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Super Mario Silver Spurs: The Crossover Vacation
SMSS New Logo
Studio(s) Nintendo and Universal Studios
Distributor(s) Nintendo, SEGA, Cartoon Network, Namco, Game Freak
Type Computed-Animated Cartoon
Genre(s) Action-Adventure


Country of Origin United States, Canada
Theatrical Release Date(s)
Episode 1: January 26, 2012
Episode 2: April 15, 2012
Episode 3: July 4, 2012
Home Edition Release Date(s)
May 4, 2013
Age Rating(s)
Original Language English (in both United States and Canada)
Runtime 90 minutes (running time for all episodes)
Series Super Mario Silver Spurs series
Prequel(s) None
Sequel(s) Super Mario Silver Spurs 2: Adventures Beyond

Super Mario Silver Spurs: The Crossover Vacation is a Mario crossover movie in which Mario characters team up with various crossover appearances to save their dimensions while still trying to enjoy their summer vacation. It is the first addition of the Silver Spurs Trilogy. There are three parts, called "episodes", that were released trimonthly.

SMSS has also been confirmed to be released on Blu-Ray 3D Combo Pack on May 4th, 2013. The Combo Pack will come in a box, inculding all three episodes, each on Blu-Ray 3D, Blu-Ray, DVD, and Digital Copy, plus bonus features on each disc.


SMSS was originally going to be called "Mario Silver Spurs". It was scheduled to have 100% of the movie in one film, which was at first set for release in early 2011. But MariogumballX Studios(the company making the movie) remembered that there were people who didn't like Mario, but preferred other games such as Sonic the Hedgehog and Pac-Man. If the movie had only Mario characters in it, the company would make less money on it. So some characters were borrowed from those games and put into the movie. Then they got permission from Cartoon Network to use a group of characters from some of their shows.

Due to the appearance of eight crossovers, the movie was given the name used today in May 20, 2011. Then it was split into three parts because of time constraints. Episode One had appearances from Super Mario, The Amazing World of Gumball, Sonic the Hedgehog, and Pac-Man; Episode Two added a few characters from Adventure Time and the Kirby series; and Episode Three saw these characters mingling with some other characters from Regular Show and Pokémon. MGX Studios decided that was enough for a whole three-part movie.


Episode One: A New Venture

Mario and Luigi enter the city of Elmore for a last-day-of-school presentation at Elmore Junior High. But, when Mario notices the various different kinds of people there, he rushes out of the room because he is tired of exploring new worlds. The Mario Bros. find a hotel to stay in for the day, but Gumball has other plans and offers chocolate to Mario, who declines the sweets. But then, he sees Baby Mario looking out the window at the suburbs, and decides to meet the Watterson family in person. While the four Mario Bros. are talking to Gumball, Darwin, and Anais, they notice that Sonic the Hedgehog had come for a visit as well. All eight of them -- along with Nicole and Richard -- make plans for a fast-food restaurant dinner. Then they meet up with Penny Fitzgerald, Pac-Man, Maria, and Luise, and begin their meal. However, Bowser smashes into the restaurant and starts fighting the Mario Bros. Gumball helps the brothers in combat, but Bowser throws them against a wall. Luckily, Penny was able to stop him from crushing the three heroes and make an announcement that she'd take them all on a vacation to Highland View, a rural town in the Hill Top region. ("Hill Top" is derived from the Sonic 2 level's name.) The group accepts the offer.

During the vacation, Mario is mistaken for a rodeo professional while he is wearing a cowboy outfit. Therefore, he has to do whatever he can before the cowgirls start thinking that he's not the genuine article. Meanwhile, Penny and Ms. Pac-Man are suspicious about the owner of the ranch, James Fillenson. They believe that he is actually an outlaw known as Diddley-Squat Thomas. The arising conflict between Gumball, Sonic, and Bowser continues; Luigi, Darwin, Tails,  and Bowser Jr. form an alliance to try and end it. And to top it off, Dark Gaia (now having the ability to speak English) wants to hog the Void's powers so he can create his own world. The entire group teams up to stop him from doing so.

During the climax and falling action, it is revealed that James is Thomas, but not an outlaw. The real outlaws had killed a horse using tranquilizers and blamed James for it. Mario's conflict reaches its shattering point when he is forced into a rodeo event. However, that changes when Dark Gaia attacks Highland View. Mario reveals his true identity to the audience, and that he will protect them from evil. With those words, Mario puts on a Cape and soars up into space. He meets up with Gumball, Bowser, and Sonic, and the four of them eventually defeat Dark Gaia.

Episode Two: Back to the Future?

Mario, Gumball, Bowser, and the rest of the group are flying through the universe in Starship Mario 7500, but the engine loses its power and the ship crash-lands on Earth. The team ends up in Brooklyn, New York. Mario states that he had seen this place before, and acts as tour guide. Meanwhile, Metal Sonic is spying on them from the roof of a nearby building, and teleports to a dark fortress. Once he gets there, he reports to a mysterious figure, who then replies, "Excellent. It is time to lash out against them." The figure steps out of the darkness and shows up as... Metal Sonic 3.0? The big question here is: Why is Metal Sonic helping his rival?

Metal Sonic 3.0 leads a squadron of clones and robots into Brooklyn. They split up to fight/kidnap specific members of Mario's team. Metal Sonic 3.0 battles Mario, Gumball, and Bowser; Sonic and Shadow fight their Mecha counterparts; the Metal Mario Bros. attempt to kidnap Penny and defeat Darwin and Bowser Jr.; and the other robots/clones wreak havoc in downtown Brooklyn. (Also, Sonic and Shadow combine to form Shadic; their Mecha counterparts do the same and become Mecha Shadic.)

Finn, Jake, Kirby, Meta Knight, and Prince Fluff join the group to stop the clones and robots. However, there is a rivalry between Finn and Meta Knight that Mario must put an end to, with Jake and Kirby's help. "Rivalry is a bad thing in my team," he says.

In the climax of the film, Metal Sonic 3.0 is revealed as the main antagonist of Episode Two. He is trying to destroy the heroes so there will be no one standing between him and the Master Emerald. Mario and company decide to stop him from succeeding with his plan to take over the Earth. Metal Sonic 3.0 does make it to the Master Emerald, and becomes Metal Overlord DX, but he is weakened by Finn and Meta Knight and destroyed by everyone. The team then enters a parade to celebrate their heroic actions. After that, Beemo helps Tails and Bowser Jr. fix Starship Mario 7500's engine, and the team zooms back into space.

Episode Three: A Shocking Conclusion

While aboard Starship Mario 7500, Gumball gets into another argument with Bowser. This time, the topic is Gumball's reckless behavior and that "he never thinks of anything". Mario tries to settle the conflict once more, but Bowser lashes out and yells, "You keep your trap shut! I'm sick and tired of hearing you stick up for him!" Gumball exclaims that Bowser shouldn't yell at Mario, and Bowser smashes him into a nearby wall. Gumball rushes out of the room, sad and angry at the same time. Bowser continuously says, "Gumball, I didn't mean to!" Gumball pretends not to hear, considering that Bowser is a "mean, green killing machine".

Gumball and Mario have a conversation. Mario explains that he had to leave Princess Peach by herself when he and Luigi began their vacation. "I hope she's OK," he says. "I'm still worried about her, not to mention homesick. I'd bet you'd feel the same way if you lost Penny." "I sure would," Gumball responds.

Later on, a portal zooms over the starship. Mario tries to protect the members of his team, but is sucked in; Gumball runs forward to try and pull him back down, but it is too late, as the portal disappears when he comes near it. Mario falls out of the portal and lands in Elmore, the place he had visited in the beginning of Episode One. He convinces Mr. Fitzgerald to help him return to Starship Mario 7500 by stating that each of their families are in danger, as well as the other members of Mario's team. Mario tells him that "an evil force known as the Void" is threatening Elmore, the Mushroom Kingdom, and the rest of the meta-universe. Mr. Fitzgerald agrees to help so he can save his daughter. The two of them enter another portal, this time leading to Mobius of the future. Mario and Mr. Fitzgerald conclude that the portals are links between space and time. They meet Silver the Hedgehog, who is trying to find his friend Blaze the Cat. He teams up with them to accomplish this task.

Meanwhile, Gumball, Bowser, and Sonic put the past behind them and team up to find Mario. During their journey through dimensions, they encounter mutant animals who try and tear them apart. The trio of cat, hedgehog, and Koopa decides to destroy the mutants in a similar fashion. Just then, they see Carrie the ghost arriving to help them. She possesses Gumball, surprisingly to Bowser and Sonic's eyes. Therefore, they decide to become their own mutant forms: Dry Bowser and Sonic the Werehog. The trio uses their respective forms to battle the mutants, and eventually succeed. Possessed Gumball scratches and tugs on the mutants to keep them from moving, allowing the other two characters to attack them; Dry Bowser spits out blue homing flames and throws bones to block the mutants' path; and Werehog Sonic flattens the mutants, making him the strongest of the three mutated heroes.

Mario, Mr. Fitzgerald, and Silver end up being held hostage by Scourge the Hedgehog, who plans to take them to "a very special person". This "person" turns out to be Mephiles the Dark. He sends them to an underground prison. Gumball, Carrie, Bowser, and Sonic find out about this and reunite with the other team members to save Mario and his two acquaintances. Along the way, they encounter Mordecai, Rigby, Benson, and six Pokemon: Pikachu, Snivy, Tepig, Oshawott, Pichu, and Zorua. Benson develops a rivalry with Boom Boom and Shadow.

The team makes it to the Ztarship (Scourge's spaceship) and busts the three hostages out of prison. A duo of heavy-duty robots approaches them and attempts to shoot them down with their missiles, but Shadow uses his Chaos Control ability to slow them down, allowing Liquid Mario to submerge them. The team continues, but more robots show up, this time shooting out ice. Mario transforms into Fire Mario to melt the ice, while Sonic spin-dashes into the robots. Finally, the team reaches Scourge and questions him. He refuses to tell Mario anything. The response he gets from Bowser is, "If you don't tell us where the Master Emerald is, we'll question you over and over again -- and not so nicely, because we'll all be mutants!" Scourge still refuses to answer, because he thinks mutants won't do any good against him. So the team members mutate themselves, starting with Possessed Gumball, Dry Bowser, and Werehog Sonic; then Boo Mario is shown, then a zombified Silver; Pac-Man transforms into a new character, Franken-Pac; Shadow becomes a vampire, and so on, and so forth. The mutated team members beseige Scourge and begin ripping him apart, until finally: "All right, all right!! I'll tell you where the Emerald is! Just please make it stop!!!" The heroes turn back into their normal forms, and Scourge explains that the Master Emerald is on the top floor of the Ztarship.

When the team reaches the top floor, they see the Void circling in the distance. The Master Emerald is flying up into it. Mario, Gumball, Bowser, and Sonic are sucked in too, but instead of being destroyed atom by atom, they end up in a darkish-blue whirlpool extending for infinity. Mephiles appears behind them, and explains his master plan. He is revealed as the true main antagonist of Episode One and Episode Two. Mephiles states that he had sent a false invitation to Penny about a "vacation" to Highland View, taking James Fillenson's name. James had only let them stay because he had thought it was a surprise visit. But in reality, it was a trap so Dark Gaia would threaten the team. Mephiles explains that he had rebuilt Metal Sonic 3.0 to be loyal to him and allowed him to memory-wash Metal Sonic 1.0 as well. "You probably already know that I hired Scourge to bring you to me," he says. "Well, too bad," Mario exclaims, "because Scourge just told us where the Master Emerald was. He betrayed you because we convinced him in a very special way." Carrie possesses Gumball for a demonstration of how it worked. "Wait a minute... Scourge betrayed me because of a random creature's actions?!" "Gumball's not a 'random creature'," Mario says. "He's a special member of my team who might be worthy of being able to defeat you. Sure, he looks small, but he seems larger than he really is when I'm helping him." Mephiles is enraged and calls for Dark Gaia to appear. Except, it's not just Dark Gaia anymore. He had transformed into Perfect Dark Gaia. The four main heroes turn into Flying Mario, Brave Bird Gumball, Giga Bowser, and Super Sonic, respectively. Mephiles turns into his crystal form; then, the final battle begins. (The music played during this battle is the same as the Bowser Battle music in Super Mario Galaxy.)

Perfect Dark Gaia knocks the heroes down to the floating platform below. Just when it seems that all hope is lost, their friends cheer them on. These friends include Luigi, Darwin, Anais, Gumball's parents, Bowser Jr., Tails, Penny, Kirby, Meta Knight, Pac-Man, Shadow, Silver, Finn, Jake, Mordecai, Rigby, Mr. Fitzgerald, Boom Boom, Pikachu, and even Scourge. The four heroes rise back up and combine their powers. Flying Mario, Brave Bird Gumball, and Super Sonic fly alongside each other, and Giga Bowser breathes flames on Mario and Gumball, making them and Sonic look like comets in the sky. (Super Sonic already has flames surrounding him.) Then, the three burning heroes link their flames together for a final smash against Perfect Dark Gaia, who falls face-down onto the platform, creating a shock wave that knocks Mephiles off of it. Mario takes a last look at Mephiles before he disappears into the Void. The four heroes escape from the collapsing vortex and make it back to the Ztarship. Scoruge walks up to Mario and says, "You know what? I gotta give you and your friends a reward for your awesome job at defeating Mephiles, the one who had ordered me around like a slave." "Yeah," says Mario. "Can you take me home? To the Mushroom Kingdom?" But then, the group notices that Gumball is unconscious. His face is terribly damaged. Penny is crying over this. Plus, Metal Sonic is lying on the floor in pieces. "Never mind!" Mario exclaims. "Take us to the nearest hospital! Find doctors for Gumball and a mechanic for Metal Sonic -- and fast!" "I'm on it!" Scourge responds, and pulls a switch, causing the Ztarship to enter lightspeed.

"I don't think we can do anything about it," says a doctor. "It looks like Gumball has died." Nicole and Penny both begin to cry again. Mario has a disappointed look on his face, and heads for the door to leave the room. "I'm sorry I put you guys through all of this," Mario says as he is walking out the door. "No! It's not your fault!" says Darwin. "I'm pretty sure you can do something about it anyway." "I'm sorry, but I can't." Mario steps out into the night and looks at the stars. He thinks about what he has done to Gumball and the other team members. But sooner or later, he realizes that he can do something about it. He had went on various adventures before, and he had succeeded in all of them.

Gumball has finally woke up, but he still can't see. He notices that a doctor is unwrapping paper from his head. "OK, let's see if this face works," the doctor says. He holds up a mirror to Gumball's face, which has had some slight changes. His eyes are slightly smaller and a little more narrow. Gumball is glad to find himself alive, and so is the rest of the team. "Hey, thanks a lot, Mario!" he exclaims. "I'm not Mario," the doctor says. He takes off of his white mask slowly, soon revealing a moustache very similar to Mario's. Gumball is confused, but finally, the doctor says, "I am... Doctor Mario!!" Everyone in the room for congragulates Mario for saving Gumball's life. Bowser Jr. and Tails walk in and say, "Look everyone, we've fixed Metal Sonic!" Metal Sonic walks in, fully repaired. The team boards Scourge's Ztarship and zooms back into hyperspace.

When the team arrives at Peach's Castle, there is a large banner that says, "WELCOME HOME, MARIO BROS.!!" Princess Peach walks forward, thanks Mario for saving the meta-universe, and kisses his cheek. Afterwards, Mario gives a speech about how teamwork is such a good thing to a group of heroes, the fact that rivalry can hinder a team's progress, and his belief that teams can make a hero even more likely to gain success. Then, a bright light appears, and Rosalina is revealed. She explains that as a reward for Mario's team's success, the members' universes will be closer together. That way, the citizens of each world would live happily together. Any time villains struck these worlds, the guardians of each universe would do their specific jobs: to defeat their archenemies. Rosalina concludes her speech with this statement: "I promise that these heroes will always succeed in protecting their universes. This Interuniversal Republic will stand under my leadership. Good luck, everyone." Then, she disappears. Gumball is excited for the Republic's formation. "Of course!" Mario exclaims. "You know what Abraham Lincoln said: united we stand, divided we fall!" The audience cheers for the heroes. The camera view's height increases quickly until there is a view of the entire Mushroom World. The scene ends with a bright flash coming from the planet, showing that other worlds had collided it.

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Da Characters

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video game has been created.


McDonald's released Happy Meal toys for the movie. Each toy has some of the character's lines from the film, and they are uniquely built.

  1. Mario (If you push his right leg, his upper body will spin around, showing the Star Spin.)
  2. Gumball (His face spins when you press it, showing a different emotion.)
  3. Bowser (If you press his shell, he'll shoot out plastic in the form of fire, which travels for a medium-short distance.)
  4. Sonic (His body parts can fold to show his Spin Dash ability. If you pull him back in this form, a wheel on the bottom will spin, causing Sonic to roll forward.)
  5. Darwin (If you twist his arms back ten times and put him in water, he'll "swim".)
  6. Luigi (Equipped with the Gaddlight. If you press a button on top of it, the Gaddlight will release a bright light. Therefore, you can use the Luigi toy as a flashlight.)

Coca-Cola Company

The Coca-Cola Company launched a special My Coke Rewards event for Super Mario Silver Spurs. On each bottle of Coke, Sprite, Fanta, Dasani, Mellow Yellow, etc., there is a code that gives its user a chance to win one of three prizes: an "interactive record" (meaning that you can watch videos about the various elements of the films) of all eight series appearing in the film, a Blu-Ray 3D Combo Pack including all three "episodes", or a free Wii U (equipped with Nintendo TVii).


Yoplait produced Gogurt tubes to promote Super Mario Silver Spurs. Each flavor tube has a different character, plus trivia facts about that character.

In Canada(Yoplait Tubes)

  • Peach: Princess Peach, of course!
  • Blueberry: Jr. Pac-Man
  • Raspberry: (see "Rad Raspberry")
  • Grape: Ludwig von Koopa
  • Strawberry: (see "Strawberry Splash")
  • Cherry: (see "Chill-Out Cherry")
  • Fruit Punch: Wario
  • Strawberry-Banana (see "Strawberry Banana Burst")



SMSS Special Edition

Each flavor tube for the special edition has one character to represent each of the eight series appearing in the films.

  • Tutti Frutti Frenzy: Larry Koopa, Super Mario
  • Mega Strawberry-Melon: Bobert the Robot, TAWOG
  • Strawberry Lemonade Shocker: Silver the Hedgehog, Sonic
  • Triple Berry Trap: Blinky, Pac-Man
  • Mango Mash: Kirby, Kirby
  • Cherry-Berry Charge: Finn, Adventure Time
  • Watermelon-Kiwi Wave: Mordecai, Regular Show
  • Lemon-Melon Mix-Up: Pikachu, Pokemon


Hershey's helped promote the films as well, by producing Kit-Kat bars.


  • Milk Chocolate: Mario
  • Light Chocolate: Gumball
  • Dark Chocolate: Bowser

Major Plot Points

  1. Mario is getting bored of doing the same thing over and over again, and wants a more unique adventure. Also, he has to keep Gumball and Sonic out of trouble, since they are rivals in the films.
  2. Bowser wants to maintain his agreement so he can earn a portion of the Mushroom Kingdom; however, he can't help but continue with his instincts.
  3. The group has to protect the meta-universe from the Void, a black hole that first appeared in Super Paper Mario. They must also stop Dark Gaia (first appearing in Sonic Unleashed) from taking advantage of the Void's power.


  • Gumball's new face (as shown after Dr. Mario shows it to him with the mirror) bears a striking resemblance to his appearance in Season 2 of The Amazing World of Gumball, which therefore seems to take place after the events of the films.
  • While Gumball, Bowser, and Sonic are traveling through dimensions to find Mario, some of the dimensions are very similar to other films, TV shows, video games, etc. For example:
    • In one dimension, the trio ends up in a comic strip. The characters are Bill Watterson-styled, giving them a resemblance to Calvin and Hobbes characters. Calvin and Hobbes themselves even make a cameo while they are playing baseball next to the trio. They were originally planned to appear as main characters in the film, but MGX Studios scrapped this idea because of Bill Watterson saying he will not put them into movies or TV shows.
    • In another dimension, the characters are Tim Burton-styled. There are cameos of characters from The Corpse Bride and The Nightmare Before Christmas.
    • One dimension shows Gumball, Bowser, and Sonic as 8-bit sprites. Gumball's sprite is a more pixelated version his sprite in Suburban Karate Master; Bowser's sprite comes from Super Mario Bros.; and Sonic's sprite comes from Sonic Chaos.
  • This is the first Mario film to feature Peach in only one scene (in this case, the ending of Episode 3).

Music in the Films

Music Borrowed from Other Titles

Cameo Songs

These songs were created by actual artists and make an appearance in the film for a short time.


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