Smash altercation
A New Chapter for Super Smash Bros.

Super Smash Bros. Altercation
Smash altercation
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Developer(s) Nintendo
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Release Date(s)
AU: January 7th, 2023
JP: January 7th, 2023
EU: January 8th, 2023
NA: January 8th, 2023
Platform Fighting Game
Series Super Smash Bros.
Predecessor Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Super Smash Bros. Altercation is the latest entry in the Smash Bros. series. It has less of an emphasis on newcomers and instead focuses on revamping veterans' movesets. Veteran fighters will receive more inspired movesets set as their default moveset.

In this game, custom moves have been entirely revamped, allowing you to create completely new playstyles for veterans and newcomers. Old moves are still available for competitive play or personal preferences. In addition, a new kind of special attack has been added: Shield Specials.


Cosmetic Changes

  • KO blasts have changed to be more like Galeem's beams, even having its sound effects.
  • All fighters now have noticeable battle damage at certain percentages. This has no effect on gameplay.

Technical Changes

  • A new kind of Special Attack has been added: Shield Specials. Press B while shielding to use them.
    • Inkling technically had a Shield Special in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, but it wasn't until Super Smash Bros. Altercation that all characters would have one.
  • In order to air dodge, you now have to double tap the Shield button. This is so that Shield Specials can be used in midair.
  • You can now manually be released from grabs by mashing out of it. Certain grabs will take longer or shorter to be released from.
  • Smash attacks can be charged and used in midair, though if used in midair they will have different animations and effects than on the ground.





SSB Mario Series

Mario altercation

The Hero of the Mushroom Kingdom

Mario, the Hero of the Mushroom Kingdom, is world-famous for his starring role in many adventures. As a fighter in Super Smash Bros. Altercation, he's an easy-to-use and optimal character for all players, regardless of skill level.

First Appearance: Donkey Kong (1981)
Victory Theme: Super Mario Bros. Victory Theme

  • Mario's Down Special is now Ground Pound.
  • Mario's Side Special is now Cappy Toss.
  • Mario's Down Aerial has changed to the Star Spin from Super Mario Galaxy. The move retains the same functionality as his old Down Aerial; it's just been given a new design.
  • Mario's Grab now uses Cappy to capture opponents.
  • F.L.U.D.D. has been changed from Mario's Down Special to his Shield Special.

Neutral Special - Fireball: Side Special - Cappy Toss:
Mario shoots out a single fireball with his hand. This fireball travels a fast but short distance, does minor damage, and causes flinching. Additionally, the fireball is able to bounce off walls and ricochet into enemies. Mario throws out Cappy, who will spin in place for a short moment before returning to Mario. He can manually return to Mario early with the press of a button. When thrown, Cappy will damage opponents that touch him and reflect projectiles. However, if Mario touches Cappy, Mario will bounce upward. When Cappy returns, he can pull opponents or items towards Mario.
Up Special - Super Jump Punch: Down Special - Ground Pound:
Mario leaps with his fist into the air. Any enemies hit will have coins pop out of them and receive multiple hits, sending Mario even higher. Mario will fly up before slamming back down to the ground with his rear end, also releasing stars that deal minor damage. In midair, Mario won't be able to fly up, but he will instead perform the Ground Pound in his current position.
Shield Special - F.L.U.D.D.: FINAL SMASH - T-Rex Rampage:
Mario charges up F.L.U.D.D. and is able to spray water at enemies once fully charged. This water does little damage, but has far range and is able to push enemies away. Mario captures a T-Rex offscreen before charging through the stage as the T-Rex, dealing damage to opponents and pushing them toward the blast zone. After this, Mario will hop out of the T-Rex, which will look stunned and disappear afterwards.
Alternate Costumes
Each alternate costume has a set of recolors.

SSB Mario Series

Luigi (Poltergust 5000)

Green And Mean

Luigi is Mario's brother and can be considered the underdog of the two. He's very different from Mario, however! As a fighter, he utilizes his trusty Poltergust gadget to attack foes. Just like Mario, Luigi is an easy character for beginners and pros alike to use.

First Appearance: Mario Bros. (1983)
Victory Theme: Super Mario Bros. Victory Theme

  • Luigi's Grab is now a vacuum that slowly pulls enemies towards him.
  • Luigi's Throws now fire opponents out of the Poltergust.
  • Luigi's Down Aerial has been changed to using his Poltergust downward as a melee weapon.

Neutral Special - Plunger Shot: Side Special - Green Missile:
Luigi uses his Poltergust to fire off a plunger. It's a simple, fast projectile that does damage and can be fired off rather quickly. It has a cosmetic effect of sticking to obstacles it hits, such as opponents or walls. This effect wears off, however. Luigi launches forward like a rocket, dealing damage on contact. Charging this move will allow it to deal more damage and knockback, as well as cover more distance. Occasionally, Luigi may misfire, which automatically has lots of range and damage, regardless of how long it's been charged.
Up Special - Balloon World: Down Special - Elemental Spray:
Luigi flies upward, being carried by balloons. Dealing damage to these balloons will pop them, halting Luigi's recovery. Occasionally, the balloons will be golden, making them impossible to pop. You can cancel out of this move at any time. Luigi will spray out a stream of an element. This can be done indefinitely. These elements cycle through fire, ice, and water. The next time this move is used, it will cycle to the next element. Each element has different effects, such as ice being able to freeze opponents.
Shield Special - Strobulb: FINAL SMASH - Poltergust Frenzy:
A counter move. Upon a successful counter, Luigi will use the Poltergust's Flashlight to stun an enemy, also dealing damage (but no knockback). Luigi begins sucking nearby opponents into his Poltergust's vacuum which deals repeated damage. After a short period of time, the trapped opponents will be shot out of the vacuum at high speeds.
Alternate Costumes
Each alternate costume has a set of recolors.

Piranha Plant
SSB Mario Series

PiranhaPlant SSBUltimate
Piranha Plant
The Blooming Villain

Piranha Plant might just be one of the common minions of Bowser, but you'll see him in nearly every Mario game. Unlike most veterans, Piranha Plant has received no changes to his pre-existing moves, but has received a Shield Special.

First Appearance: Super Mario Bros. (1985)
Victory Theme: Super Mario Bros. Victory Theme (Electric Guitar)

  • Mario's Down Special is now Ground Pound.
  • Mario's Side Special is now Cappy Toss.
  • Mario's Down Aerial has changed to the Star Spin from Super Mario Galaxy. The move retains the same functionality as his old Down Aerial; it's just been given a new design.
  • Mario's Grab now uses Cappy to capture opponents.
  • F.L.U.D.D. has been changed from Mario's Down Special to his Shield Special.

Neutral Special - Ptooie: Side Special - Poison Breath:
Piranha Plant blows a spiky ball upward, which will continue to fall up and down. You can launch it forward or backward, and the closer it is to Piranha Plant's mouth, the more range the spiky ball will have.
Up Special - Piranhacopter: Down Special - Long-Stem Strike:
Shield Special - N/A: FINAL SMASH - Petey Piranha:
Alternate Costumes
Each alternate costume has a set of recolors.


SSB Pokémon Series


Bad diancie icon
The Diamond in the Rough

Diancie is a Mythical Pokemon that is capable of creating raw diamond out of nothing. Her ability to manipulate rocks and use fairy powers make her a formidable foe in Super Smash Bros. Altercation. She's a fast heavyweight fighter who is good at staying away from enemies up close.

First Appearance: Pokemon X/Y (2013)
Victory Theme: Pokemon Victory Theme

Neutral Special - Moonblast: Side Special - Stealth Rock:
Diancie charges up a laser and is able to fire it. This laser can pierce through enemies, though its damage and overall effectiveness is dependent on how long the laser's been charged. Diancie sends a barrage of sharp crystals into the ground in front of her. These crystals will damage enemies upon contact, but will disappear after a while or when reusing the move.
Up Special - Rock Throw: Down Special - Stone Edge:
Diancie leaps up into the air, leaving a barrage of sharp crystals to fall underneath her. Not only can this move be used for recovery, but also to hit opponents below you. Diancie summons a large, sharp stone upward from the ground, which deals damage. You're able to aim where the stone can be summoned, though it can only erupt from the ground.
Shield Special - Power Gem: FINAL SMASH - Mega Diamond Storm:
A counter move. Upon a successful counter, one of Diancie's Carbink servants will step in to absorb the attack before firing off a laser beam. Diancie Mega Evolves into Mega Diancie. She then creates a large storm of diamonds that will fly through the stage, dealing severe damage and knockback to opponents.
Alternate Costumes
Each alternate costume has a set of recolors.

SSB Sonic Series

Knuckles The Echidna
The Speedy Strongarm

Knuckles is the guardian of the Master Emerald, as well as one of Sonic's allies. He's most notable for his incredible superhuman strength. In Super Smash Bros. Altercation, Knuckles is a heavyweight fighter with great speed and power on the ground, but lacks mobility in the air.

First Appearance: Sonic the Hedgehog 3 (1994)
Victory Theme: Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) - Mission Clear

Neutral Special - Homing Attack Side Special - Spin Dash:
Knuckles leaps upward before automatically targeting a nearby opponent and homing in on them to deal damage. If there isn't an opponent close enough, Knuckles will travel forward in the direction of the closest opponent. Knuckles is able to charge a Spin Dash before he rolls forward into an enemy. How long you've charged the move will affect how long Knuckles will be able to perform the Spin Dash. Additionally, you can cancel out of the Spin Dash. Compared to Sonic's Spin Dash, Knuckles's Spin Dash hits harder, but is slower and doesn't have a hop at the beginning.
Up Special - Spiral Uppercut: Down Special - Hammer Punch:
Knuckles performs a blazing uppercut, gaining vertical height while doing so. If he hits an enemy, he'll go even further upward. This move will also send Knuckles into a glide afterwards. Knuckles smashes the ground with his fists, sending out a damaging shockwave around him. Opponents hit by Knuckles' fists when he slams them onto the ground will be temporarily stunned, though the shockwave doesn't have this effect. This move cannot be used in the air.
Shield Special - Burrow: FINAL SMASH - Super Knuckles:
Knuckles dives into the ground. For a short period of time, Knuckles is able to pass through opponents, as well as avoid certain attacks. He's also able to pop out of the ground to deliver an uppercut. However, Knuckles can still be damaged by some attacks when he's underground, which will cause him to pop out early. This move cannot be used in the air. Knuckles, using the Chaos Emeralds, transforms into Super Knuckles. He'll temporarily have increased power and speed, as well as have invincibility from attacks.
Alternate Costumes
Each alternate costume has a set of recolors.



Blackbelly Skatepark
Blackbelly Skatepark1

Blackbelly Skatepark
Blackbelly layout

Blackbelly Skatepark is a walk-off stage with a raised platform in the center. Music from the Splatoon series will play in this stage. Additionally, Now or Never! now plays when one minute is remaining in a match, rather than 30 seconds.

Music Tracks

NILS Statue
Octo Expansion NILS Statue first encounter

NILS Statue
Splatoon 2: Octo Expansion
The NILS Statue is a transition stage based on the final boss fight of Splatoon 2's Octo Expansion. Agent 8 can be seen inking the statue in the background, though she won't appear if her alternate costume is being used.

Music Tracks

Drive-in At Night
Screen Shot 2018-12-03 at 7.18.30 PM
Drive-in At Night
Street Fighter IV
Drive-in at night layout

Drive-in At Night is a walk-off stage that represents Street Fighter IV. Unlike its appearance in Street Fighter IV, fighters will fight on the roof of the diner, with the parking lot on its left and right sides. Occasionally, cars will park in the parking lot, allowing you to use them as trampolines.

Music Tracks




Smash Ball
The Smash Ball can be broken, allowing the player that broke it to be able to use their Final Smash. However, it now takes more hits before breaking, and it also now shows visible damage (such as cracks).

Assist Trophies

Assist Trophies
Cq transparent

C.Q. Cumber
C.Q. Cumber will stand still on the stage, but if an opponent walks by, it will attach an explosive ink sac on their back, which will detonate and explode after a short delay, dealing knockback and damage.
Blanka DSSB

When Blanka is summoned, he will use one of two attacks before disappearing. He can transform into a ball of electricity, moving around the damage while hitting into enemies. Or, he can slap the ground, creating electric shockwaves.



Shop altercation

Super Smash Bros. Altercation introduces a revamped shop. Currently, it offers fighters, alternate costumes, stages, music tracks, and Mii costumes.


Bursting Beast
Blacephalon is a new fighter that's meant to represent the Ultra Beasts. His gimmick is called Beast Boost, in which getting a KO will power his attacks. However, this effect disappears if Blacephalon itself gets knocked out. Additionally, there is a limit to how powered up Blacephalon can become.

Neutral B - Mind Blown: Blacephalon throws its head as an explosive bomb. This attack is powerful, but Blacephalon itself will be damaged when using the attack. The fireworks explosion will become bigger and more powerful the more KOs Blacephalon has.

Up B - Flame Charge: Blacephalon launches itself upward, covered in fire, as it sends streaks of flames outward to damage opponents. This move can be angled for slight horizontal recovery, as well.

Side B - Shadow Claw: Blacephalon dashes forward with a shadowy slash, sending opponents backward and dealing damage. This attack can be angled.

Down B - Will-O-Wisp: Blacephalon sends out a traveling, multi-hit ring of ghostly fire. Charging it longer will allow for it to travel faster, have more range, and deal more damage.

Shield B - Magic Coat: A reflect/counter move. Upon a successful counter, Blacephalon will screech at its opponent, temporarily stunning them if hit. Note that Blacephalon will only stun opponents when it counters, not when it reflects.

FINAL SMASH: Maximum Mind Blown
Blacephalon holds its head up, which immediately begins to grow larger and larger, before it explodes, dealing extreme damage and knockback. While Blacephalon is using its Final Smash, he is invulnerable to damage.

Alternate Costumes