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SMW3D Logo
SMW3D Boxart
Box Art of Super Mario World 3D.
Developer(s) Shooting Star Studios Logo
Publisher(s) Nin
Platform(s) Nintendo 3DS Logo
Genre(s) 3D Platformer
Release Date(s) Flag of Japan July 27, 2012

25px-Flag of USA July 28, 2012
25px-Flag of EuropeAugust 1, 2012
25px-Flag of Australia August 3, 2012

Mode(s) Single Player
Age Rating(s) ERating 3Rating
Media Included Nintendo 3DS Cartridge
Super Mario World 3D is a game in the Super Mario franchise for the Nintendo 3DS. The game is heavily based on Super Mario World, but it is a 3D platformer in the vein of games like Super Mario 64 and Super Mario 3D Land..


Mario and Luigi were peacefully walking and talking when suddenly, Toadsworth and Toad appears and gives the Bros. a letter from Princess Peach, inviting them to some vacations at Dinosaur Land. The Bros.,of course accept and the four go to the Airport, alongside some other friends. Wario and Waluigi were invited too, but they went to the Airport too late.

Mario and friends arrive at Dinosaur Land, but the great island is being attacked by Airships and meteorites. Bowser, being guilty of this, tells the gang about his new plan. He has scattered the Power Stars of the grand Golden Egg over the island and other lands and then, Bowser Jr. and Kamek kidnap Princess Peach, Luigi and Toad and get away alongside Bowser.

Mario decides to head off to collect the Power Stars, save his friends and the island and defeat Bowser. Meanwhile, Wario and Waluigi are seen in a little boat, in their way to get to the island. But they both see Bowser flying on his Koopa Clown Car , with the Airships, Bowser Jr. and Kamek escaping from the island. But then, Kamek flies around and kidnaps Wario and Waluigi.

After getting into various courses, Mario saves two of his friends, Luigi and Toad, who will help him on his quest to save the Princess Peach and defeat Bowser. The gang is getting a rest in the town of the island, Dino Square. Toadsworth tells them that some other friends, like Princess Daisy, Donkey Kong and others, are in trouble in other lands and that there are more Power Stars, they continue collecting Power Stars and discovering other secrets.

Mario and friends, after getting many other Stars and courses, save Wario and Waluigi, who oddly join in their adventure.

Finally, after several confrontations, the gang defeats Bowser and his minions, saves Princess Peach and all celebrate in the town after gathering all the Power Stars into the grand Golden Egg. Rosalina and Lubba tells Mario and friends about The Masterquest Palace, a hidden place where they must face off Dark Bowser, but only after collecting all the Power Stars, Green, Red and Purple Stars.

Nintendo eShop Description

Our beloved hero and his friends are back in their new 3D adventure. This new installment in the Super Mario franchise launches July 27, as Mario and gang saves the classic Dinosaur Land and their lovely Princess, Peach, once again, from the hands of the evil King of the Koopas, Bowser. Join Mario in his quest and collect the Power Stars, discover classic and new power-ups, characters and levels! Also, enjoy a new feature in the series, a cooperative mode for the entire game via a local wireless connection or worldwide via Nintendo Network Connection.


The gameplay is pretty similar to the other Mario 3D platformer games. The game has a main hub, called Dino Square. Levels are completed by collecting Power Stars and the Life Meter is similar to Super Mario Galaxy's one, but with a 8-part meter instead of 3. Also, Mario can ride on various colored Yoshis, with each color having an special ability. The game has in total 129 Stars conformed by 67 Power Stars, 21 Green Stars, 20 Red Stars and 21 Purple Stars.


3DS A Button: Kick, Pick Up, Use Items

3DS B Button: Jump

3DS X Button: Spin Jump

3DS Y Button: Talk to Characters

3DS L Button/3DS R Button: Crouch

3DS L Button/3DS R Button+3DS B Button: Backwards Somersault

3DS L Button/3DS R Button+3DS B Button+Circlepad: Long Jump

3DS L Button/3DS R Button+Circlepad: Crawl

3DS X Button+3DS L Button/3DS R Button: Roll

3DS B Button+3DS L Button/3DS R Button: Ground Pound

Circlepad: Move

3DS D-Pad: Left or right, change camera angle. Up, enter normal view. Down, enter extended depth view.

3DS Select Button: Menu Guide

3DS Start Button: Pause Menu


Super Mario World 3D will include 5 playable characters. Each character uses basic moves like jumping and crouching. Also, each character has an own Power-Up.

Playable Characters

Image Name How to unlock
Mario NSMB2 Mario He's already unlocked.
Luigi MP9 Luigi Beat King Boo in the mission Luigi in Distress.
Toad3DLand Toad Beat King Chomp in the mission The Golden Crowned One.
WarioMPDS Wario Beat Podoboss in the mission Podoboss and Podoboos.
Waluigi pose Waluigi Beat Baron Brrr in the mission The Icy Baron.

Yoshi Types

There is a variety of Yoshi colors. Each color has a special ability.

Image Effect Egg
Mario riding Yoshi Green Yoshi is the most common Yoshi and doesn't have any special ability. YoshiEggNSMBW
Blue Yoshi Mario SMW3D Blue Yoshi can fly for a short period of time by eating any Koopa. Blue Yoshi Egg
Red Yoshi SMW3D Red Yoshi can spit fire by eating any Koopa. Red Yoshi Egg
Yellow Yoshi SMW3D Yellow Yoshi can create shockwaves after jumping by eating any Koopa. Yellow Yoshi Egg
Cyan Yoshi SMW3D Cyan Yoshi can spit ice and freeze enemies by eating any Koopa. Light Blue Yoshi Egg

Other Characters

Image Character(s) Description
Toad Brigade1 Toads Some Toads went to Dinosaur Land alongside Mario and others. They can be seen in some areas of the Dino Square and some of them gives the player tips.
Peachy Princess Peach Princess Peach is the damsel in distress. She has been captured by Bowser, once again, and Mario and friends must save her.
Daisy Princess Daisy Princess Daisy has been captured by the Whomp King in the level Sarasaland Kingdom. Mario and friends must clear the mission Daisy's in Problems! to rescue her. After rescued, she will appear in the fourth area of the town and will give the player 1-Up Mushrooms and rarely times, a 3-Up Moon.
MP8 Birdo Birdo Some Birdos can be seen in the course Dinosaur Land and others in some areas of Dino Square.
Bob-Omb Buddy1 Bob-Omb Buddy These friendly Bob-Ombs gives the player tips, hints and some secrets on the courses and missions. Some of them can be seen in Bob-Omb Battle Factory, and one in the first area of Dino Square after clearing the mission Big Bob-Omb's Revenge.
DKandDiddy DKCR Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong They can be seen in the course Jungle Hijinxs. They tell Mario and friends that Reznors are attacking their home. So Mario and friends must help them beating the Reznors. After clearing the mission An Ape Trouble!, they can be seen in the fourth area of Dino Square.
Toadsworth2 Toadsworth Toadsworth gives the player information about courses and informs the player when a Green, Red or Purple Star appears.
Dorrie SMW3D Dorrie Dorrie is a friendly dinosaur who helps Mario and friends by allowing them to ride on him on the water. He can be seen in the courses Dinosaur Land, Underwater Caverns, Vanilla Lake and Waterfall Dome. He can be seen in the dock of Dino Square after clearing the mission The Adorable Friendly Dorrie.
Rosalina MK7 Rosalina Rosalina is seen in the third area of Dino Square, Dino Observatory. Alongside Lubba, she is the owner of the Galactic Shop located there. She's also seen in the course Galactic Toy Land.
Lubba Lubba Lubba is owner of the Galactic Shop with Rosalina. He's very friendly and can be seen alongside Rosalina in the course Galactic Toy Land too.
Lakitu Buddy SMW3D Lakitu Buddy Lakitu Buddy helps Mario and friends in some missions, mainly in the course Cloudy Skylands. She can be seen in the town after clearing the mission It's Lakitu Buddy Again.
Green Baby Yoshi Baby Yoshis Baby Yoshis can be seen in the town and its areas, and also in Dinosaur Land. They are mostly in groups and doesn't actually talk.
SMG YellowLuma Lumas They can be seen in the town and some of its areas, most of them in the Dino Observatory. They're very friendly and advice Mario and friends some things about courses.
PiantaTree Piantas Some Piantas are in Dino Square as owners of shops and other things. Some of them can also be seen in Delfino Bowl Beach.
387px-Koopalings-NSMB2 Koopalings The Koopalings are never physically fought. They're mostly seen in cutscenes, but they also can be seen in Bowser Jr. courses, where they can attack the player like Bowser Jr. does.



Power-Ups that appear in various courses and any character can use them.

Image Item Description Form
Fire Flower NSMB2 Fire Flower Fire Mario can throw fireballs to kill enemies. He can throw 2 fireballs at once. Fire Mario SMW3D
Ice Flower2 Ice Flower Ice Mario can throw iceballs to freeze enemies. He can throw 2 ice balls at once. IceMario.
MK8 Deluxe Art - Cape Feather Cape Feather As Cape Mario, the player can hover in the air and fly. He also can defeat enemies with his cape. Cape Mario SMWU
Winged Cap SM3DW Wing Cap As Wing Mario, the player can fly similar to Cape Mario. Wing Mario
Super Leaf Super Leaf Tanooki Mario can spin nearby enemies with his tail and also, he can descend slowly when jumping. TanookiMario3D
Metal Mushroom Metal Mushroom As Metal Mario, the player is heavy and can walk underwater. Metal Mario1
HammerSuit Hammer Suit Hammer Mario can throw hammers to kill enemies and can dash with his shell. He can throw 3 hammers at once. Hammer Mario Final SM3DW
Boomerangflower Boomerang Flower Boomerang Mario can throw boomerangs to kill enemies and can dash with his shell. He can throw 1 boomerang at once. BoomerangMarioSM3DL
VanishFlower Vanish Flower

As Vanish Mario, the player is invisible and can pass through some walls, enemies and other objects.

Vanish Mario
GoldFlower Gold Flower As Gold Mario, the player is able to throw golden balls to kill enemies and make tons of coins. NSMB2 Golden Mario
BlooperSuit Blooper Suit As Blooper Mario, the player can swim extremely fast and is more agile. BlooperMario
SpikeMushroomSMLTLT Spike Mushroom Spike Mario is able to throw spike balls to kill special enemies. Spike Mario NSMBDIY
ThunderCloud Thunder Cloud As Thunderbolt Mario, the player can ride on a cloud and can shoot lightning directly under him. Also, Mario can fire lightning balls. Thunderbolt Mario SMW3D
Draglet Suit SMW3D Draglet Suit As Draglet Mario, the player can fly for a while until the gauge empties. While being in the air, if the player collects Coins, Mario will fly a little more. He also can spit big fireballs. Draglet Mario SMW3D
Bulb Cap SMW3D Bulb Cap Bulb Mario is able to lighten up darker areas and discover secrets. Also, he can perform a Spin Jump to give more light for a few seconds. Bulb Mario SMW3D
Rainbowstar Rainbow Star Rainbow Mario is invincible, faster and stronger for a short period of time, making him able to run through enemies and obstacles. 7593544202 1c30b8ca16 o


Each playable character in the game has an own Power-Up.

Image Item Description Form
Propeller Mushroom Propeller Mushroom Propeller Mario can vertically fly up to get to high places, or escape from enemies. MarioPropella
Super Jump Mushroom SMW3D Super Jump Mushroom Super Jump Luigi is able to charge and jump really high so he can reach high places and also, he can make very powerful ground pounds when descending. Super Jump Luigi SMW3D
Mushroom Suit SMW3D Mushroom Suit Mushroom Toad has three mushrooms that follow him around, he can make mushroom platforms and bounce on them. After they are used, Toad must find another Mushroom Suit to get more mushrooms. Mushroom Toad SMW3D
Magnet Flower SMW3D Magnet Flower Magnet Wario has a magnet as hand, he can attract nearby coins and is able to climb metallic walls. Magnet Wario SMW3D
407px-Bomb Suit Bomb Suit Bomb Waluigi has three Bob-Ombs following him around and he can throw them at enemies. Once picked up, they light. After using all, Waluigi must find another Bomb Suit to get more Bob-Ombs. Bomber Waluigi SMW3D

Other Items

Normal Items and Objects

Image Name Description
CoinSM3DL Coin Coins are very common items, they appear in every level of the game and can replenish the player's health. Getting 50 Coins in a level will give Mario a 1-Up. Coins also are used to buy items.
Blue Coin Blue Coin Blue Coins appears when the player press a P-Switch, they are in groups and worth 5 Coins. After collecting all, the player will get a 1-Up Mushroom or a 3-Up Moon (depending on how much Blue Coins appears).
Red Coin SM3D Red Coin Eight Red Coins appears when the player pass through a Red Ring. They worth 2 Coins and after getting all, a random Power-Up or item will appear.
RedRing Red Ring When the player pass through it, the item let eight Red Coins appear, that will then, disappear after a certain time.
Purple CoinSMWWii Purple Coin Purple Coins only appears in Purple Coin Power Star missions. The player must collect a determined amount of these Coins (usually 100) to get a Purple Star.
Dragon Coin SMEv Dragon Coin Dragon Coins are rare and grand types of Coins. They worth 10 Coins and every level has one of them. They're required for completion.
Question Coin SMW3D Question Coin A large coin that can make a multitude of things appear, including Coins, 1-Up Mushrooms, Rainbow Notes, a power-up, or even another Question Coin.
120px-1upmushroomNSMB2 1-Up Mushroom These rare Mushrooms gives the player one extra life. They can be found in some hidden places and blocks, also, after collecting Red or Blue Coins.
Poison Mushroom SMW3D Poison Mushroom These type of mushrooms hurt players, so they must avoid them.
3-UpMoon 3-Up Moon An extremely rare item, they gives the player three extra lives. They can be found in a few courses in very hidden places, or after collecting a high amount of Blue Coins.
Super Star Power Star Very important items. When certain totals are achieved, the story progresses. To get a Power Star, the player must do a certain task.
Green Star SMW3D Green Star Green Stars (or Speed-Run Power Stars) are a rare type of Power Stars that can be obtained after beating a Speed-Run mission. There's one of them per level.
Red Star NSMBDIY Red Star Red Stars (or Daredevil Power Stars) are other rare type of Power Stars that can be obtained after beating a Daredevil mission. There's one of them per level.
Purple Star SMW3D Purple Star Purple Stars (or Purple Coin Power Stars) are another rare type of Power Stars that can be obtained after beating a Purple Coin mission. There's one of them per level.
Block ? Block Common objects that can contain Coins or items inside them.
Winged Block NSMBDIY Winged ? Block They're just the same as normal ? Blocks, but has wings and flies in wave patterns.
Yellow ! Block ! Block These rare blocks can contain an item inside them or nothing. The yellow ones contain a Fire Flower or a Wing Cap, the green a Cape Feather or a Metal Mushroom, the blue a Boomerang Flower or a Vanish Flower, the red a Super Leaf or a Hammer Suit, the cyan a Ice Flower or a Blooper Suit and the purple a Spike Mushroom or a Thunder Cloud. There are also, very rare varieties of Golden ! Blocks that contains Gold Flowers.
Brick Block Brick Block They can contain items or Coins inside them, or can be broken.
FlipBlock Flip Block When hit, it rotates and Mario could go through it, until it stops.
GrabBlock Grab Block This item can be picked up and simply thrown as a projectile.
Hint block Hint Block One Hint Block appears in every course, giving hints and tips about the course itself and what dangers it has. The message may change after clearing the course, or maybe after clearing a mission.
POWBlock POW Block POW Blocks can be picked up and thrown to defeat ground enemies and make Coins from the air to land on the ground.
Music Notes Rainbow Notes Colorful musical notes that only appear after Mario has touched a Question Coin, after which a short trail of them will line up in the immediate vicinity. When they are collected quickly, a short tune will be played in the background.
Plus Clock SMG2 Timers Timers are green clocks that only appear in Speed-Run missions. They're scattered on the course and gives the player 10 more seconds to the clock.
NSMB Warp Pipe Warp Pipe Common colored objects. Some of them do absolutely nothing and others can warp the player to other places.
P-Switch NSMB2 P-Switch When P-Switchs are pressed, they can turn Coins into Brick Blocks and vice versa, or make a random amount of Blue Coins appear.

Special Items

These items are very important, being required to complete some missions in levels and get Power Stars.

Image Name Description
Golden Leaf SMW3D Golden Leaf Treasure of the Grand Tree in the course Maple Fields. It appears in the mission The Tree's Treasure and once the player find it, the Golden Leaf will turn into a Power Star.
Golden Bob-Omb SMW3D Gold Bob-Omb One Gold Bob-Omb appears in the conveyor belts with all the other normal Bob-Ombs, in the course Bob-Omb Battle Factory. It appears in the mission The Golden Bob-Omb and the player must find it and put it in it's determined hole to get the Power Star.
Cookie Piece SMW3D Cookie Pieces These items appears in the course Vanilla Lake, scattered over the whole level in the mission The Cookie Clutter!. The player must find them all and order them to get the Giant Cookie and the Power Star.
SpinDrill Spin Drill This item appears in the mini course Sandy Undergrounds and its missions. It allows the player to drill underground and discover things there.
Golden Banana SMW3D Golden Banana The Golden Banana is the great treasure in the course Jungle Hijinxs, home to Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong. It appears in the mission The Golden Banana, all the habitants of the course are looking for it and the player must find it and give it to Donkey Kong to get the Power Star.


Icon Name Description
PowerStarSMSJ Power Star A normal Power Star. It is obtained in normal missions.
SecretStarSMSJ Speed-Run Power Star Green Power Stars that can be obtained by beating a mission (usually a mission done before) in a determined amount of time. When time runs out the player loses a life. The player can pick Timers to add 10 more seconds on the clock.
SpecialStarSMSJ Daredevil Power Star Red Power Stars that can be obtained by beating a mission (usually a mission done before) with only 1 life in the health meter.
Purple Coin Star SMW3D Purple Coin Power Star Purple Power Stars that can be obtained by beating a mission where the player has to get a certain amount of Purple Coins (usually 100), before the time runs out.


All the courses in the game can be accessed from Dino Square, the main hub. Also, Dino Square is divided into 5 areas and each area contains 4 courses. Also, some areas contains 1 or 2 mini courses.

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Many enemies from Super Mario World returns, like Goombes and Chargin' Chucks, alongside other enemies of the Mario universe.

Main Article: Enemies


Image Boss Description
MPWii U Goomboss Goomboss Goomboss has a protecting shield of Goombas and will try to stomp the player. Use the Cape Feather to reach his head and Ground Pound on it. Doing this process 3 times will defeat him.
Wiggler King SMW3D Wiggler King Wiggler King will attack by running around, trying to crush the player. Use the Super Leaf and spin on him to make him dizzy. While he's dizzy, Ground Pound on one of his body segments. Doing this process 3 times will defeat him.
Big Bob-omb SM3DW King Bob-Omb King Bob-Omb attacks by throwing Bob-Ombs at the player. Kick the Bob-Ombs back at him 3 times to defeat him.
MP9 King Boo Bust King Boo

King Boo will create 3 clones of himself and will attack by spitting blue lava balls and by punching, the player must kick the true King Boo. Doing this 3 times will defeat him.

Bowser HUGE Bowser #1 In the first battle against him, Bowser will attack by dashing in his Shell and will try to crush the player. He also will breathe fire. To defeat him, the player must have the Spike Mushroom and throw Spike Balls at him to make him fall. Then the player must Ground Pound on his stomach. Doing this process 2 times will defeat him.
Gooperblooper01 Gooper Blooper Gooper Blooper will suddenly attack by waving his tentacles on the player and shooting Goopballs. With Yoshi, swallow the goop balls and spit them back at him, then Ground Pound on his tentacles. Ground Pound on all of his tentacles will defeat him.
King Chomp SMW3D King Chomp King Chomp will try to bite the player by bouncing around. Try to pick his chain and release him on the toxic water 3 times to defeat him.
Cheep Boss SMW3D Cheep Boss Cheep Boss can attack by shooting bubbles and by trying to eat the player. When trying to eat you, pick up his tail and throw him to the rocks 3 times to defeat him.
PeteyPiranhaPlant Petey Piranha Petey spits Sludge and will try to jump on the player. The player must avoid him and his sludge and use the Cape Feather to spin on his stomach and Ground Pound on him. Doing this process 3 times will defeat him. After the second time, he will fly too.
King Mole SMW3D King Mole King Mole attacks by throwing rocks, digging underground and heading overground, under the player. Avoid his attacks and jump on his head 3 times.
Boss Lakitu SMW3D Boss Lakitu Boss Lakitu throws Spiny Eggs at the player and shoot Lightning directly under his Cloud. Avoiding his attacks, the player must use the Boomerang Flower and throw a Boomerang at him. Then, he will fall from his cloud and will still throw Spiny Eggs at the player while his cloud still shoot lightning, throw another boomerang at him and he will return to his cloud. Doing this 3 times will defeat him.
BowserJr.SMG Bowser Jr #1 In the first battle against him, Bowser Jr. will spit fireballs at the player and will dash in his Shell. He also do high jumps and go to different places and positions to spit his fireballs at the player. Sometimes when dashing in his shell, he will get dizzy and the player must jump on his head 3 times to defeat him.
Kamella SMG Kamella Kamella will throw various objects and enemies at the player. She also, can transport any time side to side. To beat her, the player has to wait until she throws a shell, the player must pick up it and throw it back at her 3 times.
King Bones SMW3D King Bones King Bones will throw bones at the player and can make shock waves after jumping. The player must use a Hammer Suit and repeatedly throw hammers at him to destroy him completely.
KingKalienteProfile King Kaliente King Kaliente shoots coconuts and fire rocks at the player. Using the Cape Feather spin and whack his coconuts back at him 3 times.
Podoboss SMW3D Podoboss Podoboss will fly around, dropping Podoboos and trying to hit the player. Use the Ice Flower and throw ice balls at him until he turns into a fire rock, kick him 2 times and he will return to his normal form. Doing this process 3 times will defeat him.
Bowsersfirebreath Bowser #2 In the second battle, Bowser uses the same attacks from the first battle, but now, he also throw Spiky Balls and spit lava balls. Now he must be defeated by throwing iceballs at his hands while he's going to throw spiky balls to freeze them. Then, the player has to Spin Jump in his frozen hands to make him fall and then ground pound on his stomach 2 times to defeat him.
Shadow Mario 2 Shadow Mario Shadow Mario can shoot paintballs with his paintbrush at the player and transport any time. He uses the same moves as the player so, is very hard to hit him. The player has to Spin Jump on his head 3 times to defeat him.
Reznor SMW3D Reznors 3 Reznors will run into the player to hurt him/her and jump to make little earthquakes. The player must ground pound on them while they're trying to hit the player, 3 times on each of them.
King Whomp Whomp King Whomp King uses the same strategy as in other games. He tries to crush the player by falling over and trying to land on top of him/her. He's also accompanied by Whimps. He can be defeated by causing him to fall over and subsequently ground pounding on his back 3 times.
Baron Brrr Baron Brrr Baron Brrr's battle is similar to Podoboss's. He will drop Li'l Brrrs and will try to hit the player. Use the Fire Flower and throw fireballs at him until he falls, kick him 2 times and he will float again. Doing this 3 times will defeat him.
Bowser Jr9 Bowser Jr #2 In the second battle, Bowser Jr. uses the same attacks from the first battle and combines them with Shadow Mario's attacks. He can be defeated the same way as in the first battle.
BoomBoomBamBam Boom Boom & Pom Pom Boom Boom spins wildly with his arms to hurt the player while Pom Pom throws boomerangs at the player and then jumps away. The player can defeat them by jumping on their head 3 times. After being stomped, Boom Boom starts dashing in his shell, Pom Pom does it too, but in a different manner, she hovers in her hard shell and tries to land on her opponent.
Mega Koopa SMW3D Mega Koopa A giant Koopa that will try to stomp the player and can dash in his shell. To beat him, the player must use the Cape Feather and find a way to reach his head and ground pound on it.

Bowser in Koopa Car

Bowser #3

Phase 1: In the final battle, Bowser will ride on his Koopa Clown Car and will use a similar strategy as in Super Mario World. He moves around and then throws Mecha-Koopas at the player, and sometimes a Bob-Omb. The player must pick up the Mecha-Koopa/Bob-Omb and throw it back at him when he descends trying to crush the player. Do this 3 times and his Koopa Clown Car will disappear.

Phase 2: Now, Bowser will attack without his Koopa Clown Car, combining his previous attacks in the other battles. Also, he will throw Bob-Ombs with Spike Balls and will make shock waves. Wait until he throws a Bob-Omb and then pick up it and throw it back at him, he will fall and the player must ground pound on him many times. Then he will dash in his shell and will continue attacking. If the player does this another 2 times, he/she will finally defeat Bowser and save Princess Peach.

DarkBowserSMW3D Dark Bowser Dark Bowser will combine all of Bowser's attacks (except the phase 1 of the third battle) and will also, throw little dark meteors from the sky at the player. This battle is harder, because sometimes Dark Bowser spits massive blue lava balls at the player, can pound the platform to force it off balance and can warp from side to side.


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Trading Cards

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  • Most bosses are kings or bosses of an enemy species. An example could be King Wiggler, who is the boss of the Wigglers, or Podoboss, who is the boss of the Podoboos.

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