Super Smash Bros. Assault!
Developer(s) Hal Laboratory, Capcom, and Namco
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Wii U,3DS
Genre(s) Fight
Series Super Smash Brothers
Predecessor Super Smash Bros Brawl
Successor TBA
Release Date(s) Japan : April 26, 2013

USA : April 26, 2013 Europe : April 29, 2013 Australia : November 1, 2013

Mode(s) Single Player, Online, Multiplayer
Age Rating(s) Esrb : Teen
Media Included Wii U Disk, 3DS Game Card,
Super Smash Bros Assault is the latest installment in the Super Smash Bros. series, it contains new modes, characters, stages and music.


  • Exhibition
  • Classic Mode
  • Tag Smash!
  • Online mode
  • Adventure mode
  • All Star mode
  • Coins Mode (Collect coins)
  • Challenges (Complete Challenges)
  • Custom Mode (Miis and Stages)
  • Extra (Sounds, Trophy, Stickers, Photo Gallery, Classic Games and the credits)
  • Connection Mode (Get new stuff by connecting the Wii U with 3ds)
  • Tournament
  • Options (Screen Settings, Hints, Online Settings.)


Like in previous games in the series, Super Smash Bros. Assault! is a multiplayer fighting game in which the players use various attacks, techniques, and items to deal damage to their opponents and knock their opponents out of the arena. As a character's damage percentage increases, they fly back further when attacked, and may eventually be knocked far enough out of the playing field to be knocked out. To assist players during battle, items sometimes appear on the battlefield if turned on, most of which represent the various video games represented in the series. An item called a Smash Ball allows players to use a powerful, character-specific attack, otherwise known as the "Final Smash". Another item is an Assist Trophy, which summons various non-playable characters from a represented series onto the field to assist the summoner. Both of them were previously introduced in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Like its predecessors, Super Smash Bros. Assault!  features collectible in-game trophies based on characters or items seen in various Nintendo or third-party games. Certain stages, collectible trophies, and game features are exclusive to each version of game, with the Wii U version primarily featuring elements taken from home console titles and the 3DS version taking elements primarily from handheld titles. Both games feature revisited stages from past entries in the series and new stages representing newly-introduced properties or recent entries in existing ones. New to the series is the ability to use the player's Miis as playable fighters and customize them by altering their attacks giving them unique power-ups, and unlocking costumes for them to wear.


A Mii in an unlockable costume.

These characters can be transferred between the 3DS and Wii U versions of the game, as well as certain items earned in specific modes. Additionally, players can use Amiibo to train computer-controlled players and import them into a match. Both versions of the game support local and online multiplayer.      



Character Name Series Moveset
Mario smash bros.
Mario Super Mario
  • B-Fire
  • Side B-Tanooki Tail
  • Up B-Super Jump
  • Down B-Spin attack
  • Final Smash-Mario Finale
640px-Dr. Mario by shy Guy Yellow
Dr.Mario Super Mario
  • B-Pill fire
  • Side B-Twirl
  • Up B-Super Jump
  • Down B-Star Spin
  • Final Smash-Doctor Finale
260px-Luigi MP9
Luigi Super Mario
  • B-Fireball
  • Up B-Super Jump
  • Side B-Missile
  • Down B-Poltergust 3000 Normal/Fire/Ice/Water
  • Final Smash-Mr. L
Dr Luigi - Dr Mario Miracle Cure
Dr.Luigi Super Mario
  • B-Pill fire
  • Side B-Tanooki Tail
  • Up B-Super Jump
  • Down B-Star Spin
  • Final Smash-Doctor Luigi Finale
Donkey Kong Artwork - Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze
Donkey Kong Donkey Kong
  • B-Punch
  • Side B-Kong Barrel
  • Up B-Spin Kong
  • Down B-Hand Slap
  • Final Smash-Rambi
HW Link - Classic Tunic
Link The Legend of Zelda
  • B-Sword
  • Side B-Boomerang
  • Up B-Loftwing
  • Down B-Bomb/Jar
  • Final Smash-Triforce Power
437px-Young Link
Young Link The Legend of Zelda
  • B-Slingshot
  • Side B-Boomerang
  • Up B-Sword
  • Down B-Bomb/Jar
  • Final Smash- Ocarina of time
Transparent samus other m
Samus Metroid
  • B-Blaster
  • Side B-Ice Missile
  • Up B-Screw Attack
  • Down B-Spider Ball 
  • Final Smash-Zero Laser
Kirby Kirby
  • B-Inhale
  • Side B-Hammer
  • Up B-Beam Jump
  • Down B-Stone
  • Ultra Sworld Attack
250px-Pikachu SSB4
Pikachu Pokémon
  • B-Thunder Jolt
  • Side B-Skull Bash
  • Up B-Quick Attack
  • Down B-Thunder
  • Final Smash-Volt Tackle
419px-Captain Falcon SSB4
Captain Falcon F-Zero
  • B-Falcon Punch
  • Side B-Falcon Turbo
  • Up B-Falcon Jump
  • Down B-Falcon Kick
  • Final Smash-Blue Falcon
412px-Yoshi SM64DS
Yoshi Super Mario
  • B-Swallow
  • Side B-Egg Roll
  • Up B-Blimp Yoshi
  • Down B-Dino Bomb
  • Final Smash-Dash Yoshi
Fox McCloud, Star Fox Command1
Fox Star Fox
  • B-Blaster
  • Side B-Illusion
  • Up B-Fire Fox
  • Down B-Reflector
  • Final Smash-Landmaster
(Wario)480px-Wario SSB4
Wario Super Mario
  • B-Chomp
  • Side B-Forearm
  • Up B-Bouncy Wario
  • Down B-Dragon Wario
  • Final Smash-Metal Wario   
250px-Ness SSB4
Ness Earthbound
  • B-PK Fire
  • Side B-PK Flash
  • Up B-PK Thunder
  • Down B-PK Magnet
  • Final Smash-PK Starstorm 
Princess Peach Hair Flip
Peach Super Mario
  • B-Toad
  • Side B-Kart
  • Up B-Parasol
  • Down B-Vegetable
  • Final Smash-Toad Brigade
250px-Zelda Brawl
Zelda The Legend of Zelda
  • B-Nayru's Love
  • Side B-Din's Fire
  • Up B-Farofe's Wind
  • Down B-Transform
  • Final Smash-Light Arrow
OoT Sheik PM
Sheik The Legend of Zelda
  • B-Needle Storm
  • Side B-Chain
  • Up B-Vanish
  • Down B-Transform
  • Final Smash-Light Arrow 
480px-Meta Knight SSB4
Meta Knight Kirby
  • B-Mach Tornado
  • Side B-Drill Rush
  • Up B-Shuttle Loop
  • Down B-Dimensional Cape
  • Final Smash-Galaxia Darkness
King Dedede; Dedede(Clear)
King Dedede Kirby
  • B-Inhale
  • Side B-Minion
  • Up B-Dedede Jumo
  • Down B-Jet Hammer
  • Final Smash-Waddle Dee Army
200px-Diddy Kong Artwork - Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze
Diddy Kong Donkey Kong
  • B-Peanut Popgun
  • Side B-Monkey Flip
  • Up B-Rocket Barrel
  • Down B- Cartwheel Attack
  • Final Smash-Rocket Blast
480px-Little Mac SSB4mine
Little Mac Punch Out!!
  • B-Star Punch
  • Side B-Dodge
  • Up B-Jump Punch
  • Down B-Down Punch
  • Final Smash-Giga Mac 
Ssbpc snake by machriderz-d86fq2i
Snake Metal Gear
  • B-Hand Greanade
  • Side B-Remote Missile
  • Up B-Cypher
  • Down B-C4
  • Final Smash-Grenade Launcher
Ryu Street Fighter
  • B-Punch
  • Side B-Hadouken
  • Up B-Windmill kick
  • Down B-Shadouken
  • Final Smash-Mega hadouken 
Hulk Hogan
Hulk Hogan WWE
  • B-Punch
  • Side B-Big Boot
  • Up B-Bear hug
  • Down B-Russian Leg Sweep
  • Final Smash-Atomic Leg Drop 


Character Name Series Moveset How to unlock
480px-Jigglypuff SSB4
Jigglypuff Pokémon
  • B-Pound
  • Side B-Rollout
  • Up B-Sing
  • Down B-Rest
  • Final Smash-Big Sleep Time
Beat Classic Mode on easy
Bomberman SSB4
Bomberman Bomberman
  • B-Bomb
  • Side B-Skull Bomb
  • Up B-Rocket
  • Down B- Spiky Bomb
  • Final Smash-Bomb Storm
Beat Classic Mode with 6  characters
4057 paper-mario-prev
Paper Mario Paper Mario
  • B-Hammer
  • Side B-Hammer spin
  • Up B-Upwards Headbutt
  • Down B-Dimension Flip
  • Final Smash-Mega Star
Clear Board the platforms ! with either Mario or Dr. Mario
Mario and luigi paper jam paper luigi by fawfulthegreat64-d94c00j
Paper Luigi Paper Mario
  • B-Fireball
  • Up B-Super Jump
  • Side B-Barry
  • Down B- Boomer
  • Final Smash- Brobot L
Clear Board the platforms! with either Luigi or Dr. Luigi
Mr Game and Watch by CollegeMisfits
Mr. Game & Watch Mr. Game & Watch
  • B-Chef
  • Side B-Judge
  • Up B-Fire 
  • Down B-Oil Panic
  • Final Smash-Octopus
Clear All star mode with Excitebiker
1186px-Bowser HUGE
Bowser Super Mario
  • B-Fire
  • Side B-Hammers
  • Up B-Koopa Clown Car
  • Down B-Bowser Bomb
  • Final Smash-Giga Bowser
Beat Adventure mode with Mario
Excitebiker trophy
Excitebiker Excitebike
  • B-Turbo
  • Side B-Wheelie
  • Up B-360 Flip
  • Down B-Mud
  • Final Smash-ExciteTruck
Beat All Star mode with 5 characters
Mach Rider Render
Mach Rider Mach Rider
  • B-Machine Gun
  • Side B-Bike
  • Up B-Regenaration
  • Down B-Obstacles Final Smash-Ultimate Mach Rider
Beat All Star mode with Excitebiker
480px-Falco SSB4 Art
Falco  Star Fox
  • B-Blaster
  • Side B-Illusion
  • Up B-Fire Falco
  • Down B-Reflector
  • Final Smash-Arwing 
Beat Classic mode with Fox
Ice Climbers Are Back On The Ice
Ice Climbers Ice Climber
  • B-Ice Shot
  • Side B-Squall Hammer
  • Up B-Condor
  • Down B-Blizzard
  • Final Smash-Iceberg
Beat All Star mode with Mach Rider
150px-Waluigi PizzaRulez
Waluigi Super Mario
  • B-Bob-Omb
  • Side B-Bomb Tennis
  • Up B-Waluigi Spin
  • Down B-Teleport
  • Final Smash-Bob-Omb Storm
Beat Adventure mode with Wario
Steve Austin-0
Stone Cold WWE
  • B-Punch
  • Side B-Clothesline
  • Up B-Million Dollar Dream
  • Down B-SharpShooter
  • Final Smash-Stone Cold Stunner 
Beat Classic mode with Hulk Hogan

Only in classic mode

Character Name Series Moveset
Metal Mario Model
Metal Mario Super Mario
  • B-Fire
  • Side B-Fludd
  • Up B-Super Jump
  • Down B-Slide kick
Dark bowser brawl
Dark Bowser Super Mario
  • B-Fire
  • Side B-Hammers
  • Up B-Koopa Clown Car
  • Down B-Bowser Bomb
Master Hand (WGC)
Master Hand Super Smash Bros
  • B-Bullet
  • Side B-Poke
  • Up B-Jet
  • Down B-Drill
Crazy Hand (WGC)
Crazy Hand Super Smash Bros
  • B-Rocket Punch
  • Side B-Poke
  • Up B-Jets
  • Down B-Poison Drill



Stage Name Series
Battlefield Super Smash Bros
SMB 1-1
1-1 NES Super Mario
SBE Hyrule Castle
Hyrule Castle The Legend of Zelda
Dream Land 3DS
Dream Land Kirby
Wii menu netflix channel download
Wii home menu Nintendo
Starship Mario
Starship Mario Super Mario
640px-SSBB Pokémon Stadium Stage
Pokémon Stadium Pokémon
640px-Pyrosphere press image
Pyrosphere Metriod
SBBM! Sta- Wario Ware
WarioWare Super Mario
Jungle Hijinxs SSB4
Jungle Hijinxs Donkey Kong
Corneria Star Fox
640px-skyloft 2
Skyloft The Legend of Zelda
Halberd Kirby
New Pork City1
New Pork City Earthbound
SSB4 Magicant
Magicant Earthbound
Pictochat 2
PictoChat  Nintendo DS
Flat Zone X
Flat Zone Mr. Game & Watch
Dr. Mario (Stage)
Dr. Mario Super Mario
Outside Toad Town Item Shop (Paper Mario)
Toad Town Paper Mario
Wwe wrestlemania arena generic by jdwinkerman-d6swr1y
WrestleMania WWE
640px-SSBB Big Blue Stage
Big Blue F-Zero
Shadow Moses Island SSBET
Shadow Moses Island Metal Gear
75m Donkey Kong


Stage Name Profile How to Unlock
Super Bomberman 1-1
Stage 1 Bomberman
  • Unlock Bomberman
Tetris Tetris
  • Unlock 5 songs
Saffron City HD PM
Saffron City Pokémon
  • Win Classic Mode with Pikachu and Jigglypuff
250px-Mushroom Kingdom I Melee
Mushroom Kingdom Super Mario
  • Win Classic Mode with Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Bowser
Wwe 13 raw is war arena by mrrumbleroses-d5dhybq
Raw Is War WWE
  • Unlock Steve Austin
Jungle Japes Donkey Kong
  • Win Classic Mode with Donkey Kong or Diddy Kong
250px-Great bay
Great Bay The Legend of Zelda
  • Win Classic Mode with Link, young Link, Zelda, or Sheik
SSB4 Boxing Ring Stage
Boxing Ring Punch Out!!
  • Win Classic Mode with Little Mac
640px-Bob-omb Battlefield (Super Mario 64)
Bob-Omb Battlefield Super Mario
  • Win Adventure Mode with Mario
Excitebike arena mario kart 8
Excitebike arena Excitebike
  • Unlock Excitebiker
Mute City-0
Mute City F-Zero
Mushroom Kingdom II Melee
Mushroom Kingdom II Super Mario
  • Beat Adventure with Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Bowser
Mario-paint composer
Mario Paint Music Composer Super Mario
  • Unlock all songs
SSBBRZS Final Destination
Final Destination Super Smash Bros
  • Win Classic Mode with all characters

Assist Trophy

Character Name Series Effect
Simon belmont sprite
Simon Belmont Castlevania Attacks with his whip, axe, cross, holy water, and stopwatch
250px-Mega Man SSB4
Mega Man Mega Man Attacks with his megabuster
200px-Hammer Bro. Party 8
Hammer Bro Super Mario Throws Hammers
Player 1 - Urban Champion
Urban Champion Urban Champion Attacks punches and kicks
Mystery Mushroom Jumpman
Jumpman Donkey Kong Attacks by jumping on enemies and uses a hammer

Costumes (Not counting alternate colors)

Costume Name Character
Mario SSB 64
Mario Smash 64 Mario
Ssbm mario render by machriderz-d56n40v
Mario Melee
Classic render mario
Mario Brawl
Super mario sunshine render by nickanater1-d7fvp6v
Mario Sunshine
8 Bit Mario
Mario SMB1
Luigi SSB
Luigi Smash 64 Luigi
SSBM Luigi
Luigi Melee
Classic render luigi
Luigi Brawl
Luigi SMB1
Donkey Kong SSB
Donkey Kong Smash 64 Donkey Kong
Melee hd donkey kong by machriderz-d79fkb5
Donkey Kong Melee
Donkey Kong Clear SSBB
Donkey Kong Brawl
Donkey Kong Turbo Charge
8bit DK - Donkey Kong 3
Donkey Kong DK3
Link SSB
Link Smash 64 Link
Adult Link 3D
Link Melee
Link (Super Smash Bros. Brawl)
Link Brawl
Mystery Mushroom Link Appeal
Link 8 bit
Deku Link Cards of Conquest
Deku Link Young Link
Toon link thing
Toon Link
Samus SSB
Samus Smash 64 Samus
Samus Melee
Samus Prime
Samus Metroid NES
Kirby SSB
Kirby Smash 64 Kirby
Melee hd kirby by machriderz-d79fnsx
Kirby Melee
Beam Kirby Good
Beam Kirby
Kirby 8 bit
Pikachu SSB-0
Pikachu Smash 64 Pikachu
Pikachu Melee
Pikachu Brawl
Mystery Mushroom Pikachu Appeal
Pikachu 8 bit
Captain Falcon Smash 64 Captain Falcon
Captain Falcon the awesome
Captain Falcon Melee
Captain Falcon .
Captain Falcon Brawl
Captain Falcon F-Zero GX
Captain Falcon F-Zero GX
Yoshi Smash 64 Yoshi
Ssbm yoshi render by machriderz-d56n4zk
Yoshi Melee
8 bit yoshi by toshirofrog-d4ijgaj
Yoshi 8 bit
Fox Smash 64 Fox
Fox Melee
Fox Clear SSBB
Fox Brawl
Star Fox (1)
Fox Star Fox 64
220px-Wario MPIT
Wario Regular Wario
Wario 8 bit
Melee hd ness by machriderz-d79fqo5
Ness Melee Ness
Ness Clear SSBB
Ness Brawl
!''NESS !'7
Ness 16 bit
Peach Melee Peach
Peach Clear SSBB
Peach Brawl
200px-Daisy MP10
Paper Peach Color Splash
Paper Peach
Peach SMB1
Zelda Melee Zelda
Zelda 8 bit
Sheik Clear SSBB
Shiek Brawl Shiek
DK JR. Diddy Kong
Donkey Kong Jr - Donkey Kong Jr
DK JR. 8 bit
SSB4 - Little Mac Artwork (Wireframe form)
WireFrame Mac Little Mac
Little mac alternate costumes for new smash by daeron red fire-d76gr94
Little Mac Super Punchout!!
Little Mac 8 bit
Little Mac 8 bit
180px-PM Big Boss Alt
Big Boss Snake
Akuma Ryu
Hulk Hogan alternate attire
"Hollywood" Red & Yellow Hulk Hogan
Hulk Hogan 2nd alternate attire
nWo Hollywood Hogan
Goombario Paper Mario
Kooper Paper Mario New
328px-Mr L Render
Mr. L Paper Luigi
Melee hd bowser by machriderz-d79fjhq
Bowser Melee Bowser
Ssbpc dry bowser by machriderz-d86h86m
Dry Bowser
365824-bowser super paper mario super
Paper Bowser
Paper Dry Bowser
Bowser SMB1
Mystery Mushroom Excitebiker
Excitebiker 8 bit Excitebiker
Falco Melee Falco
259px-Falco Sprite SSBB
Falco Brawl
Steve Austin alternate attire
What? Shirt Stone Cold Steve Austin


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