Super Smash Bros. Carnival

Super Smash Bros. Carnival, commonly abbreviated locally as SSBC, Smash Carnival, or Smash 6, is the latest title in the critically acclaimed Super Smash Bros. series of fighting video games. The title is expected to be released in Q2 2020 onto the Nintendo Switch console.

In a recent press release, the game's developers confirmed a major overhaul to the entirety of the game, focusing on working from the ground up to create a more unique experience for Smash Bros. compared to previous titles. They also commented on the roster, which will have heavy focus throughout the development cycle of the game. Many collaborators from Nintendo's past, present and future have been contacted and are lending a helping hand to create a really unique roster of fighters hailing from all across hundreds of years of gaming history.

🎇 Development

Early development for Carnival commenced upon the release of Bayonetta as a Downloadable Fighter for the predecessor title. The leading producer for the project began the product in the media by cryptically feeding into rumours regarding the predecessor being the final title in the series, allowing the development team in the background to work on the game silently, keeping the project a secret from the public and from the media. More and more developers from different companies affiliated with Nintendo flooded into the game, working on individual pieces to help construct one massive game. 

Another ploy by the lead developer to keep the game a secret involved creating and distributing several 'fake' code names for the project, such as 'Harmony', 'Millennium', and 'Equinox', in order to continue to distract the public and the media from the huge game that was being created behind the scenes. 

Production on Carnival halted for a long time, while the lead developer was raising more funds to add more expensive things to the game which he believed were desired and a necessity if they were going to create the best version of the Smash Bros. franchise they could possibly achieve. 

🎇 Gameplay

Smash Carnival follows the typical formula of previous titles in the franchise at its core. Differing from the typical fighting game cliches where you drain an opponent's health points to zero, Super Smash Bros. works differently, where the main objective is to forcefully knock your opponents off of the stage in a certain time frame, by any means necessary.

Using the mechanism of launch percentages, you are tasked with attacking your opponents in a free-for-all fight which over time will increase their launch percentage, which is limited to 300%. As the launch percentage continues to increase with damage dealt, it'll be harder for the opponents to not be launched off the screen. To eliminate an opponent, you must attack them until their launch percentage becomes so high, that they fly off the stage with the next attack. The winner is determined when all opposing players have run out of their lives, or when the time limit ends.

Smash only utilises two button inputs to command the fighter, opposed to button combinations seen in Street Fighter for example which can be challenging to learn. Every fighter in the game has a unique move pool of moves, all with varying effects and outcomes. There are also special finishing moves called "Final Smashes", which can be activated by defeating the Smash Ball item as it floats around the stage. A fighter attacks the ball, and when broken, it gives the fighter a boost of power which allows them to use their ultimate move, a Final Smash. Every fighter has at least one final smash.

A new core game mechanic, however, is the integration of the Amiibo's mechanics into the main game. All fighters can now be levelled up through playing different Smashes and game modes, raising their level to the maximum of 100. Every 20 levels, the fighter will receive a new skin, and at level 100, a new Echo Fighter is unlocked for that fighter.

Pokemon Snap

Another big addition to the game is the ongoing mini-game inspired by Pokemon Snap, making use of the camera mechanics in the game. Whenever you're fighting and a Pokemon is summoned to the stage, you can pause the game and take a picture of it, as if you were taking a screenshot. Taking pictures of Pokemon allows them to level up (and thus help them to evolve, and become more powerful), making them much more useful than ever before. You can also customize the movesets of the Pokemon in the Pokedex menu option.

🎇 Game Modes

Smash, The main mode of any Smash title. You can play the standard game of Smash with friends or computer generated players. You can also connect online and play in a random game against players from around the world. 8-Player Smash and Omega Stages also return in the exact same way from the previous title.
Smash Story is the name given to the in-game story focusing on all the characters in the game. It will focus around the theme of Carnival, while also taking place after Subspace Emissary, the story from Super Smash Bros. Brawl.
Previously known as Special Smash, Insane Smash allows you to add special conditions to the participating fighters to create interesting and wacky games of Smash. There are a lot of different combinations that will make the Smash experience seem less repetitive. Here is a list of the options you can select from.
  • Stamina - Stamina works similarly to the highly used "Health Points". You can set any number of Stamina you'd like, and fight against the CPUs.
  • Size - Size works by deciding whether the participating fighters will be big or small for the duration of the match.
  • Head - Head gives every fighter the decision of wearing a Flower, Bunny Hood, or other items that are wearable on the fighters head, on their head for the duration of the match. 
  • Body - Body allows every fighter to have items attached to them during fights. 
  • Gravity - Gravity allows you to change the affected amount of gravity on the upcoming level. It affects stats like your jumping and fall speeds.
  • Launch Rate - Launch Rate allows you change the rate at which enemies are launched after being attacked. 
  • Speed - Speed allows you to change up the speed of the fight, with options up to x4 and as little as x0.25. 
  • Camera - Camera allows you to change the style of camera, to either a fixed camera or tilted camera.
Retro Smash is a special mode that allows you to play as your fighter in a 16-bit sprite similar to the ones used in Super Mario Maker. The physics of the game of Smash also change to the original Super Mario Bros. physics, creating a retro challenge all players will enjoy. The stages also become 2D, allowing for a different experience when it comes to playing smash and launching fighters. Only some stages are playable in retro though, as they completely transform into the same art style.
Smash Plaza is the successor to Smash Tour and Smash Run with more depth. You travel around a 3D open Plaza, and in which you have to locate different characters so that you can recruit them into your team for the Final Smash. In some cases, you may have to do deeds for them or have a certain character recruited before they'll join you. They may also request to battle against you first to prove that you're a worthy ally.
Smash Nations is a new game mode where the player has to battle against several opponents in a ladder-like style of combat. From the start of the game, you pick a nation to represent yourself with, and these can be any of the series' represented in the game. For example, you can represent the Mario nation. When you complete the ladder you receive a trophy for that character and another randomised trophy. Some characters can also be unlocked this way.
Smash Slots is a new game mode where you pick a character from the roster and then a Slot machine begins to spin. Then the four characters that appear on the Slot Machine's screen will the ones fighting, and you will play as whichever is the character in the first slot. It makes the game of Smash a lot less predictable and adds more fun to the entire experience.
Classic Mode in Super Smash Bros. Carnival works similarly to the Classic Mode present in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. There are ?? stages, and you fight against specific series' which are represented. 
Adventure Mode is a single player mode that returns from Super Smash Bros. Meleewhich is made up of different stages. In each, the player needs to complete the objective to progress in the story. Like in Classic Mode, The player can choose their character, the number of stocks, and the difficulty. The stages generally follow a fixed pattern, but there are possible divergences depending on what actions the player performs.

In any rare case, if you run out of time (7:00), you try that stage or battle again from the beginning. However, no stock gets lost. Except for the Brinstar Escape Shaft as you lose a stock, but you move on (as if it was a Bonus Stage). Unlike Classic Mode, you lose a stock if you don't complete the battle in 5:00.

🎇 The Roster



JSSB Mario series white ver

Mario is the protagonist of the Super Mario series, and the mascot for the Nintendo company. Mario originated from an arcade game called Donkey Kong in 1981, which saw him face off against Donkey Kong to rescue his girlfriend Pauline. He has since appeared in many video games, mainly alongside his brother Luigi, and Princess Peach. Mario has always been tasked with saving the damsel in distress, whether it's Pauline, Daisy or Peach in his universe. He is also very adaptable, and can make use of several power-ups across the Mushroom Kingdom to aid him in his adventures.

Due to being the central character, Mario is very well rounded in Smash. All of his stats are average for a fighter and his attacks aren't the heaviest of hitters. However, he has access to a lot of extra attacks through his use of power-ups, which gives him a large range of moves to play with. He can become Fire Mario and attack others with fireballs, or he could become Tanooki Mario and flutter around the stage, or he could become Mega Mario with a mega mushroom and destroy anything in his path, among other power-ups.

Mario eats a fire flower and spits out two large blasts of fire across the stage, burning anyone that comes into contact with it, causing damage.

Mario's cap suddenly transforms into Cappy, and all close-by fighters become possessed by Cappy's ability. Mario then attacks them furiously with a multitude of moves, before they launch off the stage.


The Sims

Her name in Italian means "beautiful" and it fits her better than her red leather corset. Descended from a long line of occultists, mystics and decadents, Bella Goth has thrown convention to the wind. She has a large interest in paranormal entities and gothic fashion, making her surname very fitting. She is one of the signature characters of The Sims series, and is known for her charming nature.

Bella is a mixed fighter, she makes use of long range attacks such as calling a pizza delivery guy who rams into enemies with his scooter, to short range attacks such as kisses which deal recurring damage on an enemy for several seconds.

An alien spaceship appears over the stage, sucking in both Bella and any other fighters that get trapped in its rays. Bella sits pretty in a throne while aliens attack the other fights relentlessly. Moments later, Bella pulls out a button which sends the ship into a nosedive. She dives out of the spaceship and free falls with a parachute, while the camera pans to below her where the spaceship crashes back into the stage, the impact sending the other fighters flying off the stage.

🎇 Assist Trophies

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🎇 Trivia and Footnotes

  • This is a remake of former Smash Bros. title, Super Smash Bros. Millennium. As such, a lot of the content is taken from that article, however, it is likely it will be rewritten in the final product.
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