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Super Nintendo BTS
Super Nintendo BTS
The early prototype of the console
Developer(s) Nintendo, Iceboys12co.
Product Family Nintendo consoles
Console Type Console System
Release Date(s)
Discontinued 1999
BTS Disc
Backward Compatibility Super Nintendo
Super Nintendo BTS (or Super NES BTS, SNES-BTS for short. スーパーファミコンBTS Super Famicom BTS in Japan) is the upgrade of the Super Nintendo, created by Nintendo and Iceboys12co. in 1992. The console is based on the commercial failed SNES-CD  It originally works as a parted add-on device system for the Super Nintendo, and it adds CD-ROM drive to it, allowing to play BTS Discs and providing additional hardware functionality. It was a mixture of the Super Nintendo, Playstation 1, Satellaview, and PC-FX, and some games of the system can uses "FMV". SNESBTS simply have more colors and smooth animations than the Sega CD. Timm and Angelica are the mascots of the console.


After the failure to make the SNES-CD and broken partnership between Nintendo and Sony , Iceboys12co. decide to use the few remaining SNES-CD units and with the help of Nintendo, recreated them as Super Nintendo BTS(SNES-BTS) and make them look like the original console as closely as possible.


Launch Games/Games Released for

  • Super Kart Fighter (A Reboot/Remake of a pirated game called "Kart Fighter")
  • Super StarMan (A Mario and MegaMan hyrbid mixture game about a living Star is need to save the galaxy)
  • Yonic: King of the Avenger (The Point and Click adventure game where Isaac and Jabi have to solve the "mystery of the King of the Avenger", while fighting the bunch of the evil mysterious clan)
  • Yonic: Legend of the Hungry Vampire (The platform game where Issac will have to save Jabi from the creepy half vampire half demon hybrid in the mysterious place.)
  • Super Mario World BTS (The Lost levels version of Super Mario World)
  • Princess ApplePeach: Amazing Adventure
  • Super Nintendo and Iceboys12co. Adventures Vol.1
  • Super Nintendo and Iceboys12co. Adventures Vol.2
  • Karate Hero: Fist of the Rising Sun
  • Detective Double: Secret World Tour/Where on Earth is Detective Double? (A text and point and click adventure where July have to go on a World Tour to find out famous world artifacts and fight and arrest criminals.)
  • Super Detective Double II: Bizarre Battle (or Super Double-Deka Part 2 in Japanese) (The fighting game where July and the gang is going to stop the mysterious mob boss known as "The Boss" who kidnaps her little brother, and wields a evil avatar that is the force of evil itself.)
  • Super ApplePeach Racing Kart
  • Iceboys12co. Troubled Adventure Party
  • Bee Trouble! (The laserdisc QTE action adventure game about a bee named Tommy Bee have to save the bee hive and save the queen from danger of the dark flies armies.)
  • Bee Trouble!: Tommy's Great Mission
  • Super StarMan 2 (The Sequel to Super StarMan)
  • Mystical Star: Battle for Astro-Nova
  • Super Action Hero! (A laserdisc QTE action adventure game about where a silly and awkward super hero attempting to stop the huge crime mob.)
  • Prince Jon in The Rescue of the Space Castle (The BTS port of the arcade and gameboy game of the same name, where Prince Jon must save Princess ApplePeach from the villain)
  • Jimm and Karin: Legendary Misadventure!
  • Elemental Thief: The Sword of the Past (The adventure game where Giga will have to go through dimensions to stop the revived Luifier and obtains the mysterious sword.)


  • Wai Wai World 2: SOS!! Parsley Castle (The Remake of Wai Wai World 2: SOS!! Paseri Jo famicom game, as which have more Konami Characters and Worlds and updated graphics.)
  • Super Yume Kojo: Doki Doki Panic (probably the SNESBTS Port of this)
  • Super Mario World BTS
  • Legend of Zelda BTS

List of games

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