Super Smash Bros. for Wii Mii and Nintendo 4DS (スーパースマッシュブラザーズ) is a video game currently being developed for the Wii Mii and Nintendo 4DS systems, targeting a 2019 release. This ideration of the Super Smash Bros. series features all previous playable characters in addition to 16 new characters; all previous stages, as well as 24 new stages; and a number of new and returning game modes. The game is the biggest and most intense ideration of the Smash Bros. series.


Super Smash Bros. for Wii Mii and Nintendo 4DS features 68 returning characters, including DLC characters and echo fighters, while still adding 16 more. 



150px-Dr Luigi - Dr Mario Miracle Cure.png
Dr. Luigi 

Dr. Luigi is one of two new "echo characters", a playable character who plays much like another character in the roster. Interestingly, his counterpart character is Dr. Mario , not Luigi . Dr. Luigi exists as a more competitive-friendly version of Luigi, as he is much speedier. Everything from his attacks, to his projectiles, to his general speed is almost half-sped up. For this reason, Dr. Luigi is a very popular character for use in competitive play, as he can easily counter the movesets of most slow-built characters. 

Pokeball Item.png
Scizor is the tenth Pokémon character to be added to the Smash series. He is the most combative selection as his moveset is designed with a somewhat generic "fighting game touch". He is very reliant on melee attacks though has some of the strongest projectile attacks in the game. His playstyle is very similar to that of Lucario 's. Scizor is one of six characters in the game to have an alternate outfit, in this case being Scyther, the Pokémon which evolves into Scizor.


Dark Samus 


Dark Samus is the fourth character representing the Metroid series. Although it appears she is a clone of Samus , she actually has a completely different moveset with only a few glaring similarities. A notable change is an ice/freeze-based moveset, as to coincide with Dark Samus's attacks in the Metroid series. There is also a complete lack of a "Zero Suit" version of Dark Samus, both inside the suit and as an actual character.

Urban Champion.png
Urban Champion 

The first new series addition is Urban Champion from the NES classic Urban Champion. Urban Champion's moveset is surprisingly unique; he only has one projectile attack, in which he throws a manhole cover (which appears in the original game). Everything else is melee-oriented, which makes him a fairly challenging character to correctly utilize. He comes with his own stage as well.

Louie w/ White Pikmin.png

JSSB Pikmin series white ver.png
Louie is the second new "echo character" in the game. He obviously is very similar to Olimar, with a few prominent differences. For one, Louie's Pikmin are all visually and physically different than Olimar's. Louie also moves faster than Olimar, both in terms of general speed and fighting. Louie is one of the most viabally competitve characters in SSB5 with a competitive status comparable to that of Diddy Kong or Zero Suit Samus .

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