Super Smash Bros. Battle is a crossover fighting game in the Super Smash Bros. series.

Playable characters

You can request characters in the comments, and they might become fighters!

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Unlock criteria

  • Luigi: Win as Mario.
  • Waluigi: Win
  • Sans and Papyrus: Win as Luigi.


  • nintendog 1
  • nintendog 2
  • nintendog 3
  • nintendog 4
  • nintendog 5
  • nintendog 6
  • nintendog 7
  • nintendog 8


Returning modes include Tourney, Boss Battles Mode, Classic Mode, Stage Builder, and Training. Tourney now supports team-vs.-team.

Story Mode

The Story Mode is like The Subspace Emissary from Super Smash Bros. Brawl. A new villain is brainwashing the fighters, and all of the remaining fighters will have to team up to beat the villain and save the others in the Nintendo worlds. Will they save the day?

The first world is World 1-1 from Super Mario Bros. 1. Running from Bowser, Mario runs into World 1-1 and saves Luigi, Sans, and Papyrus. All of them help fight Bowser and will win and save him.

Waluigi attacks and gets saved in the Pokémon world; a Blastoise runs into Yoshi and saves him.

Smash Chess

Smash Chess is a mode similar to chess. The player gets to fight back, but can't directly control the fighter. It is a 2-player game, but a single player can fight a CPU player.

Battle Royale

In the new Battle Royale mode, 30 fighters battle across a giant stage.

Squad Strike

Squad Strike is a 3-vs.-3 or a 5-vs.-5 tag team.

Ghost Hunt

In Ghost Hunt, the player must catch all of the ghosts within a time limit.

Pokémon Catch

The new Pokémon Catch mode is the way to obtain new Poké Balls.

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