Studio(s) MGX Studios
Distributor(s) Nintendo, Cartoon Network, Sega, Mojang, Namco Bandai, Square Enix
Genre(s) Action/Adventure
Country of Origin United States
Theatrical Release Date(s)
Episode 1: February 26th, 2015
Episode 2: April 17th, 2015
Episode 3: July 7th, 2015
Home Edition Release Date(s)
Age Rating(s)
United States: PG
Canada: PG
Original Language English
Budget $4.62
Runtime 90 minutes (running time for all epiosdes)
Series Super Mario Silver Spurs series
Prequel(s) Super Mario Silver Spurs 2: Adventures Beyond
Super Mario Silver Spurs 3: Endgame
is the third addition of the Silver Spurs Saga, and will be released in 2015 to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Super Mario Bros.. While venturing across two different dimensions, Mario has to stop Mandy from using the Ender Dragon to take over the meta-universe.


Episode 1: The Darkest Hour

Dark Empress Ballgum walks into a dark throne room. As she is approaching the mysterious figure on the throne, she explains that the Interuniversal Alliance has become more and more powerful since it was founded in 2012 (after the events of the first addition of the trilogy), and that it is time to strike. "Exactly," the figure says. "We must stop the spread of this enormous democracy. It is completely useless. In fact, I've been waiting for this moment all my life. So I will spread terror and darkness across the meta-universe. I will control chaos; I will rule discord; I will be a dark and terrible queen; and I might punch Irwin in the mouth." The figure walks out of the shadows and reveals herself as Mandy, then says, "It is time for revenge." The eyes of the Ender Dragon are shown in the darkness. Then, the title appears.

Meanwhile, Mario is celebrating his 30th birthday with his friends at Princess Peach's Castle. Mario says that he feels old, but his friends try to convince him otherwise. However, Sonic runs up and explains he spotted some kind of dragon flying straight for the party. Mario and Luigi go to check it out, and find that the Ender Dragon is attacking. Steve fires a bow at it, but it's too much for the heroes, and suddenly, as it flies by, a portal opens to another universe. Mario gets sucked in, and yells out for his friends as he's flung across space and time. Peach looks at the portal, crying as the others try to comfort her.

Mario lands in Brooklyn, New York, where he finds Donkey Kong I running up a construction site with Pauline. Mario decides to save his ex-girlfriend. But when he beats DK, Pauline says that she doesn't know him. "Don't you remember?" Mario asks. "I'm the guy who comes to save you! You know, Mario..." But Pauline is still not convinced. Mario decides to climb back down and try to figure out what is going on. He realizes that Luigi is running the Mario Bros. Plumbing business by himself. Soon, he discovers that he has been teleported into an alternate universe in which he didn't exist. He decides to try and convince Luigi to help him out.

Mario talks to Luigi and explains his situation, and while Luigi doesn't believe him, he does feel sorry that Mario has no home and decides to play along with Mario's story. Mario and Luigi walk around town a bit, trying to find out if anyone knows about the portal. Luigi says he knows someone who knows a bit about inter-dimensional travel, and brings Mario to Sonic, who's sitting around on a couch in his apartment. "Eh, one time I chased some guy through time, but that was ages ago. I just did it by running really fast." Mario sighs and wonders if he'll ever go back home, and goes back out. As he passes by an alley, a pair of yellow eyes watch him and mutter something. Mandy is watching as well. "Ooh, that no-good pasta lover. He'll foil my plan for universal domination." She pulls out an walkie-talkie and speaks into it. "M-125 through M-150, I want you to catch that red-clad plumber, along with his green companion. I want them alive." Robots that resemble Mandy, but are larger and heavier, charge out of another alley and look for the Mario Bros.. However, the yellow eyes come out of the darkness, although wearing a heavy cloak, and pursue the robots.

Mario and Luigi go to a deli to get something to eat and to think things over, and meet Mega Man, using kitchen tools in place of a Mega Buster to make sandwiches. Mario tries to explain things to Mega Man, but Mega Man doesn't believe it. The brothers sit down, and look outside to see the squadron of robots chasing them. They get up and Mario prepares to fight them, Luigi reluctantly helping. until a blast of ice comes out of nowhere and freezes the robots. Mario looks around to see who did it, but doesn't see anyone else. The brothers run off to find who sent the robots, Mega Man in tow chasing them for not paying for their lunch. On the way, the group runs into Darwin and Bowser Jr., who are heading to their karate classes, and run off to the dojo to tell Tails about how they ran into a bunch of weird guys. Meanwhile, the cloaked figure watches Mario from the deli rooftop and heads off to save him, but not before running into a shadowy figure who grabs him in his claws. "You will be useful for the queen's plans, strange magician...", it says, as the Ender Dragon flies in and carries them away into a universal portal. The first episode ends as we see the Ender Dragon fly to a tall castle in a dark, cloudy place...

Episode 2: The Universal Chase

In Mandy's castle, bright purple crystals light a courtroom. Statues of Mandy loom over everyone, and Mandy herself sits in a balcony high above the court. "This alternate universe mage is being charged with destruction of my empire's property and assisting my target, Mario." The cloaked figure stands, handcuffed and guarded by two Endermen, who pull off his cloak to reveal Black Mage. The court of Endermen declares him guilty, and Alternate Black Mage is sentenced to be dropped off the top of the castle. However, just as he jumps, he calls forth a magic broom to fly on, and casts a portal spell to go back to the alternate universe. Mandy nods to the Ender Dragon and it takes flight chasing him, as the title appears.

Mega Man and two of Mandy's security drones are searching for the Mario Bros. "...So I gave them their subs," Mega Man says, "but then they saw about twenty-five Mandinator Warriors. They stood up and prepared to fight them, but all of a sudden -- FLASH! -- the warriors are frozen out of nowhere. The red 'n' green rebels decided to rush out of the deli without paying for their lunch, so I ran after them. I chased them into an apartment -- into its bathroom -- and they dove into the tub's pipe. Then they were gone. That's why I need your help, so I can find them and fine them." "Were there any other witnesses of this crime?" one of the security drones asks. "Um, some of the people in the deli saw them," Mega Man replies. "But they don't matter. The rebels do." "OK then," the drone says. "We'll do whatever we can to stop them. ...We'll even feed them to the Ender Dragon if we have to."

Mario and Luigi hide in a dojo to rest, but are encountered by Tails, Darwin, and Bowser Jr. "Tails, it's those weird guys," says Bowser Jr., jumping up and down. "They bumped into us on the run from some Mandinators!" Tails tells the two class is dismissed for now, and they run off. Mario explains what happened and why he's on the run. Tails presses a button, and a device teleports them to a large laboratory. It turns out to be the secret headquarters of the Resistance against Mandy. Tails tells Mario that he is part of this Resistance, and that in his spare time, he studies dimensional anomalies and a recent disturbance between two timelines may have been Mario. Tails agrees to help Mario, but he needs a few days to design a device to mend the anomaly. In the meantime, he allows Mario and Luigi to stay in the Resistance HQ.

Meanwhile, 2nd Dimension Bowser sits on his throne, when suddenly, Endermen snatch him up and bring him to Mandy. "Throw him in the lava. Without him, my dark copy can fool the Koopa army and give me even more power." "I'm telling you right now," Bowser exclaims, "it's not going to work! I'll be back before you know it! If you don't believe me, just wait and see!" But the Endermen throw him in the lava anyway. Mandy turns to a group of Zombie Pigmen and says, "Go help Dark Bowser find the seven Chaos Emeralds. That way, he'll have enough power to take over the Mushroom Kingdom." "Yes, your most supreme cruelness," the Pigmen say in unison. Mandy goes to her throne room to sit down a while. Little does she know that a skeletal hand is sticking out of the lava in which Bowser fell in.

In the main universe, Gumball Watterson, Sonic the Hedgehog, Steve, Pac-Man, and Kirby join forces to find Mario. They get some help from 1st Dimension Tails, who builds an inter-dimensional traveling device for them. Mario and Luigi grab 2nd Dimension Tails' prototype inter-dimensional traveller and the chase is on as the two groups shift from dimension to dimension. Mario, Luigi, and 2nd Dimension Tails meet NES Mario and NES Luigi along the way, and allow them to join the team. Later in the film, the two groups end up in an empty void. They all panic, realizing they've reached the end of the dimension stream, but Black Mage flies in and brings them back to the 2nd Dimension. He reveals that he came from the main universe to defend Mario, and the two reunite. "Uh... guys...?", Gumball says as the Ender Dragon begins tearing a chasm in the ground towards the heroes. "I think the dragon's a bit mad."

Dark Bowser arrives back at the castle, holding the Chaos Emeralds and placing them in an odd device in the middle of the room. He opens a portal to the 2nd Dimension and arrives in Bowser's castle. "This is my palace now. You are all under arrest by the Dark Queen Mandy, and will continue to serve as her loyal troops for the rest of your life." Meanwhile, the heroes manage to trick the dragon into flying away, but now they must defeat Mandy by raiding her castle. Both Tails manage to make a full version of the inter-dimensional traveller, and Mario activates it, going off to recruit heroes from both dimensions.

When Mandy discovers that Mario has gotten rid of the Ender Dragon, she calls a meeting in her throne room, with Billy, the Grim Reaper, Irwin, Ballgum, ShadowE-123 Omega, E-10000B, and two of Mandy's Mandinator Guards. "That rebellious plumber Mario thinks he's won because he's distracted the Ender Dragon," she explains. "But my portal device will help me strike back once I have the Master Emerald in my hands." "Um, what about the Master Diamond?" Irwin asks. Shadow slaps him in the mouth, and Irwin says, "OW! What was that for?!" "It's called the Master Emerald," Shadow replies. "Yeah, yeah, whatever." Mandy continues, stating that if Mario reunites with his friends, then he can use them to destroy her army, warrior by warrior. Billy thinks there is something different about Mandy, and asks if she changed her hair. "No, my hair is in the exact same fashion it was in earlier!" Mandy replies. "And people look at me like I'm an idiot," Billy says. Mandy exclaims, "That's because you are an idiot!" Billy taps his chin for a few seconds, then starts laughing hysterically. Shadow uses Chaos Control to freeze him, and Mandy thanks him. "Either way," she says, "I MUST DESTROY MARIO."

After the credits, we see a skeletal figure rising out of the lava. Only a brief glimpse of it is seen, but it climbs the castle and runs into a crowd of Endermen. "Let's have a little fun, shall we?" The mysterious skeleton roars as the screen cuts to black.

Episode 3: The Battle To End All Battles

"What?!" Mandy yells to a Zombie Pigman. "Mario has reunited with his friends?!?" "It's true, your highness," the Pigman replies. "He escaped the alternate universe and is now heading towards the 1st Dimension Mushroom Kingdom." "I will gather my army. I will go to that kingdom and conquer it so I can destroy Mario." "Oh no, you won't!!" says a voice. "That kingdom is mine!" Dry Bowser stomps into the throne room. Mandy is surprised to see Bowser in an undead form, and sends her guards at him, but Dry Bowser defeats them easily. He stomps towards Mandy, but she presses a button, and she falls out of the room and lands in a large hallway filled with squadrons of Endermen, Zombie Pigmen, Mandinators, and even memory-washed Egg Pawns. "Get the airships ready. I want you to go attack the castle belonging to the ruler of the Mushroom Kingdom* so I can conquer it. All I need for universal domination is the Master Emerald, so I want some of you to go to Angel Island and steal it for me. I will be in the 2nd Dimension with Dark Bowser." Mandy's minions march out to the hangar, where over twenty-five airships are ready for takeoff. When Mandy sees the Chaos Emeralds in the portal device, she has an evil grin on her face. Meanwhile, Dry Bowser rushes through Mandy's castle to find Mario and company. He battles his way through Mandy's army to get out, and finally reaches the portal device. Curious, he enters the portal and ends up in the 2nd Dimension version of his castle, where he finds Dark Bowser waiting for him.

In the 1st Dimension, Mario and his friends, both 1st and 2nd dimension, are gathered at Peach's Castle. Mario has recruited Mordecai and Skyla from the 2nd Dimension to assist in the battle, and 1st Dimension Bowser lets the gang come aboard the Koopa Cruiser. They fly into a huge portal created by Black Mage, and into Mandy's castle, located in the dimension beyond all dimensions, where the Ender Dragon resides- the End. On the way, the Ender Dragon rams the ship, damaging the engines. "We have to land somewhere or we're gonna end up stuck in the tissue of time and space!," Bowser yells, trying to launch blasts at the Ender Dragon. The Dragon closes the portal to the End which the ship crashes into, sending it flying into the 2nd Dimension.

As the Koopa Cruiser crashes, Dark Bowser and Dry Bowser face off. "You fool! Meta-universal domination will belong to my- I mean, Mandy's empire!", Dark Bowser roars, summoning Endermen to fight Dry Bowser. Dry Bowser easily defeats them all, and summons Dry Bones to assist him. "Always gotta keep a backup plan- DRY BONES BATTALION, STRIKE!", he yells, sending dozens of Dry Bones in to fight Dark Bowser. Bit by bit, Dark Bowser's skin flakes, revealing Mandy underneath. She explains she used the Dark Bowser identity for power, and simply has the Ender Dragon escort her out of the Second Dimension, having succeeded in distracting her most powerful enemies long enough for the castle to be attacked and for the Master Emerald to be stolen. "Now, it's time to begin the master plan. Ender Dragon, take us to the portal.", she says with a smirk on her face.

Mario and his friends find themselves stranded on Blood Island, where they meet Guybrush Theepwood, king of the pirates and ruler of the island. He questions their motives at first, but when he sees the Koopa Cruiser, he wonders if he could use it as a ship and agrees to help the team. He introduces them to Rayman, who's crashing on the island for a while, and the group work to repair the Koopa Cruiser. Mario uses the Inter-Dimensional Traveller to look at the 1st Dimension, but he's shocked to see the castle in ruins. "How could I let-a this happen...?", he wonders, looking at the ruins.

A Mandinator walks into Mandy's throne room and says, "Empress, a prisoner has just arrived." "Excellent," Mandy replies. "Send him in." Two Endermen force Knuckles into the room. "What is it you want from me, little girl?" he asks commandingly. Mandy snaps her fingers, and the Endermen choke Knuckles. "Don't... call me... a little... girl!" she says. The Endermen release Knuckles, and Mandy commands them to take him away. Zombie Pigmen walk in, carrying the Master Emerald. Mandy is pleased to see this, and says, "Perfect. Now we can use it to power the portal device so I can conquer the world... after I destroy Mario."

Mario comes back into the 2nd Dimension and explains what happened to Peach's castle. Gumball offers to sneak into Mandy's castle and find out her plan, and Mario accepts this offer. So he uses the IDT(Inter-Dimensional Traveller) to sneak in. He reaches Mandy's throne room, but he sees two Mandinators guarding the door. He tosses a boomerang at their heads, and they are chopped off. Gumball enters the throne room, but Mandy isn't there. He finds a diary on the arm of the throne, which he immediately confirms as Mandy's. He flips the most recent entry, which says:

July 7, 2015

Today, I am going to execute my master plan. First, my minions will steal the Master Emerald*. I will use it to power a portal device that will mend all worlds with the End. All I will have to do then is get rid of Mario and his useless allies. Then, I can dominate the meta-universe, and I will rule over it like a tyrannical goddess. And no one will be able to stop me! Ha ha ha! AH HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!

Gumball returns and tells Mario about what Mandy's up to, and Mario exclaims, "We must stop Mandy's evil plans!" Luigi tells them the Koopa Cruiser is ready. "Just on time," Mario replies. However, just as they take off into the portal, the dimensions begin to meld with the End, as white stone and pillars fill the land. Mandy watches from her throne room, Ballgum and Ender Dragon sitting with her. "The portal device works. Begin the domination of all dimensions!"

Many dimensions, including the Mushroom Kingdom, Elmore, Mobius, Dream Land, Pac-Land, and even Earth, are taken over. Mandy's army enslaves the citizens of each dimension. Mandy is shown in a large hologram in each dimension. "Citizens of all worlds, kneel before your new master or die!" The citizens are forced to kneel. Mandy announces that she is now the ruler of the entire meta-universe and that she will force everyone into slavery. "Don't try to defy my reign," she says to them. "Otherwise, you will receive a 100% severe punishment. As the Dark Queen of the Meta-Universe, I will have absolute power, and everything you see will belong to me. You will all be my loyal and humble servants, and you will do anything I command you to do. Now, good luck surviving my dark and terrible empire." Everyone gets into a panic and seeks Mario's help, as he and his team are the only ones left to save the world.

Meanwhile, Mario and company reach The End and begin raiding Mandy's castle. An Endermen walks into the throne room and says, "A group of rebels seemingly from both dimensions is raiding the castle!" "That can only mean one thing," Mandy says. "...Mario." She sends Mecha Mario to get rid of him, but Mario defeats him easily. Our heroes continue raiding all the way to the top, where Mandy is waiting for them. Mandy explains her entire master plan; she says that she intentionally sent the Ender Dragon to teleport Mario into the 2nd Dimension to get him out of the way. "You! You sent me into that 2nd Dimension!" Mario yells. "Exactly," Mandy replies. "But now that you've returned, I might as well destroy you, along with all of your puny friends." Mandy becomes Dark Bowser. Mario and his friends get ready for the final battle... and so it begins. (Dry Bowser assists in the battle; he is avenging his original form, which was destroyed by Mandy."

Dark Bowser (er... Mandy) is thrown into the lava, but comes back out as Dry Dark Bowser. The second phase of the battle begins. Soon enough, Mario remembers a strategy that he used in New Super Mario Bros. against Dry Bowser; the bridge he battles on can be destroyed with the press of a button. He looks around and sees no switch; however, he sees an axe. "To save the world," Mario says, "I gotta go back in time." He grabs the axe and chops the bridge. Dry Dark Bowser falls and his bones are shattered into positions in which they cannot come back together. However, just when Mario and co. think the battle is over, a ghostly object similar to Cackletta Soul from Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga rises out of the pit. Mario realizes that Mandy's soul had been left behind when Dry Dark Bowser was destroyed. Mandy Soul grabs Mario and flies him up into the stormy skies. She claws him and scratches him, and Mario desperately attempts to escape this suffering. "Your adventuring days are about to come to an end, Mario!" Mandy says with an evil laugh. However, Mario realizes he still has a back-up ability: the Flame Fist. He uses it to attack Mandy Soul, and she drops him. Mario lands back on the roof of the castle and continues fighting Mandy. But no matter what he tries, he can't defeat her. "Luigi, hand me the Poltergust 5000!" Gumball demands. "Why should I? You don't know how to use it!" "Yes, I do! It's just like the video game [Luigi's Mansion]! Trust me!" Luigi gives the Poltergust to Gumball, who uses it to suck up Mandy Soul. "No! You can't do this to me! I'm too young to die! No, no, no! No! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!" Mandy is defeated, but Mario falls to the ground unconscious due to all the damage he took from Mandy Soul.

Mario wakes up in Peach's Castle again, surrounded by his friends. "Y-you guys are alr-r-ight?", he says, happily looking to his friends. Gumball explains that he found a 1-Up Mushroom and gave it to Mario, thereby reviving him. Mario thanks him for saving his life and for his heroic attempt against Mandy. He gets up and celebrates both his victory and his 30th anniversary with all of his friends, even using the Inter-Dimensional Traveller to say one last goodbye to the heroes in the 2nd Dimension. As the credits play, we see Mario and friends going on new adventures- facing off with various villains such as Wart and Chaos from across the heroes' worlds.. In the 2nd Dimension, Tails finishing reprogramming Mecha Mario to work with Luigi at the newly re-opened Luigi Bros. Plumbing, and the Ender Dragon takes a nice nap finally free from Mandy. As the credits finish, we see both dimensions together for one big party.

After the credits end, we see Mandy Soul in a interdimensional jail cell, where she can see the party but Mario and friends can't see her. Two of her former Endermen workers celebrate, talking about how bad a boss Mandy was. "This is a cruel and unusual punishment.", she says. "Cruel and unusual for us," says Mephiles. "For them? Not as much, really." "True," Count Bleck responds. All three are in the same cell. Mandy, Mephiles, and Bleck get into an argument about whose master plan was the most effective. Mandy states that she practically killed Mario until Gumball sucked her up with the Poltergust, but Mephiles argues that he wanted to destroy the meta-universe rather than simply take it over. Count Bleck explains how he created dark clones of the heroes to get rid of them, but Mandy thought it would've been nice to mend the various dimensions with The End, and Mephiles thought taking advantage of The Void was a great idea. Then, the three villains of the Silver Spurs Trilogy start attacking each other. "You three better keep it down in there!" a prison guard yells out. "OK, Mandy," Mephiles whispers. "You win." Mandy smirks at the viewer in victory, finishing the movie.

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Major Characters


Image Name Home Series First Appearance Description Alternate Universe Change
Marioart2 Mario Super Mario Donkey Kong (1981) The main protagonist. He's always ready for a new venture every once in a while. Was never born in the alternate universe.
200px-GumballSeason2 Gumball Watterson The Amazing World of Gumball The DVD A good companion of Mario's in the Silver Spurs Trilogy. Doesn't recognize Mario as well.
478px-Nsmb2 bowser Bowser Super Mario Super Mario Bros. (1985) DA KING OF DA KOOPAS IS BACK! And he'll burn you to a crisp if you mess with him! Ruler of the Mushroom Kingdom.
Sonic 2002 Sonic the Hedgehog Sonic the Hedgehog Sonic the Hedgehog (1991) Sonic's his name, and speed's his game! Need I say more? Never went to the Olympics with Mario. Is now slow and lazy because he doesn't have Mario to compete against.
Luigi MP9 Luigi Super Mario Mario Bros. (1983) Luigi is back, and in the 2nd Dimension, he gets to be in the spotlight without Mario! Owns Mario Bros. Plumbing (by the name "Luigi's Plumbing") by himself.
Tails2011 Miles "Tails" Prower Sonic the Hedgehog Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (1992) Tails is Sonic's super-smart pal, and the two of them are like brothers. In the 2nd Dimension, he teaches karate. Darwin and Bowser Jr.'s trainer. A member of the Resistance.
185px-Pac-Man character art - The Adventure Begins Pac-Man Pac-Man Pac-Man (1980) Pac-Man's been WAKA-WAKA-WAKA-ing through ghosts since 1980! He's got a big heart and a bigger stomach. Competes in boxing matches. Doesn't eat as much anymore.
Kirbynew Kirby Kirby Kirby's Dream Land (1992) Kirby sucks... up enemies. He's an innocent little puffball, but don't mess with him or you'll get gobbled up! A warrior for Bowser.
Skyla PokemonB&W Skyla Pokemon Pokemon Black & White (2010) Skyla's a high-flying Gym Leader from Unova, and she uses her Pokemon to help her reach new heights! N/A; Mario doesn't know her yet.
Mordecai character Mordecai Regular Show Pilot While Mordecai may seem lazy, he's faced off with all sorts of stuff. Part of a gang.
Minecraft-steve 12 Steve (Minecraft) Minecraft Minecraft (2011) Always mining and building, Steve's a brave fellow who fights off monsters every night! His foe the Ender Dragon is here too, though... Constructs fortresses for Bowser's minions.
Black mage without basketball Black Mage Final Fantasy Final Fantasy (game) A newcomer to the Silver Spurs movies, Black Mage is an old friend of Mario who regrets not being in touch with him more. Final Fantasy really did have a final fantasy. Became a nomadic hobo without games to show up in. It's actually a ruse, though, and there is no alternate Black Mage- the main universe one made his own portal to go and protect his old friend.
Raymanoeo Rayman Rayman Rayman 1 Rayman's just a guy chilling, and letting his hands float free. Not much else to say about him. Lost against Mr. Dark, causing his world to be destroyed. Rayman is awfully depressed and is always talking about his situation at a bar.
Guybrushthreepwoodthemightywood Guybrush Threepwood Monkey Island The Secret of Monkey Island The Mighty PirateTM is a newcomer in the Silver Spurs series. He never meet Mario in his life, but we all know, he is a true Mighty PirateTM! Became the king of the pirates and the ruler of Blood IslandTM with Elaine.
DRYBONESBOWSER Dry Bowser Super Mario New Super Mario Bros. (2006) The skeletal form of Bowser- bad to the bone, and twice as angrier! He's 2nd Dimension Bowser's new form as of Episode 3, due to Mandy dropping him into lava. None- he's just an new form of the 2nd Dimension Bowser.
NESmario NES Mario Super Mario Super Mario Bros. (1985) The classic Mario joins the modern Mario on his quest to defeat Mandy. See Modern Mario's alternate universe change.
NESluigi NES Luigi Super Mario Super Mario Bros. (1985) Classic Luigi follows Classic Mario into the quest. N/A


Image Name Home Series First Appearance Description
B&M Mandy Mandy The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy Meet the Reaper A newcomer in the Silver Spurs Trilogy. She is the main antagonist, and plans to use the Ender Dragon to take over the world while attempting to erase Mario from time itself.
Dark Empress Ballgum By STM Dark Empress Ballgum Gumball Gumball: Double Trouble (2013)


Ballgum's an evil empress and Mandy's top advisor. The two have lots in common, being conquerors using dark magic and all.
Minecraft Ender Dragon Ender Dragon Minecraft Minecraft (2011) Once the defender of the End, the Ender Dragon has been captured by Mandy to serve under her! It is used in Mandy's plans and is constantly hunting for the heroes.
DarkBowserSMW3D Dark Bowser Super Mario Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story (2009) Bowser's dark clone. But in reality, he is Mandy in disguise.
Mecha Mario by Kryptid Mecha Mario Super Mario Super Mario Bros. Z A mechanical duplicate of Mario, made to copy Mario's skills precisely. He is reprogrammed by Tails to be good at the end of Episode 3.

Minor Characters

Image Name Home Series
Darwin Watterson SMSS2AB Darwin Watterson The Amazing World of Gumball
Bowserjr MP9 Bowser Jr. Super Mario
ShadowGenerations Shadow the Hedgehog Sonic the Hedgehog
Megamannew Mega Man Mega Man
480px-E-10000b-sonic-free-riders E-10000B Sonic the Hedgehog
E-123 Omega E-123 Omega Sonic the Hedgehog
Knuckles (Trading Cards) Knuckles the Echidna Sonic the Hedgehog
NSMBWiiPeach Princess Peach Super Mario

Mandy's Minions

Image Name Home Series Description
Zombie Pigman Minecraft Zombie Pigman Minecraft Basic warriors in Mandy's army, although she prefers her own robotic minions, Mandinators.
Enderman Enderman Minecraft Since Mandy's castle is in The End, many of these creatures serve as her loyal troops.
E-1001 Egg Pawn Egg Pawn Sonic the Hedgehog Dr. Eggman's troops have apparently been memory-washed by Mandy's Endermen.
Dark Goomba3D Dark Goomba Super Mario Goombas that have been brainwashed by Mandy. They act like normal Goombas, but are much more dangerous.
Mandinator Mandinator SMSS3 is its first appearance. Mandy's robotic warriors. They resemble Mandy herself, but are larger and heavier.


Actor Character(s)
Charles Martinet Mario, Luigi
Grey DeLisle Mandy, Mandy Soul
Kenny James

Bowser, Dry Bowser

Jacob Hopkins Gumball Watterson
Roger Craig Smith Sonic the Hedgehog
Eric Newsome Dark Bowser
Kate Higgins Miles "Tails" Prower
Stuart Milligan Black Mage
Ben Stiller Steve
Martin T. Sherman Pac-Man
Makiko Omoto Kirby
Terrell Ransom Jr. Darwin Watterson
Caety Sagoian Bowser Jr.
David Gasman Rayman
Dominic Armato Guybrush Threepwood
Meryl Streep Dark Empress Ballgum

DVD Shorts

The DVD/Blu-Ray release of Super Mario Silver Spurs 3 has a few shorts included as special features.

  • An Apology: The heroes, while travelling across their worlds, run into the Grim Reaper. At first, they think he's out to get them for defeating Mandy and run, but he actually apologizes for what Mandy did, and the heroes invite him to adventure with them, which he accepts.
  • Black Mage and Sports: Black Mage tries playing basketball, volleyball, and a variety of other sports with Mario. While he isn't good at sports at first, he goes through training and manages to beat Mario at basketball.
  • A Day In the Life of Dry Bowser: Back as a peaceful king of the Mushroom Kingdom in the Second Dimension, Dry Bowser tries managing the castle without scaring off Bowser Jr., and fails. However, he tells his son about his cool adventures and how he fell into lava, which makes Bowser Jr. excited, even asking if he can become a cool skeleton when he's older.
  • Rise of Mandy: This short explains how Mandy rose into power and enslaved the Endermen, as well as the reason she hates Mario so much.
  • Chase of the Dark Gaia: Mario assigns Bowser, Black Mage, Steve, Grim, and NES Mario a new task: to get rid of the Dark Gaia. But they just can't seem to get along that well.




  • Although Endgame was officially confirmed in April, the project began in Febuary. It had a similar plot, but it had a different villain. MGX Studios stated that it was a minor character in TAWOG. But when the project was officially confirmed, this character was replaced by Mandy, due to the fact that no one seemed to recognize the former villain.
  • Drew (tbc) had other plans for SMSS3, and gave it the subtitle "Dark Moon Saga". However, Pablo (tbc) reverted this edit. To thank Pablo, MGX (tbc) offered him to work on SMSS3 with him.
  • Since SMSS3 will be released to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Super Mario Bros., it will contain references to major games in the Super Mario series.
    • In Episode 1, a sequence similar to a typical game of Donkey Kong occurs soon after the beginning of the film.
    • When Mega Man refers to the Mario Bros. going down a large pipe in a tub while he is talking to the security drones in Episode 2, he indirectly refers to the events that occurred directly before SMB.
    • Dry Bowser returns from New Super Mario Bros.. When Mandy commands the Endermen to throw Bowser into the lava pit in Episode 2, she inadvertently causes him to transform into Dry Bowser.
    • The Poltergust from Luigi's Mansion returns, and is used to finish Mandy Soul off in the final battle.
  • Black Mage being an old friend of Mario's who got out of touch with him is a reference to both Black Mage's decreasing role in his franchise and the fact that the series moved farther and farther away from Nintendo consoles over the years.
  • Various characters appear as cameos when the realms are being overrun by the End.
    • Anais, Penny, and various other characters appear in Elmore as End Stone spreads and the Watterson house is sent flying by a huge pillar.
    • A stampede of Yoshis run through Toad Town as the End spreads further in the Mushroom Kingdom.
    • The ghosts can be seen pan icing in Pac-Land as walls of End Stone form, which forms a maze shaped like the first level of the original Pac-Man.
    • In Mobius, Silver tries to lift blocks with his telekinesis, but they regenerate as soon as he gets one out.
    • Many dimensions not involved in the main plot are overrun as well. For example:
      • Dexter from Dexter's Laboratory uses a giant robot to try and destroy the End Stone, but the same thing that happened to Silver happens to him.
      • End Stone spreads into Corneria and tears apart the Star Fox cruiser.
      • Unten tries to destroy the End Stone as well, but an Enderman taps him on the shoulder. Unten turns around, and the Enderman takes him prisoner.
  • During Mario's birthday party, you can see various characters from the Super Mario franchise, such as Starlow, Geno, Lubba, Professor E. Gadd, and Toadsworth.
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