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This article covers all the assist Pokémon released from a Poké/Master/Dusk Ball in Super Smash Bros. Calamity.

* - Pokémon that can be Mega Evovled. ** - Pokémon with an Alolan forme. *** - Pokémon with a different forme.


When Abomasnow is spawned, it does Blizzard, which deals little damage but freezes opponents, three times before doing Ice Punch, which deals moderate knockback and freezes opponents.


When Absol is spawned, it will perform the Dark-type move, Bite, which deals high knockback. It does this four times before despawning.


When Aipom is spawned, it will perform Double Hit, where it will attack with its hand tail twice before despawning.


When Articuno is spawned, it will perform Powder Snow, which freezes opponents all the while damaging multiple times before launching them.


When Arceus is spawned, it will release aura energy that bounces grounded opponents and meteor smashes airborne opponents.


When Axew is spawned, it will perform Dragon Rage, releasing a blue energy wave that deals high knockback and damage to opponents, before disappearing.


When Banette is spawned, it will perform Torment, which affects all opponents and prevents them from using the same move twice until it disappears.


When Beedrill is spawned, it will perform Twineedle. Its stingers turn purple and does jabs with them, which deals low base knockback, but poisons opponents.


When Bellossom is spawned, it will perform Sleep Powder. It starts dancing and releasing a cloud of powder, and any opponents making contact with it fall asleep. It functions similar to Jumpluff's Poison Powder and Bellossom's Powder Snow, but the powder causes fighters to fall asleep.


When Bewear is spawned, it will perform Bind, running to an opponent, leaping at the last second, and when making contact with the opponent, will constraint them for a period of time.


When Bisharp is spawned, it will perform Metal Claw, slashing forward with its metal elbow, dealing moderate knockback and damage.


When Blastoise is spawned, it will perform Hydro Pump, sending out blasts of water which pushes opponents. Strangely enough, its second pre-evolution, Squirtle, is a playable character in this game.


When Blaziken is spawned, it will perform Blaze Kick, leaping into the air and doing a flaming kick that deals high knockback.


When Bonsly is spawned, it will simply walk around the stage. It can be picked up and thrown like a throwing item.


When Braixen is spawned, it will perform Flame Blast, creating a single fire blast from its wand that deals moderate to high knockback.


When Brionne is spawned, it will perform Bubblebeam, sending out a beam of bubbles that make opponents trip.


When Chespin is spawned, it will perform Seed Bomb, creating multiple seeds that explode around it, dealing damage.


When Cinccino is spawned, it will perform Tail Slap, slapping opponents with its tail to deal damage. It will walk around the stage and will do the aforementioned move when close to an opponent before despawning.


When Clefairy is spawned, it will perform Moonblast, sending out a pink projectile that deals damage and knockback. It will do this four times before despawning.


When Combee is spawned, it will fly to the nearest opponent and perform Bug Bite, which deals slash damage. If the opponent is holding a consumable (ex. Food), it will eat it.


When Cryogonal is spawned, it will perform Ice Beam, sending out a beam of ice which freezes opponents and launches them upwards.



When Darkrai is spawned, it will perform Dark Void, which deals rapid damage and causes grounded opponents to fall asleep. Airborne opponents gravitate around the void, open for attacks until the void vanishes.


When Decidueye is spawned, it will perform Spirit Shackle, walking around and occasionally firing an arrow from its bow, which deals damage.


When Dedenne is spawned, it will perform Discharge, generating electricity around it that deals rapid damage and traps opponents in place.


When Attack Form Deoxys is spawned, it will perform Hyper Beam, flying to the top of the screen and firing a deadly laser beam below it which deals rapid amage before launching opponents with high knockback.


When Dialga is spawned, it will perform Roar of Time, slowing down the match. Strangely enough, the timer of the match is not affected by this.


When Ditto is spawned, it will turn into a random character of the opponent and fight just like them, and even be launched and K.O'd from the blast lines.


When Dugtrio is spawned, it will perform Earthquake, shaking the ground to bounce grounded opponents. Has no effect on airborne opponents.


When Eevee is spawned, it will perform Tackle, ramming into opponents dealing damage but low base knockback.


When Electrode is spawned, it will simple stay in one place and use Self-Destruct, exploding after a few seconds, dealing high knockback. Electrode can be attacked so it can explode quicker and can be picked up and thrown. After being thrown, however, it will explode.


When Emolga is spawned, it will perform Electro Ball, charging up and sending an electrical sphere diagonally downwards that paralyzes opponents before launching them.


When Espurr is spawned, it will perform Light Screen, creating a circular, magical shield in front of it that reflects projectiles and pushes opponents. Espurr will walk around for fifteen seconds with the shield before despawning.


When Excadrill is spawned, it will perform Drill Run, spinning around like a drill and rushing forward similar to Meta Knight's Drill Rush. The move deals rapid damage and launches opponents with moderate knockback.


When Farfetch'd is spawned, it will perform Fury Attack, following an opponent to attack them multiple times with the move before despawning.


When Fletchling is spawned, it will perform Peck, jumping forward and turning at every ledge, pecking opponents along the way before despawning.


When Gallade is spawned, it will perform Swords Dance before running up to an opponent and using Close Combat next to them before despawning.


When Gardevoir is spawned, it will perform Reflect, creating a large barrier that reflects projectiles and destroys anything placed on the stage (ex. Snake's C4) and lasts for fifteen seconds before despawning.


When Genesect is spawned, it will perform Techno Blast, firing a energy blast that deals high damage and moderate knockback. It does this up to four times before despawning.


When Gengar is spawned, it will perform Shadow Punch, dashing forward with a dark-infused punch that deals moderate damage and knockback. It does this up to five times before despawning.


When Goldeen is spawned, it will perform Splash, bouncing on the ground, creating splashes of water each bounce. Splash, being true to how it works in the Pokémon games, does absolutely nothing, which means Goldeen is pretty much a dud assist Pokémon.


When Groudon is spawned, it remains stationary, occasionally turning around, and uses Overheat, covering itself with a fiery aura which damages all opponents which come in contact with it.


When Gyarados is spawned, it performs Hydro Pump, dealing high damage and knockback to fighters.


When Hawlucha is spawned, it performs Sky Drop, soaring through the air and dropping downwards to damage fighters.


When Hitmonlee is spawned, it performs Jump Kick, performing a jumping kick after staying stationary for a few moments, inflicting strong damage and heavy knockback to fighters.


When Ho-Oh is spawned, it performs its signature move, Sacred Fire. Ho-Oh will fly up into the air and to the back of the screen when it's summoned (fighters will take damage and decent knockback when touching Ho-Oh). Ho-Oh will then release a column of fire which causes fighters to take massive damage.


When Hoopa is spawned, it uses its rings to create portals that fighters can go through to teleport to other locations. Confined Hoopa uses three rings, while Unbound Hoopa uses three additional rings, and uses its arms to punch fighters.


When Horsea is spawned, it uses Brine, which is stronger if opponents are at 50% or above damage and get hit by the move. If this is not the case, the move deals pathetic damage and knockback.


When Houndoom is spawned, it uses Crunch; a stronger version of Absol's Bite, which inflicts even more damage and knockback to fighters. Houndoom uses its fangs to bite fighters after pouncing in the direction the nearest fighter is at.


When Hypno is spawned, it uses Hypnosis. Hypno uses its pendulum on its left hand which either reverse the opponent's controls or causes to them to fall sleep or stun them.


When Inkay is spawned, it uses Ink Spray. Inkay spews a stream of black ink forward that deals damage and covers the opponent in ink, similar to some, if not, most of Inkling's attacks. Inkay is one of the few Pokémon that uses improvised moves in the Pokémon anime series.


When Jirachi is spawned, it uses Psychic. Jirachi roams around the stage, and when a fighter gets close to it, its eyes turn light blue and sends out a point-blank psychic shockwave in front of it that stuns fighters.


When Jumpluff is spawned, it uses Poison Powder. Jumpluff creates a cloud of poisonous, nauseous powder that poisons fighters caught inside. It functions similar to Bellossom's Sleep Powder, but the powder inflicts poison on fighters.


When Jynx is spawned, it uses Powder Snow. Jynx shakes its hips and creates a cloud of icy powder that freezes fighters caught in it. It functions similar to Bellossom's Sleep Powder and Jumpluff's Poison Powder, but the powder freezes fighters.


When Keldeo is spawned, it performs Secret Sword. Keldeo uses its horn to do a high-ranged slash with it that deals moderate damage and knockback.
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