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SSB Mario Series.png Super Mario Sunshine Deluxe
Developer(s) SPLogoSymbol.png St. Clair Publications
Publisher(s) Logo.png
Distributor(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Switch
Genre(s) 3D collect-a-thon platforming
Series Mario
Predecessor SSB Donkey Kong Series.png Donkey Kong 64 DS
Successor None yet.
Release Date(s) Worldwide: July 19, 2022
Mode(s) Single player only

(multiplayer modes possibly pending)

Age Rating(s) North America (ESRB): E-10+

Europe (PEGI): 12
Australia (ACB): G
Japan (CERO): B

Media Included Switch cartridge or digital download
Available Input Joy-Cons

Super Mario Sunshine Deluxe is an enhanced remake of the original game, developed by St. Clair Publications and released on the 20th anniversary of the game's original Japanese release, in July 2022. It's the third game in a line of enhanced remakes of classic 3D platformers made by the company; ironically, the first was Super Mario 64 DS, a game that was NOT made by St. Clair Publications.

The game was originally intended to be released in 2012, but Alex felt that the Nintendo DS and 3DS could not handle the game at the time. A 2017 release also fell through because Alex didn't want to make the game a New Nintendo 3DS exclusive, and he was unsure of the capabilities of the then-brand new Nintendo Switch. Only with the release of Super Mario 3D All-Stars, which contained the original game, did Alex finally feel that this game could work.

The game was originally intended to be released on the 20th anniversary of its U.S. release date. However, August 26, 2002 is also when Life in FCHS, one of St. Clair Publications' "flagship" franchises, debuted, so Alex did not want this game to interfere with ITS 20th anniversary.


The game mostly starts out the same as the original aside from the fact that Luigi and Wario are on the plane with Mario, Peach, Toadsworth, and the prototypes to what would later become the Toad Brigade. However, once the plane lands on the Delfino Airstrip, Mario, Luigi, and Wario are apprehended immediately, and this time, they aren't released on orders to clean up Isle Delfino.

Yoshi, witnessing all this and knowing full well that the plumbers are innocent, decides to embark on his own mission to clear their name and break them out of prison. The Delfino Airstrip mission is the same as the original, right down to FLUDD giving Yoshi the tutorial on how to use him, though it's obviously reworded to account for the fact that Yoshi is spewing water from his own stomach instead. He eventually makes his way into Delfino Plaza and makes good on at least busting out Mario. Together, they find Shadow Mario and chase him down to Bianco Hills.

As the game progresses, Mario busts out Luigi in Ricco Harbor, and Luigi in turn busts out Wario on Gelato Beach. The four heroes then make their way through Sirena Beach, Pianta Village, and Noki Bay before Shadow Mario decides to kidnap Peach for good. They chase him down and defeat his Mecha Bowser, revealing his true identity as Bowser Jr., who apparently thinks that Peach is his mother and that it's Mario who's constantly kidnapping her. Bowser Jr. then takes Peach with him to Corona Mountain.


This game is a blatant attempt to take the formula of Super Mario 64 DS and apply it to another game. In fact, it's arguably the most radically changed from the original.

As in SM64DS, you can play as Yoshi, Mario, Luigi, and Wario. Because of the way Yoshi worked in the original game, this required a partial overhaul of the game's code: as Yoshi is now a full playable character, he no longer dies instantly in water. He also no longer requires juice to function, and appears green by default. When he's green, he spits water from his mouth, which has the same constraints as the other characters using FLUDD. However, he can eat fruits, just as he could in the original game, and eating those fruits gives him his juice powers as before.

Mario, Luigi, and Wario must now be unlocked. Furthermore, only Mario can use the Hover Nozzle now, while only Luigi can use the Turbo Nozzle, and only Wario can use the Rocket Nozzle.

As in SM64DS, there are now 150 Shine Sprites to collect, 30 more than the original game. Also, Isle Delfino has changed somewhat. Most notably, Delfino Plaza has a changed appearance based on the version seen in The World of Nintendo after Season 8 as well as on Super Smash Stadium since roughly May 2016, both of which are based on the Season 7 finale of the former, where Corona Mountain erupted. This has changed the level order somewhat, and Corona Mountain is now a full playable level, with the final battle being Episode 7.

Finally, per St. Clair Publications tradition, many of the enemies have had their appearance changed. For example, most of the Stus are now Goombas, the giant Wiggler in Gelato Beach is now the traditional yellow color, the Electrokoopas are now ordinary Koopas with purple shells, and many other enemies in the game, such as Boos, Bob-Ombs, Bullet Bills, and Cheep Cheeps, have been "reverted" to their traditional Mario appearance.

Aside from this, the game is mostly the same as the original. You start out in a "hub" world known as Delfino Plaza, from which you must access all other levels. With Corona Mountain's elevation to a full-blown level, there are now eight major levels in the game, each of which has 11 Shine Sprites for you to collect: eight main ones (dubbed "Episodes" here), two hidden ones, and an extra Shine for getting 100 Coins. As in Super Mario 64, some Shine Sprites require you to get eight Red Coins. There are also 300 Blue Coins for you to collect (60 more than the original game); you get a Shine Sprite for every ten that you get, making for a maximum of 30 Blue Coin Shines. The remaining 32 count for Delfino Plaza itself.

One of this game's more notable gimmicks is the "secret" episodes. Episodes with "secret" in their title are somewhat like dungeons in the Legend of Zelda series, where you must go through a platforming section in order to get a Shine. These areas are off limits to Yoshi, and when you enter them as a plumber, Shadow Mario will steal his FLUDD, forcing him to rely solely on his platforming skills. These levels were essentially a prototype to the levels seen in Super Mario 3D World, and use an a cappella rendition of the famous Super Mario Bros. 1 main level theme as their music. Once you get the Shine Sprite, you will be allowed to use FLUDD if you should redo the level, and Yoshi will be allowed in. The orange blocks in these secret levels were redone to look like Used Blocks.

New to Super Mario Sunshine Deluxe are Silver Shines, which function just like the Silver Stars in SM64DS and both Galaxy games, as well as a whole host of new and changed Shines in general.


  • Left Stick: Move.
  • Right Stick: Control the camera. Left and right swivel it around, while up and down zoom in and out. Click the stick to enter first-person view.
  • A Button or B Button: Jump. If you are Yoshi or Luigi, you can hold the button for a jump extension, which for the former manifests itself as his signature Flutter Jump.
  • X Button: Switch nozzle (not available to Yoshi)
  • Y Button: The main action button. You can use this to talk to people, hang off of horizontal bouncy ropes, open doors, and pick up/throw things (plumbers only). For the plumbers, this button will do a tackle attack, and for Yoshi, this lets him use his tongue to eat things. As in the Yoshi's Island games and Super Mario 64 DS, you can either press Y Button again to spit the enemy out or ZL Button or ZR Button to turn them into an egg. Unlike SM64DS, you can now have up to six eggs behind you (as in the Yoshi games); press ZL Button or ZR Button to throw one, using automatic targeting as in SM64DS.
  • L Button: Reset the camera so that it's behind your character.
  • R Button: Spray water with FLUDD. If you're inside water, refill FLUDD.
  • ZL Button: Duck.
  • ZR Button: Ground Pound.
  • Minus Button: Open your guidebook.
  • Plus Button: Pause.

Advanced techniques

  • Double jump: Press the jump button again after landing.
  • Triple Jump: Press the jump button a third time after landing; you must be moving beforehand.
  • Wall Jump: Press the jump button when against a wall.
  • Ground Pound Jump: As in Super Mario Odyssey, you can jump off of a Ground Pound.
  • Back Somersault: Duck, then jump.
  • Side Somersault: Quickly tilt Left Stick in the opposite direction that you were running, then jump.
  • Spin Jump: Jump after rotating Left Stick. You can squirt water/juice off of this jump, which can clean large areas quickly.
  • Ultra Spin Jump: After hanging off a horizontal tightrope, squirt your FLUDD water/Yoshi juice to start spinning, then press the jump button to do a massive flip that can cover a lot of ground quickly. Experiment with different nozzles for different results!
  • Grates: When climbing vertical grates, press the attack button to punch enemies on the other side and flip gates. On the flipside, when hanging on the bottom of horizontal grates, press the jump button to attack. When standing on top of horizontal grates, you can use a Ground Pound to attack things on the opposite side.
  • Water: Swimming in this game functions just like Super Mario Odyssey, as opposed to the clunky system that was in place in the original.



Character Name Description Stats
Yoshi SSBUltimate.png


Witness to a miscarriage of justice, Yoshi takes it upon himself to prove the innocence of Mario, Luigi, and Wario. He attacks primarily using his tongue, and a self-made supply of Yoshi Eggs. While he can't use FLUDD, his seeingly-bottomless stomach makes for a good substitute. His "special nozzle" is his ability to spit juice, which he can obtain by eating fruit, just as he could in the original game. The juice can destroy specific yellow force fields. Papayas and pineapples make Yoshi spit orange juice, which turns enemies into stationary orange platforms, while bananas and coconuts turn enemies into pink platforms that move up constantly. Peppers and durians turn them into purple platforms, which move forward constantly.

Yoshi also has his signature Flutter Jump.

Power: *

Speed: ***
Jump: ****

Mario SSBUltimate.png


Convicted in a kangaroo court of a crime he did not commit, Mario must be busted out of prison before he can actually be useful. His special nozzle is the Hover Nozzle, which allows him to extend the range of his jumps by using FLUDD like a jetpack for five seconds. Power: ***

Speed: ***
Jump: ***

Luigi SSBUltimate.png


Imprisoned somewhere in Ricco Harbor, Luigi must be rescued by Mario in this game. He has a much higher jump than Mario, but he is he harder to stop. He also has a "flutter jump", although it's not the same as Yoshi. His special nozzle is the Turbo Nozzle, which allows him to use FLUDD to go very quickly. Power: **

Speed: *****
Jump: *****



Imprisoned in Gelato Beach somewhere, where he must be rescued by Luigi, Wario is hellaciously slow and can't jump high, but he has the most power. As in Super Mario 64 DS, there are special black bricks scattered around the game that only he can punch down. His special nozzle is the Rocket Nozzle, which allows him to use FLUDD to blast off to insane heights. Power: *****

Speed: **
Jump: **

Supporting characters

Character Name Description
Blooper Surfing Safari NWR.png

Surfing Bloopers

In Ricco Harbor, you can ride on these Bloopers to get some Shines. The green Blooper is slower, but has better turning, the yellow Blooper is balanced, and the purple Blooper is faster, but can't turn as well.


The Flash Liquidizer Ultra Dousing Device is the main gimmick of this game. You use its water to overcome many of the game's obstacles. While FLUDD is available only to plumbers, Yoshi's stomach is an acceptable substitute.
Peach SMS.png


The princess of the Mushroom Kingdom, she doesn't have to worry about being kidnapped in this game for a least, until the end.
Toadsworth by banjo2015-d8ns17u.png


Peach's butler. The original game was his debut.

Toad Brigade

They technically weren't yet a brigade in the original game, but it's hard to imagine that these are different Toads than the actual Brigade in the Super Mario Galaxy games.
Pianta blue.png


The main race of Isle Delfino. They are inherently very strong and muscular, but as shown by the kangaroo court trial the plumbers are subjected to, they're evidently not very smart. They're also quite selfish, as many Piantas hold on to Shine Sprites yet don't ever think to turn them over to the authorities at Delfino Plaza to help out the cause. This became a plot point in aforementioned Season 7 finale of TWoN, not that the other races are perfect angels...


The other main race of Isle Delfino. They're inherently very smart, and see through the bullshit plaguing Delfino Plaza. But because they're a minority, they're apparently powerless against the Piantas.
The Tanuki The fat bear/raccoon-like hybrid that runs the boathouse where you can turn in your Blue Coins for Shine Sprites. There's another one in Noki Bay "renting" out a boat.

Il Piantissimo

Some Rachel Dolezal-alike who pretends to be a Pianta, and is rightfully quite hated by them. A few Shine Sprites in this game involve you racing him in certain levels.

Sand Bird

An alleged "legendary" bird whose hatching is one of the main gimmicks of Gelato Beach.
Sunflowers Found in Pinna Park. They mostly sit in the background, but one mission in Pinna Park involves saving them from Koopas who are eating them alive by their roots.
Butterflies Yoshi can eat these for various rewards: yellow for a Coin, blue for a Blue Coin, and green for a 1-Up Mushroom.
Birds You can squirt these down for various rewards: green for a Coin, blue for a Blue Coin, yellow for a Shine Sprite, and red for a Red Coin.


Enemy Name Description
Beehives Three bees buzz around these hives, stinging you if you're in range. Take the hive down to unleash the full swarm. Only Yoshi can kill the bees.


Bloopers in this game are land-bound. They attack you by spewing their inky sludge.


Tossed out solely by the Undergrunt Gunner. Your job is to fling them back at him before they explode on you.
Boo - Mario Kart Wii.png

Red Boo - New Super Koopa Bros Wii.png Boos

In this game, Boos don't cower when looked at, and can actually be jumped on and eaten by Yoshi, unlike other Mario games. The pink Boos can be turned into platforms with FLUDD water, and do not require Yoshi juice like other enemies. They still make the same sounds they did in the original game despite reverting back to their traditional appearance for this game.
Big Boo NSMBDIY.png

Big Boos

In this game, these guys are asleep in Hotel Delfino's attic. Only Yoshi can kill them.
Bullet Bill (Super Smash Bros. Ultimate).png

Bullet Bills

Fired from cannons in Pinna Park and Corona Mountain. Spray them to kill them.
Bombshell Bill NSMBDIY.png

Bombshell Bills

Same as regular bullets, but they're gold. They drop eight Coins for being killed.
Missile Bill.png

Missile Bills

Purple bullets that home in on you should they lock on.

Cataquack YBA.png

Annoying duck-like things that will fling you way into the air, with Luigi being the most vulnerable, while Wario is the least vulnerable. Red Cataquacks actually hurt you, while the blue ones are mostly harmless.

Chain Chomplets

Puppy Chain Chomps found exclusively in Pianta Village. You must first spray them to cool them down, then send them to the village's hot spring to cure their fevers for good.

Chain Chomp

A single Chain Chomp exists in this game, suffering from the same fever that plagued the Chomplets, which can be cured in the same way.
Cheep Cheep.png

Cheep Cheeps

Cheep Cheeps in this game have their normal appearance, with green Cheep Cheeps replacing the pink ones seen in the original game. The green Cheep Cheeps are near-invincible and attack by biting you and dragging you down, while all other Cheep Cheeps simply leap out of the water and can be defeated by most means. Spiky Cheep Cheeps appear in Corona Mountain and are on fire there, as they're found in the lava.
Coo-Coos Flying chicken-like things that poop sludge when you're nearby. To kill them, get higher than them and jump on them, or spray them with FLUDD to bring them down to your level.
Egg Koopas Koopas with Yoshi Egg shells that try to kill the sunflowers in Pinna Park by gnawing on their roots.
Electrokoopas Per St. Clair Publications tradition, Electrokoopas in this game look like normal Koopas. Either way, they're Koopas with electrified shells. Purple Electrokoopas are the "normal" ones; to kill them, you must either stomp on them when they fire their shell at you, or spray them with FLUDD water and wait for their shell to come back. Pink Electrokoopas hang around on grates; to defeat them, you must attack them from the opposite end.
Glorpedoes Balls of sludge that attack you in Noki Bay.


These guys replace Strolling Stus. You've seen 'em a million times; you should know how to beat 'em!
Fire Goomba.png

Flaming Goombas

Goombas on fire, duh. Found only in one episode of Pinna Park. You must put their flames out, then jump on them.
RedParagoomba BW.png

Paragoomba NSMBU.png

Flying Goombas that attack by crashing down on you. The red Paragoombas are found in just one episode of Pinna Park, and are mostly harmless. Regular Paragoombas are found in the last four episodes of the same level, and if you're a plumber, they'll steal your hat if they should hit you. This will then cause you to take damage at the rate of 1 HP every 15 seconds, so kill the Goomba to get your hat back!
Goomba Tower.png

Goomba Tower

Found only in Pinna Park, it's nine regular Goombas on top of a big one. Spray the regular ones to knock them off, then kill the big Goomba to kill them all at once.
Gusty Artwork - Yoshi's New Island.png


Wind-like enemies that will try to cut you down.


Octopus-like jumping Bloopers that you can use as platforms.
Piranha Plant.png

Piranha Plant

In this game, these guys solely appear in sludge. They attack by firing little black/white spotted balls that explode into sludge if they hit the ground. To kill them, you must water them until they burst.
Piranhabons Rolling Piranha Plant heads that generally pop out from sludge. They aren't usually as clean as the picture indicates.
Poinks Balloon-like creatures that stick to FLUDD. You can then use them as weapons in this way. Yoshi can't use them like this and must use them the way he would use most other enemies.


ProtonJon will probably not like that Pokeys don't even move at all in this game. You can't kill them with FLUDD water, because they're cacti, which are designed to hold lots of water for long periods. You can only kill them by jumping on them, though you should probably wait for them to lean over first.

Pokey Pods

Little Pokeys that you can either jump on or spray into a wall. The latter method gets you three Coins.

Scuttle Bugs

Found primarily on grates. You kill them by punching/Ground Pounding them from the other side.

Seedy Pods

Blue Pokey Pods that sing. When you approach them, they'll bury themselves into the ground and kick up dirt that'll hurt you. To kill them, spray them from a distance, THEN attack.


These little guys walk on the water. Spray them, and you can use them as bouncy platforms.
Swoopin' Stus NSMS.png

Swooping Stus

Sludge bubbles. Hit them and you get splatted; they will also spread sludge around the area. They will attack you if they see you. Very vulnerable to water.


Boss Name World Description
Petey Piranha MPSR.png

Petey Piranha

Bianco Hills Giant, mutated Piranha Plant who attacks by puking up sludge. He goes down similarly to a regular Piranha: fill him up with water until his belly is overwhelmed, then Ground Pound him.
Gooper Blooper.png

Gooper Blooper

Ricco Harbor

Noki Bay

A big Blooper, duh. You must first pull off his inner tentacles to kill him, then pull his mouth. His mouth is plugged up for some reason when you first encounter him, but after pulling his mouth the first time, the cork snaps, enabling him to spit black sludge at you.

In Noki Bay, he is demoted to a miniboss.



Gelato Beach This Wiggler has its traditional appearance instead of the green appearance it had in the original game, but is just as much of a threat. Initially found sleeping on the Sand Bird's incubator, you wake it up by killing the Plungeloes that are making the mirrors go wonky, then you must deal with it on its own by using the Dune Buds on the beach to flip it, then Ground Pounding it.
Mario Party Star Rush King Boo.png

King Boo

Sirena Beach Found deep in the casino of Hotel Delfino (and again with his traditional appearance; he even makes his traditional sounds, unlike regular Boos in this game), you kill him by getting him to spin three fruits on his slot machine, throwing a pepper at him, then throwing a different fruit.
Eely Mouth Noki Bay The source of the pollution plaguing Noki Bay. To "kill" it, you must clean its teeth.
Mecha Bowser.png


Pinna Park A giant robot clone of Bowser who spews fire and Bullet Bills. To beat it, you have to hit it with various water rockets strewn all about the roller coaster.
Captain Syrup3d.png

Captain Syrup

Secret area in Gelato Beach (counting for Delfino Plaza) She and her Black Sugar Pirates are holding Wario prisoner.
Shadow Mario.png

BowserJr SSBUltimate.png
Shadow Mario/Bowser Jr.

Everywhere The main villain of this game, more or less. He appears in every seventh episode of every level, where you are tasked with chasing him down and spraying him until he falls over. At the end of the Mecha-Bowser fight, it's revealed that Shadow Mario is actually Bowser Jr., who evidently thinks that Peach is his mother, and that Mario is the one kidnapping her. At the end of the game, he reveals that he already knew the truth, but doesn't care.
Bowser SSBUltimate.png

Dry Bowser.png
(Dry) Bowser

Corona Mountain The big guy himself. To beat him in this game, you've got to flip over the hot tub he's in. He's found in Corona Mountain's seventh episode; replay this episode and you'll instead fight Dry Bowser, without Bowser Jr. or Peach in the tub.

Polluted Piranha Plants

Delfino Airstrip

Delfino Plaza
Bianco Hills

Multiple giant Piranha Plants spawned from sludge. To beat them down, spray them in their mouths while they're open.


Gelato Beach These guys are placed on top of the mirrors surrounding the Sand Bird's egg to ensure that Wiggler stays asleep. To kill them, spray them with water to get them to one side of a mirror, then Ground Pound the other side.
Phantamanta Sirena Beach A gigantic, white manta ray that manifests itself only as a shadow. It leaves a trail of electrified sludge in its wake. Spray it with water, and it divides; to kill the thing, you must break it up until the mantas turn pink and actively attack you, then beat all the units down, a maximum of 64.
Undergrunt Gunner.png

Undergrunt Gunners

Noki Bay

Pinna Park

These little Monty Mole-like guys use Glorpedoes or Bullet Bills to wreak havoc. Get close to them and they throw Bob-Ombs at you. Throw them back to beat them, but don't get too close or they'll retreat into their silos and be immune to the bombs!


Item Name Description
Shine Sprite.png

Shine Sprites

The object of the game. Each time you get one of these, Delfino Plaza gets a little bit brighter. Get 75 to brighten up the place completely. (Unlike in the original game, you cannot also brighten up the Plaza by entering Corona Mountain for the first time.)


If you've ever played a Mario game, you should know what these are. Get 50 for an extra life. Get 100 for a Shine Sprite. These will also restore your HP by a point.
Blue Coin.png

Blue Coins

In this game, these Coins have the traditional Mario appearance instead of the more Super Mario 64-ish appearance they had in the original. There are 300 of these, hidden in many places. You can get a Shine Sprite from the Tanuki for every 10 you get, and they restore your HP by two points.
Red Coin.png

Red Coins

Just like in Super Mario 64, there's a "find the eight Red Coins" challenge in every level. Find all eight Coins without dying to get a Shine Sprite; each Coin also restores your health by three points. These Coins had a distinct design in the original game with a sun symbol, but in this game, they have a more traditional Mario design.

Water Bottles

Alternate ways to refill FLUDD/Yoshi's belly, dropped by some enemies when you kill them. The little bottle adds 25% of max capacity to your current water level, while the big bottle adds 50%.
1-Up Mush.png

1-Up Mushrooms

If you've played a Mario game at all, you should know what this does. They'll also completely restore your health as well as FLUDD.


Break these to spew water across a huge range.
Trampoline SM3DW.png


If you've played a Mario game before, you should know what this does. Unique to this game, you can spray them with FLUDD water to shrink them, then carry them. Once you place them down in a new spot, they become big again.
Water Rockets On Pinna Park's roller coaster, you can use these as weapons.


Found in a few spots. If you've ever played a Mario game, you should know what this does. The entrances to Sirena Beach and Pianta Village use orange Pipes.

Pink Pipes

Replacing the Nozzles and Yoshi Eggs from the previous game, and found in the same spots, these allow you to change which character you're controlling, just like the Tag Barrel in Donkey Kong 64. (The hats from SM64DS do not appear in this game.)
Manhole Covers Found in Delfino Plaza and Ricco Harbor, Ground Pound these to enter a sewer network.
Sunglasses and Shirt After you've found 30 Shine Sprites, talk to a specific yellow Pianta to get sunglasses that will dim your Switch's brightness by about 30%. After you've entered Corona Mountain for the first time, he'll add on a stereotypical Hawaiian shirt, but with a Shine Sprite pattern. Talk to him again to remove them. He is unavailable in Noki Bay and Sirena Beach. While he appears at all times in Pianta Village, he will only give you the sunglasses in the daytime episodes, and can be seen without his own sunglasses in the night missions.


Level Name Description
Delfino Airstrip
A simple airstrip built on small islets in the waters near Delfino Plaza. Access to the mainland is via small boats.

There isn't much to this area. The very first Shine you could ever possibly get is here, and then you can access a Red Coin challenge after you enter Corona Mountain for the first time. Whatever you get here counts for the Plaza in your stats.

Delfino Plaza
Tourists get off the ferries here, in Isle Delfino's largest city. Attractions include the Shine Gate and Grand Pianta Statue.

It's typical for 3-D collectathon platformers to have a "hub" world (Super Mario Odyssey being a notable exception), and this is the hub world for this game. Because this game is set after Corona Mountain erupted, it's not quite the same as it was in the original, but you can still have a blast exploring its elaborate design. All other levels are accessed from here, and this level has a few Shine Sprites of its own.

Bianco Hills
This lush community of villas is located at the foot of Corona Mountain. Its famous windmills spin peacefully in the gentle sea breezes.

A Super Mario Sunshine spin on the typical World 1 grassland. You'll have fun exploring all the architecture on the west side, as well as swimming through the water on the east, but watch out for the brown sludge and Petey Piranha!

Ricco Harbor

("Harbour" in PAL releases)

Isle Delfino's port city is home to boats of all sizes and a thriving tourist trade. The fish market has the freshest seafood for miles around.

Have fun exploring all the boats on the boat dock. But first, you may want to get Gooper Blooper out of there.

Gelato Beach
The isle's largest beach sprawls under perfect blue skies. Have a swim, enjoy a famous smoothie, and bask in the glow of the Shine Tower.

The main beach of Isle Delfino. The initial focus of this level is getting the Sand Bird, whose egg has supposedly been in incubation for hundreds of years, to finally hatch. Beyond that, enjoy your first race with Il Piantissimo, and try not to get too frustrated over all the Cataquacks barring you from winning the Watermelon Festival.

Sirena Beach
The gentle lapping of the sea accompanies spectacular sunsets and romantic dinners beneath starry skies. The four-star Hotel Delfino has it all.

Now at Level 4 for this game, and thus accessed once you get 10 Shine Sprites, here's another beach for you to enjoy. Outside, you'll have to deal with electrified sludge spewed by Phantamanta, while inside, you'll have to deal with a haunted hotel filled with Boos, not to mention many secret passages.

Pianta Village
The ancestral home of the Piantas was built in a giant tree as protection against wild beasts. Giant mushrooms thrive beneath the village.

Now at Level 5 for this game and accessed the same way (an orange Pipe at the top of the Shine Gate), although you'll need 20 Shines to get there. Visit the home of the Piantas, and tangle with enemies who leave behind flaming sludge that could combo you into an easy death. Also, say hi to the dreaded "Chucksters"! Then stick around for the Fluff Festival.

Noki Bay
Steep cliffs and sea beds are what the Nokis call home. The huge waterfall and three soaring towers resonate with mystic history.

You now need 25 Shines to get here. Thankfully, once you've accessed this level for the first time, this game won't annoy you by continuing to show you the "preview" until you've unlocked Corona Mountain. As your guidebook's description implies, you're going way up for this steep, vertical level. Don't be afraid of heights! Also, don't be afraid of depths, since you're going to have to do a few Shines underwater, in scuba gear, with no way to restore your oxygen aside from Coins!

Pinna Park
The park boasts everything from a Roller Coaster to the Clam Cups. The view from the Ferris Wheel is magnificent.

Now the next-to-last level in this game, things get serious. You won't be able to have much fun in this amusement park when Peach has just been kidnapped! After meeting Bowser Jr. for the first time and taking down his Mecha-Bowser, stop an out-of-control Ferris wheel, save the sunflowers, stop a Monty Mole who's hijacked a Pianta's cannon, and win an incredibly frustrating roller coaster game!

Corona Mountain
The hot spring at the foot of Isle Delfino's mountain is relaxing, but the lava caves, which open on the plaza, are forbidden for public safety.

Once you complete Episode 7 (the Shadow Mario chases) in every other level, he'll flood Isle Delfino and open up this area, which is now a full-blown level that involves a caldera on the outside and some hot springs, à la Yellowstone National Park. Episode 7 of this level is the final battle with Bowser that was seen in the original game. Beat him to beat the game, and if you've gotten all 150 Shine Sprites, you'll now get treated to an extended ending sequence that shows the plumbers, in court, properly being exonerated this time. Also, once you beat him, Peach will now actually reappear in the Plaza, and the Toads will no longer be eternally worried about her like they were in the original. Bowser and Bowser Jr. may show up in the Plaza, too. Replay Episode 7 to do a harder battle with Dry Bowser instead!

Beta elements

Cut content

  • All Yoshi drum remixes are cut from this game.
  • Because the Yoshi Egg and nozzle boxes are cut from this game, the relevant Shadow Mario chases in Delfino Plaza are also removed, due to them no longer serving a purpose. Instead, Noki Bay and Pinna Park are now unlocked at the points where the chases would have been unlocked. (Also, the Yoshi Egg chase was contingent on you completing Pinna Park 4, which shows up way late in this game.)


Nothing yet, but here just in case.


"Octolooper" is also the name of a Pokémon in Tropes vs. Women in Pokémon Training, that evolves from Malamar and is thus Inkay's final form.