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Super Smash Bros.: Going for Gold (SSBGFG) is a recently announced game set to release July 2015 for the Nintendo Thrii, a newly announced console by Nintendo that is a home console (Thrii H), a portable system (Thrii P), and a tablet (Thrii T).


Main Article: Super Smash Bros.: Going for Gold/Characters


Switchable Characters

There is now the option to turn switchable characters on and off when you select switchable characters, so those characters will be unable to switch.

  • Samus/Zero Suit Samus
  • Zelda/Sheik
  • King K. Rool/Boxing King K. Rool
  • Driving Excitebot/Walking Excitebot
  • Zinnia (Tyrantrum/Altaria/Salamence)
  • Human Tiki/Dragon Tiki
  • Classic Link/Painting Link
  • Princess Shokora/Black Cat
  • Fiora/Face Nemesis
  • Human Ninian/Ice Draogn Ninian

Giant Characters

These are playable characters that are just giant. They may look big and scary, but they're slow and have a hard time attacking small opponnents!

Giant Unlockable Characters

Pre-Order Characters

Three characters have been announced playable if you pre-order the game:

(Shadow Mario was only obtainable up to March 1st, 2015.)

Amiibo-Exclusive Characters

There are nine characters announced that are amiio-exclusive. Once the amiibo for that character is bought, that character will become a playable character. These characters will also level up to Lv. 100.

These are the known amiibo-exclusive characters. They are all Pokemon, so they evolve as they level up, gain more custom moves, and the first evolution is always the figure:

Also, a figure that isn't amiibo and from another game has been announced to be compatable:

  • Toy Pikachu (NEWCOMER!)

Alternate Costumes

  • Luigi: Mr. L
  • Bowser: Dry Bowser
  • Bowser Jr.: Koopalings
  • Toad: Toadette, Toadsworth, Captain Toad
  • Cranky Kong: Wrinkly Kong
  • King K. Rool: Kaptain K. Rool, K. Roolstein
  • Baby Mario and Baby Luigi: Baby Peach and Baby Daisy
  • Impa: Skyward Sword Impa
  • Samus: Fusion Samus
  • King Dedede: Masked Dedede
  • Bandana Dee: Waddle Dee
  • Fox: Falco
  • Pikachu: Female Pikachu
  • Marill: Azumarill
  • Captain Falcon: Blood Falcon
  • Lucas: Claus
  • Tiki: Nowi
  • Villager: Female Villager
  • Wii Fit Trainer: Male Wii Fit Trainer
  • Inkling: Male Inkling
  • Driving Excitebot: Beetle, Ladybug, Bat, Turtle, Grasshopper, Mouse, Hummingbird
  • Walking Excitebot: Beetle, Ladybug, Bat, Turtle, Grasshopper, Mouse, Hummingbird
  • Blinky: Inky, Pinky, Clyde
  • Chase McCain: LEGO Person
  • Time-Traveling Mario: Graduation Clothes
  • Goomba: Underground Goomba, Bone Goomba, Octoomba, Goombario, Goombella, Megasparkle Goomba, Captain Goomba
  • Birdo: Robirdo
  • Andross: Classic Andross
  • Mewtwo: Armoured Mewtwo
  • Xerneas: Neutral Mode Xerneas
  • Robin: Female Robin
  • Chrom: Lucina
  • Morgan: Male Morgan
  • Cordelia: Severa
  • Tharja: Noire
  • R.O.B.: Japanese R.O.B.
  • Reese: Cyrus


Thrii H Stages

Thrii P Stages

Thrii T Stages


  • Beam Sword
  • Assist Trophy
  • Smash Ball
  • Master Sword (NEW!)

Assist Trophies


All-Star Mode

All-Star Mode
Character Year
Mickey Mouse 1928
Sheriff 1979
Mr. Game and Watch 1980
Heli Fire Submarine 1980
Classic Donkey Kong 1981
Mario 1981
Donkey Kong Jr. 1982
Luigi 1983
Little Mac 1984
Tamagon 1984
Excitebiker 1984
Ice Climbers 1985
Eggplant Man 1985
NES Mario 1985
Goomba 1985
Toad 1985
Bowser 1985
Peach 1985
Link 1986
Zelda 1986
Impa 1986
Samus 1986
Ridley 1986
Pit 1986
Palutena 1986
Pandora 1986
Imajin 1988
Birdo 1988
Wart 1988
Daisy 1989
Teddy 1989
Dr. Mario 1990
Nurse Peach 1990
Marth 1990
Human Tiki/Dragon Tiki 1990
Mike 1990
Yoshi 1990
Wiggler 1990
Baby Yoshi 1990
Captain Falcon 1990
Samurai Goroh 1990
Kirby 1992
King Dedede 1992
Wario 1992
Meta Knight 1993
Fox McCloud 1993
Andross 1993
Sukapon 1993
Time-Traveling Mario 1993
Donkey Kong 1994
Diddy Kong 1994
Cranky Kong 1994
King K. Rool 1994
Ness 1994
Baby Mario and Baby Luigi 1995
Kamek 1995
Dixie Kong 1995
Pikachu 1996
Jigglypuff 1996
Gyarados 1996
Mewtwo 1996
Zero (from Kirby) 1997
Jody Summer 1998
Black Shadow 1998
Saria 1998
Sheik 1998
Ganondorf 1998
Boxing King K. Rool 1999
Marill 1999
Waluigi 2000
Proffessor E. Gadd 2001
Olimar 2001
Villager 2002
Krystal 2002
Shadow Mario 2002
Petey Piranha 2002
Bowser Jr. 2002
Roy 2002
Doshin the Giant 2002
Metagross 2003
Zero Suit Samus 2004
Berserker 2004
Karate Kong 2005
Lucas 2006
Kumatora 2006
Agitha 2006
Lucario 2007
Rundas 2007
Rosalina and Luma 2007
Wii Fit Balance Board 2008
Wii Fit Trainer 2008
Galacta Knight 2008
Excitebot 2009
Alfonzo 2009
Zoroark 2011
Bandana Dee 2011
Ghirahim 2011
Viridi 2012
Nabbit 2012
Kersti 2012
Robin 2013
Chrom 2013
Cordelia 2013
Tharja 2013
Morgan 2013
Isabelle 2013
Alph 2013
Dedenne 2013
Xerneas 2013
Yveltal 2013
Classic Link/Painting Link 2013
Dr. Luigi 2013
Zinnia 2014
Inkling 2015

Beta Elements

Even though the game isn't yet released, Sakurai has stated some characters who were planned, but cut.

Originally, Red Pikmin, Blue Pikmin, Yellow Pikmin, Purple Pikmin, and White Pikmin would be starting characters, while Rock Pikmin, Winged Pikmin, and Mushroom Pikmin (even though it's not even a species of Pikmin) were unlockable characters, however they have been cut.

Another character considered was Tac. His neutral move, Copy, would scan a player and gain their neutral special attack. He would have that move for the rest of the match. While it wouldn't damage the player while scanning, it would do double its regular power when used on the copied character for the first time. He was cut because he was similair to Nabbit, his Neutral move was too similair to Krby's, and Sakurai didn't want to over-represent the Kirby franchise.

Another characater considered was Mini Donkey Kong and Possessed Mini Mario. This duo would work together to K.O. foes. Mini Donkey Kong would be powerful and defensive but slow, and Possessed Mini Mario would be fast, but not powerful or defensive. They were replaced with Mini Mario because Mini Mario was more iconic.

Another character considered was Princess Shroob and Shroobs. Princess Shroob would be a very weak character, but she would have five shroobs to protect her. She was replaced with Fawful because he had a much larger fanbase.

Another character considered was a Penguin from Mario. It would be in the DLC Pack Christmas, and its moveset would be based around the Penguin Suit from the NSMB series. It was removed because they thought that they would get critisism for including it.

Another character considered was Mike Tyson. Since they thought they would get critisism for including a real-life person, they replaced him with King Hippo.

Originally, Wiggler and Wii Fit balance Board were playable. Wiggler would be able to seperate himself, like one Wiggler did in Paper Mario: Sticker Star (with magic from Kamek), while Wii Fit Balance Board would have moves based of off Wii Fit's regular games, like Obstacle Course. However, due to critisism, they were removed and replaced with Koopa Troopa and Shop Keeper.

Originally, Koopa Troopa was going to be slipt into Green Koopa Troopa and Red Koopa Troopa. Green Koopa Troopa would be harder-hitting, and Red Koopa Troopa would target opponents. However, they decided to only use the Green Koopa Troopa's style of play, and only using the Red Koopa Troopa as a costume.


DLC has been announced. So far, only one pack has been announced for DLC. However, work has not yet begun on it.

Pack 1: Brand-Newcomers

Release Date: At Launch

Pack 2: Veterans

No one has been announced for this pack yet.

Release Date: August 2015

Pack 3: Classic Characters

Release Date: September 2015

Pack 4: Halloween

Release Date: October 2015

Pack 5: Forgotten Heroes

Release Date: November 2015

Pack 6: Christmas

Release Date: December 2015

Pack 7: New Year, New Characters

Release Date: January 2016
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