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Developer(s) Overclockedlogo.pngSoraLabs.png
Publisher(s) Nintendo logo.png
Platform(s) WiiULogo.png
Genre(s) Super Smash Bros
Release Date(s) November 11th, 20XY
Mode(s) none
Age Rating(s) T
Media Included Wii U Disc

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Super Smash Bros. Assemble is a game developed for the Wii U by Toroko and Sora. It is the fifth game in the series. It introduces fourth party characters (Popeye) and it changes the rules for third party characters, allowing for two for each company. (Square Enix, Namco, Sega, Capcom, and Konami.) The reason for this being is that Nintendo wants to rebuild relationships with third parties, and thus is collaborating more with third parties to encourage them to make games for the system. Smaller third parties heavily connected to Nintendo are considered second parties (Wayfoward, Shinen, Cooking Mama LTD... etc) in this continuity and have been bought by Nintendo.

This is the first Smash Bros game not to be helmed by Sakurai, but rather a mysterious person named Exotoro who previously created the Fighters of Lapis series.

This game also introduces character creation beyond Miis, allowing players to "assemble" characters from parts that can be recolored and resized.

The game has sold around 1.56 million copies as of 1/17/15.


The game was originally to be led by Sakurai, but stating that he wanted a longer break from Smash Brothers, Nintendo decided to get a new director with Sakurai's approval. As they had previously worked with Exotoro on the Fighters of Lapis series with their approval for their characters, Exotoro was the first choice to direct the series as he had already done similar work and a good relationship with Nintendo.

Exotoro would often call up Sakurai on whether he was doing something "wrong" with the answer usually being "it's your game, you do it the way you want."

New Mechanics

  • Tiered Items - Items now have tiers, with Tier 1 Items showing up at the beginning of the match, with Tier 2 and 3 items showing up later in the match. Tiered Items can be turned off and customized.
  • Power Smash - A small meter that appears inside the portrait of a character slowly fills up the more attacks that land. When it is full, the next attack that lands will have double the power. This can be turned off in the options or be customized to have 3x or 4x the power.
  • Omega, Alpha, Zeta Stages - Omega Stages return, being Final Destination versions for every stage. Joining them are Alpha Stages (Battlefield versions of every stage) and Zeta Stages (No hazards).
  • More customization - Since competitive players will never, ever be happy, we now offer the mechanics of 64, Melee, Brawl, and Super Smash Bros 4, with some little adjustments allowed to be made, such as landing lag.
  • Custom Music - Load any music from your SD Card (must be a MP3 or WAV file) and play it on any stage! Three custom songs for each stage.



  • Brawl - The standard Super Smash Bros. game mode. Pick any character available and choose your opponents (if you have no humans other than you playing). Then, pick a stage and fight! You can customize the game type to make it something other than time battle (such as stock battle where people have limited lives or coin battle where people collect coins to win). Items can be turned on or off depending on what you think. You can also fight in teams (there are three teams). Play to beat your opponents and show who's the best!
  • Special Brawl - This is like Brawl mode, but in this one you can bend the rules a little. You get various options to create your own custom game (such as make people metal, or even giant). Once you have everything figured out, start the game by picking your character and a stage. See what games you can come up with!
  • Rotation - A mode meant for people who have more than four people along with them.
  • Co-Op Classic - A version of classic that allows you to fight through classic with two players. Each player is on the same team.
  • Tournament - This mode is a tournament (you should know what those are). Play against up to 36 opponents, advancing from round to round until finally the championship match is played. You can choose your opponents and customize the rules like in Brawl mode, and have different amounts of people playing each match (up to four).
  • Smash Run - Smash Run is a 4-player, labyrinth-exploring, boost-collecting battle game. First, the fighters enter a vast playing field. There's a 5-minute time limit! During these 5 minutes you'll explore the field, battle enemies, and collect boosts to power up. There are 6 types of boosts - Speed, Jump, Attack, Special, Arms and Defense. When the time limit is up, you'll carry the boosts you collected into battle. You can also get custom moves and equipment in this mode.
  • Underwater Prison - Unlocked after getting DLC. Take on the new DLC opponents here.


  • Story Mode: Secret Universe - Story mode of the game. The Super Smash Bros encounter time rips that lead to a secret universe. You play as various characters through numerous side-scrolling levels, full of enemies and obstacles. You access these levels by a battle map (flashing red circles on the map mean that's your next level). Over time, you'll gain party members (gaining party members can unlock hidden characters). Occasionally, you'll be forced to fight a boss character, who has a health bar rather than a percent counter. This mode cannot be complete in one sitting because of its many levels. You can play this mode on different difficulty levels.
  • Classic Mode - A modified version of Classic Mode players choose different paths as they progress through a "world map" to fight against waiting CPU opponents. Other than battling the usual fighters in one-on-one fights, there is also the possibility of fighting giant or metal fighters, team battles with CPU players both aiding and attacking the player, and matches where the player must defeat opponents one after another or in groups. Players will be able to alter their "Fighter Balance": a system where gold is spent to adjust the intensity level. The higher the intensity, the stronger opponents will be, and the greater a player's rewards will be when victorious. Among those rewards are gold, trophies and items for character customization. Before the player start a level, a roller appears and determines the player's rewards. Rewards in red are for customization, green ones are trophies, and yellow means gold. However, he will not be rewarded once he complete it all.
  • Events - In Events mode, you have to complete a certain mission. These missions vary from KOing a character in a certain time to defeating your foes with a Final Smash. When you complete some missions, more will be unlocked. Some of them give you a prize as well. There are forty-one events total, and each one can be played on Easy, Normal, and Hard difficulties. The higher the level number is, the harder the level (in most cases).
  • Tower of Smash - A giant tower filled with enemies and bosses. You get three different characters to try and clear this one hundred room behemoth. Each room you clears nets you some treasure. In the hundredth room, you face the final boss of Smash Tower... an old foe.
  • Smash Train - Ride on a train that pits you against various fighters. There are two vatiations: Master and Crazy train. You will tickets that can be used to get discounts off trophies and equipment, as well as DLC!
    • Master Train - Very straight forward. Master Hand is an excellent conductor, so your train ride will be smooth.
    • Crazy Train - Oh dear. The train is very... crazy this time around, with some carts looping, being upside down, facing you against a boss or enemy, or even putting you in another dimension as well as fighting in a weightless enviroment!

Story Mode: Secret Universe


The Super Smash Bros encounter rips in the universe that lead to a "secret universe". Meanwhile, a mysterious man named Umbra who controls a bunch of enemies named the "Cubots" is after Wario and Master Hand for reasons unknown.

Can be found here.

DLC Story Mode: Monuments of Light

Monuments of Light.png

The Super Smash Bros find themselves up against a opponent who has connections with Umbra, and is building a tower of babel to sink the entire world into rebirth.

DLC Story Mode: Black Sun

Black Sun follows Duck Hunt Dog and Hunter Hero as they uncover a man who's planning to bring back Umbra and create a "day of darkness". This is the second DLC pack.


  • Stadium - a variety of minigames await...
    • Target Test - Break the targets as fast as you can!
    • Target Blast - Launch the bomb as far as you can to hit the targets and make it explode.
    • Multi-Man Melee - Take on the Fighting Gel Group in a variety of different set-ups:
      • 10-Man mode - Challenges the player to defeat ten opponents. This is the shortest of all Multi-Man Melees and Multi-Man Brawls, usually taking between 10 and 20 seconds to complete for an amateur player, though world records are all within roughly 6 and 7 seconds.
      • 100-Man mode - Challenges the player to defeat one hundred opponents. This usually takes a few minutes for players to clear, and can get quite difficult on higher difficulties.
      • 3-Minute mode - Challenges the player to defeat as many opponents as possible within 3 minutes.
      • 15-Minute mode - Challenges the player to defeat as many opponents as possible within 15 minutes. This is arguably one of the more difficult Multi-Man Melees and Brawls, though simple strategies such as spamming a certain move or evading the opponents altogether will suffice.
      • Endless mode - Challenges the player to defeat as many opponents as possible before being knocked out themselves. It has no time limit, nor does it have a knock-out limit, unlike other Multi-Man Melees and Multi-Man Brawls, and as such can go on for an infinite amount of time.
      • Cruel mode - Challenges the player to defeat as many opponents, with high handicaps and increased aggressiveness, as possible before being knocked out themselves. It is unarguably the most challenging Multi-Man Melees or Brawl, as the opponents faced are immensely harder than those who appear in the other modes.
    • Board the Platforms - The player must land on ten platforms, scattered throughout a custom stage, as quickly as possible.
  • Trophies - Check out your trophies here or spend some coins launching them in Trophy Pinball.
    • Trophy Pinball - Every ball requires 15 coins. Simply launch that ball into the machine and hope you get a high enough score to get some trophies, coins, or custom equipment and moves.
  • Custom Character Creation - Create your own fighter from parts. You can resize or recolor these parts and individually animate them or choose from a couple preset animations. You can also decide the moveset and name of the character. These characters can only be played with friends online or in Junkyard Fights.
  • Amiibo - Bring your Amiibo to life to have a training partner or a team player. One new feature of the Amiibos is that they can join in the battle at any time if the option allows it. Another new feature of the Amiibos is that they can be brought into the solo modes as well as a partner or opponent. See the Amiibo for all supported Amiibos.
  • Shop - Owned by Rusty, the dog from Rusty's Real Deal Baseball. You can buy custom parts and trophies here, and if you have haggling tickets, you can bargain with him.
  • Sound - Listen to the music, set up custom songs, and check out all the noises in the game.
  • Stats - How many KOs have you gotten? How many minutes have you been playing? We've been recording all that and that information is free to see!
  • Album - See all the shots you've been taking here.
  • Smash TV - See your replays here and upload them to Youtube for all to see.
  • Tips - Get tips on the game. Or just cool trivial facts. You can look for certain ones or go into a certain order.
  • Chronicle - A full list of all the characters in chronological order.
  • Challenge Board - A list of challenges that will be unlocked over the course of gameplay. Can you beat all 1,000 challenges?


All the trailers tell a loose story, and feature up to three newcomers (with the exception of the E3 Trailer and Final Trailer). They typically have a "villain" reveal as well as two hero reveals, although some videos do not follow this format.

E3 Trailer 20XX I: Ridley Ruins Everything

The video begins with huge ocean liner under attack by two planes. Chibi Robo (newcomer) finds Sami (newcomer) in her room, offering to escort her to the lifeboats. She says nothing, but walks over to a briefcase containing a Tommy gun and walks down the hall past the attendant with the gun. Sami goes outside of ocean liner, open fire at the two oncoming planes (2 Vought F4U Corsair's to be exact) that are attacking the ship. She manages to shoot one plane down but does not have enough time to shoot the other. The other plane drops a bomb on the ship. As the ship sinks, Sami is shown to have survived and climbs into a lifeboat with only her gun and some supplies. Later on, a gigantic purple dragon lifts out of the water underneath Sami's lifeboat, revealing to be Ridley (newcomer).

Just then, Link, Samus, Mario, Kirby, and Fox appear from a Smash Bros branded ship and fire at Ridley. Ridley becomes agitated and begins to attack them as Sami fires from behind. He destroys the Smash Bros ship, but just then a sword flies through the air, with ninja stars following close behind, shocking Ridley. The sword lands in the hands of Takumaru (newcomer), and Sami, Link, Mario, Samus, Kirby, and Fox all line up on the wreckage to take out Ridley as he roars.

After the trailer ends with a logo, an additional scene with Popeye (newcomer) coming off a cruise liner taking on Ridley is revealed. Ridley shrugs him off, but after Popeye swallows a can of spinach, Ridley goes down with a punch.

Hair Raisers

Mario, Samus, Sami, Takamaru, Kirby, Link, Chibi Robo, and Popeye wash up on a island named Scuttletown. Donkey Kong (returning), Diddy Kong (returning), and Dixie (newcomer) climb down from trees, with stolen bananas. As they get away, a purple thing knocks all three of their hit. The purple thing retracts, revealing Shantae (newcomer). Dixie and Shantae fight, while King K. Rool (newcomer) enters Scuttletown docks. Shantae and the Kongs team up to take out King K. Rool. In a post credit scene, Shantae in her monkey form eats the bananas with the Kongs.

Super Fighting Robots

Sukapon (newcomer) is training his skills to get into Super Smash Bros. He enters a fighting match against Little Mac (returning) and beats him. Just then, Megaman (returning) warps in and the two battle. Sukapon manages to take Megaman out and take the championship belt. In a post credit scene, Doc Louis attempts to become Sukapon's trainer while Little Mac becomes annoyed.

Role Players

Ness (returning), Shulk (returning), and Marth (returning) are attacking Slime (newcomer) and are getting beat. Just then, Agnes Oblige (newcomer) appears and attacks Slime, catching him off guard. The two fight until a giant heart projectile fires at them, revealing Lucas (returning) and his new move PK Love. The six all journey south to a large and dark tower. In the post credit scene, a gloved hand snaps it's fingers and reveals a flame, hinting at Kumatora.

Wario Blast!!!

Wario (returning) is looking around in a maze when suddenly he comes across a bomb and is blasted across the maze into a door, where the Chorus Boys (newcomer) are practicing. Upset that they've been interrupted, they attack Wario, chasing him around the maze where they meet Bomberman (newcomer). Wario grabs a bomb from Bomberman and uses it to break open the wall and escape. Bomberman and the Chorus Boys team up to take out Wario. In a post credit scene, they see him take off in his motorcycle, and believe they've lost him. However, a pink car drives into view with the words "だいスキ!" uttered.

Tropical Freeze

Mario, Samus, Sami, Takamaru, Kirby, Link, Chibi Robo, Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, Dixie Kong, Shantae and Popeye all head off Scuttletown island in search of a dark tower, where they believe the villains are planning something. Just then a kraken appears and throws their ship far far away, where they become stranded on a giant iceburg. They find Lucario (returning) and the Ice Climbers (returning) fighting off another pirate ship: Captain Syrup (newcomer).

They fight Captain Syrup, her ship apparently sinking with her. In a post credits scene, is revealed it turned into a submarine, and that it is heading into a underwater base.

Extreme Speed Genesect

The trailer takes place in a peaceful meadow where Lopunny is hopping along. As the newcomer splash screen comes up, Genesect (newcomer) slams into Lopunny, rocketing Lopunny far away. Pikachu (returning), Charizard (returning) and Greninja (returning) all attempt to attack Genesect but are shot off as well. Pikachu lands next to a meditating Mewtwo (returning) who notices the Genesect and faces him off. The two fight for a while until they slam into an iceberg in the sea, cracking it partially. Mewtwo and Genesect team up to get everyone to safety.

In a post credits scene, Jigglypuff is practicing her singing when she hears another voice singing as well.

E3 Trailer 20XY I: Tower of Smash

This is the longest trailer created for the game rivaling only "Never Smile" in length.

The trailer begins as Shulk, Ness, Lucas, Marth, Slime, and Agnes are journeying to the black tower. Suddenly portals from the Twilight Realm begin to pop out, creatures coming out. The group tries to take them on, but are defeated. Lucas yells "STOP!" and Midna (newcomer) appears, now just realizing she has attacked friends. She sends the creatures back and helps them up, shifting between her imp and true form.

Meanwhile Genesect brings Mario's group to a city called Pencilvania. There they meet Alice (newcomer) at a fairground, where The Ringmaster (newcomer) is trying to get her to play carvinal games. Just then, Ridley reappears and attacks the fairground. Mario's group attacks Ridley, but to no avail. Alice sends out a burst of helium which explodes in Ridley's face causing him to stagger back into the water. Mario's group takes another boat and leaves Pencilvania.

Meanwhile towards the base of the black tower, Robin (returning) and Ike (returning) attempt to break into the tower, with Ike grabbing a assist trophy that is cracked. Attempting to use it summons Lyndis, but something goes wrong as it shatters and Lyndis (newcomer) pops out in her Awakening attire. She slashes the door open and Robin, Lyndis and Ike enter.

Pit (returning) is summoned just outside the black tower, where he finds the door broken and enters inside. He goes up the tower, where The Tower of Smash mode is explained. After this he comes across Medusa (newcomer) who fights him. Pit is defeated, so Palutena (returning) warps in and takes on Medusa, throwing her down the stairs.

Meanwhile Mario's group lands in Rogueport, where they meet Goombella (newcomer). Just then Bowser (returning) who is carrying Peach (returning) appears. Mario's group begin to attack him as the trailer shows the logo.

In a post credits scene, Inkling Ika (newcomer) is playing paintball and wins, with Patrica Wagon (newcomer) and Mario forced to clean up after her.

E3 Trailer 20XY II: Ware is Wario???

Bomberman and the Chorus Boys have managed to knock Wario off his bike and intend to inact justice, but just then Wario snaps his fingers, where Mona (newcomer) and 9-Volt (newcomer) come rocketing out of the Warioware building, taking out both Bomberman and the Chorus Boys. As Wario is getting a way, Captain Syrup shows up with Risky Boots (newcomer) surrounding Wario and the others with henchmen. Wario, Bomberman, Mona, 9-Volt, and the Chorus Boys are taken to the underground sub base, where they are captured.

In a post credits scene, Little Mac and Sukapon are arm-wrestling when Penny Crygor (newcomer) and a robotic ape named Ape III show up to challenge them.

Crisis on Dino Planet

Fox (returning) and Jill Valentine (newcomer) are escaping a T-Rex that is chasing them. Krystal tries to stop the dinosaur, but she is gobbled up by the dinosaur. Fox and Jill manage to get into a air wing and escape Dinosaur Planet.

In space, they are suddenly ambushed by Star Wolf, with Wolf (returning) controlling the attack. It looks like the end until another airwing shows up. The mysterious airwing is revealed to be Bayonetta (newcomer). Fox sighs deeply. Wolf initates another attack, but is ambushed by SHN-4 (newcomer).

In a post credits scene, another Airwing flies in and attacks Star Wolf directly, and Falco's voice comes over Fox's radio saying "Got em!"


The trailer begins with ROB (returning) working as a machine in a factory, dipping parts of other fighter's limbs in paint. The trailer cuts to a explanation of assembling your fighters, and then cuts back to ROB slowly running out of power. Two robots grab him to disassemble him, but he is suddenly awoken with a strange surge of power. He realizes it is from the energy whip of Zero Suit Samus (returning) and the two defeat the robots, but accidentally knock over a crate filled with Mini-Marios (newcomers).

In a post credits scene, Mario and the others are attempting to buy stuff from the e-shop bag, attempting to haggle with him. The e-shop bag (newcomer) gets upset and throws a colored orb at Mario.

Scary Gargoyle

Wario, Mona, 9-Volt, Chorus Boys, and Bomberman are sitting in the underwater prison. 9-Volt is playing with his Gameboy when a mysterious man clad in black approaches the cell with two robots that look like the ones seen in the Assemble!!! trailer. The man introduces himself as Umbra through shadow writing, and clips of "Secret Universe" play. After the clips stop, Umbra points to Wario with his finger doing a "come here" motion.

The scene shifts to a few years ago, with Wario having a afro and dancing with Waluigi in a club. He bumps into Umbra who is initially enraged by Wario's rudeness, but then he goes calm. He asks Wario if he can do a favor for him, which he and Wario shake on. The Warioware, Inc is constructed and Umbra asks Wario to sign a contract, which Wario does without hesitation.

We cut back to the Underwater Prison, where Umbra is holding the contract. Wario takes the contract and reads it, and then throws it back in disgust, claiming he would rather die than fulfill the contract. Just then, one of the robots takes a part of the wall out, beginning to flood the prison. Wario breaks open the prison door and uses his fat frame to clog up the wall, telling the others to go without him.

In a post-credits scene, a large water droplet pops out of the wall and removes Wario from the wall and freezes the water. Wario catches his breath as the droplet introduces himself as Eddy (newcomer).

Plastic Power

Captain Falcon (returning) and Black Shadow (newcomer) are fighting when robots begin to invade their fighting arena. They settle their differences to try and take out the robots, but fail as the robots knock them both out and take them away to a giant ship. Jody Summers (newcomer) notices this and chases after the ship. She lands on Tower of Smash Island, where she notices the ship go inside.

Pit and Palutena continue up the Tower of Smash where they come across Medusa again. Medusa grabs another cracked assist trophy and releases it, allowing Phosphora (newcomer) to come out. Phosphora zaps Medusa out the tower, where she is grabbed by a ship. Phosphora attacks Pit and Palutena. Reggie Fils-Aime, who is watching the scene unfold, smiles as he puts his Wii Fit Trainer amiibo on the gamepad, allowing Wii Fit Trainer to save the day.

In a post credits scene, Mario and the others are eating at a soup kitchen when suddenly Ridley attacks yet again. Cooking Mama (newcomer), upset by the property damage Ridley is causing, whacks him with her wooden spoon and teaches him how to cook.

Rhinestone Eyes

Captain Toad (newcomer) is exploring the Tower of Smash when he comes across two robots. The two robots knock him down the stairs, but he rockets up with a jetpack.

Umbra stands at the top of the tower, directing thousands of robots and ships to grab the Super Smash Brothers. We see Mario's group get grabbed, Little Mac, Sukapon, Megaman, even Fox's group get grabbed. As they are captured and put on the 100th floor of the towering behemoth, Umbra is suddenly attacked by Takumaru. The two exchange a fight, which leads to Takumaru being kicked out of the tower. He is rescued by Wario and Eddy, who are rocketing up in Eddy's cloud form. All the Smash Bros get into a fighting stance, preparing to fight Umbra. Just then Master Hand crawls from the shadows, being chained with the chains of light while Umbra smiles like a psychopath.

In a post credit scene, Hunter Hero (newcomer) comes in riding an T-Rex vivosaur, defeating the dinosaurs.

Never Smile

The last trailer, and the second longest in length.

The trailer begins as Master Hand unleashes his Master Core form, destroying all the fighters, turning them into trophies. Realizing what he has done, Master Hand warps the entire tower into the "Secret Universe" so that Umbra cannot continue his plans further.

Just then, a floating island soars into view, with Ashley Robbins (newcomer) at the edge of it, playing a guitar. Sonic (veteran), Geno (newcomer), and Issac (newcomer) come into the ruins of the Tower of Smash and attack Umbra. Geno unleashes Geno Whirl, defeating Umbra.

As the Tower of Smash slowly re-enters Earth, the Smash Bros return to their normal states. In a last ditch effort though, Umbra uses his energy to warp the Tower of Smash ruins to a black hole.

In the black hole, the Tower of Smash crashes into the Dinosaur Planet. Olimar (returning) notices the Tower smashing into the Planet and investigates. The Smash Brothers break out of the ruins, relatively unscathed. The villains reappear once again, shaking their heads, now free from Umbra's mind control. The Smash Brothers come across Hunter defeating the dinosaurs. Just then a vivosaur pops down and morphs into Duna (newcomer).

Master Hand comes over and rubs the head of Mario, who accidently gets grounded in the dirt. Villager (returning) runs over to dig him out as all the characters laugh.

Post credits, Umbra is revealed to be still alive but is repeatedly warping in different dimensions. He runs through a maze chased by Pac-Man (returning) and Klonoa (newcomer), then warps to a castle where he is whipped by Simon Belmont (newcomer) and then finally stops in a space area, where he comes across a portal marked "Lapisverse". He grins as he steps in.

DLC Trailer I: Playing Favorites

This begins the "Monuments of Light" trailers.

The trailer begins as Bowser fights Mario, Samus, Megaman, Genesect, Olimar, and Yoshi. Bowser gets knocked into lava, and Mario and the others step away from the fight but encounter Bowser Jr. (returning) and the Koopalings. The fight blasts the smashers out of the castle, where they proceed to fight until they bump into Stork and accidentally make him drop a bunch of mail. The letters fly away, going to Nikki (newcomer) who commands the letters to take out the smashers, who are now dealing with a small army. A hammer hits Megaman, who begins to short circuit and the inside of his head opens up the Flipnote app, where the Flipnote Frog (newcomer) jumps out of and crawls out of his mouth. Flipnote Frog proceeds to kick the trailer backwards and then stop it where Megaman is being hit with the hammer and saves him and puts the hammer into his sketch pad and throws all the frames of the hammer at the Koopalings and Swapnotes.

After the credits, it reveals that Bowser is rising out of the lava, as Dry Bowser, an exclusive DLC costume.

DLC Trailer II: Ghost Train

Wario, Luigi, Pikachu, Little Mac, and Sukapon head to the subway, where they go aboard a train. The trip goes well until they go into a tunnel and realize it's been in this tunnel for a little too long...

The lights go out. Boos begin to float around, illuminating the dark train. King Boo (newcomer) reveals himself and begins his attack as the train seems to be warping into another dimension. The Smashers can't seem to put up a fight. King Boo laughs but is kicked by a foot. Sissel (newcomer) is revealed to be the origin of the foot.

They enter the other dimension, which various ghosts inhabit. The ghost begin picking away at the train, and Little Mac punches his way out. He runs into John Geist (newcomer) and Little Mac, Sukapon, and John take out King Boo, which returns the train back into the mortal realm.

In a post credits scene, the Pac Man ghosts are revealed to be in the next car and try to spread out, but find it hard to do so in such a tight space.

DLC Trailer III: Flight of the Pegasus

Link, Robin, Lucina, and Marth are battling the Black Shadow and Captain Falcon. As the two prepare their ultimate attacks, a pegasus comes from above, tossing a javelin at the two racers. The pegasus lands, revealing Cordelia (newcomer).

The Stork is flying away from something huge, revealing it is the Master in the Arcadian Tower from Pandora's Tower. Something lands on the master revealing it is Aeron (newcomer) who promptly defeats the master. As the Master Falls to the ground, Valkyrie from Legend of Valkyrie (newcomer) grabs him and lands with the rest of the group.

In a post credit scene, the group takes on Dry Bowser near a volcano. As he demolishes them quickly, Severa takes him down, and it is revealed that she is a alt costume for Cordelia.

DLC Trailer IV: The River Grows Inside Of Me

Takamuru is meditating by a river when he feels a disturbance, which turns out to be Princess Ruto (newcomer). As he attempts to meditate again, Rayquaza (newcomer) appears from the sky, who prepares Dragon Pulse on Takamaru, who manages to block it with his blade. Rayquaza roars and ice appears all around the river. Ruto summons a wave to attack Rayquaza, which splashes over him and gets frozen. As ice continues to appear, Takamaru jumps up the mountain side. The wielder of the ice turns out to be Rundas (newcomer), who Takumaru battles and defeats. As he heads down the mountain, he discovers Popeye's ship, who urges him about something urgent but Takamaru and Ruto can't understand it.

In a post credits scene, Takamaru appears in a black and gold outfit (an alt costume) and the camera pans from the boat to the sky, and then pans down to a desert where a woman with a eye patch is making some kind of "monument", which is revealed to be Umbra's likeness.

DLC Trailer V: Monument

The lights dim again as another trailer plays. We cut to a desert with a crystal tower in the distance. Popeye's boat stops in the river as Takumaru and Ruto get out and head towards the crystal tower, where they come across Doshin the Giant. They notice a bunch of people heading towards the crystal tower. A masked man named Sodoru tells them about the tower, telling them that it is a "Tower of Babel".

They notice the Umbra monument and meet the woman with the eye patch. Believing her to be working for Umbra, they draw their weapons. A fight scene goes on before it is suddenly interrupted by some sort of "key blade" falling from the sky, with Sora landing. The woman disappears and the trailer ends with a logo.

In a post credit scene, we see Mallo push a block into the Tower of Babel.

DLC Trailer VI: Something in my Heart

The trailer begins with Irid in a cave, looking into a pool of water, where Umbra appears. "Umbra" tells Irid how much he loves her, leading Irid to attempt to pull him out of the water, but it reveals itself to be a illusion. As Irid looks at one of the Umbra carvings, she sighs deeply.

Takumaru, Ruto, Sora, and Doshin attempt to find Irid, but get tired out in the desert. As they begin to stop, a jeep pulls up, with Sami driving it. Sami tells them to get in, as when the Tower of Babel is complete, the island will collapse.

As they attempt to leave, they are suddenly attacked by a bunch of Tetris blocks being dropped from the sky by airplanes. Sami curses the planes as she gives Takumaru the wheel so she can shoot at them. One her bullets hits a L-Block, turning it into a trophy. Sora revives it, and L-Block (newcomer) "springs" to life. As the blocks begin to form a wall, it's clear they won't make it before the wall completes, which will create a explosion that will take them all out. Doshin gets out of the jeep and holds up the final tetris block, with his sacrifice allowing Sami and the others to get out.

Irid begins to destroy her stone statues of Umbra inside the cave and snaps off her eyepatch, revealing that it is a gem. She pulls it out and heads out of the cave and puts on her eyepatch again, heading towards the Tower of Babel.

As Sami escapes the Tetris Wall, she comes across Millers (newcomer), who believes that Sami is attempting to disrupt the Soma in which she and Sami get into a fight. As Takumaru barely steers the jeep out of a canyon, Dry Bowser appears on a bonecoaster on a flow of lava. Mario, Samus, Megaman, Genesect, Olimar, Flipnote Frog, and Yoshi see Sami and the others and chase Dry Bowser from the other side as Sami and Millers continue to fight.

Irid climbs the steps of the Tower of Babel, knocking away Mallo who lands in the sand. Mallo runs over to the Tetris Wall and pushes the blocks, making the walls unable to be set off. Doshin releases his grip on his Tetris block as Mallo runs over to him. The two look up at the Tower of Babel.

Sami punches Millers onto the road, but Dry Bowser shoots fire that Takumaru barely stops in time for. Trapped, Sami and the others cling onto each other, but suddenly they hear the wings of a Pegasus as Cordelia grabs them and pulls them out just in time as Dry Bowser blasts the jeep. Link, Robin, Aeron, Valkyrie, Lucina, and Marth join Sami's group as they stare out onto the mountain side, where Ashley Robbin's floating island comes into views, with Ashley joined by Alta (newcomer), who raises her scepter as the screen pulls out to reveal two different dimensions coexisting at the same time.

After the title, Irid places the gem onto the top of the tower of the babel and it clicks as the trailer fades to black.

Secret Trailer: Runaways

This was a secret trailer that could only be found in linked annotation on "Something in my Heart"'s trailer. This trailer introduces no new characters or stages; it tells the back story of the two original characters introduced in this game.

The trailer begins with a girl with black hair playing with a car when she notices a boy with black hair watching her from behind a tree across from her. She goes towards him, in which he runs away from her, but she catches up with him. The boy introduces himself as Umbra, and the little girl says her name is Irid. She asks where he came from, and he says he doesn't know- he woke up with both of his parents gone and every day he seems to forget more and more about them. He shows off his power to manipulate shadows, and Irid discovers she has the ability to manipulate the light. The two grow a bond.

It skips to two years later with Umbra on the run. He asks Irid to run away with him, as they are the only two who seem to have powers. She decides to run away with him. Two more years pass and the two are living in a junkyard, where Irid attempts to tell Umbra she loves him, but Umbra does not feel the same way. Irid leaves, but cannot find her way home.

Irid comes across a giant glove named Master Hand, who trains her to use her powers efficiently and to make the best of it. Umbra notices, and believes Master Hand is manipulating her to hate him. With the loss of his only friend, he goes in isolation into a mountain, where he finds a robot building manual next to a skeleton.

The trailer ends with Irid looking into the sea, seeing Umbra's reflection and then proceeding to stomp on it.

DLC Trailer VII: Into the Ocean

This marks the end of the Monuments of Light DLC Trailers.

The trailer begins with the ground shaking. Everybody on the cliff tumbles down awkwardly as they look at the Tower of Babel falling. Suddenly, Mallo and Doshin appear, with the news that Irid has put in a gem into the Tower of Babel that will cause whole world to collapse. Sami holds Millers up and allows Millers to regain her strength, and after a quick punch to the face, Millers runs with the rest of the group.

The only way to reverse the collapse is take the gem out of the Tower of Babel. Just then a train rushes by. Sami and the others jump on top of the train, where they walk across the top and then enter it. Sami grabs the conductor and drives the train into the desert. Wario, Luigi, Pikachu, Little Mac, Sissel, John, and Sukapon wonder what's going on as the train rides into the desert.

As they arrive at the desert, they find Basillo (newcomer) and Flavia (newcomer) heading up the Tower of Babel. The group comes face to face with Irid, who unleashes a bunch orbs. Genesect deflects the orbs as everyone falls off and runs for the gem. Irid grabs him and throws him off the tower.

Little Mac and Sukapon lay on the sand, defeated. Suddenly they hear a voice. "Come on, Mac! Come on!"

Little Mac and Sukapon get up. Doc Louis (newcomer) is cheering them on.

"Let's go, Mac baby! Dance like a fly and bite like a mosquito. I'm talking about a BIG mosquito, baby. A great, great, BIG one!" Sukapon and Little Mac blast each other up to the top of the tower and knock Irid off. Sukapon grabs the gem and the world stops moving.

Mario heads over to Irid, who explains that she just wanted to start anew. Sora says that you don't need to destroy the whole world to begin anew as he grabs for her hand. Irid (newcomer) joins the Super Smash Brothers and leaves the desert.

In a post credit scene, the ghosts from Pac-Man finally get out of the car and realize they have nowhere to stand and get blown away in the wind. The Super Smash Brothers return to the mansion, where Master Hand is reintroduced to Irid. The two shake hands and the trailer ends with Irid making a new monument of a Smash Ball, while in another universe, Umbra is thrown into a wormhole.

DLC Trailer VII: The Girl and the Robot

This begins the Black Sun trailers.

A beat-up R.O.B and Samus stand in a cage. The two stare at each other for a while before staring out a window, and then they turn around as they hear footsteps. In walks Veran (newcomer) and Cia (newcomer). The two villains close the door as the trailer goes black.

Duck Hunt Dog sniffs the ground before the ground begins to shake, the camera focusing on Hunter Hero. Duck Hunt Dog suddenly gets a foreign scent, which he follows. Hunter Hero follows him to figure out where he's going. He follows Duck Hunt Dog to a strange castle, where Simon Belmont jumps down from, spooking the two.

Duck Hunt Dog continues to sniff into the castle, where he bumps into a throne with Dry Bowser in the seat. Dry Bowser roars, but suddenly a woman with glowing back tattoos throws a bunch of axes at Dry Bowser. The two fight, with Dry Bowser falling out of a window and into the ocean. The woman with the glowing back tattoos introduces herself as Shanoa (newcomer).

In the post credits, we cut back to the cage room, where R.O.B has been dismantled even further. Samus finds she can slip past the bars and attempts to shove R.O.B through the bars, but R.O.B can't no matter how hard she pulls. She runs away, with one last look at the sad-looking R.O.B.

DLC Trailer VIII: Late to the Show

Slippy Toad (newcomer) is in a submarine on his way to the Tower of Smash. The submarine swims by many water Pokemon and some of the Submarines from Steel Diver. He also passes by some bloopers and cheep cheeps. During his exploration, Fox appears on a screen saying "Talk to me", although Slippy never answers him. As he continues further, he sees a bunch of Cubots sitting at the bottom of the ocean, rusting away. He also comes across a school of Magikarps, who part away to reveal another submarine with it's driver being a skeleton that ain't moving.

Suddenly, a man comes to the front of the ship. It is revealed to be Sturm (newcomer), who proceeds to call Slippy a "worm", before realizing he's a frog and then proceeds to correct himself by calling him a "worm eater". He sends out a bunch of Black Hole ships, in which Slippy manages to outrun by hiding behind a Wailord.

He finally makes it to the Tower of Smash, where he realizes he's super late, as the tower is shambles and dead Cubots lay everywhere. He then comes across Andy (newcomer) and Sturm, and Andy evilly lights up his eyes as he lights up some kind of lightning stick.

In a post credits scene, the Wailord swims above the seas, with Sturm on it's back as it heads towards the Smash Mansion.

DLC Trailer X: You Don't Have a Clue

Kyle Hyde is investigating the Smash Mansion for clues about the disappearance of R.O.B and Samus, who mysteriously vanished a week ago during a party. The other Smashers have not warranted any clues, having no idea that they went missing.

Kyle Hyde is joined by the Game Boy Camera, who snaps bad pictures of the rooms, but it doesn't matter as nothing gives them clues as to where they disappeared to. As Kyle Hyde and the Gameboy Camera sit outside, Peach gives the two some tea and invites them in to eat. Kyle Hyde scratches his head and heads inside.

He meets Ashley Robbins, who reminds him of someone named Mila Evans. Ashley strums her guitar and Kyle heads outside, where he comes across a red letter (with no note) that was mailed from the Virtual Boy factory. That place has been shut down for years, so why are people mailing from that address?

Kyle Hyde prepares to head to the Virtual Boy Factory, but Wario overhears Kyle's plan and sneaks into his car. Kyle, Wario, and Game Boy Camera head to the Virtual Boy factory, unaware that there was a hidden camera in the letter.

In a post credits scene, Sturm and Andy grab Slippy Toad and shove him inside the Wailord's mouth, where he meets Doctor Mario, who is using pills to get rid of the Wailord's viruses.

DLC Trailer XI: The Salvager

DLC Trailer XII: Talk to Me

DLC Trailer XIII: Black Sun Rises

DLC Trailer ?: The Final Showdown

Starting Characters

There are a total of 111 characters. There are 66 starting characters and 45 unlockable characters, a huge boost compared to previous games. Only Bowser Jr, Dark Pit, Mii Fighters, and Dr. Mario were cut, meaning that there are 63 newcomers.

Character Info


SSB Mario Series.png

Mario was first created by Shigero Miyamoto as the protagonist for the game Donkey Kong for the Arcade. He would follow this up with more arcade games such as Donkey Kong Jr. and Mario Bros. He is touted as a balanced character. He can shoot fire from his palm, perform a spin jump, and use FLUDD, which now does damage.


SSB Mario Series.png

Bowser was introduced in the seminal Super Mario Bros. for NES, with most of his traditional character traits introduced along with it: his storyline role as a comically monstrous villain who always goes out of his way to kidnap the Mushroom Kingdom princess. In Smash Bros., he's a serious heavyweight who laughs off weaker attacks. Hit him hard to send him flying!


Princess Peach

SSB Mario Series.png

Princess Peach has been a mainstream Mario character since her first appearance in Super Mario Bros., in which Mario had to rescue her from the clutches of the evil Bowser. She usually takes on the role of the damsel in distress, though she has been known to help out Mario on several occasions. In Smash Bros., Peach uses her dress to float above the fray, suddenly descending and attacking with numerous weapons. A frying pan? Umbrella? TOAD?! Where does she keep it all?



SSB Mario Series.png

The mysterious Rosalina lives in the Comet Observatory with the Lumas. She first traveled with them in search of their mother. In Smash Bros., Rosalina and Luma can fight in different places at the same time. If you can trap someone between Rosalina and Luma, you'll be able to unleash incredible damage!



NewChallengerBanner Goombella.png

SSB Mario Series.png
A female archaeology student at the University of Goom. Goombella can be recognized by her ponytail and pith helmet that features a light that aids her archeological aspirations. With her wealth of knowledge, Goombella serves as Mario's tour guide and assists throughout his adventures. She can use the ability "Tattle" to find her enemy's weakpoints, allowing her to dish out more damage. She uses head butt, Para Goomba wings, and using a catch card to double damage. When in the right hands, she can be set up to be quite a powerful character!


Captain Toad

NewChallengerBanner CaptainToad.png

SSB Mario Series.png
A adventurer looking for crystals and stars. Normally he can't jump with that huge heavy bag of his, but he has been outfitted with a jetpack this time around so he can jump. He can stun enemies with his head light, use a pick, and a minecart to attack.

Yoshi SSB4.png


SSB Yoshi Series.png

A green dinosaur who loves to munch koopas. He attacks mainly using egg moves and his tongue. He is pretty fast and light.

669px-Link Artwork 1 (Skyward Sword).png


SSB The Legend of Zelda Series.png

Link is the valiant boy hero of "The Legend of Zelda" series in which he fights against the evil Ganon to recover the Triforce. This incarnation takes after Skyward Sword, in which he can use the Skyward Sword, which can be charged by lifting it in the air in addition to using a beetle to grab or attack opponents from afar.

Hyrule Warriors Zelda TP Clothes.png

Princess Zelda

SSB The Legend of Zelda Series.png

Zelda's first appearance was in the original Legend of Zelda game. She has appeared in (almost) every installment of the Zelda series (excluding Link's Awakening). Since then, she has usually filled the role as the princess, but unlike Nintendo's other prominent character Peach, Zelda more frequently takes a more active role in battles against the evil Ganon. The Princess of Hyrule. Zelda is a slow but powerful character who relies on magic.



SSB The Legend of Zelda Series.png

Shiek is the disguise of Princess Zelda. Sheik aided Link in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time for the Nintendo 64, giving him tips and teaching him warp songs. Despite Sheik's male appearance, Sheik is indeed female. She attacks with swiftness, agility, and powerful smash attacks. Shiek is more physical than Zelda.

HW Midna.png

Imp Midna

NewChallengerBanner ImpMidna.png

SSB The Legend of Zelda Series.png
Midna is a member of the Twili, a fictional race of magic-wielders, who chooses Link to help her accomplish her goals. While appearing as a diminutive imp monster, her actual form is human-shaped. She attacks using teleportation, her hair, and teleport objects to the Twilight Realm for later use.

Midna True Form.png

True Midna

NewChallengerBanner TrueMidna.png

SSB The Legend of Zelda Series.png
Midna's true form as seen in Twilight Princess. She no longer can attack with her hair but retains teleportation and storage. SHe can use balls of energy now to attack and to completely obliterate opponents with a mirror move that creates two of her to ensnare and trap an enemy.

Pikachu SSBR.png


SSB Pokémon Series.png

Pikachu is popularly known as the mascot of the Pokémon franchise and a major representative of Nintendo's collective mascots. In the hands of a skilled player, Pikachu is not to be taken lightly. Alongside electrical attacks, it has very good aerial attacks and superb, but hard to master, recovery move. Pikachu is also one of the lightest characters in the game, making it easy for its foes to launch it.

SSB5 Lucario.png


SSB Pokémon Series.png

A Fighting/Steel-type Pokémon that excels in combat through the reading and manipulation of Aura. As Lucario takes more damage, its attacks grow in strength. At maximum power, Lucario deals triple damage and its Aura Sphere is particularly devastating! Foes won't even know what hit them!

548px-CharizardSSB4.Wii U.png


SSB Pokémon Series.png

Charizard is an Fire/Flying-type Pokémon resembling a European dragon. Charizard breathes out fire that reaches incredible temperatures, hot enough to melt boulders and quickly melt glaciers weighing 10,000 tons, and it is said the temperature increases as it experiences harsh battles. It soars through the air, seeking only worthy foes to test itself against. In Smash Bros., Charizard unleashes the destructive Flare Blitz special move— a move so strong, it even injures the user!



SSB Pokémon Series.png

This Water/Dark-type Pokémon is the fully evolved form of Froakie. It's just as fast and dangerous as any other ninja, and the throwing stars it can make out of water can shear metal. In Smash Bros., as well as being a graceful, speedy fighter, it can also use moves like Hydro Pump that let it travel through the air and avoid falling.



SSB Pokémon Series.png

Created from modified Mew DNA, Mewtwo was designed to be the ultimate Pokémon. It didn't take on any of Mew's kinder traits and only uses its intelligence to destroy its enemies. it seems. Perhaps it just feels frightened or even tormented, and that's why it lashes out. Whatever the reason, Mewtwo is not to be messed with.



NewChallengerBanner purple.png

SSB Pokémon Series.png
Genesect was created by Team Plasma from a fossil of an ancient insectoid Pokémon, even though their former leader, N, had the project cancelled, as he felt that Pokémon are perfect beings, and modifications through science would ruin their beauty. Team Plasma technologically enhanced it, including adding a cannon which it uses to execute its signature move, Techno Blast. This move changes in type depending on the Drive Genesect holds, though it can still use the move without a held Drive.



SSB Kirby Series.png

The 8-inch high Kirby hails from a distant, peaceful star. Like his simplistic appearance, he is an easily-understood character. True to his instincts, Kirby eats when he gets hungry and sleeps as soon as he grows tired. Nevertheless, Kirby remains a formidable opponent. In addition to his distinct flying and swallowing skills, he also has the ability to copy enemy attacks for ever-changing action.

480px-Meta Knight SSB4. Wii U.png

Meta Knight

SSB Kirby Series.png

The head of the Meta-Knights, and something of a rival to Kirby. He's quite an accomplished swordsman. Following his code of knightly ethics, he once delivered his sword to Kirby and demanded single combat. His giant cape transforms into wings, giving him the power of flight. He's shown his face briefly before, but his relationship to Kirby is still a mystery. He is a fast character that has limited flight.


King Dedede

SSB Kirby Series.png

Dedede is the self-proclaimed king of Dream Land. While he says he's king, Dedede prefers no administrative functions and the citizens of Dream Land continue to live as they always have. He continually does things unbecoming a king, like stealing the kingdom's food supplies or all the stars from the sky. He's not all bad, though, and sometimes performs good deeds. While he and Kirby often battle, they've been known to compete good-natured at speed-eating contests and minigames. He's able to suck in air and fly like Kirby does, but only as a result of vigorous training he undertook after being bested by Kirby.

Samus SSB4.png


SSB Metroid Series.png

The intergalactic bounty hunter named Samus Aran. Orphaned at an early age, she was taken in and raised by the alien race known as the Chozo. The Power Suit she wears is a product of their technology. Her unique combat skills combined with her athleticism and Arm Cannon have seen her through countless missions. She is a midpoint between light and heavy characters, and her moves can deal extremely high damage if well used, due to how well they combo into each other; she is seemingly unpredictable in battle, as she can very easily wipe out most heavy characters as well as light ones, like Fox or Falco, though she can be easily KO'd by a medium character, like herself.


Zero Suit Samus

SSB Metroid Series.png

Samus Aran without her mighty Power Suit. In this condition, she does not have the firepower she's famed for but is in full possession of the agility and athleticism she gained through her childhood training with the Chozo. Without the armor, she's also much, much faster. The weapon she carries is a self-protection device known as a Paralyzer that stops enemies cold. Hasn't really changed much in terms of how she plays. She is separated from Samus, just like the last game.



NewChallengerBanner purple.png

SSB Metroid Series.png
Thought to be too big in this game, Ridley makes his big entrance here. He has two modes, flying and ground based. Flying mostly limits him to grabbing and aerial based attacks, but he can fly back up without problem. Ground based allows for more attacks but he can't fly back up with ease. He's also a BIG target, so he won't be avoiding a lot of attacks. He's a bit of a tough character to use, but his fast and powerful attacks make it worth it.



SSB Star Fox Series.png

The leader of the commando unit for hire known as Star Fox. He uses both the team's mother ship, the Great Fox, and his personal Arwing fighter to challenge the evil scientist Andross. He made his name as an ace pilot but has lately shown himself also to be an adventurer with a knack for hand-to-hand combat. Fox is a weak, but fast character.


Donkey Kong

SSB Donkey Kong Series.png

Donkey Kong and Mario started out as arch-rivals, but they've patched things up in recent years. These days DK spends his time searching the jungle for bananas instead of kidnapping beautiful maidens. Donkey Kong is strong but somewhat slow. He uses his giant fists and a mine cart to attack.

Diddy kong,tropica lfreezw.png

Diddy Kong

SSB Donkey Kong Series.png

Diddy Kong uses many unique special attacks, such as his Rocketbarrel Boost, and Peanut Popgun attacks, both of which are used in his Final Smash, the Rocketbarrel Barrage. His small size and lack of power, combined with the use of weaponry offer a completely different fighting style than Donkey Kong, despite their alleged familial relation.

Dixie Kong - Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze.png

Dixie Kong

NewChallengerBanner Dixie.png

SSB Donkey Kong Series.png
Diddy Kong's girlfriend with an blond ponytail. That ponytail is hardly for show—it helps propel her through the air for extended hang time and is indispensable for spin-attacking enemies and lifting barrels. Watch out—Dixie packs more power than you might imagine!

Pit R.png



Pit is an angel from Angel Land. His wings are only strong enough to fly for short distances, unless he has the Wings of Icarus. He uses weapons like Guardian Orbiters and Aurum Palm as part of his attacks. He can also fly a little bit but not too much.




Palutena is Pit's goddess and Pit follows whatever she says. She isn't a very mobile character per say, most of her attacks are ranged and she floats instead of walking. She attacks with mostly light-based attacks and orbs. She can also create grind rinds, which she (and anyone else who hops on) can use as recovery.


Little Mac

SSB Punch-Out Series.png

A lightweight scrapper from the Bronx. After meeting with a former boxing great named Doc Louis who fell from glory, Mac takes Doc on as his coach, and together the pair try for the championship belt in the WVBA. Little Mac works his way up the ranks of the WVBA, taking out foes several times his size. He has a special mechanic known as the Power Meter, which reaches different levels of charge. When it has fully charged, Little Mac can unleash an extremely powerful uppercut. While he has extremely proficient fighting abilities on the ground, he has poor aerial abilities.



NewChallengerBanner white.png

Takamaru is a samurai apprentice who saved Japan from an alien invasion. He primarily uses his katana to fight, while throwing in ninja stars and throwing knives. He can also turn invisible.



NewChallengerBanner sukapon.png

Sukapon Logo.png
Sukapon was made by the two doctors Dr. Little Emon and Dr. Ivan Walnuts. When Dr. Walnuts declared his intent to rule the world, Dr. Emon used Sukapon to defeat Dr. Walnuts's robots, and stop the evil doctor. He can use his deattached limbs to attack. He has no projectiles, but he has great range.


Chibi Robo

NewChallengerBanner grey.png

SSB Chibi-Robo Series.png
A tiny, independently operating robot that helps keep a household happy. Chibi-Robo stands roughly 4 inches tall. The mere sight of the brave Chibi-Robo working to solve the problems of the Sanderson family is awe inspiring. When he lights up red, it's a sign that his battery is nearly gone. If Chibi-Robo doesn't find an outlet to plug in his cord tail, he'll collapse. He attacks using electricity and gadgets he uses while cleaning.



NewChallengerBanner black.png

SSB AdvancedWars.png
Sami is a Commanding Officer from one of the four countries that comprises the Allied Nations, Orange Star. She uses a machine gun, grenades, and a bazooka to attack. She has quick and powerful neutral and tilt attacks, great range and the large hitboxes on many of his attacks, and being surprisingly the third heaviest character, therefore being extremely hard to KO. She steals a lot of Snake's old attacks from Brawl.



NewChallengerBanner nanostray.png

SSB Nanostray.png
SHN-4 is a fighter spaceship that is attempting to eradicate the Nanostray virus. He has no real close-range attacks, opting for spread-shot ranged attacks. His up special moves him up a level, although if he takes 20% damage he is shot down to the first level closest to the ground. it is possible to keep hitting from ground level and making it so that if he goes over an edge, he will be unable to jump back up. Very tricky character to use, but has impressive range.



SSB Animal Crossing Series.png

The male player character from Animal Crossing. He feels the need to set out on his own and move into town. He uses fishing rods, axes, bug nets, whatever he can find to attack. He has a new move which is to place down a furniture item, which can vary on it's usefulness.


Wii Fit Trainer

SSB Wii Fit Series.png

The Wii Fit Trainer offers the player direction and evaluation in Wii Fit, the player is instructed to perform the activity by precisely imitating the trainer's actions. Her playstyle is based off various fitness activities in the Wii Fit games.


Ika Inkling

NewChallengerBanner splatoon.png

SSB Splatoon.png
A paint-ball blasting squid. She can shoot paintballs at opponents as well as the ground, giving her space to become a squid and swim through the paint! She can easily hide and dodge opponents in the paint, but can't attack, so you'll eventually have to become human again.




The prince of Altea, in whose veins the blood of heroes runs. He and a small group of stalwarts fought to free Altea after it was invaded by the kingdom of Doluna and the dark dragon, Medeus. With his divine sword, Falchion, he fought and defeated Medeus. However, Altea was then invaded by King Hardin of Akaneia and eventually destroyed. Marth has superior range to most characters in the game, and relies on the length of his sword to effectively zone against his opponents. He also does more damage if he hits with the tip of Falchion, doing 12% instead of the 8% he does at close range.




Ike clearly adheres to the human-swordsman aesthetic upheld by Marth and Roy in Melee, and his sword, Ragnell, appears especially hefty and long-ranged, but Ike is strong enough to hold it with only one hand. Ike's attacks are among the longest reaching and most powerful attacks, surpassing even Bowser in terms of raw power. To counterbalance this, Ike's attacks are notorious for being among the slowest attacks in the game, both start-up and ending lag wise. Ike also comes with his trademark skill Aether as a technique, which gives him super armor at the beginning of the attack when he and his blade are separated and he is hunched down to jump.

Robin Female SSB4.png



Players can choose either the male or female models of the character, based on the default appearances for both genders in the Tactician class. They use tomes of various elements (Fire, Thunder, Wind, and Darkness) along with a Levin Sword. Their tomes and Levin Sword have a limited amount of uses before they break, reminiscent of the durability system in the Fire Emblem series; they will recharge after a certain amount of time has passed. If the Levin Sword breaks, they use an unbreakable Bronze Sword instead.



NewChallengerBanner Lyndis.png

Born in the Sacaen Plains, her parents—Lord Hassar, chieftain of the Lorca tribe, and Madelyn, daughter of Lord Hausen of Caelin—were killed by bandits before the beginning of the game. At the start of the game, Lyn meets the player (who acts as a tactician in the game); after assisting her in defeating bandits near her house, Lyn decides to follow him or her in the interest of training her sword skills. She has jumped from a assist trophy to a full-fledged character, now armed with the Sol Katti. She is the fastest swordsperson in the game, at the cost of defense.

480px-Ness SSB4 Render.png


SSB EarthBound Series.png

In EarthBound, Ness is a courageous boy from the fictional town of Onett located in north-western Eagleland. His favorite food is Salisbury steak and his favorite thing is Rockin' or Kiai (Fighting Spirit) (hence the name of his special move in EarthBound, PSI Rockin' or PK Kiai). He possesses strong psychic powers called Psychokinesis, and in the year 199X, utilizes his abilities to defeat a vengeful alien known as Giygas. Ness possesses a strong aerial game with very useful aerial attacks, as well as effective tilts, effective throws, a projectile with great trapping and damage potential in PK Fire, a versatile projectile capable of very early KOs and mindgames in PK Thunder, and multiple powerful, reliable finishers.



SSB EarthBound Series.png

Lucas is the main character of MOTHER 3, the sequel to EarthBound, released only in Japan. While Lucas' Special Moves are very similar to Ness', his physical attacks, however, are all completely different. Lucas relies on his PSI powers far more than Ness, using them for all his attacks but his Forward Smash, Up Aerial, Down Tilt, and standard combo. Lucas is a character with mostly fast, strong and high priority attacks, and average dash speed. He has a new move called PK Love that replaces his side special, which takes opponent damage and strengthens his own attacks.



SSB Xenoblade Series.png

Shulk is a level headed youth who likes to think things through and is very methodical in his approach to most situations. He is one of the few people able to wield the Monado, a special sword able to defeat the Mechon, due to the fact that he was one of the only known survivors on a previous expedition to retrieve the sacred weapon. Shulk uses the Monado as his main weapon, which can attack from long range using its beam properties. He can "forsee" attacks and dodge them, countering as well.



NewChallengerBanner Sharla.png

SSB Xenoblade Series.png
Sharla is one of the seven playable characters in Xenoblade Chronicles, and a medic of the Colony 6 Defense Force. Sharla meets Shulk and Reyn at the Refugee Camp. She almost immediately takes a liking to Reyn but has trouble believing that Shulk can witness the future. When Juju runs away the three give chase, and Sharla reveals her specialty is healing. They eventually reach Juju, who has been captured by a Mechon M71, and defeat it. During this battle, Sharla realizes that Shulk's visions are real. She uses an ether rifle to fight, but her specialty is healing. Sharla's use of a rifle gives her auto-attacks and arts much greater reach than most of the other characters, but it has a fairly low attack rate and her rifle needs to cool off after using her arts a certain amount of time.

480px-Wario SSB4 Render.png


SSB Wario Series.png

Mario's self-styled rival. He loves money and gross humor. He often sets out in search of hidden treasure. His bold moves come from his superhuman strength and are completely different from Mario's moves. He is a heavy character, so he is hard to KO, but he has amazing mobility in the air, possessing the third-fastest lateral air movement (behind Yoshi and Jigglypuff), arguably the fastest air speed acceleration, almost no loss of speed when changing direction and with a solid set of aerials to go with it. He attacks using his motorcycle, his farts, and finally, his shoulder charge from Warioland! Woah!



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SSB Wario Series.png
Mona is a major human character in the WarioWare series. While still going to high school, she has worked part-time in many establishments in Diamond City, often owned by Joe while competing with the The Dinosaurs, a rival group. As well as working in those jobs, she is one of Wario's many employees of WarioWare, Inc., which produces microgames. She uses a scooter and her animals which vary from a small elephant that throws sludge to a pig that kicks a soccerball. She can also eat pizza to restore a small bit of health, although it takes about the same amount of time Wii Fit Trainer's rest move does.



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SSB Wario Series.png
9-Volt is a major human character in the WarioWare series. He is a Nintendo fan, he collects everything about this company, and loves to play video games. 9-Volt lives with his mother, 5-Volt, and his pet Fronk in their house in Diamond City and attends Diamond City Elementary. He debuts in WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Microgame$! as one of Wario's friends who helps him produce microgames. He uses a skateboard and things from classic Nintendo games to attack.

Captain Falcon SSB4.png

Captain Falcon

SSB F-Zero Series.png

A mysterious racer and bounty hunter who is one of the best racers on the circuit. He fights with a combination of karate, taekwondo, kung fu and street fighting. "Falcon Punch", his signature attack, involves a forceful punch surrounded by a flaming Falcon, is a incredibly strong attack with lots of killing power.


Jody Summer

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SSB F-Zero Series.png
Jody Summer is a combat-machine pilot affiliated with the Galactic Space Federation. Her ability is highly regarded, and she is recognized as a hero by both her peers and superiors. For these reasons she was chosen as the spokesperson for the Federation. She shifts into different "gears" for her moveset, changing her attack power and speed. She has a move called the "Cat Kick" that works similar to the Falcon punch, except it shoots opponents upwards.


Chorus Boys

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SSB RhythmHeaven.png
The Chorus Kids are three children who are a part of a choir group together. They attack according to rhythm; each attack can lead into another via button press and can build up combos quick if done right. If they fail, they stop moving for a brief second. They can attack using their mouths, fireworks, and music notes.



NewChallengerBanner Alice.png

SSB Balloon Fight Series.png
From the often-forgotten sequel to Balloon Fight, Alice floats in! Alice that uses two balloons to float into the air with. To make her float in the air, the player must press (and sometimes hold) the A button to make her wave her arms to hover upward. Alice also has the ability to remove her balloons and walk on the ground, as well as jumping. If both of her balloons are popped or removed, and if she lands safely, she can inflate two new balloons and fly again. She uses balloon birds and fish to attack, as well as helium to blow away enemies.


The Ringmaster

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SSB CarnivalGames.png
Step right up! The Ringmaster comes from the commercially successful Wii Game "Carnival Games". He uses a test your strength machine, ring toss, and a squirt gun and targets to attack.

Ice Climbers Shin R.png

Ice Climbers

SSB Ice Climber Series.png

A pair that hits one after the other. Popo is in blue and Nana is in pink. They both wield wooden mallets, which they use to whack enemies and break ice cubes.



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SBB Shantae.png
Shantae uses her different forms to fulfill certain requirements during the match. Her human form has decent tools to use in all situations, but she can become great at certain tasks by switching to her different forms. For example, her monkey form can be used to approach and start harassing an opponent, her elephant form can be used to punish predictable opponents, her spider form can be used to harass slow characters, and her harpy form can be used for edgeguarding. All of her forms are most likely the best in the game at what they do, but they are all severely limited individually and most are scary to be off-stage with. Thankfully, it's easy to transform back into Shantae whenever you are done with whatever you transformed for.

Patrica Wagon.png

Patrica Wagon

NewChallengerBanner Patrica.png

Patrica attacks with her gun and her ability to move blocks in and out of the foreground as well as using her hose. She can additionally spawn flame traps. She can set up checkpoints where if she is to fall off an ledge she can come back; but these checkpoints only last 15 seconds and will not save her from being KO'd.



NewChallengerBanner Eddy.png

Eddy, an amorphous pool of water. Eddy is a water spirit on the hunt for rainbow spirits. He of course, is a bunch of water so he can turn into a cloud, a puddle of water, ice, and vapor to attack in various ways. A skilled player can trap opponents and completely turn the tides of battle! Haha, okay that wasn't that funny.


Cooking Mama

NewChallengerBanner Cooking Mama.png

SSB CookingMama.png
In Cooking Mama, the player is tasked with cooking various meals using the device's touch screen. Following the instructions of the titular "Mama", the player uses the stylus or their finger to perform different kitchen tasks, including chopping vegetables, slicing meat, flipping food in pans, and arranging the final items on the plate. Her moves are based off cooking, with most of her moves involving raw meat or vegetables. One of her moves is preparing a meat dish, creating a table, cutting the meat, and then creating an oven that roars in flame if it is destroyed.


Olimar and Pikmin

SSB Pikmin Series.png

A veteran spacefarer in the employ of Hocotate Freight. After crash-landing on an enigmatic planet, Olimar met the mysterious beings known as Pikmin. He enlisted their aid to find his spaceship parts and help him escape. Once home, he found his employer on the verge of bankruptcy. He was sent back to the Pikmin world with his partner, Louie, to repay the company debt. Olimar is very weak on his own and needs to summon Pikmin to his side with his special Pikmin Pluck move in order to use stronger attacks with them, and he needs at least one to use most of his attacks.



NewChallengerBanner HunterHero.png

SSB Fossil Fighters Series.png
The protagonist of Fossil Fighters. He is often said to be half the size and possess double the talent of a normal Fossil Fighter. He rides a T-Rex, which roars and bites opponents. Hunter can also get off the T-Rex and attack with the pick.



NewChallengerBanner Ashley.png

The protagonist of Another Code. In Another Code: Two Memories, a day before her thirteenth birthday, Ashley receives a letter from her father, who she believed was dead, accompanied with a device called Dual Another System. He invites her to the Blood Edward Island, where the two can finally be reunited. Ashley goes to the island, but with her father nowhere to be found, she eagerly wanders around trying to find him. She meets a ghost named "D", and together they try to solve the mysteries behind "D"'s past, and Ashley's parents. She attacks using the Dual Another System, her guitar and D.



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SSB Mario Series.png
Geno (whose real name is ♥♪!?) is a warrior from Star Road and one of Mario's partners in Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. He is sent by "a higher authority" to restore peace to Mario's world. Ever since, he's been a fan favorite of the Mario series, and often highly requested even though he's owned by Square. Well, now we're working with them... Geno has a variety of attacks which use a mix of physical and energy projectiles. His regular attack involves shooting physical projectiles from his arms. His special attacks typically involve powerful energy blasts. Additionally, Geno is the fastest of Mario's allies. He has a special move called Geno Whirl which can do 999% damage on random occasions (000000000.1% chance of happening).



NewChallengerBanner Isaac.png

SSB Golden Sun Series.png
Isaac is a Venus Adept, a playable character in Golden Sun and Golden Sun: The Lost Age, and a main character in the overall Golden Sun series. He rocks his Dark Dawn look here, but his original look is available as an alternate costume. One of his special abilities is Psynergy, which creates an energy field that pushes foes away. He can also use Retreat which teleports him; and Move which grabs items and objects and places them over an opponents head, as if he was using them himself.



NewChallengerBanner Dillon.png

SSB Rolling Western Series.png
Dillon, an armadillo, is a ranger charged with protecting villages from nightly invasions of walking rock monsters called Grocks. Dillon uses his signature rolling attacks and charges to attack opposing fighters. Some would say he's a Sonic clone, but his rolls work very differently, and he uses towers with guns on them to attack as well.

Unlockable Characters

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SSB Mario Series.png

Although Mario's younger brother has always played second fiddle, Luigi finally garnered the spotlight with his very own game, Luigi's Mansion. As such, many of his moves are based off that. He can use a vacuum to pull in or even straight up suck up opponents, and send out Polterpup to attack.

Complete Classic as Mario.

Mini Mario Toy.png


NewChallengerBanner MiniMarios.png

SSB Mario Series.png
The Mini-Marios are toys created by Mario's toy company in Mario vs Donkey Kong. The little toys are dependent on being wound up; you will start with five with one having unlimited power. The other four must be wound up, and depending on how long you have winded them up the faster and stronger they are. The toys can also use fire flowers and hammers in battle.

Win 5 matches as Mario.



SSB Star Fox Series.png

Fox's rival and the leader of Star Wolf. Wolf's moveset is partially derived from Fox and Falco's. However, while his Special Moves, floor and ledge recovery animations, and Final Smash are similar to theirs, his standard attacks are unique. He is also significantly heavier than Fox and Falco.

Complete Classic as Fox.



SSB Star Fox Series.png

Fox's friend who fights alongside him in Star Fox. Falco's play style is said to be very similar to Fox's in Super Smash Bros. He is also known to have the second fastest normal falling speed and the fastest fast falling speed. This means he has resistance to juggling, is hard to hit in the air, and can perform SHFFLs well. On the downside, his recovery is shortened, and he is vulnerable to combos and chaingrabs that work on Fast fallers. However, he can chaingrab floaties.

Complete Classic with 15 Characters.

Stork and Babies.png

Stork and Babies

NewChallengerBanner green.png

SSB Yoshi Series.png
A stork that brings the babies to their homes. In his Super Smash Bros appearance, he can stay in the air as long as he wants, although a couple hits in the air will make him completely to the ground. He can drop the babies and each baby has special effects, such as Baby Wario attracting items or Baby DK dashing into enemies.

Complete Classic with Yoshi.



NewChallengerBanner Medusa.png

Prior to the events of Kid Icarus, Medusa co-ruled Angel Land with Palutena as the Goddess of Darkness. Whereas Palutena fostered the growth of humanity, Medusa hated their kind and took to drying up crops and petrifying people. Palutena, in a fit of anger, changed Medusa into a cyclopic, snake-haired monster and banished her to the Underworld. Despite this, or perhaps because of it, Medusa vowed one day to overthrow Palutena and retake her position in the Palace in the Sky. She attacks using her staff, with dark-based effects on her attacks. She can also teleport and summon two floating mines that explode if anyone gets too close.

Complete Classic with Palutena.



NewChallengerBanner Phosphora.png

A beautiful and powerful electricity-based warrior in the Forces of Nature. She can turn into a bolt of lightning, move at incredible speeds, and teleport. Phosphora can also use her electrokinesis to create storms. However, if she expends energy too fast, she tires easily and must recharge.

Complete Classic with Pit.

K.Rool Assemble.png

King K. Rool

NewChallengerBanner Krool.png

SSB Donkey Kong Series.png
K. Rool is the primary antagonist of the Donkey Kong Country series, showing up in all of Rare’s games and a handful after to antagonize the Kongs. His initial goal largely seems to be to simply conquest, as his clear main identity is that of a pirate king. After his initial defeat, K. Rool becomes more motivated by raw revenge against the Kongs. K. Rool regularly carries around his blunderbuss gun with him throughout the moveset rather than taking it out as a prop, making extensive use of it throughout. K. Rool’s ground movement is more respectable than other characters of his build, though he’s a bit of a lard in the air. He still has a fantastic and quick first jump, though, enabling him to get high into the air if he so wishes to be. His second jump is average.

Complete Classic with Donkey Kong.


Black Shadow

NewChallengerBanner BlackShadow.png

SSB F-Zero Series.png
Black Shadow is a cold-blooded king of evil feared by all. He is wanted by the Galactic Federation, yet he often shows up at the Extraterritorial F-Zero circuits as if they are his own. However, Captain Falcon has seen much success capturing his foot soldiers, and Black Shadow wants nothing more than to see the end of this meddling bounty hunter, preferably in front of millions of fans. He steals Ganondorf's old moveset, with new names and effects.

Complete Classic with Captain Falcon.

DuckHuntDogWarioBeautyShot zps02ed5499.png

Duck Hunt Dog

SSB DuckHunt.png

The infamous dog from the classic shoot 'em up NES game, Duck Hunt. He uses a light gun to blast enemies, a duck to hit opponents, and clay pigeons in his attacks. He can also summon gunmen to shoot for him.

Complete Classic with five characters.


SSB R.O.B. Series.png

R.O.B. debuted in Japan as Robot in 1985 as an add-on for the Famicom. He could be combined with a "gyro set," etc. for two types of play. The player controlled Professor Hector, the TV emitted light, and R.O.B. responded to the light by moving. At the time, it was epoch-making game play. R.O.B is known for his great projectiles, great matchups, and excellent recovery. His Robo Beam and his Gyro Top along with a few medium and short-range moves make him a well-balanced and versatile character able to attack his foe at whatever range they happen to be. However, R.O.B.'s fairly large size (making him an easy target for combos), and lack of reliable killing moves (due to his being prone to Stale Move Negation on his killers) are doted on as obstacles.

Unlock 100 trophies.

Mr. Game & Watch(Clear).png

Mr. Game and Watch

SSB Game & Watch Classic.png

Mr. Game and Watch was designed as a composite representation of various generic characters featured in the Game & Watch series, created by Gunpei Yokoi in 1980. He has strong finishers, a powerful aerial game, and one of the highest vertical recoveries in the game, but it is predictable, and it can be difficult to sweetspot the ledge with. His Oil Panic can also catch energy projectiles. He can use his low duck to avoid physical projectiles. His grabs also have a very similar animation, which means its hard to tell which way he will throw an opponent. Also, all of his throws can chain grab. However, Mr. Game & Watch's Tilts and Smashes are choppy and easy to predict, while his slow roll and sidestep cripple his defense.

Clear Classic Mode with all characters.

386px-Lucina SSB4.png



Lucina is a princess of the kingdom of Ylisse, the successor state to the now-ancient kingdom of Archanea, and is Chrom's daughter. She bears the holy bloodline of Ylisse's rulers, the exalts, who carry the power of the legendary dragon Naga and her holy gifts to humanity: the Fire Emblem and the blade Falchion; this power is signified by the presence of a distinctive Brand on their bodies, with Lucina's being located in the iris of her left eye. The adult Lucina the game primarily features is a time-traveller from an alternate future, who travels back to the current timeline in Fire Emblem: Awakening due to the antagonistic dragon Grima and his legions of Risen zombies bringing her own world to ruin. Lucina is a clone of Marth, meaning her moveset and animations are primarily based off of his.

Clear Classic Mode with Marth.

Tharja (FE13 Artwork).png


NewChallengerBanner Tharja.png

Tharja is a slightly obsessive Dark mage hailing from Plegia. Her spells very from common colds,to falsifying memories in the minds of anyone she chooses. She has the ability to act as a medium and speak with the dead; as well as being able to successfully counter, and reflect foes curses. She is a magic based unit. Her specials are all powerful magic and dark magic. Unlike Robin, these don't wear down over time.

Clear Classic Mode with Robin.


MC Adore

NewChallengerBanner MCAdore.png

SSB RhythmHeaven.png
MC Adore is the main singer of "Love Posse", a rap group. She does not actually fight; she commands two rappers to attack. The player controls the car, which isn't great at jumping but can land some nasty hits and can collect the two rappers or leave them there to do combos, similar to Rosalina, except they are now heavier at the huge cost of speed.

Unlock 20 pieces of music.


Face Raider

NewChallengerBanner FaceRaider.png

SSB FaceRaiders.png
A weirdo of a character, even by Smash Standards. This character is an evil face stealer, and when it steals the face of a character it has their special moves and their face. This tricks assist trophies into not attacking the face raider. They also have moves such as throwing balls, kissing, and breaking into the background of the stage.

Clear Classic on 9.0 difficulty.


eShop Bag

NewChallengerBanner EShop.png

SSB Eshop.png
The cute little orange bag that shows up in the Nintendo eShop. He can download "bombs" which are the main focus of his moveset; he can summon orbs to speed up the download, which if they get in the way of anyone will damage them. He can also hide behind the "bomb" forcing people to kick it to speed it up so he must get out of the line of explosion, and he can also summon the black cat from the Photos Channel to attack and the parrot from the 3DS music app to fly up.

Buy 100 items from the shop.

Captain Syrup (Wario Land Shake It!).png

Captain Syrup

NewChallengerBanner Syrup.png

SSB Wario Series.png
Captain Syrup is the ruthless and greedy pirate captain of the Black Sugar Gang. Since she is so stingy, Syrup is a rival of the master of greed himself, Wario. Her base of operations is Kitchen Island, from which she sailed her former pirate ship, the SS Tea Cup. She doesn't do a lot of fighting herself, opting to summon pirate minions or a genie that she rides on the back of. She can also shoot off gold coins with her fingers like a slingshot.

Complete Classic with three trophies.



NewChallengerBanner Kumatora.png

SSB EarthBound Series.png
A tomboyish and somewhat rude princess, she can use many powerful PSI spells as her primary weapon. She is a clone of Ness and Lucas, using some of their attacks while bringing in a new attack called PK Ground, which does damage based off how much damage a character has. Initially, it can do somewhere in the neighborhood of 20-30% damage, but it slowly grows less powerful.

Complete Classic with Ness or Lucas.



NewChallengerBanner Meloletta.png

SSB Pokémon Series.png
A Normal/Psychic-type Pokémon, Meloetta can change its Forme by using Relic Song. According to artists in Unova, Meloetta's beautiful music and dance inspired many works of art, music, and songs. This made the Pokémon popular among both musicians and dancers. Meloletta has two formes that change how Meloletta moves and damages; Aria is floaty and weak, while Pirouette is more grounded and strong.

Complete Classic with any Pokemon character.



NewChallengerBanner Talco.png

SSB Xenoblade Series.png
Talco is an agent of the mythical Bionite Order, working as a subject to the High Entia First Consort. She attacks with powerful kicks and able to shift into an art that boosts her attack, her defense, or her ether.

Complete Classic with Shulk or Sharla.



NewChallengerBanner Impa.png

SSB The Legend of Zelda Series.png
Zelda's bodygaurd. She's a Shiek clone, although instead of using mostly fast ninja moves, she uses more damaging and striking punches and kicks at the cost of speed in the moves. She can also uses a curved sword, which goes up in a perfect arc and can be thrown.

Complete Classic with Sheik or Zelda.



NewChallengerBanner Groose.png

SSB The Legend of Zelda Series.png
The Groose is loose! He is slow but weak character... if he's not in the Groosenator, a bomb throwing weapon that now is on wheels. The Groosenator can throw bombs or characters.

Complete Classic with Link.



SSB The Legend of Zelda Series.png

A power hungry monster who had kidnapped Princess Zelda for her piece of the Triforce, but was destroyed by Link at the end of the game. Since then, collecting the Triforce and conquering Hyrule has usually been Ganon's main goal in the series. He is the Triforce of Power, and his brand new move set emphasizes this. He keeps the Skull Cruncher, but he now wields two swords and uses dark magic to bring the undead to fight for him.

Win 5 matches as Link with CPU difficulty at 5.



SSB Pokémon Series.png

Jigglypuff first appears as one of the 151 species of Pokémon in Pokémon Red and Green, and appears in all versions following it. Despite not being a lead character in the Pokémon franchise, Jigglypuff was selected to appear in the Super Smash Bros. series due to its similarities to Kirby, which allowed the staff to reuse the model and many animations as a base for Jigglypuff. Jigglypuff's down special Rest sends this Pokémon into a deep sleep that damages and launches any foe it's touching upon napping. They'll even take damage after being hit! It's a pretty challenging move to land, though, and it leaves Jigglypuff wide open to revenge. Be careful when you use it.

Win 5 matches as Pikachu with CPU difficulty at 5.


Toon Link

SSB The Legend of Zelda Series.png

Link as he appeared in The Wind Waker and Phantom Hourglass, with big eyes and an expressive face. He lived peacefully on Outset Island until a bird captured his little sister, and he came to her rescue. In The Wind Waker, he had to crawl, press up to walls, and the like. His green clothes were worn on his 12th birthday and are the lucky outfit of the hero of legend. In Smash Bros., he uses moves much like his older, taller counterpart. His small size gives him extra speed, though, so take advantage of that to send your foes flying.

Win 5 matches as five characters with CPU difficulty at 5.



NewChallengerBanner Duna.png

SSB Fossil Fighters Series.png
Duna Nichs is a Dinaurian. When the hero first encounters her, she is disguised as a mysterious girl who appears at handy times, removing obstacles for you or giving you objects you need. Duna is a morphing character, with her human form being a average attacking and speed character, while her Vivosaur form is fast but weak in attacks.

Complete Classic as Hunter.



NewChallengerBanner Lin.png

SSB AdvancedWars.png
Lin is a Commanding Officer of the 12th Battalion. Lin appears in most of the tactical sessions in the campaign, simply because she is a naturally talented tactician who gives good advice. She has a sarcastic sense of humor. She attacks using a machine gun like Sami, but can also create fog to shield and hide herself in and use a tank to attack.

Complete Classic as Sami.

Nomad artwork.png


NewChallengerBanner Nomad.png

SSB Rolling Western Series.png
A squid with a gun. What's not to like, you heartless monster? Nomad, also known as The Assassin, is a character who appears in Dillon's Rolling Western: The Last Ranger. He is a squid from the east sea who is an assassin. Once Dillon defeats him, Nomad will help against the Grock invasion. As an assassin and a pirate, Nomad uses the largest variety of weapons amongst Dillon's allies, including his signature long rifle, bombs, cutlasses, and even his own ink.

Complete Classic as Dillon.


Agnes Oblige

NewChallengerBanner agnes.png

SSB BravelyDefault.png
Unacceptable. Agnès Oblige is a protagonist of Bravely Default. She controls the Wind Crystal and sets off on a journey, lead by the Crystal Spirits. She uses a BP system, which allows her get in extra hits so long as she uses the "Default" move.

Complete 30 Brawl matches.



NewChallengerBanner blue.png

SSB DragonQuest.png
Slime is the lovable mascot from Dragon Quest. He can phase right through characters with ease, making him an effective moving trap. Trap characters by standing in their spot! You can even attack when you've trapped a character, by extending your body to attack. Slime is a unique character, but its main weaknesses being juggled easily in air and slow speed overall.

Complete 40 Brawl matches.



SSB Mega Man series.png

Mega Man is a highly advanced robot with a near-human personality created by Dr. Thomas Light. In the year 200X, Dr. Light and Dr. Albert Wily worked together to create robots with unprecedented artificial intelligence that could be used to supervise other less advanced robots. As Mega Man, Rock possesses the Mega Buster, a weapon that converts his hands into a powerful energy cannon. He does not widely use hand-to-hand combat, but relies on his large arsenal of weaponry.

Complete 50 Brawl matches.


Jill Valentine

NewChallengerBanner Jill.png

SSB ResidentEvil.png
Jill Valentine is an American Special Operations Agent (SOA) of the Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance, of which she is a co-founder and one of the original eleven members, making her a respected and high ranking operative of the organization. Jill has a broad range of skills which she utilizes in her ongoing fight against bioterrorism. As well as having extensive experience in bomb disposal, she is very proficient at lock-picking, earning her the nickname "the master of unlocking" among her colleagues. She is able to tie characters up in locks, limiting their movements and able to beat them down while trapped.

Complete 55 Brawl matches.

Sonic Randamu Warriors.png


SSB Sonic Series.png

Sonic is a male, 15 year-old anthropomorphic Hedgehog. He has spiky blue hair, green eyes, and red running shoes and loves to go fast. Sonic is the fastest character in the game, in regards to movement speed (fastest dash speed, sixth fastest air speed, and very fast rolls). However, only about half of his moveset has speed to match, only one of them being killing moves.

Complete 60 Brawl matches.

Cereza Bayonetta 2 render.png


NewChallengerBanner Bayonetta.png

Bayonetta Symbol.png
Bayonetta BUTTS in! Yeah, I'll never get tired of that joke, live with it. Bayonetta is one of only two surviving Umbran Witches, along with being the child of a Witch and a Lumen Sage. She is a witch who shapeshifts and uses various firearms, along with magical attacks she performs with her own hair, to dispatch her foes. Man, there sure are a lot of characters who fight with their hair...

Complete 65 Brawl matches.




Wakka wakka! Pacman returns to the fight with most of his old moveset. He gains a new "neon" move, which turns his attacks black and bright, making them incredibly fast with trails following them, based off Pacman: Championship addition. This replaces the fire hydrant.

Complete 70 Brawl matches.



NewChallengerBanner blue.png

Ssb klonoa.png
Klonoa is a mid-floaty character. He cannot take powerful hits well, but he is still able to survive some of them before a KO. Few of his attacks have KO potential and since he is not a very quick character, aerial movement is GREATLY recommended. Klonoa moves faster in the air than the ground. But if ground movement is neccessary, it is always wise to use his Hoverboard.

Complete 75 Brawl matches.

Simon Belmont.png

Simon Belmont

NewChallengerBanner Simon.png

SSB Castlevania.png
Simon Belmont is both the first hero of the Castlevania series and the most iconic. He attacks primarily using his whip. All of his whip attacks have a sweetspot at the whip tip when and where it cracks. A slight distortion occurs at the tip and the classic whip crack noise sounds, making it clear where it's best to catch your foes and on what frame.

Complete 80 Brawl matches.



NewChallengerBanner Bomberman.png

SSB Bomberman.png
Bomberman is the champion from Planet Bomber. After fighting his way through for freedom, he lives among the other Bombermen on his planet. He has fought against numerous upon numerous bad guys, like Black Bomberman, the Five Dastardly Bombers, and Bagular. He uses bombs to attack people, which can be kicked or set to explode. Kicking them covers less area, and seeting them down allows it to shoot out in three directions. He can also hold down these bombs to make them bigger. He can also use a jetpack.

Complete 85 Brawl matches.

Penny - Game & Wario.png

Penny Cygor

NewChallengerBanner Penny.png

SSB Wario Series.png
Penny Crygor, most commonly just known as Penny, is Dr. Crygor's granddaughter. Her first appearance is in WarioWare: Smooth Moves. She admires her grandfather and wants to grow up to be a great scientist, though she also desires to become a famous singer. She attacks using inventions, such as motorcycle that can shrink opponents, Ape III from arm wrestling who attacks using magnets, and using her mind to crush opponents.

Complete 90 Brawl matches.


Risky Boots

NewChallengerBanner Risky.png

SBB Shantae.png
The pirate rival of Shantae. She uses her minions to attack, as well as use a cutlass and Nega-Shantae to attack.

Complete 95 Brawl matches.

Jill y Drill Dozer Drill Dozer.png


NewChallengerBanner JillDrill.png

SSB Drill Dozer Series.png
She is the daughter of Doug, who is the leader of the Red Dozers (a group of thieves). It is said that for years many group of Thieves have been in search for the Red Diamond, which is a powerful diamond that would grant its owner any wish. She steals Bowser Jr's old move set with a few changes. His old cannonball move is now another drill that shoots foward instead of bouncing and the self destruct move now just leaves a bomb behind.

Complete 250 Brawl matches.



NewChallengerBanner popeye.png

He might not have originated from a video game, but a lot of Mario's existence and the rest of Nintendo by extension, owes a lot to him. He is a medium speed character who attacks using exaggerated punching motions. If his HP goes 100%, he'll be dozed out, and you'll have to play as one of his nephews and throw a can of spinach to him, where he'll power up and his attacks will get stronger.

Complete 100 Brawl matches.



NewChallengerBanner Unten.png

SSB Fantendoverse.png
The mascot of Fantendo! He becomes the savior of his land, and in Underground, his whole planet. He fights using lightning based attacks thanks to Fanti, as well as gas bombs and help from Queen Pixella.

Complete 500 matches.



NewChallengerBanner Reptflux.png

SSB Lapis6.png
The mascot of the Fighters of Lapis series and Lapisverse. He is a giant titan, but this is merely just a small replica of the real thing. He can transform into a spider for some of his moves and shoot energy out of his eye, which is also his weak point.

Complete 550 matches.

DLC Characters

DLC can be bought from Rusty, who allows you to haggle via tickets that you can get from the Smash Train mode.

Monuments of Light

Regular Price: $40.00

Can be haggled down to $20.00 with ten haggle tickets.

Image Changes/Info

Bowser Jr.

SSB Mario Series.png

After much demand, Bowser Jr returns, along with all his Koopaling Alts! He attacks mostly using the Clown Car, and he can summon Mechakoopas and drills from it. This makes him a very heavy character (tied with Charizard). While in the Clown Car, he can use various weapons from the Mario series in a similar way to Mr. Game & Watch and Mega Man. Attacks that strike the Clown Car will deal 0.88x damage, whereas those that hit Bowser Jr. himself will deal 1.15x damage.




Nikki, the person who writes you tutorials for Swapnote as well as some other letters from time to time, sends her regards as a playable character! She summons Swapnotes that fly around and can trap characters in stationary or time them to have their attacks delayed. She can also draw various weapons, with their colors having various effects. She can draw up to 3 weapons, but their colors must stay the same. She can also draw a protective wall that also varies on strength depending on what color your weapons are.


Flipnote Frog

SSB Flipnote.png

Flipnote Frog flips in! He is the mascot of the Flipnote Animation App for the DS! He can draw animated characters that attack for him, and he also holds a flipbook. When he holds up the flipbook and projectiles go into it, he can multiple that attack by using the frames of it, although the damage is roughly double regardless how many frames of the projectile you use. Every projectile has a various amount of frames, so learn them! He can also reverse a character's attack as it's happening, preventing damage! He can't do this all the time though, so learn when to use it!


King Boo

SSB Mario Series.png

King Boo is a newcomer that is Luigi's greatest enemy that isn't shared with his brother. King Boo uses boos to attack, which only work if they aren't being looked at. So stay behind your opponents at all times! He also uses dark magic which increases in power the more boos are on the battlefield. He can also use paintings to trap projectiles and toss the paintings at characters with the same effects as the projectile.



SSB GhostTrick.png

Sissel is an amnesiac ghost who is attempting to recover his memories. Initially, he sees a woman being held at gunpoint by an assassin, with the corpse of a man in red in between them, which Sissel deduces to be his own. While the woman is moments from being shot, he is met by a fellow ghost who inhabits a lamp, nicknaming himself as "Ray of light", who convinces Sissel to help her, saying that it will help him recover his memories. Sissel in this game doesn't really attack directly, instead opting to take over inanimate objects like items or objects that spawn if items are turned off. These objects can't be taken by other characters only serve as vessel for Sissel. Anyway, when he becomes a object, he can attack as it. He can also "reverse" an enemy's attack as sort of counter similar to Shulk.


John Raimi

SSB Geist.png

John Raimi is 35 years old and an expert on biological and chemical threats. At the beginning of the game, he is contacted by CR-2 to assist in a mission to save his old college friend, Thomas Bryson. He is shot during the mission and wakes up strapped in a machine which soon separates his soul from his body. His body is stored somewhere in the compound, later gets possessed by Wraith and is reunited with his Raimi's soul near the end of the game. He is pretty similar to Sissel in that he can possess objects, but he does something very different in that he can't attack in this form. He has to anchor to objects to prevent himself from being pulled to the afterlife. He can also put himself in someone else's body and attack them from inside.



Cordelia is a member of Ylisse's Pegasus Knight Squad. Attacks with spears, giving her a bit of range and can use a pegasus as recovery. All of her attacks will land, given her flawless nature, although if the player gets too cocky (read: chaining too many combos) they will begin to miss.


SSB LegendofValk.png

Valkyrie is the child of a god and lives in the sky. When Marvel Land was in great danger because of the evil Zouna, the maiden Valkyrie descended from the skies in Valkyrie no Bōken: Toki no Kagi Densetsu to stop Zouna, facing many perils and befriends several persons like Kurino Sandra during her quest. In Super Smash Brothers, Valkyrie, gameplay wise, falls somewhere in between Marth, Link, and Shulk, though has a smaller physical range than all three of them. She utilizes magic, which she can get from a chest in one of her moves, to effect how she damages and moves.



SSB PandorasTower.png

A soft-spoken soldier from the Kingdom of Athos, he traverses through the towers to obtain Master Flesh for Elena. His main weapons are a sword and the Oraclos Chain, a weapon that can also be used for other purposes. In battle, you can use the chain to jerk an enemy back, drag one towards you, wrap one up in it; there are many ways to use this effectively with your sword. Effective strategies include throwing a wrapped enemy, tying an enemy to another and attacking it with your sword (which deals damage to both enemies), and attaching it to a non-moving object, restricting its movement. You can even swing one around or throw it. The Chain has a limited amount of power, which determines the maximum time it can stay attached to a moving or struggling enemy. The bar at the bottom of the screen shows the Chain's power. When you grapple an enemy, the bar will fill a short way, but as the enemy struggles and moves around, the bar will drop down again.


Princess Ruto

SSB The Legend of Zelda Series.png

Heir to the Zora throne, Ruto is the sometimes rebellious daughter of King Zora XVI of the Zoras. During Link's quest to defeat Ganondorf, she helps him more than once and, at one point, even becomes his fiancée. She wields the Zora Scale which she uses as a medium for water magic. She can be considered a wizardly character, her attacks often being area-of-effect attacks such as forming a whirlpool, a giant sphere of water which she uses to trap her enemies, or form them into fish-shaped missiles. She has a unique mechanic where using her combos causes a gauge to fill. At any point she can use the gauge to fire off long-range waves of water that plow through enemies.



SSB Metroid Series.png

Rundas is an ice-wielding Bounty Hunter. His personality differs depending on the situation; he can be arrogant in front of others, but is quiet and dutiful in following commands when working alone. Rundas prefers to work by himself, even against large numbers of enemies; however, he remains sensitive to the safety of his allies. Rundas can generate and manipulate ice, an ability which he uses to his advantage in combat. He can generate sheets of ice which allow him to "glide" through the air. He can also generate large ice chunks for use as projectiles. Rundas's ability to implant ice into various locations makes him a formidable foe at close range, while his chunks of ice make him a threat at a distance.

384Rayquaza ORAS.png


SSB Pokémon Series.png

A Sky High Pokémon. It normally resides high up in the ozone layer where it flies endlessly, so it is rarely seen. However, when Groudon and Kyogre began to fight, it appeared to calm them down. It has the ability Air Lock, which blocks all water, ice, and wind attacks. It has exceedingly strong abilities, and its attack power is especially remarkable. It's other attacks in battle include ExtremeSpeed, Thunder, Dig, Iron Tail, and Fly.



SSB Doshin Series.png

Doshin is a giant that is the reincarnation of the sun, and appears to the islanders of Barudo everyday. The natives utilize Doshin's size and abilities to build monuments or interact with each other in daily life. Doshin is known as the "Love Giant", a yellow, featureless giant with a happy face, a few strands of hair, and an outie belly button. It has an alter-ego named Jashin, which is the "Hate Giant", and has wings on its back, clawed feet, and also an outie belly button. Unlike Doshin, which is a benevolent, helpful being, Jashin is known to be a destructive force to the natives, the exact opposite to Doshin's nature. He can change his size to be even bigger than Ridley or change his size to be smaller than Pikachu, which have benefit towards his hitbox and damaging effects. In order to change size, Doshin must either be in his Love Giant form (to grow in size) or Hate Giant form (to shrink). He can summon natives to build monuments or throw giant trees.



KH Logo.png

Sora is an upbeat teenager who may seem simple-minded at times, but is very aware of the importance of his quest. He possesses a strong sense of justice and an unrelenting heart. At times, he is impulsive and quick to anger when defending his friends, but he is always sincere about what he says and does. He has been best friends with Riku and Kairi since he was a small boy. He can deal heavy damage with his own Kingdom Key. He uses magic like Firaga and Balloonga. He can also parkour off the stage and use Superglide.



SSB Pushmo Series.png

Mallo is an unamed blob-like species that has other members as seen in his games. He is red, with a white/peach face. The top of his head is formed like a traditional sumo hair do. He wears yellow gloves and a blue mawashi. He pushes blocks around and constructs towers that he can pull down and crash onto opponents.




L-Block is a Tetris block, which are alive and when they all line up, they clear out whatever's on that row. L-Block attacks by sliding into his opponents or flipping his direction. He can summon other Tetris blocks to help him out, and even use a move called "Catch Mode" which comes from Tetris DS that clusters blocks to trap opponents and then shoot a laser at them.



SSB Soma Bringer Series.png

In a world where the a magical energy source known as Soma drives the technology and daily lives of all its inhabitants, there lies a huge continent named Barnea. In recent years, the natural balance of Soma has been disrupted by the arrival of mysterious beings called Visitors. To investigate these occurrences, Secundady - the organization that regulates Soma in the world, creates a military division to deal with these Visitors - the Pharzuph. Her speciality is martial arts, and is an accommodating person who thinks of her companions.



SSB mightyswitchchamps.png

Alta is a very unique character in that she can flip between panes. When she is on one pane, she moves normally but a little bubble shows up depicting where she is on the other pane, which she can go through platforms and such. She attacks using a scepter, a toss attack with a lizard man, and cats on rockets.




Like her friendly rival, Basilio, Flavia is one of the Khans of Ferox; the East-Khan. She is a brave, heroic, strong-minded woman; like a reliable big sister. She is a hero of women who yields to no man, but treats her opponents equally no matter who they are. She has a side of her that pays attention to her surroundings and has an attention to detail. She attacks with swords and axes, and can preform a move called Sol that allows her to regain some health.




Basilio is the West-Khan of the country Ferox, and respects strength and valor. He often acts and speaks in a silly way, but has the strength befitting of his position. His friend and rival, Flavia, calls him oafish due to his attitude but he is actually quite quick-witted. His personality is like a stubborn big brother and he exhibits a fatherly side to Chrom's group. He has the quickest reflexes and biggest reactions in the army. He attacks with bows and axes, and can preform a move called Rally Strength, which allows him to increase his strength.


Doc Louis

SSB Punch-Out Series.png

Jerome "Doc" Louis is an ex-heavyweight boxing champion, and Little Mac's coach. In the NES and Wii installments, Doc trains Little Mac as he fights throughout the World Video Boxing Association circuits. This often includes Mac running behind Louis as he rides his bike, now one of the most iconic features of the Punch-Out!! series. He also invented the Star Punch, Mac's strongest move. He is slower than Mac and shares a few of his moves, but he has access to a bike which allows him to dash and ram into enemies. He can also use a chocolate bar to recover some health, but if it's knocked out of his hands he takes off his jacket revealing his jaguar-pattern shirt which also builds up some of the Star Punch meter.



SSB Super Smash Bros. Series.png

Irid is the main antagonist of Super Smash Bros. Assemble's DLC Story Mode: Monuments of Light. She knew Umbra as a child and ran away with him but the two parted after Irid admitted her love for Umbra, which still lingers in a part of her brain. She attacks using light magic and stones, as well as being able to rip apart the ground and create new grounds. She can also spread out light orbs from her sleeves that float around and explode when it makes contact with something.

Black Sun

Image Changes/Info


SSB The Legend of Zelda Series.png

Veran is the Sorceress of Shadows, in her debut she traveled back in time to rebuild a black tower to fill the land of Labrynna with sorrow. Her goal in "Black Sun" is to rebuild a black tower too and maybe bring sorrow to the lands too, so I guess she didn't learn anything from the last time she did that! She can body hop in order to teleport, and transform into many forms in order to create acid puddles, use a barrage of stingers, or create a web to trap opponents in.

HW Cia Dark Staff.png


SSB The Legend of Zelda Series.png

Cia is a powerful sorceress who was originally tasked with maintaining the balance of the Triforce. As an observer of the Triforce, her magic allowed her to witness eras of distant ages and the fates of all those who lived, but would never interfere. Although a good person at heart, she came to harbor serious affections for Link which in turn became deep-seated jealousy directed towards Princess Zelda. Cia is a spell-caster in battle. Her weapon, the Scepter which also doubles as a whip, allows her to conjure powerful attacks of dark magic. Her battle style primarily relies on area coverage and long range over brute force. Her Charge attack allows her to imbue her attacks with the Dark element and makes her resistant to flinching. She can also summon Dark Links for several of her combos.



SSB Castlevania.png

Shanoa represents the Order of Ecclesia, the only group who seems up to the task of defeating Dracula in the Belmonts' absence. She is able to absorb Glyphs using the large rune on her back, which provide her with magical weapon abilities. Although she is often seen wielding an ethereal crimson-colored rapier, Shanoa can use any other weapons granted by her glyphs. Shanoa is able to equip three glyphs, much like Soma Cruz's souls. She can combine them to unleash devastating combos either with a spell or a massive weapon; such as a large Holy Claymore or a hail of daggers. The weapons range from scythes, axes, daggers and lances. Use custom moves to figure out what you like best!


Slippy Toad

SSB Star Fox Series.png

A childhood friend of Fox, Slippy serves as the inventor and mechanic of the team. His inventions, from the Arwing, Landmaster, and Blue-Marine to the Reflector and Blaster, have helped the Star Fox Team prevail over the enemy, making Slippy a major contribution to the Star Fox team's success. He plays similar to Fox, Falco, and Wolf, but his jumps are better, he's slower but more powerful, and he has a wrench he can hack at characters with.



SSB AdvancedWars.png

Not much is known about Sturm other than that he is an alien who enjoys war and hates peace. He is pure evil, bent on conquering the world, and lacks any respect for his enemies, constantly calling them "worms". He lacks compassion and does not value life, even willing to destroy Wars World rather than be defeated. He doesn't really rely on firepower, optioning for defense instead. He attacks by sending out troops and attacking with comets.



SSB AdvancedWars.png

Andy is an Orange Star CO. A very average character, defense and offense wise. He sends out troops like Sturm does, with one of his abilities able to boost his troops. He can also get in a tank and begin firing missiles.


Kyle Hyde




Game Boy Camera

SSB Gameboy.png

The Game Boy Camera is an official Nintendo accessory for the handheld Game Boy gaming console. It appears as a DLC character in Black Sun. The character is very interesting in that it has three different modes: shoot, view, and play. In Shoot mode, the Game Boy Camera takes pictures of what's going on and use magic. In View Mode, The Game Boy can attack using the photos it's taken. It can do them in single shots or in a slideshow, which is a long attack that does a lot of damage but uses up all your photos. In Play mode, the Game Boy Camera sends out ships, balls, and DJ equipment.


Dr. Mario

SSB Mario Series.png




SSB Arcana.png

Teefa is a sorceress enslaved by Galneon. She helps Rooks, only to backstab him when they get to the Crystal Sword in Balnia Temple. At the end of the game she is freed. Since her game of origin depicts all characters as cards, she can transform into a card to float down or to avoid attacks. She can also make use of status magic, paralyzing characters and attacking with her staff.


Starting Stages

Image Info


SSB Super Smash Bros. Series.png

A flat stage that takes place on a stone ground with three platforms floating above it. This time around, the stage has fall colors and mossy stone structures in the background.


Final Destination

SSB Super Smash Bros. Series.png

As time passes on this stage, the level appears to travel through a wormhole from the imaginary Super Smash Bros. Melee world into reality. You move through a cloud-filled sky over a vast mountain range, then into a deep-space vista of dark blues and purples. The scenery is as real as you get in this fantastical world.


One Dash One

SSB Mario Series.png

A scrolling stage that is based off Super Mario Bros 3. This stage has Super Leaves appear more than normal, and it replaces Mushroomy Kingdom.

CometObs SSB.png

Comet Observatory

SSB Mario Series.png

A traveling stage that brings the players to Good Egg Galaxy, Throwback Galaxy, Freezeflame Galaxy, and Rightside Down Galaxy, each with their own unique gimmicks.

Yoshi's Island SSB4.jpg

Yoshi's Island

SSB Yoshi Series.png

This stage is from Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island. In Yoshi's Island, the design of the stages look similar to drawings. In the first world, Chain Chomps appear in the background, go up in the sky, and try to fall on Yoshi. Each season represents certain levels in Yoshi's Island. In Yoshi's Island, Shy Guys appear and carry items that one can get by throwing eggs at them. When the item is taken or if they stay on screen long enough they will fly away. Also from Yoshi's Island are the supporting ghosts, which served as a platform for a certain amount of time. The supporting ghosts are retained in this stage.


Baby Bowser Battle

SSB Yoshi Series.png

You initially start on uneven ground, but over the course of the fight Baby Bowser will send debris to destroy the ground. The ground will eventually regenerate over time, but you need to watch out where the highly predictable debris is going, competitive players.


Skipper's Retreat

SSB The Legend of Zelda Series.png

Where Captain Skipper, the ancient robot once lived. The area is made out of several rock spires, leaving several high and low areas to fight.


The Faces of Evil


Just a normal stage. These are the faces of evil and you must conquer each.

Forest Temple.png

Forest Temple

SSB The Legend of Zelda Series.png

Deep within the Sacred Forest Meadow in the Lost Woods lies the mansion-like Forest Temple, inhabited by many fierce foes. The temple is also home to the four Poe Sisters that first appear by stealing the flames from four multicolored torches in the center of the main room of the dungeon. They attack with puzzle blocks, hiding in paintings, and attacking with fire.

Bell Tower.jpg

Bell Tower

SSB Pokémon Series.png

A location of Johto positioned in the northeast of Ecruteak City. Ho-Oh formerly perched at the top of this ten-story tower, but flew away after the other tower in the west of Ecruteak City burned down mysteriously. It is considered a place of high sanctity among people in Johto, and not everyone is qualified to enter it. You fight on a floating platform perched on top of it, and Ho-Oh will occasionally show up and fly from the top. Launch your opponent at the right time and give some serious damage!


Pokemon Stadium

SSB Pokémon Series.png

The basic stage is comprised of three platforms; one large platform, and two smaller ones. The large platform is on the bottom is flat with two very small elevations for the sides of the stages. The two small platforms of the basic stage float at the medium between 1/4 and 2/4 for the first platform and 3/4 and 4/4 for the second. The basic stage is physically symmetrical. After a while, which could be from a few seconds to a few minutes, the basic stage will transform into one of the other four stages, as indicated by the jumbo television screen that is showing a program of the match being played. After the change into a different stage, the level always goes back into its original basic stage. The same stage could appear twice in a row, but only after the basic stage interval.

Poké Floats.jpg

Poké Floats

SSB Pokémon Series.png

Random Pokemon balloons float in this stage, acting as the platforms. A very simple stage with surprising challenge.


Fountain of Dreams

SSB Kirby Series.png

The Fountain of Dreams first appeared in Kirby's Adventure and was originally named Dream Spring. It is the home of the Star Rod, which gives good dreams to the inhabitants of Dream Land. After the Star Rod was stolen and broken by King Dedede for safe purposes, Kirby had to collect the seven parts by traveling throughout the seven levels of the game. Kirby and King Dedede fought in front of the Dream Spring. When Kirby placed the Star Rod back in the fountain, Nightmare, a dark creature that corrupted the Fountain of Dreams, came out of it. Afterwards, Kirby fought Nightmare using the Star Rod and defeated it. It has a cool mirror effect, but it's basically a smaller Battlefield.

640px-SSBB Halberd Stage.png


SSB Kirby Series.png

The ship that Meta Knight is captain of. The layout of the stage changes a lot, as it follows the journey of the Halberd.

300px-Mother Brain ZM.jpg


SSB Metroid Series.png

A stage that takes place in the lair of Mother Brain, who has a front row seat to the chaos. She will occasionally fire lasers and fire rings.


Phendrana Drifts

SSB Metroid Series.png

A snowy stage that takes place on a cliff. Watch out for gusts of winds that will either aid you or hurt your recovery.



SSB Star Fox Series.png

The battle takes place on the Great Fox. Unlike the Corneria stage, the fight is played on the front view of the ship, in contrast to the side view. Characters can fight on either 4 wings of the ship, and somewhat on the tailpiece in the center of the stage. This tailpiece is also a hazard that makes it hard to go to the other side. The top two wings of the ship slope inwards while the bottom two wings slope outwards. Items tend to roll off the two bottom wings of the ship. Every now and then, an Arwing or Wolfen will appear and start firing at the ship then will fly off. Any character that gets hit by the shots will take damage. Also, when the ship flies into the cave, sometimes characters hits the walls of the caves when smacked upwards or towards the sides, which might save one from getting KO'd.

Orbital Gate.jpg

Orbital Gate

SSB Star Fox Series.png

The Stage has the Great Fox acting once again as a platform, plus some missiles. The Missiles will go towards the Orbital Gate, however, the force field shields the machinery for a while, and the missiles eventually get shot down by team Star Fox. Finally, there will be Arwings, that like the Great Fox, will act as platforms.

Jungle Junction.png

Jungle Junction

SSB Donkey Kong Series.png

The stage is littered with wooden platform that are attached to breakable ropes. Break the ropes to change where the platforms are, or snap them off completely.

Congo Jungle SSB - Mario DK Fight.png

Congo Jungle

SSB Donkey Kong Series.png

This lush arena is a fertile spot for a friendly fight. A large wooden deck serves as the base for battle, with two perilous platforms rotating counterclockwise overhead. A barrel cannon constantly moves back and forth beneath the arena, which can give unlucky players one last chance to avoid falling to their demise.




Skyworld is where Palutena and Pit reside along with Palutena's forces. The stage features collapsing platforms and Centurions.


Reset Bomb Factory


The Reset BomB Facotry was the place where Virdi created her reset bombs that wrecked havoc on the Earth. In Smash Bros, it's a stage that features Viridi once again, but only to summon a swarm of the Forces of Nature to attack the players. On the left side of the stage is a ledge, so be careful not to fall off.

Boxing Ring Punch Out.jpg

Boxing Ring

SSB Punch-Out Series.png

A flat stage with a boxing ring in it. The floor lights no longer fall to the ground.


Road to the Mysterious Murasame Castle

Takamaru Symbol.png

A flat stage that takes place in a field of harvest on a dirt road. Ninjas will occasionally attack.


Mech Temple

Sukapon Logo.png

A floating stage that takes place in a relatively basic temple. The pillars can be used for platforms.

Advanced Battlefield.jpg

Advanced Battlefield

SSB AdvancedWars.png

Takes place on a floating platform above a battle going on below. Occasionally missiles will fly onto the platform.



SSB Chibi-Robo Series.png

Takes place on a book shelf. Do I need to explain more? I guess I do. Okay, the Book Shelf acts as two platforms and can be jumped down from. The books act like a ramp. The block is also solid.


Nano Assault

SSB Nanostray.png

Takes place in the inside of a person. The various cells and diseases make the platforms, with the diseases acting as a poisonous platform that takes 1% off your health as long as you stand on it.

Town and City.png

Town and City

SSB Animal Crossing Series.png

Fighters will fight on a single main platform consisting of two platforms. The main platform will travel in an upward circular-motion and stop in the village and the city. During each stop, a background platform with special Animal Crossers watching will hover behind the main stage. The stage can take place at different times of day, including day, evening, and night. Sometimes, the Roost can be seen in the background of the stage.

640px-SSB4 Wii Fit Studio Stage.jpg

Wii Fit Studio

SSB Wii Fit Series.png

Takes place in the inside of the Wii Fit training studio. Wii Fit boards will appear as platforms, but they must stay balanced or they will fall down.

WiiU Splatoon scrn03 E3.png

Industrial Complex

SSB Splatoon.png

A big stage featuring paint. Ika has an advantage in that when the paint covers the area, she can swim in it, while characters will slip and slide in it.


Area Ferox


The Arena Ferox stage consists of a flat, medium sized stone platform. The stage will change similar to Pokémon Stadium.


Black Temple


A stage that takes inside of the Black Temple from Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones. While it's initially a walk off stage, the enemies that appear will eventually destroy the two stairs that lead to the middle platform, making it a floating platform.



SSB EarthBound Series.png

Magicant is an area in Mother, in which Queen Mary resides, for whom Ninten collects the Eight Melodies, and exists only in her mind. A similar location of the same name would also appear in EarthBound as a land in Ness' mind, accessed by collecting the Eight Melodies, in which he rids all evil within him. This stage is based off Magicant in Mother, but contains elements from EarthBound as well. You can recruit the flying men to help you fight.


Sunflower Field

SSB EarthBound Series.png

Oh my god Exo, you are literally the WORST. It is a gigantic sunflower field that scrolls to the left, where you are faced with a cliff and you see Hinawa's ghost. You have to jump off and land on the hay below. Seriously, Exo, you are the worst.


Eryth Sea

SSB Xenoblade Series.png

This stage takes place in the Eyrth Sea from Xenoblade. It is partially covered in water, so characters will run and walk slower if they're in water.

Virtual Boy Factory.png

Virtual Boy Factory

SSB Wario Series.png

A stage that takes place outside a virtual boy factory that has been abandoned. Eventually you will get inside the factory, where Virtual Wario begins to jump between the background and foreground, attacking you.



SSB Wario Series.png

Gamer is a stage in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U. The stage is set in the Gamer minigame from Game & Wario. It is set in 9-Volt's room, specifically on his desk. Occasionally, 9-Volt's mother 5-Volt will enter the room and look for fighters. Her line of sight is represented by a beam of light, which fighters can escape by hiding behind furniture. If 5-Volt spots a fighter, she will get mad and release a powerful attack with high damage and knockback.


Rice Beach

SSB Wario Series.png

Rice Beach is the starting point of Wario's adventure to steal the rumored Princess Toadstool statue in Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3. The area is a small beach on the west side of Kitchen Island that has a couple caves past the water. The main beach has typical pirate fare: skull-and-crossbones-covered boxes and barrels probably owned by the Brown Sugar Pirates litter the sand. The beach is home to various creatures, such as Wanderin' Gooms, Pirate Gooms, Munchers, Guragura, Togemaru, Droppers, Yadorā, and Gaugau that can be defeated easily and thrown, you big babies.

640px-SSBB Big Blue Stage.png

Big Blue

SSB F-Zero Series.png

This stage is played on an F-Zero track where players have to use Captain Falcon's ship, F-Zero racers, and hovering objects as platforms. If a player falls on the track beneath the racers, the player will start speeding to the left and be KO'd, unless the player quickly jumps back to safety. At other times, there is no track under the racers, and a fall at that time would result in death.

SSB4 Mute City.jpg

Mute City

SSB F-Zero Series.png

The stage consists of 2D sprites with a mode 7 background. The characters however are 3D. the stage doesn't have any lower blast line. If someone tries to stand on the road, they will be launched upward. A 2D Blue Falcon sprite appears in the stage that acts like a platform, as well as other 2D racers.

Rhythm Heaven.png

Rhythm Heaven

SSB RhythmHeaven.png

A lakeside stage featuring the Rhythm Heaven. Various Rhythm Heaven characters make cameos here. Staying within the beat will boost your attacks.



SSB Balloon Fight Series.png

A stage taking place over water. If you fall into the water, you better hurry and get out before the fishes eat you!


Dunk Tank

SSB CarnivalGames.png

Can't these people see the kerfuffle going on? The dunk tank is a safe spot, where no fighter can hit you. However don't stay in there too long or you'll get dunked, which is an automatic KO.


Scuttle Town Port

SBB Shantae.png

A stage that takes place at the port of Scuttle Town. You can destroy the wooden bridge and dunk your opponents into it.


Mighty Switch City


A fairly busy looking stage that switches out the platforms that can be stood on as well as throwing some enemies that you can use to attack.


Under the Ocean

SSB SteelDiver.png

This stage takes place underwater, so normal jumping mechanics don't apply, as you can swim where ever you need to be. However the stage does require your fighters to grab bubbles so they can breathe and not drown. Lagging behind on the submarine platforms may also kill you.


Tropical Resort

Sonic the Hedgehog

The base of Eggman's interstellar amusement park. Egg Pawns may attack you.


Nintendo @ E3


A E3 Presentation held by a Nintendo representative. The presentation happens in the background as you fight, with different ridiculous games being showcased on it.


Popeye Village


Popeye Village, also known as Sweethaven Village, is a group of rustic and ramshackle wooden buildings located at Anchor Bay in the north-west corner of the Mediterranean island of Malta, two miles from the village of Mellieħa. It was built as a film set for the production of the 1980 live-action musical feature film Popeye, produced by Paramount Pictures and Walt Disney Productions and starring Robin Williams. Today it is open to the public as an open-air museum and family entertainment complex. It features a giant wave that engulfs almost the entire stage, so when you hear the whistle blow, get into a safe zone!

Unlockable Stages

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Battlefield 2

SSB Super Smash Bros. Series.png

A flat stage that takes place on a stone ground with three platforms floating above it. This time around, it's a little more lush and healthier looking.

Play on Battlefield 20 times.


Final Destination 2

SSB Super Smash Bros. Series.png

A flat stage that takes place on floating platform. This uses Brawl's Final Destination platform as a base with the colors of Melee's, with background effects resembling that of Subspace.

Play on Final Destination 20 times.


Wrecking Crew

SSB Wrecking Crew Series.png

Wrecking Crew takes place inside of a building that can be destroyed via bombs. Like the original game, players can get trapped under barrels, preventing them from moving for a while. Bombs and the breakable walls and ladders also appear.

Play as Mario 5 times.

Gyromite World-2.png


SSB R.O.B. Series.png

Based off the game Gyromite, this stage features gates, dynamites, turnips, and Smicks. The gates open and close periodically, and dynamite can be thrown as an explosive. Smicks love turnips, so they won't harm you if you give them one.

Unlock R.O.B.


Vivosaur Canyon

SSB Fossil Fighters Series.png

A canyon stage that is a walk-off stage. Yeah, live with it. Over the course of the match, various Vivosaurs will want to join the fight. Watch out!

Unlock Duna.



SSB Rolling Western Series.png

After a raid, Dillon will come to the saloon in the village to relax. In this game, it is a stage that takes place on the countertop of the bar. Nothing really special about the stage.

Unlock Nomad.

Downloadable Stages

Unlike the DLC characters, these do not need to be paid for. They came free with updates to the game that enabled the DLC characters.

Monuments of Light

Black Sun


Image Info
New Smash Ball.png

Smash Ball

SSB Super Smash Bros. Series.png

If turned on, the item will appear and float around while players smash it to get it. A key difference is that it is now based on individual damage dealt to players.


Assist Trophy

SSB Super Smash Bros. Series.png

When grabbed and then used, it will summon a random character that will assist or hinder characters. Individual assists can now be turned on or off, as well as the order in which they go in.


Laser Gun

SSB Super Smash Bros. Series.png

Blasts characters with a laser blast. It knocks characters a little back too.


Beam Sword

SSB Super Smash Bros. Series.png

Swshh, swsshhh! The beam sword is a sword everyone can use, and it gets bigger as soon as it's used to attack.



Super Mario

The mushroom will make characters big and their attacks stronger. They also become a big target, so watch out.


Posion Mushroom

Super Mario

Instead of making you big, it'll make you tiny and weak. On the other hand, you'll be a harder target to hit.


Gold Flower

Super Mario

Players will turn golden and be able to throw Golden Fireballs, which will turn items and even some stage hazards into coins which can heal the players. The coins just don't work on the golden guy though...


Item Box

Super Mario

Drops a random item when punched.


Fake Item Box

Super Mario

Harms the player when punched.

Metal Box Trans.png

Metal Box

Super Mario

When a character uses the Metal Box, they turn into a metal versions of themselves that can take a ton of damage and is heavy. How metal is that?


Fire Bar

Super Mario

A sword that gradually gets shorter in length the more times it hits.

482px-Fire Flower Artwork - Super Mario 3D World.png

Fire Flower

Super Mario

Can be picked up and used to throw fireballs at opponents. They can also be charged, which will allow it to bounce farther and induce more damage.

Fake Fire Flower.png

Fake Fire Flower

Super Mario

Instead of being able to pick up these, they'll attack you.


Bee Hive

SSB Animal Crossing Series.png

Hoo boy! Coming across this item will send a swarm of bees after you, which will chase you unless you manage to get into water in time. Otherwise, they'll leave a big sting mark and a lot of damage.


Storm Puff

SBB Shantae.png

When you pick this up, a storm cloud will appear over your head. It will zap any nearby opponents or hazards.


Back Shield


Guards the back of the character. Nothing will be able to hit you from behind.


Hanafuda Cards


Allows you to throw the cards like throwing stars, allowing the illustrations to fly off the cards!


Underwater Mine

SSB SteelDiver.png

Throw this literally anywhere and wait for people to walk right into it. It also sinks midway through water.



SSB Mega Man series.png

Once the player uses the E-Tank, it will put their damage back down to zero. Almost as if nothing had even happened!

10 Ring.png

Ring Monitor


When punched, the monitor will explode and give the character 10 rings. When they have these rings, they can take an extra hit, and if they grab their rings in time, they can keep taking hits without taking damage.


Yellow Wisp


Turns player into a drill, in which they can use to drill through the stage and attack players with. They will not show up on smaller stages or floating ones.


Red Wisp


Turns player into a fireball which will toast characters, items, hazards and enemies around them. They are extremely limited use but they can do tons of damage.


Image Info
Bob-Omb Buddy Boy.png

Bo-Omb Buddy

SSB Mario Series.png

A red bo-omb that will go towards opponents and explode. Generally they will not aim for one person, but rather wait until everyone is bunched together.


Donkey Kong (Retro)

SSB Donkey Kong Series.png

The old version of Donkey Kong that appeared in the original Donkey Kong. He tosses barrels at opponents.



SSB Donkey Kong Series.png

Appears and can be ridden to ram into opponents, knocking them super hard back.

Ashley SSB4.png


SSB Wario Series.png

Ashley is a fifteen-year-old employee of WarioWare, Inc. She is an amateur witch who lives in a haunted mansion in Diamond City. When summoned, she will conjure a cloud of dark magic that inflicts damage and a myriad of status effects on anyone caught inside. Some of these effects include shrinking, slowing, and burying. In addition, if players eat food while inside this dark zone, they will take damage instead of recovering it.



SSB Wario Series.png

We're not really sure why we let this creep in this game... he just sort of shows up and we don't have any room for him but he insists he can fight so we just kind of lock him into a assist trophy. That's probably why he grounds fighters into the ground with his feet, but other theories are welcome.

Yarn Kirby SSBConquest.png

Yarn Kirby

SSB Kirby Series.png

The yarn version of Kirby! He attacks using a whip of arm and then turning into a train.

NiDL Nightmare Wizard.png

Nightmare Wizard

SSB Kirby Series.png

The Nightmare Wizard, also known as Nightmare, is the final boss of Kirby's Adventure and its remake, Kirby: Nightmare in Dreamland, whose goal is to spread his nightmares across the land by taking over the Fountain of Dreams. He is ultimately defeated by Kirby with the help of King Dedede and the power of the Star Rod. In Smash Bros., his ominous form appears in the background before engulfing the stage in total darkness, causing confusion for human and computer players alike.


Dark Samus

SSB Metroid Series.png

The ultimate antagonist of the Metroid Prime series, Dark Samus is a sinister being spawned from Phazon, a blue and highly radioactive substance originating from the planet Phaaze. In Smash Bros., Dark Samus can blast faraway opponents with rapid-fire or homing shots of Phazon,or use stronger attacks such as erected Phazon tendrils for those who come up close.



SSB Metroid Series.png

Metroids are organisms created by the Chozo, first discovered on the planet SR388. The Space Pirates and Galactic Federation bred and employed them as bioweapons. Metroids latch onto opponents to drain them of their life energy. If the victim manages to shake them off, they will find other prey to feed on.

Yellow Devil.png

Yellow Devil

SSB Mega Man series.png

Attacks the opponents, although they can fight back by attacking his weakspot, the eye.



SSB Mega Man series.png

Attacks by shooting at opponents. You can attack him all you want, but he'll just under his helmet and stay there. Give in to the Metool.




Slashes away at opponents using his club of a sword. That's a big sword. Wonder if he is compensating for anything...?




Shoots at opponents, although he can be taken out and drop a few hearts. These turn into currency at the end of the battle.


Taizo Hori

SSB DigDug.png

Digs under the stage, creating pit traps. If somebody comes in his way, he'll inflate and blow them up.


Image Info
Bowser SSB4.png


SSB Mario Series.png

Bowser was introduced in the seminal Super Mario Bros. for NES, with most of his traditional character traits introduced along with it: his storyline role as a comically monstrous villain who always goes out of his way to kidnap the Mushroom Kingdom princess. In Smash Bros., he's a serious heavyweight who laughs off weaker attacks. Hit him hard to send him flying!

Squid Baron.png

Squid Baron

SBB Shantae.png

Squid Baron is a Warp Squid, one of the Three Barons of Sequin Land and is the second boss of Shantae: Risky's Revenge. He dwells in his sealed fortress Squid Baron's Labyrinth and holds the first Magic Seal. He is also the father of an enormous number of baby warp squids, of whom he is very protective. Squid Baron has the ability to teleport himself just like regular squids can. He will try to land on Shantae her head by doing this. He can also charge for Shantae one time but if he eats a tasty meal he will charge 7 times and then stop.

Sea Hag.png

Sea Hag


The Sea Hag is a tall, masculine looking witch featured in comics/cartoons as a nemesis to the character Popeye. She appears as a boss in Super Smash Bros. Assemble, and uses black magic and her vulture to attack. You can't directly attack her, so you'll have to knock her vulture and magic back at her.

Master Hand SSB4.png

Master Hand

SSB Super Smash Bros. Series.png

Master Hand is a right hand-like entity who acts as the creator of the Super Smash Bros. universe and is also the creator of the World of Trophies. In Secret Universe's story mode, he is the manager of the Smash Bros. Master Hand once again shows up as one of the final bosses in Classic Mode. Master Hand fights once again on Final Destination.

Crazy Hand SSB4.png

Crazy Hand

SSB Super Smash Bros. Series.png

Crazy Hand is Master Hand's left hand and brother. While Master Hand's movements are very relaxed and easygoing, Crazy Hand moves in dysfunctional and erratic ways. In Secret Universe's story mode, he was invited by Master Hand to be the "co-final boss". Crazy Hand looks exactly the same as Master Hand (apart from being a left hand), but is more chaotic in general. He is impulsive and destructive. When preparing for an attack, Crazy Hand's movements are also different. When joined with Master Hand, they can perform several cooperative attacks that usually do 1.5-2 times as much damage.

Master Core.png

Master Core

SSB Super Smash Bros. Series.png

The final form of Master Hand, which can be achieved through killing his brother Crazy Hand. Its appearance can be described as a black mass of particles that take on varying forms depending on the difficulty level and battle progression. According to its trophy, the black particles are known as the "Swarm". It has five forms that must be defeated, and the number of forms lowers the easier your difficulty is.

Giga bowser by emilykiwi-d6y21sn.png

Giga Bowser

SSB Super Smash Bros. Series.pngSSB Mario Series.png

Bowser's giga form, which makes him more monstrous and powerful. First seen in Melee, he was playable in Brawl and Smash 4 as Bowser's final smash. While that remains true, Bowser appears as the end boss of Events Mode, Event 102.



SSB Super Smash Bros. Series.png

The final boss(?) of Super Smash Bros. Assemble's Secret Universe. He is the leader of the Cubots, and seems to have a complicated past with Master Hand and Wario.



SSB Super Smash Bros. Series.png

The final boss(?) of Super Smash Bros. Assemble's Monuments of Light. She attacks using light magic and stones, as well as being able to rip apart the ground and create new grounds. She can also spread out light orbs from her sleeves that float around and explode when it makes contact with something.


These reviews were done close to the game's end of production cycle. Some things like assists, items, stages, and dlc weren't done yet, but the roster was.

They can be found here.


Reception was mixed. Some stated that game was too similar to Fighters of Lapis, with a lot of roster's criticism about the amount of third parties in the game and the Popeye inclusion. Additionally, some criticised the reuse of things from Fighters of Lapis, as well as the ties to the Lapisverse.

Postive reviews pointed out the unique roster choices and the unique style of the game. Many also loved the trailers.

After the game was released, Sakurai once again directed the series, although it is unknown if this oddball entry will count in the series overall.

Supported Amiibo

Here is all the supported Amiibo for the game. All these Amiibo allow for the creation of an Amiibo fighter. The game currently supports 125 amiibos, including variants.


  • When asked about Popeye's inclusion in the game, Exotoro had this to say: "Popeye is a pretty important part of Nintendo's history. Jumpman owes his existence to the rejection of the use of Popeye, and a lot of the mechanics of Mario are based off Popeye's spinach. Nintendo also made a Popeye game later, so I guess it's pretty kosher as far as 4th party characters. Plus, I'm a fan of animation, so..."
  • The project's original aim was going to be much different. It would have featured unique art for every character for the most part in a aim to make even veterans seem new. As this wasn't working out and Exotoro felt most of the art was turning ugly, the project was abandoned for a bit until Exotoro decided to add the Stork. After that, the project was refocused to add unique and odd characters.
  • Umbra's art was created by Tenshi.
  • Umbra was supposed to be the villain for Super Smash Flash 2, but he was scraped. In a lot of ways, this has influenced his motivations in Secret Universe.
  • Trailers were not going to initially in, but after creating the first E3 trailer, it inspired Exotoro to do more.
  • The game started on Fantendo moved to the Lapis wiki, and then returned here to be finished.
  • This is the first time Master Hand's origin has been discussed.
  • This is also the first game to outright state that the characters are actors.
  • This is the first game not directed by Sakurai.
  • The trailers are inspired by the Gorillaz music vidoes which is evident in a couple places...
    • The first trailer starts similarly to Melancholy Hill, with Sami taking down planes on a cruise liner with it sinking.
    • Scary Gargoyle, Plastic Power, Rhinestone Eyes are all lyrics in the song "Rhinestone Eyes".
    • Ashley Robbins appears from a floating island, playing guitar on the edge of it, similar to Noodle in the music video "Feel Good Inc."
    • Never Smile is also taken from a lyric in "Feel Good Inc."
    • Ghost Train also takes it's title from a Gorillaz Song.
  • Shortly after the game came out, files were found for the following characters:
    • Bowser Jr.
    • Cordelia
    • Dark Pit
    • Dr. Mario
    • Harmoknight
    • "Fly Mia" (?)
    • Micaiah
      • Only three of these characters have been outright discussed on why they were cut.
  • Monuments of Light and Black Sun were both meant to be sequels to this game but they were later turned into DLC as Exotoro felt he could not create another full on Smash Bros game that wasn't just adding to what was already there.
  • Unten and Reptflux's appearances in this game are actually a callback to Fantendo Smash Bros. Mercury, one of Exo's older games. Umbra, the main villain of this game, would later meet Reptflux in Fighters of Lapis 6.
  • All the new characters that appear in the "The River Grows Inside Of Me" trailer start with R, likely for "River". Additionally, one could see it as the three characters being the three properties of water: liquid (Ruto), solid (Rundas), and gas (Rayquaza).
  • As of 1/17/15, "Something in my Heart" is the longest trailer.
  • Although currently "Monuments of Light" and "Black Sun" are the only two planned DLC packs, there may be more.

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