Super Sea Snail
A Super Sea Snail
Item Type Currency
Kind of Item Snail
First Appearance Splatoon (2015)
Can be exchanged for a Gear's Ability Slot
Related Items
Super Mushroom

Super Sea Snails are gastropod-esque items that appear in the Splatoon series. They act as a special sort of currency and can be exchanged to a person named Spyke for an extra Ability Slot to an Inkling's Gear. Super Sea Snails can be obtained from Callie and Marie after competing and winning in a Splatfest, yet it's currently unknown if they can be obtained in another way.

Super Sea Snails have a blue body, long eyes and live in a gray, crystal-esque turban shell. Oddly enough, the mollusk body resembles the stem of a Super Mushroom, a common power-up in the Super Mario franchise. Moreover, Super Sea Snail has the "Super" prefix in its name, just like a bunch of other Power-ups in the series. The eyes Super Sea Snails have resemble the same pair of eyes almost all power-ups have.


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