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Super Mario Sunshine 2: Return to Delfino
Developer(s) CometGamingSeal
Publisher(s) CometGamingSeal
Platform(s) Nintendo Comet
Genre(s) Platforming
Series Super Mario Sunshine
Predecessor Super Mario Sunshine
Release Date(s) 2014
Mode(s) Single player, cooperative multiplayer
Age Rating(s) ESRB2013E
Media Included Comet Disc

Super Mario Sunshine 2: Return to Delfino is the sequel to Super Mario Sunshine, to be released in 2014 for the Nintendo Comet. While the game still takes place on Isle Delfino and still has the old seven courses, eight new courses are added to the game to make for a total of fifteen. The game will have 242 shines total, similarly to the Super Mario Galaxy series. It will also have a multiplayer option, but unlike the full co-op multiplayer as seen in Super Mario 3D World, it will return to the style of co-op as used in the Super Mario Galaxy series,


It's summer in the Mushroom Kingdom, and the inhabitants of Toad Town decide to take a vacation to Isle Delfino once again. When they get there, they find a pile of goop there that makes them very surprised. Delfino police say that a form looking very similar to Mario has returned, but it has been discovered that Bowser and his son are imprisoned deep in the bowels of Corona Mountain after the last adventure. Mario and crew decide to head there to investigate.

Bowser Jr. gets mad that someone else is using his alter ego and demands that he and his father be released so they can catch the criminal. In return, they will help Mario on his quest. Reluctantly, Delfino police decide to set them free. But when they head back to the plaza, they find that all the Shine Sprites have been stolen and strewn across the island. Bowser volunteers to help Mario find some of them, and then the quest begins.

Throughout the journey, Mario discovers that his old rival, Il Piantissimo, is nowhere to be seen on the island. This gets him suspicious and they conclude that he is Shadow Mario. Piantissimo confronts them on Delfino Plaza, resulting in an epic showdown. Piantissimo is defeated and the magic paintbrush is taken from him, but unfortunately, Bowser and Bowser Jr. doublecross Mario and take the paintbrush as well as Peach and then go take refuge in the middle of Corona Mountain.


Overall, the gameplay is very similar to that of its predecessor. Mario's main tool in the game, FLUDD, returns, with a few enhancements. His nozzle system has been rebooted. As in Super Mario Sunshine, the squirt nozzle is default and known in-game as the "main nozzle". In addition, there are several "back-up nozzles", which can be switched to at any point in the game once they have been unlocked. Nozzle boxes still appear, but if the nozzle has not been permanently unlocked, it cannot be switched to after completing the level. Nozzles can be selected via a button, in which a small pop-up for selecting the back-up nozzle appears. The only back-up nozzle open at the beginning is the hover nozzle, but the turbo, rocket, wing, submarine, and hurricane nozzles are unlockable later on in the game.


  • Hover: It allows Mario to hover above the ground for a short period of time. It is very useful in some levels where Mario needs to scale heights.
  • Rocket: It allows Mario to quickly boost up off the ground to very high heights, but it depletes his water levels very quickly.
  • Turbo: Allows Mario to move at a very fast distance both above and under water, but he loses water even quicker than with the rocket nozzle.
  • Wing: Mario can fly higher and longer than with the hover nozzle without a larger loss of water as this mainly serves as an upgrade.
  • Submarine: Mario's underwater speed is greatly improved and is comparable to walking on land. His control is also easier.
  • Hurricane: Mario can spray great quantities of water in a wide radius around him. It is useful in Shadow Mario chases and goop clean-ups.



There will be a total of fifteen courses, consisting of seven courses from the first game and eight new ones. Each will have a total of ten episodes, two secret levels, and one more for reaching 100 coins. This will make for a total of thirteen shines in each course, meaning there will be 195 shines from levels. In addition, the blue coins return, however only ten are found in each course. This will only add fifteen extra shines when the coins are spent. Twenty-eight more shines can be found strewn about Delfino Plaza, and three shines at the Delfino Airstrip. The remaining shine is collected by an extremely difficult final level.

  • Shine Sprite1: Normal Shine Sprite
  • Shine Sprite2: Secret Shine Sprite

Level 1: Bianco Hills[]

This level is unlocked by collecting one Shine Sprite.

Name Description
Shine Sprite1 The Road to the Big Windmill In this introductory episode, Mario needs to head down the starting area past the river and then walk around to the other side, where he can jump on top of a mill wheel to reach the other side of the massive wall. There is a massive pile of goop there that is polluting the entire area, and Mario needs to put a stop to it. He can spray the goop until a Piranha Plant comes out, which he needs to spray in its mouth. After six sprays, it disappears and a piece of land shows up that connects the area to a bridge where the shine is.
Shine Sprite1 Down with Petey Piranha!
Shine Sprite1 The Hillside Cave Secret
Shine Sprite1 Red Coins of Windmill Village
Shine Sprite1 Down to the Bottom of the Lake Mario must make his way to the lake, which has been taken over by four Polluted Piranha Plants. When defeated, a small crater opens up in the water which Mario must swim into. Making his way to a wet cave, Mario needs to navigate several gates underground before he arrives at a ledge on the mountainside near the village. He needs to ground-pound a switch, which makes part of the wall push out so he can wall-kick up to a wooden platform on the mountain. Here, he must battle four more Polluted Piranha Plants and then collect a shine.
Shine Sprite1 Petey Piranha Strikes Back
Shine Sprite1 Silver Shines in Bianco Hills This is an all-new mission. Five silver shines have been strewn around Bianco Hills. The first is located on the tightrope near where Mario starts, just above the river. The second is on top of one of the buildings in the village, as is the third. The fourth is on the tightrope above the bridge leading to the giant windmill, and the last is on top of the windmill itself. They form a shine when complete, which is found on the windmill.
Shine Sprite1 The Secret of the Dirty Lake
Shine Sprite1 Shadow Mario on the Loose
Shine Sprite1 The Red Coins of the Lake
Shine Sprite2 Red Coins of the Hillside Cave
Shine Sprite2 Red Coins of the Dirty Lake
Shine Sprite2 100 Coins in Bianco Hills

Level 2: ???[]

This level is unlocked by collecting three Shine Sprites.

Level 3: Ricco Harbor[]

This level is unlocked by collecting six Shine Sprites.

Name Description
Shine Sprite1 Gooper Blooper Breaks Out
Shine Sprite1 Blooper Surfing Safari
Shine Sprite1 The Caged Shine Sprite
Shine Sprite1 Blooper Surfing Grand Prix As with the second mission, Mario needs to mount a Blooper near the starting area, where he will go into a grate that is next to the first one. He will be transported into an area similar to the first, although it is much wider. The Pianta who gives Mario instructions is still there, but with three more Piantas, who will challenge Mario to a race. Mario needs to choose a Blooper and race on a different course to the finish line. If Mario returns here later, he can get a secret shine by getting first place and finishing under one minute.
Shine Sprite1 The Secret of Ricco Tower
Shine Sprite1 Gooper Blooper Returns
Shine Sprite1 Red Coins on the Water
Shine Sprite1 Raising the Anchor A boat has docked in the harbor, but it seems that the anchor has been stuck. It turns out that there is lots of goop stuck on the anchor. Mario must clear it with FLUDD, while avoiding Bloopers that can squirt goop back onto the anchor. When all the goop is cleared, Mario must pull the anchor out of the sand and yank it off. The ship will move, revealing a box with the turbo nozzle. Mario needs to use it to break through a door in the town area and follow a secret passage to a ledge, which will be visited again in a future level. It has the hover nozzle, which Mario needs to use to reach the shine. A Pianta is there, who will throw Mario onto another platform where he needs to clear goop, freeing another Pianta who will throw him onto a different ledge, where he can side-jump and hover onto the highest ledge, which has the shine.
Shine Sprite1 Shadow Mario Revisited
Shine Sprite1 Yoshi's Fruit Adventure
Shine Sprite2 Red Coins in Ricco Tower
Shine Sprite2 Blooper Surfing Sequel While in the original game, the level featured a time trial in the smaller course, the level now features the larger course, in which Mario must take a first place victory in 60 seconds or less. The opponents are somewhat harder, and it is possible to finish within the time limit but not get first place. Mario does not receive the shine in this case.
Shine Sprite2 100 Coins in Ricco Harbor

Level 4: ???[]

This level is unlocked by collecting twelve Shine Sprites and by having completed the third episode of Ricco Harbor.

Level 5: ???[]

This level is unlocked by collecting twenty Shine Sprites.

Level 6: Gelato Beach[]

This level is unlocked by collecting twenty-eight Shine Sprites and by having completed the Shadow Mario chase.

Level 7: ???[]

This level is unlocked by collecting forty Shine Sprites and by having completed the fourth episode of Gelato Beach.

Level 8: Pinna Park[]

This level is unlocked by collecting fifty-five Shine Sprites.

Level 9: Sirena Beach[]

This level is unlocked by collecting seventy Shine Sprites and by having completed the fifth episode of Pinna Park.

Level 10: ???[]

This level is unlocked by collecting eighty-five Shine Sprites and by having completed the next Shadow Mario chase.

Level 11: Noki Bay[]

This level is unlocked by collecting one hundred and two Shine Sprites.

Level 12: ???[]

This level is unlocked by collecting one hundred and twenty-two Shine Sprites and by having completed the third episode of Noki Bay.

Level 13: Sherbet Slopes[]

This level is unlocked by collecting one hundred and forty Shine Sprites and by having completed the next Shadow Mario chase.

Level 14: Pianta Village[]

This level is unlocked by collecting one hundred and sixty Shine Sprites.

Level 15: Corona Mountain[]

This level is unlocked by collecting one hundred and eighty Shine Sprites and all Shadow Mario chases within levels.

Name Description
Shine Sprite1 The Magma Slide Corona Mountain is now much more explorable than in the prequel, having a variety of different paths all around. Mario is transported to a ledge outside where he can overlook the entire island. There are three different entrances to the volcano, of which two are blocked off. Unfortunately for Mario, the third entrance requires quite a bit of climbing, where several enemies will try to attack him. When he reaches the entrance, he is transported into a slide, where he must avoid lava pits while he makes his way down to the shine.
Shine Sprite1
Shine Sprite1
Shine Sprite1
Shine Sprite1
Shine Sprite1
Shine Sprite1
Shine Sprite1
Shine Sprite1
Shine Sprite1
Shine Sprite2
Shine Sprite2
Shine Sprite2 100 Coins in Corona Mountain