Area 1: Forest Beach

Peach and Perry sail to Forest Island with Toadsworth. However, the island is gated and the key is on the other side of the island. They must make their way across the beach and the ocean to find Jungle Blooper, who has the key.

Abillities Earned: Whack(after pre-level)
Charge(after level 1-5)
Blow(after boss battle)

Area 2: Forest...Desert???

Peach and Perry got the key! They make their way into a desert in Forest Island and find a hut, but it is locked. Perry blows away the door with his Blow move and they meet Patty, hiding in the hut. She says that she is acually Perry's sister and joins your team. She tells you that Grandpa is being held in the Koopa Troop Base. But the path is being blocked by the Desert Koopa. They make their way through the desert and defeat Desert Koopa.

Abillities Earned: Heart Zap(at level 2-1)Patty
Flutter(after level 2-5)Perry

Pound(after boss battle)Both

Area 3: The Legend of the Koopa Froot

The trio go down across the path into snowy area when suddenly, a large Thwomp falls down and blocks their path. They try to move it but it is too strong. While searching to find a way to get past, they meet a Toad who tells them that the thwomp will rise up to the clouds if they give it a Koopa Froot but the only one in existence belongs to Icella, who lives on the other side of the snow.

Abillities Earned: Fire Shot(after level 3-1)Perry
Boomerang(after level 3-5)Patty
Freeze(after boss battle)Both

Area 4: The Heart of the Jungle

Peach, Perry and Patty continue along the path into the heart of the jungle. When they reach a large maze area the path stops and spirals in different directions. They are confused, until they see a note saying:

C'mon, do you think that this was gonna be easy? It's getting harder. I hope you die. What, do you want directions? TOO BAD! Kamek

It is then that Patty remembers that someone lives in this area of Forest Island, a Boo called Boolister. They set out for his house, hoping to get directions. But when they reach Boolister's house, no one is there. Suddenly, Cedar bursts through the roof claiming that he took Boolister, and that you must defeat him to get him back. They defeat him and talk to Boolister, who breaks the fourth wall, saying that they must get the Marvellous Compass in Super Paper Luigi. But after that he tells you that the Koopa Troop Base is North-West from his house. You then continue on to Area 5.

Abillities Earned: Bullet:(after level 4-1)Perry
Vortex:(at level 4-5)Patty
Leaf Star:(after boss battle)Patty

Area 5: Super Paper Luigi!

Peach and her umbrella friends continue North-West until they reach a large circular object. Patty recognizes it as a portal and says that it MUST reach Super Paper Luigi. After a few moments, Perry says "Someone must be helping us." They jump into the portal and get sucked into Super Paper Luigi.

This area is different to all other areas, as this is an RPG-type area. Once in the game, they see a staff called Stafy, crying on the ground. He says that he was going to be a party member in the game, but was thrown out. He originally was only visible to Peach, Perry and Patty. He comes with them, but only joins their team when you move to the next level. At the second last level of the world, they meet Luigi and his party members, with the completed Marvellous Compass. Peach asks him for it but he says that he will only give it to you once he beats the Chestnut King. Peach, Perry, Patty, Stafy and Luigi continue the game until the end, when they defeat the Chestnut King. Luigi then gives them the compass and they get sucked back into Forest Island.

Abillities Earned: Spark(after level 5-1)Stafy
Net(at level 5-5)Stafy
Green Thunder(given to you by Luigi)All

Area 6: The Plains are alive, with the sound of..evil?

Strangely enough, the compass leads them to a grassy area, like World 1. Upon arriving, a star spirit called Starlet tells them that the enemies have taken Evil Mushroom's and took over the area. She asks them to help her and defeat the Evil Mega Goomba, who started this chaos. They decide to help her and a new quest begins.

Abillities Earned: Good Blast(given to you by Starlet)All
Tunnel(at level 6-5)Perry
Group Jump(after boss battle)All together

Area 7: Into the Clouds

For helping her, Starlet brings you to the clouds, claiming it is a shortcut. Meanwhile, Kamek's patience is running low. He transports the clouds into another dimention, leaving the portal back to Forest Island with Lakitel, one of his most trusted friends. Peach, Perry, Patty and Stafy journey across the clouds and defeat Lakitel and go into the portal back to Forest Island. They end up at the Koopa Troop Base!

Abillities Earned: Platform(at level 7-1)All
Peach Parasol(at level 7-5)Patty
Cloud(after boss battle)Stafy

Area 8: The end...finally!

The foursome go in to the Koopa Troop Base, knowing that Grandpa was captured here. They make their tiring way to the prison chamber and eventually reach it. They are about to save Grandpa, when Kamek makes a sudden appearance. Everyone worked together to defeat him, but when they did, he said that he cannot die, and is merely "Tired". Perry and Grandpa have a reunion, and they are about to go make to Peach's castle, when Kamek takes Perry and says that the only reason why he took Grandpa was as bait to catch and finally defeat Perry. He almost gets away with it, but then a ghost comes and takes Perry out of his hands. Kamek flees, thinking that the ghost would kill him, and the ghost claims to be Perry and Patty's mother. They make their way back to Forest Beach and the credits begin. The credits show Perry and Patty's mother telling them the unknown story about their past.

Area 8 trivia

  • Strangely, Kamek is not interested about taking Patty.
  • Perry's father is the only family member who is not mentioned somewhere other than in the story.
  • You do not get any abillities in this area, however, you do use them.