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Super Smash Bros. Atom is the newest game in the Super Smash Bros. series and it features some new changes to make this game a little different than its predecessor.


This game has a gameplay very similar than its predecessors. You fight in a stage with up to 7 other players and/or CPUs. The particularity of this game is that some characters have unique abilities like more than 2 jumps (Kirby, Ridley, and Charizard for example), some characters can stop falling when they perform an air dodge (Mario, Sheik, Greninja, Samus for example) but others can't (Bowser, Ganondorf, Ike and Shulk for example). There are many attacks: a standard combo (normally a three-hit combo, but characters like Ganondorf hit only once), three tilt attacks (one up, one side and one down), three Smash Attacks (one up, one side and one down), five air attacks (one neutral and one for each directions), four special moves (standard, side, up and down) and a Final Smash which can be performed by break a Smash Ball. To KO the opponents you have to hit them. Then their damage percent increases and, with an attack with an high knockback, you will KO the opponents.

Differences between Smash 4

  • Air dodge style is very different. It changes based on the characters: for example Mario, Kirby, Pit, Ness and Sukapon can stop their falling by dodging. Generally, lighter characters can stop their falling by air dodging by it isn't a rule: Samus, which is heavy, can stop her fall and Chibi-Robo, which is light, can't.
  • You can fall from a platform by dodging.
  • There are 3 new status called Fired, Sick and Heavy Paralyzed which have different effects: a Fired character gets damage and have less knockback, Sick characters are slower and can't jump high, a Heavy Paralyzed character casually stops his moving.
  • There are 2 new modes (Master Train and Map Mode) along with old modes like Classic, Adventure, Smash Run, Special Orders and Smash.
  • Smash mode now has got two more variants: Speed Run Smash and Atomic Smash. Speed Run Mode has a gameplay faster than Melee, Atomic Smash gives to the opponents some new rules which changes casually.


In this game there are 65 characters but Sora Ltd. hasn't confirmed than won't be DLCs for characters, for stages and more. Here there is a gallery of the characters but you can see some more things by going here: Super Smash Bros. Atom/Starter Characters and here.

Well, those are the starters, but in the named page you can see the locked characters!

Alternate outfits

Here there are the alternate outfits of the starters:

  • Dry Bowser, Meowser and Dark Bowser for Bowser.
  • Captain Toad and Toadette for Toad.
  • Fusion Suit Samus and Dark Samus for Samus.
  • Blue and orange shorts for Zero Suit Samus.
  • Meta Ridley for Ridley.
  • 3 costumes from Ocarina of Time (green, red, blue) and Skyward Sword for Link
  • Ocarina of Time and Skyward Sword for Zelda
  • Twilight Princess and Hyrule Warriors for Ganondorf (Ganondorf's standard costume is Ocarina of Time one)
  • Blood Falcon for Captain Falcon
  • Alph for Olimar
  • 8 different Villagers
  • Shiny Pokémon
  • 3 Armored Mewtwo
  • Assault Fox
  • Male WiiFit Trainer
  • Sweatshirt and 3 Wireframes for Little Mac
  • Ninten for Ness
  • 4 males Inklings


In this game, each character has his own stage so some stages will be locked and you'll be able to play in them only by unlocking the owner character. There are some stages from previous games in the series too!

For some more information about stages go here: Super Smash Bros. Atom/Starter Stages and here!


In this game there are lots of modes from the old Smash games and some new ones

Smash Mode

Smash Mode is a normal fight but with some features:

  • Smash: a normal fight (up to 4 fighters)
  • Great Smash: a fight with more players (from 5 to 8 players)
  • Special Smash: a fight with some new rules:
    • Damage: Stamina/300%
    • Size: Mega/Mini
    • Head: Flower/Bunny
    • Body: Metal/Clear/Tail/Rocket Belt/Screw/Back Shield
    • Status: Curry/Reflect
    • Gravity: Light/Heavy
    • Speed: Slow/Fast
    • Weapon: Ore Club/Beam Sword/Ray Gun/NES Zapper/Fire Flower/Fan/Fire Bar/Gust Bellows
    • Camera: Fixed/Angled
  • Atomic Smash: a new mode which makes the fight stranger: in fact in this Smash one of these casual events can occur: Lightweight (weight x 0.5), Heavyweight (weight x 2), Atomic Fist (knockback x 1.5), Double Jump (number of jumps x 2), Casual Custom (moves are casual chosen between the Custom Moves), Easy Final Smash (the Smash Ball can be broken in only a hit), Final Smash Madness (every KO gives a Final Smash)
  • Speed Run Mode: the gameplay in this mode is faster than Melee (x 1.5).

Smash Train

Smash Train is a new mode in which you choose how much fights you will do against the bosses which appear only in this mode. Each wagon means a boss and the number of wagons determinates the reward:

  • Wagons 1,4,7,10: Custom element
  • Wagons 2,5,8,11: Trophies
  • Wagons 3,6,9,12: Coins

The thirteenth wagon is the boss: Master Core!

Master Core is always fought as the last boss whatever number of wagons you choose. Also, there are only three levels of difficult in this mode: Easy, Normal and Hard. In Easy Mode you can choose up to 6 wagons, in Normal up to 9 and in Hard up to 12.

Map Mode

A new mode which takes the game in the adventure: you are in a big world and box after box you can discover all the map. Each box asks you to do a mission which can be a Fight Mission, a Defense Mission, a Finding Mission and a Protector Mission. In this game you can also choose the power up which are the same as the Smash Run's. Under, there are the type of mission:

  • Fight Mission: defeat some opponents with a character, which can be chosen freely or not.
  • Defense Mission: resist at the attack of a team in a Time Match
  • Finding Mission: find a character, an item or many other things in a pre-made world which can't be found in other modes.
  • Protector Mission: defend some character much like Defense Mission.

Also, there are some items in the map which can be used to have greater rewards or go in other levels. Here there are the items:

Those items can be found as a part of the reward get by completing a box.

Games & More

In this section there are some modes which are playable for a single player or with some friends.

Games & More: Classic Mode

The Classic Mode in this game is much more like the Meleee classic mode so the characters can appear casually. There are 14 fights but there are some breaks too: the fifth, ninth and twelfth matches are in the order Target Smash, Board the Platforms and Race to the Finish. The last match is against Master Hand and Crazy Hand.

Games & More: Adventure Mode

Fight against some character in an action-platform game. The game is set to appear always the same characters to fight against.

  • Mushroom Kingdom: platform section, fight against 10 Toad and fight against Mario, Peach and Bowser
  • Kongo Jungle: fight against a Giant Donkey Kong with 2 allies (tiny Dixie and Diddy and Yoshi)
  • The Skyworld: platform section, fight against 10 Pit
  • Distant Planet: fight against Giant Pikmin
  • Planet Zebes: fight against Ridley, platform section, fight against Giant Ridley
  • Dream Land: fight against a Kirby Hat Team, then against a Giant Kirby
  • Underground Maze: platform section, fight against Sheik or Link and Zelda
  • Pokémon Stadium: fight against 10 casual Pokémon
  • Mute City: platform section, fight against Captain Falcon and a Star Fox character
  • Battlefield: fight against a Primid Team
  • Final Destination: fight against Ganondorf, Mewtwo and Giant Bowser, if the difficult is Hard or more, you will face off Giga Bowser too when you have fought these three villains.

The difficult level is like the Classic Mode: Relax, Easy, Normal, Hard, HARDEST and an unlockable difficult: True Madness! difficult.

Games & More: All-Star Mode

The All-Star Mode returns as an unlockable mode. The mode works like Brawl's and under there is the list of the character series' order.

There are three difficult levels in the All-Star Mode: easy, Normal or Hard.

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