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Super Mario Spikers is a volleyball game released for the Nintendo Switch, Pharo, , GhostDrive, Onyx, and TimeStrike Falcon, developed by Crash Co. under the Petey's Playroom division of TimeStrike. The game was originally conceived by Next Level Games for the Wii in 2007 after the release of Mario Strikers Charged. However, as the game was seen as too violent compared to games like the Super Smash Bros. series, Nintendo turned it down. It was later picked up by Crash Co., and was then published under TimeStrike.

The game takes inspiration from the Mario Strikers series in that it is stylistically different from most Mario games, stepping away from the whimsical and cartoony aesthetics and putting a bigger focus on more intense, realistic themes. As in its original inception, Super Mario Spikers is a volleyball game with wrestling elements mixed in.


The game's opening starts with a volleyball flying through the air. Just as it's about to land, a Koopa Troopa dives in and bounces it back upward. After this, a Shy Guy bounces the ball again, and Mario, in his Spikers gear, jumps upward and spikes it into the opposing side. Luigi, the other team's captain, dives for cover just before the ball hits him, causing it knock a Goomba's helmet off and land on the ground, giving Mario's team the winning point. As Luigi gets up, Mario congratulates Luigi for his efforts, as both brothers look up to a large billboard detailing the Mushroom Kingdom's first ever Spikers tournament.

The camera then zooms out, showing Wario and Waluigi, also in Spikers gear, spying on the brothers. The two then emerge from their hiding spot and confront Mario and Luigi, challenging them to a volleyball game alongside their teammates. Mario and Wario go against each other first, with the former being able to get points thanks to Wario's incompetent Pokey teammates. Waluigi and Luigi go against each other next, and Waluigi keeps serving the ball into the net, causing it to fall on his side and give Luigi a point. Angered that both lost, the two walk off.

What then follows is a training montage of Wario and Waluigi training for the Spikers tournament, as a knockoff of Eye of the Tiger plays. Some scenes include Wario using a jump rope, Waluigi lifting weights and having them fall on himself, Wario running on a treadmill and losing balance, causing him to fly into the wall, and Waluigi rock climbing, though losing his grip and knocking several parts of his body against rocks as he falls to the ground. After this, the day of the Spikers tournament comes, and another montage plays of Wario and Waluigi gaining victories and going higher up on the tournament, defeating Donkey Kong, Yoshi, Professor E. Gadd, and Daisy. Then, a the match between Mario and Waluigi goes under way. Though Waluigi's team scores some points, Mario's team manages to pull ahead. In desperation, Waluigi tells his Hammer Bro. teammate to throw a hammer into the sky. This catches Wario's attention, who is watching the match from a distance. He then takes out a large Bob-omb and chucks it into the arena. Mario sees this and dives for cover, and the bomb hits a Moe-Eye, knocking it over. This bounces it into Waluigi's side of the court, who runs around in panic. A Krusha then grabs the bomb and throws it into the distance, just as it explodes.

Just as Waluigi sighs in relief, a loud roar is heard. Bowser in the Koopa Clown Car then flies into the stadium, having a charcoal-black head thanks to the Bob-omb's explosion. Enraged, Bowser begins firing Bullet Bills at everyone in the stadium. As Waluigi dives for cover, he ends up getting hit by one, which carries him across the arena. The same Bullet Bill flies into Wario as well, sending both into the distance. Meanwhile, Mario's team begins knocking Bullet Bills back at Bowser's Koopa Clown Car, which shortens out and explodes, causing Bowser to plummet onto the ground. As this happens, the Bullet Bill that carried Wario and Waluigi falls into the stadium and explodes, flinging both of then on top of Bowser. Mario then faces the screen and chuckles to himself as the title screen appears.


As mentioned, Super Mario Spikers is based on volleyball, but the sport is much more physical. Two teams of six players - one captain and five teammates - face off against each other and must hit the ball into the opposition's side. Should the ball land on the team's side, the other will get a point. As such, the team must work together to both prevent the ball from landing on their side of the court as well as hit the ball on the opposing side. In order to win a match, one team must win two out of three sets, with 15 points allowing the team to win the set. Should both teams have 14 points, it is a deuce, and the next team to score two points in a row wins the set.

Of the six members of the team, two are assigned as defensive players while two are assigned as offensive players, and the remaining two, which includes the captain, can alternate between the two as they please. Defensive players stay on their team's side, saving the ball from landing passing the ball, eventually knocking it to the opposing team's side. Each time the ball is passed, it will become brighter, much like the ball in Mario Strikers Charged, with a brighter ball meaning a harder attack. Meanwhile, offensive players are on the opposing side, and can attack members of the other team to help their team score a point. Wrestling tactics can be utilized, leaving them unavailable to help for a short time. Defensive and offensive players are locked on their respective sides of the court, and only those who can alternate between the two can pass from one side to the other.

Captains are also able to perform Super Spikes when the Super Meter is charged, which can be done by either passing the ball or attacking opposing teammates. These can only be performed if the captain is about to spike the ball onto the opposing side, and it acts similarly to the Mega Strike in Mario Strikers Charged; the captain jumps into the air with the ball and spikes it, while turning into a more advanced form. Sidekicks have similar abilities called Skill Spikes, though these are less effective than Super Spikes.

Game Modes

Domination Mode

Domination Mode serves as the game's free play mode. Here, players are able to set rules and settings to customize any match. The mode can be played with up to four players.

Spikers Championship

A "story mode" of sorts for the game, Spikers Championship sees the player's team progress through a series of tournaments to earn trophies, eventually working their way up to the championship match.

The mode is actually quite similar to the Tournament mode in Mario Sports Mix; teams compete through a bracket, where two teams battle, with the victors advancing further in the tournament. The team that has no losses will earn the trophy for the cup. This, in turn, unlocks the next cup for the player to compete in, though previous ones can still be selected.

If the player competes in a previously-completed cup, after they win the first match they are given an option to take an alternate route and compete in various challenges. In the alternate routes, players do not play normal matches, but missions instead. If players lose a mission, they get sent back to the normal tournament. If players win a mission, they may continue on. Missions can range from being restricted of using Super Spikes, only one type of item being used, or even compete in a minigame. If the player completes all the missions without losing, they are able to face off against a hidden championship match, which are typically harder than regular matches in the tournament. If the player is victorious, they will earn a platinum trophy for the cup.

Completing Spikers Championship as a captain will give the player a trophy of them, intact with a biography of them. If one beats all of the challenges in all cups as the same character, the trophy will become larger and platinum.

Boss Blitz

Boss Blitz is a special mode revolving around using different strategies to defeat bosses, based off of the Mecha-Bowser Mayhem minigame in Mario Power Tennis and the boss battles in Mario Tennis Aces. Players can choose a team of a captain and sidekicks, and then battle bosses in any order. After beating a boss, the player will be ranked based on their performance, with the rank scaling from one to five stars.

Salvo the Slime Spikers Logo.png
Salvo the Slime SMW2.png
A gigantic glob of goo that Yoshi had to battle with on his journey to reunite Baby Mario with Baby Luigi. It wasn't easy though, as each time it was attacked it would grow faster and split into smaller slime creatures. This beast has become mass-produced thanks to Kamek's magic, and now Spikers teams can duel with it anytime they want.
Debut - Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island (1995, SNES)
Battle Strategy
Unlike most other bosses, Salvo the Slime won't directly attack players. Instead, it will simply bounce around the court, and will push around players it touches. It can be attacked by using standard attacks or spiking the ball into it. Either way, it will release small Lemon Drops when damaged, which will try to ram into players to stun them. As it gets damaged, it will become smaller. If it takes enough damage, it will eventually disappear.
Theme - Rock remix of the Big Boss theme in Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island
Prince Froggy Spikers Logo.png
Prince Froggy SMW2.png
Being a regular enemy like a Frog Pirate means you're not fit for a boss, right? Those were Yoshi's exact thoughts when he battled Prince Froggy, though Kamek made him small enough to be eaten. Because of this, Prince Froggy needed to be battled from the inside out! He tried to participate in the Spikers League as a captain, though he was denied due to being too similar to the rest of his species. After some "politically incorrect" debates on the matter, a compromise was reached and he became a boss.
Debut - Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island (1995, SNES)
Battle Strategy
At the start of the battle, the player's team will be given Mini Mushrooms, making them small enough for Prince Froggy to eat. Inside, the players will need to spike the ball into Prince Froggy's uvula. However, the slimy ground makes it difficult to move around. Furthermore, saliva will drop from above, and gigantic Shy Guys can appear and try to attack players. After the uvula is hit fifteen times, Prince Froggy will cough up the players and faint in defeat. The team grows to normal size afterwards.
Theme - Calypso remix of the Fortress Boss theme in Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island
Kleever Spikers Logo.png
A living sword created by the Kremling Krew. Stationed in Crocodile Cauldron, it was supposed to prevent Diddy and Dixie from rescuing DK, but the Kongs were able to pull through. As a sword, it makes for a pretty unique boss for Spikers teams to fight. It can spike balls back just as easily as you can, so tread carefully!
Debut - Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong-Quest (1995, SNES)
Battle Strategy
Kleever will begin floating around the arena. Any balls that are spiked at it, it will spike back at the team, covering it in lava and burning whoever saves it. In order to damage Kleever, the players must spike the ball into one of the three cannons on the edge of the court. Once that is done, the cannons will fire the ball at Kleever at high speed, stunning it. Once it is hit with three cannon shots, Kleever will become enraged and spin around. While it can spike the ball easier in this state, it leaves its weakness - the bottom of the sword - vulnerable. After this weak spot is spiked three times, Kleever explodes into metal and bones.
Theme - Hard Rock remix of the Bad Boss Boogie theme in Donkey Kong Country
King Kut Out Spikers Logo.png
This cardboard cut-out of King K. Rool actually posed as a threat to the Kongs at one point. The Kremling Krew forgot to assign a boss to Creepy Castle, so they quickly built this decoy to serve as a replacement. As you can imagine, this paperweight copy went down pretty easily. This was rebuilt for Spikers League teams to battle against, though like many other Mushroom Kingdom relics, it got some noticeable upgrades.
Debut - Donkey Kong 64 (1999, N64)
Battle Strategy
King Kut Out will stand completely stationary on the other side of the court. In order to defeat it, the team will need to spike the ball at the glowing area on its body, otherwsie it will deal no damage. Kackles can appear as well, and will chase the team as they try to spike the ball. After 10 spikes, King Kut Out will fall over, defeated.
Theme - Orchestrated remix of the Crocodile Isle theme in Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest
Chauncey Spikers Logo.png
This bratty baby was one of the several Portrait Ghosts released by King Boo. Professor E. Gadd tasked Luigi with capturing all of them, but he got a bit more than what he bargained for when he tried to catch Chauncey. He's pretty spoiled and cries a lot, but since he was born a ghost, this seems natural. Chauncey was reincarnated to battle teams as a boss for the Spikers League.
Debut - Luigi's Mansion (2001, GCN)
Battle Strategy
Chauncey floats above the court, attacking the team by sending toy horses at them. All of these must be dodged, lest the teammates they hit will be stunned. In order to damage Chauncey, all five lights on the edge of the court must be turned on by spiking the ball at them. Once all of them are active, Chauncey flinches and is stunned, leaving him open for attack. Once the ball is spiked at him in this state, he deactivates all the lights and screams, growing stronger. After he is spiked three times, Chauncey will disappear, defeated.
Theme - Techno remix of the mini-boss theme in Super Mario Sunshine
Mecha-Bowser Spikers Logo.png
MechaBowser Sunshine.png
Deep below Pinna Park was this mechanical monstrosity. Shadow Mario used it to battle Mario and F.L.U.D.D. during their quest to rescue Peach from him. Though this towering machine had a lot of features such as a Bullet Bill launcher and a blowtorch in its mouth, it was easily dispatched. Bowser agreed to let the Spikers League rebuild it as a special boss opponent, but under one condition: upgrade it with several weapons to make it harder on teams.
Debut - Super Mario Sunshine (2002, GCN)
Battle Strategy
Mecha-Bowser not only has a Bullet Bill launcher, but also a blowtorch, a Ball n' Chain, a Spike Bar shooter, and the ability to tilt the court to make things tougher on the team. It will return any ball that hits it; in order to damage him, the ball must be spiked into the Bullet Bills it fires. Once this is done, the Bullet Bill will fly back at Mecha-Bowser and crash into it. Throughout the battle, it will suffer more and more external damage, and if hit eight times, it will explode.
Theme - Hard Rock remix of the Mecha-Bowser theme in Super Mario Sunshine
Bonetail Spikers Logo.png
While the Shadow Queen terrorized the land, her pet dragons would roam around, torturing the mortals as they pleased. Bonetail, one of her pets, was kept at the bottom of the Pit of 100 Trials to challenge anyone who dared to fight for the pit's treasure. When Mario and co. entered, they defeated Bonetail. His remains were still at the bottom of the pit, so the Spikers League sought to resurrect him to be a boss for teams to duel against.
Debut - Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door (2004, GCN)
Battle Strategy
Bonetail is immune to spikes anywhere on his body. To attack, he will try to breath different colored breaths, which will result in varying effects against players, such as dizziness, shrinking, freezing, and slowness. Other attacks he has include jumping to create earth tremors, stomping on players to flatten them, and even chomping on a player and swallowing them, taking them out of the game for a short time. In order to damage him, the ball must be spiked into Bonetail's mouth as he breathes fire. After this is done seven times, Bonetail will crumble into a pile of bones, defeated.
Theme - African Drums remix of the Hooktail theme in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door
Six-Face Sal Spikers Logo.png
Yoshi and his rag-tag team of babies had to battle this mysterious creature on their quest to rescue the rest of the babies from Kamek and his minions. Though they looks hardly frightening, they're not one to be trifled with. Each of the six heads have their own minds, and have the ability to spit out Needlenoses to attack anyone below. No one is sure what exactly Six-Face Sal is or how they came to be, but Spikers League teams can duel against it.
Debut - Yoshi's Island DS (2006, DS)
Battle Strategy
All of the heads of Six-Face Sal act as their own separate entities, which rotate on a spinning wheel. They will attack by spitting Needlenoses onto the court, which will damage players. In order to defeat it, the ball must be spiked into one of the heads when they are inflated and pink; when they are red, they will simply deflect the ball. After a head suffers three hits, they will be defeated and become deflated and blue. Once all head are defeated, the entire entity will explode.
Theme - Alternative Rock remix of the Fortress Boss theme in Yoshi's Island DS
Large Fry Spikers Logo.png
Guardian of one of the Shake Dimension's five Boss Keys, Wario must battle him on his journey to rescue Queen Merelda... or steal the Bottomless Coin Sack... one of the two anyway. At any rate, Large Fry claims to be a world-renowned chef, though his cooking skills seem underdeveloped. He can be battled in the Spikers League as a boss.
Debut - Wario Land: Shake It! (2008, Wii)
Battle Strategy
Large Fry will float around the court and begin dropping small, green Bandineros that can attack players. They can be defeated with either standard attacks or getting a ball spiked at them. He will also occasionally open his mouth to spit out carrot-shaped missiles. At this point, the player can spike the ball at a missile to send it back at him, where it will explode on him. After eight hits, Large Fry will implode on himself.
Theme - Jazz remix of the Large Fry Battle theme in Wario Land: Shake It!
Tiki Tong Spikers Logo.png
The supreme leader of the Tiki Tak Tribe, he sent his forces to possess the wildlife of Donkey Kong Island to retrieve bananas, the life source of the Tikis. Naturally, Donkey Kong wasn't too happy with this, and traveled around the island to battle the Tikis. He eventually squared off with Tiki Tong himself, and ended up on top. Though the tribe has been long since defeated, the Spikers League revived him with a surplus of bananas (with Donkey Kong's consent) to make him a powerful boss for teams to battle.
Debut - Donkey Kong Country Returns (2010, Wii)
Battle Strategy
Tiki Tong's battle is split in two phases. In the first phase, he attacks with his hands, trying to smash players into the ground, as well as pick them up and throw them. He can also return spikes if players are not careful. To damage him, the ball must be spiked into the back of his hands. After taking three spikes, a hand will be destroyed. Once both are gone, Tiki Tong enters his second phase, where he can create shockwaves by smashing himself into the ground and breathe fireballs to burn players. To defeat him, the ball must be spiked into the top of his head six times.
Theme - Mawwal remix of the Mugly's Mound theme in Donkey Kong Country Returns
Pompy Spikers Logo.png
DKCTF Pompy.png
Pompy the Presumptuous is a massive sea lion and an elite member of the Snowmads. Led by Lord Fredrik, they swept DK and friends from the island and claimed it for themselves. Pompy was the first of his generals to be battled. Though his circus tricks proved to be hard to read, the Kongs managed to pull through. Back in the Spikers League for an encore, Pompy can be battled by special teams as a boss.
Debut - Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze (2014, Wii U)
Battle Strategy
Pompy will sit outside the court, tossing Watermelon Fuse Bombs onto the players to try and damage them. If these blasts are dodged, Pompy will begin sliding on his belly on a halfpipe built into the court, performing tricks and stunts. The ball must be spiked into him with precise timing. As he gets hit, he will become enraged, and begin mixing up his patterns by trying to create shockwaves and throwing bombs. After nine hits though, Pompy will be knocked into the water, defeated.
Theme - Punk Rock remix of the Big Top Bop theme in Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze
Torkdrift Spikers Logo.png
This UFO was stealing flowers from Steam Gardens for Bowser's wedding. In order to put a stop to it, Mario and Cappy needed to use an Uproot to destroy its glass weak points. It was rebuilt for Spikers teams to challenge it in special matches, though it has seen some pretty substantial improvements since the last time it was battled.
Debut - Super Mario Odyssey (2017, Switch)
Battle Strategy
Torkdrift will hover above the court and try to fire lasers at the team. In order to damage it, the ball must be spiked into its three glass orbs, which hang along the ground. Once they're damaged, Torkdrift will be vulnerable, and the ball can be spiked at it to damage it. Some of its other attacks include firing ring beams that damage players and sucking up the ball and shooting it back out. After its body is hit three times, it will be destroyed.
Theme - Techno remix of the Torkdrift theme in Super Mario Odyssey
Mushroom Goomba Spikers Logo.png
These Goomba behemoths tower over almost any variant of Goomba imaginable. As you can imagine, they are incredibly tough, taking Mario far more than just three stomps to defeat. Thankfully though, those who defeat this monstrosity are rewarded three Mushrooms. Because of their extreme rarity, they are artificially created by the Spikers League by merging a Goomba with a Super Mushroom and a Big Mushroom to serve as a boss teams can face off against.
Debut - Super Mario Maker Phi (2016, The V2)
Battle Strategy
The Mushroom Goomba will wander around the other side of the court aimlessly. In order to damage it, the team must spike the ball into its mushrooms. After taking three spikes, a mushroom will pop. However, it then forms a smaller Mushroom Goomba, which will simply charge at players to stun them. As mushrooms become destroyed, more small Mushroom Goombas will begin appearing. Once all the mushrooms on the main Mushroom Goomba are destroyed, it will shrink in size before imploding on itself, defeating it.
Theme - Grunge remix of the main theme in Super Mario Maker
Woshisourous Spikers Logo.png
This ancient beast was found in the Cascade Kingdom at Amber Glade. During Wario and Bowler's quest, they accidentally break the solid amber around it, awakening it. As you can imagine, it left them a little sour when they figured out they had to battle it. Being the beast it is, the Spikers League figured it would be a perfect fit for a boss encounter. Wrangling ones to actually use was a bit tricky though, especially since they were a rare species.
Debut - Super Wario Odyssey (2017, Switch)
Battle Strategy
The Woshisourous is able to spit acidic lemon juice on the court, which will damage players that step in it. To attack it, the team will need to spike amber structures around the court, which will break after five blows. There are four of these around the court, which support a massive boulder above the court. Once all four are broken, the boulder will drop on the Woshisourous' head, defeating it.
Theme - Punk Rock remix of the Broodal Battle theme in Super Mario Odyssey
Nushell Piranha Plant Spikers Logo.png
001 (1)-1518641244.png
A gigantic Piranha Plant made of the same nuts that Steam Gardeners use to grow beanstalks. It was actually the result of famed scientist Professor Kogenstein, who combined a Piranha Plant with one of these nuts with his Combine-Laser. Though difficult to replicate, it was reincarnated for the Spikers League, though it now has flamethrowing abilities of a Fire Piranha Plant; teams facing against this beast had better bring water to the match.
Debut - Super Mario Garden (2017, Switch)
Battle Strategy
The Nutshell Piranha Plant will try to attack the players by smashing its limbs into the ground. When its limbs are on the ground, they must be attacked, breaking them open. Once all limbs are broken, it will become stunned and its mouth will open. When this happens, the ball will need to be spiked down its throat, which it will spit out. It can breathe fireballs that cause fire patches to appear on the court, and it can slam some already broken limbs on the court and cover them in fire. After the ball is lodged in its throat three times, it will be defeated.
Theme - Breakbeat remix of the boss theme in Super Mario Sunshine
Cloudy Bill Blaster Spikers Logo.png
SMSR Cloudy Bill Blaster.png
Up in the clouds above Shiveria is this cloud monster, the Cloudy Bill Blaster. Mario and friends had to beat it during their adventure through the Snow Kingdom, fighting it at the peak of Misty Mountain. With heavy artillery and unlimited ammo, it can be quite difficult to defeat. Especially when your only weapon is a volleyball.
Debut - Super Mario Snow Run (2018, Switch)
Battle Strategy
The Cloudy Bill Blaster will float around the court, trying to attack the players by firing Bull's-Eye Bills from its cannons. It can also fire Airsrike Bills into the air to crash down on the court. To damage it, just as the cannons are about to fire, the ball must be spiked into them, causing them to overload and explode, damaging it. After this is done eight times, the Cloudy Bill Blaster will be destroyed.
Theme - Tuva remix of the boss theme in Super Mario 64


Click on a character's icon to view information about that character.

Super Mario Spikers features several playable characters, all of which are given unique attire similar to the Mario Strikers series. In addition to characters from the official games, characters from fanon games are set to be included as well, being special bonus characters. Every playable character falls into one of the following stat categories:

  • Balanced: The character has balanced stats and generally plays well on any area of the court.
  • Skill: The character has slow mobility and cannot attack opponents well, but their spikes are more difficult to save.
  • Power: The character has slow mobility and does better on the opposing team's side of the court, attacking opponents.
  • Offensive: The character has high mobility and is good at spiking, though isn't skilled in saving balls or attacking opponents,
  • Defensive: The character has high mobility and is good at saving balls, though isn't skilled in spiking or attacking opponents.


The courts in Super Mario Spikers are taken from various locations visited throughout the Mario series, including Super Mario OdysseySuper Mario World, and the Mario Kart series. Though most of the courts have the same basic layout, they each have varying amounts of obstacles and hazards to make them different from each other.

Mario Bros. Spikers Logo.png
Retro Court.jpg
Under the sewers of the Mushroom Kingdom is this iconic complex. Mario and Luigi worked here as plumbers, fixing up the pipes by ridding them of various monsters. It has been remodeled into a tennis court before, which this court takes after. Watch out for the vermin that wander around the court, and try not to get wrapped up in the nostalgia.
Debut - Mario Bros. (1983, Arcade)
Enemies: 8-bit Shellcreepers, Sidesteppers, and Fighter Flies can emerge from the pipes around the area and wander around the stage. They will damage players they touch.

POW Block: A POW Block can sometimes appear. If it is attacked, it causes a shockwave that stuns all opponents on the other side of the court, as well as defeating all enemies.

Theme - Slow-paced remix of the main theme in Mario Bros.
Bowser's Castle Spikers Logo.png
Bowserscastle 2.png
Bowser's main base of operations, as well as the capital of the Koopa Kingdom. Whenever Bowser kidnaps Peach, you can be sure he'll be here. Surrounded by moats of lava and minions patrolling the area at all times, its one of the least-friendly places on the planet. That, of course, makes it perfect for a Spikers League venue. As audience members cheer from airships in the background, teams duke it out on the castle roof.
Debut - Super Mario Bros. (1985, NES)
Lava Bubbles: Lava Bubbles will sometimes jump onto the court from the lava below. Touching these will burn players, causing them to run around aimlessly for a short time.

Thwomp: Large Thwomps can sometimes fall onto the court, crushing players below.

Theme - Heavy Metal remix of the Koopa's Road theme in Super Mario 64
Dinosaur Land Spikers Logo.png
Dinosaur Land SMW.png
North of the Mushroom Kingdom is Dinosaur Land, a large continent home to many reptilian creatures, most notable of which include Yoshis, Dino Rhinos, and Rexes. Mario, Luigi, and Peach went here for a vacation, only to find out Bowser had taken over the land. Though the volleyball court for the Spikers League is located on only one part of the continent, Donut Plains, the event is broadcasted all over.
Debut - Super Mario World (1991, SNES)
Dino-Torch: Sometimes, a Dino-Torch will wander onto the court. It will shoot pillars of fire, which burn players on touch. After awhile, it will leave.
Theme - Electric Broadway remix of the overworld theme in Super Mario World
Rice Beach Spikers Logo.png
When Captain Syrup stole a golden statue of Peach, a jealous Wario wanted to take it for himself. He washes up on Rice Beach to start his romp through Kitchen Island. While patrolled by Syrups gang of pirates, Wario was able to barrel through them easily. While the island isn't that populated, it still makes for one of the most serene courts... if your definition of "serene" means there are barrels and supplies everywhere.
Debut - Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3 (1994, GB)
Pirate Goon: A Pirate Goon can sometimes snag the ball and replace it with a ticking Bob-omb. While the game will progress as normal, it will explode eventually, deducting a point to whatever side the bomb explodes.
Theme - Polka remix of the Rice Beach theme in Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3
Tanked Up Trouble Spikers Logo.png
Deep within the mines of Chimp Caverns lies this mine shaft. It was originally used by the Kremling Krew to transport supplies from one place to another, but the annoying need to restock on fuel tanks resulted in it being abandoned. The Spikers League was able to take this area and remodel it to a proper Spikers court. The court itself takes place on a larger platform that moves along the tracks, passing by cheering fans sitting on the sides of the mine.
Debut - Donkey Kong Country (1994, SNES)
Fuel: The platform that the court is placed on runs on fuel, which is shown on a meter consisting of five lights just outside the court. The lights will gradually turn off, showing that fuel is running out. If the fuel has run out, the platform will stop moving for a short time and begin shaking, making moving around the court much more difficult. The court will also be covered in smoke, making it more difficult to see where everything is. The only way to restore fuel is to find Fuel Tanks that are floating above the court; the players themselves or the ball can touch them, which will instantly refuel the platform.
Theme - Dubstep remix of the Life in the Mines theme in Donkey Kong Country
Dire, Dire Docks Spikers Logo.png
Rumors say this place was supposed to be a dock for the military before the Koopa Troop ended up sinking it to the bottom of the ocean. Since then, Bowser's army has been using it as a private base of sorts, with a massive submarine stationed there. Spikers matches in Dire, Dire Docks take place on top of this submarine, as audience members watch from the grates above.
Debut - Super Mario 64 (1996, N64)
Poles: Poles can move across the top of the course along the grates. These will block any balls that they hit.

Sushi: Sushi will occasionally leap from the water and fly through the court, landing on the other side of the submarine. They will damage and stun players they hit.

Theme - Orchestrated remix of the Jolly Roger Bay theme in Super Mario 64
Koopa Troopa Beach Spikers Logo.png
MK7 KoopaTroopaBeach.png
A beach resort located on a tropical island. Some of the most prominent tourist attractions include the giant Koopa stone statue, the frequent Mario Kart races set here, and more recently a stadium on the coastline for the Spikers League. Tides will constantly roll through the sandy court, which carry shells with them. Use these to get the upper hand on your opponents!
Debut - Mario Kart 64 (1996, N64)
Tides: Occasionally, waves will roll along the shore and into the court. These waves will carry Green Shells and Red Shells, which players can pick up. When this is done, they can be used as items as if they were collected by stepping on a ? Panel.
Theme - Techno remix of the Koopa Beach theme in Super Mario Kart
Yoshi's Picture Book Spikers Logo.png
Once upon a time, Baby Bowser stole the Super Happy Tree, sending Yoshi's Island into chaos. However, a team of Baby Yoshis hatched, and teamed up to put a stop to the Koopa prince's plans and reclaim the Super Happy Tree. This court, constructed by Spikers League officials to pay homage to this amazing tale, has cushions for floor and a paper background. Everything pops up to audience members like a picture book, and that's ignoring the actual Spikers games going on!
Debut - Yoshi's Story (1998, N64)
Pak E. Derm: Sometimes, a Pak E. Derm will march around the court, holding a stop sign. Though it won't harm any opponents, it can block their way.

Sky Guy: Groups of Sky Guys can appear above the court, floating above ground. If the ball hits them, their balloons will pop and they will plummet to the ground. They will quickly run away, but leave behind an item that a player can use.

Theme - Electric Broadway remix of the Yoshi's Song theme in Yoshi's Story
Jungle Japes Spikers Logo.png
Jungle Japes is the homeland of the Kong Family. Full of lush jungles, high treetops, and (most importantly) Bananas, the Kongs hang around here and life their carefree lives. With their permission, the Spikers League was able to build a court to hold tournament matches. With screaming fans and a beautiful landscape, Jungle Japes really catches the heart of Donkey Kong Island. A must-play for any team!
Debut - Donkey Kong 64 (1999, N64)
Krimp: Krimps can sometimes appear on the net. If they are hit with the ball, they will fall off the net and land on the side of the court the ball was passed from. The Krimp will then chase the player that hit the ball and latch onto them, slowing them down. With enough attacks, the Krimp will be defeated.

Banana Peels: Bananas can sometimes fall from the trees above, which will cause players to slip when they step over them.

Theme - Jazz remix of the DK Island Swing theme in Donkey Kong Country
Pirate Land Spikers Logo.png
Pirate Land MP2.jpg
An archipelago of small islands connected by bridges. Pirate Land has been used on several occasions that Mario threw parties for the Mushroom Kingdom, with the ultimate goal being to stop Cap'n Bowser from stealing Stars. The Spikers League team figured it'd be a fun idea to have the court set on a rickety bridge. It's not safe, but then again, when have sports around the Mushroom Kingdom ever cared about safety?
Debut - Mario Party 2 (2001, N64)
Bubba: A Bubba will sometimes break from the bridge below and try to gobble a player. If successful, they will be out of the game for a short time until the Bubba reappears to spit them out. The hole in the bridge will remain however, and players can fall off it. This will also leave them out of the game.

Shy Guy Ship: A ship nearby, helmed by Shy Guys, will try and fire cannonballs on the court. Though they explode on impact and damage all players in the blast radius, they can be attacked to be knocked back at the ship. This will cause the ship to sink, though it will reappear eventually.

Theme - fast-paced remix of the Pirate Land theme in Mario Party 2
Cheese Land Spikers Logo.png
This desert is made entirely of cheese! Despite it being inhabited by aggressive Chain Chomps, it still makes a good racetrack for Mario Kart tournaments. In Spikers League matches, the court is set on a giant wedge of cheese. Be careful that you - or the ball - don't fall into the holes!
Debut - Mario Kart: Super Circuit (2001, GBA)
Holes: Holes are found all over the court. If a player falls into one, they will jump out of another. This also applies to the ball; if it falls in a hole, it will pop out of another, making it harder to save.

Sandstorm: Sometimes a sandstorm can occur, which pushes the players and the ball around the court.

Theme - Jazz remix of the Cheese Land theme in Mario Kart: Super Circuit
Ribbon Road Spikers Logo.png
This venue has seen quite the upgrade throughout the Mario Kart tournaments. When initially introduced, it was nothing more than an assortment of presents and ribbons, and nowadays it looks like racers are driving through a giant child's playroom! Needless to say, this makes for some interesting races. The same can be said for Spikers matches, where the court is rather wavy, making navigation difficult.
Debut - Mario Kart 64 (1996, N64)
Wavy Ground: The ground wave up and down from time to time, making navigation and saving the ball harder. However, these waves can also be used to jump higher.

Giant Mechakoopas: Giant Mechakoopas will sometimes stomp around the court, flattening any players in their way.

Theme - Acid Jazz remix of the Ribbon Road theme in Mario Kart: Super Circuit
Delfino Plaza Spikers Logo.png
Delfino Battle.png
Mario and friends once traveled to this tropical resort on a vacation. However, Mario was framed for polluting the island and is sentenced to community service. It was eventually discovered that Bowser Jr. had been posing as Mario to take away Peach. The town square has been remodeled into a volleyball court for the Spikers League to use; many Piantas and Nokis will watch the game from a distance.
Debut - Super Mario Sunshine (2002, GCN)
F.L.U.D.D.: Around the court, several small F.L.U.D.D.-like machines are found. They will sometimes spray water on the court, which can push players around and affect the ball's trajectory.

Pianta: Sometimes, a Pianta will catch on fire and begin running across the court, burning any players he touches. One of the F.L.U.D.D.-like machines will eventually douse the flames, and the Pianta will run off of the court.

Theme - Disco remix of the Delfino Plaza theme in Super Mario Sunshine
DK Mountain Spikers Logo.png
If a racetrack constructed around a volcano in a dense jungle doesn't sound dangerous to you, try a volleyball court! It's distinguishable cannon, volcano, and rickety bridge make playing sports on it feel like an adventure! Audience members watch the Spikers game from treehouses, cheering as they make points and get hit by boulders.
Debut - Mario Kart: Double Dash!! (2003, GCN)
Boulders: Boulders can fall from the background and roll across the court. Some boulders are small enough to be broken without much trouble, though the larger ones will leave players stunned for a bit.

Volcano: The volcano in the background will sometimes erupt, causing Raining Debris to fall from the sky and crash onto the court. These leave flames, which will burn players when touched.

Theme - Fast-paced remix of the DK Mountain theme in Mario Kart: Double Dash!!
Twilight Town Spikers Logo.png
During Mario's hunt for the Crystal Stars, he visited this gloomy village. It seems to be permanently shrouded in dusk, and the townspeople are equally as shady. A strange ghost named Doopliss cast a spell once that turned all of the villagers into pigs. After looking through his library, Spikers League officials found the spell, and implemented it into Spikers tournaments. Every time the bell rings, one member from each team will become piggified!
Debut - Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door (2004, GCN)
Bell: At varied intervals, the bell in Creepy Steeple will be rung. When this happens, a random member of each team will become a pig for a short time. As a pig, players have significantly lower stats, cannot attack, and cannot spike the ball. When the bell rings a second time, the players will turn back into pigs, but two other players also become pigs. The process continues throughout the match.
Theme - Blues Rock remix of the Twilight Town theme in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door
Peach Dome Spikers Logo.png
Built directly in front of Princess Peach's castle, Peach Dome is a calm and peaceful court made for tennis matches. Most tennis tournaments take place here, with its basic layout making for fair gameplay. During Spikers matches, Toads will sit on the sidelines, cheering and providing items to the teams they're rooting for. Cheating? Yes, but then again, when has the Mushroom Kingdom ever cared about rules?
Debut - Mario Power Tennis (2004, GCN)
Toads: Toads will sit in wooden benches on either side of the court, and will cheer on teams by randomly providing them helpful items to use. These items only help the players and not hinder opponents, such as Mushrooms and Super Stars.
Theme - Breakbeat remix of the Peach's Castle theme in Mario Sports Mix
Waluigi Pinball Spikers Logo.png
Waluigi Pinball.png
This ginormous pinball machine was constructed in Waluigi's image... for whatever reason. Though most typically a racetrack, the pinball area has been remodeled into a volleyball court! The roulette in the background will spin around to release random items. Watch out for incoming pinballs too!
Debut - Mario Kart DS (2005, DS)
Roulette: Every time a point is made, the start of the next rally will cause a large roulette in the background to spin. It can land on three different matches; Mushrooms, Green Shells, and Bananas. Three of the item the roulette matches on will then be launched onto the court.

Pinballs: A large, robotic Waluigi in the background will occasionally spit a pinball onto the court. It will roll around, prowling through players, stunning them. After awhile, it will fall off of the court.
Bumpers: Several bumpers move along the court, which will bounce both players and pinballs in different directions.

Theme - Acid Jazz remix of the Waluigi Pinball and Wario Stadium themes in Mario Kart DS
Thwomp Volcano Spikers Logo.png
The birthplace for all Thwomps, Thwomp Volcano is one of the largest mountains in the Mushroom Kingdom. As babies, the Mario Bros. needed to chase down Bowser, alongside their adult selves, to reclaim Peach. Though inactive for decades, it recently started spewing flaming Thwomps and Thwacks everywhere, meaning it's active again. This court is built right over the mouth of Thwomp Volcano; watch out for Raining Debris!
Debut - Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time (2005, DS)
Raining Debris: Raining Debris will occasionally fall from the sky, landing on the court. Players that touch this will be burning, making them uncontrollably run around for a short time.

Thwack: Thwacks will sometimes fall from the sky, landing on players and flattening them. While flattened, players are slower and weaker.

Theme - Makossa remix of the Cavi Cape theme in Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story
Bloocheep Sea Spikers Logo.png
Underwater at the floor of the ocean lies this ancient court. Legend says that this was used by an ancient civilization that lived undersea, and matches would be held here to see who would be used as sacrifice to the gods. Thousands of years since, the area has been in ruins, but the court has remained intact. Naturally, the Spikers League decided it was a good idea to add this to the list of venues.
Debut - Mario Hoops 3-on-3 (2006, DS)
Underwater: As the court is underwater, players will move slower and jump higher.

Enemies: 8-bit Cheep Cheeps and Bloopers can swim around the court, blocking the ball as it travels.

Theme - Punk remix of the Bloocheep Sea theme in Mario Hoops 3-on-3
Sammer's Kingdom Spikers Logo.png
An ancient land located in the mountains, the Sammer's Kingdom is ruled by the Sammer dynasty. This kingdom hosts the legendary Duel of 100, a fierce tournament where 100 of the kingdom's toughest Sammer Guys must be battled. Legend says that if one manages to surpass the Duel of 100, it will prove that they are the heroes of legend, and a Pure Heart will be bestowed upon them to help counter the prophecies in the Dark Prognosticus. While those threats have been handled my Mario and company, the Duel of 100 is still held to this day. The Spikers League hosts a special court here, where civilians watch in awe as fighters engage in rigorous combat... while playing volleyball.
Debut - Super Paper Mario (2007, Wii)
Sammer Guys: Sammer Guys standing in the sidelines may attack with projectiles created from the swing of their swords. These fly across the court, damaging players they hit.
Theme - Ska remix of the Sammer's Kingdom theme in Super Paper Mario
The Underwhere Spikers Logo.png
A place where people whose games have ended spend the rest of eternity. Those who lived as good get to go to the Overthere, while everyone else ends up in the Underwhere. It's not so bad though, if a bit dull and gloomy. Luvbi's actually being trained to rule over it someday! After finding a link from the mortal world to the Underwhere, the Spikers League saw the opportunity to make one of the most bizarre courts for their touraments.
Debut - Super Paper Mario (2007, Wii)
Gigabite: A Gigabite will sometimes fly above the court. It can swoop down to ram into players, damaging them. Eventually, they will fly away.

Frost Piranha: Frost Piranhas can sometimes rise out of the ground and breathe icy breath at players nearby, freezing them.

Theme - Alternative Rock remix of the Underwhere theme in Super Paper Mario
Bowser's Warped Orbit Spikers Logo.png
During the Star Carnival, Bowser flies in and takes the Star Rod, taking it to his very own space station, Bowser's Warped Orbit! Even after all of these years the station still remains, and with some negotiating, Bowser agreed to remodel it into a Spikers court (he wasn't gonna use it again anyway). With the court set in space, audience members watch games through surrounding space ships as the players use their specialized suits to take in the air... er... lack thereof.
Debut - Mario Party 8 (2007, Wii)
Space: As the court is in space, players will move slower and jump higher.

Bullet Bills: Bullet Bills will fire out of Bill Blasters in the background, and will charge at the players.
Koopa Kid: Koopa Kids can sometimes appear on the court and wear Bowser Suits. They will then storm onto the court and try to attack players before leaving.

Theme - Hard Rock remix of the final battle theme in Super Mario Galaxy
Thunder Island Spikers Logo.png
Set on a large rocky island, Thunder Island was one of the most famous courts where Strikers games took place. Its violent weather would make for some interesting matches. The court has been retooled into a volleyball court for use of the Spikers League. Harsh winds will still blow over the island though; and with how contact Spikers games are, matches here are even more brutal!
Debut - Mario Strikers Charged (2007, Wii)
Wind: Winds will blow over Thunder Island, pushing players in its direction a little. In addition, random objects such as Moo Moos, Boss Basses, tractors, and tumbleweeds will fly through, which can push players away even more.

Edge: Thunder Island doesn't have a wall, meaning that players can get knocked off the edge. When this happens, they will be inactive for a short time before they reappear.

Theme - Heavy Metal remix of the Thunder Island theme in Mario Strikers Charged
The Classroom Spikers Logo.png
The Classroom.PNG
Originally constructed in the Strikers tournaments, The Classroom is a rather basic arena. There is no audience, and it serves as a "tutorial area" of sorts for new players just getting into the Spikers League. There aren't any gimmicks that appear here either. While that may seem boring, that doesn't mean you need to be wary of the biggest obstacle of all; your opponents!
Debut - Mario Strikers Charged (2007, Wii)
Theme - Slow-paced remix of the Classroom theme in Mario Strikers Charged
Ghostly Galaxy Spikers Logo.png
Ghostly Galaxy.PNG
This galaxy lies in the far reaches of space. This assortment of planets gives off a uniquely spooky vibe, and is inhabited by beings just as scary. Bowser hid some of the Power Stars here when he tried to conquer the universe, but Mario managed to stop him. As a court for Spikers tournaments, Boos serve as audience members, and can even make certain players invisible!
Debut - Super Mario Galaxy (2007, Wii)
Boos: Sometimes, Boos will fly from the audience and into the court. They will ram into one of the players, making them invisible for a short time. In this state, they cannot be attacked by opponents, and can pass through players.
Theme - Nu Metal remix of the Ghostly Galaxy theme in Super Mario Galaxy
Matter Splatter Galaxy Spikers Logo.png
Deep in space lies this strange galaxy. Previously only seen through Rosalina's Comet Observatory, there aren't many inhabitants, aside from strange droplet creatures that create pieces of land as they hop across space. Recent Mushroom Kingdom technology was able to fix that however, creating easy travel for players and audience members to see the Spikers games in a whole new way!
Debut - Super Mario Galaxy (2007, Wii)
Droplets: Small droplets of water will be commonly found on the court. By default, most of the court will be intact, but parts of it will gradually disappear. These droplets will then bounce along the court and restore some of the court. If players fall off the edge, they are sent to space where they will remain for a few seconds before popping back in.
Theme - Punk remix of the Space Fantasy theme in Super Mario Galaxy
Toad's Factory Spikers Logo.png
Founded by Toad, owned by Toad, and sponsored by Toad, Toad's Factory is responsible for making all the Item Boxes found in Mario Kart tournaments, as well as other events. They've even made the ? Panels for the Spikers League! This court takes place on conveyor belts with compressors above, making for hectic matches!
Debut - Mario Kart Wii (2008, Wii)
Conveyor Belts: The court takes place on conveyor belts, which move back and forth, carrying players and items with them. Occasionally, the conveyor belts will switch directions.

Compressors: Compressors will sometimes appear above the court and press into it from above. Any players below them will be flattened.

Theme - Jazz remix of the Toad's Factory theme in Mario Kart Wii
Maple Treeway Spikers Logo.png
A luscious forest covered in maple trees. It has become a mating area for large Wigglers, and the unique colors of the area make it seem like it is always autumn. A court has been built for the Spikers League to use on the top of the largest tree in the forest. It's quite a view from way up there, but don't get too distracted from the game!
Debut - Mario Kart Wii (2008, Wii)
Mega Wigglers: Mega Wigglers will sometimes prowl along the court, blocking players from moving to certain areas.

Leaf Piles: Piles of leaves can be found among the court; running into them can cause a random item to appear, which can help or hinder players.

Theme - Polka remix of the Maple Treeway theme in Mario Kart Wii
Boo Moon Galaxy Spikers Logo.png
This galaxy may very well be the origin place of Boos. Fittingly, it is one of the spookier areas in the far reaches of the galaxy, filled with dimly-lit planets and pools of dark matter that can eat you up in an instant. Spikers tournaments here are set on a special, dark matter-proof raft on one of these pools.
Debut - Super Mario Galaxy 2 (2010, Wii)
Octoboo: As the raft moves around, Octoboos travelling in set formations will appear on the court. Players that hit them will be damaged for a short time.
Theme - Polka remix of the ghost house theme in Super Mario World
Western Junction Spikers Logo.png
Far off in the west of the Mushroom Kingdom, this junction was built to import and export goods from one kingdom to another. It's still being used to this day in fact. What you probably didn't know is that the junction can double as a volleyball court. Mario and his buddies have played sports on Western Junction before, but that doesn't make things any less hectic.
Debut - Mario Sports Mix (2011, Wii)
Rotating Floor: A Monty Mole in the background can sometimes pull a lever, which will cause the ground in the center of the court to rotate. This will make it more difficult for players tp navigate the court for a short time.

Train: A train will sometimes pass by, with Monty Moles on the cars. They will throw random items onto either side of the court, which can help or hinder players depending on what the items are.

Theme - Bluegrass remix of the Western Junction theme in Mario Sports Mix
Bowser Jr. Blvd. Spikers Logo.png
For being a good son and helping his father in his schemes, Bowser dedicated an entire city in the Koopa kingdom to Bowser Jr. With bright lights and busy streets, it's a true spectacle at night. Spikers matches here take a unique spin on volleyball based on tic-tac-toe.
Debut - Mario Sports Mix (2011, Wii)
Floor Panels: By successfully spiking a ball on the opponents' side of the court, one of the panels on the ground will light up, depending on where it lands. Each side has nine panels, split into three rows. If three panels are light up in a straight line, two points are rewarded to the team instead of one. If all nine panels are lit up, the team will automatically win the set.
Theme - R&B remix of the Bowser Jr. Blvd. theme in Mario Sports Mix
Ghoulish Galleon Spikers Logo.png
Roaming across the seven seas is this spooky ship. Rumors say it was once the vessel of a famous captain. Though after having a fateful date with Davy Jones' locker, it has since been sailing on its own, with several Dry Bones making it their homes. It's been a locale for sports before, but because the Spikers League is a lot more physical, it's gone through soem reconstruction to support the violence.
Debut - Mario Sports Mix (2011, Wii)
Tilting: The ship will tilt as it sails the ocean, throwing the court out of balance. This can affect the movement of players and the trajectory of the ball.

Cannons: Several cannons are found along the outside of the court. They will fire Bob-ombs, which explode on impact and damage any players in the blast radius.
Dry Bones: Dry Bones will cheer on players by throwing bones at the court. These can be picked up and thrown at opponents, stunning them for a short time.

Theme - Hard Rock remix of the Ghost Valley theme in Super Mario Kart
Old Clockworks Spikers Logo.png
One of the mansions in Evershade Valley, Old Clockworks used to be a factory where the finest clocks in the Mushroom Kingdom were made. However, due to horrific accidents, it was closed down shortly before opening, and becoming a favorite hangout for ghosts. Luigi had to venture here to find one of the pieces of the Dark Moon. The Spikers League has built a court on the largest clock in the whole mansion, located on the roof.
Debut - Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon (2013, 3DS)
Clock Hands: The hands on the clock will constantly move across the court, which can push away opponents.

Robomb: Sometimes, Robombs will appear on the court. They will activate and chase down a player on the winning team, exploding and damaging all players caught in the blast radius. They can be dodges by sidestepping the attack however.

Theme - Hip Hop remix of the Old Clockworks themes in Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon
Beep Block Skyway Spikers Logo.png
Located in outer space way above the Sprixie Kingdom, this formation of Beep Blocks can be found. As time goes on, the blocks will switch places, making the area all the more difficult to navigate. It's been documented about eight lives were lost here (but no Game Overs thankfully), which made it all the more sense for this to be a Spikers League locale. As you can imagine, this is one of the more interesting courts the Spikers tournaments have to offer.
Debut - Super Mario 3D World (2013, Wii U)
Beep Blocks: Each side of the court consists of four Beep Blocks, two red and two blue. At any point, only one color of blocks will be visible, with the overs being invisible. Throughout the match the blocks will reappear in random places. If a player is on an invisible block, they will fall down and be inactive for a short time before they reappear.
Theme - Slow-paced remix of the Beep Block Skyway theme in Super Mario 3D World
Mount Wario Spikers Logo.png
With Wario's huge stash of cash, he'd have to invest it in something. He decided to hire (read: force) construction workers to build Winter resort on one of the highest mountains of the Mushroom Kingdom, which he aptly named Mount Wario. However, after getting sick of the cold weather he stopped using it; it'd later be a racetrack used for Mushroom Kingdom kart tournaments. In the Spikers League, the court is covered in heavy snow, making you slower.
Debut - Mario Kart 8 (2014, Wii U)
Snow: The court is covered in heavy snow, which slows down players. They cam move around to get rid of the snow for a short time.

Snowboarding Shy Guys: Shy Guys on snowboards will sometimes slide through the court, which damage players they hit.

Theme - Polka remix of the Mount Wario theme in Mario Kart 8
Frantic Fields Spikers Logo.png
The word "frantic" definitely suits this court! Constant tornadoes and lightning strikes are coming onto this would-be calm grassland. Though this spells bad news for native wildlife, the Spikers League sought to take the opportunity to create a new type of court. This court is in the epicenter of all the madness in Frantic Fields; while audience members are kept in special domes for protection, the players are subjected to all kinds of nonsense!
Debut - Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze (2014, Wii U)
Tornadoes: Tornadoes will form and roam across the court. They can pick up nearby players and throw them around. They may also catch the ball, changing its trajectory.

Lightning: Bolts of lightning will rain down on the court, which will shock players if they are struck by it. This causes them to shrink, making them slower and weaker for a shory time.

Theme - African Drums remix of the Northern Hemispheres theme in Donkey Kong Country
Super Mario Maker Studio Spikers Logo.png
Super Mario Maker.png
Ever since Mario's first adventure, he gained so much popularity that fans around the Mushroom Kingdom wanted to make their own adventures for him. Those wishes would be granted with the grand opening of Super Mario Maker Studio, a place where everyone can design their own adventures as a copy of Mario tries to overcome them. This studio has been given a new area dedicated to Spikers matches, where the audience can interact with the players to make things more hectic.
Debut - Super Mario Maker (2015, Wii U)
Bullet Bill: A Bullet Bill will launch out of a Bill Blaster, travelling forward and damaging players they hit.

Thwomp: A Thwomp will fall from the air and land on the ground, flattening players it lands on.
Bob-omb: A Bob-omb will launch out of a Bill Blaster and begin walking around the court, exploding after awhile. It will damage all players in the blast radius.
Para-Spiny: A Para-Spiny will launch out of a Bill Blaster, which will shoot spikes at players as it flies above the court.
Lakitu: A Lakitu will fly above the court for a short time, tossing small Chain Chomps that will romp around the court, damaging opponents they hit. Sometimes though, the Lakitu will toss an item for one of the players to collect and use.

Theme - Chiptune remix of the main theme in Super Mario Maker.
Rebound Court Spikers Logo.png
This special tennis court was constructed for Mushroom Kingdom tennis tournaments. Matches held here were rather wild, as the special ground used for the court had the uncanny ability to bounce balls in random directions to throw off the players. As you can imagine, a court like this would make the Spikers games wild. Watch for the ground; unlike tennis matches, it'll bounce YOU instead of the ball!
Debut - Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash (2015, Wii U)
Ground: The special ground on the court has two arrows, each pointing outward to the sides of the court. Sometimes, one of the arrows will begin blinking, before flashing yellow. When this happens, it will bounce all players on that side of the court into the wall, stunning them for a short time.
Theme - Classical remix of the Mario Stadium theme in Mario Sports Mix.
Green Energy Plant Spikers Logo.png
Though this dainty house on Prism Island was once secluded, the Spikers League sought to use it's pixelating technology to transport players and audience members alike to a special court for a new experience. Now run by Spikers officials, players are put in a special court made of pixels, with simulation almost 100% accurate to the MES (Mushroom Entertainment System). Prepare to suffer throwback whiplash when you step on this court!
Debut - Paper Mario: Color Splash (2016, Wii U)
Scenery Change: The background and court will sometimes change to a different scene thanks to Spikers League officials making changes to the emulation system. By default, the court is set on a grassland, but it can also change to have an underground, fortress, or airship theme. 8-bit Goombas and Koopas are found on the grassland, 8-bit Buzzy Beetles will fall from the ceiling and land on players, 8-bit Lava Bubbles will jump up and down from the lava below the court, and 8-bit Bullet Bills will blast through the court to interfere with players.
Theme - A medley of the overworld, underground, castle, and airship themes from Super Mario Bros. 3, which changes as the court's scenery transitions.
Fossil Falls Spikers Logo.png
Cascade Kingdom-0.jpg
Located in the Cascade Kingdom, Mario and Cappy needed to travel here to start their search for Power Moons. The ancient T-Rex also lives here, as well as a bunch of Chain Chomps Mario can practice his Capture abilities on. The area lives up to its name, with a beautiful waterfall being the highlight of the Kingdom. A court has been constructed out of rocks for Spikers use, which has large Chain Chomps surrounding it.
Debut - Super Mario Odyssey (2017, Switch)
Chain Chomps: Large Chain Chomps will stay outside of the court. Occasionally, they will try to lunge at the players, stunning them for a short time.
Theme - Country remix of the Cascade Kingdom theme in Super Mario Odyssey
Lake Lamode Spikers Logo.png
Lake Lamode, found within the Lake Kingdom, is one of the most beautiful areas on the planet. Home to mermaid-like creatures known as Lochladies, waters make up most of the town. Residents live in large, bubble-like buildings, which serve as air pockets for travelers. Mario and Cappy arrive here in their search for Peach, only to find out Bowser has stolen the Lochlady Dress. No worries, it was eventually returned. The special outfits members of the Spikers League wear allow them to breath underwater; this allows them to play while the audience watches from glass domes.
Debut - Super Mario Odyssey (2017, Switch)
Underwater: As the court is underwater, players will move slower and jump higher.

Komboo: Komboos will sometimes wander onto the court, blocking players as they pass by.
Cheep Cheep: Cheep Cheeps can sometimes swim by above the court. They can sometimes catch spikes for a team, and pass the ball to players on said team.

Theme - Dubstep remix of the Jolly Roger Bay theme in Super Mario 64
Mount Volbono Spikers Logo.png
LuncheonKingdom VolbonoMap.png
This colorful area of the Luncheon Kingdom holds some of the world's finest cuisine, simmered over a volcano. This volcano, Mount Volbono, is the landmark of the kingdom, inhabited by fork-like creatures called Volbonans. These friendly folk were willing to let the Spikers League build a court in the area. The court itself is floating on pink lava in a huge pot. Audience members watch from the pot's rim or, if they're lucky to get premium seats, on blocks floating in the lava.
Debut - Super Mario Odyssey (2017, Switch)
Cookatiel: Cookatiel will sometimes fly around the court, and will spit lava over the court. This lava will burn the players that touch it. Cookatiel may also hit the court with its feet, causing it to teeter and enter the lava.
Theme - Disco remix of the Luncheon Kingdom theme in Super Mario Odyssey
Crumbleden Spikers Logo.png
Crumbleden used too be a thriving place that stored lightning strikes from the swirling lightning clouds above. Some archaeologists wonder if it was repeating lightning strikes that left the Ruined Kingdom in... ruin, while others say it may be for different reasons entirely. When Mario and Cappy arrive here on their quest around the world, Bowser appears and sends the Ruined Dragon after them. A rather fitting arena for something as hardcore as the Spikers League, audience members take residence in floating airships in the background.
Debut - Super Mario Odyssey (2017, Switch)
Thunder: Thunderclouds above the court will shoot thunder, which crashes onto the ground. Players struck by the thunder will be shrunk for a short time, making them slower and less powerful.

Ruined Dragon: The Ruined Dragon will occasionally fly onto the court and begin attacking by pounding the ground and breathing fireballs. All of these can damage the players and alter the ball's direction. After awhile, the Ruined Dragon will grow tired and fly away.

Theme - Heavy Metal remix of the Ruined Dragon Battle theme in Super Mario Odyssey
Mirage Mansion Spikers Logo.png
MTA Mirage Mansion.jpg
This strange mansion is home to odd, magical mirrors with warping capabilities. The Mushroom Kingdom has held tennis tournaments here, using these mirrors to make plays more complex. This manor houses a Spikers League court as well. Mirrors will fly around throughout the match. These can either confuse the opponent to get you an easy point... or send the ball right back at you!
Debut - Mario Tennis Aces (2018, Switch)
Mirrors: Mirrors will fly aimlessly above the court. The ball can be passed or spiked into them. If this happens, the ball will appear out of another mirror, regardless if it is above the player's side of the court or not.
Theme - Classical remix of the Gloomy Manor theme in Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon
Diamond City Stadium Spikers Logo.png
After stealing a golden pot from a temple in Luxeville, Wario realized he had no money. Seeing the opportunity to cash in on the video game trend once again, Wario phones his friends and builds this massive stadium to host the Wario Bowl games. Though it ended up failing, Wario was too lazy to take it down, so now Diamond City simply has a stadium not in use. At least, until the Spikers League stepped in to make it a court. Packed with raving fans, this court uses special microgame technology to make for a new way to play.
Debut - WarioWare Gold (2018, 3DS)
Microgames: Throughout a match, players will be thrown into several different microgames (specifically Wario Deluxe's microgames in WarioWare Gold). Many of these have different goals, ranging from spiking the ball to hit objects in midair to running over panels on the ground. Should a player successfully win one of these microgames, they will be rewarded a free item to use. Unique from other courts, this is the only way to obtain items, as ? Panels are absent.
Theme - Polka remix of the main menu theme in WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Microgame$!


As with courts, several items are taken throughout the series. As with Mario Hoops 3-on-3 and Mario Sports Mix, they are collected from ? Panels that appear on the ground. By stepping over it, the player will gain an item for them to use. They fall under one of two categories; Support and Aggressive. Support items are used to help the player, while Aggressive items are used to attack opponents.

Like characters, items can also be taken from several fan games.

POW Block Spikers Logo.png
POW Block Hat Model.png
This item spells destruction for any enemies nearby! Once this block is attacked, it sends a massive shockwave that will defeat any and all opponents nearby. It can also be picked up and thrown, which causes a massive earthquake. When picked up, they can be used to stun any ground-bound opponents with a shockwave. If one's coming your way, jump to avoid getting stunned!
Debut - Mario Bros. (Arcade, 1983)
Type - Aggressive
Punch Ball Spikers Logo.png
ACL Punch Ball 3D.png
Mario and Luigi continually deny it, but these balloon-like objects were apart of their arsenal when defeating enemies in the sewers. A single toss from a Punch Ball would stun an enemy, allowing them to be kicked away. After the job was done, Mario and Luigi hid these balls away in the sewers; perhaps it is for this reason that it took so long to find them. Spikers specialists found the Punch Balls and mass-produced them as weapon. Players who receive one are encouraged to play like it's dodgeball; chuck the ball at an enemy and they'll be out cold!
Debut - Punch Ball Mario Bros. (Sharp X1, 1984)
Type - Aggressive
Super Mushroom Spikers Logo.png
Among Mario's most basic power-ups, Super Mushrooms make him grow bigger and allow him to tank a hit from enemies. In this state, he is also able to break Brick Blocks. They're also commonly used in Mario Kart tournaments, where they give go-karters a speed boost. The function similarly in the Spikers League, where players can pick on up and travel around the court slightly faster.
Debut - Super Mario Bros. (NES, 1985)
Type - Support
Fire Flower Spikers Logo.png
Flowers typically found in ? Blocks, they have special powers that allow their user to utilize pyrokinesis. In other words, you can shoot fireballs to scorch any enemies in the way. These weapons are rather lethal in the Spikers League, as players can hold them and shoot fireballs that bounce around the court to hurt opponents. Burned players will be running around aimlessly, trying to put the heat out.
Debut - Super Mario Bros. (NES, 1985)
Type - Aggressive
Super Star Spikers Logo.png
A special item that's definitely a rare find. When Mario finds this, he's able to become Invincible Mario where, as his name implies, can run though areas without harm. Still doesn't work on bottomless pits though (hey these are items, not miracle workers). Super Stars can be utilized in Spikers matches, where the user can pick one up and become invincible for a short time. They also gain a pretty big speed boost and their spiking power is kicked up a notch.
Debut - Super Mario Bros. (NES, 1985)
Type - Support
Green Shell Spikers Logo.png
Shells that belong to green Koopa Troopas. Throughout Mario's kingdom adventures, he has kicked these into other enemies to clear the path. If one uses this tactic they'd better be quick though; they'll wiggle right out of their shells soon. Green Shells can be tossed across the court as they ricochet off of walls, stunning opponents they hit. And no, as hilarious as it would be, they do not hold actual Koopa Troopas.
Debut - Super Mario Bros. (NES, 1985)
Type - Aggressive
Red Shell Spikers Logo.png
Shells that belong to red Koopa Troopas. They may not seem different from other shells barring color, but don't be fooled. In Mario Kart races, these menaces will target the kart ahead like heat-seeking missiles, knocking them over and allowing the user a chance to pass. They have similar programmed functions in the Spikers League tournaments, where throwing one will target a random opponent. It won't bounce off of walls if it misses however.
Debut - Super Mario Bros. (NES, 1985)
Type - Aggressive
Bullet Bill Spikers Logo.png
Mass-produced missiles used by the Koopa Troop. These are launched out of Bill Blasters, flying through the air and destroying anything in their path. They can be jumped on to be defeated however. These can be used as weapons in Spikers tournaments; when collected, a Bullet Bill can be launched across the court. It explodes on impact, damaging any opponents in the blast radius.
Debut - Super Mario Bros. (NES, 1985)
Type - Aggressive
Bob-omb Spikers Logo.png
Walking bombs that were originally built by Wart to serve as heavy artillery in his 8 Bit Club. It is unknown how, but Bowser got hold of them and started mass-producing them for his own army. Ticking time bombs, they will walk up to the opposition and explode. When used in the Spikers League, Bob-ombs will be chucked over the net, flying as they begin flashing red. When they land, they will explode, damaging any opponents in the blast radius.
Debut - Super Mario Bros. 2 (NES, 1988)
Type - Aggressive
Super Leaf Spikers Logo.png
A pretty well-known power-up across the Mushroom Kingdom, Super Leaves give the user a raccoon tail and ears. This allows them to fly through the air if they get a good enough running start. Additionally, the tail can be used as a weapon against foes. Once a Super Leaf is used, the user goes under the aforementioned effects. Now, whenever they approach an opponent, players will spin their tails, pushing them back a bit.
Debut - Super Mario Bros. 3 (NES, 1990)
Type - Support
Cannon Spikers Logo.png
Cannonball SMR.png
Often found on Bowser's arships, Cannons are mounted onto the ground and will fire Cannonballs, trying to fend off stowaways. They're invincible and can't be defeated, so you're better off trying to avoid getting hit by their shots. The Cannons have been remodeled into weapons of use for the Spikers League; place one on your side of the court and it will automatically fire Cannonballs at opponents that explode on impact.
Debut - Super Mario Bros. 3 (NES, 1990)
Type - Aggressive
Cape Feather Spikers Logo.png
MK8 Deluxe Art - Cape Feather.png
Mario first encountered this Power-Up on his vacation to Dinosaur Land. Upon grabbing it, he will transform into Cape Mario, and he will be able to fly through the air as long as he wants. It has also been used in Mario Kart tournaments, allowing players to jump in the air. Cape Feathers are usable weapons in the Spikers League that, when used, will make it easier for the team to save and spike balls. In addition, they all get a cool cape!
Debut - Super Mario World (SNES, 1991)
Type - Support
Mechakoopa Spikers Logo.png
Robotic Koopa Troopas that were created by Bowser. They're normally found patrolling castles and airships, walking around from one area to the next. Though jumping on them will stun them, it will not defeat them. Mechakoopas can, however, be thrown at enemies to damage them. After some negotiation with Bowser, he allowed Mechakoopas to be produced as Spikers League items. Activating one will have it walk onto the opposing side of the court. After awhile, it will explode, blasting any opponents in the radius.
Debut - Super Mario World (SNES, 1991)
Type - Aggressive
Banana Spikers Logo.png
Many cartoons use banana peels as a gag; someone slips on them, they fall, you laugh! Mario Kart tournaments use this kind of trick all the time. Bananas can be left on the track, and slipping on one can cost you the whole race! They have a very similar use in the Spikers League, where they can be thrown around on the opposing side of the court so opponents can slip on them. This will leave them stunned for a short time.
Debut - Super Mario Kart (SNES, 1992)
Type - Aggressive
Lightning Spikers Logo.png
A devastating item only obtained in last place during Mushroom Kingdom racing tourneys. Upon use, a thunderstorm immediately appears over the race, and lightning falls down and strikes everyone but the user. This, in turn, gives the last place drivers time to catch up to the frontrunners. Lightning is a rare item in Spikers matches, and can turn the tide of the match. It will shock all opponents, making them smaller, slower, and weaker.
Debut - Super Mario Kart (SNES, 1992)
Type - Aggressive
Barrel Cannon Spikers Logo.png
Barrel Cannon.png
A way of fast transport around Donkey Kong Island. It's unclear exactly how Barrel Cannons function, but enter it and you'll be blasting off to faraway areas! Some Barrel Cannons can even lead to secret areas. Their use in the Spikers League sees players throwing them as they roll around. If they hit an opponent, they'll be stuck inside and launched in whatever direction the cannon is facing.
Debut - Donkey Kong Country (SNES, 1994)
Type - Aggressive
K-O-N-G Letters Spikers Logo.png
Ancient relics from Donkey Kong Island, these golden slates, when put together, spell the word "KONG". No one knows of their origin, or who or what created them, but it is said that collecting all of these items in a given area will promise treasure and fortune. The Spikers League takes that term literally; sometimes the K-O-N-G Letters will appear on the court, and the first team to collect all four of them will earn an extra point. If an opposing team member has a letter, attack them to knock it out of them!
Debut - Donkey Kong Country (SNES, 1994)
Type - Support
Watermelon Spikers Logo.png
Watermelons - New Island.png
Common fruit found on Yoshi's Island. To fend off would-be predators, Yoshis can gobble these up and fire projectiles at opponents. They come in three colors: green will allow Yoshis to fire seeds, red will allow for fire breath, and blue allows for ice breath. Players will scarf down one of these in the Spikers League, and to attack they will fire seeds, fire, or ice depending on the color. Seeds will stun opponents, fire will cause them to run around in flames for a few seconds, and ice will freeze them in place.
Debut - Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island (SNES, 1995)
Type - Aggressive
Heave-Ho Spikers Logo.png
Heave Ho.png
Robots that commonly patrol areas that Mario visits. When a Heave-Ho sees Mario, they will give chase, trying to get his feet under their panel. Once this is done, they will fling the plumber backwards, which can either help or hinder him depending on where he's thrown. Heave-Hos also appear in the Spikers leage, where teammates can wind them up and send them onto the opposing side of the court. It will chase opponents, and fling them backwards into the wall. used wisely, it can prevent them from saving a ball!
Debut - Super Mario 64 (N64, 1996)
Type - Aggressive
Spiny Shell Spikers Logo.png
The Spiny Shell is a deadly item in Mario Kart racing tournaments, and has practically become a symbol of the event since its debut. It's a blue Koopa Troopa shell with spikes and wings, giving it a dangerous appearance. When thrown, the Spiny Shell seeks out the lead racer, then explodes on them to allow other drivers to pass by. This item is only provided to teams who are really behind in a Spikers match. When thrown, it flies in the air and targets the opposing player who has scored the most spikes. It will explode and send them out of commission for a few seconds, as well as damaging any other opponents in the blast radius.
Debut - Super Mario 64 (N64, 1996)
Type - Aggressive
Mystery? Spikers Logo.png
Mystery SPM.png
A neatly wrapped-up present. Like opening up gifts on Christmas morning, you never know what's inside. You can take the gift out and it'll either help you and your allies or harm your opponents. Though these boxes may seem more fit in an ice cream shoppe than the Spikers League, it's actually one of the most useful weapons available. Players who grab a Mystery? will experience randomized effects on the battlefield. It can make you faster, make your allies stronger, slow down opponents, and even cast lightning on them!
Debut - Paper Mario (N64, 2001)
Type - N/A
Durian Spikers Logo.png
Strange looking and... strange smelling fruits that are commonly sold on Isle Delfino. You can't really pick one up due to its spikes, but you can kick it around like a soccer ball... why are these sold as food again? Anyways, the Spikers League brings these "foods" to the field as weapons. You can kick them around the court, and it'll knock back opponents who get hit, stunning them. Be aware that your opponents can kick the Durian too!
Debut - Super Mario Sunshine (GCN, 2002)
Type - Aggressive
Chomp Call Spikers Logo.png
Chomp Call.png
A rather special item utilized in a few Mario Party events. It's main purpose is, as one would guess, to call Chain Chomps. Blowing into it will send a hypersonic wave of sound that only Chomps can hear; this encourages them to find the source of the sound, leading them to the user. Using a Chomp Call during a match can summon a large Chomp, which will roll around the court and romp through everyone. The Chain Chomp sidekicks of the Spikers League have special enhancements to their gear that allow them to ignore the Chomp Call's whistle.
Debut - Mario Party 4 (GCN, 2002)
Type - Aggressive
Thunder Cloud Spikers Logo.png
Thunder Cloud.png
As you could probably tell from the name, this item has the ability to shoot thunder from it and shock whoever it's below. This item has been the bane of many racers in Mario Kart races, as if one doesn't pass it on quick enough, they will get shocked and will shrink! In Spikers tournaments, the item functions in a similar way; you'll need to pass it to an opponent by attacking them to avoid getting shocked. That said, if an opponent has a Thunder Cloud above them, you'll want to stand your ground!
Debut - Mario Kart Arcade GP (Arcade, 2005)
Type - N/A
Blue Shell Spikers Logo.png
Ice shelll.png
Previously used in the Strikers tournaments of old, these special Koopa Troopa shells could be kicked around and freeze opponents in place. Science has shown that these shells actually belonged to an ancient Koopa race that lived during the ice age... though how the shells ended up surviving this long is still being looked into. At any rate, these shells make a comeback for the Spikers tourneys, where they act identically to how they did in the Strikers League.
Debut - Super Mario Strikers (GCN, 2005)
Type - Aggressive
Mega Mushroom Spikers Logo.png
MTUS Mega Mushroom.png
A rare, humongous Mushroom only found in certain parts of the Mushroom Kingdom. If Super Mushrooms allowed Mario to grow bigger, you can imagine how effective this is! The suer will become so large that they can crush through anything and everything - even Flagpoles if they wanted to! Giant players in the Spikers League can romp through the court and squish anyone in their path. Make good use of this before you shrink back down!
Debut - New Super Mario Bros. (DS, 2006)
Type - Support
Double Cherry Spikers Logo.png
Commonly found in the Sprixie Kingdom, these magical Double Cherries will multiply the user into two! The two clones will then travel together, maximizing damage against enemies and platform coverage. If one clone dies, the other one will sick around. In addition, collecting more Double Cherries will net you more clones! You can add a teammate to the play using Double Cherries in the Spikers League tournaments. It only appears temporarily, so use wisely.
Debut - Super Mario 3D World (Wii U, 2013)
Type - Support
Cannon Box Spikers Logo.png
Cannon Box - Super Mario 3D World.png
Hidden among ? Blocks, they reveal themselves when you hit them. Once you have a Cannon Box on your head, you can fire explosive cannonballs forward to damage enemies and destroy obstacles. You can even charge up the shot to fire a cannonball that fires faster and farther. For use in the Spikers League, players are able to put them on and run around. Though they can't attack or spike balls in this state, the Cannon Box will automatically fire cannonballs forward.
Debut - Super Mario 3D World (Wii U, 2013)
Type - Aggressive
Light Box Spikers Logo.png
Light Box Artwork - Super Mario 3D World.png
These boxes can be worn by anyone who hits them. When worn, they will emit a beam of light, which can help users navigate through dark areas such as Ghost Houses. In addition, as Boos hate light, they'll disappear if you shine this light on them! They have a modified use for the Spikers League, where wearing one allows the user to flash a few bright beams forward. They will stun opponents, making them immobile for a short time.
Debut - Super Mario 3D World (Wii U, 2013)
Type - Aggressive
Super Horn Spikers Logo.png
After nearly decades of Mario Kart tournaments, Mushroom Kingdom scientists finally invented a weapon that could counteract the devilish Spiny Shell. Titled the Super Horn, it blasts a wave of sonic sound waves around the user, which destroy any and all obstacles around the user's kart - yes, even Spiny Shells! As a Spikers League weapon, players are able to pick it up and carry it. Players can then release a single sound blast that damages anyone and anything in the radius. It can even be used as a last-ditch effort to save a ball!
Debut - Mario Kart 8 (Wii U, 2014)
Type - Aggressive
Mystic Stone Spikers Logo.png
Mystic Stone - Rainbiw.png
These stones are found all throughout the Underworld Trials, and Mario and co. needed to collect them to escape. They come in a wide variety of colors, though are functionallt no different from each other. Only rainbow Mystic Stones are found in the Spikers League, and when used, can cause a storm if meteorites to rain onto the opponents' side of the court. If you're on the receiving end, look for shadows of falling rocks and avoid them!
Debut - Super Mario and the Underworld Trials (Switch, 2017)
Type - Aggressive
Sun Blossom Spikers Logo.png
Ancient items that serve as a power source to the Sakura Kingdom. Royal Onis such as Princess Lotus are able to harness their power via prayer, which helps bring energy throughout the kingdom. As such, you can imagine the massive blow the kingdom took when Jigea stole all of them. Since then, the Sun Blossoms have been recovered, and the Sakura Kingdom even let the Spikers League use them as weapons! Athletes who use them will be charged with electrical energy for a short time; touching an opponent in this state will cause them to shrink!
Debut - Super Mario Powers 黒 (Pyrohedron, 2017)
Type - Support
Horostar Spikers Logo.png
ACL Horostar.png
A mysterious Star that not many know about. Horostars were created by as a result of time ripping, though after Themis was defeated by Mario, several of these were left throughout the past. Serving as ticking time bombs when not harnessed, naturally, Mario sought to collect all of them. They make a... slightly less destructive presence in the Spikers League, where they will cover the court in a dark aura and slow down all opposing team members. This can make it easier to gain a point or be used to escape attackers.
Debut - Super Mario Maker Phi (The V², 2016)
Type - Aggressive
Dark Box Spikers Logo.png
Strange blocks that Mario is able to wear. As its name suggests, it will emit beams of darkness forward. This can make enemies not see the user, even when they're right in front of them! Though the darkness must be kept on the enemy for it to work. They have a slightly different function in the Spikers League, where placing one of the court will cast a cloud of darkness around the opponent's side of the court. This will make it significantly harder for them to see where the ball's gonna land.
Debut - Super Mario: Elemental Journey (The V², 2016)
Type - Aggressive
Magma Shell Spikers Logo.png
Special Koopa Troopa shells that, when worn, allow the user to swim through lava. Additionally, sliding around in a Magma Shell can leave behind a trail of fire, which burns enemies. Just try not to touch water though, THAT acts as lava when you wear this shell. Thankfully, Magma Shells have been altered to sustain water, so they can be used in underwater courts in Spikers tournaments! Kick one forward and it will slide across the court, leavibg a trail of fire behind them. Used wisely, it can block opponents from saving a ball.
Debut - Super Mario: Elemental Journey (The V², 2016)
Type - Aggressive
Minokawa Mango Spikers Logo.png
Minokawa Mango.png
A mysterious fruit that, when consumed, transforms the user into their Minokawa form. In this state, you can take in light from anywhere and take it somewhere else, helpful for lighting up a dark place. For use in the Spikers League, the Minokawa Mango has been reverse-engineered to serve as more of a boost in power; players who consume this will start glowing, which gives them a boost in attack power.
Debut - Super Mario Realms (Switch, 2017)
Type - Support


  • As mentioned above, the game was originally made by Next Level Games, but Nintendo denied publishing it as it was seen as too violent. Aftewards, Crash Co. would pick up the game and finish it, releasing it under TimeStrike.
  • The game can be seen as the director's love letter to the Mario series, both the official games and the various fangames.
  • The article uses modified variations of templates from Mario Baseball: Triple Play!, made by Existence Software.