Super Smash Bros. 2 is an upcoming sequel to the original Super Smash Bros., where it is considered to be the spiritual successor to the original due to the deviations Melee took. It is comprised of a line up like other Smash Bros. games with the aim being to defeat all opponents in points or time.


The Gameplay uses the old 3D polygonal textures identified in Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and other games of that era when pre-rendered textures were put on 3D surfaces.

The fighting consists of the player attacking opponents with a variety of attacks and techniques to knock them off the stage they are fighting on. There are many different attacks between the playable characters, some are direct hands on combat while others are more ranged. It has not yet been confirmed if this game will feature Final Smashes or another similar technique as little information has yet to be provided.

Currently at the moment 5 characters have been revealed with another 8 supposed to be appearing. It is highly suspected this is not the complete roster as the amount is equivalent to just one more than the complete N64 Roster.

New Modes

Aside from the classic fighting modes in which players have a certain amount of live or there is a timer before which the round ends there have also been several modes added to the game to enhance the playability of the game. The first three modes revealed have been: 15 Minute Madness, 10 Player Super Brawl & Mario vs. Sonic (hope you're ok with the name changes).

15 Minute Madness is a lengthened version of the regular game matchs and features significantly larger versions of the battlefields (with the exception of Final Destination). The 15 minute match has each player start at opposite ends of the battlefield with up to 4 players at one time. The Screens are split unless all four characters are within the same vicinity of each other. The players have infinite lives like in Time trials and the goal is to score as many KOs as possible.

10 Player Super Brawl is the second mode introduced and appears to be similar to the 8 Fighter Mode in Super Smash Bros. WiiU/3DS. It is comprised of 10 fighters fighting in larger arenas with either a set amount of lives or time limit. Some Arenas will be designed so the players can fight bosses of that arena so the player can gain more points or an extra life. In the Time Trial version there is more time in the match being 1.5x that of a normal match. In Life battle players only have 2 lives however.

Lastly is Mario vs. Sonic, in this mode the only selectable characters are a wide range of Mario and Sonic characters. There are many representatives from both sides to even out the numbers. Up to four players can play in a Team like Deathmatch. During the round the players have three lives although each life is a different character for example P1 will spawn as Mario, respawn as Peach and finally respawn as Bowser Jr.


Starting Characters




B- Fireball

Side B- Hammer

Up B- Super Jump Punch

Down B- Ground Pound



B- Bubble Ball

Side B- Peach Bomber

Up B- Parasol

Down B- Vibe Sector


Bowser Jr.

B- Cannon Ball

Side B- Kart Dash

Up B- Abandon Ship

Down B- Mecha Koopa



B- Bow

Side B- Boomerang

Up B- Sword Spin

Down B- Mask Disguise




B- Nayru's Love

Side B- Fireshot

Up B- Teleport

Down B- Transform


B- Needle Storm

Side B-Burst Grenade

Up B- Vanish

Down B- Transform



B- Charged Blast

Side B- Flame Sword

Up B- Rush Jump

Down B- Leaf Shield



B- PK Pulse

Side B- PK Rockin' Beta

Up B- PK Thunder

Down B- PK Magnet



B- Spin Dash

Side B- Ener Beam

Up B- Jump Attack

Down B- Sonic Ridin'



B- Aran Blast

Side B- Missile

Up B- Screwattack

Down B- Bomb



B- Giant Punch

Side B- Knockback

Up B- Kong Swing

Down B- Orange Bomb



B- Inhale

Side B- Hammer Flip

Up B- Final Cutter

Down B- Stone


King Dedede

B- Super Inhale

Side B- Gordo Toss

Up B- Dedede Super Jump

Down B- Hammer Rocket



B- Thunder Shock

Side B- Iron Tail

Up B- Take Down

Down B- Thunder



B- Thunderbolt

Side B- Spinning Baby

Up B- Quick Attack

Down B- Guitar Solo



B- Blaster

Side B- Fox Illusion

Up B- Fire Fox

Down B- Reflector


Dark Inferno's recommended Characters

Hey, so little message from me just gonna give you a list of characters you'll want to add to your character list when you're ready. You can delete this part at any time. You don't have to add all of these although its just a thought.

Mario Universe

  • Luigi
  • Bowser
  • Yoshi
  • Wario
  • Rosalina & Luma
  • Wiggler
  • King Boo
  • Petey Pirahna

Legend of Zelda Universe

  • Ganondorf
  • Toon Link
  • Shiek? I saw you had the transformation so just a moveset for her
  • Zant
  • Midna
  • Ghirahim

Pokemon Universe

  • Pikachu
  • Jigglypuff
  • Charizard
  • Mewtwo
  • Lucario
  • Greninja
  • Sceptile
  • Gengar

Kirby Universe

  • Kirby
  • King Dedede
  • Meta Knight
  • Bandana Dee
  • Sir Kibble
  • Sectonia/Dark Matter Swordsman

Metroid Universe

  • Samus Aran
  • Zero Suit Samus? (Transformation)
  • Ridley
  • Omega Metroid

Earthbound Universe

  • Ness
  • Lucas
  • Starman

Fire Emblem Universe

  • Marth
  • Ike
  • Robin
  • Roy
  • Lucina

F-Zero Universe

  • Captain Falcon
  • Anyone

Pikmin Universe

  • Olimar & Pikmin
  • Plasma Wraith

Animal Crossing Universe

  • Villager

Other Nintendo Universes

  • Mr. Game & Watch
  • R.O.B.
  • Ice Climbers
  • Mii
  • Wii Fit Trainer

Sonic Universe

  • Sonic
  • Tails
  • Knuckles
  • Eggman
  • Shadow
  • Amy
  • Silver

3rd Party Universes

  • Mega Man
  • Solid Snake
  • Pac-Man
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