Super Mario Superstar is a upcoming game 3d platform action game for the Wii U to be released in 2014. It
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Developer(s) Nintendo EAD
Publisher(s) Nintendo

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Genre(s) Platformer
Mode(s) Single player

Two-player co-op

Media Included Wii u Optical disk
is the 5th 3d platformer and follow up to Super Mario 3D land and Super Mario Galaxy. Similar to Super Mario Galaxy, the game takes place in space. However the first half of the game takes place on the Mushroom World. Most of the levels on earth look very similar to the ones from New Super Mario Bros, while some levels return from Super Mario Galaxy.


The Mushroom Kingdom is hosting its 1000 anniversary celebration to commemorate its over 1000 years of establishment. This year, the festival is going to held in the heart of the Mushroom Kingdom, in Toad Town. As tradition the current monarch (this year its is Peach) must ride through the lake that cuts through the city and light the statue that depicts Sir Richard Toadstool, the Mushroom kingdom's founder and Princes Peach's great-great-great grandfather. As the ceremony takes place, Peach is on a huge decorated gondala riding through the city and waving as confetti falls. As the boat crosses under the Castle bridge, Peach takes the torch and is about to light the statue, when a huge meteor-like rock falls from out the sky and destroys the statue. When Peach sees this she gasps in shock and attempts to touch the shattered statue, against Toadsworth's advice. But then a huge aircraft flies in the sky and clouds over the beautiful night sky. soon the entire sky is filled with airships. Then bowsers minions come from out of the ship, with Bowser jr piloting it and flies towards the Palace. As the ship approaches Peach, Mario runs as fast as he can to the palace to intersect the attack, but then one of bowser's minions pulls out a cannon which shoots a meteor and knocks Mario all the way out into the Yoshi Forest. As Mario wakes up he realizes that he is surrounded by a group of Yoshi's. Many of different colors. The leader of the Yoshi's, Yoshi tells the others that Mario is his longtime friend and riding partner. He tells them that he is no threat, and that they should take him back to their hut. As Mario reaches the hut, he is astonished by its vastness. The hut is located in the trees and extends for miles, with various small apartment-like homes from place to place. Yoshi tells Mario that he can rest their until he is able to go and search for Peach. As resting, Mario and some of the yoshis visit the outskirts of the Mushroom Kingdom. Toad tells Mario that the kingdom has been overtaken by Bowser, and he has taken Princess Peach to his galactic lava empire in the sky. As Mario learns of this, he immediately tries to think of a way to rescue Peach, but to no avail. Yoshi then gets an idea of taking Mario to see a luma that landed in their forest, after being left behind by his moma. The luma regonizes Mario as the one who helped his mother save her home, and instantly wants to help him. He tells Mario that he will turn into a pull star so he can chase after the monster. As Mario flies off in the Pull star, Yoshi stays behind and waits until Mario needs him When Mario and Bowser finally confront each other, Bowser has declared himself the King of the Universe with Peach as his queen. Peach (who is trapped in a tower) calls out to Mario only to have the window shut. Bowser and Mario battle, and Peach tries to figure out a way out of the tower. As Mario sends Bowser into the lava of his castle, He catches Peach who forces her way out of the tower. The two escape back into the Mushroom Kingdom, where the city has been beautifully restored.


Super Mario Superstar has several innovations and additions to the basic 3D Mario game concept. Many elements

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form Super Mario galaxy returns. , Mario is controlled with the analog stick and can jump with the . The works just as the trigger did in Super Mario 64. The player uses it to make Mario crouch, do Somersaults and do Long Jumps. The centers the camera behind Mario, while the can adjust the camera angle manually. By pressing the upper part of the , the player can enter a first person perspective.

The game also uses the motion-sensors of the Wii Remote. The pointer of the Remote appears as the Star Cursor on the screen. The Star Cursor is used to perform a variety of actions, such as using Pull Stars, manipulating Sling Pods, and collecting Star Bits. Shaking the Wii Remote or Nunchuk will make Mario perform a Spin.

By pressing , players can fire a Star Bit. When enemies are hit by a Star Bit, they are stunned and can be defeated with a touch, releasing Star Bits. Mario can also defeat most enemies by jumping on them, which will create a healing coin. Using the Spin to defeat enemies is also possible. Spinning may also stop an enemy from attacking; if Bowser and Mario both Star Spin at the same time, both moves get canceled. Also when Mari
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o or Luigi Long Jumps then when they land on the ground and quickly do a star spin, they'll do a little pirouette like they're dancing. The player can use any of these tactics or only one of them during the entire game, as a specific tactic is never required to defeat a regular enemy.. As in Super Mario Sunshine, Mario can jump on NPCs to gain extra height or annoy them. Oddly, a move exists that is not explained in the instruction manual. If the player, while airborne, both shakes the controller and presses Z (to spin and ground pound at the same time), they will do a special ground pound that homes in on nearby enemies (much like Sonic the Hedgehog's Homing Attack). If there is no enemy nearby, Mario will do a fancier Ground Pound. This move returns in the game's sequel, also unexplained in the packaged materials.


  • Mario
  • Luigi
  • Princess Peach
  • Rosalina (not confirmed)
  • Toad Brigade
  • Bowser
  • Bowser jr
  • The koopalings
  • Lumas


Cover Art

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Current front and back of the new cover for Super Mario Superstar

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Super Mario Superstar beta cover #2

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Super Mario Superstar beta cover #2

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