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While on the Shadow Moses Island stage, Snake has a secret taunt where he talks about the other fighters with his support squad, consisting of Mei Ling, Otacon, and Colonel. Even Slippy Toad talks with Snake on one occassion (when talking about Falco), Soap and Price are heard on the codec on one occassion aswell (when talking about Soap, Soap is talking to Price about Snake and Snake's codec picks up the signal).



Princess Peach


  • Colonel: "Careful, Snake! That's the great and terrible Bowser!"
  • Snake: "Bowser? Looks like a cheap movie monster."
  • Colonel: "Hardly. Bowser leads an entire army of monsters. But I'd worry more about his claws and fire if I were you."'
  • Snake: "Doesn't look that tough to me. Seems kind of slow, actually."
  • Colonel: "Well, he is the king of Koopas. It's only natural he'd be slow. But that's only because he's the heaviest fighter here--by far. He's a powerhouse of destruction. Careful he doesn't flatten you."


  • Snake: "Who's the puppet?"
  • Mei Ling: "Thats Geno, Snake. Hes a star being who hails from Star Road, where he watches over the Mushroom Kingdom."
  • Snake: "So i'm guessing hes pretty powerful then, huh?"
  • Mei Ling: "Very, infact his signature move can deal as much as 9,000 damage."
  • Snake: "So its over 9.000?"
  • Mei Ling: "Oh please Snake, that joke isn't funny anymore..."

Donkey Kong

Diddy Kong



Paper Mario

Snake: "Looks like Mario has lost some depth."

Colonel: "That's Paper Mario. Paper Mario is a Mario made of paper."\

Snake: "I see that. Tell me more about him." \

Colonel: "Paper Mario is a series of RPG games, with the first game on the Nintendo 64. He is well known for using his hammer, along with various other partners he has met along his travels."

Snake: "Mamma-Mia!"

Colonel: "Really, Snake? Really?"


Princess Zelda





  • Mei Ling: ""(overjoyed)" Ooh, how cuute!"
  • Snake: "What? The yellow thing?"
  • Mei Ling: "That's Pikachu. It's a Pokémon. They're popular all over the world, you know. And it may look cute, but be careful, It can store up large amounts of electricity in those adorable little cheeks. It'll try to pepper you with electric shocks."
  • Snake: "Couldn't be much worse than Ocelot's old torture device..."
  • Mei Ling: "Oh, and, Snake?"
  • Snake: "What?"
  • Mei Ling: "I was wondering, could you maybe try and catch Pikachu for me? Pleeeeease?"
  • Snake: "Give me a break! What do I look like, a Pokémon Trainer?"
  • Mei Ling: "(disappointed) Fine... Sorry I asked."


Pokemon Trainer Red

  • Snake: "Pokémon Trainer... That's the guy giving orders behind a Pokémon, right?"
  • Colonel: "Right, and this Pokémon Trainer is controlling Squirtle, Ivysaur, and Charizard. They represent water, grass, and fire, and they're all powerful."
  • Snake: "So he makes his Pokémon fight while he sits back and watches. Sounds like a good deal if you ask me."
  • Colonel: "It's not like that, Snake. Those Pokémon wouldn't know what to do if the Pokémon Trainer wasn't there giving orders. In every battle, there's a soldier doing the fighting, and a commander telling him what to do. By working together as a team, they accomplish much more than either could on their own. So let's do this together, partner."
  • Snake: "...Yeah... Whatever you say, Colonel."


  • Snake: "So this is Charizard, right?"
  • Colonel: "Yes, and hes arguablly the most powerful of the three, watch out for his Flamethrower or you'll be toast, literally."
  • Snake: "Woah, did he just smash that boulder over his head?!"
  • Colonel: "That'd be his Rock Smash move, don't worry though, Charizard dosen't even feel it, but you certainly will if it hits you."
  • Snake: "I'll keep that in mind..."





  • Snake: "Woah, why did Mario just turn into that weird fox?"
  • Otacon: "Thats Zoroark, Snake. It has an ability called "Illusion" which allows it to mimic the appearance of anyone."
  • Snake: "So it was mimicing Mario? Great, and I'd prepared to fight Mario..."
  • Otacon: "Be careful Snake, if you get caught up in one of Zoroark's dark attacks, you can kiss your butt goodbye."
  • Snake: "Uhh, now its mimicing me..."

Samus Aran

Zero Suit Samus



Meta Knight

  • Snake: "Mei Ling, there's a mysterious masked man flying around here with a sword..."
  • Mei Ling: "That's Meta Knight. He's a knight from Dream Land. They say his sword swings can break the sound barrier. Whatever you do, don't get caught in one of his furious barrage attacks. He also commands the Halberd, a flying battleship."
  • Snake: "Mm, I've seen it. The bow looks like his mask. What kind of weirdo puts his face on the bow of a ship, anyway?"
  • Mei Ling: "Umm, maybe he's a little narcissistic. Kind of like someone else I know."
  • Snake: "Really... And who would that be?"
  • Mei Ling: "Use your imagination..."

King Dedede

Bandanna Dee

  • Snake: "Who's that Waddle Dee with the spear?"
  • Mei Ling: "Thats Bandanna Dee, Snake. He's a friend of both Kirby and King Dedede and has adventured with them a couple times too."
  • Snake: "Huh, and what about his spear?"
  • Mei Ling: "Its just an average spear, but as they say, give any weapon to the right person and its lethal."
  • Snake: "Your telling me..."

Fox McCloud

Falco Lombardi


Wolf O'Donnell



Captain Falcon

  • Snake: "Hey! That's Captain Falcon, isn't it?"
  • Otacon: "Good eye, Snake! He's F-Zero pilot number 07!"
  • Snake: "You know, seeing Captain Falcon here reminds me... We should do that thing we've always wanted to try..."
  • Otacon: "Oh yeah! That thing! Good idea! OK, ready? Go!"
  • Snake: "Falcon Puuuunch!!"
  • Otacon: "Falcon Kiiiiiiick!!"



Masked Man

Captain Olimar






Popo & Nana

Mr. Game & Watch


Balloon Fighter

Little Mac

  • Snake: Otacon, I'm fightin' a boxer here.
  • Otacon'': Good one Snake. That's Little Mac, world champion wrestler and defeater of the legendary Mike Tyson!
  • Snake: Really? I've heard stories about Mario taking a break from rescuing princesses and became a referee.
  • Otacon: Just fight him already. I gotta go see if John Cena will beat this guy!

Tom Nook



Sonic the Hedgehog

Solid Snake

  • Snake: "Colonel, it's me! I'm fighting myself!"
  • Colonel: "Snake, what's going on out there?! Could it be...? Has the "Les Enfants Terribles" project really come this far?!"
  • Snake: "It's more than that. He's got my moves, my gear... It's like looking in a mirror."
  • Colonel: "Do you think they collected data on you and created another Snake...?"
  • Snake: "He's got the same build, too. Creepy. But his Sneaking Suit is a different color. And his tactics are slightly different."
  • Colonel: "Interesting. So even if you're evenly matched in power, your fighting styles will make a big difference. You've faced tougher odds in the past, Snake. Don't let this impostor beat you!!"


Professor Layton

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