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Super Mario Wordl U Logo.png
Super Mario World U Boxart.png
North American box-art of Super Mario World U.
Developer(s) Cosmic Koopa Company
Publisher(s) Logo.png
Platform(s) Wii U
Genre(s) Platformer
Release Date(s) TBA
Mode(s) Single-player, Multiplayer
Age Rating(s) ERating.jpg 3Rating.png
Media Included Wii U Optical Disc

Super Mario World U is a Mario game for the Wii U and was made by Cosmic Koopa Company. It is like the New Super Mario Bros. games and like the Super Mario Bros. games. It features many items, Power-ups, levels, enemies, and bosses. The game does introduce a new Earthquake power-up, acquired by Mario and friends by the Earth Rock.


At an item festival in the Mushroom Kingdom, the Koopa Troop attack and capture Princess Peach. Mario, Luigi, and the two Toads chase after them. Kamek appears right in front of them and casts a magic spell on them sending the four far, far from the Mushroom Kingdom. The Koopalings and the other minions of Bowser set out and face the brothers and the Toads.

After the long adventure to Bowser's Castle, the four find Peach but they don't find Bowser anywhere except a Switch in which they hit breaking the floor and sending them into an underground area. After going through the lava trenches, Mario and his freinds finally reach Bowser and battle him, after hitting the Switch and having Bowser fall into the pit. They traverse through the castle corridors once more and end up on the top of the castle outside. Bowser appears inside his Koopa Clown Car where the final battle begins. The brothers and the Toads defeat Bowser and save Princess Peach and go to celebrate, with that a new world gets unlocked.


Playing the game is just like any ordinary sidescrolling Mario game. It contains elements from the New Super Mario Bros. series and also reuses elements from Super Mario Bros. 3 and Super Mario World.The game takes place in the Mushroom Kingdom as usual. Instead of the game having three Star Coins it now has four of them in a level. Also Boost Mode is in the game so a fifth player can join in and use the Wii U GamePad to put colored blocks out to help the players. The game has the usual 8 main worlds plus a special world and features 5 secret worlds which can be unlocked by finding the secret exits in certain levels.

The Hammer Suit appears as well as power-ups from New Super Mario Bros. Wii like the Ice Flower and the Penguin Suit. Also the new power-up in the game called the Earth Rock can turn players into an Earthquake form. This allows them to jump onto the ground causing quakes which can defeat any enemies that are on the ground on-screen and make Coins fall that are on-screen. Yoshies can be ridden and Baby Yoshies can be carried. Baby Yoshies have the same abilites they had in New Super Mario Bros. U.

There is also a Hard Mode which allows players to play the levels with a shorter time limit and if the player gets hit they lose a life instantly. A few other differences is that some enemies and objects move faster.



Image Name Description
Mario Jump NSMBU.png Mario Mario the main character of the game. He has been saving Princess Peach from Bowser for a long time and has agreed to save her again traveling through various worlds to defeat Bowser and get Peach. Mario's stats are in the middle, normal jumping, good traction and normal running speed.
NSMBULuigi.png Luigi Mario's brother is on the journey with Mario to save Princess Peach. His jumps are much higher than his brother but he has bad traction. He can only be playable in multiplayer.
Yellow Toad Running SMWU.png Yellow Toad Yellow Toad is back helping Mario and Luigi save the Princess and Blue Toad is with them as well. He can run the fastest out of Mario, Luigi, Blue Toad, and himself. He can only be used in multiplayer.
Blue Toad NSMBW2-BB.png Blue Toad Blue Toad is back as well with the Mario Bros. and Yellow Toad. Blue Toad is just like Mario, their stats are the same. He can only be used in multiplayer.

Other Characters


Yoshis as well as Baby Yoshis appear in Super Mario World U. In the game Yoshi comes in Green, Yellow, Cyan, and Pink, and they all behave the same like in New Super Mario Bros. U. Baby Yoshis have their own unique powers and they can be taken along the adventure unless they are thrown or run into Lava, Poison Water or an abyss.

Image Name Description
WiiU NewMarioU 2 char01 E3.png Yoshis Yoshis are dinosaurs that hatch from Yoshi Eggs. There are four different colored Yoshis and they all behave the same. Yoshis can use their tongue to grab items or eat enemies, when a Yoshi eats five Berries they will lay an Egg which contains an item. Yoshis can also flutter jump to reach higher places. If the player touches an enemy Yoshi will run away until the player gets back on him. Yoshi can also go on certain things such as Spikes, Munchers, Piranha Plants, and Spinies.
BluebabyyoshiNSMBU.png Bubble Baby Yoshi Bubble Baby Yoshis are blue Baby Yoshis that spit out Bubbles. If an enemy touches a Bubble they will get turned into 3 Coins. The bubbles can also be jumped on. They can be found in certain worlds.
MagentababyyoshiNSMBU.png Balloon Baby Yoshi Balloon Baby Yoshis are magenta Baby Yoshis that blow into a large balloon and float in the air. They can be used to reach higher areas and hard to reach places. They can be found in certain worlds.
Glow Baby Yoshi NSMBU.png Glowing Baby Yoshi Glowing Baby Yoshis are Yellow glowing Baby Yoshis that are used as a light for dark areas which can help the player see. They can also stun enemies with the bright light. They are only useful in dark areas, they cannot be found on the world map.
Cyan Baby Yoshi.png Thunder Baby Yoshi Thunder Baby Yoshis are cyan Baby Yoshis that spit out lightning balls that can paralyze enemies for a short amount of time. They can be found in certain worlds.


Enemies from Super Mario World return such as Chargin' Chucks and Dino Rhinos. Also there are a few new enemies.

Main Article: Enemies


Image Boss Level Description
Reznors.png Reznor Grassy Plains-Fortress Reznors are dinosaurs that are on a rotating platform. They will shoot out Fireballs at the player. The player will have to hit them from under to defeat each one, there are four on the rotating wheel. After a while the bridge will break making the battle harder.
IggyNSMBU.png Iggy Koopa Grassy Plains-Castle Iggy Koopa is the boss of the Grassy Plains Castle. In the battle there are three hanging platforms that will go down when the player(s) go on them. Iggy will jump around on the platforms using his Magic Wand to shoot out four Fireballs, most of the time there are three green Fireballs and one red one. The red Fireballs will go into the Lava causing Magmaarghs to come out and try to hurt the players. The green Fireballs will just go in a straight path. The player has to jump on Iggy 4 times to defeat him.
SM3DL Boom Boom Solo Art.png Boom Boom Sandstorm Desert-Fortress Boom Boom is one of Bowser's minions. In the battle he will spin around making it hard to hurt him also he will charge into the player(s). They have to stomp on Boom Boom 4 times to defeat him. Boom Boom will lie on the ground after he is stomped on, if the player tries to jump on him when he is on the ground they will get hurt due to the spikes on his Shell.
Roy Koopa 3D.jpg Roy Koopa Sandstorm Desert-Castle Roy Koopa is the boss of Sandstorm Desert Castle. In the battle Roy will use a Bill Blaster to hurt the player(s), he will charge into the player as well. It will take 4 hits to defeat him or the player can shoot 12 Fireballs at him. When he is stomped on the third time, Roy will shoot out Missile Bills, also the Banzai Bill Blasters on the sides will shoot out Banzai Bills occasionally.
PunpunSolo.png Pom Pom Sparkling Seaside-Fortress Pom Pom is the boss of the Sparkling Seaside Fortress. She will throw boomerangs at the player. The player has to stomp on her head 3 times to defeat her or they can shoot 9 Fireballs at her. When stomped on she will go in her shell and go up in the air crashing down onto the ground similar to the attack of Thwomps.
Wendy O Koopa 3D.png Wendy O. Koopa Sparkling Seaside-Castle Wendy's battle takes place in a room with water. Sometimes Porcu-Puffer will come and jump. Wendy will throw Rings that will bounce of the walls. The player(s) has to jump on Wendy to defeat her, they must jump on her 4 times or shoot 12 Fireballs at her. Sometimes Water Spouts will rise up from the water.
PeteyPiranhaPlant.png Petey Piranha Leafy-Green Forest-Fortress Petey Piranha is the fortress boss of Leafy-Green Forest. He will fly in the air and fall onto the ground causing the player to get paralyzed from the shock-waves. Sometimes when Petey Piranha does that he will fall down, that is when the player has to Ground Pound on his stomach, they will have to do this 3 times or shoot 9 Fireballs at Petey to defeat him.
Lemmy Koopa SMWU.png Lemmy Koopa Leafy-Green Forest-Castle Lemmy Koopa's battle take place in a room with 6 Warp Pipes. He will hope into the pipes and come out of one. When he pops out of a Pipe he will throw a large Bomb which explode in the air. The player has to stomp on him 4 times to defeat him. Sometimes Piranha Plants and Goombas will come out of the Pipes.
Bowserjr MP9.png Bowser Jr. Leafy-Green Forest-Airship Bowser Jr.'s battle is very similar to his battles from New Super Mario Bros.. He will throw Koopa Shells at the player, the player will have to pick them up and throw them back at Bowser Jr. He will then fall onto his back and the player will have to Ground Pound on him to hurt him. They have to do this tactic 4 times to defeat him or they can shoot 12 Fireballs at him to defeat him. If they try to jump on him when he hasn't fallen over he will dive into his shell which can make the player lose their power.
PunpunSolo.png Pom Pom Glacier Valley-Fortress Pom Pom's battle is in an icy room with two gaps on the sides of the room. She will throw Boomerangs at the player and will charge into the player. Jump on her 3 times to defeat her, when she gets hurt she will fly up into her shell and slam down onto the ground until she gets out of her shell.
Larry Koopa SMWU.png Larry Koopa Glacier Valley-Castle Larry Koopa's battle takes place in an icy room with Icicles on the ceilings. Larry will spit out Fireballs and can also throw out Koopa Shells. The player will have to stomp on him 4 times to defeat him or shoot 12 Fireballs at him.
Lakithunder NSMBS.png Lakithunder Blue-Candy Sky-Fortress Lakithunder is the boss of World 9's fortress. He will make lightning which can shock the player and hurt them. He will also throw out Spinies and Giant Spinies. The player has to stomp on his head when he swoops down, it takes 3 hits to defeat Lakithunder.
LudwigNSMBU.png Ludwig Von Koopa Blue-Candy Sky-Castle Ludwig Koopa's battle has him climbing on Chains. The player must go in the Warp Pipes where they will be blasted upward towards the chains. If the hit Ludwig he will fall and be stunned for a bit. That when the player jumps on his head. He will also shoot out 4 Fireballs at a time. The player must jump on his head four times to defeat him.
Bowser Jr NSMBW.jpg Bowser Jr. Blue-Candy Sky-Airship This battle with Bowser Jr. is different from the previous, he uses his Koopa Clown Car and the player will have to use a Balloon Baby Yoshi to float up in the air to jump onto Bowser Jr. The player must do this 4 times to defeat Bowser Jr. and move onto the next World.
King Sumo Bro..png King Sumo Bro. Canyon Cliffs-Fortress King Sumo Bro. is a large Sumo Bro. that will pound the ground causing electric waves and can also paralyze the player for a few seconds. The player has to hit him from underneath the platform he is on. The player has to do this 3 times to defeat him. There are also 2 Sumo Bros. in the battle.
Morton Koopa Jr Solo.png Morton Koopa Jr. Canyon Cliffs-Castle Morton Koopa is the boss of World 8's castle. In his battle he can Ground Pound on the floor causing the pillars on the ground to go up. The player will need to stomp on him 4 times to defeat him. He will also spit Fireballs at the player.
SM3DL Boom Boom Solo Art.png Boom Boom Bowser's Domain-Fortress In the 2nd battle with Boom Boom he will spin around really fast and jump around trying to stomp on the player. He must be defeated by having him stomp on the Cement Blocks causing them to break above the lava. He will then fall into the lava and be defeated.
Kamek YBA.png Kamek Bowser's Domain-Castle Kamek is the boss of the castle in World 10. In the battle he can turn blocks into enemies as well as Fire Flowers or Super Mushrooms. He must be defeated by jumping on him 4 times.
Bowser Jr NSMBU.png Bowser Jr. Bowser's Domain-Airship Bowser Jr. will throw Bob-ombs at the player and will use the fists on his Koopa Clown Car to break the blocks the player stands on. When he drops down the player should jump on his head to hurt him. It will takes the player 4 hits to defeat Bowser Jr. The blocks will also come back after a while.
Bowser in Koopa Car.png Bowser Bowser's Domain-Bowser's Castle Bowser is the final boss of the game. He is in the Koopa Clown Car, he will throw Bob-ombs down a the player. The player needs to pick them up and throw them up at him, they must do that 6 times. He can drop Mecha-Koopas, and Big Steelies as well.



Image Item Form Name Description Form
"No image available" Getting hit by an enemy or touching a Poison Mushroom Small Mario This is mario's starting from. If he gets hit by an enemy or obstacle Mario will lose a life. Also he can't break Brick Blocks. Small-mario.png
SuperMushroomNSMB2.png Super Mushroom Super Mario A Super Mushroom will make Mario into Super Mario. He can break Brick Blocks but if he gets hit he will turn back into Small Mario. Mario NSMB2.png
Acorn Shroom.png Super Acorn Flying Squirrel Mario The Super Acorn will turn Mario into Flying Squirrel Mario, he can glide in the air by holding the jump button. He can also do a mid-air jump to reach higher places. WiiU NewMarioU 3 char02 E3.png
Cape Feather NSMBVR.png Cape Feather Cape Mario Using the Cape Feather, Mario can fly in the air but to do that he must get a running start. He can stay in the air as long as he wants by going up and down. He can also use his cape to defeat enemies. Cape Mario SMWU.png
Fire Flower NSMB2.png Fire Flower Fire Mario The Fire Flower will turn Mario into Fire Mario, he is able to throw 2 Fireballs at a time. It can defeat enemies and melt frozen things such as Munchers and Coins. NSMB2 Fire Mario.png
Ice Flower SMWU.png Ice Flower Ice Mario With the Ice Flower, Mario is able to throw 2 Iceballs at a time. It can freeze enemies for a short time and can also defeat Fire Snakes, Podoboos and Fireballs. IceMario..png
NSMBU Star.png Super Star Invincible Mario Mario can run at a very fast speed using the Super Star. He can hit any enemy to defeat it and can't get hurt. However, this form only lasts for a short time. 7593544202 1c30b8ca16 o.png
PenguinSuit.png Penguin Suit Penguin Mario When Mario grabs the Penguin Suit, he can slide on his belly and can also shoot Iceballs to freeze enemies. He can also swim well in water. Penguin Mario.png
HammerSuit.png Hammer Suit Hammer Mario When Mario gets a Hammer Suit he can throw 2 Hammers at a time. They can defeat many enemies except for a few enemies. Hammer Mario Final SM3DW.png
Earth Rock SMWU.png Earth Rock Earthquake Mario With the Earth Rock, Earthquake Mario can stomp on the ground causing quakes like POW Blocks do. Any enemies on the ground will be defeated and any Coins in the air will drop. It doesn't last a long time and is like Invincible Mario where it will run it. Earthquake Mario SMWU.png
MegamushroomNSMB2.png Mega Mushroom Mega Mario Mario becomes huge and can crash into almost anything! He can break Warp Pipes, Blocks, and won't even get hurt. If he does a certain amount of damage he can get 1-Up Mushrooms as a reward. However, this form only lasts for a short time. This item cannot be found in Toad Houses. NSMB2 Mega Mario.png
MiniMushroomNSMB2.png Mini Mushroom Mini Mario When Mario gets the Mini Mushroom, he will turn into Mini Mario. He can run on water and jump really high. He can also go into small Warp Pipes and run up walls. NSMB2 Mini Mario.png

Items and Objects

Image Name Description
Coin NSMB2.png Coins Coins are very common items. Coins are scattered throughout levels and can be found in Blocks, the ground, or from enemies. When the player gets 100 they will receive a 1-Up.
Star Coin NSMB2.png Star Coins Star Coins are in every level. Instead of there being the usual three Star Coins there are now four of them in a level. They can be tricky to get. Getting all of them in the world will unlock a level in the Special World.
Red Coin Ring SMWU.png Red Rings Red Rings are rings that will cause Red Coins to appear. If the player goes through will they will have to collect 8 Red Coins.
RedCoinsNSMB2.png Red Coins Red Coins are Coins that appear if the player goes through a Red Ring. The player will have to collect all 8 of them in order to get a power-up.
Blue Coin Art.png Blue Coins Blue Coins are coins that appear if the player activates a P-Switch. Blue Coin usually leave trails or are found in groups. A Blue Coin is worth 2 Coins in the game.
Silver Coin YG99.png Silver Coins Silver Coins are coins that appear if the player activates a Gray P-Switch. Any enemies in the level will turn into Silver Coins. A Silver Coin is worth 3 Coins.
120px-1upmushroomNSMB2.png 1-Up Mushrooms 1-Up Mushrooms are mushrooms that will give the player an extra life. They are rare to find in the game and can be found in Invisbile Blocks and other blocks.
Poison Mushroom SMW3D.png Poison Mushrooms Poison Mushrooms are purple mushrooms that can make the player small if they are in any form except Invincible and Mega. If they are small or tiny they will lose a life.
Yoshi Wings SMWU.png Yoshi Wings Yoshi Wings are rare items that appear in Question Blocks. When the player grabs a pair of Yoshi Wings with Yoshi they can fly in the air for a short amount of time in the level. Only one pair comes out and will fly away if the player doesn't grab it.
3-UpMoon.png 3-Up Moons 3-Up Moons are extremely rare items in the game. They can be found in well hidden places, they are never found in Blocks.
Mystery-block.png Question Blocks Question Blocks are blocks that contain items such as Coins or power-ups. They can found almost anywhere. In the Giant World there are Giant Question Blocks instead which act the same.
Winged Block NSMBDIY.png Winged Question Blocks Winged Question Blocks are Question Blocks with wings that move around. They mainly contain power-ups and 1-Up Mushrooms.
Rectangle Question Block.png Coin Blocks Coin Blocks are blocks that contain multiple Coins. They can appear as normal Question Blocks, Brick Blocks, or the most common one, Rectangular Question Blocks. If it is hit very fast an item may come out of it.
Brick Block.png Brick Blocks Brick Blocks are blocks that can contain items and can be broken in super form. If the player is small they can not break them.
UsedBlock NSMBWii.png Used Blocks Used Blocks are blocks that are unbreakable. It only appears after the player hits a Question Block or a Brick Block.
Note Block.png ♪ Blocks ♪ Blocks are white blocks that can be used to reach higher places. The are bouncy and if the player jumps on them they will go higher.
Roulette Block SMWU.png Roulette Blocks Roulette Blocks are blocks that contain a series of items. When the block is hit whatever item was on visible is the item the player gets.
Flip Block SMWU.png Flip Blocks Flip Blocks are yellow blocks that can flip around when hit. When they are spinning around the player can go throught them. They don't break like Brick Blocks unless Ground Pounded on or some other way.
Grab Block SMWU.png Grab Blocks Grab Blocks are blocks that can be picked up. They only last a short time before the break on it's it. They can be used to break other blocks and defeat enemies. The work just like Ice Blocks.
Glow Block SMWU.png Glow Blocks Glow Blocks are blocks that can light up dark areas such as Ghost Houses and caves. The player can carry them around like POW Blocks.
POWBlock.png POW Blocks POW Blocks are blocks that can be picked up. When they are picked up the player can throw them to cause a quake on the ground make Coins fall onto the ground and enemies to get defeated.
PowBlockNSMB2.png Red POW Blocks Red POW Blocks are blocks that can't be carried. Unlike the Blue ones if Ground Pounded on, Jumped on, or hit by the players Raccoon tail, or a shell it will set of a chain reaction breaking any blocks touching it or around it.
Hint block.png Hint Blocks Hint Blocks are blocks that appear in a few levels. They will give out hints or tips or what the player can expect in the level. Sometimes when a level has been completed the player can go back to the level to find that the Hint Block has a different message.
Snake Block SMWU.png Snake Blocks Snake Blocks are green blocks that connect together and move in a set path. The blocks on them can vary.
P-Switch NSMB2.png P-Switches P-Switches are blue switches that can create a group or trail of Blue Coins when activated. They can also make platforms appear and turn Coins into Brick Blocks as well as turning Brick Blocks into Coins.
Silver P-Switch.png Silver P-Switches Silver P-Switches are switches that can turn enemies into Silver Coins. They are very rare in the game. Also these Switches can be carried unlike the other ones.
Green Warp Pipe NSMBU.png Warp Pipes Warp Pipes are objects that come in four colors, green, red, yellow, and blue. Warp Pipes can transport the player to another place in the game such as an underground area. Some Warp Pipes can also shoot the player similar to a Cannon, that helps the player go over large gaps, gets the player to higher areas, or helps the player collect items that can't be reached.
Beanstalk NSMB2.png Beanstalks Beanstalks are stalks that can be climbed to reach higher areas are go into Coin Heaven. Beanstalks can come out of Brick Blocks or Question Blocks.
YoshiEggNSMBW.png Yoshi Eggs Yoshi Eggs are eggs that have Yoshies in them. When they come out of a Block they hatch right a away having a Green, Yellow, Pink, or Cyan Yoshi.
BlueyoshieggNSMBU.png Baby Yoshi Eggs A Baby Yoshi egg is a small egg with a Baby Yoshi inside. Depending on where the player is it will hatch a certain Baby Yoshi.
Green Shell NSMBU.png Koopa Shells Koopa Shells are what Koopa Troopas wear. When a Koopa Troopa is jumped on it goes inside its shell. The shell can be kicked or picked up and thrown. It can hit blocks such as Brick Blocks and Question Block. There are also larger Koopa Shells that can only be kicked.
Midway Gates SMWU.png Midway Gates Midway Gates are gates that are used as checkpoints in the level. They are smaller than Giant Gates and are now red. If the player is small and goes through the gate they will become bigger. If the player loses a life they will start back at the gate.
Giant Gate SMWU.png Giant Gates Giant Gates are Gates that appear at the end of almost every level. There are also secret gates that are . If the player gets the tape they will earn Bonus Stars which will let the player go a Bonus Game to collect 1-Ups when they get 100 Bouns Stars, then it will drop back to zero. The higher they hit the tape the more Bonus Stars the get.
Door2.png Doors Doors appear in many levels but mainly Castles, Fortresses and Ghost Houses. The player just has to press up on the D-Pad or move the control stick up when they are in front of a door. There are other styled doors in the game (Ghost House doors, Boss Doors) and there are some that need a key to go into them.


There are a total of 15 Worlds, 8 main worlds, 5 secret worlds, and a special world. The World Map is a huge overworld with all the worlds connected, similar to Super Mario World and New Super Mario Bros. U. There are some returning worlds such as a grass world and a forest world. The game also features new worlds such as a haunted world and a sewer world. Each world has around 10 to 14 levels and the secret worlds have 5 levels total. There are a total of 132 levels in the game.

Name Levels Tower/Fortress Boss Castle Boss Airship(s) Boss Final Boss Enemy Course
1 Grassy Plains 10 Reznor Iggy Koopa - - Hammer Bro.
2 Sandstorm Desert 11 Boom Boom Roy Koopa Bowser Jr. - Spike
3 Sparkling Seaside 10 Pom Pom Wendy O. Koopa - - Porcu-Puffer
4 Leafy-Green Jungle 13 Petey Piranha Lemmy Koopa Bowser Jr. - -
5 Glacier Valley 12 Pom Pom Larry Koopa - - Cooligan
6 Canyon Cliffs 13 King Sumo Bro. Morton Koopa Jr. Bowser Jr. - -
7 Blue-Candy Sky 12 Lakithunder Ludwig Von Koopa - - Lakitu
8 Bowser's Domain 14 Boom Boom (Fort 1) Kamek (Fort 2) - - Bowser x2 -
9 Star World 12 - - - - -

There are 6 secret worlds and can only be unlocked if the player finds a secret exit in one of the levels from a main world, the secret worlds each contain 5 levels. The difficulty is higher in the secret worlds and they do not feature enemy courses, fortresses, or airships and do not contain bosses. They usually take the player to the next world or the a world further ahead in the game. The worlds use letters A through E instead of numbers.

Name Unlocked by... Takes you to...
A Autumn Woods Finding the secret exit in Grassy Plains-5, Valley Bridge. Sandstorm Desert-4, Dusty Dungeon.
B Mega Island Finding the secret exit in Sandstorm Desert-6, Cactus Canyon. Sparkling Seaside-Castle, Wendy's Submerged Castle.
C Spooky Boneyard Finding the secret exit in Leafy-Green Jungle-A, Springwater Pond. Glacier Valley-7, Chilly Caverns.
D Crystal Caves Finding the secret exit in Glacier Valley-5, Snowfall Peaks. Canyon Cliffs-Fortress, Fireblaze Tower.
E Subterranean Sewers Finding the secret exit in Canyon Cliffs-4, Damp Cavern Passage. Blue-Candy Sky-1, Beanstalk Ascent or Blue-Candy Sky-7, Hilltop Heights.

Changes after Completion

After the player gets all the exits and all the Star Coins in the game many changes will occur.

  • World Maps change (this includes courses)
    • Grassy Plains becomes a night scenery.
    • Sandstorm Desert becomes a night scenery.
    • Sparkling Seaside becomes a dusk/evening scenery.
    • Leafy-Green Forest becomes an autumn theme.
    • Glacier Valley becomes a daytime scenery.
    • Blue-Candy Sky becomes a dusk/evening scenery.
    • Chocolate Canyon becomes a night scenery.
  • Enemies change
  • Items change
    • Snake Blocks become blue.
    • Pipe colors change whenever the player goes into a level.
    • Parachutes become red.
    • 3-Up Moons become blue.


Music from older games such as Super Mario World are remixed for the game, and also, there is some music from other Mario games.

Main Article: Soundtrack


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  • Backgrounds of the levels and artwork by CopperMario on MFGG.

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