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Developer(s) Outer Inc.
Publisher(s) Nin.png
Platform(s) Wii
Genre(s) Action, Platform
Release Date(s) 25px-Flag of Japan.png April 13 2012
25px-Flag of USA.png April 18 2012
25px-Flag of Europe.png May 4 2012
25px-Flag of Australia.png May 11 2012
Mode(s) 1-4 Players (local)
2-6 Players (Online)
Age Rating(s) ERating.jpg 3Rating.png USK6.png OFLC-G.png CERO A.gif
Media Included Wii Optical Disc (Dual-lated)

Super Mario World: Wii (or Super Mario World Wii) is the Wii sequel to the classic game Super Mario World.



While Mario and Luigi were taking a walk, Peach and Daisy were in Peach's Castle, when suddenly, two trees were delivered to Peach unexpectedly. Then, Bowser and Bowser Jr. pop out of the trees, and Boom-Boom pops out of his delivery guy outfit.They grab Peach, and Orange runs away. he eventually bumps into Mario and Luigi and tells them what happened, then, the Three of them jump into their latest adventure!

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Image Name Description Ability How to Unlock
NsmbMario.png Mario Mario is the main hero on his way to save Peach! He is the most balanced of characters. He has the Star Spin abillity He's already unlocked
NSMBWii Luigi.png Luigi The shadowy brother of Mario is returning, as the second player, once again. His jumps are higher than any other He's already unlocked
Orange Toad.png Orange Orange is the one who informs the bros. about Peach's latest kidnapping. He is the third fastest and has great strength By getting pass World 2
Assist LumaSMWWii.png Assist Luma Assist Luma from SMG2 is back and as a playable character! He is the size of a Toad now, and only floats barely above the ground. He has the farthest jump (flutter) and is even faster than Goombario Beat the game twice
Goombario3D.png Goombario Goombario is making his first platformer playable appearance, as an unlockable of course. He has the Headbonk ability and is the fastest Unlock him by beating the secret boss, Goomboss
NSMBΩBlueToad.png Toad This time around Red Toad has been replaced by his blue counterpart, but Toad has a little bit of difference from Red Toad. He has the Ground Pound ability He's already unlocked
KoopaTheQuick SMWWii.png Koopa the Quick Mario's old rival joins Mario & co. on their big adventure! He has the fastest speed of any character and is the largest of all the characters. Unlocked by getting a perfect score on all 7 speed courses
GenoSMWWii.png Geno What? Geno?! Really? That's right! Geno, the star-being from back in the day has returned to adventure with Mario. He can fly and when he jumps, stars come out of him that can damage enemies. Unlocked by beating every single level in all the worlds, including Magic Star.
Mallow NSMBWii.png Mallow Hey! Did you really think Geno would adventure without his companion, Mallow? He falls down slower than anybody. Unlocked by buying him in the starshop after unlocking Geno.
NSMBΩWario.png Wario Wario is the Super Guide character, playable by stopping the super guide. He is the strongest character. By beating the game without even having a Super-Guide block show up.
Detective Bones.png Detective Bones Detective Bones is an exclusive Downloadable character. He can find hidden objects. By downloading him.
Seethroo.png Seethroo Seethroo is an exclusive Downloadable character. He can go become invisible for 15 seconds and can sneak by enemies. By downloading him.


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Well, of course the Goombas have returned!

There are many different types of enemies, like Jungle, Undead, Volcanic, and Basic. Old and new enemies appear in this game.

New Enemies

Many new enemies have appeared to take Mario down.

  • Makoop
  • Camo Blooper
  • Chilly Lilly
  • Gunner Mole
  • Lune
  • Copter Koopa
  • Hauntin
  • Pramareez
  • Vine-Gaull
  • Red Bro.
  • Blukiki
  • Venus Ice Trap
  • Spook
  • Bleep-Cheep
  • Goombarr
  • Redloop
  • Soldier Bill
  • Bomber Bro.
  • Mountain Bomb
  • Crowblaze
  • Naughty Note
  • Pansice
  • Chilly Lilly
  • Tornabones

Returning Enemies

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The dreaded Boom Boom is back!

Many bosses appear in this game, 25 in fact!

A lot of old bosses, like Huff 'N Puff and Boom Boom, return in this game.

Each world has 2 bosses. Fortress bosses, and castle bosses. The only world that doesn't play by these rules is world 10, where there are 2 fortress bosses.

For a list of tactics for defeating each and every one of these bosses, see the Guide page in the "Other" section.


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The coins are the most basic item in the game.

Many Items appear in this game. Ones like, Mushroom, Fire Flower, Toss Egg, and Red Coin.

Some of these items, like Fire Flower and Hammer Suit, grant you with great powers. These items are called "Power-Ups".

New Items

  • Toss Egg
  • Dark Cloud
  • Bomb Suit
  • Fakepole
  • Balloon Block
  • 1-Down Mushroom
  • Blue Moon

Returning Items

  • Coin
  • Red Coin
  • Star Coin
  • Mushroom
  • Fire Flower
  • Ice Flower
  • Cloud Flower
  • Hammer Suit
  • Bowser Mushroom
  • Penguin Suit
  • Propeller Mushroom
  • Super Star
  • Boo Mushroom
  • Yoshi Egg
  • Music Block
  • Pink Music Block
  • Beanstalk
  • Midway Pole
  • Flag Pole

Power-Up Forms

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Small Mario, Mario's starter form.

There are many Power Ups in this game. Old and new ones will be appearing.

There are also Power-Ups for Yoshi.

Outer Inc. has announced that 4 new Power Ups will be appearing. They are: Bomb Suit, Flat Shroom, ???, and Bone Flower.

Yoshi's Power-Ups

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Yoshi has many colors, and now powers!

Outer Inc. has revealed 5 Power-Ups will be available for Yoshi's. They are the Para-Egg, the Fire Egg, the Ice Egg, the Thunder Egg, and the Hammer Egg.


Name Description Fortress Boss Castle Boss Enemy Course Enemy
Mushroom Kingdom The area where Princess Peach's Castle resides. Bowser Jr. Army Hammer Bro. Goomba
Dry Dry Desert The desert that resides just outside Mushroom Valley. Bowser Jr. Boom Boom Pokey
Ice Island A huge iceburg in the middle of the ocean. Bowser Jr. Icy Dino Piranha Cooligan
Waterside Park An island right by the sea filled with Cheep-Cheeps. Bowser Jr. King-Puffer Porcu-Puffer
Toxic Forest A forest that hangs on the edge of Waterside Park. Bowser Jr. Chomp and Toxiki Putrid Piranha
Rocky Hills A huge mountain surrounded by smaller hills. Bowser Jr. Mountain Piranha Mountain Bomb
Shroobified Plains A field that has been taken over by Shroobs Demon Skull Shroob Sejin Lune
Sky World A land in the sky, and a replacement area for Huff 'N Puff. Bowser Jr. Huff 'N Puff Fwoosh and Ruff Puff
Lavaland Lavaland is Bowser's old base which Jr. has taken over. Kamek Bowser Jr. Ember
Dark World A big cave is Bowser's old hideout. Bowser Jr. and Kamek Bowser Naughty Note
Rainbow Road A huge swirl in the sky made of a solid rainbow. Rainbow Bowser Jr. Goomboss Shoe Goomba
Blooper Sea A big sea that is the home of the Bloopers. Bowser Jr. Soldier Blooper Camo Blooper
Donut Plains A big field full of Rexes and Yoshis. Rex Group Mega Rex Rex
Vanilla Dome An Underground cave where Buzzy Beetles live. Mini-Bowser Beetle King Spike Top
Magic Star A big star with 10 areas, collect all the star coins in each of the first 10 world to unlock each level. None None None


The dojo is a new area in the game. You can unlock it by beating all the worlds (excluding Magic Star). Jinx is the boss of the dojo. You can earn your belts here. Every belt you get, you receive a rare power-up like the Hammer Suit.



Beta Elements




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