Super Mario Team-Mania
Title made by LegendaryIce (tbc)
Developer(s) Gear Games
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Evo-Gem
Release Date(s)
1-4 players
Age Rating(s)
E for Everyone
Genre(s) 3D Platformer
Series Super Mario Bros. (series)
Predecessor Super Mario Madness
Super Mario Team-Mania is the sequel of Super Mario Madness for the Evo-Gem, developed by Gear Games and published by Nintendo. While retaining the gameplay and the Character Switch system from its prequel, this game will have a different antagonist called Slanito, have Bowser and Bowser Jr. as playable while Kamek become a major boss and the Koopalings demoted into extra bosses in the final world's Boss Gauntlet for the plot reasons, and the Battle Mode where players will battle each others in one of the specifically made stages.


The gameplay is the same as it's prequel, and most of the mechanics from that game had returned such as the Tasks, but there are several additions such as the Team mechanic as well as Solo Power and Team Techniques.

Being on a team is optional, but is often useful as you may need a Speed character, a Jump character or a Power character, or even a character with a specific Ability or Solo Power to reach an area or to solve a puzzle. When one is blundered, the whole team can keep going until they reached a Star Checkpoint where their hit points are reverted to 3 (the usual maximum amount like in the Super Mario Galaxy games) and your blundered ally/ies will be summoned by a bubble. All characters on the same team shares the same total lives like in Super Mario 3D World; should the team wastes out of lives, no characters can normally comeback and all taken out characters can result a game over. When on a team, they can perform the Team Techniques like a Power Throw where a Power character can throw an ally to far away.

The Solo Special is a powerful technique and signature attack of the playable character. It can be either used to defeat a tough boss or to get rid of numerous foes, or to solves certain puzzles. In order to use it, the player need to defeat enemies to fill the Star Meter. It will empties once you use the Solo Power.

The Team Special is the same as a Solo Power but more powerful, especially in a group of four. The players need to defeat the enemies, collect Coins and perform successful Team Techniques in order to fill the Team Meter, and once fulfilled, it becomes possible to use it. Each character can hold a different Team Power, and can be switched as well as buy new one in shops.

The Abilities are special treats that most characters can obtain. These mechanics can make a character to go faster under certain condition, perform an unique attack by pressing successive button combination, and even detect the secret paths. Every characters have two default Abilities, but they can hold up to four different Abilities and can buy more from the shops.

Hat Gears and Body Costumes from Super Mario Odyssey had returned, and each character have a set of ten different costumes. While all of it have no major impact on gameplay, a few set of costumes are needed to obtain the Green Stars.

Purple Currency also returns from the same game mentioned above, although there are unlimited supplies instead of strictly a hundred found in each world. Each World had a different Purple Currency, and only the Purple Currency found in their respective world are compatible there. For instance, the Purple Leaves found in Vegetable Grass Land will only be compatible to that place, and nowhere else.

The Green Stars returns since Super Mario 3D World, and like before, they serves as collectible that are optional, but needed for certain places, such as some sections of a area being locked by Slanito's dark magic. Collecting enough Green Stars will also allows the player(s) to have access to the Super Levels, which are levels that are remade to become more challenging and are from various past games prior to Super Mario Odyssey.


Although the story is not on par of most Mario RPG games, the story had still be more prominent without getting obstructive into the gameplay.

This part of the story will only be revealed if you find the Story Page 1 or in the manual book/virtual instruction booklet. It starts with Bowser plotting yet another Peach kidnapping invasion, but does not know how to do it without having Peach to alarm Mario and Luigi or even have the two plumbers to know the event, so he wanted to make this more discrete upon hearing Kamek's advice. As Bowser's minions had become too busy to listen to him does to their even more intense training, Bowser had difficult time to make them listen despite his constant roaring of anger. He then noticed that a dark, purple perfume that surround them, and tell them what kind of parfume they had used as Kamek recommend them not to use them to avoid blowing their hiding skill.

It turns out that upon Kamek sniffing, it doesn't really smell anything but does take over Kamek's mind. Bowser eventually noticed that something is not right, but become too occupied to give them order. A dark Toad-like figure shows up and... Bowser had laughed, not expecting a Toad to have nerves to take on him with such "silly luxury clothing", but he eventually found out that the same Toad was the one who used the same perfume on them and ordered the brainwashed troopers to kick Bowser out of the castle, but the Koopa King refuses to surrender, but he does not wanted to injure too many of his men to not ruin his next invasion plan.

Bowser Jr. comes in, unaware of the event, mistook the whole event as a circus act by the purple Toad. Bowser warns him that it is not but that the dastardly Toad was behind it. Unfortunately for the two, despite constantly fighting back, get eventually get outgunned and outmatched, and quickly get kicked out of the castle. Bowser then cockily yell at the purple Toad that he will never find the castle's emergency rockets, which the Toad smugly order the brainwashed troopers to find the controller of these rockets.

Bowser, realizing that he said too much, attempt to jump on the castle to attack the Toad, but the castle's flight speed is too fast for him to hang on for long, and fall out to a river, and the Koopa King, with his son vexed from the event, furiously roars at the Toad, and the Toad proudly announce the beginning of Slanito's (which is his name) own invasion against the Mushroom Kingdom to get rid of him and Peach. Upon hearing this, Bowser become reluctant about what to do, but found out that since he is a Toad, Peach could know him, thus having no choice but to team up with her and the Mario Bros., even if he believe that it will be a pain to go through with them.

More to come.


Each characters have a specific Solo Power and a stat of Speed, Jump and Power.

  • Speed determinate how fast the character can go. The higher the Speed is, the faster it can go.
  • Jump is how the character can jump high and far. The better the Jump is, the higher and further it can jump.
  • The Power stat shows how strong the character is. The higher it is, the stronger the character and the more damage it can deliver to the enemies. To make up for their slower speed and lower jump, they also have better use of Power-Ups the higher the Power is.


Marioinsupermariosupermario3dsupermarioworld Mario The brave plumber of the Mushroom Kingdom will now have to face an unusual foe while keeping his courage and mustache intact. He is balanced, which is good for beginners. His Solo Special is Hammer Quake, which he slams his hammer so hard that it causes a tremor small and defeats near weak enemies while immobilizes tougher foes.
  • Speed: 4/6
  • Jump: 4/6
  • Power: 3/6
Luigiart8 Luigi The not-so-brave plumber and younger brother of Mario. When adventuring with his brother, Luigi have to put his fear aside (not completely but close enough) in order to overcome dangerous foes. His Solo Special, Tornado Attack, makes Luigi to spin so fast that near enemies are sent away into far away, and can lift certain heavy objects like rocks.
  • Speed: 3/6
  • Jump: 5/6
  • Power: 3/6
Princess Peach Artwork (alt) - Super Mario 3D World-1- Peach The princess of the Mushroom Kingdom in person. She had been kidnapped countless times by Bowser, but now the story is different (like the last time in Super Mario 3D World) and have to solve it (by herself if you play solo as her). Peach's Solo Power is Heart Blossoms where heart-shaped blossoms appears, which the scent will immobilize the enemies and to wake up some NPCs.
  • Speed: 3/6
  • Jump: 4/6
  • Power: 2/6
Blue toad by yoshigo99-d4g1xcu Toad Apparently the same Blue Toad from Super Mario 3D World. His bravery is what makes him set apart from the other Toads, and his Speed and his Power can solves many issues if it wasn't for his bad Jump. His Solo Power is Mushroom Spore which he unleashes spores from his cap to produces Super Mushrooms to heal himself and his allies, and also sneezes enemies for a while. He can also make mushroom-platform by using this Solo Power near a specific spot with his icon on it.
  • Speed: 5/6
  • Jump: 2/6
  • Power: 5/6
Imageyoshi Yoshi Yoshi himself, named after his species. Being Mario's faithful friend since Super Mario World, he can give a ride to anyone except those who are heavyweight. Yoshi can swallow enemies, lay eggs by doing so and then throw them into more enemies. His Solo Power, Mega Eggdozer, is very powerful and can destroy almost anything, but need to be aimed well as this is a one-shot attack!
  • Speed: 6/6
  • Jump: 5/6
  • Power: 2/6
LazyWario Wario Do you expect me to stay here and let the heroes do the jobs? Waluigi and I would, but since Slanito used his Airship stolen from Bowser to use magnets and snatch our well-earned coins, I am all angry and do whatever it's take to punch that nasty Toad's face, even by joining my rival Mario and his looney friends...and Bowser and his son! My Solo Power, the Wild Swing-Ding, will show that Slanito and his brainwashed baddies to show how much he better not touch my golds! Wa ha!
  • Speed: 3/6
  • Jump: 3/6
  • Power: 6/6
WaluigiOblivion Waluigi Since Wario decides to join the heroes against Slanito, Waluigi wouldn't refuse to be with them, especially to get back the stolen well-earned Coins from the ego-maniacal Toad. Although this also means he can mess with Luigi more often, but fails most at the times. However, his Solo Power called Waluigi Bombardment involves Waluigi to throw a handful of Bob-Ombs at the sky and the explosive weapons will falls on Waluigi's medium radius. Dangerous but very effective.
  • Speed: 3/6
  • Jump: 6/6
  • Power: 3/6
DonkeyKongTF Donkey Kong Donkey Kong is the strong but stubborn gorilla who really loves bananas. He is at the same time a friend and rival of Mario, and had defeated the ruthless Kremlings many times, the mysterious Tiki Tak Tribe and even the dreaded Snomads. Lets never forget about his Solo Power, Banana Slamma, that is an unstoppable and all-breaking punch that even a King Bill will be defeated by that!
  • Speed: 2/6
  • Jump: 4/6
  • Power: 6/6
DiddyKongAnarchy Diddy Kong Donkey Kong's closest friend (or faithful nephew?) who would save the day if Donkey Kong got captured or whatever happened to the strong gorilla. Diddy Kong is certainly not stronger than the main Kong Hero, but he makes up for it by being much more agile. The Solo Power, Explosion Popguns, will make Diddy to draw his upgraded Peanut Popgun and shoot at his enemies to blow them up like a supercool hero in an action movie...something that Cranky Kong would surely not like it!
  • Speed: 5/6
  • Jump: 5/6
  • Power: 2/6
ToadetteArt Toadette It's Captain Toad's partner! But where is the same not-so-bold Toad? Just to clarify, he is searching for more treasures. Toadette, on her hand, have some troubles with baddies sent by Slanito and boy, she is not happy about having her found treasure snatched away! Her jump is the lowest because of her backpack, but she make up for it by being as fast as Yoshi...surprisingly. Her Solo Power is no joke, neither. You know what it is? Super Pickax. It can breaks through most things and enemies, so watch out for that cute little girl!
  • Speed: 6/6
  • Jump: 1/6
  • Power: 5/6
Bowser - Mario Party 10-1- Bowser What!? The King of Koopa in playable!? Well, since Slanito had stolen almost everything that Bowser have except of the latter one's son, Bowser becomes very furious and seems to accept help, but he still likes causing troubles to the others time to time. In fact, he is also an imposing powerhouse! His Solo Power is Super Breath which makes Bowser to breath so hard, almost no enemies can survive and inflict heavy damage to the bosses, but leaves Bowser himself immobile if used for too long.
  • Speed: 4/6
  • Jump: 2/6
  • Power: 6/6
BowserJrNSMB Bowser Jr. Apparently, if Bowser accepts to team up with the heroes against their common foe, then Bowser Jr. will team up too. He is kind of daddy's favorite spoiled son, if you ask me, but this is not a reason to show him disrespect...and if you do, he will punish you and its even worse when Bowser is nearby! His Solo Power, Flying Paint involves Bowser Jr. to use both his Magic Paintbrush and his Koopa Clown Copter Jr. to flings graffiti on enemies for a short time. While not powerful, any unlucky enemies will be greatly slow down.
  • Speed: 5/6
  • Jump: 3/6
  • Power: 4/6


SSBUDaisy Daisy She got bored in her duty and had enough of not needed in Sarasaland, thus searches for thrills in the Mushroom Kingdom...which she did not expected about the sudden buzz out of there. She doesn't seems to trust Bowser who joined the heroes at first, but she rather not stayed at home. Her Solo Power, Burning Blossoms, which demonstrate her tougher side, flow out flower petals at first, then these petals starts to burn, which damages enemies and may eventually melt ices and turn up the torches.
Unlocked at random World, automatically unlocked after World 6 is completed.
  • Speed: 4/6
  • Jump: 2/6
  • Power: 5/6
200px-Rosalina Artwork - Super Mario 3D World Rosalina The leader and "mother" of the adapted Lumas. She came in the Mushroom Kingdom because of the sudden agitated events in there and it's surrounding. We may know her past, but we never know how she possess some astral power and becomes a guardian of the galaxy... Her Solo Power, Lumas' Assist, consist of summoning her loyal Lumas as they grab items for her, as well as stunning enemies on their ways with their Star Spin. She sure is doing it with grace.
Unlocked at random World, automatically unlocked after World 6 is completed.
  • Speed: 3/6
  • Jump: 3/6
  • Power: 5/6
Nabbit, New Super Mario Bros. U Nabbit That one shady thief with unknown motive aside of constantly stealing anything that caught his attention. His bags is full of surprises and can be helpful of harmful for him and his surrounding alike. He decide to joins Mario and his crew after being convinced that someone else would steal or manipulate everything that Nabbit could get. His Solo Power, Surprise Bag makes Nabbit to throw a heavy bag which hurts the enemies and releases either Coins, Super Mushrooms, a 1-Up Mushroom...or even Bob-Ombs.
Unlocked after being caught the second time in World 4.
  • Speed: 5/6
  • Jump: 3/6
  • Power: 3/6
150px-Mummy-Me Mummy-Me What is that!? Oh, it's a Mummy-Me, but this one seems to join you after finishing the ultimate test he give it to you. No one knows why the Mummy-Mes had chased Captain Toad and Toadette, but one thing is that they are at the same time adorable and scary. They can also take an extra hit before being plundered out unlike the others. This mummified Toad's Solo Power, Mummy-Tiple, makes copies of himself to make them chases the enemies...while being almost unstoppable.
Unlocked after completing the last Lost Level.
  • Speed: 4/6
  • Jump: 4/6
  • Power: 4/6


Although not directly controlled by the players, the helper of each World prior to World 9 can give a support for the player throughout the whole World, and each of them have their own attack shall the enemies tend to be nearby of them. The players does not need to worry about them getting hurt; they cannot be defeated and will jump back into action shall they fall into a pit, lava or similar hazard (although they will be visibly hurt). They also all appears in World 9 to help the players to dethrone Slanito until his first defeat.

Helper Description
Budeon (Bigbud) Budeon helps the player by planting seeds on soft grounds to allow higher places and vines that collect farther items in World 1. He also attacks by flinging his seemingly unlimited petals at the enemies.
Snifio (Snifit) Snifio digs out sand to find collectibles such as Coins, Purple Collectibles, and even Green Stars in World 2. He also helps out by shootings small projectiles into enemies, but tougher enemies takes around five before being taken down.
Merci (Sea Yoshi) Found in World 3, Merci calls the other Sea Yoshis to take down pesky aquatic foes on most of the areas, and she can be ridden like the player does on Yoshi. She also attacks like a normal Yoshi does; gulping down enemies and throw eggs afterward.
Gigan T. (Mega Toadette) In World 4, Gigan T. proves her toughness by lifting heavy platforms and break out the largest boulders and other obstacles with relative ease. Similarly to someone having effect of a Mega Mushroom, Gigan T. is not harmed by normal enemies, and she simply walk through them.
Avis (Aeriak) During World 5, Avis helps the players to fly thorough the world, and is not fazed by weak enemies, while only budged by Bullet Bills, but can be hurt by Banzai Bills and stronger enemies. He also attacks with a drilling peck attack, taking down even Banzai Bills.
Mama Shira (Shiverian) The lovely Shiverian mother found in World 6 rolls out to break ice walls and defeat most enemies that have no spikes or surrounded by harmful element. She also allows herself to be thrown by a player for better precision and distance, but she scolds the player if he/she deliberately thrown her into a hazardous obstacle, an enemy that can hurt her, or into a bottomless pit (which she immediately jumped back from).
Perra Piranha (Petey-esque Piranha Plant) A comparatively short but still strong Piranha Plant in World 7 is able to help out the heroes by pulling out the cork from the Warp Pipes, smashing the enemies across the rooms, and fling whirlwind into enemies that can't be harmed by stomping or most projectiles.
General Blargginton (Blarggosaur) A shellshocked veteran found in World 8, traumatized in the "Lavafloor Wars", but will do his best to help out Mario and friends to stop Slanito's conquest. He gives them a ride through lava and headbutts most enemies on his way.


Unlike Super Mario Madness, the worlds are actually called Lands, and the eight first worlds are returning lands from Super Mario Bros. 3, but also have a food name like in Super Mario World, New Super Mario Bros. U and New Super Luigi U.

Land Name Description Major Boss
Vegetable Grass Land The grassy land full of plants, like flowers, trees and even plant foes. This Land is the best way to test out any of the characters, and you will certainly meet easy-to-complete tasks. The Toads who lives there are very fund of the nature. Colonel Cawcraw
Donut Desert Land This land is hot as harsh, and fiery and sandy foes tend to be more frequent. Quicksands and traps inside pyramids are guaranteed to be troubles, and the Tasks becomes a bit more challenging. The Sanbodies citizens knows everything about pyramids and deserts, so you may need to listen to them. Sanbody Pharaoh
Juice-and-Water Land This land is full of beaches and water. On the beaches, Beach Koopa Troopas and beach enemies are more common, while underwater you will meet more aquatic enemies. This is where things gets serious, as the Tasks are getting difficult! Some Yoshimaid (a mermaid variant of Yoshis) citizens will give you a ride around this land, while others will give you advises about going underwater. Beach Koopa Champ
Giant Candy Land This one land is enormous compared to the others, and is often mistaken for a continent! As you would expects, giant-sized enemies and dangerous foes are very common, so make sure to know who are you taking on. Even the Toads who lives there are massive, but fortunately, they will kindly give you a helping hand like cleaning off a big mess. Gourmet Galoomba
Pretzel Sky Land This sky-high land gives you impressions of how this can stay in the sky while it could be so heavy, without realizing that the whole ground that hold the land is a purely thick cloud. Aerial enemies tend to be more common, and the Clouders (Lakitu-free, self-living clouds) who lives there will build a cloud bridge when you collected enough Cloud Holders. Jinxie Cloud
Ice Cream Land That cold land is full of snow, ices and frozen snow. The slippery floor can be a bit of a problem, but snowy and icy enemies can freeze your brain if you get careless. The Toads will help you with Fire Flowers and other handy items that can melt or break the big Ice Blocks and other blockages. One wonders what kind of trick Commando Abosicle will use... Commando Abosicle and Pow-Pow
Pineapple Pipe Land That land is full of Warp Pipe. You could get easily lost if you don't check the map and if you let the fake guidance signs made by the Sneaky Gulpits to misguide you! It is also full of Piranha Plants and their sub-species, so you know you better not to get bitten. The Pipemen will give you a map and also Keys that unblock pipes from the Lock Corks. Sneaky Gulpits; Gulper, Gulpio and Gulpon
Dark Licorice Land The former home place of Bowser before the Koopa King thinks that the place is getting too "bitter" for him. It is full of lava and fiery foes and dark fiends, and there is no citizens except the Toad Brigade, who will (nervously) guide you way. Kamek seems to be more powerful than before, too... Dark Kamek
Toxic Danger Island The last land where Bowser's beloved castle is stationed in there...surrounded by a jungle full of toxic water and toxic foes. Once getting in, this castle becomes full of mechanical defenses and you need to take on the Koopalings and Kamek again before taking on Slanito for the third and last time of this adventure... Slanito


Each worlds have around 10 areas, five of them being mandatory. Since each of them are huge, open sandbox world, the player can use the Transport Pipe to get into one area or another with much less time. Areas in bold means that those are mandatory before the Koopaling Door can be opened.

When the player finished all of the areas in a world, the Super Level of that world is available and completing it will give the player a Star Medal.

Some areas are not part of any worlds. Such areas will be named as "Borderline Areas", and are found between worlds.

Vegetable Grass Land

Area Number and Name Description Bosses

1-01: Warm-Up Road

The player will have to reach the Toad that give you instructions about the basic moves, as well as new techiques such as Solo Power and Team Techniques, then get the Power Star. None
1-02: Goomba Galore The player has to get through the barrage of Goombas, Galoombas, Goombrats and a new Goomba species, Boxoombas. At the end, they have to face Goomboss, who can now attempt to jump on the player. Goomboss (Normal)
1-03: My Army, Not Yours! This area introduces the Army Grape, which allows the player to make an army of itself, which works familary to Double Cherry but the clones can also be launched at enemies and bosses. None
1-04: Bob-omb Away! The player has to go through a battlefield filled with Bob-ombs and need help from Pink Bob-ombs. The area had a nod of Super Mario 64's Bob-Omb Battlefied does to have Bob-ombs as common enemies, a high mountain and the King Bob-omb standing on the top. This time he is with Whomp King that makes the boss battle harder, and this signs to the players that the game will not be easier than they would imagine. King Bob-omb, Whomp King (Duo Bosses)
1-05: Slanito's Show-Up The player has to run through various obstacles by using the Super Bell power-up. When they get through them, Slanito show up in his personal airship (if the first player is Bowser, he will roar at him) and order the enemies to ambush them. They have to avoid them until the player reached the Bob-omb Cannon and bombard it with Bob-ombs, causing Slanito to order his men to retreat. Slanito's Airship (Chasing Boss)
1-06: Dreamer Windworks The player has to maneuver a maze of wind inside of a windworks building with a windmill in the middle of it all. This area has a lot of Bullet Bill enemies that fly around and can be directed by the wind. Also throughout the level are Rocky Wrenches which hide in the winds. At the top of the windmill the player can find Prince Pikante, who fights with fireballs and watermelons you can send back at him. Prince Pikante (Normal)
1-07: Bowling Pin Brawl This area introduces the Rock Mushroom, which can allow you to roll at enemies in a ball-like rock form. The player has to use this form to roll through various bowling pins to activate gates and gain access to areas. None
1-08: Beanstalk Bonanza This area introduces the Cape Feather, which allows the player to soar into the sky after the P-Meter is filled up, which will be useful since the entire area is set around a giant beanstalk. If the player has reached Pretzal Sky Land, the player can reach there from the top of the beanstalk. None
1-09: Boom Boom's Back...Again! A fortress area with basic traps that are commonly found on fortresses and castles. It also introduces On/Off Blocks that have varied fonctions, such as turning the Disco Ball on or off. At the end of the Fortress, Boom Boom will be fought, and he is stronger and bigger than ever, making more difficult to stomp. Defeating him will award the players three Star Coins and a Green Star.

Boom Boom (Normal)

1-10: Bros. Bros. Rampage! An advanced area where the player have to face the Hammer, Fire, Boomerang, Sledge, Ice, Sumo and Shell Bros. as well as the Amazin' Flyin' Bros. It take place on a curved and complex field where the player have to maneuver well. The bosses are Platinum Bros., who attack with platinum-claded hammer and boomerang. Platinum Bros. (Duo Bosses)
1-K: Colonel Cawcraw's Brutal Selection Cononel Cawcraw's castle is full of flowers and trees, but also Pirahna Plants and Nipper Plants, as well as other plant species. The player must be careful about these, and must use the bouncing flowers to reach certain paths. Colonel Cawcraw awaits at the top and attack the player with Bob-Ombs and diving attacks. Colonel Cawcraw (World Boss)

1-S: Messed Up World 1-1

(15 Green Stars required)

The remake of World 1-1 from the original Super Mario Bros., with multiple twists such as missing grounds and enemies not from the original game such as Sumo Bros. and Chargin' Chucks. It also ends with a Giant Goomba snatching the Goal Pole which the player must either defeat it or reach the Goal Pole to clear the level. None

Donut Desert Land

Area Number and Name Description Bosses

2-01: Desertic Bandits

A classic desert area with plumes of sand and various slopes. This area introduces rope ladders which can be climbed and blowers by the wind, as well as Bandit enemies that can steal your power-ups for their own use, and Pokeys, which cannot be harmed physically, but can be taken out with projectiles. The boss here, Mummipokey, is also spiky on everywhere except his head and can summon Pokey minions, but he does have a weak spot on his head you have to jump on. Mummipokey (Normal)
2-02: Fiery Belts This area introduces the Fire Flower and Ice Flower, two different flowers that give different forms with both having different projectiles that can be used for their own situation. The area takes place in a subterranean cave with various conveyer belts, Buichi and Whomp enemies among Goombas, Koopas and Buzzy Beetle enemies, and various Pink Coins to collect to create a key to open a room to gain access to a switch that can change the direction of the conveyer belts. None
2-03: Shifting Sand Palace A palace area made of sand and glass that is kinda unstable. The area's stairs and rooms shift around from time to time, but using the newly introduced Metal Box will allow you to go through certain sand floors and discover secrets. This area also has various switches, and if you press them all, then the entire palace turns to glass and the entire area is frozen up and the rooms and stairs will stop swapping around. Kyu T. await at the top of the arena, on the stable tower. Kyu T. (Battle 1)
2-04: Blooper Oasis An oasis area where Beach Koopas, Bloopers and Launching Bloopers are introduced. Captain Toad, upon fled from a Blooper, will also tell the player that by ground pounding on a Blue Shell, it will become a power-up. (Blue Koopas, like other Koopa colors, are introduced in Warn-Up Road but the trick is heard by Captain Toad in here.) At the end of the level, the player must face Gooper Blooper, who can only be damaged by Koopa Shells, or the Blue Shell power-up. Gooper Blooper (Normal)
2-05: Mega Shy Guy Runaway A floating air base floating over a quicksand pit, with various defenses and challenging jumps. Upon entering the area for the first time a giant airship floats above the base and drops a Mega Shy Guy to chase and destroy the player alongsides various Pokey, Shy Guy, and Bandit enemies. The player has to lure the Shy Guy to the center of the area, where the player can fight a fair battle against the Mega Shy Guy in a arena with a quicksand pit the player has to launch the Mega Shy Guy into to defeat it. Mega Shy Guy (Chasing Boss)
2-06: Hieroglyph Haven A giant maze area of hieroglyphs and undead enemies like Boos, Dry Bones, and Para-Bones. The area introduces the Mini Mushroom and Mega Mushroom, which both alters the player's size. To compensate for the Mega Mushroom, there are also gigantic enemies like Mega Bones or Giant Buzzy Beetles, which can provide a challenge for non-Mega characters, as well as tiny Mini Bones that Mini Characters can jump on easily in their size. None
2-07: Layer Cake Mountain A mountainous area which is made of various cakes. Introduced in the area are Slammers, another type of ghost enemy that is pretty strong and immune to contact, but not immune to projectiles. The level also introduces Ropes, which can be grabbed and swinged on to reach higher areas. The boss here is Aweberry, a stronger and bigger strawberry-like Slammer that can dig underground and throw explosive strawberries, but is vulnerable to jumps.

Aweberry (Normal)

2-08: Denial River A river area where the water flow is always at the opposite direction, forcing the player to jump from lilypads and fallen, large comulns. It also introduces the Aqua Suit, a suit with F.L.U.D.D. attached on it which allow the player to use the various Nuzzles to get through the river. Enemies commonly found there are Shy Guys, Cheep Cheeps and Spear Guys. None
2-09: Goldmine Dash A mine area filled with various Shy Guy Miners trying to look for gold. The area is the first place you can find Nabbit, which you have to chase throughout the area to catch, and the area introduces Golden Mushrooms which temporarily boost your speed to make it easier for the first time. Among the Goomba and Dry Bones enemies, Bandineroes, Spikes, and Thwomps are introduced here. None
2-10: Overthere Ruins A ruins area where the player must activate multiple switches before the main entrance of a small pyramid can be opened, which most are guarded by Hammer Bros. and their variations. It also introduces the Gold Flower, which launches explosive golden spheres that explode on impact and makes more coins out of Bricks and enemies. Upon entering the small pyramid, the player have to get through various traps before confronting the two hands of Eyerok, which are now trickier to defeat than in Super Mario 64 does to their trickier moves. Eyerok (Duo Bosses)
2-K: Sanbody Pharaoh's Intrepid Temple A temple filled with quicksand pits, Spindels and Grindels. Pokeys, Dry Bones, Mega Bones, Mini Bones and Fire Chomps are found there as well. It is somewhat of a maze like in Hireoglyph Haven, although smaller yet filled with more enemies, and the player have to found all the six Pink Coins to escape. Finally, they will fight with Sanbody Pharaoh who uses the power of the sand. Sanbody Pharaoh (World Boss)

2-S: Sandy Tornadoes

(30 Green Stars Required)

The remake of Shifting Sand Land from Super Mario 64, with multiple twists like some Tweesters being replaced by the bigger, new, and more dangerous Tweenados, Topmen appearing in the section with the Grindels, as well as inside the pyramid, and the pyramid requiring four Pink Coins on top of the pillars to be collected to open the pyramid. Inside of the pyramid, Pom-Pom is encountered with three Tweesters instead of Eyerok, and the player has to knock Pom-Pom into the Tweesters multiple times to defeat them. Pom Pom (Normal)

Juice-and-Water Land

Area Number and Name Description Bosses
3-01: Cheep-Cheep Resort A island resort area with various pools of water and playful palm trees. The Super Bell is introduced, which turns the player into a cat form that can climb walls on enemies. A great variety of aquatic enemies, including Porcupuffers, Rammerheads, Cheep Cheeps, and Para Cheeps. In the middle of the area is a giant star-shaped pool area with a big puzzle involving luring Torpedo Teds into a multi-layered glass cork to drain the pool to gain access to a Warp Pipe that leads to Pineapple Pipe Land if you already have access to there.  None
3-02: Sinkswim Mansion A haunted mansion over the water, and have various undead enemies like Boos, and have a low water level that raises drastically upon getting rid of the cork that flow out the water. Fish Bones will then appears, although all zones unaccessable without water can now be goes through. At the top of the Mansion, you will face not only Kingfin, but also Queenfin, the less creepy, smaller but jumping counterpart. They must be defeated like in Super Mario Galaxy; by throwing Koopa Shells at them. This time, the Blue Shell act like a Power-up like everywhere else and can be used as an attack by shaking the controller/pressing the "Spin" button, and the Yellow Shell makes coins out of them. Kingfin and Queenfin (Duo Bosses)
3-03: Watermelon Brawl A area on top of a giant watermelon floating in the ocean. Introduced in the level are Pull Chips and Pull Stars, which can pull the player torwards it if you tap it on the GamePad. It also introduces the Spin Drill, which allows the player to drill throughout the ground, and has various Piranha Plants, Venus Fire Traps, Turkeyjerk, and Ninji enemies. The boss of the area, Fugu, floats around the watermelon and can launch spikes and swallow water and launch concentrated jets of freezing water, but is vulnerable from the behind. Fugu (Normal)
3-04: Whirlpool Race-around A level set in a island surrounded by a whirlpool. The level introduces Clear Pipes, special pipes that are both clear and allow you to control where you go when you enter them. This can be used to go the way opposite of the direction of the whirlpool, and is very useful to completing the level. Enemies here include Bomb-Ombs, Bloopers, Koopas, and Huckit Crabs. None
3-05: Unagi Reef A circular reef area which is mostly a underwater area. Upon entering the area for the first time, a submarine floats down and launches a fireball at Unagi the Eel, waking it up and causing it to chase you. If you collect the 6 Pink Coins scattered among various Blooper, Mega Cheep Cheep, and Water Chomps, as well as the Pink Coin on Unagi's tail, you can open up the area in the center and fight Unagi in a fair fight where you have to lure Unagi into electric fences while avoiding his chomps and shockwaves. Unagi the Eel (Chasing Boss)
3-06: Ocean of Fuzzies! A weird harbor level above a ocean of Fuzzies. Throughout the level is a Fuzzy Hoard which tries to chase you, that is both invincible and can destroy you in one hit unless you have a Super Star. Among the Fuzzy Hoard, there are also regular Fuzzies, Paragoombas, Grindels, Lakitu, and Thwimp enemies. None
3-07: Flipswap Cruise A ocean level on a cruise liner with a weird gravity problem. Throughout the area there are Fence Grates you can Ground Pound on to flip between layers, from the floor of one floor to a ceiling of a lower floor. Throughout the area are various enemies on vacation, including Shy Guys, Topmen, Rocky Wrenches, and Pupdozers. On the bottom level of the ship is Glamdozer whose battle requires ground pounding on a Fence Grate while she is on the other side, while she spits balls of magma and ground pounds herself. Glamdozer (Normal)
3-08: Blooming Shipwreck A level on a broken shipwreck that is being overgrown by plants. This level has various plant enemies and ghost enemies like Piranha Plants, Nipper Plants, Slammers, and Boos. Throughout the level are also big Piranha Mother enemies that are the cause of the overgrowth across the level that also spit seeds that become Piranha Plants when they land. Destroying these Piranha Mothers cause the overgrowth around them to disappear, opening secret areas. None
3-09: Submarine Scuffle A scuffle in the submarine area, of the same submarine that fired a fireball at Unagi the Eel. It is heavily guarded by various weaponary such as cannons, Bill Blasters, Max Blasters, as well as mechanical enemeis like Mechakoopas and Bob-ombs. The player must get Keys in order to open up security doors, and at the cockpit (bottom), the player must free several Toads in order to get multiple Star Coins and Green Stars. None
3-10: Tsunami Terror A harbor level during the night, with omminous music and dark clouds. This level has various sections being pushed around by giant waves, and some smaller sections are even swallowed by the waves! The enemies here include Goombas, Whomps, Broozers, Dry Bones, and new Mini-Roc enemies. The boss here, Scruff Roc, floats around the sky launching feathers and calling Mini-Roc minions to attack you. It does have a major weak spot of it's egg, and nearby barrels you can pick up can help you defeat it if you are not in a form that has projectiles. Scruff Roc (Normal)
3-K: Beach Koopa Champ's Fortified Beach A beach hideout where Ludwig resides in his showy castle. The beach itself seems safe at first glance, but it is actually heavily guarded by Electro-Kooopas, Big Koopas, Mega Koopas as well as Beach variations of those above. The player must defeat the Chargin' Chucks whose each hold a Pink Coin in order to open Ludwig Castle's entrence. Upon getting, the castle is flooded and is filled by aquatic enemies like Cheep Cheeps and Bloopers. Upon reaching the roof of the castle, you will face the Beach Koopa Champ, a very tough Beach Koopa that can kick shells and anything else that can be thrown. The only way to damage him are projectiles or attack when he is stunned. Beach Koopa Champ (World Boss)

3-S: Mixed Marines

(Requires 45 Green Stars)

The remake of Shipwreck Shore from Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, with quite a bit of differences, from the Snowmad enemies being replaced with Goombas, Koopas, Paragoombas, and Whomps, to the secret Banana Challenges being replaced with bottomless pits, to even having the boat sections requiring ground pounds to be sent high into the air. None

Giant Candy Land

Area Number and Name Description Bosses
4-01: Giant-Small Plains A vast plains level with both giant and small lands. The level has both a version with gigantic enemies and a version with small enemies, which can be switched between by using a Warp Pipe. The Goomba, Koopa, Bill Blaster, and Bomb-Omb enemies also change size between Mini and Giant when using the Warp Pipe, and bricks change size, and the Big Bricks require multiple hits to destroy, unless you have a Mega Mushroom, in which case you can destroy them in one jump or ground pound. None
4-02: Dragonsky Ruins A area taking place in the skeleton of a Gobblegut-like dragon. This level introduces the Super Acorn, which allows you to glide in the air, hop into the sky, and cling on to walls. Enemies here include Draglets, Mega Goombas, Magikoopas, and Mini-Rocs. At the skeleton's head is Boom-Boom, who fights like last time, but is much bigger and requires wall jumping or using the Super Acorn to reach his head. Giant Boom-Boom (Normal)
4-03: Kracken Sewers A sewer level taking place in a maze of gigantic pipes of both regular and clear kinds. The second Nabbit chase happens here, and is harder due to there being less Golden Mushrooms and more hazards, although if you capture Nabbit here he becomes playable. Enemies here include Piranha Plants, Giant Piranha Plants, Venus Fly Traps, Buichis, and Bandineros. None
4-04: Cookie Cavern A cavern level in a cavern made of cookies with a river floating throughout the level. The level has various geysers that can launch the player into the air, and this can be used in tandem with the Cape Feather to get a far distance. Enemies here include Mega Goombas, Gourmet Guys, Mechanical Fish, Shy Guys, Spear Guys, and Wigglers. The boss here, Catbat, is found at the end of the river, and can launch balls of water and try to chomp on you, but it has a weak spot on its head, which can be reached by using nearby geysers. Catbat (Normal)
4-05: Mt. Treasure A sprawling mountainous level filled with treasures and Coins galore. Upon entering the area for the first time, a giant airship floats above the mountain, and Giga Lakitu floats off the airship to chase the player. Enemies here include Giant Spinys, Lakitus, Spinys, Cat Bullet Bills, Bill Blasters, and Spindels. Reaching the top of the mountain can give the player a fair fight against Giga Lakitu by giving you a Koopa Clown Car to even the playing field against the floating Lakitu boss. Giga Lakitu (Chasing Boss)
4-06: Crystalline Circus A circus area with a crystalline multi-colored surface. This area introduces the Wing Cap, which allows you to fly around the stage, which is gonna be really useful since it is also the first of few levels with a Purple Coin challenge, which requires the Wing Cap to complete. Enemies here include new Unicycle Guy enemies, Paragoombas, Klaptraps, Draglets, and Clawdaddys. None
4-07: Mirror Woods A dark wood area with trees and leaves that have mirrors. It have Boos, Big Boos, Dry Bones, Mega Bones, Piranha Plants and a new enemy called Copostor, who imitates the appearence and movements of the player. Some mirrors are magical and the player can teleport from it into another magical mirror. At the exit of the woods, Prince Pikante returns and hit a Metal Box to make himself and his vehicle into metal. The only way to damage him is to make him fall into a pit three times, although you have to trick him to do so. Metal Prince Pikante (Normal)
4-08: Yggdrasil Woodworks A huge tree area where there are multiple woodworks for various purpose, like letting the water flow through it. The player need to repairs several parts of it by finding wood cogs. Enemies here include Shy Guys, Fly Guys, Sniffits, and introduces Kritters of various colors, as well as Piranha Plants and Nipper Plants. There are also secret rooms where one of them have a Mega Mushroom. None
4-09: Blimp Batallion A area on top of multiple blimps floating over the top of a spiky mountain range. The entire area is constantly rising and lowering due to being in the air, and connecting the blimps are a series of metal bridges supported by clouds. Enemies here include Lakitus, Spinys, Bill Blasters, Cat Bullet Bills, and Cape Goombas. The boss here, Goomboss, now has a cape and floats very high in the sky around a blimp that can only be reached by the Cape Feather or Wing Cap, although two hits will revert Cape Goomboss to his regular Goomboss form. Cape Goomboss (Normal)
4-10: Corrupt Canyon A weird canyon level that has been corrupted and filled with dangerous wild life. This level introduces minecarts, weird vehicles that allow you to cross the rails and get through some of the crazier parts of the area. Enemies here include Caccacs, Bandits, Slammers, Klaptraps, and Bandineros. The boss here, Emperor Caccactor, is in a minecart on a track that surrounds his arena, and to attack he throws Bob-ombs and launches spikes, although you can throw the Bob-ombs back to damage him. Emperor Caccactor (Normal)
4-K: Gourmet Galoomba's Giant Rocket Coliseum A giant coliseum flying through the air. The coliseum is instead a series of enemy-filled rooms where the player have to defeat all enemies to continue. Because of that, it have many type of enemies, from the weak Goombas to the stronger ones like Chargin' Chucks and Sledge Bros. At the center of the coliseum, the huge platform float up and you will face Gourmet Galoomba. He is impevious to most contact attacks, even from Donkey Kong, Wario and Bowser's punches and stomping, but Gourmet Galoomba can be damaged by either pushing him out of the platform, or by hitting him while having the Mega Mushroom effect. Gourmet Galoomba (World Boss)

4-S: Mountaintop Heights

(60 Green Stars Required)

The remake of Ty-Foo Flurries from Super Mario 3D World, with some great differences, from there being more Ty-Foo and Foo enemies, to there being more bottomless pits and spikes, and the Ice Skates being replaced with Metal Caps. Enemies here include Foos, Ty-Foos, Walleyes, Paragoombas, and Metal Paragoombas. The boss here, King Hisstocrat, fights like he did in Super Mario 3D World, but now some plates have spikes on them and cannot be walked on unless the player has the Metal Cap. King Hisstocrat (Normal)

Pretzel Sky Land

Area Number and Name Description Bosses
5-01: Cloudy Peaks A level taking place in the sky, upon various clouds of various bright colors. There are quite a lot of bottomless pits due to being so high in the sky, and there are also very tough wind currents that can't be passed unless you use Pull Stars or the Metal Box. Enemies here include Paragoombas, Paratroopas, Clawdaddys, Zeus Guys, and Foos. None
5-02: Raincloud Ocean A water level taking place in the sky with big orbs of water floating in the sky. These watery orbs can be swam through, move left and right or up and down, and also can be frozen using Ice Flowers to be used as platforms. Enemies here include Lakitu, Spinys, Octoombas, Ice Bob-Ombs, Cheep-Cheeps, Launching Bloopers, and Amazing Flying Hammer Bros.. The boss here, King Bob-Omb, uses the Ice Flower to throw Ice Bob-Ombs, and can also freeze the ground to skate on it, although you can damage him by throwing the Ice Bob-Ombs back at him and then ground pounding on the frozen king. Ice King Bob-Omb (Normal)
5-03: Meteorite Orbit A spacial area on a floating savannah dwarf planet in the middle of a asteroid field. Occasionally throughout the area, there are one-way Launch Stars that will launch the player to faraway areas on the planet, and enemies can use the Launch Star as well to follow the player. Enemies here include Cat Goombas, Koopas, Biddybuds, Spinys, Muths, Ant Troopers, and Horned Ant Troopers. Kyu T. faces you the second time, with a special fruit that makes her a Yoshi. Yoshi Kyu T. (Battle 2)
5-04: Wormhole City A city area in a place filled with rips in the space-time continuum, causing wormholes to appear. These wormholes can warp you to different sections of the level, and one also warps you to the top of a beanstalk from a earlier world. These wormholes can also be used as shortcuts to carry keys short distances to doors instead of carrying them very long distances. Enemies here include Huckit Crabs, Magikoopas, Shy Guys, Zeus Guys, Octoombas, and new Policeguin enemies who chase you when your holding a key. The boss here, Huckit Mage, uses magic to create enemies and stays a distance away from the character, although she also creates a wormhole to do a surprise attack, giving you a opportunity to attack her.

Huckit Highmage (Normal)

5-05: Nimbus Subway A area inside the sprawling subways of Wormhole City. Upon entering the area for the first time, a warp pad appears from nowhere and warps you onto the tracks, and Slanito's personal express train, the Charging Chuck Express, appears and tries to run you down. The player has to use Golden Mushrooms to outspeed the train, and once you go into a full loop and reach the subway entrance, you can enter the train and face the train's engine. Enemies inside the train include Bill Blasters, Draglets, and Mechakoopas. The engine fights by launching Bullseye Bills and sending out fire, and you have to defeat the engine by guiding the Bullseye Bills back into the engine. Charging Chuck Express (Chasing Boss)
5-06: Rainbow Road A level on the phenomenon that is known as the illustrious Rainbow Road. As such, there are many races on the level, including a race to catch Nabbit's replacement for the Second half of the game: Phanto Thief. Enemies here include the new Kart Guy enemies, Slammers, Tweesters, Poison Mushrooms, and Bob-Ombs. None
5-07: Honeyhive Castle A skyhigh castle where the walls and structure are hexagon-shaped (like the honeycombs), and introduces the Bee Mushroom. The friendly but protective Bees will tell you where you should go next, and when having the Bee Power-Up, most of them will tell you where the Queen Bee is, but without it they will simply tell you where are the Green Stars (aka what they called "shiny green stuff"). Upon reaching the Queen Bee, she ask you to stop the Bandits from stealing the honey, and defeating them will make the Queen Bee to reward the player with ten Star Coins. None
5-08: Airship Thunderwind A floating arena on the top of the Airship Thunderwind, a major exploration airship that was built in Pretzel Sky Land. The airship is floating through a heavy storm, so winds will be frantic when on the deck, although some sections are below deck. Enemies here include Draglets, Mini-Rocs, Bill Blasters, Mechakoopas, Caccacs, and Flame Chomps. The boss here, the Typhoon Cannon MK3, launches powerful tornadoes and can turn parts of the arena into lightningrods, although if you reflect the beam back at the cannon, it shocks itself and becomes vulnerable to attack. Typhoon Cannon MK3 (Normal)
5-09: Skyhigh Airport A airport area where airships rest while they get fueled so they can fly throughout the world. This level has various cannons you can be launched from to get far distances, and the cannons will also take out enemies you go through when launched. Enemies here include Flopters, Buzzy Beetles, Parabeetles, Lakitus, Paraspinys, and new Tanooki Whomp enemies that flutter for a bit before stomping down. The bosses here, Floperor and Flopress, are a duo of Flopter bosses who fly in the sky and can stomp down and launch electrified clouds at you, and when they stomp down you can jump on them to damage them. Floperor and Flopress (Duo Bosses)
5-10: Stratosphere Station A stational, floating area found on the stratosphere. It is a fortified stratosphere station filled with Bob-Ombs, Bill and Max Blasters, Thwomps, Thwimps, Grrrols, Mega Grrrols and Blooming Lakitus. The player have to take down four main cannons that fires King Bills, and the last cannon aim at the player which leave force the player to use the Golden Mushroom to speed up. At the top of the station, the Whomp King jump on the boss field and use the Statue Lead to become Tanooki Whomp King. The battle is the same but have tail whip while also invulnerable when slamming down the floor. The best way to take him down is to throw Bob-Ombs at him, and after two hits he revert into normal Whomp King. Tanooki Whomp King (Normal)
5-K: Jinxie Cloud's Foggy Ghosthouse Jinxie's hunted, yet super luxurious house where the view is reduced does to the fogs from the Foos and Ty-Foos, as well as Boos, Big Boos, Circling Boo Buddies, Peepas and Boohemoth. Once you defeat all of the Foos and Ty-Foos, the big golden door open, and the view become more clear, but upon entering the door, a Boohemoth will appear and pursues you until you turn on a big bulb in front of it. Upon reaching the roof, Jinxie Cloud appears in a girly Lakitu cloud with a bow behind, and uses her wind power to take down the player. She must be diving into the floor to then get hit by the player. Jinxie Cloud (World Boss)

5-S: Fogging over Mist Valley

(Require 75 Green Stars)

The remake of Snaking above Mist Valley from New Super Mario Bros U, with some minor changes, including a few more platforms, more enemies, and eerie fogs in some areas. This area also includes Snake Blocks which start snaking and moving throughout the area untill they reach their destination. Enemies here include Lakitu, Spinys, Foos, and Ice Bros.. None

Ice Cream Land

Area Number and Name Description Bosses
6-01: Glimmer Glacier A icy snow area which floats around in a freezing lake. The area is a very slippery place, with various icy floors, snowy enemies, and even small Freezies (small glacier objects that, while living, are technically obstacles as they don't attack the player) with enemies frozen inside of them. This area introduces both the Hammer Suit and Magic Wand, and both have sections which make them pretty useful. Enemies here include Ice Huckit Crabs, Snow Draglets, Ice Bros., Flipruses, and Policeguins. None
6-02: Slipslide Cave A cavern level in a cave inside of a glacier, with various beautiful crystals. The minecarts return here, and now there are Jump Rails which allow the minecarts to jump between lanes to reach different places or to avoid bottomless pits. Enemies here include new Minecart Mole enemies, Shy Guys, Spear Guys, Stilt Guys, and Fly Guys. The boss here, General Guy, fights using a giant mechanical tank that can launch Bullseye Bills, streams of fire, streams of ice, and thunderbolts, although he leaves himself vulnerable as he has barely anything to protect himself with. General Guy (Normal)
6-03: Snowstorm Prison Escape! A prison escape level inside a hopeless prison where those held in there are either Toads or people who have done really nasty stuff. Throughout the area are Policeguins holding keys to open cell doors. While some doors have helpful Toads which will join in on escaping, other cells contain tough and dastardly enemies, and one cell even contains Goomboss, although this time he'll only join you for escape and after that he will run away to attack the player later. Enemies here include Policeguins, Flipruses, Bob-Ombs, Koopatrols, Sledge Bros., and Kremlings. The boss here, Warden Flipral, is a big Fliprus warden who can curl into a ball and dash into the player, throw snowballs, and create shockwaves by roaring, but has a weak spot on his tail, which you can jump on to damage him. Warden Flipral (Normal)
6-04: Freezeflame Glacier A glacier/volcano area with both hot and cold places similar to Freezeflame Galaxy. The area is split into a hot and cold section and both areas have their own challenges, such as lava and freezing water, but both areas share a Purple Coin Challenge. Enemies here include Draglets, Snow Draglets, Blarrgs, Mr. Is, Fire Bros., Ice Bros., and Flipruses. None
6-05: Celsius Falls A water area within a partially frozen waterfall with ice flows washing down from the waterfall. Upon beginning the level for the first time, a giant airship floats near the waterfall and King Boo is shot from one of the cannons, which begins a boss battle/race against King Boo to the top of the waterfall. Enemies here include Cheep-Cheeps, Boos, Slammers, Flipruses, Bullys, and Boomerang Bros.. At the top of the waterfall, the one who reached there first gets the advantage of using a Ice Flower in their battle. King Boo by himself surrounds himself in a Peepa circle and is vulnerable to ice and jumps, but as Ice King Boo he gains the ability to breathe ice and turn into a invincible snowball to try to roll up the player, and he is only weak to jumps and firepower from a Fire Flower. King Boo (Chasing Boss) or Ice King Boo (Chasing Boss)
6-06: Popsicle Excavation Site An excavation site area where Popsicle got extracted for unknown goal (albeit Iggy want Popsicles to treat himself anyway). The site is protected by Bloopers, Launching Bloopers, Ice Bob-Ombs and Ice Bros., as well as Ice Snifits. The player have to watch out for falling Popsicle particles as it damages anyone. At the other side of the site, Gooper Blooper uses the Vanish Box to become invisible, making it immune to contacts and difficult to see, only the shadow from it. The player have to watch for the shadow and must lure the Gooper Blooper to land on a frostbiting Popsicle juice, which froze it and allows the player to damage it with a ground pound or with a strong character, a strong punch. Vanish Gooper Blooper (Normal)
6-07: Starstruck Beach A beach area where is the warmest side of the Ice Cream Land, where icical particles had melted does to closer of the warmer sea. It also had Falling Stars which damages the player, but occassionally leave a Star when one had fallen on the ground. Enemies found there are Cheep Cheeps, Beach Koopas, Boomerang Bros., Chargin' Chucks and Chain Chomps. The Aqua Suit is important to go through most parts because most of the zones are covered by melted ice cream, which can be removed by water. None
6-08: Music Park A musical area in a park filled with music that is raced on from time to time. The entire course makes lots of music as you go through it, although the wrong notes can make enemies chase you unless you can correct the mistake. Enemies here include Bouncing Notes, Policeguins, Hammer Bros., Ice Bros., Fire Bros., and Mini-Rocs. The boss here, Sledgequake, is a giant Sledge Bro that can throw giant hammers, ground pound to cause shockwaves, and launch fog from his mouth to try to obscure the player's vision. The player has to ground pound on his belly, although you have to use a projectile multiple times or send his hammers back with the Cape Feather to get him on his back. Sledgequake (Normal)
6-09: Honeyfrost Ruins An abandoned Honeyhive area which has been frosted up over the years. This area has frosted honeycombs among the regular quality that can't be climbed on using the Bee Mushroom due to being slippery, although they can be thawed by using the Fire Flower. Enemies here include Foos, Ty-Foos, Snow Draglets, Metal Goombas, and Fighter Flies. The boss here, Pom-Pom, uses the Bee Mushroom to fly around, and can throw boomerangs and bombs at the ground from the air, although she sometimes makes herself vulnerable by swooping down. Bee Pom-Pom (Normal)
6-10: Underthere Temple The frozen temple that is burried by snow. In order to have access to it, the player must activate the Sun Stone by gattering three Heat Stones from Bandits. Upon activating the Sun Stone, the snow will melt and the temple becomes accessable. Inside that temple, the player had to go through various enemies like Grrrowl, as well has introducing the Mummy-Mes. At the end, where a Green Star is held, the player have to face Eyerok who now have magical power that transform blocks into enemies. They can be defeated by attacking their eye as usual, but they summon enemies when damaged. Magic Eyerok (Duo Bosses)
6-K: Commando Abosicle's Icy Boat Battalion An enormous icical battalion boat commanded by Commando Abosicle. The water is dangerous as it is too cold to swim through, and it will cause frostbite reaction for those who are unlucky to fall down, like how you hop out of lava in this game. It is filled with many ice-themed enemies, such as Ice Bros. and Policeguins, as well as Chillies that must be pushed out of the boat or at a certain height. At the end, you will face Commando Abosicle as he slides through and throw iceballs at you, as well as rolling around in an invulnerable big snowball like how Ice King Boo uses it, albeit a bit trickier as it steers a bit. He can only be damaged when he got flinged and then tripped by performing a ground pound on a tilting spot, but only if he is on the other side. Pow-Pow will also fight alongside him if the player is taking too much time. Commando Abosicle and Pow-Pow (Duo World Bosses)

6-S: Glamourtown

(90 Stars required)

The remake of Glittertown from Wario Land: Shake It, with various differences, including the replacement of a Merfle Barrel with a Green Star, more tough enemies, and the fact that the slot machines drop Spinys instead of Bumbleprods. Enemies here include Bandineros, Boomdineros, Spinys, Nosedozers, Spinbats, and Draglets. The boss here, Chortlebot, can launch spiky bubbles and split his nose to create a temporary rotating fire line. To defeat him, you have to ground pound on his head while his head isn't covered. Chortlebot (Normal)

Pineapple Pipe Land

Area Number and Name Description Bosses
7-01: Pipeworks Bazaar A pipe-filled bazaar area with various weird shops and other shady things. This area has two things to note of, the first being that there are various shops that you can use Coins and Star Coins to buy various Power-Ups (and in one shop, a Key to a room with a Green Star). The other thing to note of is that Paddle Wheels are introduced here, and they go along a lined path. Enemies here include Rocky Wrenches, Policeguins, Peepas, Big Peepas, Sumo Bros, and Bandits. The boss here, the Rocky Mecha, fights by throwing giant wrenches and launching Bullseye Bills from it's body, but is vulnerable to ground pounds, or attacks at it's belly from DK, Wario, or Bowser. Rocky Mecha (Normal)
7-02: Whirl Sewer A sewer area filled with whirlpools and dangerous spikes. This is the area where the game starts getting really hard, with various tricks and traps, and enemies galore. There are various whirlpools that have Tweesters inside of them that can give you some distance, but if you land in the whirlpool in the wrong way you lose a life. Enemies here include Inky Piranha Plants, Piranha Plants, Fire Chomps, Fuzzys, Venus Fire Traps, and Venus Ice Traps. None
7-03: Floodsteam Lighthouse A harbor area where is a lighthouse and steams made from hot water from a waterfall. Attempting to swim on that water will instead make the player jump out of it from scalding burn. The player have to clear the steams by turning up the lighthouse, although the entrance is guarded by multiple Whomps. Inside the lighthouse, the player have to connect all the electric lines (without letting the lightning in those lines which could shock and damage him/her) to the lighter with a bulb, albeit you will then be trapped by Bandinero King and you have to fight him back by throwing his Bandineroes back at him, as he attacks by throwing various objects, as well as attempt to jump on you. Bandinero King (Normal)
7-04: Fullbloom Ninja Palace A palace area filled with tricks, illusions, and ninjas. This area introduces the Boomerang Flower which allows you to throw boomerangs, and the Ninja Star, which is temporary and allows you to run over water and on walls, which can be very useful in solving puzzles here. Enemies here include Ninjis, Mini-Rocs, new Ninja Blaster enemies which shoot Ninja Bills which are invisible untill they get close to you, Ant Troopers, and Nosedozers. The bosses here, the Nokinja Twins, are a duo of Noki ninjas which utilize hotness and coldness into their shuriken attacks and can counter close-range attacks with their shell katana, but they aren't immune to the other's projectiles.  Nokinja Twins (Duo Bosses)
7-05: The Underwhere The area where people go whenever they get Game Overs, normally blocked off unless something disastrous happens in the world of the living. Upon entering the area for the first time, The Underchomp breaks free from it's stump and goes berserk and starts chasing you. Enemies here include Dry Bones, Ninjis, Hammer Bros., Chain Chomps, and Fire Chomps. Once reaching the castle section, you can have a fair fight against the Underchomp as a giant airship throws a device at the player and turns the fight into a classic RPG fight like in Super Paper Mario.  Underchomp (Trio Chasing Boss)
7-06: Light-Up Observatory A observatory area filled with various colorful lights and generators. This area introduces both Light Blocks and Dark Blocks, which can brighten up and darken up places respectively, but if they make contact with each other something unpredictable could happen. This could make for some neat puzzles where you would have to keep the two apart while also keeping a area light and/or Dark to find hidden doors. Enemies here include Amps, Metal Goombas, Charging Chucks, new Pianodile enemies which launch waves of musical bubbles while walking left and right, Hammer Bros., and Bramballs. None
7-07: Galactic Beach Resort The galactic resort only accessed by a star-patterned blue Warp Pipe found in Pipeworks Bazaar, found behind a specific shop. It is a spatial resort taken over by various enemies, and is one of the areas that have the most variation of enemies, but the most common are nontheless Galoombas and Beach Koopas. The player have to find an elder Toad employee who have a Key to gain access to the Launch Star that launches the player to a big, round green planet with holes where Bee Fugu and Ice Glamdozer are fought. The former one can only be damaged by Soccer-Bombs, while the latter can be defeated the same way as before, but the two take advantage of their Power-Up. Bee Fugu and Ice Glamdozer (Duo Bosses)
7-08: Conveyer Cacti Factory A desert area with various cacti in pots on conveyer belts. This area has various Launch Pipes which launch you in one direction, and Cannons which you can aim before launching you. You can also load the Cannons and Launch Pipes with Koopa Shells and Turnips as well to use the Cannons and Launch Pipes to destroy Black Blocks that block your path. Enemies here include Koopas, Koopa Paratroopas, Monty Moles, Pokeys, and new Scorpitail enemies, which are scorpions that launch their tails into the ground in front of them, which causes shockwaves. The boss here, Scorpotiri, is a giant Scorpitail which can create shockwaves with his tail and launches lasers from his eyes which can set parts of the ground ablaze. To defeat him you have to use Cannons to launch Koopa Shells at him to break his armor, then attack him with everything you have. Scorpotiri (Normal)
7-09: Lavaflow Lake A lava area in a lake made of lava with some platforms and islands inside of it. This area makes use of the Ice Flower to freeze floating boards of water moving around the stage to make temporary platforms, although the platforms will melt eventually due to being over lava. In the center of a lake is a switch which, when activated, hardens the lava and makes it walkable. Enemies here include Fire Bros., Skeleton Goonies, Draglets, Bob-Ombs, and Mechakoopas. None
7-10: Shock Pipeworks A pipe area filled with various electrical devices powered by Amps. Besides being stationary enemies in the area, Amps are essential in completing the area as you have to use them to fuel new Electro Blocks (which are moveable), so you can place them on top of electricity-powered doors to open them. Enemies here include Amps, Fire Chomps, Rocky Wrenches, Buster Beetles, Hammer Bros., and Inky Piranha Plants. The boss here, the Amp Generator 5.0, launches Amps at you and can also launch land mines that cause explosions a few seconds after they land. Occasionally it also throws a Bob-Omb among the land mines, which is what you need to damage it. Amp Generator 5.0 (Normal)
7-K: Sneaky Gulpits's Fuzzy Clocktower A clocktower owned by the Sneaky Gulpits, shaped like a Warp Pipe, infested by Fuzzies. The player have to avoid the Fuzzy Horde flooding the clocktower in the first part, then on the second part, the player have to use various skills and techniques to go through obstacles and enemies, as well as lined up Fuzzies. At the top of the clocktower, the Sneaky Gulpits show up and start to mess up with Warp Pipes and Clear Pipes. The player can attack him at anytime but their unpredictable movements make them difficult to get hit. The best time to attack one of them is when they are taunting you. Sneaky Gulpits; Gulper, Gulpio and Gulpon(World Boss)

7-S: Pipeline Bay

(105 Green Stars Required)

The remake of Jolly Roger Bay, with various additions, such as Clear Pipes being added, additional enemies, and the four chests holding a Green Star instead of a Power Star. Another Purple Coin Challenge is in this area, and while a few are in the Clear Pipes, most are underwater and using the Blue Shell to increase your speed is recommended. Enemies here include Cheep-Cheeps, Goombas, Clampies, Rammerheads, and a lone Baby Unagi enemy who, while still invincible, does not follow the player like a fully grown Unagi the Eel. None

Dark Licorice Land

Area Number and Name Description Bosses
8-01: Inferno Mines A mine area filled to the brim with various multi-colored crystals and Piranha Plants. These mines have dangerous Minecart sections with dangerous jumps, and timing is the key if you want to survive in those sections. The Burning Mushroom is also introduced here, and is a upgrade to the Fire Flower that will allow you to dash over the lava here without dying, although it wears off when you leave the area. Enemies here include Piranha Plants, Venus Fire Traps, Mega Venus Fire Traps, Venus Ice Traps, Piranha Mothers, and Spiky Piranha Plants. The boss here, Petey Piranha, can spit flaming goop, fly, and launch seeds that become Venus Fire Traps, although he is weak to fire, as well as attacks on his belly. Petey Piranha (Normal)
8-02: Haunted Hot Springs A haunted area filled with hot springs. The player can swin in the hot springs, but the effect of Iceballs are neutralised when using it. The enemies found there are various undead enemies such as Boos, Peepas, Dry Bones and Mega Bones. To reach the next area, the Destroyed Tank Battlefied, the player have to unblock all hot springs' pipes (not the Warp Pipes and Clear Pipes type of it) and then the enemies becomes more peaceful until the player attempt to harm them again, albeit the counterattack is only until the player leaves the area. None
8-03: Destroyed Tank Battlefield An abandoned battlefield where destroyed tanks rest in pieces. Some of them are still functional, while others serves as platforms for the player. Enemies found there are Rocky Wrench, Mechakoopas and all type of the Hammer Bros. and counterparts. A huge, operational tank can be reached with a cannon by entering a tank that faces it. The player then have to fight Meow-Boom and Double-Pom, who are Boom-Boom with a Super Bell and Pom-Pom with a Double Cherry, respetively. Their strategy from the first battle are the same, but Boom-Boom now uses attack with the Cat Power-Up and Pom-Pom make a double of herself. Meow-Boom and Double-Pom (Duo Bosses)
8-04: Eerie Darkwoods A darkwood area filled with haunting enemies like the Dry Bones and Boos. The Eerie Darkwoods are a maze where the player have to follow a trail of arrows left by the Toad Brigade, but some of them are illusion made by Boos. Some paths even contain a Boohemoth where the player have to avoid to prevent collision damage or even flattened if tightly collided in a wall. There are some real Green Stars found there, and the player have to keep its eyes open to found them all. None
8-05: Burnout Bones Circus A circus area above a giant lake of fire with a lot of Magma Bubbles in the audience cheering the performance. Upon entering the area, the head of the area, Ringmaster Bones, hops to your position from a small airship floating below the area, and starts chasing you while throwing balls of mist at the screen to obscure your vision. Enemies here include Fuzzies, Unicycle Guys, Magma Bubbles, Dry Bones, and Mega Dry Bones. After going through various dangerous acts including a lion taming act with a King Totomesu mini boss, a trapeze act over a pit of lava, and a trampoline act with Bullseye Bills shooting at you, you reach a bridge with a axe which you can use to cut down the bridge and defeat the ringmaster. Ringmaster Bones (Chasing Boss)
8-06: Eruption Mountains The mountains area where the volcanoes are constantly erupting and spit out falling, burning rocks. In order to safely cross through this area, the player have to hide to the underground, and the Green Stars are all found on the underground, too. Enemies found there are Blarggs, Magmaarghs, Magma Bros. and Magma Bubbles. The playerr will also have to free the frozen Draggadon in order to ride the rest of the area. The boss found there is a Mega Blargg, and can only be defeated with Draggadon himself by successfully delivering a tackle three times. Mega Blargg (Normal)
8-07: Overflowing Lava A lake area with a lake made of lava that was thought to have no life at all untill a Lava Piranha was discovered deep in the lava lake. There are a few platforms over the lake connected by a series of Pull Stars, although you need Pull Star Chips to create these bridges. At the end of the area there are two switches. The first switch activates a Purple Coin Challenge, while the other freezes the lava lake over, allowing you to travel over it to complete the challenge. Enemies here include Magma Bubbles, Hammer Bros., Sledge Bros., Fire Bros., and new Magma Bro. enemies, which are bigger Fire Bros that throw bigger fireballs and can swim in magma. None
8-08: Frostbite Cave Another Freezeflame-styled area inside of a sprawling cavern, although there is a much bigger focus on the ice. Besides the small magma pools and bonfires, this area is mostly ice and is very slippery and dangerous. The Blue Shell is very useful here, as you can use it on the ice to go great distances quickly. Enemies here include Magma Bubbles, Snow Draglets, Policeguins, Flipruses, and Koopas of both Red Shell, Black Shell, which makes them explode after being in a shell for a bit, and Blue Shell varieties. The boss here, Sledgequake, uses both the Blue Shell and Ice Flower to his advantage, giving him advanced skills such as being able to hide in his shell for temporary invincibility, launch giant iceballs, and swallow snow to restore health, although he still has the same weaknesses. Blue-Shelled Sledgequake (Normal)
8-09: Hot-Honey Hives Another abandoned Honeyhive area in a volcanic mountain with streams of lava. There are still Bees living here despite the place being abandoned, and they are using the place for refuge after Slanito took over their hive, and using the Bee Mushroom allows you to gain tips about where to find the Green Stars of the area. There are also Honey Jars in the area you can pick up, and if you throw them at a wall, you can make temporary honeycombs that last a quarter minute. Enemies here include Inky Piranhas, Buichis, Whomps, Whimps, Draglets, and Metal Draglets. None
8-10: Grumble Volcano A track used to be a racing track ever since the events of Mario Kart Wii. The player have to race through the track three times, while avoiding the enemies such as Magma Bubbles and Podoboos at all cost. The player simply only need to press an ! Switch that starts the race, as there are hidden Green Stars in there. Once the player had completed the race, a Cannon Pipe will appear which allow the player to go at a floating arena where he/she faces Moltey Bossblob, where he uses the same attacks like from Super Mario 3D World but also rolling around and throw blobs at the player. He will lose blobs faster if he get hit by DK, Wario or Bowser. Moltey Bossblob (Normal)
8-B: Bowser's Old Castle Bowser's abandoned castle, when the former one found that the Dark Land become "too bitter for even him". The player have to go through the stage akin of Super Mario Bros. 3 version of Bowser Castle, although there are also heavy modifications such as Kamek occasionally attacking the player as he flies around. When reaching the boss room, the player have to defeat Dark Kamek who makes illusions of himself and attack the player with block-transforming magic. He also makes Dark Blocks, and by accident, Light Blocks. Throwing the Light Blocks will stun Dark Kamek and this allow the player to hit him without difficulty. Dark Kamek (World Boss)

8-S: Tick-Tock Volcanic Clock

(120 Green Stars required)

The remake of Tick-Tock Clock from Super Mario 64, with a major twist. The remake is split into two sections, the first having a mad dash to the top to outpace a quickly rising lava while dodging Blarggs, Magma Bubbles, Fuzzies, and Ninja Blasters, and the second section is a regular climb up the clock while using Clear Pipes to reach different platforms. The boss here, Bandinero King, accidentally sets himself on fire with a Fire Flower, and among his regular attacks he can now also breathe fire and leave a trail of fire wherever he walks. In order to return him to normal and make himself vulnerable, you have to break a platform above the arena holding a water bucket by setting the wooden platform on fire using a Fire Flower or the Fire Bandinero King. Fire Bandinero King (Normal)

Toxic Danger Island

This land can only be accessed if all of the eight previous worlds are completed.

Area Number and Name Description Bosses
9-01: Noxious Moat This area is the humongous ocean moat of poison surrounding the entire island, filled with toxic fumes and smoggy factories. This place is the most expansive area in the entire game, and has you using a combination of Golden Mushrooms, Paddle Wheels, and Cannons to cross the humongous moat to enter the main island. There are smaller outer islands as well, with one having various Keys to be used to open the path for the Paddle Wheels to get closer and closer. Enemies here include Ninja Blasters, Para Spinys, Toxic Bubbles, Poison Bloopers, new Sludge Salamander enemies which are toxic salamanders that walk around leaving a trail of poison and are immune to all contact, Poison Launching Bloopers, and Porcupuffers. Chargin' Kyu T. (Last Kyu T. Battle)
9-02: Meow-Climb Gate The gigantic wooden gate to Slanito's Castle, which has the most high-tech machinery on the island. The Super Bell is of great use here as there are various walls that can only be climbed by the Cat Form. Also of note is the giant gate, as it needs 5 Keys to open instead of 1, and getting them all can be quite a challenge as each key has a trial related to a Power-Up, to be specific the Burning Mushroom, the Bee Mushroom, the Super Bell, the Super Leaf, and the Metal Box. Enemies here include Cat Goombas, new Noki Trainee enemies, which are Noki ninja-in-training which cling onto walls and throw explosive shurikens, Bullies, Cat Bill Blasters, Ant Troopers, and Policeguins. The bosses here, the Nokinja Twins, use two Super Bells and gain new abilities such as being able to run up walls, pounce down and cause shockwaves, and dig into the ground to try to surprise attack the player, although they still have the same weaknesses. Cat Nokinja Twins (Duo Bosses)
9-03: Toxic Trail Aquarium The aquarium area of Slanito's Castle, which some aquariums are filled with poisonous water where the player should not dive in, or else they will lose a life. Others are filled with water and thus safer to dive in. Enemies are Bonefishes, Bloopers, Launching Bloopers, Poison Launching Bloopers, Cheep Cheeps, Big Berthas (which aren't OHKO enemies anymore) and Cheep Chomps. At the top biggest poisonous water, while floating on a isle, the Skeletac Lunge Fish will attempt to attack and eat the player, and the boss will only be hurt by tricking it to eat a bomb or a Bob-Omb. Skeletal Lunge Fish (Normal)
9-04: Kitchen of the Undead! The kitchen area of Slanito's Castle, built to mass produce food for Slanito's troops and controlled by undead chefs. There are various conveyer belts with ingredients running on them, and you can use the ingredients to make recipes to try to bribe the Gourmet Guy guarding the area with the Green Stars. Enemies here include Dry Bones, Boos, Peepas, Tanookoi Peepas, and new Disaster Meal enemies that appear when you make a recipe wrongly, and can spit blobs of acid and come back a bit after being defeated unless hit by a fireball or iceball. To get the Gourmet Guy to move, you have to make a hamburger, a shortcake, and a lobster bisque (which can't be made from ingredients, but is found in the middle of a Peepa circle). None
9-05: Sludge Hangar The hangar of Slanito's Castle, where he holds his strongest of airships and tanks. After a tough first section involving dodging lasers and Spindels, Slanito returns in his signature airship, the Airship Noxiousgas, and calls his strongest troops, which include Koopatrols, Noki Trainees, Sledge Bros., and his elite guard of the Nokinja Twins and Scorpitori, which are invincible in this level. After a long chase while avoiding the Noxiousgas' cannonballs and Bullseye Bills, and avoiding the attacks of his strongest troops, the player can reach a Bob-Omb Cannon and bombard the Noxiousgas with Bob-Ombs untill the ship explodes, causing Slanito to flee and the elite enemies chasing you to flee. Airship Noxiousgas (Chasing Boss)
9-06: Malignant Fog Hall The first of three hall trials that serve as the last lines of defense to Slanito's Throne and Treasure Rooms. This hall is themed around fog and illusions, and throughout the first part the player has to outpace a deadly fog while going through a door maze. The rest of the hall has many illusions made of fog, including walls, Coins, and even Green Stars. Enemies here include new Illusion Foos, which are Foos which blow out illusionary Coins, Ty-Foos, Slammers, new Toxic Bob-Omb enemies which explode into puddles of corrosive acid, Sludge Salamanders, and Peepas. The boss here, King Bob-Omb, gained dark magic from Slanito and now has new attacks, including throwing Toxic Bob-Ombs, creating multiple illusions of himself that only throw regular Bob-Ombs, and using his magic to make the next Bob-Omb he throws massive, but he still has the same weaknesses. Shadow King Bob-Omb (Normal)
9-07: Shadowcall Hall The second of three hall trials that serve as the last lines of defense to Slanito's Throne and Treasure Rooms. This hall is themed around darkness and water, and has the player carrying Light Blocks underwater to find hidden routes in order to get to certain parts of the area. In the final section before the boss, there is also a Snake Block that is made of Light Blocks that the player has to ride over a pit of poison while also avoiding fireballs. Enemies here include Cheep-Cheeps, Bloopers, Launching Bloopers, Neep-Enuts, Toxic Bubbles, Poison Bloopers, and Toxic Octoombas. The boss here, Prince Pikante, gained dark magic from Slanito and now has new attacks, such as spewing a stream of poison, launching heat-seeking inkballs from it's mouth, and using it's tentacles to try to grab the player. To defeat it now the player has to use the Fire Flower to burn his vehicle, then jump on his head before he calls a new one. Shadow Prince Pikante (Normal)
9-08: Tanooki Twist Hall The third of three hall trials that serve as the last lines of defense to Slanito's Throne and Treasure Rooms. This hall is themed around the Super Leaf and Tweesters, and uses the Tanooki Form of the player to cross wide gaps while avoiding Tweesters that would launch you into a spiky ceiling. During the final section you have to get across a massive gap by using Paddle Wheels while trying to stay between two Mega Tweenadoes that slowly move torwards the bosses. Enemies here only include Tweesters, Mega Tweenadoes, and Fuzzies. The bosses here, the Nokinja Twins and Scorpitori, both use dark magic gained from Slanito, and now combine their attacks together and all three can now launch dark lasers, although they can still be defeated the same way as before. Shadow Nokinja Twins and Shadow Scorpitori (Trio Bosses)
9-09: End of the Three Halls The part where the three hall areas converge, which directly connects to the Throne and Treasure rooms of Slanito's Castle. Once entering the area for the first time, Poison Gobblegut, the personal guard dragon to Slanito's Treasure Rooms, emerges from a toxic pit and starts chasing you. You have to guide Poison Gobblegut through a remix of sections from the first area of each Land from each game, with each first area being connected by Launch Stars. Enemies include all the enemies that were found in the first area of every Land. Once the player reaches the final Launch Star and lands on a golden arena, the player has to attack Poison Gobblegut by throwing Bob-Ombs at his Bellyache Bulges while avoiding his tunneling, poison breath, and tail slams. Poison Gobblegut (Chasing Boss)
9-10: Slanito's Treasure Room? The treasure room of Slanito's Castle...that actually hold a Bandineemoth Robot gifted by the Bandinero King in case that any one will attempt to steal it. Enemies found there are all kind of enemies guarding the treasures, from the weak Goomba to the invincible Boohemoth, as well as the Bandineemoth Robot itself. The latter enemy can only be defeated by throwing a Big Bob-Omb on its mouth, but it will return when leaving and coming back to this area. It also have the most Green Stars to collect. None
9-B: The Final Battle The final area, where the player have to clear the eight doors with each Koopaling (and Kamek) with a revamped boss stages. All of them had different attacks and way to defeat them, and Dark Kamek had new tricks in his scepter. The final door can only opened when the player had defeated all of the eight Bosses, where Slanito is waiting. This time, he grew up into a bigger proportion by eating his Poison Mushrooms and attempt to stomp the player and other attacks, such as spitting poisonous goops. In the two phrases, he can only be damaged when tripped by any techniques.

Koopalings and Kamek (Boss Gauntlet)

Slanito (Final Boss Phrase 1)

9-F: Slanito's Final Show! After the victory poses of the player, Slanito get back up and taunt the player, and then attempt to grow much bigger with his Poison Mushrooms, but ended up to be too heavy for the floor to support, breaking the floor apart when he jumped back on it. Unlike the other phrases, this final phrase can be attempted again instead of having to start over if losing a life. In this boss area, Slanito had fallen into his real treasure room, filled with different power-ups, where he become Rainbow Slanito, who can uses all sort of power-up attacks. The only way to defeat him is to bonk on his face with a Team Attack Technique (not a Team Support Technique). This way to attack requires to be done five times, but after the third hit, Slanito will sometimes fake out his tiring and will instead attempt to bite and then spit the player who unluckily perform it back, as well as calling enemies for help such as the previous World Bosses, minus the already knocked out Dark Kamek. The next and last phrase will be detailed later. Rainbow Slanito (Final Boss Phrase 2 and 3)

9-S: Champion's Fake Road

(140 Green Stars Required)

A fake Champion's Road built by Slanito to test his own abilities to the very limit, which hasn't been used for quite a while and has a bit of overgrowth. Much like past Champion's Roads, it has a series of super-tough challenges, but unlike the true Champion's Road there is a safety net below the entire area to catch the player if they fall. Enemies here include Octoombas, Metal Octoombas, Ant Troopers, Mechakoopas, Parabeetles, Charging Chucks, and Metal Sledge Bros.. The bosses here, Sledgequake and Emperor Caccactor, use a Magic Wand and Aqua Suit respectively, and gain new abilities, such as Sledgequake turning some of his hammers into Sledge Bros., Emperor Caccactor launching a wave of scalding water, among other abilities, albeit they have the same weaknesses. Black-Shelled Sledgequake and Aqua Emperor Caccactor (Duo Bosses)

Special Star World

The Special Star World can only be accessed if the player had completed all lands and collecting all of the 150 Green Stars. Unlike the other worlds, there is no Boss area and all levels are Super Levels, the last one being a revamp of Super Mario World's Bowser Castle. There is no Green Stars in this world.

Area Number and Name Description Bosses
S-1: Messed Up World 8-4 The remake of World 8-4 from the original Super Mario Bros, remade into a 3D level and having more bottomless pits and Lava Bubbles to deal with. The Statue Leaf is introduced, and is a upgrade to the Super Leaf that allows the player to turn into a statue to break normally unbreakable enemies. The enemies here are all the enemies found in Super Mario Bros. The boss here, the Pixel Mecha-Bowser, is a pixelized Mecha-Bowser that acts a 3D version of the Bowser from the original Super Mario Bros, and using the axe at the end of the bridge can easily defeat him. Pixel Mecha-Bowser (Normal)
S-2: Flip-Swap To The Beat! The remake of Flip-Swap Galaxy from Super Mario Galaxy 2. It have notably more Flip-Swap Platforms and also more enemies such as Bullet Bills. The Octoombas are also more numberous but unlike in Super Mario 3D World, they can only spit a rock like in the original Super Mario Galaxy. The player have to jump to flip those platforms but the area itself had been readjusted to make it much less difficult without the use of the Star Spin because of only available for Rosalina. At the end, the player will face Magic Gooper Blooper who turn any blocks into enemies with his magic ink and thus can only hurt if the player tricked it by letting it to approach the player then when the platform is settled, the player jump when the Gooper Blooper is on it, thus making it stuck and vulnerable. Magic Gooper Blooper (Normal)
S-3: Shiverburn Constellation A remake, or more like a combination, of the Freezeflame Galaxy and the Shiverburn Galaxy from Super Mario Galaxy 1 & 2, respectively. It start with a section of Freezeflame Galaxy where the player have to catch the skating Penguin to summon a Launch Star and go through the next section like in The Frozen Peak of Baron Burr with additional enemies, but Baron Burr itself is only a mid-boss and once defeated another Launch Star had appeared and a checkpoint, thus the player will have to go through the section akin to the mission Prince Pikante's Peppery Mood, which is the same but with more challenging platforms and more enemies. This time, and surprisingly, instead of Prince Pikante at the end, you will face both Ice Petey Piranha and Fire King Boo. It is more difficult to face both of them but it is possible to exploit their power by tricking them to attack each other, but they become smarter when you did it twice and require the use of dropping Fire Flowers or Ice Flowers against the opposing power (Ice against King Boo and Fire against Petey Piranha). Ice Petey Piranha and Fire King Boo (Duo Bosses)
S-4: Footlight Fortress The remake of Footlight Lane from Super Mario 3D World. It have the invisible paths that is only visible when the player is near enough to it. It also got a more fortress-like structure because of its renewed appearence, much less pits but even more mechanic enemies that could be dangerous if the player is careless. It also introduce a Cat King Bill, that is actually have a lion-like structure and have menacing fangs like the Banzai Bills, and also make a mechanical roar (albeit a funny one) when it see and chases the player, but it is slow and can be easily avoided. A super-sized Kyu T. prepares to avenge Slanito and makes syre you will regret it. Mega Kyu T. (Post-Game Kyu T. Fight)
S-5: Ricco Harbor Returns The remake of Ricco Harbor from Super Mario Sunshine. The most noticable differences is that most of the zone are infested by various Bob-Ombs instead of goop-like enemies, which you need to get rid of about 75% of them in order to get to the helicopter-landing section, where Gold King Bob-Omb is waiting. Another noticable difference is that does to the lack of goop, tough enemies are also included such as Chargin' Chucks, which makes the Aqua Suit a more utility. When facing Gold King Bob-Omb, he will set the arena surrounded by electronic forcefield and set himself into a timed self-destruct, which require the player to defeat him quickly. He attack like before but now throw golden Bob-Ombs that cannot damage him. He can be damaged and have its timed self-destruct completely delayed when thrown into a forcefield, however. Gold King Bob-Omb (Normal)
S-6: The Greatest Goal Pole! The remake of The Great Goal Pole, with an evasive Goal Pole that the player must reach. (Reaching it earlier in any circonstances before where it finally stop will only make the player to slip even in a Cat Power-Up.) The level is modified to have more enemies, but less dangerous traps, as well as various bosses, Koopalings and Kamek not included, to stop you at all cost. You cannot really defeat them but you can stun them in order to make them stop. More enemies included are Bandineemoth Robots, Chain Chomps, Bullet Bills and Para Bob-Ombs (courtesy of King Bob-Omb). None (Bosses such as Petey Piranha and Whomp King are only obstacles)
S-7: Lift-Off to the Moon The remake of the level Lift-off Launch from Donkey Kong Country Returns, extended and altered to make it into a entire area. Unique to the level is the powerful Rocket Barrel, a majestic creation from Donkey Kong Island that allows the player to fly indefinitely, untill the player is hit twice, causing the Rocket Barrel to be destroyed and making a player lose a life. Around halfway through the level the player can grab the Army Grape to allow you to launch extra Rocket Barrels like missles at enemies instead of dodging them. Aside of Tiki Buzzes, Buichis, and Parabeetles, there are also small and new Blimparf enemies that bounce projectiles away from it back at the player. The boss here, the Airship Starriser, surrounds itself with Blimparfs, but usually has a gap you can aim at to damage it. Airship Starriser (Normal)
S-8: Hammerswing Mountain The remake of Hammerswing Caverns from New Super Mario Bros. U, remodeled into 3D and also taking place in a mountain instead of a cavern. Because of this, enemies found there are all sort of Hammer Bros. and counterparts, and Chargin' Chucks with all sort of possible tactics they had in this game. However, this area still include the hammer-like platforms, and a red counterpart that swing fast when activated by a platform that may not only hurt the player but also enemies. This become fundamental for the boss fight against Bee-Shelled Sledgequake, who, despite the comparitively small bee-wings, can fly indefinitely but lose his flight when hit by a red hammer-platform and make himself vulnerable against a ground pound or projectiles. Bee-Shelled Sledgequake (Normal)
S-9: Space Junk Cosmoes The remake of Space Junk Galaxy from Super Mario Galaxy, with various additions including the replacement of Sling Pods with Cannons, the removal of the airships area, and various more enemies. There is also a Purple Coin Challenge on the Space Junk area, but instead of winning a Green Star from collecting them all, it instead creates a Warp Star that connects the Space Junk area to the Stone Planet area. Enemies here include Boxoombas, Octoombas, Scuttlebugs, Amps, and Fire Chomps. The boss here, Gold Scorpitori, is fought on a arena with a electronic barrier, and if he isn't beaten in a set time the arena will blow up and destroy the player. This version of Scorpitori is similar to the regular Scorpitori though, as the only differences are that all of his attacks have shockwaves and that he can launch globs of acid from his tail. Gold Scorpitori (Normal)
S-10: Bowser's Neon Castle The remake of Bowser's Castle from Super Mario World, complete with a Back Door Entrance accessible after flipping four secret switches that appear in Wormhole City after you beat the game. Unlike in Super Mario World, the player had to go through eight rooms, one by one, with a set of first four doors and a set of four later doors. Fortunately, the backdoor will lead you straight to the last chamber, and there is a Checkpoint Flag after the first set and second set. The Millennium Star appears at the castle top and will have you to prepare for the most unexpected and frantic boss fight yet. Each end of each door had a powered-up version of each World Bosses except of Slanito himself. Powered-Up World Bosses (One at each of the end of each eight door)

Millennium Star (Bonus Boss)

Borderline Areas

These areas had no associated World/Land and are usually standalone or only connected to each others.

Area Name Description Bosses

Lost Island

An island that had been abandonned years, years ago. It is only accessed by World 3's Secret Pipe. Filled with various Goomba species. None
Slanito's Super Airship A huge Airship that is under his command. Filled with weapon enemies and Koopatrols, you will have to pass through them and the various traps that guard the Airship. You will face Slanito at the end, but the game will not end in here. Accessable after completing three worlds, and can be accessed again with the Rematch Block. Slanito (Boss Battle 1)
Illegal Factory Bowser had constructed this factory before, until even he realized that it is too dangerous, and even Slanito refuses to touch it. While there are few enemies such as Amps and Electro Koopas, but no bosses in sight. None
Slanito's Deluxe Airship Slightly bigger than the Super Airship, and the most armed next to his Airship Noxiousgas. With even more traps and various enemies, this is meant as Slanito's last resort invasion before Mario and company could stop it at all cost. This will be the second time (but not last) that the player(s) will face Slanito. Like the Super Airship, the Deluxe can be accessed again by using the Rematch Block, but unlike the former one, the latter one requires the player(s) to beat six worlds. Slanito (Boss Battle 2)
Searoad to Toxic Danger Island The waving sea that is the only way (flight, Cannons and Wrap Pipes aside) to have access for the Toxic Danger Island. You will face a Boss Bass that is attempting to destroy your ship, and runnning out of time will allow it to freely attack and eat you. Boss Bass (Mid-Boss)

Enemy List

There are many enemies and bosses throughout Super Mario Team-Mania, each with their unique quirks. Each of them can be exploited to the player's advantage, and some can even be helpful in certain situations, such as Bob-Ombs allowing you to destroy Enemies with explosions. The Bosses found at the end of a area are also listed here, as well as the variations of each boss.


Image Name Description
Goomba The most basic and iconic enemy of the Super Mario series. Not the strongest enemy for sure, but still persistant despite all of these years of being stomped. A stomp or a punch is enough to defeat a Goomba. In the recent times, they tend to be overshadowed by Shy Guys on occasions...
Paragoomba A Goomba with wings. Some bounces while advancing, others simply chase the player. Either way, those Goombas seems to not really make good use of their wings. One stomp will get rid of their wings and another one to completely stomp them (unless if it is a Power character which is just one stomp needed), but a well-timed punch or kick will simply defeat them.
Metal Goomba A more solid, metallic variation of Goombas. Metal Goomba is difficult to defeat does to their super solid defense, but an attack from a Power character, a Mega Mushroom, or other powerful techniques would solve them. Nevertheless, this is moments like this that Goombas start being clever.
Block-Imposter Goomba A larger Goomba, disguising as a larger, Grounded Block. Upon approaching it enough, they give chase to the player, and hitting it will only pop out an item, be it a Coin, Power-Up, or worse, another enemy. If a Power character punched it, then it will be unmasked, and it will run away.
Boxoomba A Goomba who put itself into a Block of any kind, be it a ? Block, an Used Block or a Brick Break. Unlike the Block-Imposter Goomba, they run away instead of chasing the player upon being spotted, but they always hold a Power-Up or even a 1-Up Mushroom.
Goombrats A variant of a Goomba that simply turns around when approaching an abyss. Not much else aside of their brat-like look of an acorn. Except that they are a bit more aggressive than the other Goomba variants.
Galoombas A rounder variant of Goomba species in which never get defeated by jumping, punching or anything else except Fireballs and other slightly more powerful attacks, only flipped upside-down when an attack not strong enough to defeat them had hit them. Characters with Power of 6 can instantly defeat them, while everyone can pick flipped out Galoombas as projectiles.
Bob-omb (MKWii)
Bob-Omb A literal walking bomb, that when hit by anything not powerful enough to stop them, their fuse start to burst and after three or six seconds, they will blow up, destroying anything on its radius. They are also immune to fireballs, but those will activate them immediately. They can even be grabbed without harm and be thrown as projectiles.
Ice Bob-Omb A literal polar opposite of Bob-Ombs. While instantly exploded by fireballs, they are fully immune to Iceballs. Upon an explosion, anything around it would be instantly frozen.
Toxic Bob-Omb A magically modified Bob-Omb by Slanito himself. Upon an explosion, they leave a goop of poison in which must be avoided. Nothing else different otherwise.
Green Koopa Troopa Bowser's common trooper (well, actually in this time, Slanito's does to storywise reasons), who simply walk forward until detecting an enemy, in which they give chase. They will fall off into abyss, but stomping or punching them will make them pop off their shell, making them Beach Koopa.
Red Koopa Troopa Act like the Green Koopa Troopas, but will turn around if they reach an edge and will not fall of the abyss.
Yellow Koopa Troopa Slightly faster than the Green and Red Koopa Troopas, and will immediately chase the player the moment it just saw them. They will drop a coin if damaged. They may look less smart than the more elite-like Blue Koopa Troopa, but the Yellow Beach Koopa had a trick up in its sleeve...
Blue Koopa Troopa The fastest of the Koopa Troopa, and slightly bulky at that. Like the Red Koopa Troopa, they will give chase to the player and slow characters will have a hard time to outrun them (not that they really need to run away). Two reasons that they are less common than the three above; they are higher ranked Koopa Troopas and the mere fact that too many Blue Koopa Troopa would mean an open season for Mario and friends to get the versatile Blue Shells.
Bombshell Koopa A once-seen Koopa Troopa variant previously only seen in Sarasaland. Unlike the other Koopa Troopas, they run away from their shell once popped out of their own, because the shell will blow up at any moment. If you had just stomped on a Bombshell Koopa, kick the shell out of your reach as quick as possible!



There some items that are introduced in this game, and others with italic characteristic means that it is introduced in here.


Coin Coin The currency of the Mushroom Kingdom and the Eight Lands. Unlike the other main series Mario games, collecting a hundred of it will not grant you any 1-Up but you can store up to 999,999,999 Coins (which is almost impossible to do so without mods) and you can use them to buy items in shops and for other payments.
Red Coin SM3D Red Coin Pass through a Red Ring to make eight of them to appears. Collect them all before they are all gone, and you are rewarded with a (or many if you play Multiplayer) useful item. Each Red Coin also worth three Coins.
Red Coin Ring SMWU Red Coin Ring Pass through a Red Ring to make eight Red Coins to appears. You know what to do with the Red Coins that are described before, did you? Ah well, collect them all and get an useful item.
Blue Coin Art Blue Coin These Coins are worth five Coins, but are hard to find. You will also needs them to unlock Blue Blocks and to pass through Blue Doors, which leads to important or secret paths.
Super Mushroom Artwork - Super Mario 3D World Super Mushroom Recover your HP back to full. If you got one and you got full HP, you becomes temporarily bigger, which you becomes faster, stronger and can jump higher, and carries an extra hit before going back to normal.
Golden Mushroom Golden Mushroom Boosts your speed temporarily when you collect it. Collecting multiple Golden Mushrooms multiplies the speed you go at, but shortens the time limit on your speed boost.
1-Up Mushroom Artwork - Super Mario 3D World
1-UP Mushroom
Gives you an extra life for your team. You better collect them as many as possible, because collecting 100 coins and other methods does not gives you 1-UP anymore! Ouch...
Star Coin
If you find a Star Coin, collect it! You will unlock some more neat content like text-styles, HUD styles, and more! Collect them all will also give you a shining star in your save file.
Green Star
Just like Star Coins, you should collect as many Green Stars as you can. You will unlock the Lost Level of each Land, as well as collecting them all will unlock the last one in the Hub World.
Pull Star Chip
Collect all five Pull Star Chips to summon more Pull Stars. The problem is that you have to find it all in one area, which requires dexterity and a watchful eye!
Purple Coin
Collect a hundred of after pressing a Purple P Switch, and you will receive a Green Star (ironically, they are not the same color). If you leave the land after not collected a hundred Purple Coins, you will lose them and those Purple Coins will return to their initial place.

Green Star Coin
After passing a Green Star Ring, hurry up and collect eight Green Coins before they disappears! If you do, you will be rewarded with a Green Star.

You'll need it for a locked door, and you will find it on the ground, hanged by a rope, held by an enemy, or even burrowed. This is not easy, but soon you will find it.

Pink Coins
Collect the specific amount of Pink Coins in an area (from two to ten) and a Key is yours. Like the Key itself, it can be found everywhere, so keep your eye open!


Fire Flower Artwork - Super Mario 3D World Fire Flower The Fire Flower will give anyone the Ability to makes fireballs. For Yoshi, he will breath fire for a short duration. For Bowser and Bowser Jr., they will spits powerful fireballs rather than using their traditional fiery breath. The fire attacks can damage several kinds of enemies and can damage even most bosses.
Ice Flower SM3DW Ice Flower The Ice Flower will give anyone the Ability to makes iceballs. For Yoshi, he will breath ice for a short duration. For Bowser and Bowser Jr., they will spits freezing iceballs rather than using their traditional fiery breath. Unlike the fireballs, the iceballs can only freezes the enemies and have no effects on most bosses, but can affect more enemies than the fireballs can.
180px-Super Leaf Artwork - Super Mario 3D World Super Leaf Gain raccoon tail and ears, and plays the same sound effect from Super Mario Bros. 3. After the P-Meter is at maximum, you can fly to the air for several seconds before slowly floating down. Also add a tail whip for an extended attack combo (Attack + Attack + Attack + Attack).
SuperBell Super Bell Gives a cat-like appearance for the item user. The Cat character can dive forward, climb wall and climb poles much easier. The higher Power the character have, the longer time it can climb. Oh, and they tend to mewl on most actions.
BlueShell3DWorld Blue Shell Commonly found after defeating a Blue Koopa Troopa. When collected, it plays a power-up sound effect from Super Mario World, where the blue-colored Koopa Shell had originated from. Filling the P-Meter and then use the Attack button to slide through the ground, like a regular Koopa Shell. You can steer it and jump from it, but to stop, release the Run button. It also offers extra protections against most attacks when ducking or sliding and also makes you to swim faster while underwater.
When worn by Bowser or Bowser Jr., as they can already can Shell Dash, they can instead throw more Blue Koopa Shells but they can hurt themselves if they are not paying attention.
SuperAcornNSMBU give credit to nintendo Super Acorn Gains a flying-squirrel-like costume which glide trough air and can hang on and slide from walls. It can also hop more frequently than the Cape, allowing it to reach attitude more easily. Power characters can make a cyclone with the Attack button which stuns the enemies.
Cape Feather NSMBVR Cape Feather The Cape Feather gives the user a colored cape (yellow for Mario in instance) which allows the user to soar in the sky after the P-Meter is filled up. Unlike in its origin game, Super Mario World, it take a longer run to make it possible to fly. It also flips the cape to knock enemies and reflect almost any small projectiles. You can also hop up to fly longer, and dive to make a tremor, and the higher the Power of your character is, the more powerful the tremor will be.
Doublecherry Double Cherry Double the player character. You can make up to five clones, and the real player will be marked with a colored pointer. Clones will move faster than the player in order to keep up the pace. It can be used enforcing offensive but also other utilities such as weighting certain gimmicks, activate Numbered Panels and more.
Mini Mushroom Mini Mushroom Shrunk the player into miniature proportion. The player will only take two hits instead of three hits before being blundered, but he/she can jump higher, and float more slowly. However, regular stomp and punches are also weakened.
571px-Mega Mushroom Artwork - Super Mario 3D World Mega Mushroom The Mega Mushroom make the player giant-sized, as well as stronger. Any contact at most enemies will knock them out, and can breaks almost anything on the player's path, as well as damaging bosses very hard. The big downside is that because of the player's giant size, he/she cannot enter a pipe, go to a tight path, or enter doors.
Army Grape Army Grape Give the player an ability to produces up to five clones by ducking. Unlike clones made from Double Cherries, clones made from Army Grapes can be thrown as projectiles at enemies and bosses, but they disappears afterward. Characters with Power of 5 or 6 can damage and defeat any enemies and bosses that are not invincible.
Rock Mushrooml. Rock Mushroom Shake your controller to get covered in a rock and roll ahead. It can damage most enemies and will only stop until collided with a wall or any other solid obstacles, or shaking up again. Power characters can brick Used Blocks and solid enemies by using this Power-Up.
Aqua Suit A special suit that comes with F.L.U.D.D. and fastened swimming. You can use F.L.U.D.D. to aim and shoot water to do multiple purposes such as pushing or stunning enemies. Unlike the other Power-Ups, you will only lose it if you get knocked out in any conditions that did so (running out of HP and falling in a pit).
Hammer Suit NSMBW2BB Hammer Suit Pick this power-up to gain ability to throw hammers that can damage most enemies and break Grey Bricks. The more Power the player has, the more damage the hammer will cause and the further throw will be. Ducking will also stop most contact and projectiles.
Boomerangflower-2 Boomerang Flower Give the player an ability to throw boomerangs. It works like the Hammer Suit but instead the Boomerang come back at the player. Anyone below 5 Power will throw two at a time, while those at 5 Power or 6 can throw three boomerangs. The Power also determinate how damaging and how further it will be.
Wand Magic Wand Give the player the ability to use magic to transform the enemies into Flip Blocks, or charge it to make a more devastating blow. Characters with high power can shoot magic waves faster and charges faster.
Wing box Wii U Wing Box Gives wings for the player. It control is the same as in Super Mario 64, although easier to maneuver. However, it takes practice to be able to go higher. For some reasons, if Yoshi had gained wings, he turned into a Blue Yoshi! (If Yoshi is already blue from the character selection, he turn back to Green Yoshi)
Vanish box Wii U Vanish Box Smash it to make the player "invisible" which allow him or her to go through enemies and thin walls like glasses with relative ease. However, the effect is temporary and thus the player have to run quickly to get though the obstacle. Power characters have longer effect.
Metal box Wii U Metal Box Makes the player into a metallic, making him or her impervious to most attacks and obstacles, as well as able to break away certain obstacles and enemies! However, it is temporary and it will goes of after a minute. Power characters can have the effect for two minutes, however. Another thing; you cannot swim while being metal.
Gold Flower NSMB2 Gold Flower Works like the Fire Flower, but more powerful. It can damage enemies normally not damaged by Fireballs and turn Bricks into Coins. However, the Goldballs are slower. Power characters can make it more explosive.


Costumes are cosmetic that changes the character's appearance. Most of them refers the older Mario games, and most of them are available by purchasing them in the Crazy Caps shops. Each character can wear eleven different costumes, with their default appearance counted as one. Most can be purchased with normal coins, but a few can only be purchased with Purple Currency. Slanito's speech also changes before the final boss battle.


Costume Name Description and Price Slanito's Comment

Classic Red

(Red Overalls + Iconic Hat)

"Traditional plumbering cloth of the Mushroom Kingdom hero. Mario never want to leave this behind for sure."

Available at start

"Your plumbering wearings never wears out despite all these years. And you seems to not backing off either! Anyways..."

Doctor Mario

(Doctor Headwar + Doctor Outfit

"Mario was used to be a doctor, cleaning off colorful viruses. Now he can teach the hygiene and healthy way to live to the world, Mario-style!"

200 Coins

"And don't tell me that you are here for a check-up? You shall already know that I am in a good shape! Anyways..."

Builder Mario

(Builder Helmet + Builder Overalls)

"First worn in Super Mario Maker, this constructor outfit is handy for building purposes, such as new levels."

200 Coins

"And you seems to take inspiration of this castle for your next levels? You got lucky that this castle is easily replicable. Anyways..."

64 Mario

(Nostalgia Hat + Nostalgia Overalls)

"This is when Mario had made his first jump in the 3D world. No, not Super Mario 3D World, we meant the very first 3D Mario game, Super Mario 64!"

350 Coins

"Indeed, you were so stuck at your usual rescuing missions that you even regressed into 64-bit polygons. Anyways..."

Shadow Mario

(Shadow Hat + Shadow Overall)

"Bowser Jr. used to trick the citizens of Delphino Plaza to imprison Mario with this tricky costume. Obviously different. Those Piantas should know better..."

300 Coins

"Bowser Jr., I know that it is you! ...Wait, were you trying to trick me, Mario? Seems that for once, I am losing track. Anyways..."

Skeleton Mario

(Burnt Hat + Skeleton Body)

"Seeing a living skeleton can be really scary! Even Bowser himself got spooked out the first time he saw that!"

9999 Coins

"...Ack! What happened to your body Mario!? Did my poisonous water not being effective enough? Well, anyways..."

Flat Mario

(Flat Hat + Flat Body)

"Mario's personality is not exactly the most known, but at least his body is more flexible. Wait, is that an insult?"

500 Coins

"...Heh. Seems that a Thwomp smashed you so hard you were flattened for longer time than you hoped for. Anyways..."

Knight Mario

(Knight Helmet + Knight Armor)

"Well, we know that Mario rescueing Peach is comparable to a knight saving a princess, but don't we take that a bit too literal?"

500 Coins

"And I am afraid that your shiny armor will not stop the true extent of my magic and my power! Anyways..."

Black and White Mario

(Land's Hat and Land's Overalls)

"A certain game called Super Mario Land had been a time where Mario had been colored black-and-white does to the Game Boy's color limitation at the time."

750 Coins

"Had you been busy fighting off Tatanga? I mean I met this mean purple alien, trying to invade my private island. Anyways..."

SMB Mario

(Super Classic Hat + Super Classic Overalls)

"This is where Mario had made his big first leap, rescuing Peach for the first time and fighting off Bowser and his Koopa Troop for the first time. Ah, the good old times..."

750 Coins

"How embarrassing! You were stuck on your usual routine so much that you even regressed to your 8-bit colors! Anyways..."

SMW Mario

(World's Hat + World's Overall)

"This outfit stand out for being brighter than Mario's usual outfit colorization. Doesn't really affect the quality of Super Mario World all that much though."

750 Coins

"And how embarrassing, seeing that you looks like that you put up white clothes with your outfit! Anyways..."

Rainbow Mario

(Rainbow Hat + Rainbow Overall)

"This is supposed to intimidate the enemies by believing them that you are permanently using a Rainbow Star. Too bad that they see the trick right on the spot..."

1000 Coins

"And don't even try to intimidate me with that rainbow effect! I know that there is no such thing as a permanent Rainbow Star! Anyways..."



  • Having Wario playable in this game, this game is part of the fan-named event called "Year of Wario", which will taking place of 2022 where this game, WarioWare D.I.Y. Again!, Super Mario Maker D.I.Y., Wario Land: World of Wonders! and Super Smash Bros. Great Fray which all are included because it have Wario as either playable or as an important character.
    • Along with the Yoshi series and the Donkey Kong series, both of Wario Land series and WarioWare Inc. series had now heavily integrated in the Mushroom Kingdom, and had stacked ever since this game.
  • The Koopalings were originally to be the World Bosses, but does to concerns of the staleness within them, they were demoted as part of the Boss Gauntlet, while Kamek had been both a World Boss and also part of the same Boss Gauntlet.
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