Super Mario Warriors
Developer(s) Team Ninja, Omega Force, Shadowcrafter Studios
Publisher(s) Nintendo, Tecmo Koei
Platform(s) Switch
Genre(s) Hack and Slash
Age Rating(s) PG


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Mario Luigi Peach Daisy Yoshi
Mario MPR LuigiSR Princess Peach Daisy MP10 MKPC Yoshi Solo
Hero’s Hammer: PDSMBE-FireOrb Fire Sidekick’s Hammer: PDSMBE-LightningOrb Lightning Parasol: PDSMBE-LightOrb Light Flower Earrings: PDSMBE-WoodOrb Wood Eggs: PDSMBE-LightOrb Light
F.L.U.D.D.: PDSMBE-WaterOrb Water Poltergust: PDSMBE-DarkOrb Darkness Frying Pan: PDSMBE-FireOrb Fire Soccer Ball: PDSMBE-LightningOrb Lightning Fruit Bunch: PDSMBE-WoodOrb Wood
Cape Feather: PDSMBE-LightningOrb Lightning Super Leaf: PDSMBE-WoodOrb Wood Fan: PDSMBE-WaterOrb Water
Capsules: PDSMBE-LightOrb Light
Super Bell: PDSMBE-LightOrb Light
Cappy: PDSMBE-DarkOrb Darkness
Rosalina Captain Toad Donkey Kong Diddy Kong Koopa the Quick
Rosalina - Mario Party 10 Captain Toad miner DK Strong DiddyKong KoopaTroopaMP9
Star Wand: PDSMBE-LightOrb Light Pickaxe: PDSMBE-LightOrb Light Barrel: PDSMBE-WoodOrb Wood Jetpack: PDSMBE-FireOrb Fire Running Shoes: PDSMBE-WoodOrb Wood
Boxing Gloves: PDSMBE-FireOrb Fire Shell: PDSMBE-WaterOrb Water
Bowser Bowser Jr Army Bro. Ludwig Lemmy
Bowser NSMBW Bowserjr MP9 Army Hammer Bro. NSMBVR Ludwig Battle Cards Lemmy Koopa 3D
Claws: PDSMBE-FireOrb Fire Clown Car: PDSMBE-LightningOrb Lightning Bros Arsenal: PDSMBE-FireOrb Fire Battle Cards: PDSMBE-DarkOrb Darkness Circus Ball: PDSMBE-WaterOrb Water
Axe: PDSMBE-DarkOrb Darkness Paintbrush: PDSMBE-DarkOrb Darkness
Top Hat: PDSMBE-LightningOrb Lightning
Roy Iggy Wendy Morton Larry
502px-RoyNSMBU IggyNSMBU Wendy O. Koopa Artwork MortonNSMBU Larry Weapon
Bazooka: PDSMBE-FireOrb Fire Chain Chomp: PDSMBE-LightningOrb Lightning Rings: PDSMBE-WaterOrb Water Mallet: PDSMBE-FireOrb Fire Tennis Racket: PDSMBE-WoodOrb Wood
Wario Waluigi Ashley Nabbit Pauline
Wario MP100 WaluigiMP8Official Ashley SSB4 MushroombanditNSMBU SMO Pauline
Garlic: PDSMBE-FireOrb Fire Bob-ombs: PDSMBE-FireOrb Fire Red: PDSMBE-DarkOrb Darkness Nab Bag: PDSMBE-DarkOrb Darkness Microphone: PDSMBE-LightOrb Light
Wario Bike: PDSMBE-LightningOrb Lightning Piranha Whip: PDSMBE-WoodOrb Wood
King Boo Tatanga King K. Rool Funky Kong Tiki Tong
King Boo Artwork - Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon Tatanga 3D Invader Design King K. Rool Funky Kong Surfboard Tiki Tong SSB4
Crown: PDSMBE-DarkOrb Darkness Blaster: PDSMBE-LightningOrb Lightning Blunderbuss: PDSMBE-WaterOrb Water Surfboard: PDSMBE-WaterOrb Water Tiki Hands: PDSMBE-WoodOrb Wood
Mallow Geno Smithy Boshi Midbus
MallowByJoeAdok GenoSMWWii SmithyT Super Smash Bros. - Boshi by Nin10Doug Metaboss
Cymbals: PDSMBE-WaterOrb Water Arm Cannon: PDSMBE-LightningOrb Lightning Blacksmith's Hammer: PDSMBE-FireOrb Fire Sunglasses: PDSMBE-DarkOrb Darkness Armbands: PDSMBE-WaterOrb Water
Fawful Antasma Paper Mario Sir Grodus Count Bleck
Fawful Antasma PaperMarioDTT PM TTYD Grodus Transparent CountBleck2
Headgear: PDSMBE-DarkOrb Darkness Dark Stone: PDSMBE-DarkOrb Darkness Paper Hammer: PDSMBE-WoodOrb Wood X-Staff: PDSMBE-LightningOrb Lightning Cloak: PDSMBE-LightOrb Light
Giga Bowser Mega Goomba
DiscordGigaBowser Goomba look NSMBU
Giga Power: PDSMBE-DarkOrb Darkness Mega Strength: PDSMBE-LightOrb Light

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