Super Mario Sunlight
American Cover SMSun
Developer(s) SuyoGames
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo 3DS, Infinity GX
Genre(s) Sidescrolling, Adventure, 3D
Predecessor Super Mario Gravitation
Successor Super Mario Dream & Super Mario Nightmare
Release Date(s) July 3rd, 2013 (Worldwide)
Mode(s) Solo, Multiplayer

Super Mario Sunlight is a Mario game being developed by SuyoGames and is a 3D 2.5D side-scrolling game for the Nintendo 3DS and Infinity GX and is known as the sixteenth title in the Mario series. The game was released on July 3, 2013 worldwide and It serves as the sequel to Super Mario Gravitation.

The game is strongly based on Super Mario Sunshine and the New Super Mario Bros. series, and features the return of Bowser, Bowser Jr. and the Koopalings once again. Not only that, it features the old friend of Mario, F.L.U.D.D. The game also features a few new power-ups that Mario uses, including the old Cape Feather and a new suit called the Cheep-Cheep Suit. Also, the game once again features cutscenes and a larger story than regular Mario games.

A sequel to the game is planned for a Autumn 2013, they are actually two separate games that introduced more new gameplay elements. They are known as Super Mario Dream for the Nintendo 3DS and Infinity GX as well as Super Mario Nightmare for the Wii U and Infinity.

Nintendo eShop Description

A new Mario adventure has arrived just for the sizzling Summer! Mario is back with an old and memorable friend, F.L.U.D.D! With 126 all new levels to explore, this is a big Mario adventure for sure!
eShop Description


Sunny Beginnings

The Mario Bros, the Toads, Toadsworth, and Princess Peach have been invited to have yet another vacation on a place called "Sunshore Isles", a island that is far from Delfino Isles a wonderful island full of paradise and heat, where Piantas and Nokis also live.

Mario and the others are relaxing, when a dark clouds surround Sunshore Isles, Bowser appears in his Airship and Mario runs to protect Princess Peach, but Bowser laughs and tells Mario that he's not kidnapping her this time, instead, he plans on ruining Marios' vacation and taking over the Sunshore Isles! Bowser then attacks the power source of the Sunshore Isles, the Sunlight Tower, damaging it and sending the Shine Sprites that powered it across the Sunshore Isles!

Bowser then tells Mario that soon his vacation will be filled with darkness, and he retreats laughing. The Piantas and Nokis are scared, and E. Gadd appears talking about the crazy event, he helps Mario out and gives Mario and Luigi a upgraded F.L.U.D.D and Poltergust. They then head out to find the Shine Sprites to save Sunshore Isles.

Bringing Back The Light

Mario's new adventure begins in the Sunshore Isles, where he explores many vast parts of it and finds out that Bowser isn't only spreading darkness in the island, he is also spreading dirty goop all over it! The goop transforms just a small tiny Cheep Cheep into a massive goop cheep beast!

Next on his journey, Mario fought the nasty nightmare dragon known as Dragream, although his attacks were brutal, Mario had finally put an end to his days.

In the Cryptic Catacombs, Mario faced tough puzzles and hot stages, but he defeated the monstrosity known as Sandlaargh, the large sand beast.

Mario had a musical adventure in the Swampy Sax Sea, with his great power, he stopped the evil ensemble of the mad Mazzerano.

The Revenge Of The Koopalings

Bowser was furious that Mario collected four Grand Shine Sprites, so the Koopalings quickly rushed to guard the other areas, Mario first fought Wendy, who actually had a deadly minion to destroy Mario, that minion was Drakken, the sea kraken of destruction, who eventually got slayed by the red hero Mario.

Next, Mario explored the spooky areas of the Twilight Spookshore, and found out that King Boo and Iggy Koopa had teamed up to stop Mario. King Boo was annoyed to see that Iggy was defeated by Mario, so he had to deal with him face to face, but the chaotic king of the Boos was stopped by the famous plumber!

Mario returned to Sunshore Isles and found out that the famous Carnivalia was happening, but sadly, Lemmy had taken over it, so Mario had to stop the evil troops of Bowser from ruining the fun and he had defeated the cruel Crashboxx. However, Bowser Junior suddenly appeared and caused a quake with his mysterious sphere base, Mario headed underground and showed Junior who's boss.

Toadsworth later told Mario about the Karakasa Jungle, and how he had found Shine Sprite activity there, Mario explored this jungle that was nearby from the main city of the Sunshore Isles, and he fought Roy and his terrifying Tempour, who tried to crush Mario with its power, but failed.

E. Gadd later contacted Mario and revealed that Larry Koopa was going to unleash a cold storm onto Sunshore Isles, so the red hero rushed to the unknown Frostfire Frontier, where Larry Koopa was going to unleash his attack. Mario faced many challenges and defeated the devious duo that Larry unleashed, Blizz and Flitt, the cold and hot twins. Bowser Junior later returned, and used a powerful Airship this time around, but yet again, Mario still stopped the devious Bowser Jr.

Mario had to later fight the second to last Koopaling, the maniacal Morton, who really caused some trouble in the Sunset Valley, Mario fought his weapon, a mechanical like bull, who showed no match for Mario!

A Voyage Through The Chaotic Sea

Mario had finally defeated all the Koopalings, except there was one more, Ludwig Von Koopa! E. Gadd had tracked him down and Mario found out that he must enter the Treacherous Seas, the most dangerous part of Sunshore Isles that nobody should ever go to due to the thunderstorms and wild waves. Mario still had to go, and so he did.

When he first made it, Mario discovered Ludwig working with skeleton pirates called the Piraves, they had many ships, airships, and submarines to use to stop their target that Ludwig told them to hunt down. Ludwig also wanted to stop Mario, he used his airship to demolish the plumber, but failed.

Mario later plundered the ships of the Piraves, and managed to stop their attack once and for all, but that didn't stop them, they still wanted to destroy the red hero. Mario used the famous Sky Pop to explore the thunderous skies and took down Ludwigs' lethal airship, and also entered his castle, which had so much deadly challenges to deal with.

Mario had finally arrived at the boss arena, where Ludwig unleashed his last resort, Hydrona, the aquatic hydra of destruction. Mario had some tough time dealing with this boss, but with his power, he had stopped Ludwig and defeated the Koopalings once and for all.

Bowser Junior had become outraged, and he also pulled out a last resort, he used his special submarine to destroy Mario as he used his Marine Pop to head to Bowsers Island, but he failed, and Juniors' plans were done for good, he was beaten once and for all too!

Darkness' Drought

In order to stop the plan of Bowser, Mario entered the island of Bowser, which was filled with Bowsers' greatest troops, Kamek warned Mario to stop his act before he would get destroyed by his master Bowser, but Mario didn't stop, he headed to the nearby fortress of Bowser.

Kamek had to deal with Bowser after the Koopalings and Bowser Junior had been pummeled by Marios' efforts, but even the great magical Kamek couldn't even stop Mario, he had been defeated too!

After a long everlasting journey, Mario made it to his final destination, Bowser's Castle, where he ran and went through every challenge that Bowser had left for him, Mario used all his power and finally met Bowser, who was super angry to see Mario. Bowser then suddenly became huge, and unleashed his true might, he chased Mario through his castle, and the red hero showed his true strength and escaped from the deadly castle of Bowser. However, Bowser discovered that he was foolish to chase Mario, as his castle then fell on him!

Mario leaped with joy, he had finally stopped the Koopa King from causing trouble to Sunshore Isles, he collected the final Grand Shine Sprite and returned to the main city of Sunshore Isles to return the precious Grand Shine Sprites that powered the tower.

Peach welcomed Mario back, and the Toads were excited to see that Sunshore Isles was safe and Mario was safe too. E. Gadd had shocked everyone, and told Mario that there was one more Grand Shine Sprite to collect! Mario was disappointed, and looked up to find the last one floating on the tower! Mario quickly ran to get it, but a giant storm like monster appeared, the monstrosity revealed himself as Galleon, the "Dark Storm", who actually was the one who spreaded goop and caused major pollution to the water this whole time, even though everyone thought Bowser had done it. Galleon then said that he would unleash the ultimate storm, spreading goop everywhere and darkness too!

This was a problem, what could happen to the Sunshore Isles? Mario raced and prepared for the last voyage, and did everything in his power to stop this mysterious villain. He went through tough challenges and enemies sent out by Galleon himself, and climbed to the top of the tower.

Mario met Galleon face to face, the goop monster was ready to destroy the red hero. F.L.U.D.D told Mario that he is ready and will protect Mario and will stay with him until the end. The final battle commenced, Mario had used the power of water to demolish the wicked beast of goop. The light and dark clashed with incredible strength, but in the end, Mario had destroyed the goop monstrosity, sending his pollution days to an end.

Mario collected the final Grand Shine Sprite, everyone was happy to see Mario safe, and the Sunshore Isles safe too! The Grand Shine Sprites all went back into the top of the tower, and light had been restored to the beautiful Sunshore Isles. Everyone cheered and thanked the red hero Mario, Peach told Mario that she was grateful for Mario to save her vacation, and the Piantas and Nokis also deeply thanked Mario for his efforts to save their place. Mario smiled, and also thanked F.L.U.D.D, as without him, he might have not survived without him. F.L.U.D.D told Mario that he was grateful for him to come with Mario on another adventure.

The scene then faded, and Mario jumped with joy, and the words "The End" appeared on the screen.


The gameplay is very similar to Super Mario Gravitation, but this time Mario uses F.L.U.D.D once again, he is able to squirt water with R and use a certain nozzle using L. F.L.U.D.D can also communicate with Mario at some points, giving him hints in levels. The main controls are using A to jump, holding Y to run or pressing it to use a powerup, and L and R to use F.L.U.D.D's features. If the player uses Luigi after unlocking him, he still gets the same nozzles that Mario picked up, not only that, E. Gadd also added a communication add-on to the new Poltergust where Luigi can talk to E. Gadd for some tips.

Mario uses a level progression system, he goes through worlds collecting Shine Sprites and battling a boss in either a Fortress or Castle. The bosses are pretty much the same as Super Mario Gravitation, Mario fights the Koopalings in the fortress, but in the castle, he fights goop Bosses, most of the time. Mario also sometimes heads in Bowser Jr's Vehicles and fights him or another boss.

Mario also is able to use power-ups in this game, and he has a extra item slot where Mario can use a item at any certain point. The world map is also very huge, with many routes that lead to new places such as a jungle, Mario also uses a boat to travel to certain destinations, and going to a different world requires completion of other worlds.

Mario also has a health based system, he has 6 Health and is able to restore health by grabbing Hearts which restore Marios health, unlike Coins, which are just collected to gain lives or to collect them to unlock secret levels. Mario also has a certain limit when using F.L.U.D.D, and he must gain water packs to restore more water so he doesn't run out, he can also go into water and easily refill F.L.U.D.D's water.

New gameplay elements are introduced, like the Shadow Goop, a goop that covers objects and only can be revealed by water or using a Light Mushroom. Another element is the Sticky Wall, which helps Mario walk on walls to certain heights. Not only that, Mario has to sometimes fix things like water pumps and goes through a minigame in the bottom touch screen.

Yoshi also is returning in this game, he will appear as a egg when first appearing, Mario will need to find a fruit and give it to him, the fruit also serves as Yoshis "juice", which makes Yoshi able to squirt juice at enemies and stun them. New forms of Yoshi like the Overheat Yoshi is introduced.


Playable Characters






Mario is back in an all new adventure, with the help of F.L.U.D.D he is going to get those shine sprites back and rescue Peach once again.



Luigi, Marios brother, he later is unlocked after beating the final boss. Luigi uses a new Poltergust 7000 that is able to squirt water now.


Image Name Description
Bowsernue Bowser Bowser is the king of the Koopas, the main antagonist, he has taken control of the Sunshore Isles and nearby lands.
Bowser Jr NSMBU Bowser Jr. Bowser's son, he will appear as a boss in World 7, 9, and 11, using many forms of transportation and different battle styles each time he is fought.
Koopalings Koopalings Those rotten high ranked troops of Bowser, the Koopalings, are back to cause some more trouble after some time. After Mario defeats many of Bowsers' strong minions, the Koopalings take over each area that Mario needs to head to so they can cause some serious chaos.
KamekNSMBW Kamek Kamek appears once again to try and stop Mario from getting the Shine Sprites back. He only appears in World 12 as a boss, however, he constantly helps the Koopalings and powers Boom Boom and Pom Pom when Mario fights them.
BoomBoomBamBam Boom Boom & Pom Pom The destructive duo are back, Boom Boom first wants to destroy Mario in Worlds 1 and 2, but after his defeat, Pom Pom seeks revenge in Worlds 3 and 4, but Mario still defeated her!

Other/Supporting Characters


World 1: Sunshore Isles

Level Information
1-Tutorial: Back To Basics A really easy level that teaches the player the basics of the game and teaches them the main controls of F.L.U.D.D. There is only a couple of enemies in this level.
1-1: Sunny Hills A level with many hills and with a couple of bridges, basic enemies are there, like Koopas and Goombas. There are also a few landscapes which Mario must go over using the Hover F.L.U.D.D.
1-2: Bright Beacon Cave A cave level that is mainly dark, beacons are in the level to help Mario see and navigate easily. A few new enemies are introduced, like Buzzy Beetles and Gloombas, as well as Slimecreep.
1-3: Yoshi Needs Fruit! In this level, Mario must use Yoshi, but first he must find fruit, so Yoshi's egg will crack open! Yoshi will be used to flutter over long gaps and even use his tongue to get across certain obstacles.
1-F: The Flashing Fortress In this level, Mario must head up a fortress with moving lightning bolts shooting from across the screen. Not to mention Dry Bones and Undead Goombas will be there to cause some trouble. The boss is Boom Boom, who cannot be jumped on, he must be hit by water so he can fall into the lava, Mario must do this three times to beat him. Boom Boom will also jump rapidly and gets even faster each time he is burned with lava.
1-4: Cheep Cheep Cross The first underwater related level in the game. In this level, Mario must cross through a sea of Cheep Cheeps, but some Cheep Cheep schools are actually in shapes like circles and squares, so Mario has to dodge them as he swims through the level.
1-5: Stoneview Path A level that involves Mario crossing a stone path with Cheep Cheeps jumping out of the water, and Goopglobs are introduced, where they will chomp Mario and spit him out, making him lose a life. Near the end, Mario has to navigate through a stone tower.
1-A: Lighthouse Legacy The lighthouse has broken, Oh no! The 12 Hammer Bros have shut off the lighthouse, so Mario has to defeat all 10 of them to get the key and save the lighthouse.
1-Secret: Sunshore's Secret Side In a infinite scrolling level, Mario can slide down a mysterious slide full of flying enemies and dangerous spiky obstacles along the way.
1-6: Sunny Sky High In this sky level, Mario heads through the blazing sky, and there will be tons of Para-enemies and some enemies called Glomeros, goop like birds who move fast and give powerful attacks.
1-C: Ghastly Goop Castle The first castle is finally here, and it is full of goop, instead of lava. This goop is very dangerous, it will instantly cause Mario to lose a life. There are also several moving platforms and even invisible platforms caused by Dark Goop. The boss is Goop Cheep, a huge slime like Cheep who became like this due to the mysterious goop of the castle. Mario must shoot water on the Cheep to damage him so he opens his mouth, which is his weak point. The Cheep will also jump out of the water and cause a quake that stuns Mario for 3 seconds. The Cheep will also spit out goop balls too in the big fight.

World 2: Subora Hills

Level Information
2-1: Walking On Sunshine A grasslands level where Mario must head through a hot area and avoid new enemies like Feardrops, enemies who can cause fear in Mario and shoot water at him and Brisols, who will run around and will be surrounded by flames that can hurt Mario. This level introduces the Turbo F.L.U.D.D
2-2: Daydreaming On Deceitful Tower The Deceitful Tower, a tricky tower which has fake platforms and even Poison Mushrooms! Mario has to navigate up a tower to head to the nearby fortress without falling due to the tricky platforms of the tower.
2-F: The Gusty Fortress A fortress stage where there will be tornados that will make Mario spin and soar high, but Mario must make good timing to get to another platform, and watch out for annoying obstacles too! The boss is Boom Boom, he has become slightly larger and you don't lose a life if you touch him, unless he uses one of his moves. He has to be defeated by using the Turbo F.L.U.D.D nozzle to knock him into a spike ball, which is his weak point.
2-A: Nighty Night Knight Mario has to run from this angry awakened Knight in a run for your life like stage, sometimes the knight might slash his sword when he is chasing you. There will be Brisols running across the background as well, so watch out.
2-3: Cloudy In The Cauldron Oh no! It appears that Mario has fallen in a mysterious large cauldron, and he must escape before the annoying black mist touches him, or else he will lose a life. There is also a lot of steam in the way, so watch where you are jumping.
2-4: Bashful Breeze Mario must get through a strong breeze in the sky without falling, that seems easy, but the breeze is very strong, and there are Foos who will try to cover the players screen with fog, possibly making Mario accidently fall and lose a life!
2-5: Rising Ride Mario must ride a rising magic carpet and avoid Fuzzies in this slow and fast packed stage, there will also be Bullet Bills shooting across the screen, so dodge them!
2-C: Nasty Nightmare Castle This cruel and nasty castle is full of dark enemies like Dry Bones and Hammer Bros, not to mention that there are light platforms that can turn into dark platforms that Mario cannot stand on, causing this level to be very tricky at times. The boss is Dragream, a mythical dream dragon who will shoot many rainbow like waves rapidly, not only that, he will also shoot fireballs across the background. The player must jump on his head 3 times to defeat him/

World 3: Cryptic Catacombs

Level Information
3-1: Slithering Through The Sand A level in which Mario must navigate through the sand by jumping onto other platforms without jumping into the deep sand. There will be Spikes and Stone Spikes in numerous parts of the level, so watch out for them.
3-2: The Lost Lake A underwater level where Mario must swim through many Deep Cheeps and other Cheep Cheeps without getting hit by falling rocks, because if they hit you, they will push you into the quicksand, which causes you to lose a life, so watch out when swimming through the stage.
3-3: Cryptic Crossing A level with many puzzles and tricks that Mario has to solve, such as one part of the level where Mario must make the water push up to a certain height so Mario can get through another portion of the stage.
3-A: A Chomping Chasm A fast paced level where Mario must run fast and avoid getting chomped by the ground or else he will lose a life instantly. There will also be a small rock slide with rocks falling across the screen.
3-F: The Spiked Fortress Another fortress level in which Mario must ride multiple platforms that have spikes popping out of nowhere from the platforms. There are also spiked balls swinging, ready to slam into Mario. The boss is Pom Pom, who will go through pipes in the stage, so Mario must shoot water into the pipe to knock Pom Pom out of a high area. Pom Pom will also throw large boomerangs (up to 2-3) that can cause serious damage.
3-Ghost: The Killer Quicksand House The first Ghost House of the game. Guarded by many scary Boos, Mario must go door by door and not fall into the quicksand that mysteriously rises in order to make Mario lose a life.
3-4: Yoshi's Ancient Path In this level, the player must use Yoshi and his powerup called Dig Yoshi in order to dig into parts of the path when they find a dead end, there is a new enemy called the Dislob which can instantly disable Yoshi from using the Dig Power.
3-5: Plundering The Pit A level in which Mario rides a parachute and attempts to avoid fireballs as there is lava that is draining as Mario parachutes down the pit. There are also spiked objects that attempt to either fall or crush Mario when he is going down.
3-C: The Deep Dry Castle The third castle of the game. In this castle, the player must ride a grey snake platform that moves automatically and try to avoid objects like saws and ball n chains, not only that, there are spikes randomly falling out of nowhere while Mario stands on the platform! The boss is Sandlaargh, a gigantic Sandmaargh who will pop out of the sand and shoot out 1-3 blobs and attempt to gobble the player up. Before hitting Sandlaargh, the player must use F.L.U.D.D to squirt at his belly, which will cause Sandmaargh to lose his spikes that are all over him, then, the player has to jump on him 3 times to defeat him.

World 4: Swampy Sax Sea

Level Information
4-1: Scattering Through The Swamp A level in which Mario must ride Dorie across a dangerous swamp, Dorie will go into the swamp and Bob-Ombs in parachutes will fall down as Mario rides Dorie.
4-2: Playing With Fire This level involves Mario attempting to break through a massive ice block, but Mario must head through pipes in order to activate the flames in order to burn the ice down. Firebars will be in the level, and they can be big and small, not only that, the Frapclap enemy is introduced, this enemy likes to jump around a clap, causing it to unleash small flames to the ground.
4-3: Ain't Nothing But A Ground Dog In this level, the player must run for their life after being chased by a massive Blooper. The Blooper will swing and smash his tentacles at you, and Mario must time his jumps carefully, or else he will fall into the deadly swamp.
4-F: The Rolling Stone Fortress The fourth fortress level that involves Mario climbing up multiple ropes and trying to avoid rolling stones that fall from conveyor belts. Some ropes are actually traps, leading Mario to get hit by something when he climbs the rope. The boss is Pom Pom, who is now able to teleport. Pom Pom will dive into the sand and will throw out flaming boomerangs in attempt to hit Mario with a painful strike. Pom Pom will also try to uppercut Mario with her shell in the sand as well, so watch out.
4-4: Sticky Situation A level in which Mario must escape a huge web like cave that is filled with many Scuttlebugs and enemies called Splatterix, the Splatterix are deadly spiders who shoot out globs at Mario out of nowhere, and can also cover the players screen with goop.
4-Ghost: Boogie Bop House A really dark Ghost House level, well, not, really. In this level, Mario pretty much has no platforms, however, there are lights that act like Marios platforms, and It is really easy to jump from light to light. However, there will be a new type of Boo known as the Turboo that moves really fast in straight directions or circles, so watch out for them as you move from light to light.
4-5: Freaky Flute Fever A level with flutes jamming in the level, and sand filling up the stage, in attempt to make the place filled with sand everywhere. An enemy called the Pypop will jump out of vases and sometimes out of sand, and Sandmaarghs will sometime gobble up Mario as he runs for his life in the stage.
4-C: The Maniacal Masterpiece Castle The fourth castle level of the game. In this castle, there are many cursed instruments floating and some even trying to attack Mario, such as a violin using its strings to crush him! Not only that, there are deadly notes falling down that can cause Mario to lose a life. The boss is Mazzerano, a wicked large piano who wants to slam Mario with his deadly keys. He has many attack patterns, such as when he has black keys that causes him to unleash many deadly notes, and the red key, which makes him angry and slam his keys rapidly, and the purple key, which makes him squirt goop out of many of his keys. When one of his keys turn blue though, Mario must ground pound on it to land a hit on him. Mario must do this 3 times in order to defeat this killer boss.

World 5: Hydro Planet

Level Information
5-1: Bursting Blast Off In this level, Mario must use cannons to navigate through the aquatic planet by either shooting up and down, but the player must do it right, or else Mario will drown in the water and lose a life.
5-2: Venturing For Loot A level in which Mario must slide down a dangerous slide full of spikes and water geysers that will send him flying off the slide. Not to mention Cheep Cheeps jumping out of nowhere too!
5-3: The Deep End The evil Space Pirates have stolen the Shine Sprite and went very far down into the sea, so Mario has to catch them. However, they Space Pirates are going to fire dangerous enemies like Torpedo Teds (and homing ones too) to destroy Mario. Plus, spiked anchors will be moving and water mines are falling as well, so this is a dangerous trip down.
5-F: The Explosive Fortress The fifth fortress level in the game. This fortress is pretty much filled with water in most of the areas, and it has many Torpedo Teds and Water Mines falling out of nowhere to cause wicked explosions. The boss is the first Koopaling of the game, Wendy O. Koopa. Wendy will dive into the water most of the battle and shoot rings either underwater or above water, and when you have to chance to hit her, she has to do a spin jump (which makes her go back on land) and jump on her head 3 times to beat her.
5-4: Flipping Out A level in which Mario must break into a gravitational fortress to gain the Shine Sprite. There will be many annoying enemies along the way, and Mario must constantly flip from platforms using gravity, but watch out for the moving bombs when you flip!
5-A: Attack From Above After Mario escaped and stole the Shine Sprite from the fortress, the Space Pirates were mad enough to launch a huge weapon that would destroy the planet, and it is powered by yet another Shine Sprite, so Mario must quickly make it while timed before the ultimate bomb explodes, but the Space Pirates are firing deadly enemies like Bullet Bills, Banzai Bills, even King Bills as well, so quickly make it to the bomb!
5-5: 20,000 Starbits Under The Sea A level in which Mario must escape one of the abandoned bomb sites of the Space Pirates while collecting Starbits along the way, some bullet bills will be passing to hit Mario along the way, so be sure to dodge them or else you'll get damaged!
5-6: The Pirate Curse Oh no! Mario is trapped in a battle arena full of dangerous enemies, and not only that, Mario must defeat 30 Space Pirates to complete the level, but they are very strong and tricky, so watch out for their attacks!
5-C: Wendy's Wave Castle The fifth castle stage, in this castle there are many Mecha-Cheeps and spiked pillars smashing the floor out of nowhere, and even waves are rushing to push Mario into the spiked pillars so he will get hurt. The boss is Drakken, a goop infested Kraken who must be defeated by squirting a certain amount of water into his mouth. Drakken will smash his tentacles hard and even cause quakes to freeze Mario for a moment, and he will shoot out goop sometimes to avoid Mario hitting his mouth with water.

World 6: Twilight Spookshore

Level Information
6-1: Crawling In The Dark A level that involves Mario going into rocky terrain and avoiding spooky mist that moves violently and can make Mario lose a life.
6-A: The Moonlights Mist Mario must make it to the Shine Sprite under 100 seconds before the Moonlight turns Mario into stone. Watch out for circling Boo buddies.
6-2: Steady Walk On The Tightropes Mario needs to cross many tightopes and also watch out for a new enemy called Hangle, a hand that will jump out the poisonous water and possibly make Mario fall in it.
6-Ghost: The Baffling Ghost House In this mansion level Mario finds himself having to enter different pipes and sometimes having to restart from the beginning.
6-B: Boo Storm Mario must keep his Starman power active and defeat atleast 35 Boos that will swarm and sometimes crash into him. Mario must do this in 100 Seconds.
6-F: The Possessed Fortress A fortress stage that Mario must go up to fight Iggy, but Dry Bones are throwing bones and Iggy is shooting multiple fireballs at Mario. The worse part is, the objects will move and attempt to hurt Mario!
6-3: Down The Berserk Bayou Mario must head down a mysterious Bayou, but watch out, there are many Spiny Cheep Cheeps and Cheep Chomps too!
6-4: Entering The Trap A trap has been set, and Mario must enter this deadly hole full of big trouble, Scuttlebugs and Slimecreeps are swarming the place and ooze is moving across the screen.
6-5: Riddle Of The Woods Mario needs to collect 4 Stones in order to pass a gate to the castle, but Crowbers are flying throughout the screen and other dangerous enemies will be on Marios trail so he doesn't complete his goal.
6-6: Fearful Ensemble Mario must head through a deadly path and dodge the chaotic King Boos' attacks, he will shoot lightning and will sometimes crash into Mario out of nowhere, so beware his attacks and don't fall!
6-Castle: Iggy's Phantom Castle A spooky adventure has been set, as Mario must head through a castle of mysterious activity. There are moving shadow platforms and also, Iggy will have magic balls shot, and they can destroy the shadow platforms, so watch out, if you fall, you lose a life! The boss is King Boo, who must be defeated by using the Rocket F.L.U.D.D by soaring high and ground pounding on his crown, but avoid hitting his moving spiked balls. After you ground pound him down, do it again to nail and actual hit. Do this 3 times to defeat him.

World 7: Carnivalia

Level Information
7-1: Tremble In The Tunnel Bowsers' troops have messed up the tunnel ride, and HUGE Piranha Plants have swarmed the place, not only that, mechanical koopa hands will try to cause quakes!
7-F: The Bouncing Fortress A easy fortress that has the player jumping on trampolines and avoiding numerous obstacles like falling spiked balls along the way. The boss is Lemmy Koopa, who will throw electric stars and jump around the arena with his ball.
7-Ghost: The Warping Mirror House A labyrinth like ghost house where Mario must use mirrors to head into different sections of the mansion.
7-A: Ferris Wheel Throwdown Bowser has sent 15 Para Bros who have assaulted the ferris wheel, and its up to Mario to stop them, but watch out, sometimes the wheel could get faster!
7-2: Raging Rapid Bonecoaster The rollercoaster of the carnival has been redesigned into a evil bonecoaster with lava under it, so Mario must grab the Shine Sprite to beat the stage.
7-3: Aquatic Infestation The water parks' aquarium has been filled with deadly sea troops of Bowser, so grab the Shine Sprite that is guarded by them before you get eaten alive!
7-4: Putting On A Show Mario must run through a extreme deadly obstacle course with moving spike balls, bouncing balls, falling objects, and even more annoying things to deal with!
7-Castle: Lemmy's Circuit Castle Lemmys' castle is full of many mechanical platforms and TWO mechanical Bowser arms persuing Mario as he heads throughout the stage, and spiked trains storming too. The boss is Crashboxx, a jack in the box boss who will jump around and shoot out shockwaves and throw many dangerous objects. Mario must use the Blast F.L.U.D.D to knock him down, where you need to jump on him 4 times to beat him.
7-Base: Bowser Jr's Bearing Base Bowser Jr is back with a underground sphere like base with powerful troops and explosive objects booming out of nowhere, and Mechakoopas too. The boss is Bowser Jr, who will use his Koopa Clown car to shoot multiple bullet bills that are spiked and cannot be jumped on, sometimes he will shoot a homing one, which must hit Junior 3 times to pummel him.

World 8: Karakasa Jungle

Level Information
8-1: Zipping Into The Jungle A zip line level where Mario must dodge many Fly Guys by either jumping or spraying them with water. At some points of the level, there will be spiked objects on the zip line, so Mario must jump down from the zipline to another.
8-2: Rendezvous Run Oh no! A giant boulder has fallen and is storming after Mario! The player must run from a giant boulder and also avoid numerous Piranha Plants along the way, so don't get crushed!
8-3: Tropical Tour Mario must enter the huge waters of the jungle, but it has many dangerous eels, and a new enemy called Snarks, huge shark like enemies who are fast and try to gobble up Mario.
8-F: The Relic Fortress This fortress is very dangerous full of many fast gears that can crush Mario and Grrolls moving around fast. The boss is Roy, who has a bullet cannon and will shoot out Torpedo Teds, at one time he will shoot out a homing one, and that must hit him (the battle is in water) once it hits him 3 times, Roy is defeated.
8-4: Time Is Needed A fast paced level with many quick moving obstacles that must be slowed down using a special button. Even the enemies are fast.
8-Ghost: The Sunken Ghoulship Mario gets himself stuck in a sunken ship, and he must get out of there by falling and sidetracking to find keys to open the back door. Boohemoths are lurking too, beware!
8-5: Meteor Madness A level where Mario must get through a deep jungle with lava moving and fiery meteors falling from the sky. Including Bob-Ombs falling from the sky.
8-A: Flying Through The Furious Fires Mario must ride a gigantic Parabeetle in a flaming level. Fireballs are shooting across the screen, and Bullet Bills.
8-6: River Of The Spokeys Mario finds a new type of Pokey, the Spokey, fast like Pokeys that move through water, and there are also water geysers pushing them up too.
8-7: Dance Of The Totems In this raining level, Mario must jump from Totem to totem. but some totems jump and shuffle around, so don't fall into a deep pit, avoid the Magikoopas too!
8-C: Roy's Radiant Castle A light and dark like castle, where Mario must avoid moving fire and watch out for falling totem poles and Whomps, they will cause Mario to lose a life! The boss is Tempour, a huge totem pole who has serious emotions. Tempour will pour and shoot goop balls to fall from the sky, and he will jump around wildly to crush Mario. Mario must use the Hover F.L.U.D.D and jump from platform to platform to squirt water to the top of his head for a bit to nail a hit on him. Mario must hit him 4 times to defeat the boss.

World 9: Frostfire Frontier

Level Information
9-1: Adventures On The Ice A level that has many Ice related enemies like Snow Spikes and a new enemy called the Swite, a snake like goop enemy that freezes Mario if he touches tne enemy.
9-2: Slippery Sliding A ice skating level where Mario must dodge dangerous fireballs shot from the volcano, but Mario must watch out, there are ice blocks that Mario is skating on, and the fireballs can melt the blocks of ice!
9-F: The Win-Turn Fortress A fortress stage where the fortress is actually turning by itself, how weird! However, Mario must not fall, as lava seems to be chasing him down, ready to burn Mario with flames. The boss is Larry Koopa, who will create clones of himself and jump around. He will also shoot magic balls at Mario.
9-3: Lost In The Storm Mario must grab the Shine Sprite that is hidden in a huge Snowstorm, however, the wind will sometimes will push him back, so the player must go underground, and watch out for tornados too!
9-A: Yoshi In The Caldera A level that requires Overheat Yoshi, Mario must escape from a Caldera with Yoshi because lava is rising! With the Overheat form of Yoshi, he can walk on lava, which leads to going up from the caldera.
9-4: Cloudy Cold Aboves A frosty sky level with Snow Spikes throwing Snowballs from platforms and Fly Guys moving in groups across the screen. Banzai Bills are constantly flying down near the end of the level.
9-B: The Secret Sapphire Mine A level where Mario explores a sapphire mine with moving platforms and Icicles on the top anxious to strike Mario.
9-5: Winter War A dark level where Mario must deal with Bowsers' troops using tanks to cause some serious damage, and watch out for Baddie Boxs' they can spawn some deadly enemies. The worse part of the level is that there are Bullet Bills blasting from above to the ground furiously, this is a challenging level.
9-6: Intruding The Icicle Camp To stop Larry, Mario first must head to the far tower to deactivate his weapon by collecting the Shine Sprite. However, many powerful enemies like Ice Bros and Cysos (spinning snowflakes), so beware the troops!
9-Castle: Larry's Icebound Castle This is a big challenge, Mario must go through a giant castle, full of lava and elevators with Fire Bros. attacking Mario out of nowhere as he goes up on the elevators. The boss is Blizz & Flitt, the ice and fire duo. Blizz will attempt to hail ice and shoot iceballs that can freeze Mario. Flitt will try to zig zag or unleash multiple fireballs. They both have 3 health and must be hit into icicles with F.L.U.D.D to hurt them. They are considered one of the hardest bosses in the game.
9-Airship: Bowser Jr's Frenzy Battleship Bowser Jr. is back and is preparing an attack on Sunshore Isles, but Mario heads to his ship to take him down again, however, there are many fast moving platforms and two mechanical small Bowser arms chasing and trying to crush Mario. The boss is Bowser Junior again, and he has cannons now on his clown car. He will shoot electric balls down and will swoop down, where he must be hit on the head 4 times to be defeated.

World 10: Sunset Valley

Level Information
10-1: Canyon Collision Mario must ride a Mine Cart across a large canyon, but he has to watch out and jump and duck because there are spiked obstacles along the way that can damage the cart, time your jumps correctly over gaps as well.
10-2: Rock And Roll In a musical like stage, Mario must run fast from a huge boulder, and avoid getting stopped from moving rocks along the way, also, beware of Monty Moles!
10-3: Cruising The Lethal Lava Mario must use a boat to cross the deadly lava in this level, however, he must use F.L.U.D.D to push it, but watch out because there are spikes in the lava that can sink the boat, leading Mario to lose a life, the way to avoid the spikes is to use the water to jump from a ramp.
10-4: Bring Down The Thunder A level where Mario must avoid getting hit by lightning, the way to see where the lightning is coming is if you see a shadow on the ground, that is where the lightning will strike, however, if the lightning strikes on a electric rock, it will unleash many shockwaves that Mario must dodge quickly.
10-F: The Ampstrike Fortress This fortress involves Mario riding a elevator to the boss door, but there is Bowser Amps shooting lightning that moves from many directions, and Sumo Bros are also there, standing on platforms from above, dropping shockwaves that will hurt Mario.
10-5: Porcupuffer Pain A above water level with multiple Porcupuffers trying to attack Mario, sometimes one might jump higher than expected, so watch out. This is a tricky and challenging level as the Porcupuffers are the ones who will cause some trouble for you as you head to collect the Shine Sprite.
10-6: Icebolt Cavern A cave level with Sumo Bros, Ice Bros, and Cooligans scattered across many portions of the stage, and there are also moving platforms that can crush you if you don't stand on it correctly.
10-7: The Magmaficent Journey To escape the fiery parts of the cave, Mario must ride a giant Bonecoaster that will go up and down, but watch out, as fireballs are blasting from the lava above and rocks are storming down. This is a crazy and difficult level.
10-Castle: Morton's Mashing Castle A castle stage with giant hammers and blocks crushing Mario, in many sections of the stage, Mario must get to an open gap to not be crushed by other platforms. 'Lil Sparkys are also moving across the level too, and they can be a pain in some sections of the level. The boss is Bamobull, a mechanical like Bull who will try to ram into Mario, it will use its horns to shoot out big electrical bolts that will nail a deadly hit on Mario. To defeat Bamobull, Mario must use the Exhaust F.L.U.D.D to blind his eyes so he can crash into the spiked parts of the battle arena, which will hurt him. Mario must do this 4 times to defeat the boss.

World 11: Treacherous Seas

Level Information
11-1: Path Of The Wicked Waves A wild water level where Mario must head to the Shine Sprite that has been thrown far due to a massive wave. While Mario goes through the course, Dragoneels will move out of the water and try to assault Mario by jumping out, and lightning will also strike at a surprising moment too.
11-2: Airship Assault Ludwig is very unpleasant to see Mario already at his next target, he uses his Airship to destroy Mario. In this level, Mario must run from Ludwig and avoid his attacks, including his massive Bullet Bill attacks and one attack where he unleashes a beam out of the helm of his airship, which easily destroys a platform that Mario may walk on. Sometimes you should watch out, Ludwig will launch him airship to swipe the water and unleash a wave that can send Mario flying and makes him lose a life.
11-3: Light The Darkness Bowser seems to have hired a new type of enemy called the Piraves, deadly sea pirate enemies with many destructive weapons. They have hidden a very special Shine Sprite that unlocks the path to Ludwig's Castle in a mysterious dark cove. In order to find the cove though, Mario must infiltrate a large lighthouse to shine the light onto the path to the cove. The journey will be rough, many of Bowsers' strongest troops are guarding the lighthouse.
11-4: A Madman's Cove Mario finally reaches the cove where the special Shine Sprite is hidden, however, many Piraves are guarding inside it, and there are many deadly traps awaiting to hurt Mario. Also, if Mario falls into fast moving water, he will be swept away and will lose a life, this doesn't apply to normal water though.
11-A: A Madman's Masterpiece A secret level that is easy to be unlocked, in this level, Mario must escape from a MASSIVE squid beast that is storming from below to attack Mario as he uses 3 balloons (which serve as his life) to escape the cove, there will be spiked objects along the way, and the beast will shoot out goop balls that will hurt Mario, and he will swipe his tentacles. This is one difficult level.
11-5: Bad To The Bone Mario finds the seastorm graveyard, where many Boos are haunting it, not only that, the graveyard has bone platforms that are possessed and can move, and some platforms are just traps that will make Mario thrown back. Watch out for the Piraves as well, they are lurking this place too, and some bones might float and be thrown onto Mario.
11-F: The Hydrought Fortress A dry and aquatic fortress where Mario must constantly bring water up to get to doors and sink water down to get to a underground portion of the stage. The boss is Ludwig Von Koopa, who is fought on the top of the fortress he will use his wand to land multiple thunderstrikes and will shoot many giant blue fireballs that can really hurt Mario. Ludwig will also teleport in the battle, so hitting him will be hard. Mario must jump on his head 4 times to defeat him.
11-6: One Destructive Venture A level where Mario must get through many Ships of the Piraves, who have stolen yet another Shine Sprite. The Piraves will shoot out cannon balls and will unleash Banzai Bills from above to crash into Mario.
11-B: Deep Within The Dark Mario has found a secret part of the main ship of the Piraves, he discovers a Shine Sprite, but it is stolen by a Pirave, he will constantly hide in the stage, and Mario must use the Light Mushroom to go through the darkness.
11-7: Striking Through The Terrifying Storm A level where Mario uses the memorable Sky Pop to attack many Koopas in flying hovercraft like vehicles that shoot Bullet Bills. There are also air obstacles that can hurt the Sky Pop too. Near the end, Mario must destroy Ludwigs' Airship, which is sending many Bullet Bills and electrical attacks. Mario must attack the propellers of the ship to send it flying down to the sea.
11-8: The Blue Battle Ludwig has launched a big attack using his troops, there will be Airships and Submarines launching many Bullet Bills to strike Mario, and Piraves will be ready to destroy the plumber. King Bills also return, they appear in many directions and try to destroy the platforms so Mario can fall into the fast moving sea to lose a life.
11-C: Ludwig's Lethal Castle A dangerous and final Koopaling castle level, where the Koopalings are in their clown car (with exception of Ludwig) and are unleashing many crazy attacks, including a powerful blast that can destroy the castle floor. Giga spiked platforms will attempt to crush Mario and blue flames will be falling down in the castle. The boss is Hydrona, a massive hydra monster that is made of goop. The hydra will shoot three deadly beams and launch goop like fireballs into the sky that will fall fast onto the battlefield. The Koopalings are also in the fight, they will sometimes appear though, so Mario can't attack the boss with his water. In order to defeat the boss, Mario must shoot enough water in each head of the hydras' mouth to hurt them. Only 3 hits are needed to defeat the boss.
11-Submarine: Bowser Jr's Supreme Submarine Bowser Junior is mad at the Koopalings, so he has also prepared an attack. Mario must use the old Marine Pop to enter his Submarine, however, Bowser Junior will constantly launch fast moving Torpedo Teds, including Water Mines and even Banzai Torpedo Teds. Once Mario gets into the Airship, he will find many Hammer Bros. and Piraves inside, and a few amount of traps to deal with. Once Mario makes it to the battle arena, Bowser Junior will be on the deck of his submarine, he will use two Bowser like arms to crush Mario, the battle isn't that hard, Mario has to jump on each hand 2 times to destroy each one.

World 12: Bowser's Darkfire Island

Level Information
12-1: Entering The Island In order to enter the island, Mario must use the Marine Pop again to head through the large sea and blast and destroy Koopas in small submarines that shoot Torpedo Teds. Water Mines are scattered across the level too, they are very annoying since there are a lot in the level.
12-2: Burning Fury A volcanic level where Mario must head through a level with many falling fireballs and lava waves (that can make Mario lose a life) moving across the screen. Fire Bros. are also in the level too, they appear in a few sections of the level.
12-3: Blast Off From The Raging Volcano Mario must use the Rocket Pop to escape from the volcano and avoid things like falling lava rocks and big fireballs shooting from below or above, as Mario reaches the end, the lava will jump in order to hit the rocket, so make sure the dodge the thing. Also, in some sections of the level, there will be pillars that will try to crush Mario.
12-4: Bowser's Bayou Temple A temple like stage with spiked enemies like Porcupuffers and Dragoneels swimming for their prey, Mario. There are also many pillars that will close into Mario to crush him, so find a good place to not get crushed by the pesky pillars.
12-5: Dark Depths Of Disaster Mario finds himself in a large abyss, so Mario must explore a large underwater maze, but watch out, some dead ends lead to disaster, with enemies appearing, like Spiny Cheep Cheeps and even falling pillars that can crush Mario.
12-F: The Burnblast Fortress A fortress with many giant Rocket Engines that move and large Firebars as well. Kamek will shoot pink fireballs from above, and they can spawn enemies. The boss is Kamek, who will shoot many fireballs and must be sprayed with water to knock him off his broom, where he will fall into the ground and Mario will jump on him. Mario must hit Kamek 4 times to defeat him.
12-6: The Shower Of The Century A level with smoke covering the screen due to the volcanos nearby, and not only that, raining debris (and big ones too) will fall fast, so keep your eyes peeled so you won't be hit by them.
12-7: The Haunting Hot Valley A ghostly stage with Boohemoths and Broozers lurking. The Boos will possess the lava and will unleash fast moving lava waves, so beware of their trickery and acts, make sure to anticipate their attacks!
12-8: Riding Across The Ravine Mario must use the Mine Pop to cross a ravine full of magma, make sure to attack the enemies standing to block your way, or else you will get damaged. Also, make sure to time your jumps when leaping over a gap.
12-9: Bonecoaster Bananza The player must ride a fast moving Bonecoaster that will constantly go into the lava, and not only that, fireballs will fall and try to hit Mario as he rides the crazy wild bonecoaster.
12-10: Gates Of Darkness Bowser has unleashed the final attack, many enemies and dangerous obstacles are set to destroy Mario once and for all and stop him from reaching the castle of Bowser. Also, there will be many sections of the level based on other worlds that Mario has gone through, such as a carnival like section and a sky related section.
12-C: Bowser's Doomsday Castle This is the last voyage, Bowser must be stopped. Bowser unleashes his weapon to constantly shower Mario with deadly attacks, and the weapon can even destroy platforms that Mario stands on. Mario has to also go through many tough challenges as he heads through 3 doors until he reaches the boss door. When Mario reaches Bowser, it is revealed that he has become huge due to the power of the Grand Shine Sprite, he will grow and Mario must escape the castle. Even when Mario goes into a door, Bowser will head to where Mario heads and will chase him, including a part where he heads down a elevator. Mario finally must escape the castle, and cutscene happens. Bowsers' big castle will fall. and he will be crushed by his own castle. Mario then collects the Grand Shine Sprite and completes the level, and finally has stopped Bowsers plan. When Mario returns to Sunshore Isles, he discovers there is one more Grand Shine Sprite to retrieve, and a new villain appears!

World 13: Sunlight Tower

Level Information
13-1: The Final Voyage The last level before the actual final boss, the mysterious Galleon will send giant balls of goop to rain down, and goop related enemies will also try to stop Mario from making it to the top of the tower.
13-Final: Dark Storm This is it, the final battle, to save Sunshore Isles, Mario must fight the dark storm known as Galleon, who is planning to fill the Sunshore Isles with goop and darkness. Mario has to stop this, so in this battle, Mario must defeat Galleon. Galleon has to be hit three times to be defeated, on his left arm, right arm, and his body. Galleon will send down giant drops of goop that will damage Mario, and even a giant blast of goop that moves fast. The goop arms of Galleon will be smashing hard onto the battle arena fast, so quickly dodge them. Mario needs to spray his weakness points with water in order to defeat him, good luck!


Image Item Description Form
Cape Feather NSMBVR Cape Feather Cape Mario is able to fly once again, but Mario must make a running boost in order to make him fly in the air. Cape Mario NSMBVR
Fire Flower NSMB2 Fire Flower Fire Mario is able to throw fireballs at common enemies and can knock them out, Mario can throw them by pressing the Y button. NSMB2 Fire Mario
Super Star NSMB2 Super Star Invincible Mario is able to defeat nearly anything (other than bosses) and can make Mario run very fast, but this is only for a limited time. 7593544202 1c30b8ca16 o
Brush Flower Brush Flower Paint Mario is able to create paint like platforms while running and also create walls to wall jump on by shaking the 3DS, but this requires Mario to run for a bit in order to fill the Paint Gauge, then Mario will be able to create paint platforms. Paint Mario also can ground pound and blind the enemies with paint for a limited time. PaintMario
Cheep-CheepSuit Cheep-Cheep Suit Cheep-Cheep Mario can walk and run slightly faster than Marios regular form, and he can move really fast in water, not to mention he can jump out of water and do a torpedo like attack (both underwater and jumping out of water). Cheep-CheepMarioSMB3D
Lightmushroom Light Mushroom Light Mario is able to illuminate dark areas and can reveal Dark Goop objects without spraying water. LightMario

Yoshi's Powers

  • Dig Yoshi: This allows Yoshi to quickly defeat enemies and dig into certain areas.
  • Ship Yoshi: This allows Yoshi to ride water and poison water.
  • Bulb Yoshi: This allows Yoshi to illuminate dark areas and reveal shadow goop as well.
  • Overheat Yoshi: This makes Yoshi shoot flame breath and allows him to walk on lava.
  • Crusher Yoshi: This makes Yoshi become spiked and allows Mario to ride him when he turns into a spike ball and smashes obstacles along the way.


  • Hover Nozzle
  • Rocket Nozzle
  • Turbo Nozzle
  • Spin Nozzle (New)
  • Blast Nozzle (New)
  • Exhaust Nozzle (New)
  • Venom Nozzle (New)


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