Release Notes

Super Paper Mario 2: Dimentio's Revenge was released on the Nintendo Switch on May 9th, 2017. Super Paper Mario 2 celebrates the 10-year anniversary since the original Super Paper Mario by releasing a sequel to continue the legacy.


After five years of peace from Dimentio and the evil Count Bleck, Mario and the gang find themselves once again in a jeopardy resulting in the fate of their entire lives. They must once again team up with Merlon, Count Bleck, and Bowser to fight an evil being more powerful than anything they've ever seen.


At the beginning of the game, the player controls Mario directly, and then later obtains Princess Peach, Luigi, Bowser, Bowser Jr, and Count Bleck as playable party members. The player controls the characters by using the left stick to move and A to jump. Double tapping A with Princess Peach will activate her parcel and will allow Luigi to perform a higher jump. Pressing B will activate your pixl's ability. The X button opens up the Inventory in this game you can carry up to 99 of each item. Y activates the menu, allowing you to switch party members, switch your pixl and you can also access the world map, key items, you can go through the chapters, the battle cards (see the battle card section) and your characters' information. Pressing the R button will activate 3D and the L button will allow you to use the hammer with Mario and Luigi, Bowser to breath fire, Count Bleck to Shoot Dark Lasers, Princess Peach to Heal you by 5 hp (but this must be recharged) and Bowser JR to fly around in his Clown Car. Mario and his party must use these new abilities, such as turning sideways to slip through cracks, hammering down large blocks, or planting bombs to defeat foes, to advance. The current Pixl can be switched out, but you cannot swap out Brainy except for one time in Chapter 7 in the battle against Shadow Peach And Dark Prognosticus. This Pixl enables turn-based battle, and two people out at once, but this Pixl disappears after the battle. Super Paper Mario, like other Paper Mario games, borrows both RPG and platforming elements in its gameplay, with a noted shift towards platforming in this installment. In this game, you get to switch from 2-D to 3-D whenever needed to solve problems on how to get past that particular part of the level. The main hub, Toad Town provides locations for Mario and his party to talk to residents, shop, and rest, as well as to open doorways to other worlds. Unlike previous Paper Mario games, there is no turn-based fighting but jumping on an enemy starts a battle like in other games but they're still non-turned based. Instead, the player faces foes directly on the screen as in a usual Mario platforming game, and through experience gains and special items, the amount of damage dealt per hit can be increased. The player also must watch the party's health taken as damage from foes, though this can be restored with special health items. The traditional scoring system used in most platforming games doubles as an experience point system. After jumping on an enemy, the player can shake the controller for extra points. The player can also collect extra exp points for your attack and defense pixls by using that pixl in battle 10 times. Battle cards also return with a new function, allowing you to deal more damage if you have that enemies card, but you could have an extremely rare chance of getting 10,000 experience points from killing that enemy if you possess 100 or more of their cards. They can be found, and you can buy them in each chapters towns and can be bought in the Card Shop in Toad Town. You can only find duplicates and you can't buy them. Unlike the first Super Paper Mario, every time you level up 15 points get added to each stat and you can add an extra 15 points to any level. The stats don't do much until Chapter 6 and beyond. Entering 3d in this game doesn't look like it did before, instead, it looks like the over worlds in Paper Mario 64, TTYD, Sticker Star, and Color Splash. You can be in 3D for a minute before you take 5 damage and have the meter reset. You can only enter 3d using Mario.


Mario and Luigi host a party at their house to celebrate the five-year anniversary of defeating Dimentio, they invite everyone that helped in the last game including Peach, Merlon, Tippi, Count Bleck, Bowser,  O'Chunks, Mimi, and Nastasia. Unfortunately, the party gets crashed by the Dark Prognasticus, but it is a sentient being. It kidnaps Bleck, Tipi, Luigi, Peach, Bowser, Bowser JR, Mimi, O'Chunks, and Nastasia. Mario goes to Toad town following this and meets up with Professor Warp, a scientist toad trying to travel dimensions. He brings Mario to his house and shows him the dimension portal. From here Mario can visit dimensions but must get something called Energy Gems. The player needs 10 to go the next dimension.

Chapter 1

Chapter 1-1: Adventure Begins: Mario begins in a forest just outside of Toad Town, he meets his first Pixl Brainy, who can give you hints in an area, knows the HP, Attack, and Defense of an enemy, and can detect hidden Energy Gems. 

Chapter 1-2: Flippers and Floppers: In this level Mario starts progressing his way through the heart of the forest, where he and Brainy meet Hermit Toad that teaches Mario to go into 3D, Mario can find two Energy Gems, one gifted to him by Hermit for retrieving a bag of chips from a store only accessible in 3D and the other is found at the end of the level by using 3D to get up to it.

Chapter 1-3: Scaling the Monster: Brainy and Mario find their way at the base of a mountain and begin to climb. They run into a small problem and find that rocks are blocking the path. By flipping into 3D Mario finds a chest that inside unleashes Boomer, after catching up with Mario, Boomer joins you, but because you don't posses Tippi, Brainy is your main Pixl so you can have him and Boomer equipped. Boomer blows up the rocks. After blowing them up an Energy Gem is revealed and you obtain your fourth one. Once you reach the midpoint, a small village is found, and you fight your first boss, Buzzar, who wants revenge from his last encounter with Mario from Paper Mario 64. Once you beat him, the village toads thank you and in return give you an Energy Gem. You can buy items or clothes, unlike other Paper Mario games, you can equip gear similar to the Mario and Luigi games. Gear can increase defense, attack, and even hp.

Chapter 1-4: The Mystery of Candy Cave: Mario and Brainy are asked to investigate Candy Cave because weird noises are heard. From inside you can find two hidden Energy Gems, and make your way to the heart of the mines. From there you find the 8th Energy Gem and the level ends.

Chapter 1-5: Weegie Time: Mario and Brainy find themselves in a giant cave lair, where they must make their way to a strange room. You find the ninth Energy Gem in the room and a warp pipe is revealed that leads to the boss room. Once you enter, you can see Luigi hanging from the ceiling in a cage, and the boss jumps from a platform high up. After beating the giant buzzy beetle, the dark power from inside it releases and drops a bunch of paper and unlocks Luigi. It explodes into a Mega-Energy Gem. Professor Warp teleports you back to his house and the chapter ends.

Chapter 2

Chapter Chapter 2: Pre: Mario, Brainy, Boomer, and Luigi end up back in Professor Warp's house, where Mario gives him the 9 Energy Gems and the Mega-Energy Gems. From there the Mega-Energy Gem is placed on a pedestal in the Engine Room and the Energy Gems are placed inside the machine. A portal opens that leads to a new dimension. Before Mario goes through the dimension, Professor Warp teaches you how to switch characters and use Luigi's new ability. Before Mario can enter the portal he is once again interrupted by Merlon, who showed up late to the party. He reads the papers you found and figure out they are the first chapter of the second Light Prognusticus, revealing that the Dark Prognausticus was revived given life by its previous owner and Mario and Luigi set out to try to find more chapters of the second Light Prognostics and find the next 10 Energy Gems.

Chapter 2-1: Trampoline Park of Bleck: Mario and Luigi end up in a new dimension, looking for more Energy Gems. The area is filled with trampolines and you must find the right one that will bounce you up, but you have to use Luigi's super jump to jump super high to access a door. By going through the door Luigi and Brainy will find Count Bleck, who's trying to sell trampolines to a few toads, who turn him down. The Dark Prognausticus appears above Bleck and inhales him inside the pages. The Dark Prognausticus drops an Energy Gem and teleports away. The Energy Gem bounces along the trampolines and through a warp pipe in the ceiling. Once Luigi finds it, the level ends.

Chapter 2-2: The Key to Success: Mario, Luigi, Brainy, and Boomer find themselves inside of a large town, with a giant mansion atop of a hill. The second Energy Gem can be found in a shop, but Mario must fight the shopkeeper, prompting the third boss battle. Once Mario beats the shopkeeper, it drops a key, unlocking the back gate of the town allowing you to enter the forbidden hill Mario finds the third Energy Gem and the level ends.

Chapter 2-3: The Forbidden Hill: Mario and the crew progress through the Forbidden Hill and find a pipe that leads to a puzzle area. Once completing the puzzle, it turns into the fourth Energy Gem, and the Puzzle Pixl appears, Kuzzle can turn strange looking areas and objects into their real form by completing quick puzzles. At the end of the level, you must use Kuzzle to fix the front of the mansion and get the fifth Energy Gem.

Chapter 2-4: Manor Mimi: The Dark Prognausticus continues through the mansion, possessing its owner, Mimi. Mimi is in control of 4 Energy Gems. Mario and crew find the first one in the maze of fifty doors. The second one is obtained in the kitchen and the level ends.

Chapter 2-5: Saving the Count: Mario and the crew end up on the roof of the manor, where you can flip into 3D and find the last two Energy Gems. Once you get them, Mimi finds you and attacks you, after beating her the Dark Prognausticus wears off and Mimi becomes good and reveals Count Bleck is asleep on the porch roof, after saving the Count, Mimi creates the second Mega-Energy Gem. Brainy asks about the second chapter of the second Light Prognausticus. Mimi leads you to the library where you find it and Professor Warp teleports you back to his house.

Chapter 3

Chapter 3 Pre: You end up in Professor Warp's house, where the Energy Gems are put inside the machine and the Mega-Energy Gem in the Engine room. Count Bleck and Mimi go to a room in the house where there are five raised seats similar to a courthouses judge's seat. Bleck and Mimi sit down in them which activates a hidden hologram from Merlon. He says that the heroes will create the Council of 9, which will combine their powers to destroy the Dark Prognausticius for good. Professor Warp opens up the portal to the next dimension, and to find the next 9 Energy Gems and Mega-Energy Gem.

Chapter 3-1: A Pirates Quest: Mario and Luigi find themselves at a seaside town, and must do the captain of a pirate ship a favor to find the next chapter of the Second Light Prognosticus. You must enter 3D to find the hidden part of the town where you can buy a steel sword to replace the captains old wood sword. Once delivering it to him, he rewards you with an Energy Gem and a trip to Gooper Island, but Shadow Peach appears out of a dark portal and battles you, once she's beaten she teleports away leaving behind the second Energy Gem.

Chapter 3-2: Haunted Sea: The ship sails out to sea smoothly for a while until a bunch of boos show up. It's up to Mario to fight the boos to save everyone and get the boat sailing again. There's a catch, 80% of the boos can only be seen in 3D, 45% of them can only be killed by Boomer, and 20% of them have to be blown up twice. Once all 100 boos are killed, the last one drops two Energy Gems.

Chapter 3-3: Shipwrecked: The boat gets shipwrecked after hitting a giant rock, and Mario is separated from the rest of the crew, after reuniting with Brainy, Boomer, and Luigi, you can use Luigi's super jump on the red palm tree to find a new Pixl, Carrie, which is an old friend. Carrie allows you to float on top of the water and collect pieces of the boat to rebuild it. She also gives you an Energy Gem. Shadow Peach comes back and fights you again. Once she teleports away she drops another Energy Gem and the level ends.

Chapter 3-4: SS Mario Bros: Mario and Luigi continue to look for materials to build a new ship, after finding 10 pieces, Kuzzle can use his abilities to combine the pieces creating a boat. Hidden in a cave below the fifth island is a treasure chest of 9999 gold coins, once you find them you will be confronted by Shadow Peach once again, she battles you and after battling you she gives you the coins, she leaves behind and Energy Gem once again. Mario and Luigi can use the energy gem to power the boat and take them to the tenth island, where a krab is. You can purchase the levels second Energy Gem for 9999 coins. Once you do the level is complete.

Chapter 3-5: Gooper Blooper: Mario and Luigi find the lost crew of the first boat and sale to Gooper Island. Unfortunately, Shadow Peach comes once again and battles you, she gives up and gives you the last two Energy Gems. The Dark Prognostics' magic wears off and she turns to normal Peach, but she keeps the same outfit as before. She complains about it and says the first chance she get she's changing it. The once you arrive at, Gooper Blooper will attack the SS Mario Bros, using the canons you can shoot it in the eyes. After destroying the eyes the Gooper Blooper will jump out of the water in pain and onto a nearby island. You can shoot it while it's weak and dry up on the island, but after a while, it will regrow its eyes and head back into the water. After beating it, it drops a Mega-Energy Gem. The captain reveals the third chapter of the Second Light Prognosticus and the Professor Warp teleports all three of them back to his house.

Chapter 4

Chapter 4 Pre: Once teleporting back to Professor Warp's house, Count Bleck and Mimi reveal they have found the dimension Nastasia is in so they put the Energy Gems in the machine and the Mega-Energy Gem in the engine room. Without haste, they enter the portal and head to the next dimension.

Chapter 4-1: Fortress of the Beast: Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Brainy end up on a long stone bridge that leads over lava. Progressing over the bridge is too dangerous because lava rises out of the ground and onto the bridge. By going into the 3D, you can go through a hidden pipe that leads to an underground cave. You can open a chest and find a new Pixl, Chill. Chill can freeze lava for 10 seconds allowing you to jump safely over it. Once you reach the end, you find a large castle. Going into 3D you can find two pedestals each with one Energy Gem on it, by collecting both the level ends.

Chapter 4-2: The Castle of Darkness: Once you enter the castle, you must use Peach's Paracel to glide from platform to platform to get to the hub of the castle. The Dark Prognosticus teleports to the hub where you must fight him, but he is invicible. He gets bored after a while and leaves, leaving behind 9 Energy Gems. The level ends.

Chapter 4-3: Fort Bowser Jr: Mario and the crew progress through the castle until they find Bowser Jr, who tells them Bowser has been possessed by the Dark Prognosticus and joins your party. He guides them up to the throne room, but it's locked. The level ends.

Chapter 4-4: The Key Hunt: Mario, Bowser JR, and the crew look all around the castle for the key, once you find the key in the basement, the level ends.

Chapter 4-5: King Koopa: Once you head back through the entire castle, going through the same mazes from the previous level, you can unlock the throne room door leading to Bowser. Bowser begins to battle you. Bowser uses his fire meaning you can't get close, you must use Chill to freeze the fire and then jump on Bowser. After he takes 100 damage, he'll use his shell to guard him when you jump, so you need to use Chill to freeze him, and then use Boomer to blow him up. Once he is defeated, the dark power leaves and the Mega-Energy Gem is created from the dark power. Bowser joins the party and reveals that he has a hidden staircase behind his throne. The staircase leads up his private office and a bookshelf with the fourth chapter of the Second Light Prognosticus. Professor Warp teleports everyone back to his house. Once everyone gets back, the house gets attacked by Dimentio, who reveals his plans to finally destroy all worlds. He then takes all of the Energy Gems and Mega-Energy Gems and flies away.

Chapter 5

Chapter 5-1: Dimentio Hunt: Mario and crew end up in Dry Dry Desert, trying to find Dimentio. In the process, they come across an Oasis, where they meet the Koopa Bros, who run away back to their fortress dropping an Energy Gem. If you follow them, you will die. They've set a trap, so you must go into 3D and go into a hidden pipe. From there, you get the Energy Gem and the level ends.

Chapter 5-2: Dimentio!: The evil fiend Dimentio shoots a laser at you the second you enter the level, killing everyone in your party. He flies away, leaving Brainy to find mushrooms and Shroom Shakes for everyone. You play an old classic 8-bit styled mini-game to get the items and heal the party. From there, you battle Dimentio and he drops 7 energy gems. He leaves to go to the Koopa Bros' Fortress and the level ends.

Chapter 5-3: Breaking the Bank...AGAIN: Mario and the gang make their way out of the Oasis and towards a small desert town, where an old billionaire is purchasing all of your remaining Energy Gems and your 4 Mega-Energy Gems from the Koopa Bros. The billionaire will only sell them to you for 100,000,000 coins a piece, and 500,000,000,000 coins for every Mega Energy Gem. In order to get the coins, you must work for him. This means cleaning his mansion, picking the crops, and making him a cake every night for dinner. He only likes Peach's recipe so you must play as her while you make the cake.

Chapter 5-4: Koopa Bro's Fortress: The Dark Prognostics turns the billionaire into a frog, leaving you with all the stuff in his mansion, which means all of you Energy Gems and Mega-Energy Gems and a portal to an unknown location. Mario goes through the portal to find himself outside of the Koopa Bro's Fortress. After going through the maze of the fortress. Once you get to the top, you fight the Koopa Bro's, and they drop a Mega-Energy Gem.

Chapter 6

Chapter 6 Pre: Professor Warp teleports you all back to the lab. After you put the Energy Gems back in the machine and the Mega-Energy Gems back into the Engine Room, the machine creates a portal to the dimension Nastasia is in it. Before you enter, Count Bleck gives you extra power, doubling your hp, attack and defense. Mimi gives you the ability to transform into a bird for ten seconds to fly up to new areas. Once Mario enters the portal, a conversation starts between the Count and Mimi. "Count, when are we going to find O'chunks?" Mimi asks the Count. "I don't know, I just hope we find Timpani count bleck replies." Count Bleck replies. The screen goes black and you see Grodus in a dark room. He turns around and says "your power will help me very much." The candles in the room light themselves and a human is shown in a cage. Grodus laughs and says "You will provide much power, Timpani!"

Chapter 6-1: The Tundra, the Coolest Place Around: Mario and crew end up in the tundra. Bowser is the only playable character because his flames can heat himself up. After completing a series of puzzles and collecting 5 Energy Gems from various hidden caves, Bowser makes his way to a small town of igloos. You can purchase items, once you make your way over to the second half of town, Ludwig von Koopa runs out of a shop. He runs into Bowser and you both end up on the ground. After talking to him, he teaches you about the clothes store and appearance editor. The appearance editor allows you to make the characters adapt to your personal preference. You can purchase clothes with coins for each area similar to Super Mario Odyssey. Once you buy one outfit, you can equip it on anybody and everybody. You can buy the winter jacket and equip it on Bowser JR because you need him and his clown car to get on the roof of the clothes shop. From there you can go into 3D using Mario and enter another area. Once you complete a puzzle involving all characters, a trapdoor appears leading down into a bunker. There is the star block to indicate that the level has ended. Hitting it will end the level, but not really. The block doesn't work and instead explodes knocking Mario out cold. He and the rest of the party are dragged down into the jail in the basement of the bunker. Then the level ends.

Chapter 6-2: Lady Timpani: The level begins with Mario and the gang waking up. After a brief conversation, bowser punches the cell door straight off its hinges and you can leave. At the end of the room there are hammers, but only Mario and Luigi can interact with the. Once switching to Mario or Luigi, you can obtain them. After a brief explanation from a spiny in prison, he gives you a tutorial battle on hammers, teaching you how to throw them and hit enemies with them. He also explains that around the Mushroom Kingdom has a shop that sells hammer upgrades. Once you go up the elevator you end up in the same room Grodus was in, but this time it is dark. Using Bowser you can blow fire and light candles. Grodus walks in the room and battle begins. After you finish fighting him, a chest opens and you meet a new Pixl, Spice. He looks like a red pepper and can met things Bowser's flames can't melt, and can melt things in 3D. After going through a series of rooms, you find the second prison. This time Nastasia is in the cell. She says Grodus teleported into the prison and took her. Muttering something about her power will be able to fuel his new plan. Nastasia leads you to the treasure chamber, where 4 Energy Gems and 1 Mega Energy reside. After collecting every last gem, a door opens and it leads to the library which contains the fifth sixth and seventh chapter of the Second Light Prognosticus.

Chapter 7

Chapter 7 Pre: Once teleporting back to Professor Warp's house and you do your routine of placing the gems in place, the Professor insists you enter the council room, once you do Nastassia sits in the lowest and most front raised box seat. Count Bleck asks about Timpani and Peach explains how show was kidnapped by Grodus and that they are going to find her. Count Bleck joins the party, and Bowser JR stays behind and goes into the living room to watch cheesy soap operas with Mrs. Warp. Professor Warp opens the portal to the sky dimension. Before the chapter 7 opening screen plays, Bowser Jr yells "where is the popcorn, Lindsey just proposed to Brad!"

Chapter 7-1: Electric Currents: The crew end up in a town in the clouds, where they must find the next 9 energy gems. The town has a clothes store where you can buy items to upgrade defense, health, power and luck points. The mayor gives you a letter asking you to complete 10 tasks to help the town in return for the Mega-Energy Gem. The first one is to get the towns power back up and running. To do this, you must use Mario and Luigi's new hammers to break through rocks and press stuck switches to unlock a door. The door leads you to the power plant where you must use Count Bleck's lasers to connect the different wires and after connecting 10 wires, the power plant starts back up and provides power to the town. The list flies out of Mario's pocket and becomes large so the player can see, the first task is checked off. Before you can leave, O'Chunks comes flying through the ceiling and declares a duel. After fighting him, the mind control stops and he becomes normal. He hands you 2 Energy Gems and Professor Warp teleports him back to the laboratory. Brainy tells you the next item on the list is to defeat the fiend O'Chunks that keeps harassing the town. The list flies out of Mario's pocket again and checks that task off the list. The level ends with Mario and crew jumping up in happiness.

Chapter 7-2: Farmer Mario: The third task to water all of the vegetables in the garden which requires Mario and Luigi to do some plumbing. Once you get the plumbing working, the watering systems start and water the plants. In the same room is a chest which contains Thudley, a new PIXL and old friend. Once you go outside, the crops will start getting over watered. You must use Thudley to ground pound on the sprinklers to stop them. If an area is to dry when you do it, you fail and must start over, if an area drowns you fail and start again. Once every area is properly watered and the sprinklers are shut off, the third item gets checked off the list. The fourth item is to pick 100 carrots, which requires you to get in the harvester and pick up the carrots, but the enemies will attack the harvester so you much use the lasers to fight them. Once picking the carrots the fourth item is checked off the list. Once you make it to the outskirts of town, you find a strange toad who is willing to give you 2 Energy Gems for 100 coins a piece. Once you buy them the level ends.

Chapter 7-3: Koaplings 7: On the outskirts of town, you meet the Koaplings who are working on tasks 5 and 6 which are fix the cell service and cable service. You have to be as Bowser when you meet them or they're going to ignore you. They explain how they all got banished to different dimension and used their magic to form a large portal to get back to the Mushroom Kingdom and then came to this dimension through Professor Warp and they were trying to get free stuff from the mayor by doing tasks 5 and 6. By helping them by using Bowser's strength to do a button pressing mini-game to move the satellites, task 5 and 6 are completed. The Koaplings give you two Energy Gems for helping and head back to town. The level ends by hitting the block with the star, but it explodes and the Koaplings teleport you to a dungeon. The level ends with Ludwig saying "All Heil Lord Dimentio!"

Chapter 7-4: AGAIN?: Mario and co. wake up and Peach says "AGAIN?". Luigi separates from the group and uses his high jump to get through the air-vent in the ceiling. The ceiling vent leads all the way to a castle where two guard troops are giving Wendy a new lemonade. Luigi has to sneak past them and make his way to the kitchen where a shy guy is cooking a cake for Wendy. Once you fight these shy guys you can use their masks and costumes as disguises and make your way down to the dungeon door. Koopa guards ask you where your going and Luigi response with "The Mario Gang is trying to sneak out through that old air vent" Luigi makes his way down to the cell and let's the crew out. From their they go up to the castle and find out Larry and Iggy did tasks 7 and 8. You must go to the treasury and get 3 Energy Gems.

Chapter 7-5: Shadow Peach's Magical Return: After making your way back to the first level of the castle, you must sneak out the back door, but the Dark Prognosticus stops you and sends whoever you are playing as flying back into Wendy's thrown room. The Dark Prognosticus flies into the room and tells Ludwig to do "it". Ludwig shoots a beam of Magic at Peach, who is still dressed as Shadow Peach, and she turns into Shadow Peach again. You must fight her and the Dark Prognosticus. Once the battle finishes, the Dark Prognosticus becomes heavily damaged and is teleported by Dimentio back to DImentio Castle. Ludwig creates a portal and all the Koaplings leave the castle. Once you go up into Ludwigs's private study, you find the eight chapter of the Light Prognosticus a chest that contains the King of Sky Village, who was attacked and thrown into a chest so the Koaplings could have the castle. Tasks 9 was to defeat the Koaplings and task 10 was to save the King and bring him back to Sky Village. Once you do so, the Mayor gives you the Mega-Energy Gem and Professor Warp teleports everyone back to his lab.

Chapter 8

Chapter 8 Pre: The crew does the things they must do before the portal machine creates the portal to Dimentio's Castle. You also finally have enough power to travel back to any previous dimension you visited and do anything you need to before you go to the final area. Bowser Jr complains about the Soap Opera being trash and that he wished that they made the season finale better. Everyone goes back into the Council room where Count Bleck teleports onto his raised seat. The council of 9 discuss how to tackle DImentio and the Dark Prognosticus for good. Count Bleck increases all of your stats by 10 and gives everyone 5 level ups. After the long discussion, the crew walks outside. Bowser Jr rejoins the party and everyone steps into the portal. Professor Warp laughs to himself and says "They ought to be the stupidest people I've met" he transforms into Ludwig and destroys the machine, meaning their is no return to their home dimension.

Chapter 8-1: Dimentio Bridge is Falling Down: The crew are teleported into an unkown field far away from Dimentio's castle. Brainy finds it quite surprising that Professor Warp missed the location of the castle. Once solving some puzzles and getting to the castle bridge, the crew walks across it but Dimentio comes flying up from behind destroying the front of the bridge detaching it from land. Mario must avoid obstacles and get to the other side of the bridge before it collapses. Once you get to the entrance of the castle, Dimentio teleports in front of the gang. After fighting him, Dimentio becomes very badly beaten up and teleports back to the throne room but explodes mid teleportation and becomes a key. The key unlocks the castle.

Chapter 8-2: The Brainilizer: Mario and crew make their way into the front area of Dimentio Castle. after going through a series of mysterious puzzles and tricks, they unlock a hidden room under the stairs. From their they get into Dimentio's mind control machine, the Brainilizer. Bowser accidentally activates it and becomes mind controlled. The Dark Prognosticus teleports in the room still injured and damaged but gives Bowser new moves and extra power. After you battle him, Bowser gets teleported out of the room and into the Dark Prognosticus's throne room in a cage hanging from the ceiling. Ludwig explains to the Dark Prognosticus his plans to heal the old book. Ludwig teleports to his private study where he tries to solve the mystery of the 9th chapter of the Light Prognosticus

Chapter 8-3: The Return of the Koaplings 7: Mario, Luigi, Peach, Jr and Count Bleck make their way into the Koaplings play room, where you must fight each of them one at a time. Each Koapling loses their mind control, but before they can do anything they're casted away by the Dark Prognostics. After beating the final Kopaling, Ludwig von Koopa, he drops the 9th chapter of the Light Prognostics, and Count Bleck combines all 9 chapters. The book comes to life and destroys the floor below them, sending the entire crew into the lava chambers.

Chapter 8-4: Maze of Corruption: Mario and crew must navigate in 3D through the maze of corruption. After navigating it, the Light Prognosticus appears saying everyone has done well through her test and that she will give them one wish. Dimentio and the Dark Prognosticus appear wishing to be the most powerful beings in the universe. To do so, the Light Prognosticus fuses Dimentio and the Dark Prognosticus into one ultimate being called Dark Dimentio. Dark Dimentio takes over the brain of Count Bleck again, turning him into Dark Count Bleck. After fighting him, Dark Dimentio says to meet him in his throne room.

Chapter 8-5: Dark Dimentio: Mario and the crew walk up the stairs into the room outside the thrown room. Once entering, Dimentio says how his plan will completely end the Mario bros. and everyone else. You have to fight him, but this is hard because he has 9,999 hp. After defeating him, he revives himself and you have to fight him again. After finally beating him, Dimentio falls onto the ground and lays their in a slumped depressed position, similar to Count Bleck in the first game. From their, the castle begins to collapse and you must escape. When you do, Castle Dimento blows up unveiling a giant portal. Dimentio teleports in front of it, lighting the portal. He laughs and says "Ha, you fools thought you could beat me. Let's see how you like it in a different world!" The portal sucks everything into it, destroying the entire multiverse except one dimension.


The final scene is in Peach's Castle in the same dimension the normal series Mario games take place. Mario and Luigi are visiting Peach when Dimentio Castle falls right next to Peach's Castle in a giant pile of rubble. Peach screams because the rubble pile destroyed the wall. In the sky, the paper crew fly down, and Bowser is flailing his arms like an idiot. The entire time "The Ultimate Show" is playing, just like it did during the final battle. It ends with real life Bowser and his army flying in airships with the 3D Bowser yelling "Look's like you returned old flappy arms!" The to be continued screen plays, and "The Ultimate Show" plays throughout the end credits.


Image Boss Name Chapter HP EXP Coins
Buzzar 1-3 40 100 50
Giant Buzzy Beetle 1-5 80 200 100
Shopkeeper 2-2 8 10 1
Spider Mimi 2-5 60 300 75
Shadow Peach

(First Time)

3-1, 3-3,

3-4, 3-5

100 300 200
Gooper Blooper 3-5 750 500 200
Dark Prognosticus (First Time) 4-2 999,999,999 0 0
Bowser 4-5 130 800 200
Dimentio (First Time) 5-2 200 -100 -200
Koopa Bros 5-4 80 Each 1,500 600
Grodus (First Time) 6-2 340 1,300 200
O'Chunks 7-1 80 1,000 200
Shadow Peach And Dark Prognosticus 7-5 2,500 Each 5,000 600
Dimentio (Second Time) 8-1 3,000 6,000 1,000
Dark Bowser 8-2 5,000 7,000 2,000
180px-PMCS Lemmy-0
Lemmy 8-3 1,000 2,000 5,000
Roy 8-3 5,000 5,000 5,000
Larry 8-3 1,500 2,500 5,000
Wendy 8-3 3,500 4,000 5,000
180px-PMCS Iggy-0
Iggy 8-3 4,000 2,000 5,000
Morton Koopa JR 8-3 5,000 5,000 5,000
Ludwig von Koopa 8-3 4,000 3,000 5,000
Dark count bleck by delgatron-d37mx5w
Dark Count Bleck 8-4 5,000 10,000 5,000
Dark dimentio by delgatron-d37ragr
Dark Dimentio (Phase 1) 8-5 9,999 0 0
Dark dimentio by delgatron-d37ragr
Dark Dimentio

(Phase 2)

8-5 9,999 0 0

Normal Enemies

Image Name HP EXP Coins
Goomba 5 8 10
Koopa Troopa 8 10 12
Mountain Troopa 12 14 16
Purple Muth 30 35 20
Squiglet 35 35 40
Squiggles 40 50 15
Blooper 45 60 15
Cheep Cheep 45 60 15
Shy Guy 50 50 20
Castle Guard 80 100 40
Pokey 70 80
Desert Musician Shy Guy 99,999 999,999,999 999,999
100px-Poison pokey
Posion Pokey 80 90 80
Paper mario the koopas part ii by xpedia-d7rrs0h
Frozen Koopa 90 100 90
Spiny 90 100 90
Koopa Paratroopa 100 120 100
Fuzzy 120 300 110
Red Magikoopa 150 350 140
Aa1e1b9c08f73f08b68a6b842b5bae2a294ed0b9 hq
Dimentio's Royal Guards 250 892 200
Dark Dry Bones 300 900 300
Castle Guards 500 1,400 400
Dark para-goomba 300 900 300

Leveling Up

In Super Paper Mario 2: Dimentio's Revenge, the leveling system is similar to the Mario and Luigi games where after you get a certain amount of experience points you level up and each skill gets increased by a certain number. You also can chose a skill to boost even more with the chance of boosting it by 8 points. As you get more levels, it gets harder and harder to level up. Every 8 levels you obtain a new rank. These ranks include

Mario, Luigi, Peach, Count Bleck

Mushroom Rank - Levels 1-7 (Requires 50 experience for every level)

Leaf Rank - Levels 8-15 (Requires 100 experience for every level)

Flower Rank - Levels 16-23 (Requires 500 experience for every level)

Shine Rank - Levels 24-29 (Requires 600 experience for every level)

Star Rank - Levels 30-41 (Requires 1,000 experience for every level)

Supreme Rank - Levels 42-53 (Requires 4,000 experience for every rank)

Rainbow Rank - Levels 53< (Requires 25,000 experience for every level)

Bowser and Bowser Jr

Copper Rank - Levels 1-7 (Requires 50 experience for every level)

Iron Rank - Levels 8-15 (Requires 100 experience for every level)

Bronze Rank - Levels 16-23 (Requires 500 experience for every level)

Silver Rank - Levels 24-29 (Requires 600 experience for every level)

Gold Rank - Levels 30-41 (Requires 1,000 experience for every level)

Diamond Rank - Levels 42-53 (Requires 4,000 experience for every rank)

Platinum Rank - Levels 53< (Requires 25,000 experience for every level)

Patch Notes

Version 1.0.1: Fixes a bug that would softlock the game if you deal a thousand or more damage on Dark Dimentio phase 2. Fixes over 100 bugs with Brainy's dialouge.

Version 1.0.2: Adds a new line of dialogue with Dark Dimentio that would make the final battle make more sense.

Version 1.1.0: Adds a new Pixl that wasn't added in initial release that needs to be used in chapter 8-8, to get to the boss battle.

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