Prologue: A new search

Luigi travels across Sarsa Plains with Gaz, and learns the basics.

Chapter One: Revolt

Mario and Luigi travel to meet Tumble, who has knowledge of what happened to Daisy...but he's missing. Tumble's house is located in Flower Kingdom. There, Mario and Luigi are invited to dine with King Bearclaw and Queen Crembrule. Bearclaw introduces his Son and Daughter, Prince Flan and Princess Parfait, when suddenly, the castle is attacked! Secretary of Defense, Durian, comes in and tells Mario and Luigi to help. Mario and Luigi, along with Gaz, successfully thwart the attack. in the wreckage, Luigi finds Whompo, a whomp. (At this point, based on Luigi's actions, he will or will not join the team.) Mario and Luigi find that Tumble is now part of King Bearclaw's cabinet. Tumble tells Mario and Luigi to find the Seven Black Katanas. As Mario and Luigi head out, Tumble reveals that the first Katana can be found at Donkey Kong Island.


The screen is pitch black, the player can see as if someone is blinking. The screen changes views and shows Princess Daisy; she is on a bed. A voice can be heard...but nothing more...the screen fades.

Chapter Two: The Last Nerve

With the new knowledge bestowed upon them Mario & Luigi head off to DK's Island, buty they soon realized that they didn't have a boat, Mario and Lugi set off and met a Sailor, by the name of Trust-E, Trust told them about his son, Crsip-E who had gone into the Pit of 100 Trials and never came out, Mario and Luig plunged into the pit barely making it to the tenth floor and escaped with Crisp. Trust-E filled with joy gace Mario & Luigi the boat, Trust-e also joined their party here. With the ship sailing into the sunset, Mario & Luigi slept, slept all the way to Dk's island.
DK welcomed Mario and Co. aboard his Island. But Mario and DK have had a troubled past. Mario informed DK about the situation, and sent his trusty Nephew Jumbo Kong to help Mario find the Black Katana. Dixie informed Mario that Cranky Kong had sole possesion of a Black Sword.
Mario set up a meeting with Cranky in Cranky's house. But when Mario arrived the house was wrecked, Cranky was missing.
Mario & Luigi follwed smeer marks to DK's Volcano, but first Mario & Luigi had to find a suitable guide. This guide turns out to be Diddy Kong who had ventured to the volcano before. Mario and Luigi fight their way to the top of the mountain, only to find one thing...Cranky's Cane. Then a flash of lightning touched the ground behind them.
"I am Count Dorian!" shouted the form that appeared from the smoke. After a short but dealy duel, Mario and Lugi topple the Count. The Vount dissappears, and Mario and Luigi are awarded the Black Katana for saving Cranky's life. Then from the blade of the Katana shows a new location...Jibber Jabber City