Super Mario Starblast is the sequel to Mario Starblast for the 3DS.


Bowser kidnaps Peach and heads to the Temple of Trust in the sewers of Starshine Island. Knowing what happened 1000 years ago in the Temple of Trust, Mario decides to save not only Peach, but also the world.


  • Fire Flower - Obviously. Without this item in Mario games the games would be cancelled.
  • Spikeroller Mushroom - Useful in danger like open gaps, smoke, Spinys, Etc.
  • Tanooki Leaf - Useful when trying to cross long gaps.
  • Lava Cap - This item allows Mario to walk on lava, fire, Etc.
  • Earthern Suit - This new item allows Mario to create earthern platforms and throw mudballs.
  • Foo Suit - This new item allows Mario to blow enemies and do a double jump
  • Propeller Block - Jump into this block and it can make Mario go very high


  • Goomleafy - Leaf-headed Goombas native to eastern Starblast Island.
  • Goomstalk - A big tower of Goomleafy forces.
  • Klive - Leaf-headed Spikes that throw corn instead of spikeballs.
  • Tanooki Klive - Tanooki tailed Klives that spin their tails and throw corn.
  • Monty Mole - Digging moles that throw rocks and dig.
  • Baloon Goomleafy - This is as close as the Goomleafys can get to flying.
  • POW Blockhopper - Avoid these enemies to not get stunned.
  • Coctogoomleafy - Leaf-headed Octogoombas that spit out corn that bounces.
  • Spudy - Potato Spinies that roll up walls.
  • Voltoomba - Newly discovered Goombas that jump and use Volt Mario's signature Volt Kick.
  • Latiku - The Latikus in this game throw Spudies instead of Spines.
  • Rootabooga - Beet-shaped Boos that when spotted, they disappear and reappear behind you.
  • Skomp - A thwomp that is on the floor, rolling with its + shaped body.
  • Fooloo - A subspecies of Foo that blows from both sides.
  • Hammer Bro - Hammer Bros throw hammers simotainously.
  • Fireskeet - Subspecies of Skeeters that slide on lava.
  • UFOomba - These Goombas beam down Monty Moles in this game and then run away.
  • Thoosh - Thunder infested Fooshs that shoot lightning bolts downward.
  • Propeller Blockhopper - Flying foes that can drop Bomb-Ombs.
  • Bomb-Omb - Watch out for these enemies because they explode.
  • Beanton - Giant beans that jump and spit out Thooshes.
  • Koopa - Bowser's main troops. Their defence is their weakness because it can defeat most enemies.
  • Turboo - Racing Boos that reside in fortresses and ghost houses.
  • Grand Goomleafy - Gigantic Goomleafies that live in swamps and castles.
  • Huckit Crab - A hucking crab that throws sand.


  • Airship Goomleafy - A giant Baloon Goomleafy that drops spike balls. It takes 3 jumps to defeat.
  • Sarchopaboo - A haunted sarchopagus that fights with its 4 hands. Defeat the hands first. After that, It takes 3 jumps to defeat.
  • Spiny Torch - A Albino Torch with a Spiny Shell on its back. First flip it with a Spikeroller Mushroom, then jump on it 3 times.
  • Mad Wiggler - A Wiggler affected by the Vibe Scepter during the events of Super Princess Peach. Blow away the fire with the Foo Suit, then jump on its head 3 times.
  • Huckit Adimeral - A admiral Huckit Crab that swims in a ghost ship. Turn water into land with the Earthern Suit, then jump on it 3 times.
  • Klaptoxic - A Klaptrap that resists jumps. Cover its mouth with mud and spin to flip it, then jump on its belly three times.
  • Cooligust - A flying Cooligan that can breath ice. Burn it with fireballs 8 times to win.
  • Sacred Golem(1) - The evil that almost destroyed the Beanbean Kingdom 1000 years ago. Knock it into the pit with the Spikeroller Mushoom 3 times to scare it away.
  • Sacred Golem(2) - In the Dark World its strategy changes. It has every of the other bosses special moves. For the first part you need to dive on it with the Propeller Block. On the second phase you get a Spikeroller Mushroom to run away from this meance. To defeat the second phase and thus the boss, you need to hit a rainbow colored switch.


  • Spud Plains
  • Mellonseed Pyramid
  • Leafstalk
  • Apple Cave
  • Lemon-Lime Sea
  • Pea Swamp
  • Cocoa Cooler
  • Temple of Trust
  • Dark World
  • Secret Sanctuary


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