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Peach and Perry Sprites ripped by Ragey (Mfgg.com/the spriters resorce))

Basic Info.

This game was released in 2010 for the Nintendo DS, DSi, and 3DS. It is a sequel to the DS game Super Princess Peach.


Control Pad left/right: Walk

Control Pad Down: Duck

ControllPad Down and in Air: Ground Pound

R: Switch Characters

A: Jump

Run and down: Slide attack/dodge

Peach Only:

B: Perry Hit Attack

Y: Scoop Up enemies

L: Use Floatbrella (Learned later in the game)

Ground Pound Water: Use Boatbrella

Luigi Only:

B: Use Hammer

Y: Pick up enemies

L: Flashlight (Use stylus to aim it)

Toad Only:

B: Punch

Y: Pick up things

L: Crawl (Useful for small holes or entances)

Yoshi Only:

B: Tail Sweep

Y: eat (Press whith something in mouth to spit it out)

L: Spit in egg form (Bob-omb eggs explode!)



Peach as she appears in gameplay



Vibes (Peach Only):

Joy: Lets you float, sing to open doors or make some enemies fall asleep, and lets you shoot music notes out of your umbrella, Perry

Gloom: Lets you cry to grow plants, put out fire, or activate water switches and windmills

Rage: You'll catch fire in your rage to burn down wood or kill enemies. You can also shoot fireballs out of Perry.

Calm: Youll slowly recover HP.

The vibes are acivated in the touchscreen like in the origional Super Princess Peach.



World 1- King Goomba

World 2- Petey Piranha

World 3- King Boo

World 4- Giant Buzzar

World 5- Mummy Pokey

World 6-Tree Monster

World 7-King Goomba and Bowser


While Peach, Mario and Daisy are having tea, Peach notices there isnt enough tea. Princess Peach: "Oh my! I better go make more tea." So she goes to the kitchen to make more. Mario goes to help her. They hear a crash and Daisy yelling "Mario, Peach Help!!!" So the two of them run out to the tea room. Two goombas are holding Daisy and taking her away to distract Mario with yet another quest. Soon after Mario goes on a quest to save

Goombas stealing Daisy to distract Mario

Princess Daisy, the water supply in Mushroom Kingdom starts to run out. Peach is trying to calm down the complaining toads. They are angered at the drought in Mushroom Kingdom. Peach finally desides to go looking to find out the cause of the drought.


World 1: Mushroom Kingdom


Playing as Peach, find what is causing the drought using your vibe powers. Set off water switches through tears, burn logs with rage, and folat with glee to reach high places.


Continue searching untill you find the Goomba's, commanded by the King Goomba, sucking away the watersourse.

Cutscene: King Goomba is commanding the goombas to suck the water supply into a water tank. The King notices Peach and gets nervous.

Peach: "You sneaky King! Trying to distract Mario with a quest? Well I bet you didn't know that I still have the powers of the Vibe Scepter!" With that he goomba King took off with the water supply. Goomba King: "Come on boys! We don't have time this is all we need! Fire the shrink ray!" A goomba shoots a ray and the particles of the tank come apart and shrink, then they go together again, this time the tank is small. Perry:"Come on Princess! Lets stop them!"


The King Goomba notices you see him and commands his army to attack as he runs away with the water supply. Kill goombas as you chase after him.


The King Goomba is on his ship and taking off, but that doesn't stop Peach. Now aboard on the ship, search rooms for the water supply.

World 1- Boss Battle

Perry will give a heads up by saying: "There's the King's chamber. Defeat him and get what is rightfully yours! Ground pound his head, but first yo'll need to knock his crown off..."

Open the big doors to the King's chamber.

Cutscene: Peach runs happily to the water supply but the King Goomba barges in the door to stop her.



Attacks: Charge, Jump.

Use the rage vibe to knock out King Goomba and then ground pound his head 5 times to defeat him. King Goomba will charge at you and jump on your head to damage you.

Cutscene: The Kings guards grab Peach and toss her off the ship. Peach uses her joy vibe to float and she

Peach stunning the King Goomba with Rage Vibe

launches a music note. The note follows the King, who is holding up the water supply. By the time it hits the King, they are on the other side of the plains. Stunned by the note, the king drops the water supply off the ship, however it lands on the other side of the plains.

World 2: Pranha Plains


Search piranha plains for the water supply and defeat many Piranha Plants.


Travel through pipes to get underground so you can get past obstacles up above. Also use the joy vibe and launch music notes from Perry the Parasol to hit enemies from a distance.


Use your tear vibe to grow trees that lead to secret loacations and trapped toads. Also using joy vibe, play songs to open some doors.


You are intoduced to the Floatbrella wich allows you to use Perry the Parasol to folat to far away platforms without draining your vibe, however you can only float left or right, not up or down like the joy vibe.

World 2- Boss Battle

Perry gives you a heads up by saying: "Its that huge plant you inflated again! This time he's MAD! When he charges, ground pound his head. Carefull for the firey plants, you'll need to cry on them first to was the fire away then hit them."

Continue through a door to a small cottage.

Cutscene: Peach runs happily twords the water supply, but again is stopped when vines wrap around it. Petey Piranha barges out of the ground, knocking the water supply away and he roars even louder and more angry than before.



Attacks: Rage vibe, Fly and ground pound, charge, roar

Petey this time has a beet red face and smoke pumping by his head. Petey will use rage vibe similar to Peach's and catch fire. He will fly up and try to land on you, similar to in NSMB, but he wont fall. When he lands, shock waves will go from each side of him to the end of the screen. These can damage you. Also when he lands, wood beams from the roof will fall from the top of the screen. They wont damage you, because they will land behind you. You'll need to use joy vibe to float up to them. Durning this, Petey will loose the fire and roar at you too try to keep you from floating to the top of the beam. If you are hit by the roar, you'll fly to the edge of the screen and stop floating, so timing is important. Petey will also spit nipper plants as before, but this time 2

Petey Piranha Prepares to charge

are on fire and red. The fire ones shoot out small fireballs.They can only be killed if you cry on them to put out the fire then hit them with Perry. If you run out of vibe, you will need to kill the non-firey ones, because they will give vibe crystals and you dont need vibe to kill them. Once on the beam, Petey will charge. When he comes near, ground pound his head to make him loose one HP. This will be repeated 5 timed to kill him, however when he has 2 more lives, he will charge faster and spit out more nipper plants at a time. Once he is dead a cutscene will begin.

Cutscene: Peach once again runs to the water supply, but is stopped when it starts to float in mid air. Peach is taunted when it comes near her and she reaches twords it, it is pulled away. Peach hears the laugh of a Boo and the Boo becomes visible. He laughs again and floats away with the water supply to a nearby island said to have a haunted mansion on it!

World 3: Luigi's Haunted Mansion


Cutscene: Peach, using Perry like a boat (The Umbrella Boat Skill) travels to the island where the Boos took the water supply tank. When she gets there, she looks up at the mansion on top of a huge hill and Boo's laugh evily.

Go twords the mansion while battling tree monsters with the rage vibe.


Enter the door to the mansion. In the mansion are many Boos who can only be killed by shining light with the rage vibe to scare them away. Then enter the big door to the main bedroom.


Cutscene: Peach slowly enters the room and sees Luigi shining a flashlight around. Peach: "Luigi!" Luigi:"Peach!" They are both happy to see eachother and run happily to eachother and hug. suddenly they jump when they hear more boo laughs.

Now accompanied by Luigi, you can press R to switch between the two characters. Luigi's attacks are

Luigi with his Anti-Boo flashlight

hammer, anti-Boo flashlight, and the basic ground pound and jump. You'll need to use the flashlight to scare away boos or you can use Peach's rage vibe to shine on the boos and scare them away. Use th stylus on the touch screen to aim the flashlight Luigi has a battery bar similar to Peach's vibe bar. If batteries run out, his flashlight wont work. Batteries can be collected by killing enemies or by breaking objects. In this level, you can also use the joy vibe and hit the noted on the touch screen in the order they light up in to make sleepy ghosts fall back asleep


Continue searching rooms for the water tank. Careful! If you go through a fake door, you'll get sucked up into a ghostly portal. This can be stopped by pressing "A" repeatedly and fast. Also use Luigi's hammer to crack open dressers and closets to reveal either coins, batteries for the flashligh, vibe crystals or sometimes even ghosts.

World 3- Boss Battle

Cutscene: Luigi opens a door and sees the water tank. He waves at Peach to follow and she does. They both run to the water tank and Luigi picks it up. They begin to leave when King Boo swoops down and takes Luigi along with the water supply tank.



Attacks: Boo laugh, dash, bump, tounge hit, crown launch

King Boo will go twords you with his tounge constantly sticking out. This is his weakspot. It must be hit with the rage vibe, however when you use it, King Boo runs away too fast. The only way to hurt him in to go to a high platform with Joy vibe and coppy the music notes shown on the wall to make him fall asleep. Then you can burn his tounge. Every time you do this, the notes on the wall change. King Boo will also summon other boo with his boo laugh. King Boo will always be going twords you and if you touch him you get hurt, so the key is to get him to the opposite side of the notes and then go to the side with the music notes to give you more time to click them. Once down to 2 Lives, King Boo will summon along with the regular boos Ballon Boos,

Peach using Joy Vibe to copy the notes on the wall

which inflate with air and then become huge so they can hit you easier. As they follow you, howerver, they let the air out and slowly shrink to normal boo size. Once all 5 lives are lost, King Boo will cry and dissapear.

Cutscene: Luigi falls down and cheers with the water tank in hand. The mansion starts to shake as boos wickedly laugh. Peach and Luigi start to run as the mansion collapses.

World 3- Bonous Level

Escape the mansion while it collapses. Remember to follow the path of coins and look out for boos. When out of the mansion, world 4 is completed. (This Level is not replayable unless you make a new game)

Cutscene: Peach and Luigi barely make it out of the mansion. They turn around and watch the haunted house collapse. They turn and face each other and cheer, Luigi holding up the water supply tank. Suddenly, a giant bird swoops down and steals the water tank. Luigi says "Oh no!" and Peach screams. They both look sadly at the escaping bird. Then they hear a Toad whistle at them. The toad is on a boat and waves at them to follow. he says "Come on! Don't give up yet!" And Peach and Luigi happily come aboard the ship.

World 4-The Jungle


Cutscene: The boat arrives at the jungle that the Hawk took the water supply tank to. Luigi, Peach and Toad get off the boat onto the island.

Now accompanied by Toad, you can switch between all the characters. Toad, being smaller, can fit through small holes. He can also swing on weak ropes and vines because he weighs less. If Luigi or Peach try to, the

Peach and Toad in the Jungle

rope/vine will snap and they will fall. In this level, you'll need to battle enemy monkeys, koopas, goombas, snakes, and bats and spiders. In dark caves, Luigi can use his flashlight to blind enemies. Also, Peach can use her cry vibe to grow plants that she, Luigi and Toad can climb.


Use Toad to go into holes that lead to blocked caves and use a Bob-omb to blow the rocks blocking the entrance. Also, use rage or Luigi's flashlight to stun spiders and snaked that are used to seeing darknes.


Use to floatbrella or the joy vibe to cross gaps and use rage to burn down trees and knock them down so they can be used as a bridge for Toad and Luigi. Also fly up to the tops of waterfalls with joy vibe while avoiding logs that are falling down the waterfull. At the top knock down a latter for Toad and Luigi. In this level you are also introduced to the boatbrella skill so you can use Perry as a boat.


Use many of the skills from the previous levels. There are also many baby bird enemies as a hint to the boss.

Fly up trees and hit down vines for Toad and Luigi to climb on. Your goal is to get to the cliff by climbing trees and rocks.

World 4-Boss Battle

Perry will give you a heads up by saying: "Its the bird! Hes got the water tank in his nest! Lets go get it! Knock him down and then ground pound him to kill him."

Climb the final tree and hop on the cliff.

Cutscene: Peach, Toad and Luigi climb into the giant nest. Peach runs happily to the water tank, but is stopped when the bird flaps his wings quickly, blowing her back. Luigi and Toad go flying off the cliff landing safely on a tree, however they have no way back up, leaving Peach alone. The Bird Takes the water tank to a branch and puts it up there.



Attacks: Wind, swoop, dash, bird call, carry.

Buzzar Boss

Playing as only Peach, you must defeat the bird using your joy vibe or rage vibe. Buzzar will flap his wings sometimes. While on ground, this attack will only push you. In the air, this attack will send you flying. Every once and a while he will swoop down to pick you up and throw you off the cliff. If this happens, you can use joy or the floatbrella to ger back on. To hurt him, you need to hit him when he dashes. He will come down quickly near the bottom of the nest and fly across the screen. You can use the joy vibe to shoot notes at him, or use rage to shoot fireballs or just hit him while on fire. When you hit him, he will fall down and then you need to ground puond his head. This will make him loose 1/5 (One out of five) of his HP. After each hit he takes, he will call baby birds which can be killed in one hit. However, some baby birds are using their craked egg as armour. These will take 2 hits to kill. Buzzar will also swoop down and drag his claws through the nest. He has his head down so you can't hit it to damage him. This attack can be dodged with a jump, floatbrella or joy vibe. Once defeated, Buzzar will spin out of controll and hit the branch and the water tank will fall.

Cutscene: Buzzar toppels off the cliff with the nest. Peach barely makes it out before the nest is dragged down with the water tank and Buzzar. Peach uses Perry to safely float down to the ground. Toad and Luigi climb down on a vine and meet her. Unfortunately, the goombas got it first. Two goombas run off to the beach, holding the water supply tank and Peach, Toad and Luigi chase them. The goombas take off in their ship and hover away.

World 5 - The Desert

Cutscene: Peach, Toad and Luigi get onto their boat and sail after the airship. King Goomba notices them and fires a Bullet Bill at the boat. Peach, Toad and Lugi abandon ship and jump to the water. Peach uses Perry's Boatbrella skill to safely float on the water. They swim, and in Peach's case float, to a nearby desert island where they get off. The sairship lands by a very tall pyramid.


Hit Pokeys on the head to kill them and dodge tumbleweeds. If tangled in one you'll only get out with jumping 5 times. The tumbleweeds will tangle up on you and pull you along with them, sometimes off cliffs depending where they are.


kill more pokeys and look out for Condor Birds that will swoop down and try to hit you. They can be killed by jumping on their heads/backs. There are also bullet bill turets that can be destroyed with rage vibe by overheating them. At the end of the level you come infront of a pyamid. Use joy vibe to copy the notes above the door. Then the door will open and Peach will enter. NOTE: If you copy the music notes wrong, mummy goombas will fall from the sky and attack you.


Now in the pyramid, there are many mummies, mummy goombas, and mummy pokeys. The mummys and goombas can be killed like the basic enemies, but the Mummy Pokeys are much like Thwomps. They start their attack pattern once you get close to them. They will first appear as a backround. Then they will lean forward to try to hit you. So timing is important.


Now solve puzzles of opening the right doors with joy vibe. The same as before, if it is wrong, then mummys will attack you.

World 5 Boss Battle

Perry Tells you: "Theres the Pharaoh Pokey's chamber! Maybe the water is in there! When he jumps, knock him down with something heavy and big.

Cutscene: The 3 heroes spot the water supply. Peach runs to the water supply, which is up on a strange flower. It is also tied to the roof by a vine. Peach is stopped when the flower pops up, revealing it is a Mummy Pokey with a pharoh mask on. The Pokey throws away the water supply, and it gets stuck to sticky sand on the roof. He jumps up and knocks Luigi and toad away with the shock waves.



Attacks: Jump, slinky, belly flop, Burrow

Pharaoh Pokey Boss

The pharoah pokey will Jump, sending shock waves, do slinky movement and move across the screen, wich can only be dodged if you go under the part of his body that bridges up, and he will belly flop, trying to land on you, and he will also burrow and pop up in other places on the screen. To hurt him, youll need to use the joy vibe, float up to the water supply, and hit it so that it swings and hits pokey and knocks him down. This will only happen when he jumps. If he is not jumping, he will hit the tank with his head and it will swing back. If he is jumping, he will fall apart, then to make him loose 1 HP, jump on his head. He will blink 5 times before jumping as a heads up. He will also send shockwaves when landing if you dont hit him. Also, mummy goombas will pop out of Egyptian coffins that are in the backround. The goombas will give vibe crystals if you kill them. When the water supply tank hits him, it will get stuck to the other side of the ceiling. Pokey will then use the slinkey attack, as an opportunity to get to the other side without having to use joy vibe and use up vibe powers. Once he is dead, each section of his body will pop one by one and a cutscene will begin.

Cutscene: The vine breaks and the water supply tank falls. Peach happily skips to it. The doors on the sides of the room open up, and Toad and Luigi run in and hug Peach. On the other side, an enraged King Goomba enters with 5 other goombas. They steal the water supply tank and run off with it once again. peach, Toad and Luigi run after them.

World 6 - The Ruins

Cutscene: The 4 heroes jump onto the airship. They look through a window and see the King Goomba. King Goomba: "There's no safe place anymore! They'll find us anywhere!" Goomba: "How about Yoshi's Island? They'll never expect us there." Goomba King: "Yes! Perfect! This is why i haven't executed you yet!"

Goomba: "Huh?" The airship suddenly makes a sharp turn. Peach, Perry, Toad and Luigi go flying off the ship. They scream as they fall straight into an island. Peach uses Perry to safely glide to the floor, while Toad and Luigi tumble on the floor. Peach giggles and Toad gets angry. Toad: "Well at least we know where to go."

Peach: "But how?" Toad thinks. Toad: "I got it! A raft! We can build one. All we need are logs and vines."


Starting on the Beach, go into the woods, fighting enemies untill you eventually find a log at the end of the level.


Find the next log, however this time there are many gaps that require Floatbrella and Joy Vibe.


In the begginning, open a door by singing. The door leads to ruins. Use Luigi's flashlight to blund enemies and find things. Use Toad to cross gaps by swinging on weak vines and let bridges out for the others to cross. Another log marks the end of the level


Now you are in a brighter part of the ruins. Avoid small waterfalls as you jump from platform to platform. They will push you down. Use Toad alot in this level to go through small holes. Near the end of the level, you'll go into a hole and then you'll start a minigame like part. Use B to jump up over logs and vines as Toad slides a hill of rubble. At the end you will find the last log.

World 6 Boss Battle

Cutscene: Toad: "Now the vine...." A giant tree monster smashes through

Peach making a river of tears to trip the Tree Monster

rubble. He roars at the heroes and everyone but Peach and Perry are blown away.

Perry: "Make the monster slip on a puddle when he lands, Then burn him!"



Attacks: Jump, Spin, Roots

The tree monster has 3 attacks: Jump: He will jump up and try to land on you. Upon landing shockwaves will go to the edges of the screen. Spin: If you come near, he will spin in the air, sending you across the screen and damaging you. Roots: Roots will pop up from the ground and try to hit you. Rage vibe can kill them. To hurt the boss, you need to cry, making a puddle and make him land on it. This is tricky because you also slide around in the puddles, so it will be harder to dodge him when he lands. If you dodge and he lands in the puddle, he will slip and fall. Then burn him with Rage Vibe. Do this 5 times to kill him.

Cutscene: Toad runs over to the dead boss and pulls a vine from him. Toad: "Perfect! Now lets tie up the raft" Now on the beach, Peach Luigi and Toad tie up the raft and head off.

World 7 - Yoshi's Island


The raft is left on the shore of Yoshi's Island. The heroes get off the raft and head over to Green Yoshi. Yoshi: "Welcome! How may I be of servace for you?" Toad: "We are searching for an airship." Yoshi: "Yes... i saw one this morning. It was HUGE! Like King-Size..... seriously. I'll take you to it."

Now accompanied by Yoshi, go through the beach and town and look for star coins and toads. Also you can bounce on the tents to reach high places with characters other than Peach.


The zoo. Journey through a zoo of exotic animals. Also, watch out for the animal pits with mean and agressive animals in them.


the yoshi island caves. Travel through the caves of Yoshi's Island. The flashlight is very usefull in theis level.


The mountain peak. Go up a mountain to get to the airship. There, you'll need to fight 5 waves of difficult enemies. They get harder each wave.

Cutscene: The airship flys away. Peach: "Not again!" Yoshi: Have no fear! We'll just take our Yoshi Airship." A airship with a yoshi head statue on the front pulls up and they follow the goombas.

World 8 - The Volcanoe


Cutscene: The goombas stop at a castle, belonging to none other than King Bowser himself. The heroes get off and chase after it.

Go through a level full of lava and koopa. Carefull for the falling platforms!


Run through another lava cave and this time, the enemies are on fire. Cry on them to put it out, then kill them.


The lava is rising! Use joy vibe to float to platforms and get away from it! Careful, because some platforms fall down with too much weight on them.


Use the gloom vibe to run across falling platforms quickly and to set off water switches to let a bridge out for allies.


Enter Bowsers deadly castle and go through it to find his chamber!

World 8 Final Boss Battle

Perry: "That's his chamber! He must have the water in there!"

Go through the big doors.

Cutscene: Peach and the heroes run up to the water supply, but King Goomba is next to it. He turns and jumps angrily. Suddenly Bowser falls from behind him and knocks the water tank away. Bowser: "BWA HA HA HA HA!!!!! YOU THINK YOU CAN STOP ME? I AM BOWSER, KING OF ALL OF THE KOOPAS!" The final battle begins.



Attacks (Bowser): He will shoot fire balls at you, and ground pound, sending shock waves, Shell slide.

Attacks (Goomba): Charge, Jump.

Now you need to kill 2 bosses! Kill king goomba like before (World 1 boss). Once he is dead, Bowser will start doing more attacks, but while the goomba is alive, he will only shoot fire. Once the goomba is dead, bowser will charge at you. Jump over this attack. After a while of shooting fireballs and charging, he will go in a shell and slide around, occasionaly jumping. When he is near, use joy to spin the shell and knock it up side down and then ground pount it. After 5 times, you'll win. HINT: When the fireballs hit the floor, the floor will catch on fire. Use gloom vibe to put the fires out.

Cutscene: Bowser's shell breaks off, and the shelless Bowser begins hoppin up and down crying. Bowser: "No! Im the King of the Koopas! This can't happen!!!" He will run out of the room crying. The tank will fall down and the doors will open. Peach's friends enter and they run and snatch the tank. The go back home to Mushroom Kingdom, where the water is put back. Everyone watches in amazement as the water is put back in. When they pour it, about 8 oz of water pors out. Everyone is furious. Luigi suddenly pulls out the shrink gun. He clicks a switch on it and puts it to the "resize lazer" and the water is resized. Everyone cheers.

After the Credits......

After the credits, Mario and Daisy walk back to the castle. He sees Peach sitting down having tea. Peach: "Mario! You'll never belive what i did! I saved Mushroom Kingdom!" Mario: "........Keep dreaming, Princess." Mario walks away, and Peach stands there, stunned.


I hope you liked it!


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