Super Smash Bros. American Tail Journey is Sarah West's fictional fan made Super Smash Brothers video game and a movie based on the 1986 to 2000 Universal Studios Franchise, An American Tail. The Movie version is called: The Wonderful World of Super Smash Bros.: Journey of An American Tail. It is to be made by Columbia Pictures, Morgan Creek, Universal Animation Studios, Shochiku, and Pathe.

Plot (Part 1)

Mario and the veterans of the previous Smash Bros. Games, and newcomers for this installment, Havoc, Rayman, Crash Bandicoot, Spyro, Alice, The Sims Family, and Michael DeSanta found themselves in Russia with Fievel and the Mousekewitz family. They went to America after the cats attacked Russia, and the company got overboard from the rest of the Mousekewitz Family. Ended up in New York with Henri, and dealing with Warren T. Rat, and Moe. On the way, they escaped with Tony Toponi. They met Bridget soon afterwards. They met Gussie and Honest John at Tammany Hall. Later on, they were trying to make the Giant Mouse of Minsk. Mario, Fievel, and the crew went to the Sewers and found Tiger playing poker with the other cats. Warren T. Rat becomes a cat and the cats started a fight after Fievel said that Warren is a cat instead of a rat. Everyone got trapped in a big cage. Only to get away with Tiger, Warren told Tiger that he's fired. Everyone soon released the Giant Mouse of Minsk and chased the Cats on a boat to Hong Kong. Fievel is in the alley being bullied. The Morning came, Mario and the gang soon found Fievel. and They flew with Henri for a Happy Ending.

Plot (Part 2)

Fievel, Mario and the Gang dreamed about fighting the Cactus Cat Gang and saving Wylie Burp. But Mama said dinner is ready for everyone. Suddenly, a cat rampage starts with Cat R. Waul attacking the mice. Everyone tried their hardest with their final smashes, but Cat R. Waul crushed them. Everyone went on a ride in the sewers, just to get tickets to Green River. Tiger got chased by the Dogs. Everyone is on the train from New York to the Wild West. Everyone fell off thanks to the Flying Aaaaaah. Tiger is trying to see Miss Kitty while Fievel, Mario and company tried to find the Mousekewitz family. Tanya sings 2 songs, the big showdown at sunset begins thanks to Cat R. Waul's attempt on making mouse burgers. Wylie gives everyone new badges at the sunset as the film ends.

Plot (Part 3)

Fievel, Tony, Mario and the Gang found a secret map of the Lenape indians underneath a dark subway. Tony is late to work and doesn't get payed. Mr. Grasping, Toplofty, and Mr. O'Bloat has schemed plans with Scuttlebutt and Chief McBrusque. The Gang soon meet Wulisso and Cholena in the underground native world. Cholena soon become friends with Mario, Fievel, Tony and the gang. The mob soon raided in New York after Mr. Grasping said about the indians. Tiger saved Dr. Dithering from the villains. They also do their same final smashes against Scuttlebutt and Chief McBrusque. The third part ends with Fievel getting a new telescope.

Plot (Part 4)

Mario, Fievel, and the whole gang got new jobs with Nellie Brie and Reed Daley at the Daily Nibbler. However, they witness that Madame Mousey sends out enchanted herbs to keep every home safe from the Night Monster. Madame Mousey and the cats are in the sewers capturing the mice. Madame Mousey gives Tony a tip, Everyone got chased by a Night Monster at a mansion. Fievel, Tony, Nellie, Mario, and the Gang tried help with The Lone Woof, the lead of the Dog High Council. They found out that Night Monster is really grabbing the mice thanks to Madame Mousey. Mario and the gang finally destroyed the Night Monster thanks to their same final smashes. The ending takes place in the beach. Madame Mousey had to returned to Ms. Abernathy as her punishment. Everyone finally lets Fievel Mousekewitz go to sleep.

Soundtrack For Super Smash Bros. American Tail Journey

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