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Super Pikmin 3
A super version of Pikmin 3
Developer(s) Roundy Egg Devs
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Distributor(s) UniBox Studios
Director(s) Steven Spielburg
Composer(s) Yoko Shimomura
Platform(s) Nintendo Switch
Genre(s) Real-time-strategy, Sandbox
Series Pikmin
Release Date(s) Apr 24 2048
Mode(s) Story, Bingo Battle, Challenge Mode, Level Designer
Age Rating(s) Pegi 3.png1000px-ESRB Everyone 10+.svg.pngCERO A.png
Manual(s) "Ceci n'est pas de la peinture!"
Available Input 4,000 RF / t
Cost 49$

Super Pikmin 3 is a game by Roundy Egg Devs. People did not like Pikmin 3's lack of caves and they fixed it by merging the map together and making new caves. All seven pikmin are back and there is a new one too.


Captain Olimar is reclining on his sunbed when suddenly his son screams in pain. He needs serious surgery, and the only way he can get that money is going back to PNF-404.

Captain Olimar and Louie and the President set off. There they meet Alph, Brittany and Charlie for some reason. They are there to collect money because they are greedy. So they team up and you can choose your character.

Olimar and Louie and the other people are in a ship when suddenly they all crash into Pikmin Plains. They all meet the Red Pikmin there and they help them to repair their ship.

When they find the Peach Blueprint in the Tutorial cave, they go to Peach Wood. While they land there their Rocket Booster Mk. -I breaks and they need to get a new one if they want to go further. Luckily, this planet has a Rocket Booster Mk. I on it.

When they find the Rocket Booster Mk. I, a Thief Snagret steal it and brings it down into the cave, Snagret Cave.

When they get to the end of Snagret Cave, the Thief Snagret is there and they have to kill it. So they kill it and it drops the Rocket Booster Mk. I. Now they can go to Wild Wilderness.

In Wild Wilderness they can see the crystal cave. Crystals obviously are worth money, but to get to it they need to melt the frozen thing at the top. So they look for a Heat Ray-o-Tron. Turns out, a Fiery Careening Bug has it.

They melt the ice and go into the Crystal Cave. The crystal cave is full of crystals and... caves. They see a Rocket Booster Mk II so they want to get it.

With the Rocket Booster Mk. II they can go to Rusty River and Sombre Sea. Rusty River has the Thingyboband Sombre Sea has the Big Bellows.

Olimar and Louie are getting treasure. The President wanders off into a cave and never comes out. Olimar and Louie are puzzled and continue looking for treasure.

When they get both of those objects, Sinister Abyss appears in the sky. The gang can fly into if they want.

Olimar give his son surgery and everything is alright, right? The President's wife calls and she is wondering where President is. If they don't find the President, they will be fired. So Olimar and Louie go back to find the President.

Turns out, the President is controlling the REDACTED, a huge bionic beast.


Name Image Damage Speed Immunity Skill
Red Pikmin
15 Normal Fire Just cool
Blue Pikmin
10 Normal Water Can throw drowning Pikmin to shore
Yellow Pikmin
10 Normal Electricity Can conduct electricity
Purple Pikmin
Normal purplepikmin1.jpg
20 (Pummel), 50 (Impact) Normal Wind, Fear Can stun enemies and pound down logs
White Pikmin
Normal whitepikmin.jpg
5 Very Fast Poison If they get eaten they poison most enemies.
Rock Pikmin 150px-RockPikminHD.png 15 (Pummel), 25 (Impact) Meh Crushing Can break glass and crystals.
Winged Pikmin
5 Fast None Can fly
Ice Pikmin
10 Fast Freezing Can freeze hot things


Captain Olimar
Suit HP: 100
Speed: 80
Punch: 100
Suit HP: 100
Speed: 75
Punch: 105
The President
Suit HP: 110
Speed: 70
Punch: 100


Story Mode

The regular story mode.


The list of all the enemies and treasures. With nice music too.

Bingo Battle

The classic bingo battle. Two players fight it out to collect treasures to go on their bingo card.

Challenge Mode

Like Challenge Mode from Pikmin 2 and Mission Mode from Pikmin 3, you have to do challenges to progress and beat the mission.

Testing Lab

The Testing Lab is a place where you can test Pikmin and spawn enemies, like training in Smash Bros.

Level Designer

The level designer let's you design your own worlds, caves and floors. You can also upload your levels and play other people's levels.

Level Designer

Probably inspired by Scruffy

The level designer is lacking some things. Please suggest ideas for the Level Designer.

Something a lot of people would probably want. There are many different items to choose from. It uses a voxel terrain thing and you can put objects in there afterwards. It is easiest to use the touch controls of the Switch, however, if you like to you can use the controllers. To select thing you face the camera at the object and press L while holding A.



Button Effect
Generate Terrain Generates a random bunch of voxel to make something akin to Minecraft
Move Voxel You can select voxel and move it up and down
Grow Grows the ground so it pulls voxels toward it
Shrink Shrinks the ground so it pushes voxels away from it
Paint Paints the terrain with different materials to choose


Button Effect
Create Opens up a page of objects you can create
Delete Select an object and delete it
Scale If you want gigantic objects then you can (Some more complex things can't be scaled)
Properties Let's you change how the object behaves (You can make a really fast Bulborb!)
Move Move an object
Copy Copy an object
Paint Paint objects


Button Effect
Objective Sets the objective. Such as: do you need to grow a certain amount of Pikmin or kill a boss or get a certain amount of treasure?
Time Limit How much time you have to do the objective in (It can be infinite)
Music What music the level has
Background What background the level has
Start Pikmin What Pikmin you start with


Objectives are the things you need to do in the level.

Name Objective
Get Pokos Collect treasures and fight enemies in a time limit and get high scores!
Get These Treasure Collect all the specified treasures!
Beat Those Enemies Defeat all the specified enemies!
Get Pikmin Grow as many Pikmin as possible in the time limit and get high scores!
Get This Much Pikmin Reach a specified number of Pikmin. It can be specific, such as get 50 Purple Pikmin.
Reach the Goal Reach the goal!


Modifiers are optional things that change how an objective works. For example, you can do "Reach the Goal BUT Don't Lose Any Pikmin!" For funny purposes, all modifiers can be made the opposite. For example, you can do "DON'T Defeat Any Enemies!"

Modifier Opposite Description
Don't Lose X Pikmin Lose X Pikmin Requires you to not lose X amount of Pikmin. It immediately ends if you lose X amount.
Win With X Pikmin Win Without X Pikmin Requires you to have X amount of Pikmin when you do the objective.
Defeat X Enemies Don't Defeat X Enemies Requires you to defeat X amount of enemies when you do the objective.
Don't Take X Damage Take X Damage Requires you to not to take X damage for Captains. It immediately ends if a Captain takes X damage.


Material Effects
Grass None
Dirt None
Sand None
Rock None
Magma Burns
Lava Burns, Kills
Water Drowns
Ice Slippy
Ice Freezing
Electric Metal Electrocutes
Purple Goop Poisonous



Up to 100 Pikmin can be on the field at once. Placed Pikmin can be idle or in the ground.

Enemy Properties

Property Effect Possible Values
HP How much damage the enemy can take before dying 0 - 10000
Regeneration How fast an enemy regenerates health (0 means the enemy doesn't regenerate health) 0 - 10
Speed How fast an enemy regenerates moves (0 means the enemy doesn't move) 0 - 250
Gravity If the enemy has gravity True or False
Field of View The amount of degrees the enemy can detect Captains and Pikmin 15° - 360°
Revives? If true, the enemy will slowly regenerate health when dead True or False
Damage How much damage the enemy does to Captains 1 to 250
Treasure The treasure the enemy will drop when they die (They do not have to have a treasure) None or Any Treasure
Pikmin Value How much the Pikmin is produced when brought to an Onion 0 to 20
Value How much the enemy is worth when brought to Ship in a cave 0 to 20
Weight How heavy the object is for Pikmin to carry 1 to 1000


Name Description
Boulder A boulder that slides down slopes. Use it to crush things.
Switch A switch of 16 colours that activate or deactivate Switch Blocks.
Switch Block A block that is solid while a switch of the same color is on.
Inverted Switch Block A block that is solid while a switch of the same color is off.
Onion An Onion to store Pikmin. Can be a Master Onion for all Pikmin, or an Onion for a specific Pikmin.
Paper Bag A bag that requires a certain amount of Pikmin to crush it.
Seesaw block Two blocks that react to weight. The one with more weight on it falls down, while the other one goes up.
Hole? A hole that Pikmin can dig to reveal an item. You can put items or enemies into these.
Climbing Stick A stick Pikmin can climb up to.


These are physical items you can pick up and interact with.

Item Image Description
Super Spicy Spray Blob Coming soon... A blob of Super Spicy Spray.
Ultra Bitter Spray Blob Coming soon... A blob of Ultra Bitter Spray.
Bomb Rock Coming soon... A rock that can be picked up by Pikmin and thrown. It explodes when: a Pikmin throws it, a nearby explosion hits it or if it gets crushed by something. You can disable picking it up.


All of these upgrades can be configured to change their effectiveness.

Upgrade Effect
Metal Suit A suit for Captains to wear. It halves the damage they take.
Fire Suit A suit for Captains to wear. It makes fire do way less damage.
Electric Suit A suit for Captains to wear. It makes electricity do way less damage.
Super Suit A suit for Captains to wear. It makes ice do way less damage.
Headlamp A hard-hat with a lamp. Lets you see in the dark better.
Pluck-a-phone A megaphone that entices Pikmin to be uprooted.
Running Shoes These shoes make Captains run faster.
Big Whistle A bigger whistle for a bigger whistling range.


Name Description
Rock Rocks of different shapes and sizes to decorate your level.
Spring Tree A green tree
Autumn Tree A brown tree
Winter Tree A tree with snow on it's leaves


Super Pikmin 3 comes with five different new locations and brings some old ones.

Name Unlock Description
Pikmin Plains At Start Pikmin Plains is the first place you go to. It is home to the Red Pikmin. It is full of lush plains.
Peach Wood Collect the "Peach Blueprint" Peach Wood is a dark forest with peach trees. It is home to the Yellow Pikmin.
Wild Wilderness Collect the "Rocket Booster Mk. I" Wild Wilderness is a hot savannah with tall, yellow grass. It is home to the Rock Pikmin.
Crystal Cave Collect the "Heat Ray-o-Tron" Crystal Cave is an underground cave full of crystals. It is home to the cave Cold Cavern, where Ice Pikmin reside.
Rusty River Collect the "Rocket Booster Mk. II" Rusty River is a river with lots of metal rubbish in it. It is home to the Winged Pikmin.
Sombre Sea Collect the "Rocket Booster Mk. II" Sombre Sea is a sad sea that is always raining. It is home to the Blue Pikmin.
Sinister Abyss Collect the "Thingybob" and the "Big Bellows" Sinister Abyss is the final place. It is the resting area of the final boss.
The final boss is Fire God, who is a Waterwraith but super big and on fire.  

Note: If you add all the letters together you get PPWCRSS which means absolutely nothing.


Hazards are the elements in Pikmin games. They usually kill any Pikmin that isn't immune to it.


Fire is fire. If any Pikmin that isn't red touches it, they will go on fire and panic. Whistle them and they will be ok.


Water is a hazard because only Blue Pikmin can swim. All other Pikmin drown in water, but whistling them can help them out. Blue Pikmin can also act like lifeguards and throw them on to the shore.


Electricity is a dangerous thing in a dangerous environment. It will shock Pikmin and captains, causing them to be stunned for a moment. Yellow Pikmin are immune.


Crushing can be everywhere. Only Rock Pikmin can survive crushing.


Usually only from Puffy enemies. It will blow Pikmin and make them fall on the ground, or lose their flower. Purple Pikmin are immune.


Poison acts the same as fire, causing Pikmin to panic and eventually perish if not whistled. White Pikmin are immune.


Freezing will cause Pikmin to freeze and eventually die. Whistle them to save them. Ice Pikmin are immune.


This used to be made for Piemin but I took it because Snow Kyogre (tbc) didn't need it

Enemies are the things that want to eat Pikmin.

Name Image Description Weight
Red Bulborb
"The most iconic enemy in the series." 10
Orange Bulborb
Orange Bulborb.png
"More aggressive then their common counterpart." 10
Hairy Bulborb Coming soon... "Only found in snowy places." 10
Dwarf Red Bulborb
Dwarf Red Bulborb.png
"Actually a member of the breadbug family." 3
Dwarf Orange Bulborb
Dwarf Orange Bulborb.png
"Also a member of the breadbug family." 3
Snow Bulborb
Snow Bulborb.png
"Still a member of the breadbug family." 3
Puffy Blowhog
Puffy Blowhog.png
"This mean air thing will blow Pikmin." N/A
Withering Blowhog
Withering Blowhog.jpg
"This mean air thing will blow Pikmins' leaves off." N/A
Careening Diribug Coming soon... "This bug will produce bomb rocks from its mouth and throw them at you." 3
Iridescent Flint Beetle
Iridescent Flint Beetle.png
"This bug will drop nectar when hit." N/A
Iridescent Glint Beetle
Iridescent Glint Beetle.png
"This rare golden bug will drop lots of goodies when hit." N/A
Doodlebug Coming soon... "This bug will drop spicy sprays when hit. The catch? Poisonous flatulence." N/A
Toady Bloyster
Toady Bloyster.png
"This blob has a very dexterous tongue and will eat Pikmin if they get too close." 3
Sheargrub (Female)
Female sheargrub.png
"The female sheargrub has small mandibles and cannot eat Pikmin." 1
Sheargrub (Male)
Male sheargrub.png
"The male sheargrub has mandibles and can eat Pikmin." 1


Treasures are a key feature in Pikmin 2, and therefore they are important in Super Pikmin 3.

Name Image Description Weight Location
Insect Condo Coming soon... (If ever) "What looks like a tasty... red thing, is actually a home to creepy creatures!" 10 Blossom Grove
Sunseed Berry Coming soon... "This berry is so sweet I could eat it forever!" 3 Blossom Grove
Citrus Lump Coming soon... "This lump has incredibly tough skin... I wonder what juicy goodness may be inside." 3 Blossom Grove
Frosty Protein*NEW!* Coming soon... "For whatever reason, this lump is sticky. I analyzed it and it is frozen protein." 3 Tutorial Cave
Peach Blueprint*NEW!* Coming soon... "This piece of blue paper is a map. It leads to a place I called Peach Wood, so I shall call this the 'Peach Blueprint.'" 20 Tutorial Cave
Fluffy Pudding*NEW!* Coming soon... "This brown dome of fluffy, rock, is very tasty. I've read a book about these. I think they are called puddings." 15 Baker's Kingdom
Sweet Disc*NEW!* Coming soon... "This flat disc is sweet. What can I say?" 4 Baker's Kingdom


Caves are back from Pikmin 2. Caves are a good source of treasure. Here is a list of caves:

Pikmin Plains

Tutorial Cave

The first cave you will visit, hence the name.

Blossom Grove

The second cave you can visit. It is home to beautiful flowers and fresh fruit.

Challenge Mode

As previously stated, Challenge Mode is a mode where you explore special caves and get points within a time limit. Here is a list of Challenge Mode levels. Note: So I can be less bored, these are made in order of fun and trying new things rather than difficulty.

Beginner's Cave

Time: 120 seconds

Sublevel Description Treasures Enemies
1 This sublevel has a rest area design. Coin, NES D-Pad 4 Female Sheargrubs
2 This sublevel has a sudden change of temperature. The floor is frosty and there are Snow Bulborbs. Citrus Lump 4 Snow Bulborbs

Metal Lair

Time: 150 seconds

Sublevel Description Treasures Enemies
1 This sublevel is has two Gatling Groinks. It is a homage to Sniper Room from Pikmin 2. Lustrous Element, 2 Mirrored Elements 2 Gatling Groinks

This sublevel is full of Metal Dweevils and Decorated Cannon Beetles.

Lustrous Element, Shining Emblem 5 Metal Dweevils, 3 Decorated Cannon Beetles

Horrific Chasm

Time: 180 seconds

Sublevel Description Treasures Enemies
1 This cave is appropriately named. There are two Waterwraiths. Sweet Disc, Fluffy Pudding 2 Waterwraiths