Super Mario Strikers X is a football/soccer game but with special powers and kicks and skills and it was developed by TE Studios and published by Nintendo. It is a Mario Game for the Blizzard X, The V² and a Launch Title for the Nintendo Switch.

Super Mario Strikers X
The American boxart for the game.
Developer(s) TE Studios
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Blizzard X

Nintendo Switch

The V²

Genre(s) Sports
Series Super Mario Strikers
Predecessor Super Mario Strikers Charged Football


The game plays like a normal 5 by 5 side game of Football/soccer, but with a few extras. The team has a Captain, three sidekicks and a goalie. The few extras are that the characters can use items such as Bananas, red shells, etc to Impede the opponent. It follows the gameplay basics of a football game like including the ability to dash, tackle players, and lob the ball. There is also the most powerful shot possible is the "Super Strike", which only the captain can make and will account for two points if successful. There are also other ways to play like Grudge Match, Online Multiplayer, Striker Challenges, training, etc.



Artwork Name & Description
MarioSuperStrikeersX Mario

A mix between fitness, speed, and power, Mario brings heart and determination to every match! His ability to become Super Mario can really change the face of any game!

LuigiSupermariostrikeersX Luigi

Luigi is a well-balanced leader who can harness his super ability to grow and crush the competition! A top pick for any team!

PeachSupermariostrikeersX Peach

Peach's passing skills are second to none. And she is also extremely fast! Her on-field play has the ability to leave her opponents a little camera shy!

DaisySupermariostrikeersX Daisy

Daisy is a defensive powerhouse, fast and physical. Her crystal ability can shield her efforts and devastate opponents!

YoshisupermariostrikeersX Yoshi

Yoshi is a captain that brings a balenced attack to each game! He can also egg his way to a megastrike when needed!

RosalinaSuperMarioStrikeersX NEWCOMER ROSALINA!

Shes ready to play some Football! She is a Skilled player, and very fast! She can go past opponents without a single Problem!

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