Super Smash Bros. 3DS
Developer(s) Nintendo
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo 3DS
Release Date(s)
June 10 2012
1-4 Players
Age Rating(s)
E for Everyone
Genre(s) Fighting
Media Included Nintendo 3DS Game

Super Smash Bros. 3DS is a multiplayer fighting game to be released in 2013.

From the entire evolution of Super Smash Bros. none were ever played in actual 3D, until now! The Nintendo 3DS allows 3D games. So there has to be a Super Smash Bros. game. This game can features Newcomers and some old Veterans. Also this Super Smash Bros. features very nice Wi-Fi that allows for many more features. This includes the brand new store that you can buy characters and stages. This is the newest and easily the best Super Smash Bros. game you can find.

The Roster

To see the page visit the Character page (Created but under construction:

Take notice that most of the starter and newcomers characters have the same Final Smash

Compatability with Wii U

The game was announced to be compatible with the Wii U. You will be able to play multiplayer with the Wii U and the 3DS. Also internet play from 3DS to Wii U and Wii U to 3ds will be possible.


Character Standard Special Side Special Up Special Down Special FinalSmash Playable
Mario Fireball Cape Super Jump Punch Ground Pound Mario Finale Starter
Link Hero's Bow Gale Boomerang Spin Attack Bomb Triforce Slash Starter
Kirby Copy Hammer Final Cutter Stone Triple Hammer Starter
Pikachu Thunder Jolt Tackle Quick Attack Thunder Volt Tackle Starter
Fox Blaster Fox Illusion Fire Fox Reflector Landmaster Starter
Samus Charge Shot Missile Screw Attack Bomb Zero Laser Stater Zero Suit Samus Paralyzer Plasma Whip Plasma Wire Flip Jump Power Suit Samus Samus Final Smash
Zelda Nayru's Love Din's Fire Farore's Wind Transform Light Arrow Starter
Shiek Needle Storm Chain Vanish Transform Light Arrow Down Special of Zelda
Bowser Fire Breathe Claw Shred Shell Whirl Ground Pound Giga Bowser Starter
Donkey Kong Power Punch Head Butt Spinning Kong Ground Slam Bongo Beat Starter
Yoshi Egg Lay Egg Roll Flutter Jump Ground Pound Super Dragon Starter
Peach Toad Attack Love Bomber Peach Parasol Vegetable Pluck Vibes Starter
Ice Climbers Freeze Squall Hammer Belay Blizzard Iceberg Starter
Pit Palutena's Arrow Angel Ring Wings of Icarus Mirror Shield Palutena's Army Starter
Wario Head Butt Wario Bike Wario Waft Bottom Slam Wario Man Starter
Diddy Kong Peanut Popgun Monkey Flip Rocketbarrel Boost Banana Lay Rocketbarrel Bomber Starter
Meta Knight Mach Tornado Drill Rush Shuttle Loop Slice Galaxia Darkness Starter
Ike Eruption Quick Draw Aether Counter Great Aether Starter
Snake Hand Grenade Remote Controlled Missile Cypher C4 Grenade Launcher Starter
Lucas PK Freeze PK Fire PK Thunder PSI Magnet PK Starstorm Starter
King Dedede Inhale Waddle Dee Throw Super Dedede Jump Jet Hammer Waddle Dee Army Starter
Pikmin and Olimar Pikmin Pluck Pikmin Toss Pikmin Chain Reorder End of Day Starter
Sonic Homing Attack Spin Dash Spring Jump Spin Charge Super Sonic Starter
Ness PK Fire Baseball Bat PK Thunder PSI Magnet PK Starstorm Starter
Marth Shield Breaker Dancing Blade Dolphin Slash Counter Critical Hit Starter
Luigi Green Fireball Missile Super Jump Luigi Cyclone Luigi Finale Starter
Falco Blaster Falco Phantasm Fire Bird Reflector Landmaster Starter
Captain Falcon Falcon Punch Raptor Boost Falcon Dive Falcon Kick Blue Falcon Starter
Mr. Game & Watch Chef Judge Fire Oil Spill Octopus Starter
Ganondorf Warlock Punch Flame Choke Dark Dive Wizard's Foot Beast Ganon Starter
Toon Link Hero's Bow Boomerang Spin Attack Bomb Triforce Slash Starter
Wolf Blaster Wolf Flash Fire Wolf Reflector Landmaster Starter

Newcomers: Even The Characters Debut and Retruned On The Game inculding Super Sentai's Gokai Red And Gosei Knight And Akarenger

Character Standard Special Side Special Up Special Down Special Final Smash Playable
Shadow 3 Chaos Attack Power Chaos Spear Chaos Control Chaos Blast Super Shadow New
Megaman Mega Buster Mega Arm Rush Jet Slide Smash Super Adapter New
Bowser Jr. Jr. Fireball Shell Slide Super Jump Transform Graffiti Shot New
Shadow Mario Paint Blob Brush Bat Art Staircase Transform Graffiti Shot Bowser Jr. Down Special
King K. Rool Chomp Belly Bash Grand Slam Kritter Kremling Crew New
Bomberman Bomb Summon Bomb Kick Bomb Uppercut Remote Bomb Major Explosion New
Count Bleck Sinister Spell Quick Attack Vanish Pure Heart Barrier Dark Void New
Gokai Red Tyranno Summon [Tyrannoranger and AbaRed Ranger Keys used] J.A.K.Q. Summon [Spade Ace and Big One Ranger Keys used] Ginga Summon [GingaRed and Black Knight Ranger Keys used] Bouken Summon [BoukenRed and BoukenSilver Ranger Keys used] Gokai Red Final Wave [BoukenRed, GoseiRed and GekiRed Ranger Keys used] New
Krystal Blaster Side Slice Uppercut Counter Arwing New
Mewtwo Psychic Blast Confusion Teleport Disable Ice Beam Returning
Roy Flare Blade Sword Slash Rising Sword Counter Lethal Stab Returning
Geno Geno Gun Geno Whirl Geno Boost Star Smash Geno Flash New
Pac-Man Chomp Pac-Kart Pellet Nabber Bounce Pac-man Arcade New
Dr. Mario Pill Throw Virus Buster Super Jump Heal Pill Pal Returning
Dry Bowser Flame Breathe Bone Throw Shell Whirl Ground Pound Song of the Dead New
Paper Mario Hammer Dimension Flip Paper Airplane Partner Swap Earth Tremor New
Mii Archery Wii Sports Bubble Shield Mii Parade New
Tepig Flame Charge Headbutt Uppercut Dig Flames of Fury New
Gosei Knight Leon Laser Sword Send Goseigers (Gosei Red Gosei Pink Gosei Black Gosei Yellow Gosei Blue) Leon Laser Vulcan Headder Miracle Gosei Knight Dynamic New
Kamen Rider Kabuto Cast Off (Masked Mode/ Rider Mode) Clock Up Rider Kick Kabuto Kunai Gun Kamen Rider Kabuto (Hyper Mode) New


Stage Picture Gimmick New/Old Series
Battlefield Stage01 070522a-1- No real Gimmicks,but in the background you can notice change in the time of the day. Brawl World b 01-1-
Final Destination Stage25 080205a-3- Same as Battlefield but this stage is just a flat surface Brawl World b 01-1-
Delfino Plaza Stage02 070601a-1- Like Brawl this stage flies around the town of Delfino, taking you to common places. Brawl World b 10-1-
Mario Circuit Stage19 071213b-1- This stage is a returning one, watch out for Shy Guys in karts as they race by Brawl World b 10-1-
Rainbow Cruise Stage21 080107i-1- This twice returning stage is from Melee. You take a cruise around in a circular motion. But don't get left behind. Melee World b 10-1-
Mushroomy Kingdom Stage23 080123a-1- Underground and Overworld of the original Super Mario Bros. it is a side-scrolling version of world 1-1 and 1-2 Brawl World b 10-1-
Luigi's Mansion Stage28 080218a-1- Luigi's Mansion is not the same in this game, for one thing it is a lot bigger, now it has dangers in it too Brawl World b 10-1-
Starship Mario Starshipmario You battle atop Starship Mario, Starbits land on the battlefield, the battlefield also flies around the galaxy 3DS World b 10-1-
Bowser's Castle Bowser'scastle The always waited for stage, watch out for Thwomps, Lava, and Podoboos. It is fairly hard to die here. 3DS World b 10-1-
Yoshi's Island Stage03 070612a-1- Returning from brawl, this fun stage changes seasons. Brawl World b 11-1-
Yoshi's Island Stage21 080107a-1- Based off of Super Mario World. All you must watch out for is the blocks that flip when hit. Melee World b 11-1-
Bridge of Elden Stage05 070706a-1- This flat battlefield has little activity. Except for when King Bulbin comes and breaks the bridge. The bridge will be fixed. Brawl World b 09-1-
The Temple Stage18 071130b-1- The biggest stage in the Smash Bros. series returns. Nothing much happens here. Melee World b 09-1-
Pirate Ship Stage34 080401a-1- A lot goes on in this stage. First you can be attack, you can get stranded on a rock, and then a giant tornado can come. Brawl World b 09-1-
Hyrule Castle Hyrule Castle by GannySha On Hyrule Castle there are 3 gimmicks. First it rains at night. Next there are twisters. Lastly there are Twilit Keese roaming around. 3DS World b 09-1-
Smashville Stage06 070713a-2- The only stage in the Animal Crossing series. Nothing really happens here. Brawl World b 15-1-
Rumble Falls Stage07 070723a-1- This scrolling stage climbs up a giant waterfall and then reaches high altitude and goes to the sky. Brawl World b 02-1-
Jungle Japes Stage32 080313a-1- Flowing water underneath you. Don't fall. That is really it for this stage Melee World b 02-1-
Retro DK Stage30 080304a-1- This isn't just 75m, no this is the 25m the 75m and the 100m. This is a scrolling level too. 3DS World b 02-1-
Skyworld Stage08 070725a-1- Pit's home-stage is this one. You can destroy those platforms by beating on them making the game harder. Brawl World b 18-1-
Castle Siege Stage09 070802a-1- This castle is taking fire. It also heads underground in it's second stage. Lastly it goes to a molten area on a single platform. Brawl World b 12-1-
Wario Ware Inc. Stage10 0700831d-1- Wario Ware Inc. is a stage that changes into a short mini-game randomely. There are more minigames in this game. Brawl World b 16-1-
Pokemon Stadium 2 Stage11 070906a-1- This Pokemon Stadium contains: Electric, Ground, Flying, and Ice Brawl World b 08-1-
Pokemon Stadium Stage32 080313e-1- This Pokemon Stadium contains:Fire, Water, Rock, and Grass Melee World b 08-1-
Pokemon 3 N/A This Pokemon Stadium contains: Bug, Dragon, Ghost, and Dark 3DS World b 08-1-
Halberd Stage12 070912a-1- Halberd is a giant ship. It flies throughout all kinds of places. While there are many dangers being shot. Brawl World b 04-1-
Green Greens Stage32 080313c-1- The infamous Green Green returns again. With the stacking blocks and Whispy Woods. Melee World b 04-1-
Shadow Moses Island Stage13 071002a-1- See those large guardwalls, well you can knock them down if you pummel them enough. Brawl World b 17-1-
Pictochat Stage15 071022a-1- In the 3DS version there are more drawings that appear on screen and now text appears that relates to the game. 3DS World b 21-1-
Summit Stage16 071031a-1- The Ice-climbers summit, it climbs to the top of the summit then falls down until it lands in the water. Brawl World b 14-1-
Frigate Orpheon Stage20 071218a-1- This stage is in front of the parasite queen who messes with the stage entirely. Brawl World b 06-1-
Brinstar Stage21 080107g-1- Ah, Brinstar an old returning course full of acid! Watch out for the acid will rise sometimes. Melee World b 06-1-
Distant Planet Stage22 080115a-1- An unexplored planet that has onions, bulborbs, and rainstorms. Brawl World b 22-1-
Cornia Stage21 080107c-1- Flying here can be fun, just watch out for Arwing oh and the lasers! Melee World w 03-1-


A gassy green planet, You can't get near the gas or you will slowly gain damage. 3DS World w 03-1-
Onett Stage21 080107e-1- Onett is the only Earthbound series stage in the smash bros. series. Watch out for the cars. Melee World w 07-1-
Green Hill Zone Stage27 080214a-1- Green Hill Zone from the Sonic series. It has the famous loop. Watch out though the ground will sometimes fall. Brawl World b 20-1-
Angel Island Angelislandpogi Some walls and a bridge. Also there is a temple in the background. Tikal also appears by destroying the bridge at times. 3DS World b 20-1-
Flat Zone 2 Stage31 080311a-1- Flat Zone 2 returns from Brawl. This is from the original Game and Watch. The screen also changes to different games. Brawl World b 13-1-
Hanenbow Stage33 080326a-1-

This strange stage is from Electroplankton.

Hit all the leaves until they are red to make flowers bloom.

Brawl World b 23-1-
Nintendo 3DS Hardware blue Battling atop the Nintendo 3DS. There are no real gimmicks but you can see holograms of characters in the game in the background 3DS World b 01-1-


  • Smash Ball: When one of these appears you must attack it until you break it to get your character's Final Smash.
  • Assist Trophy: When you release one of these a helping character will pop out and beat up other opponents, however it is completely random which one you get.
  • Pokeball: Like the Assist Trophy but these are all Pokemon. Like the Assist Trophy it is completely random.
  • Crate: There are several kinds of crates. All of them you can pick up and throw. Sometimes they break open and release other items.
  • Rolling Crate: It is hard to spot it, but there are small wheels on the bottom of these. That means when attack they roll aways smashing anyone or anything in it's way.
  • Barrel: These are like Crates but they are barrels and they roll.
  • Capsule: When one of these appears throw it and when it falls it breaks and releases a random item.
  • Party Ball: The Party Ball is like a capsule but when hit it flies up and releases all kinds of items, there are 3 basics these release: Food, Bob-ombs, or random items.
  • Blast Box: If these boxes are hit with fire or any strong attacks it could blow up leaving a huge explosion range.
  • Sandbag: When a Sandbag appears beat up on it and it will release items. Sand bags are also found in the Home-run Contest where you want to hit them as far as you can.
  • Food: There is a wide variety of food, but all food lower damage. Some food lower more damage then others.
  • Maxim Tomato: The Maxim Tomato heals 50% damage.
  • Heart Container: The rare Heart Container heals 100% damage.
  • Dragoon Parts: There are three Dragoon parts, if a player collects all three then they control dragoon and can control where to shoot it to destroy any people in it's path.
  • Super Mushroom: The classic Super Mushroom will increase the size of the player for a short amount of time.
  • Poison Mushroom: These mushrooms however will shrink the size of the player for a limited time.
  • Warp Star: When you grab a Warp Star you fly off-stage then smash relatively close to the other players so you hit them.
  • Starman: This item makes you invincible for a short amount of time.
  • Metal Box: When grabbed it makes the player metal, so the player is stronger. But along with being stronger the player falls faster and is slower.
  • Bunny Hood: When you have the Bunny Hood you can jump higher and run faster.
  • Superspicy Curry: When you grab this it makes you faster and it makes you breathe fire.
  • Timer: The timer slows down the pace of all characters except the one that used the timer.
  • Lightning: When you touch a lightning bolt it shrinks all the characters except the one that obtained the lightning.
  • Beam Sword: The Beam Sword is a sword that has a very long range of attack.
  • Home-run Bat: When charged to it's fullest this item can deal a one hit K.O. Even when it isn't charged it still does a lot of damage. However it takes a while to charge.
  • Fan: This weak item is good for rapid hitting. This is one of the few items that can break shields too.
  • Lip's Stick: When hit from this flower a flower will sprout on your head. When a flower sprouts on your head you rapidly gain damage. Yes, we know the name is funny.
  • Star Rod: This is an offensive item that shoots star-like beams, you can charge these to make larger more powerful projectiles.
  • Hammer: When you grab a hammer you get your own music and you incessantly swing a hammer back and fourth. You however can not control when you stop.
  • Golden Hammer: The Golden Hammer is much like the regular hammer but this one is more powerful. It can easily K.O someone with high damage.
  • Super Scope: The Super Scope is a projectile weapon that can rapid-fire shots. Or you can shoot three fully charged shots.
  • Ray Gun: This item is like the Super Scope but is weaker. It only comes with 16 shots too.
  • Fire Flower: The Fire Flower allows you to shoot fire. It only lasts so long before it runs out though.
  • Cracker Launcher: This is a canon-like weapon it shoots very strong bomb-like projectiles. Also you can aim this in any direction.
  • Bob-omb: The Bob-omb is an explosive bomb that when set off blasts anyone in range. If no one touches it for 10 seconds it walks around for a short time then explodes.
  • Motion Sensor Bomb: Place this bomb somewhere on the field and when another player passes it, it will explode blasting the targets.
  • Gooey Bomb: This disgusting bomb will stick to anything. If it is thrown on a player the player that has it can touch another player giving it to that player before it explodes.
  • Smart Bomb: Throw this very powerful bomb near a group of people to set off a huge explosion range. If you are in the middle of it you can easily get 50% damage done.
  • Deku Nut: When you shoot one of these it makes anyone in range dizzy.
  • Freezie: Like the name suggests this item freezes the targeted victom sending them high in the air and back down frozen.
  • Pitfall: The Pitfall is an item that you throw on the ground then turns invisible. When someone passes by where it was set they will get stuck in the ground.
  • Hot Head: Throw this on the ground and it will continually circle around that platform. If it is attacked by electricity or fire it will grow even bigger and be more powerful.
  • Mr. Saturn: Throw this at anyone and he release a cry. Doesn't do much damage but it is good at breaking shields.
  • Green Shell: This shell will bounce off of everyone it encounters, but you can jump on it to stop it. Just don't get stuck in it's path it will make you fly.
  • Banana Peel: Throw this on the ground and anyone who runs over it slips and falls.
  • Bumper: The Bumper is an item that reflects anyone, throw it then wait for someone to pass it and they will get shot in the other direction.
  • Spring: Good at jumping up in the air, but it can also be useful for attacks. But if you land on it then you are going to be sent far away.
  • Unira: This interesting item can be thrown, and when it lands on the ground the spikes on it will extend making it untouchable.
  • Soccer Ball: The soccer ball may seem like a normal item but if you use a smash attack on it, it will send it flying and killing anyone in it's path.
  • Team Healer: Found only in team battle. Throw this at your team-mate and it will recover most of their damage. Or throw it at an opponent and it will inflict damage.
  • Franklin Badge: When you pick this up you slap it on your-self. This badge reflects any projectiles that come at you.
  • Screw Attack: This is another badge-like item. Grab it to put it on your-self. Now when you jump you do a spin attack that deals up more damage.
  • CD: When you see a CD appear you want to grab it as fast as you can, when you grab a CD it adds that music to your collection. But it only lasts 3 seconds!
  • Trophy: Just like the CD you want to grab these too. You also have a trophy collection so you want a complete collection. Unlike the CDs these last longer but they are rarer.
  • Sticker: Try to grab these as well to add a sticker to your sticker collection. Also in other modes you can equip stickers to make your character status different.
  • Key: Only found in Dark Adventure, these keys open locked doors.
  • Trophy Base: A rare item to get. Only found in Dark Adventure. When you get one of these throw them at any enemies and it will capture that enemy.
  • 1-up Mushroom: Found in Dark Adventure, these take the place of Stock Balls from Brawl. They give you one extra life that you may have lost or any that you might lose.
  • Coins and Bills: Found only in Coin Battles, these are the items that give you money.
  • (NEW) Propeller Mushroom: When you put this on the character you are playing as can fly higher and can do a drill ground pound like attack.
  • (NEW) Candy: Candy is the third type of item that has more than one type. Unlike Pokeballs and Assist Trophies this item you can see which candy it is beforehand.
  • (NEW) Hookshot: A long chain weapon that you can use to attack or reach other areas faster. Use this item by using the grab buttons and aiming.
  • (NEW) Super Shroom Shake: From Paper Mario, this item heals a great amount of damage. Just like food.
  • (NEW) Pink Beam Sword: This item is much-like the Beam Sword but this is much more powerful, although this sword has a smaller attack distance.


Here is the list of pokemon you can get, every time you get a rare pokemon a screen will show up saying that after the match.

  1. Piplup
  2. Muchlax
  3. Bonsly
  4. Weavile
  5. Torchic
  6. Gulpin
  7. Metagross
  8. Meowth
  9. Staryu
  10. Snorlax
  11. Chikorita
  12. Togepi
  13. Bellossom
  14. Cyndaquil
  15. Blaziken
  16. Medicham
  17. Rampardos
  18. Dialga
  19. Palkia
  20. Cresselia
  21. Diglett
  22. Scyther
  23. Kyogre
  24. Moltres
  25. Entei
  26. Suicune
  27. Ho-Oh
  28. Lugia
  29. Deoxys
  30. Manaphy
  31. Mew
  32. Celebi
  33. Jirachi
  34. Steelix
  35. Snivy
  36. Oshawott
  37. Lilliepup

Assist Trophies

Along with Pokeballs there are Assist Trophies, which are all kinds of characters that did make it into the game.

  1. Metroid
  2. Tingle
  3. Kat & Ana
  4. Jeff
  5. Jill & Drill Dozer
  6. Nintendogs
  7. Hammer/Boomerang/Fire/Sumo Bro.
  8. Boom Boom
  9. Koopaling (Random)
  10. Goron
  11. Midna
  12. Metal Sonic
  13. Sammer Guy
  14. Samurai Goroh
  15. Knuckle Joe
  16. Andross
  17. Lyn
  18. Mr. Resetti
  19. Excitebike
  20. Little Mac
  21. Gray Fox
  22. Waluigi
  23. Infantry and Tanks
  24. Barbara
  25. Crash Bandicoot
  26. Coco Bandicoot
  27. Dr. N. Cortex
  28. Mona
  29. Oshi
  30. Go On Wings
  31. Kamen Rider Zeronos
  32. Kamen Rider Diend
  33. Kamen Rider New Den O
  34. Speeder
  35. Dai Shooker Soldiers
  36. Gormins
  37. Sugormins
  38. Dogormins
  39. Coma Thunder
  40. Kamen Rider Kivala
  41. Samurai Sentai Shinkenger
  42. Daltas


  1. Springo Candy
  2. Vampire Candy
  3. Bitsize Candy
  4. Bloway Candy
  5. Weeglee Candy
  6. Bowlo Candy
  7. Thwomp Candy
  8. Bullet Candy
  9. Bowser Candy
  10. Cashzap Candy

Non-Playable Characters

Boss Battles

  • Petey Piranha
  • Doctor G (1st Time)
  • Brajira Of The Messiah
  • Egg Emperor/Dragoon
  • Kireizky
  • Kamen Rider Nega Den O
  • Black Cross King
  • Doctor G (Kani Lasser Mode/2nd Time)
  • Midbus
  • Galacta Knight
  • Shadow Moon
  • Ackdos Gill
  • Kamen Rider Yuuki
  • Nazo The Hedgehog
  • Basco ta Jolokia
  • Scorpion Man
  • Splash Woman
  • Dark Link/Dark Samus/Dark Boswer/Dark Pit
  • Joker
  • Mezool
  • N-Daguva Zeba
  • Master Hand/Crazy Hand
  • Mecha Mario
  • Ridley
  • Mecha Ridley
  • Tabuu

Game Modes


  • Brawl
  • Battle Arena
  • Rotalion
  • Select Rules


Classic Mode

  • Level 1 VS Link
  • Level 2 VS Giant Donkey Kong
  • Level 3 VS Mezool And Bio Hunter Silva
  • Level 4 VS Shadow
  • Level 5 Break The Targets!
  • Level 6 VS Mewtwo
  • Level 7 VS Scorpion Man And Go-On Red
  • Level 8 VS Sonic And Shadow
  • Level 9 Break The Targets!
  • Level 10 VS Bowser
  • Level 11 VS Ike Marth And Roy
  • Final Level Part 1 VS BIG MACHINE
  • Final Level Part 2 VS Mecha Mario
  • Final Level Part 3 VS Master Hand And Crazy Hand

Story Mode

  • Nintendo Story
  • Sega Story
  • Super Sentai X Kamen Rider Story
  • 3rd Party Story
  • Heroes Story
  • Final Battle Story

All Star Mode

  • Level 1 VS Team Mario
  • Level 2 VS Team Legend Of Zelda
  • Level 3 VS Team Kirby
  • Level 4 VS Team Pokemon
  • Level 5 VS Team Super Sentai X Kamen Rider
  • Level 6 VS Team Nintendo
  • Level 7 VS Team Sonic
  • Level 8 VS Team 3rd Party
  • Level 9 VS Team Star Fox
  • Level 10 VS Team Fire Embelm
  • Level 11 VS Team Metroid
  • Level 12 VS Team Pikmin
  • Final Level VS Nazo The Hedgehog And BIG MACHINE


  • Boswer And Ganodorf (Characters: Mario And Link)
  • Dai Zanyack And Dai Shooker (Characters: Go On Red And Kamen Rider Decade)
  • Mezool's Water Battle At Defino Plaza (Characters: Gosei Knight And Kamen Rider Den O)
  • Kirby's Air Ride (Characters: Kirby)
  • Wario's Money Clan (Characters: Wario)
  • The 64 Fighters Part 1 (Chose A Character)
  • The 64 Fighters Part 2 (Chose A Character)
  • Sonic Hunter Silva (Characters: Sonic And Shadow)
  • Denliner Invasion (Characters: Kamen Rider Den O)
  • A Yoshi Color Invasion (Characters: Megaman And Bomber Man)
  • The Melee Fighters (Chose A Character)
  • The 3 Melee Fighters (Chose A Character)
  • Sonic Gormin Battle (Characters: Sonic)
  • The Brawl Fighters Part 1 (Chose A Character)
  • The Brawl Fighters Part 2 (Chose A Character)
  • Shadow Sugormin And Dogormin (Characters: Shadow)
  • The New Fighters (Chose A Character)
  • The Four Toei Fighters (Chose A Character)
  • All Out Boss Battle (Chose A Character)
  • Final Battle (Chose A Character)
  • Destroyer Of Worlds Decade (Chose A Character)

Wi fi

  • Hal9000 Wireless
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