The box art for the Wii

Princess Peach invites Mario for some cake. When Mario arrives at the castle: Peach, Luigi , and all the Toad arewaiting. Suddenly the sky turns black, thousands of Bowser's ships gather around the castle. Bowser says the words: 'Mario, this time i wil take the Princess and you aren't going to do anything about it' then he fires a green beam at Peach and the others. 'Goodbye Mario, forever now' Mario falls of the castle. A with light appears


Mario retains his conventional role in the Super Mario series as the game's main protagonist in his adventure to once again rescue Princess Peach from the clutches of Bowser and Bowser Jr. This time, Mario has the power to spin and fly through space
Luigi Unlocked at Galaxy 5 (If you beat Bowser Jr. in the Secret Tower).
Princess Peach SM3DW
Peach You met Peach in Galaxy 5 (before Bowser Jr. takes her to Galaxy 12).
Daisy If you play in Luigi Mode Peach will be replaced with Daisy.
Bowser You met Bowser in the Center of the Universe.
Bowser Jr. You met Bowser Jr. at Galaxy 5 (Secret Tower) and Galaxy 12.
Koopalings You met Larry, Lavora, Lemmy, Roy, Wendy, Morton Jr., Jackson, Harley B and Jacob all over the Galaxies.
Yellow Toad Only playable in Multiplayer.
Blue Toad Only playable in Multiplayer.


Galaxy 1:

  • World 1-5
  • Battleship (Larry Koopa)

Galaxy 2:

  • World 1-4
    • Secret Tower (Bowser Jr.)
  • World 5-6
  • Battleship (Roy Koopa

Galaxy 3:

  • World 1-6
  • Battleship (Wendy O Koopa)

Galaxy 4:

  • World 1-7
  • Battleship (Lemmy Koopa)

Galaxy 5:

  • World 1-4
    • Secret Tower (Bowser Jr.)
  • World 5-7
  • Battleship (Iggy Koopa)

Galaxy 6:

  • World 1-7
  • Battleship (Morton Koopa Jr.)

Galaxy 7:

  • World 1-4
    • Secret Castle (Jacob Koopa)
  • World 5
  • Batttleship (Ludwig Von Koopa)

Galaxy 8:

  • World 1-4
    • Secret Castle (Dry Bowser)
  • Battleship (Jackson Koopa)

Galaxy 9:

  • World 1-4
    • Secret Tower (Bowser Jr.)
  • World 5-6
  • Battleship (Harley B Koopa)

Galaxy 10:

  • World 1-4
    • Secret Tower (Morton Koopa Jr.)
  • Battleship (Lavora Koopa)

Galaxy 11:

  • World 1-5
  • Bowser Castle (Morton Koopa Sr.)

Galaxy 12

  • World 1-3
  • Tower (Bowser Jr.)
  • Castle (Ludwig Von Koopa
  • Center of the Universe (Bowser)

Grandmaster Special Galaxy:

  • Tower (Iggy Koopa & Lemmy Koopa)
  • Tower (Lavora Koopa & Wendy O Koopa)
  • Tower (Larry Koopa and Dry Bowser)
  • Tower (Morton Koopa Jr. & Roy Koopa)
  • Castle (Bowser, Bowser Jr. and Morton Koopa Sr.)

Power Ups

SuperMushroom Super Mushroom Turns Mario into Super Mario
Propellor Mush Build

Propeller Mushroom

Turns Mario Into Propeller Mario

GoldFlower Gold Flower Turns Mario Into Golden Mario
Acorn Shroom Super Acorn Turns Mario into a Flying Squirrel Mario
ClassicMushroom Classic Mushroom Turns Mario into Classic Mario, also turns the whole environment into 8 bit
482px-Fire Flower Artwork - Super Mario 3D World Fire Flower Turns Mario into Fire Mario
Hammer Flower Hammer Flower Turns Mario into Hammer Mario
3D 1-Up Mushroom Artwork 1-Up Mushroom Gives you one more life
1-DownMushroom 1-Down You'll lose one life
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