A hammer
N/A Olimar N/A pikmin


N/A Mega man N/A mega blaster


Image Name Moves Special Item How to unlock...
N/A Luigi N/A N/A poltergeist
N/A Ganondorf N/A N/A army
N/A Toon Link N/A N/A toon sword
N/A Meta Knight N/A N/A bat wings
N/A Lucario N/A N/A ora
Yanappu Pansage N/A N/A leaves
N/A Falco N/A N/A super boot
N/A Wolf N/A N/A moon
N/A Ness N/A N/A hat
N/A Marth N/A N/A shield
N/A Mr. Game & Watch N/A N/A shadow

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