Super Smash Bros. Conquest
Developer(s) Hammy Logooo
Publisher(s) NintendoLogo
Platform(s) Wii U
Genre(s) Fighting
Release Date(s) Not yet confirmed
Mode(s) Solo





Age Rating(s) PEGI 12
Media Included Hammicube Disc

Hammicube E-Shop Game

Super Smash Bros. Conquest is a Super Smash Bros. game developed by Hammy Games Inc. and Sora Ltd. for the Wii U. It is the fifth installment in the series, succeeding Super Smash Bros. for 3DS and Wii U.

New Features

Zero Conquest

See here

Replacing The Subspace Emissary from Brawl comes the Zero Conquest! A story mode involving the Smash Bros. out to defeat a villain who threatens to destroy to World of Trophies. The villain has plenty of tricks up their sleeve, resulting for some rather unforeseen circumstances. Some characters have voice acting.

Fabled Smash

You simply fight your opponents. Simple as that, right? Wrong. Stages will change into other stages, Assist Trophies and Pokéballs might work for your opponents instead of you, items might swap effects, your controls could be switched, items and foes might teleport around, Smash Run enemies might appear....

There's a whole load of possibilities with Fabled Smash!

Trophy Thief

Chase after an enemy to gain lots of trophies! Seems easy enough...

There are lots of hazards along the way, such as enemies, CPUs, moving platforms and more. If you manage to trap the thief in a corner, then you'll have to duke it out against them to claim your trophies!

Tower of Smash

You are just a pawn under the hand you choose...

Pick Master Hand or Crazy Hand and play a fun little board game. Each Hand has different powers to grant you, which help you on your journey. You, as a trophy, have a dice to roll to determine how far you can go. Every space has an event, be it a battle, a game of Smash Run or even a Multi-Man Smash. At the top of the tower which you are scaling, you will encounter the Hand which you didn't choose. You must fight them but if your damage goes over 100% or you die, you will be sent to the Master Domain or Crazy Domain, dependant on which hand you fought. The challenges here are much tougher and you cannot use your powers. When you reach the end, you will fight the Hand again.

This mode has the greatest rewards out of any mode. An aesthetic feature is where you are a trophy and the Hand moves you around. When you start your challenge, the Hand will free you from your trophy form.

More Customization

In case you weren't already satisfied...

New Moves

Characters no longer have small variations of moves, they have an array to choose from! Though some are altered versions of existing moves, they have much more significant changes.

Custom Music

After downloading music onto your SD Card, you can port it over to Super Smash Bros. Conquest and have it play on stages as you fight! It doesn't matter what kind of song it is, it can be a hit from Taylor Swift, Beethoven's 5th symphony or even music that's already in the game, if you want it to play on other stages!



Image Name Description Basic Attacks
250px-Mario SSB4 Mario

100px-SSB Mario Series

Mario is the Mushroom Kingdom's most famous plumber! He is a very balanced character, with a good jump too! His moveset has a good array of projectile and close range attacks, so there is no need to worry when Mario is on the case! Neutral: Fireball

Side: Super Cape

Up: Super Jump Punch


Final Smash: Warp Pipe Mayhem

Peach.SSB4 Peach

100px-SSB Mario Series

Peach is no damsel in distress this time! She is a light character, but packs a punch. She can hover in the air for a short time, with aid of her Joy Vibe. On top of that, her Parasol move lets her glide for even longer! Neutral: Toad

Side: Peach Bomber

Up: Parasol

Down: Vegetable

Final Smash: Peach Vibes

Bowser SSB4 Bowser

100px-SSB Mario Series

The Koopa King is ready to take out his foes! Armed with fire breath and a spiky shell, Bowser sure is one tough opponent! But he is very slow and has a bad jump in exchange for his brute force. Neutral: Fire Breath

Side: Flying Slam

Up: Whirling Fortress

Down: Bowser Bomber

Final Smash: Koopa Troops


Captain Toad

SSB Mario Series


Captain Toad treks in! The famous Toad explorer is ready for battle, armed with his trusty pickaxe! He is nimble with a good jump, but lacks power. Neutral: Headlamp

Side: Minecart

Up: Grappling Hook

Down: Pickaxe

Final Smash: Toad Brigade

Yoshi-ssb4 Yoshi

SSB Yoshi Series

Yoshi flutters into battle! Yoshi is an all-around fighter, with great speed, excelling jump and decent power. His long tongue and eggs can act as ranged attacks and he's got some pretty strong melee attacks too! Neutral: Egg Lay

Side: Egg Roll

Up: Egg Toss

Down: Yoshi Bomb

Final Smash: Mega Eggdozer


Baby Bros. SSB Yoshi Series


Baby Mario and Baby Luigi are ready to brawl! They act as a pair, much like the Ice Climbers. Despite being small, a lot of their moves make up for their lack of height and speed. These are by far the toughest babies I've seen! Neutral: Hammer

Side: Goo Goo Buggy

Up: Bro. Tower

Down: Mix Flower

Final Smash: Pocket Chomp

WarioOverallsSSB4 Wario

SSB Wario Series

Wario is the greedy rival of Mario, and owner of WarioWare. He is a slow character, but he is also pretty strong. His Wario Bike allows him to go much faster though. His alternate costumes are unique, in the fact that he has variations of his biker outfit and his overalls. Neutral: Chomp

Side: Wario Bike

Up: Corkscrew

Down: Wario Waft

Final Smash: Wario Man

DonkeyKongSSB4 Donkey Kong

SSB Donkey Kong Series

DK swings in! The king of the jungle moves with surprising speed, considering his size. He is also pretty powerful! However, his moveset doesn't have much variety, consisting mainly of physical attacks. Neutral: Giant Punch

Side: DK Headbutt

Up: Spinning Kong

Down: Hand Slap

Final Smash: Barrel Toss

473px-Diddy Kong SSB4 - Artwork

Diddy KongSSB Donkey Kong Series

Diddy Kong monkeys around! This young ape is a tricky character to master but overall fun to use. His Monkey Flip is possibly his strongest attack and results in huge knockback when foes have a high damage count. Neutral: Peanut Popgun

Side: Monkey Flip

Up: Rocketbarrel Boost

Down: Banana

Final Smash: Rocketbarrel Barrage

KirbySSB4 Kirby

SSB Kirby Series

Kirby flies in! Kirby is the most lovable character ever. C'mon, you can't deny it. He is a very light character with multiple jumps. Don't let his cute looks fool you though, Kirby is a very formidable foe. Neutral: Inhale

Side: Hammer

Up: Final Cutter

Down: Stone

Final Smash: Hypernova

Dededessb King Dedede

SSB Kirby Series

King Dedede is the greedy king of Dreamland, and an ally of Kirby. He is a slow character but has a great jump to make up for it. He usually relies on his minions, but he's giving it a shot himself. Granted, he uses his minions in his moveset... Neutral: Inhale

Side: Gordo Throw

Up: Super Dedede Jump

Down: Jet Hammer

Final Smash: Waddle Army

Pikachu SSB4 Pikachu

SSB Pokémon Series

Pikachu shocks the competition! This electric mouse Pokémon is speedy and light, so be wary when being blasted. To cover for this, Pikachu's Thunderwave can paralyze foes for a short time! Neutral: Thunderbolt

Side: Skull Bash

Up: Quick Attack

Down: Thunder

Final Smash: Discharge

Lucario SSB4 Artwork Lucario

SSB Pokémon Series

Lucario is the Aura Pokémon and a Fighting/Steel type, making for a pretty strong opponent! He is speedy and powerful, overall an excellent fighter. Neutral: Aura Sphere

Side: Force Palm

Up: Extreme Speed

Down: Double Team

Final Smash: Mega Evolve

579px-HW Link Sword Link

SSB The Legend of Zelda Series

Link, the hero of Hyrule, is ready for battle! Armed with his bow and sword, Link is good at both long range and short range. He can do a tether recovery to make up for his less than average jump. He is quite nimble and his Smash Attacks often rely on his sword. Despite his Special moveset being the same as in Super smash bros. Brawl, he plays very differently, a bit more akin to Hyrule Warriors. Neutral: Hero's Bow

Side: Gale Boomerang

Up: Spin Attack

Down: Bomb

Final Smash: Triforce Slash

515px-Hyrule Warriors - Zelda Rapier Artwork Zelda

SSB The Legend of Zelda Series

Zelda returns to battle! She appears more akin to her Hyrule Warriors design by default, but this can be changed with alternate costumes. She is a ranged fighter, mostly using magic attacks, but she makes use of her rapier with some of her standard attacks. She can also become Sheik through the use of her Down Special move. Neutral: Phantom Slash

Side: Wind Waker

Up: Light Force

Down: Transform

Final Smash: Triforce of Wisdom

262px-SheikSSB4 Sheik

SSB The Legend of Zelda Series

Sheik, the Sheikah warrior, is a veteran in Smash, being there since Super Smash Bros. Melee. He shares a spot with Zelda, being her alter-ego. He is more agile than Zelda, focusing on melee attacks. Neutral: Needle Storm

Side: Burst Grenade

Up: Vanish

Down: Transform

Final Smash: Light Arrow

Samus250 Samus

SSB Metroid Series

Samus suits up! The intergalactic bounty hunter returns to fight. She once again shares a slot with Zero Suit Samus, but this time you can choose who to begin with. She is slower and has worse jump than her zero suit self, but is more powerful. Neutral: Charge Shot

Side: Ice Beam

Up: Screw Attack

Down: Super Missiles

Final Smash: Zero Laser

322px-ZeroSuitSamusSSB4 Zero Suit Samus

SSB Metroid Series

Zero Suit Samus is a veteran fighter, skilled with her laser gun. She is quicker than her armor-clad self and has a great jump thanks to her rocket boots. However, she lacks brute strength. Neutral: Paralyzer

Side: Plasma Whip

Up: Boost Kick

Down: Flip Jump

Final Smash: Gunship

FoxSSB4 Fox

SSB Star Fox Series

Fox does a barrel roll! A speed-based fighter armed with a ray gun and a reflector, Fox is the captain of Star Fox and an excellent pilot. He remains pretty much the same as in previous installments. Neutral: Blaster

Side: Fox Illusion

Up: Fire Fox

Down: Reflector

Final Smash: Landmaster

Marth250 Marth

SSB Fire Emblem Series

Marth, the hero prince, returns to the battlefield! He is a speed based character, dealing the most damage with the tip of his sword. While he isn't as fast as other characters, his quick footwork is his best attribute. Neutral: Shield Breaker

Side: Dancing Blades

Up: Dolphin Slash

Down: Counter

Final Smash: Critical Hit

382px-IkeSSB4 Ike

SSB Fire Emblem Series

Ike fights for his friends! He is a powerful fighter, much the opposite of Marth. His sword is heavy, making him rather slow, but he packs a punch! Beware when this big brute is on the battlefield! Neutral: Eruption

Side: Quick Draw

Up: Aether

Down: Counter

Final Smash: Great Aether

386px-PitSSB4 Pit

SSB Kid Icarus Series

Pit takes flight! A relatively balanced character, Pit is an angel and servant of Palutena. Thanks to his wings (and the Miracle of Flight), Pit can jump multiple times so he is a good air fighter. His melee and Smash Attacks use various weapons, as do his Special attacks. Neutral: Palutena's Arrow

Side: Crusher Arm

Up: Power of Flight

Down: Gaurdian Orbitars

Final Smash: Three Sacred Treasures

Palutenassb4 Palutena

SSB Kid Icarus Series

Palutena alights! The goddess of light uses Powers from Kid Icarus Uprising in her Special Attacks. She is a rather slow character, focusing on ranged attacks. Neutral: Autoreticle

Side: Explosive Flame

Up: Sky Jump

Down: Item Vacuum

Final Smash: Black Hole & Mega Laser

LittleMac Little Mac

SSB Punch-Out Series

Little Mac is a boxing legend, needless to say! Most of his moves revolving around punching, as you would expect. He is very quick but has a terrible aerial game. Neutral: Straight Lunge

Side: Star Punch

Up: Rising Uppercut

Down: Slip Counter

Final Smash: Giga Mac

Splatoon-Inkling Render 001 Inkling

SSB Splatoon Newcomer!

Inkling splatters the competition! Inkling is a rather technical character, using a unique paint mechanic. Most of Inkling's Special moves (and Smash attacks) involve paint, covering the immediate vicinity. Inkling will be stronger and quicker in its own (or the team's) paint. Neutral: Paintball

Side: Paint Roller

Up: Ink Blasters

Down: Squid

Final Smash: Super Splatter Bomb

Villager SSB Villager

SSB Animal Crossing Series

Villager comes to town! The playable character in Animal Crossing keeps his moveset from the previous title, with some new buffs. Firstly, (s)he is quicker with a higher falling speed. The Timber move is much quicker to execute and the axe has improved knockback. A fun character with a unique playstyle, we didn't want to change Villager too much! Neutral: Pocket

Side: Lloid Rocket

Up: Balloon Trip

Down: Timber

Final Smash: Dream Home

480px-Ness SSB4 Render Ness

SSB EarthBound Series

Ness returns, a veteran since the first Smash game. He is a PSI user, bearing an array of projectiles. His Final Smash has been changed to PK Rockin, presumably in order to make Lucas more unique. He wields a stick too, dealing good knockback. Neutral: PK Flash

Side: PK Fire

Up: PK Thunder

Down: PSI Magnet

Final Smash: PSI Rockin

Ellieandchomp Ellie & Chomp

Monster Tale


Ellie & Chomp are the protagonists of Monster Tale, where they attempt to free the monsters by defeating the Kid-Kings. Chomp does most of the attacking, with Ellie directing him. However, both attack when using Smash attacks, tilts and standard attacks, with Ellie being stronger. Each time you use a Special move, Chomp will stay in that form until you use another move. Switching forms before attacking causes greater start-up lag, whereas using the form you are already in executes the attack without start-up lag. They appear to be a semi-clone of Rosalina & Luma. Neutral: Foundling

Side: Ballista

Up: Acrobat

Down: Repeller

Final Smash: Winged Avenger

Mii Brawler Mii Brawler

SSB Find Mii Series

Mii Brawler makes a return, along with his fellow Mii Fighters. Brawler is a close-ranged class, specializing in punches and kicks. However, their moves have a lot of variety to them. Neutral: Shot Put

Side: Throwdown

Up: Scissor Kick

Down: Head-On Assault

Final Smash: Transcendent Rush

Mii Swordfighter Mii Swordfighter

SSB Find Mii Series

Mii Swordfighter is back and better than ever! Armed with a new arsenal of weapons, as well as their trusty sword, Mii Swordfighters are a force to be reckoned with! Neutral: Gale Strike

Side: Airborne Assault

Up: Stone Scabbard

Down: Swordplay

Final Smash: Final Edge

Mii Gunner Mii Gunner

SSB Find Mii Series

Mii Gunners make a return, along with new allies. They have a mysterious arm cannon, capable of shooting all kinds of projectiles. They are much the opposite of Mii Brawlers, having bad close-range combat skills. Neutral: Charge Blast

Side: Flame Pillar

Up: Energy Warp

Down: Echo Reflector

Final Smash: Full Throttle

Party Mii Party Mii

SSB Find Mii Series Newcomer!

The Party Mii joins the fray! This Mii Fighter uses moves inspired by games such as Wii Party, Nintendo Land and Tomodachi Life. They are identifiable by their wacky accessories like swimwear, scarves or even fish hats! Neutral: Proposition

Side: Cheerleader

Up: Pointer Hand

Down: Shifty Gifts

Final Smash: Apartment Block

Mii Athlete Mii Athlete

SSB Find Mii Series Newcomer!

Mii Athlete dashes in! These Mii Fighters use sport-themed moves like tennis, karting and archery. They are recognized by the fact that they are always holding a sports utensil, be it a bowling ball, an oar or even a frisbee! Neutral: Archery

Side: Swordplay

Up: Pilotwings

Down: Soccer Ball

Final Smash: Volleyball


Image Name Description Basic Attacks
250px-Luigi SSB4 Luigi

SSB Mario Series

Luigi, the lesser-known brother of Mario is ready to fight once more! He plays similarly to Mario, with less traction and a higher jump. His moveset has been completely revised to use elements from the Luigi's Mansion series alongside some of his other appearances. However, Luigi's moves may take a while to execute. Neutral: Polterpup

Side: Luiginary Ball

Up: Super Jump

Down: Poltergust

Final Smash: Boo Storm

RosalinaSSB4 Rosalina & Luma

100px-SSB Mario Series

Rosalina and her loyal Luma launch into battle! Rosalina acts as a puppeteer character, being able to control her Luma over far distances. Rosalina is somewhat slow but has an excellent jump to make up for it. Neutral: Star Spin

Side: Luma Shot

Up: Sling Star

Down: Star Bit

Final Smash: Grand Star

Paper Mario Stan Paper Mario

SSB Mario Series


Paper Mario folds in! What? Another Mario clone? Fear not, Paper Mario is very unique from his organic form. He is speedy and falls slowly, but isn't that powerful. Being paper-thin, he can dodge attacks easily, too! Neutral: Partner Ability

Side: Hammer

Up: Plane Curse

Down: Partner Swap

Final Smash: Paperize

492Shaymin492Shaymin-Sky Shaymin

SSB Pokémon Series Newcomer!

Shaymin graces the battlefield! The gratitude Pokémon is an oddball character with two Formes that it can switch between. Its Land Forme is slow with a bad jump but has great ranged moves, while the opposite applies to Sky Forme. Formes can be switched through the use of the Down Special attack, Gracidea flower. Neutral: Giga Drain / Air Slash

Side: Magical Leaf / Facade

Up: Swift / Air Cutter

Down: Gracidea Flower

Final Smash: Seed Flare

480px-Meta Knight SSB4. Wii U Meta Knight

SSB Kirby Series

Meta Knight, armed with his trusty sword Galaxia, is ready to fight! A quick character who packs quite a punch, is there anything he can't do? He has multiple jumps and all his special moves help you recover! Can you say OP? Fear not, we've nerfed him. Neutral: Mach Tornado

Side: Drill Rush

Up: Shuttle Loop

Down: Dimensional Cape

Final Smash: Galaxia Darkness

250px-Waddle Dee Waddle Dee

SSB Kirby Series Newcomer!

Waddle Dee is at your service! King Dedede's most trusted servant and skilled with a spear, it's Waddle Dee! He has somewhat similar stats to Kirby, but is much quicker and more powerful. However, unlike his pink friend, he can only jump twice. Neutral: Beam Whip

Side: Triple Spear

Up: Bronto Burt

Down: Megaton Punch

Final Smash: Landia

RobinSSB4Render Robin

SSB Fire Emblem Series

Robin tips the scales! Armed with various tomes, Robin is another magic user. However, Robin wields the Levin Sword to assist after the tomes run out or even while they are intact. The Levin Sword can break too, leaving you with the weaker Bronze Sword. Neutral: Thunder

Side: Arcfire

Up: Elwind

Down: Nosferatu

Final Smash: Double Support

ChromFEA Chrom

SSB Fire Emblem Series Newcomer!

Chrom awakens! Chrom is the prince of Ylisse who wields the Falchion. He is a descendant of Marth and plays much like a mixture of his ancestor and Ike. His future daughter and children of other characters from Fire Emblem: Awakening appear to help him in his Final Smash. He even has his swimsuit from Summer Scramble as an alternate costume! Neutral: TBA

Side: TBA


Down: TBA

Final Smash: TBA

LucasSSBH Lucas

SSB EarthBound Series

Lucas returns, after his absence in SSB4. He is a semi-clone of Ness, but has some different attacks and some slightly altered ones. Lucas may not be as fast as Ness, but his jump is higher and certain attacks are stronger. Neutral: PK Freeze

Side: PK Fire

Up: PK Thunder

Down: PSI Counter

Final Smash: PK Love

Paula Polestar Paula

SSB EarthBound Series Newcomer!

Paula Polestar is happy happy to fight! A fellow PSI user and a semi-clone of Lucas and Ness, Paula has some of her own special attacks. Instead of Ness and Lucas's stick, she wields a frying pan, used in lots of her standard attacks. Neutral: Mushroom

Side: Brainshock

Up: PSI Farewell

Down: Offense Up

Final Smash: PSI Starstorm

Sissel Sissel

SSB Ghost Trick Series


Sissel tricks the competition! A phantom cat from Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective, Sissel has undead abilities, such as possessing inanimate objects or corpses, known as Ghost Tricks. When he possesses a corpse, he can go back 4 minutes before he or she died and attempt to alter their fate. This cat on a quest to reclaim his body is very nimble and floaty. Neutral: Ghost Trick

Side: Spirit Sneak

Up: Core Chain

Down: Ghost World

Final Smash: 4 Minutes

Balloon Fighter (SSBN) Balloon Fighter

SSB Balloon Fight Series


Balloon Fighter floats in! What, you thought we had enough NES characters? There are never enough! The floatiest character in the game (for obvious reasons), it's the Balloon Fighter! He attacks with helium pumps and more, he even has Alice from Balloon Kid as an alternate costume! However, Balloon Fighter has a mechanic where a strong blow bursts his balloons, leaving him helpless, only to be regrown when he lands. Neutral: Pop!

Side: Flipper

Up: Balloon Man

Down: Balloon Pump

Final Smash: Balloon Fight

Eddy Fluidity Eddy

SSB Fluidity


Eddy downpours! A Water Spirit with the ability to switch between the three states of matter at will, Eddy is a lightweight character and very floaty. He has great speed but horrible traction and below regular power. Eddy has lots of variety, some of his moves even have fire, ice or electric effects! Neutral: Concentrated Liquid

Side: Rainbow

Up: Evaporate

Down: Ice Block

Final Smash: Spin Cycle

CookingMamaAnarchy Cooking Mama

SSB CookingMama


Cooking Mama serves up! A woman tasked with cooking, crafting, gardening and camping, Mama is a light character with average speed and good power. She can serve up a beating when you least expect it. Don't worry, Mama will fix it! Neutral: Mix

Side: Knife Flurry

Up: Gift Basket

Down: Babysitting Mama

Final Smash: Multitasking Mama

LipPanelDePon Lip

Panel de Pon Icon


Lip puzzles her foes! A very floaty character with 3 jumps, Lip focuses more on defense than offense. Her Swap move comes in very useful in tricky situations as does her flowery wand. She can grow plants to damage foes and run on rainbows. It's rather unfortunate for a Flower Fairy to be allergic to flowers. Neutral: Panel Place

Side: Panel Shot

Up: Flower Twirl

Down: Garbage Block

Final Smash: Panel de Pow

Maxwell Scribblenauts Maxwell

SSB Scribblenauts


Maxwell writes his victory! Maxwell is a slow character with great jump and average power. He can be a rather unpredictable character, much to the dismay of competitive players. His attacks are rather wacky and out there, especially his Final Smash... Neutral: Adjective

Side: Giant Rainbow Hamster

Up: Rocket-Propelled Dolphin

Down: Big Burly Bodyguard

Final Smash: Weapon Which Appears To Be A Bazooka But Actually Launches Exploding Kittens

Unlocking Criteria

Character Method 1 Method 2 Method 3
Luigi Play 50 VS. matches Clear Classic as Mario (5.0 or higher) Have him join you in The Zero Conquest
Rosalina & Luma Win 300 VS. matches 5 Star KO's Have her join you in The Zero Conquest
Paper Mario Win 600 VS. matches Clear All-Star as Mario Have him join you in The Zero Conquest
Shaymin Win 150 VS. matches Classic Mode as Lucario (5.0 or higher) Have him join you in The Zero Conquest
Meta Knight Win 200 VS. matches Use King Dedede's Final Smash Have him join you in The Zero Conquest
Waddle Dee TBA TBA Have him join you in The Zero Conquest
Robin TBA TBA Have him/her join you in The Zero Conquest
Chrom TBA TBA Have him join you in The Zero Conquest
Lucas TBA Clear Classic as Ness Have him join you in The Zero Conquest
Paula TBA Beat Ness as Lucas or vice-versa Have her join you in The Zero Conquest
Sissel TBA Use items 100 times Have him join you in The Zero Conquest
Balloon Fighter TBA Have a total jumping distance of 2,000m Have him join you in The Zero Conquest
Eddy TBA Drown twice Have him join you in The Zero Conquest
Cooking Mama TBA Restore a total of 900% health Have her join you in The Zero Conquest
Lip Win 400 VS. matches Use the Lip's Stick item 30 times Have her join you in The Zero Conquest
Maxwell Win 450 VS. matches TBA Have him join you in The Zero Conquest


Default Stages

Image Name Description Boss
640px-SSB4 WiiU FinalDestination Final Destination

SSB Super Smash Bros. Series

A flat stage with no gimmicks. This stage travels through dimensions, noted by the glimpses of other stages from various franchises down below. Master Hand & Crazy Hand are fought here. They are a powerful duo, capable of creating fireballs, explosions and items out of thin air. They are said to have created every Smasher, so now it's time for them to meet their maker!

Note: Crazy Hand only appears rarely.

Peach's Castle Stage SSBA640px-BowserCastleMK7 Peach Castle / Bowser Castle

SSB Mario Series

This sidescrolling stage goes around Princess Peach's castle. After fighting on the wall surrounding it, you hop down to the moat and enter the castle. From there, you will explore many rooms, previously seen in Super Mario 64. Finally, you fight on the roof for a while, a stagnant area, then hop down to the beginning.

An alternate stage is Bowser's Castle, in a similar fashion to that of Mushroomy Kingdom and Boxing Ring. This only changes the appearance and music.

This stage is home to Mario, Luigi, Peach, Bowser and Bowser Jr.

Goomboss is the head Goomba. He appears on the roof of the castle and will stop at nothing to push you off. A few stomps on the head will do the trick and defeat him. This is the easiest stage boss.
MK8 Tick Tock Clock Tick Tock Clock

SSB Mario Series

This game's obligatory Mario Kart track! Like in previous games, Shy Guys will drive by in their karts, damaging anyone they hit. Unlike the previous stages, there are more racers than just Shy Guys. Baby Peach, Lakitu, Birdo, Toad and Toadette will drive among the others. The stage takes place just before the finish line. You'll have to blast your opponents to the side or upwards, because there are no gaps to fall through here. A gear is on each side, both moving in the same direction. If you stand on the wrong gear for too long, you could be KO'd! The direction of the gears will change a short time after the racers pass. Chuckya is a regular Mario-series enemy, albeit a rare one. This one has been modified to be even stronger. It is a close-range fighter with no projectiles whatsoever. It can pick you up and throw you into the sky or even grab you and slam you against the ground. It can also deliver a flurry of powerful punches, often paired with throwing opponents upward for huge amounts of damage.
PlessiesPlungingFalls FF Plessie's Plunging Falls

SSB Mario Series

A stage taking place on Plessie's back. As Plessie swims through the water, fighters maybe hit by waves and Cheep-Cheeps. Sometimes Plessie will go up a ramp, launching fighters into the air. Plessie will eventually fall into an abyss, then into a pipe, coming back to the start of the stage. Platforms sometimes float overhead. None
Whispy Woods Rainbow Curse Whispy Woods

SSB Kirby Series

This isn't the Whispy Woods you're used to, this is from Kirby and the Rainbow Curse! Whispy blocks the right-hand side, so you'll have to blast your foes upward or to the left. Sometimes, a rainbow-coloured line will appear, divinding the battlefield. You can stand on this, but try not to get trapped. Whispy might drop apples occasionally.

8 Player Smash can be played here.

This stage is home to Kirby.

Whispy is the famous tree and recurring Kirby villain. He attacks by blowing strong gusts of wind that could potentially push you off the screen and KO you. Common Kirby enemies might fall from his branches, as well as apples.
DeDeDe's Drum Dash Drum Dash

SSB Kirby Series

A sidescrolling stage that has the most aerial possibilities in the game. A large stage with drums on the bottom. Red drums, which appear most commonly, allow you to stand on them, while green drums bounce you sky-high. Clouds appear overhead for you to stand on, but none of these platforms scroll with the stage!

8 Player Smash can be played here.

This stage is home to King Dedede.

Pokkén Tournament Pokkén Tournament

SSB Pokémon Series

A relatively basic stage based on Pokkén Tournament. A grassy plain that goes from both ends of the screen with a windmill in the background. You can stand on the blades of the windmill as it turns and use that as a getaway from the serious fighting going on below.

This stage is home to Lucario.


Unlockable Stages

Image Name Description Boss

CometObservatoryWallpaperStarship MarioKing Kaliente

Galaxy Tour

SSB Mario Series

Ah, Rosalina's lovely home! This is a shifting stage, switching areas every now and then. This stage has Sling Stars in every segment, except for King Kaliante's planet. However, Pull Stars appear in all sections.

You start on the Comet Observatory, a sidescrolling section. Lots of Lumas are here to cheer you on and Polari follows you around, placing Sling Stars and Pull Stars for you and your opponents. When the Smashers reach the Launch Star, he does a Star Spin and throws Star Bits.

Starship Mario doesn't have too much going for it. It has Pull Stars and Sling Stars like the Comet Observatory and even has the Starshroom in the background. Lubba appears here to cheer you on. After a while, he will start to pilot the ship then stop abruptly, launching you and the other Smashers onto King Kaliente's planet.

This section is more dangerous than the other two. It starts off as a flat stage with nowhere to fall from. Gradually, King Kaliente's projectiles will break the ground, exposing lava. His tentacle then hits everyone and blasts them back to the Comet Observatory.

This stage is home to Rosalina & Luma.

King Kaliente is fought on his lava-filled planet. He will attack with his tentacle and by shooting fiery projectiles from above. If you manage to hit these with a well-timed Smash Attack, they will hit Kaliente!
Mario-maker-screencap 960.0 cinema 480.0 Mario Maker

SSB Mario Series

A rather simple stage, no? Just a platform. But items will be placed here, like pipes, Brick Blocks, ? Blocks, even Goombas and Koopas! Pieces of the platform may be removed or added, you and your foes might swap places every now and then. If there are two or more pipes onscreen, crouch to come out of the other one.

8 Player Smash can be played here.

188px-MHWiiMario stadium Sports Mix Stadium

SSB Mario Series

A flat, Final Destination-esque stage. The stage will shake and then a sport will be played on the stage. Dodgeball involves Toads throwing dodgeballs to and fro, but only one dodgeball is on the stage at a time. You can catch the dodgeball and throw it to deal good damage. Volleyball conjures a net in the middle of the stage and Toads will jump up, hitting the volleyball. Basketball summons a hoop at either side and Toads playing basketball. Falling into the hoops deal great damage. Hockey creates a goal at each side and Toads with hockey sticks. None
Distortion World Distortion World

SSB Pokémon Series

An alternate dimension where time and space cease to exist, also a unique stage in the fact that it has differing kinds of gravity. Occasionally, Giratina will flip the stage so that you are standing on the sides, top or bottom. On the top or bottom, you can walk through the waterfall, but it acts like a body of water with a strong current on the sides. You can jump over the tree when on the bottom and stand on it from the sides. Uxie, Mespirit and Azelf will fly around in the background, spectating the fight.

8 Player Smash can be played here.

This stage is home to Shaymin.

Giratina is a Legendary Pokémon, banished to the Distortion World. In vengeance, he attacks anyone unlucky enough to enter his world. He uses moves like Shadow Force to attack and will constantly flip gravity to his advantage. He may be defeated simply by normal means of attacking, but his health is very high.
Panel de Pon Popple Panels

PanelDePon Symbol

This stage takes place in the levels of Panel de Pon. The stage is empty at first, but large panels will fall. These inflict good damage if hit by them. Panels will swap sometimes and if 3 of the same panel connect, the stage will be reset. Garbage blocks may fall inflicting huge damage if it connects.

This stage is home to Lip.

DuckHunt Duck Hunt

SSB Duck Hunt Series

A flat stage very similar to Final Destination, except for the fact that you can't fall. That pixel-y scenery sure is nice, right? This is getting boring. Oh yeah, giant ducks will fly around the stage, emerging from the grass. Only one pops up every 20 seconds, sometimes two. These will fly upwards, dragging you off the screen if you stand on them. Sometimes, they will be shot, dealing great damage and knockback.

This stage is home to Duck Hunt Duo.



Image Name Description Type
SmashBall Smash Ball

SSB Super Smash Bros. Series

The Smash Ball returns! What would this game be without the iconic item? The Smash Ball is a mysterious ball of energy that, when broken, bestows a power known as a Final Smash onto you. Transformation
AssistTrophySSb4 Assist Trophy

SSB Super Smash Bros. Series

It's the Assist Trophy! This mysterious figurine comes to life when you activate it! Who knows who will appear? Either way, they're going to help you! Other
BeamSword Beam Sword

SSB Super Smash Bros. Series

Fwoosh! Fwoosh! It's the Beam Sword! This item looks vaguely familiar... Oh well. It delivers slashes on foes that, despite not dealing much knockback, can cause high damage! Battering
Homerunbatwiiu Home Run Bat

SSB Super Smash Bros. Series

Home run! Usually used alongside the Sandbag, this sporting item is a force to be dealt with! Be careful when a foe gets one of these! One hit could blast you straight off the screen! Battering
Trophy Stand Trophy Stand

SSB Super Smash Bros. Series

This may look like a regular trophy stand, but this can turn living creatures into trophies! Just one simple toss and it flies straight, not stopping until it reaches something to be transformed. These are more common in The Zero Conquest, where they can turn enemies into trophies. Rarely, they will appear in a regular fight and can turn items, assists and Pokémon into trophies.

See here for a list of Trophies.

SSBEB,Trophy,Mario Trophy

SSB Super Smash Bros. Series

No, this isn't the Assist Trophy. No, this isn't the Trophy Stand. This is, well, a trophy! These are only found in The Zero Conquest and in regular battles when Mew is released from a Pokéball. These depict a random character and will be added to your Vault.

See here for a list of Trophies.

SandbagTransparent Sandbag

SSB Super Smash Bros. Series

What? This is just a regular sandbag! How can this be worthy of being an item? It's so much more than a sandbag! If you hit it enough, items will appear from it, mainly healing items. Other
BrawlPartyBallArtwork Party Ball

SSB Super Smash Bros. Series

Surprise! It's the Party Ball! Who knows what's in here? There's only one way to find out. Pick it up and throw it and items will fall out. Maybe healing items, maybe weapons, or maybe Bob-Ombs! Wait, Bob-Ombs? RUN! Container
Super Scope

SSB Super Smash Bros. Series

What? It's just a weak console add-on! Surely this can't do anything! That's where you're wrong! This powerful zapper shoots tiny fireballs one after another when you press the attack button. You can charge it up to deliver a bigger and more powerful shot. Shooting
Crates Crate

SSB Super Smash Bros. Series

The crates return from previous games, accompanied by their Barrel variants. They contain random items when broken. Sometimes, the Crates will be on wheels, allowing them to roll, but otherwise, Barrels can roll. Container
Super Mario Strikers ball Striker Ball

SSB Mario Series

This item replaces the Soccer Ball from previous games. Though it functions similarly, a new feature has been added. You can hit it with a Smash Attack, one involving kicking is more effective. However, the ball glows brighter with every hit. From white to red, it gets stronger with every hit too. It isn't lit up when it spawns, then turns white and finally it goes red. Other
Pokéball Pokéball

SSB Pokémon Series

I choose you! The Pokéball is essentially an Assist Trophy, but with Pokémon instead of characters from various franchises. The kind of Pokémon summoned depends on the Pokéball used. Legendaries emerge from Master Balls, Water-types come from Dive Balls, etc. Other
Speed Booster Speed Booster

SSB Metroid Series

Self-explanatory. When grabbed, the player emits a blue glow and their speed is doubled. This might not be the best thing to pick up as certain characters... *cough cough*Sonic*cough cough* Upgrade
KRtDL Whip UI Whip Hat

SSB Kirby Series

Pick up this item to get a whip! Like the Beam Sword, this item takes up most of your standard attacks. It has great range and deals great damage, but has very low knockback. Plus, the hat you get is pretty neat! Weapon


Assist Assist Assist Assist

SSB Mario Series


SSB Yoshi Series

BillBlasterBullet Bill Blaster

SSB Mario Series

Hammer bro by yoshigo99-d4duynnHammer Bro.

SSB Mario Series


SSB Mario Series

250px-KatAnaKat & Ana

SSB Wario Series

Mario-kart-8-potted-piranha-plant-300x300Piranha Plant

SSB Mario Series

Blue Toad ArtworkToad

SSB Mario Series

ALBW YugaYuga

SSB The Legend of Zelda Series

251px-WWHD TingleTingle

SSB The Legend of Zelda Series


SSB The Legend of Zelda Series

SkullkidassistSkull Kid

SSB The Legend of Zelda Series


SSB The Legend of Zelda Series

Knuckle JoeKnuckle Joe

SSB Kirby Series

KRTDL CaptainMagalor

SSB Kirby Series


SSB Kirby Series




Image Name Description Basic Attacks Pack
E-ShopBag eShopper

SSB Eshop Newcomer!

eShopper is ready to play! If this guy isn't an oddball then I quit. The friendly helper from the eShop, it's none other than the eShopper! A balanced character lacking a bit in damage but has great knockback. Neutral: Play Coins

Side: Scroll Bar

Up: Download Cubes

Down: Flipnote

Final Smash: Download Complete


You unlock him when you download your first DLC pack

Yarn Kirby SSBConquest Yarn Kirby

SSB Kirby Series Newcomer!

Yarn Kirby unravels! No, this isn't a Kirby clone, I thought we covered this with Paper Mario. Okay, he's a semi-clone. He has the same stats, but completely different moves. He has great range thanks to his yarn whip. He can float using his parachute transformation, as well as dashing as a car and falling as a weight. He even has Prince Fluff as an alternate costume! Neutral: Yarn Whip

Side: Off-Roader

Up: Pendulum

Down: Sock

Final Smash: Tankbot

Yarn Pack
Lana Book of Sorcery Lana

SSB The Legend of Zelda Series Newcomer!

Lana casts herself in! The White Sorceress of the Deku Forest is ready for battle, armed with her three weapons from Hyrule Warriors. Her Book of Sorcery is her go-to weapon for most attacks, focusing on projectiles. Her Deku Spear has great melee attacks and can summon pillars of ice. The Summoning Gate is used to create allies to help Lana. Overall, Lana is a quick and powerful character with bad jump. She plays a lot like a 2D Hyrule Warriors. Neutral: Gateway Orb

Side: Ice Smash

Up: Mirror Jump

Down: Dodongo Gate

Final Smash: Focus Spirit

Spin-Off Pack





The demo for SSBConquest was released three weeks prior to the game's PAL release. It gave players a taste of what the real game would be like, containg a bare minimum of content.



Beta Elements

  • There were originally even more Mii Fighters planned
    • Mii Archer would have used a bow and arrow and had various kinds of arrows
    • Mii Scientist would have had potions which all had different effects
    • There was originally a very customizable Mii. You would have chosen base stats, with a limit, then proceed to choose a weapon (if any). Development did not reach any further than this
  • Lucina was planned, but was scrapped
  • A new version of Pokémon Trainer made it far into development, but was cut
    • His team consisted of Turtwig, Quilava and Greninja
  • Hilda was planned but deconfirmed as a stage hazard


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Pic of the Day

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Special Taunts

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  • Upon the release of the reveal trailer, many fans expected yet another Mario game, until they saw the gameplay footage, Captain Toad's newcomer tag and the giveaway group of Link, Kirby and Pikachu
  • As of now, Peach is the only veteran to recieve a newcomer tag
  • Hilda was announced as a newcomer, only to be deconfirmed as a stage hazard later on
  • eShopper is unlocked in a rather peculiar way
    • Upon buying your first SSBConquest DLC pack, eShopper will inform you that the download is complete. Then, he will ask if he can come along for the ride and jumps into the download.
    • After unlocking eShopper, every time you buy a DLC pack containing a character, eShopper will exclaim that he can't wait to fight him/her
  • Despite Chomp being in his youth form, he uses some forms from his teen form to attack

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