This page is exclusively to list the various Assist Trophies and Pokéballs from Super Smash Bros. Clashed.

Assist Trophies

Image Name Series Description
N/A Waluigi Super Mario Waluigi will appear and hop around the stage, hitting opponents with his tennis racket. As he is about to leave, he will attempt to stomp an enemy into the ground and then hit them into the air with one final blow from his racket.
He is rare.
HammerBro.Brawl Hammer Brother Super Mario Hammer Brother when summoned, will stand in one spot and throw hammers at opponents. He will also occasionally jump on the spot to throw hammers afar.
He is common.
N/A Birdo Super Mario Birdo will appear and shoot eggs from its mouth (like in Super Mario Bros. 2), these eggs cannot be picked up and travel extremely fast. Birdo will also move around to chase after opponents if its eggs aren't hitting anyone.
It is rare.
SariaAssistClashed Saria The Legend of Zelda Saria will bring out her Fairy Ocarina and begin playing Saria's Song, the song has no effect on anything and is mearly a distraction. She cannot harm opponents in any way.
She is very rare.
FiAssistClashed Fi The Legend of Zelda Fi, when summoned will steal the Standard B ability of an opponent and give it to the user for 30 seconds. When she leaves the user gets their normal Standard B ability back.
She is rare.
N/A Skull Kid The Legend of Zelda
N/A Champion Alder Pokémon
MetroidBrawl Metroid Metroid Metroid will chase after opponents and try and latch itself onto their heads to deal damaging by draining their energy, if it attaches itself to you, you must shack the control stick to shake it off.
It is common.


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