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Super Mushroom
A basic Super Mushroom.
Item Type Status
Kind of Item Mushroom
First Appearance Super Mario Bros.
Latest Appearance New Super Mario Bros. VR
Makes Mario grow twice as high.
Mini Mushroom
Mega Mushroom
1-Up Mushroom
Poison Mushroom
Weird Mushroom
That's a Super Mushroom. It boosts attack and makes you bigger until an enemy attacks. Nice, eh? Wait 'till you see a Mega Mushroom!

Kooprus, Paper Mario: Boom Boom's Revenge

The Super Mushroom is one of Mario's power-ups, and a very common type of Mushroom in the platforming games. It resembles a red-capped button mushroom with white spots, and two beady eyes on the stem.

The power-up transforms Small Mario into Super Mario, doubling the user's height. This allows them to break Brick Blocks and sustain a hit of damage by reverting to Small Mario.

The Super Mushroom may be considered the most basic item in the traditional power-up system. Many other power-ups, such as the Fire Flower, grant additional abilities on top of those afforded by the Super Mushroom. The user of a higher-tier power-up reverts to Super Mario upon taking damage—a change from older games in the series, where they would instead revert to Small Mario.


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