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Super Paper Mario 2 & Luigi is Ninkancho's sequel to Super Paper Mario for the Display C. It was first mentioned in the September 2016 announcement, and was properly announced in November of the same year. The company has been hesitant to reveal specific plot details, but other reveals have been made.


Super Paper Mario 2 is the second crossover between Paper Mario and Mario & Luigi, the two main role-playing spinoffs of the Mario franchise. Unlike Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam, the game involves Mario and Luigi joining an adventure in Paper Mario's world.


Super Paper Mario 2 & Luigi seems to follow a similar gameplay style to the original Super Paper Mario. Due to the presence of more buttons on the controller than were available on the Wii Remote, there are shortcuts to navigate menus more quickly, allowing Pixls to be switched in a twist of a control stick, or for the Items menu to be opened with a single button press.

All characters can dash and use hammers at will when face buttons are pressed. The Mario and Luigi from the non-paper universe will follow behind Paper Mario in singleplayer, and are available as multiplayer characters, though they cannot Flip or use Pixls.

Badges are available.

Super Paper Mario 2 uses a more zoomed-out camera that displays a completely parallel-projected view in 2D mode.


Several Pixls have been revealed. Only Player 1 can use these thinking tools.

A Pixl resembling two adjacent trapezoids can be used to compress aligned objects into a single entity, much like the Cutout ability from Paper Mario: Color Splash. A ghost-like Pixl is also seen pulling Mario into the shadows. Another Pixl shaped like the number 7 appears to be used to activate a slot machine-like effect after attacking an enemy.

Throughout revealed gameplay, the beta Pixl from early builds of Super Paper Mario follows behind Paper Mario.


Unlike in Super Paper Mario, the Audience seems to persist even after failing a Stylish Move.
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