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Super Mario and the Glowing Diamond is a game in the Super Mario series. It will be released in Europe on March 2nd, 2013, Austraila at March 8th, 2013, North America at March 25th, 2013 and Japan at April 30th, 2013. This game is based off of Super Mario World as it features Cape Mario and the Koopalings, all of which were in said game. It is in development by DadOwenProductions.


One peaceful day at the Mushroom Kingdom, Mario and Luigi got a letter to come to Princess Peach's castle. The note read:

Dear Mario,

It's that time again to go to my castle. The last time was intrupted by Bowser. We're going to eat some cake too.

Sincerely, Princess Peach.

Mario and Luigi accept and head straight to the castle. But Mario invited Wario to come over to the castle too.

When the Bros. went into the castle, Yoshi was seen checking on the Glowing Diamond, a magical diamond that grants powers that nobody ever imagined. Until suddenly, the Glowing Diamond was broken into 8 pieces. And even worse, Yoshi heard some screaming into the castle. Yoshi rushes in to see what was going on. He looked around the castle. It was quiet. Until a letter went BANG! right into Yoshi's face. This letter was from Bowser that read,


I kidnapped Mario, Luigi, Wario and Princess Peach while you were dwaddling around. Get them if you can!

Sincerely, King of the Koopas.

This made Yoshi very sad, so he starts his adventure.

Throughout the quest, Mario, Yoshi, Luigi and Wario recieve letters from Princess Peach before heading to a next world.

Peach tried to escape from Bowser's Castle, but she got kidnapped again. Mario, Yoshi, Luigi and Wario head inside the castle. Then they encounter Bowser. Luckily, Mario, Luigi, Yoshi and Wario step on the ! Switch to send Bowser to his doom twice.

Princess Peach is saved and the heroes can eat the cake after all.


The gameplay is very similar to New Super Mario Bros. 2, collecting as many coins in each level. However, this game features that 100,000 coins have to be collected. The Touch Screen displays a kind of map, showing the length of the level and shows where the player is. There are 8 worlds, but only 6 worlds or 5 worlds need to get passed through in order to beat the game. If Morton Koopa Jr. is defeated with Cape Mario, the player would go to World 4 instead of World 3. Plus, if Roy Koopa is defeated with Cape Mario, same thing but with World 7, instead of World 6. Each world contains 5 to 6 levels, with some levels in almost all maps being optional. The Koopalings are fought at the end of each castle, excluding World 8.


Circle Pad: Move

B Button: Jump

A Button: Jump

X Button: Dash/Shoot fireballs, spin with a cape, build energy to fly (Mario), swallow, throw eggs (Yoshi)

Y Button: Dash/Shoot fireballs, spin with a cape, build energy to fly

Down on Circle Pad: Crouch, Swallow (Yoshi)

START/SELECT: Pause game

Nintendo eShop Description

A new adventure coming out on March 25th, 2013 exclusively on Nintendo 3DS. Join Yoshi, Wario, Mario and Luigi on their quest to save Princess Peach. Use their unique powers, like Yoshi throwing eggs, Mario shooting fireballs, Luigi's high jumps and Wario's farting skills like never before.

- Gold Flowers, Gold Blocks and Gold Rings - collecting coins has never been so much fun!

- Team up with a friend and play through the entire game! Requires four game cards (each sold seperatly)

- Do you have what it takes to get 100,000 coins?

- Use all your speed-running and coin-collecting skills to best your friends in the new StreetPass enabled Coin Rush!



  • Yoshi (playable at the start)
  • Mario (2nd player in co-op mode, playable after Morton Koopa Jr. is defeated)
  • Luigi (3rd player in co-op mode, playable after Ludwig von Koopa is defeated)
  • Wario (4th player in co-op mode, playable after Wendy O. Koopa is defeated)




Mario's Transformations

Luigi gets all of Mario's transformations.

Wario's Transformations


Common Critters

Gold Creatures

  • Gold Goomba
  • Gold Koopa Troopa
  • Gold Sky Troopa
  • Gold Cheep Cheep
  • Gold Bro.
  • Gold Lakitu
  • Gold Piranha Plant
  • Gold Bullet Bill






  • The game's credits will not play if the game is beaten with Luigi.
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