Super Mario Realms
001 (24
Logo designed by Exotoro (tbc). Boxart by Computerboy64 (tbc).
Developer(s) Lone Planet Productions
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Pharo
The V²
Display C
Lone Planet IC
Nintendo Switch
New Nintendo 3DS
Release Date(s)
Holiday 2017
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) 2D Platformer
Series Super Mario
Predecessor Super Mario Odyssey

Super Mario Realms is a 2D platformer in the Super Mario series, currently under development by Lone Planet Productions for the Pharo, Lone Planet IC, The V², Display C, Nintendo Switch and New Nintendo 3DS as their answer to the success of Christian Whitehead's Sonic Mania. The game is considered a "meeting point" between the Mario series and all three of its subdivisions (Donkey Kong, Wario, and Yoshi), and as such will combine elements of various games from each series.


Wario hires Tatanga to help him take over Sarasaland and gain tons of riches. However, after they succeed, Tatanga betrays Wario and decides to go down his own path; he brainwashes the Koopa Troop, forcing them to build a superweapon that will split the Mushroom World into several fragments.

Wario calls up his good friend Waluigi, who seeks to impress Princess Daisy and get his sports equipment back from Tatanga, and they reluctantly join forces with Mario, Luigi, Toad, and Donkey Kong to stop him. They must find princesses Peach and Daisy before Tatanga's superweapon destroys the Earth.


Super Mario Realms borrows elements from the Mario, Yoshi, Donkey Kong, and Wario series of video games, but it is primarily inspired by the likes of Super Mario World and the Wario Land series. It is a 2D platformer similar to classic Mario games, where the player must guide their character through levels filled with platforms, puzzles, and enemies. Items are hidden in blocks, weeds, barrels, and crates throughout the game, and can be used to help the character.

You have three Chances at the beginning of the game. Chances replace the life system of past games; as long as you have more Chances after dying, you can return to the level from the world map without any penalties. Losing all of your Chances will punish you by forcing you back to an earlier point on the map. Fortresses, Castles, Ghost Houses, and similar levels act as "checkpoints", and you will restart from the last checkpoint level you completed after losing all of your Chances.

When you start a level (or "course"), there are objects and treasures spread around the area, and you can take the time to explore the course so you can find these bonuses. Once you're done, though, you'll have to go back to the beginning of the course and hit the Frog Switch, which will open a ring-shaped gateway; you must use your knowledge of the course to make it to the Goal Cannon (which blasts you through the Gate Ring) within the time limit. Failing to reach the Goal Cannon before time runs out will cost you a Chance and all the coins you collected in the level.


The game's modes can be accessed from the title screen.

Mode Description
Adventure The game's primary mode. Take your journey around the Mushroom World by yourself or with up to five other players.
Hardcore This mode is very similar to the original Super Mario Bros.; there is no world map, and you cannot go back to any point you have passed. As such, Frog Switches no longer exist in this mode, and the Flying Toad House and MC Ballyhoo's Treehouse do not appear.

Hardcore Mode is unlocked after beating Adventure Mode once.

Versus Challenge your friends to a Race, Coin Chase, or Power Star Battle.
Time Attack Test your speed in any course you have completed. You can save your "ghost data" onto an amiibo or share it online.
Boss Rush After beating Hardcore Mode, you can face off against every boss in order of appearance. Completing this mode unlocks a surprise on the world map.



There are six playable characters from the start -- Mario, Luigi, Toad, Donkey Kong, Wario, and Waluigi -- and more can be unlocked as you complete courses on the world map. Each character has their own unique skill they can use.

  • Mario can perform a Triple Jump if he times his jumps perfectly.
  • Luigi can access a mysterious alternate reality for a split second, performing a Negative Dash to quickly move to a nearby area.
  • Toad can use a Ground Pound to break objects below him.
  • Donkey Kong can roll forwards, defeating enemies in his path.
  • Wario has a Shoulder Charge attack that he can use to barge through enemies and breakable objects.
  • While underwater, Waluigi can perform an Aqua Boost; he spins around for a moment, thus propelling him forward.
  • Yoshi can eat enemies and turn them into Eggs. These eggs can be used as projectiles.
  • Diddy Kong uses a Peanut Popgun to shoot down enemies.
  • Ken can make enemies go in the opposite direction with his Mobile Pulse.
  • Peach can use Emotions to affect enemies.
  • Daisy can launch Sports Balls as projectiles.
  • Bowser has Fireball Breath that will destroy enemies, breakable blocks, etc. ahead.
Character Description Stats

Mario is back in the action once again. Normally he can handle situations like this himself, but it's obvious he can't defeat this huge team of enemies alone. Speed: 3/5
Jump: 3/5
Power: 3/5
Traction: 3/5
Swim: 3/5
Weight: 3/5
508px-Luigi Artwork - Super Mario 3D World

Luigi has noticed that Tatanga is riling up ghosts everywhere, so he knows he needs to get crackin'. Speed: 3/5
Jump: 4/5
Power: 3/5
Traction: 2/5
Swim: 3/5
Weight: 3/5
Blue Toad SMR

While this blue Toad may seem like a simple man, he has a strange connection to Subcon that hasn't been tapped into yet. Can he make it to the land of dreams and unlock his secrets? Speed: 5/5
Jump: 2/5
Power: 1/5
Traction: 1/5
Swim: 4/5
Weight: 1/5
Donkey Kong Smash5

Donkey Kong
DK usually doesn't get caught up in Mario's adventures, but when Tatanga steals his banana hoard and begins to use it as an energy source, the chase is on. Speed: 2/5
Jump: 3/5
Power: 5/5
Traction: 4/5
Swim: 2/5
Weight: 4/5

Wario was furious when Tatanga betrayed him, and he'll have to work with Mario if it means he gets his treasure back. He started all this, and now he's going to finish it. Speed: 1/5
Jump: 1/5
Power: 5/5
Traction: 5/5
Swim: 2/5
Weight: 5/5

If Tatanga hadn't stolen all the sports equipment from his stadium -- or threatened Daisy -- Waluigi wouldn't give a flying fig. Now, he's out to prove that he can be more than just a sports star. Speed: 4/5
Jump: 5/5
Power: 2/5
Traction: 1/5
Swim: 5/5
Weight: 2/5
250px-Yoshi SSB4

He was held captive by Mecha Kuri -- and to make matters worse, his homeland is being urbanized by enemy forces. After he is released, Yoshi joins Mario and his allies to take back his beloved island.

Unlocked after beating the fortress in World 3.

Speed: 3/5
Jump: 4/5
Power: 2/5
Traction: 4/5
Swim: 3/5
Weight: 3/5
336px-Diddy Kong Artwork - Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze

Diddy Kong
After being freed from King K. Rool's clutches, Diddy joins the group to rescue his girlfriend Dixie.

Unlocked after beating the airship in World 5.

Speed: 5/5
Jump: 4/5
Power: 1/5
Traction: 4/5
Swim: 3/5
Weight: 1/5
Ken Mobile Golf

Ken is a teenage boy from the Truffle Republic. He's an absolute nobody compared to the "big leagues" like Mario and DK, but when his close friend Aqualea starts acting... strange, he joins the group so he can prove his worth.

Unlocked after completing five Moon Missions.

Speed: 4/5
Jump: 3/5
Power: 4/5
Traction: 5/5
Swim: 3/5
Weight: 3/5
Peach MP100

Princess Peach Toadstool is the benevolent ruler of the Mushroom Kingdom. While usually calm and reserved in devastating scenarios, she will stand up for herself if necessary -- and this situation is no different.

Unlocked alongside Daisy after beating the castle in World 6.

Speed: 2/5
Jump: 4/5
Power: 1/5
Traction: 2/5
Swim: 3/5
Weight: 1/5
Daisy Striker SSBB

The girlfriend of Luigi, the best friend of Peach, and the not-friend of anyone in Sarasaland. She has continuously neglected her kingdom to attend sports games and races, leaving it in ruins over recent years. Can she redeem herself in the eyes of her people?

Unlocked alongside Peach after beating the castle in World 6.

Speed: 4/5
Jump: 4/5
Power: 3/5
Traction: 1/5
Swim: 4/5
Weight: 1/5
478px-Nsmb2 bowser

Bowser's one of the Mushroom Kingdom's biggest, baddest brutes, but he can also be a bit gullible on certain occasions. After being released from Tatanga's mind control, he joins the Mario crew to take back his army and property.

Unlocked after beating the castle in World 7.

Speed: 1/5
Jump: 1/5
Power: 5/5
Traction: 5/5
Swim: 3/5
Weight: 5/5

Animal Buddies

Animal Buddies are found in Animal Crates, which can be opened with projectiles, Toad's ground pound, Donkey Kong's roll, Wario's charge attack, Yoshi's eggs, or Diddy Kong's Peanut Popgun.

Animal Buddy Description
250px-Rambi DKCR

Rambi the Rhinoceros
Rambi uses a powerful charge attack to defeat all enemies in his path and shatter barriers. Be careful, though -- if you go too fast, you might fall into a pit.

Expresso the Ostrich
He is the fastest of all eight Animal Buddies, and he can also jump very far. While he can't stomp any enemies, he will walk right over small ones without a problem.
Fig 20 enguarde

Enguarde the Swordfish
Enguarde can only be found underwater. While riding him, you don't have to press the jump button repeatedly to swim. He can also perform a boost attack that will defeat enemies who come into contact with his nose.

Rattly the Rattlesnake
He has the highest jump of any playable character in the game (including Animal Buddies). This jump can be used to defeat enemies that are higher than Mario and co. van reach.

Clapper the Seal
This Animal Buddy has the ability to freeze any body of water, which can be useful for crossing lakes or passing poison water pits.

Ellie the Elephant
She can use her trunk to suck barrels, shells, etc. towards her and carry them around. She can also collect water and shoot it at enemies.
No Image Yet
Rusty the Wolf
Rusty can climb up steep hills with ease. He can also dig holes in the ground, allowing you to find hidden areas you otherwise can't access.
No Image Yet
Janice the Vampire Bat
Janice can fly and help you reach higher places, not to mention sense invisible objects and determine how far away they are.

Friendly NPCs

These characters assist you throughout the game, offering items and just making things easier for you.

Character Description
Toadsworth sunrise stroll by vinfreild-d7no3sq

He runs the Flying Toad House, which will sometimes land in a random location on the map. Visitors can trade power-ups with Toadsworth and buy Perk Cards.

MC Ballyhoo
After the player completes World 1, MC Ballyhoo opens a treehouse where you can play minigames, check out bonus content, or show off your awards.


These are the game's bosses, in no particular order. They have a bone to pick with Mario's group and will stop at nothing to defeat them.

Character Description
Tatanga by doctor g-d3cpslu

Tatanga has been under Wario's shadow for far too long, and now he's ready to turn the tables on him. He's brainwashed the Koopa Troop, the Subcon forces, and King K. Rool's army so he can destroy the earth and possibly take over the universe.
Aqualea2018 by Heronimbus

Aqualea is a sassy teenage mermaid with a desire to be loved and respected by everyone. She's been hired as Tatanga's second in command; she has been very loyal so far, but secretly desires to betray him and conquer the world herself.
478px-Nsmb2 bowser

He's been hypnotized by Tatanga to serve as a commander for his army. The alien warlord needed a powerful henchman to work with him, and thus chose Bowser.

King K. Rool
Tatanga needed a skilled admiral who was capable of commanding entire fleets. He eventually settled on King K. Rool and used him to steal Donkey Kong's banana hoard, intending to use it as an energy source.
Wart Smashified

Wart was hypnotized alongside Bowser and King K. Rool. Tatanga thought he could be useful to gain access to alternate realities.
Captain Syrup New Render

Captain Syrup
Captain Syrup agreed to help Tatanga as long as it meant he could help her outmatch Wario in terms of riches. However, she is mostly working for her own reasons and would likely steal some of Tatanga's treasure if she had the chance.
Koopa bros

Koopa Bros.
These Koopas have mastered the art of ninjitsu, and they're always ready to take down Mario. Aqualea has hired them as her personal bodyguards.

Metal Mario
Metal Mario races you in Solar Eclipse Missions. He can use power-ups and other items against your character, so beware.


Tatanga has assembled a huge army of baddies, both well-known and obscure. These troops are different in their own little ways, and it's best to study their actions so you can understand how to get rid of them.

Enemies are listed in order of appearance.

Enemy Description
100px-Goomba - MarioPartyStarRush

They just walk around, not posing any threat to your character unless they somehow bump into them. All it takes to defeat a Goomba is a single stomp.
Green Dancing Koopa Troopa

Koopa Troopa
When you stomp a Koopa Troopa, they are kicked out of their shells and become Beach Koopas, which can be stomped to death just like Goombas. Their shells can then be used as projectiles to take down rows of enemies and destroy brick blocks.

These green-shelled Koopas move at a decent speed and walk straight off ledges without a care.


Shy Guy
Shy Guys are just like Goombas and Koopas for the most part, but they cannot be stomped. However, they can be picked up and thrown at other enemies.

Piranha Plant
These plants rise out of pipes and chomp down, trying to eat your character. They can be defeated in every method except stomping.
376px-Red Koopa NSMBU

Red Koopa Troopa
They act like their green-shelled counterparts, except they always turn around upon reaching a ledge.
ACL MK8 Green Paratroopa

Koopa Paratroopa
These Koopas lose their wings when they are stomped, thus becoming normal Koopas. Green Paratroopas hop forward in the direction they are facing.
Red Paratroopa NSMBW2 2012

Red Paratroopa
Unlike their green companions, these Paratroopas float in a straight, vertical line. Players can bounce off of them to reach the other side.
MKXL Dry Bones

Dry Bones
In terms of movement patterns, these undead Koopas act like red-shelled ones. When you stomp one, their bones come apart, and will reassemble within five seconds. Projectiles like shells and bombs will defeat them.
MKDX Dull Bones

Dull Bones
They will throw bones at you on sight, but they don't reassemble when broken.
SMM3DS Art - Fire Bar

Fire Bar
While not necessarily enemies, they will harm you if you happen to run into their fireballs.
Hammer Bro. - New Super Koopa Bros

Hammer Bro.
These elite Koopa soldiers can usually be found near rows of brick platforms, and will leap up and down between them. You can stomp them, but it can be difficult thanks to their hammers.

Cheep Cheep
They swim straight forward. Like all underwater enemies, they cannot be stomped, and instead must be defeated with a projectile.
Blooper 3D Land

Bloopers float through the water, and will try to swim towards you diagonally.
SuperMarioRealms Logger

These frog enemies will chase you around while hopping between platforms. One stomp will make them angry, and they will hop even faster. Stomp them again to take them down.

Stony creatures that will attempt to crush you by rising up and slamming down on the ground. They cannot be defeated through any normal methods, but you can trick them into falling into a lava moat or bottomless pit.
Strollin' Stu

Strollin' Stu
Strollin' Stus act like the Goombas in Mario's 3D games; when they see your character, they start chasing after them. Of course, you only need to stomp them to defeat them.

They patrol a certain area, and will catapult you in the opposite direction if you get too close. As such, they can't be stomped.
Cataquack YBA

Red Cataquack
These Cataquacks will try to catapult you away; they will chase you until they catch you.

Huckit Crab
Players will need to be careful for the balls of sand these crabs throw. They can be thrown back at them, or you can use another projectile.
Deep CheepSMG3

Deep Cheep
Deep Cheeps will follow you around until you get far enough away from them. Other than that, they are just like Cheep Cheeps.
Unagi SM64S

Render by Ziegs (tbc)
Eel-like enemies that swim in straight horizontal lines through underwater paths.

They float around in the water, sharpening their spikes if you come near them.
No Image Yet
Maddies are mermaid soldiers who work for Aqualea. They will swim towards you and spin around when they get close enough.
Swoop SMR

These bats hang off of ceilings, waiting for your arrival. When they see you, they fall down and start flying towards you.
047-Big Bertha

Big Bertha
They can usually be found in water underneath bridges. They swim back and forth while chasing you, and will jump out in an attempt to swallow you whole.

Bitesizes act like Deep Cheeps, but are much faster and will continuously chase you until you defeat them.

Sprite by Exotoro (tbc)
They leap out of the water in small arcs. They stay in their territory unless you somehow anger them.
Smolderin' Stu NSMS

Smolderin' Stu
They cannot be stomped until they get wet, in which case they will become normal Strollin' Stus.

They are similar to Goombas, but stomping them will flip them over. They can then be carried around and thrown at other enemies, like Shy Guys.
MKDX Pink Koopa Troopa

Pink Koopa Troopa
Pink Koopas act like red ones, but they are half as fast. However, their shells are the fastest of all Koopa shells.

When a Pink Beach Koopa crawls into a shell of any other color, they will start bouncing up and down until you stomp them.

Boomerang Bro. SM3DL

Boomerang Bro.
These Bros. throw boomerangs, which come back right back to them when thrown.
Bullet billmanguyuidujgf

Bullet Bill
They are shot out of cannons. They are immune to fireballs, but they can be stomped to act as bouncy platforms.
Bob-omb walking

They patrol their specified area. When you stomp them, they will lie still for five seconds before exploding. You can pick them up within these five seconds and throw them at enemies or blocks.

King K. Rool's basic minions. They will charge towards you and use melee attacks, and require three stomps to defeat.

Pelican enemies that swim through bodies of water drop mines out of their mouths. These mines explode when you get close enough.

Gobotens are harpoon-weilding seals that will try and poke you. They are found underwater.
Klump Render

These crocs toss orange grenades towards you. They can only be stomped by stronger characters like Donkey Kong, but other characters can defeat them using projectiles.
MKDX Blue Koopa Troopa

Blue Koopa Troopa
Blue Koopas are slightly faster variations of red ones, and kicking them out of their shells is a good alternative way to find a Blue Shell power-up. Blue Beach Koopas will kick any grabbable objects in their way.
Slippa Render

Slippas chase you on sight, and their bite lowers your speed and traction. They can be easily stomped, but they will slide right under incoming shells.
Red Lakitu from Mario Kart 7 By Shy Guy Yellow

They float above you on their clouds, following you and throwing Spiny Eggs at you until you defeat them or reach a certain point.
Spiny NSMB2

It's obvious you can't stomp these spiky Koopas. If you flip them over, you can wear their shells as a helmet.
Green 4-legged Koopa

Unlike Koopas, Shellcreepers will stay in their lime-green shells when stomped; if they have enough time, they will come back out and continue moving around as usual. When thrown or kicked, Shellcreeper shells will break directly through rows of bricks rather than bouncing off one at a time.

Crab enemies that cannot be defeated except with a Koopa or Shellcreeper shell.

Klaptraps gobble up shells and other projectiles, but they are vulnerable to stomps.
Spear-Bot - Wario Land 3

Spear-Bots patrol their area until they see you; then, they reveal their spears and charge towards you. You must stomp them twice to defeat them.

Rocky Wrench
They hide in manholes, and occasionally pop out and throw wrenches at you. Stomp them while they're vulnerable.

Manky Kong
Manky Kongs initially stand in one place throwing barrels at you. You can throw these barrels back at them, or use any other projectile.

These Subcon natives take a few short hops before jumping their height, and continue to do so as they move forward. They can be picked up and thrown.
MK4DS Fly Guy

Fly Guy
They hover above you, dropping bombs to hinder your progress. You can defeat them using projectiles, but it is possible to use them as platforms if you are careful enough.
WarioLand3 MrMoon Sprite

Mr. Moon
They chase you throughout the level and send electric beams towards you. You will need a shell to take them down.
Pointy Tuck DKCTR

Tucks wander around, slapping your character from in front or behind. They wear spiky helmets, so you will need to use projectiles or melee attacks -- or you can throw them at other enemies.

Flurries are often found on ice, and they will chase the character will slipping around. You can lead them off ledges or pick them up. In some instances they can be led off the ice, in which case they will have perfect traction.

These Shy Guy variants will shoot bullets of nightmare energy at your character.
Cheep chomp transparent by sheepman5003-db6xnoq

Cheep Chomp
If you swim too close to this large Cheep Cheep, it will follow you and try to swallow you whole. If eaten, you will lose a life regardless of your condition.



Power-ups give you enhanced abilities that you can use to perform tasks you can't in your normal form. They can usually be found in ? Blocks, but they may also be hidden in weeds and barrels. It is recommended that you search the entire level for power-ups you can use to your advantage.

Item Description
Mushroom MK8

Super Mushroom
This item upgrades you from your Small form to your Super form, allowing you to take an extra hit and break brick blocks.
Fire Flowerkº

Fire Flower
Picking up this flower gives you the ability to toss balls of fire at enemies. These fireballs can also be used to light torches and burn down wooden structures.
Minokawa Mango

Minokawa Mango
When you eat this, your character gains the new Minokawa form. They can then absorb light and carry it over to other locations; they can also glide through the air.

Cape Feather
Gives you a yellow cape, which allows you to use a spin attack and fly continuously through a level (as long as nothing gets in your way).

Blue Shell
This power-up lets you perform a slide attack that will knock enemies out of the way and break brick blocks. It also improves your swimming stats, giving you better control underwater.

This device can be found in blue boxes around the Mushroom World. You can use its nozzles to give yourself an upward boost that will eliminate any enemies the stream of water touches.
Ice Flower SMWU

Ice Flower
Lets you throw iceballs at enemies, freezing them on contact.

Liquid Mushroom
In Liquid form, your character can walk across bodies of water and flow through the path of rivers.

Super Leaf
This item gives you a Tanooki form and a spin attack similar to the Cape Feather, but your floating will be slower and easier to control. You can also turn into a statue to crush enemies or pass through otherwise impassable obstacles.
Spike Top Shell

Spike Top Shell
Wearing this shell will defend you from harm from above, as long as you are crouching. You can also walk on walls and ceilings.

The Poltergust can be found in Ghost Houses, courtesy of Professor E. Gadd. You can use it to suck up ghost enemies, and collecting elemental crystals will upgrade it with a different ability depending on which crystal you acquire.

Gold Flower
Only appears in Golden Moon Missions. Picking up a Gold Flower will allow you to launch golden fireballs at enemies, turning them into gold and causing them to drop coins as they move along.

Doctor's Vitamin
Picking up a Doctor's Vitamin turns your character into their Doctor form, allowing them to throw vitamins at enemies. You can throw up to five vitamins at a time before one of them vanishes, and linking up the three colors -- red, green, and blue -- creates a shockwave that will stun any enemies in the area.
Mario Carrot

Super Carrot
Turns the character into their Rabbit form, allowing them to jump higher and fall more slowly.


Like Super Mario World, Realms uses a single map for all of its worlds, which are divided by Castles or Ships. You can travel back and forth between courses on the world map; in fact, this is encouraged so you can use characters you unlock later in the game to access hidden areas in earlier levels.

World 1
Breezy Savannah
Mushroom Kingdom
World 1-1 A simple, horizontal course where you learn the basics of the game. Basic enemies and items are introduced.
World 1-2 The first underground course in the game. The Minokawa Mango is introduced, and you can use it to light up dark areas. Piranha Plants make their first appearances here.
World 1-3 This course takes place in the sky, and introduces winged enemies and the Cape Feather. You'll need to time your jumps right so you don't end up falling off the mushroom platforms.
World 1-Fortress Introduces Dry Bones, Dull Bones, and Firebars. This fortress isn't too difficult to survive in; you just need to watch out for the slowly moving platforms that can crush you. Boom Boom serves as the game's first boss.
World 1-4 The hills here are steeper, and a few Hammer Bros. patrol the course. It is encouraged that players use the Blue Shell to get through the hills more easily.
World 1-5 Players cross a series of ponds inhabited by early underwater enemies, like Cheep Cheeps and Bloopers. New frog enemies named Loggers can also be found here, and will hop and chase you around until you stomp them twice.
World 1-Castle Lava is introduced as a hazard, and the player must cross lava moats within the castle. Thwomps are introduced as well, and may hinder your progress. A Fake Bowser appears as the castle boss.
World 1-Treehouse After beating World 1-Castle, MC Ballyhoo will open this treehouse where you can play minigames and display awards you've received.
World 2
Woolini Dock
Mushroom Kingdom
World 2-1 The heroes arrive at a tropical paradise that is under attack by enemy forces. Strollin' Stus, Huckit Crabs, and Cataquacks begin to show up, as do pink-shelled Koopas.
World 2-2 This is the game's first completely underwater level. Players can use the Blue Shell to their advantage to make it through the mazes. Deep Cheeps, Unagi, and Mini Urchins are all introduced alongside new mermaid enemies called Maddies.
World 2-3 In this course, you will need to find the five Shine Sprites that are scattered around the area so you can unlock the gate to the goal. The F.L.U.D.D. power-up is introduced.
World 2-4 Players explore a cave just across from the plaza, and must work their way across a raging river. Enemies that show up here include Swoops, Buzzy Beetles, Big Berthas, Bitesizes, and Hopfish.
World 2-Fortress The water here has been poisoned, and acts the same as lava. The poison water will rise as you dodge Dry Bones and Smolderin' Stus. Once you escape, you must fight Cheepskipper.
World 2-5 The sun has begun to set, and a huge wave of enemies is guarding the dock to make sure you don't get away. Galoombas will parachute down to stop you, and pink-shelled Koopas and Boomerang Bros. appear as well. It is recommended that players go through this level with a strong character, like Donkey Kong or Wario.
World 2-6 Your character must escape from the incoming enemies via surfboard. Various aquatic and flying enemies will come after you; catch the falling Cape Feathers to take them down.
World 2-Pirate Ship You must raid the pirate ship and free the hostages. Bullet Bills, Bob-ombs, Pecans, Gobotens, and Kritters will try and stop you from reaching the main deck, where Captain Syrup will fight you.
World 3
Yoshi's Island
World 3-1 Under a glistening night sky, you arrive at a port town set up by invaders on Yoshi's Island. Your goal is to get past the security guards, consisting of Hammer Bros. and Klumps.
World 3-2 A storm is coming through the suburbs, and the puddles may cause a big problem for low-traction characters like Luigi. Slippas, Spinies, Lakitus, and Blue Koopas begin to appear, and Loggers return.
World 3-3 The group goes down into the sewers, where they will come across Klaptraps, Shellcreepers, Sidesteppers. As you go deeper into the sewers, the area gets darker, and you will need Light Boxes to guide you.
World 3-Fortress This fortress has been renovated into a factory filled with conveyor belts and pistons. Spear-bots, Rocky Wrenches, and Manky Kongs make their in-game debuts here, as do the blue cube Thwomps from Mario 64, now known as Klomps. The Mecha Kuri appears as the fortress boss; after defeating him, Yoshi is freed and unlocked as a playable character.
World 3-4 This course takes the heroes to downtown Dinohattan, where they must climb up a construction site as the screen scrolls up automatically.
World 3-5 You will need to keep your balance as you leap from rooftop to rooftop. Paratroopas, Tweeters, and Fly Guys will all stand in your way, and Mr. Moon will follow you and send electric blasts towards you.
World 3-Castle Mincers will chase you through a long hallway. Aside from firebars and a few pits of toxic waste, there isn't a lot that can get in your way as long as you're careful. The Koopa Bros. appear as the castle bosses.
World 4
Cappucino Grove
Yoshi's Island
World 4-1 A peaceful, snowy forest lies a few miles away from Dinohattan. This particular course is very hilly, and you must climb up and down these hills as Tucks, Flurries, and Snifits try to stop you.
World 4-2 In this athletic course, there are mushroom platforms that, depending on their color, will rise and fall when you land on them (green ones rise, red ones fall). Use these platforms to your advantage to find your way to the goal.
World 4-3 Players will swim through an icy lake where Cheep Chomps, Jellopi, and Shuris start to show up.
World 4-Ghost House The first ghost house in the game is relatively simple, requiring you to navigate a maze of doors while watching out for Boos, Eeries, Broozers, Boo Blahs, and Krossbones. At the end of this level, players fight Rudy the Clown.
World 4-4 This frozen cavern is filled with falling stalactites that can be used as platforms to cross the pits of spikes. However, if you're not careful, you might slip in.
World 4-5 Yellow Koopas begin to appear alongside reindeer enemies named Claudias. The Ice Flower makes an appearance here.
World 4-6 You must skate down a frozen river to escape the incoming avalanche, with Soaries flying in to stop you.
World 4-Castle Various mechanisms have been placed in this castle, each specifically designed to freeze intruders. Some of these machines block doors, and you must find a switch to turn them off. Lord Fredrik serves as the castle boss.
World 5
Jumbo Jungle
Donkey Kong Island
World 5-1 King K. Rool's top soldiers have invaded the jungle, and are now patrolling Donkey Kong's old stomping grounds. Hang onto the vines to swing over to faraway places.
World 5-2 Just above the treetops, there is a squadron of giant-sized troops. Bounce off the heads of these enemies and across the tilting trees to reach the goal.
World 5-3 The underground passage is filled with poison water, and you must cross giant logs to get past it. You can fall off these logs if you don't jump regularly, though. Red Loggers will spit poison darts at you, and a wide variety of Piranha Plants begin to appear.
World 5-4 This course takes you to a dark swamp where ghosts and more dangerous underwater enemies dwell. Beware the devastating pits of oil that have been dumped all over the place.
World 5-Fortress There are two liquid walls -- one made of lava and one made of poison water. Dry Bones, Hopfish, Blarrgs, and land-dwelling Maddie Sentries guard the fortress, and Eyerok awaits you at the end.
World 5-5 The jungle gets colder past the fortress -- as in, much colder. Jungle and snow enemies unite, with Tiki Goons and Cooligans joining the army. Talk about a "tropical freeze"...
World 5-6 After you press the Frog Switch, you must escape the charging flood as it consumes the jungle. Use the Liquid Mushroom to help you ride the gushing river with ease, or grab a Super Leaf and create temporary barriers in a statue form.
World 5-7 It turns out that the flood from earlier was flowing with a strange substance that mutated some of the enemies. Dark Boos, Spiky Shellcreepers, and Sledge Bros. all appear alongside some more giant enemies.
World 5-Castle Pillars of ectoplasm flow throughout this eerie castle, and you can swim through them to gain a strange aura power that lets you float in midair. At the top of the castle, the Pumpkin Witch will fight you.
World 5-Airship King K. Rool has captured Diddy Kong and is trying to bring him to Tatanga's lair. You must leap over the oil pits and dodge the giants before facing off against the dreadful king himself. Diddy Kong is unlocked as a playable character after beating this level.
World 6
Canyon Gateway
Truffle Republic / Subcon
World 6-1 This mountainous level requires players to climb up and slide down steep hills while dodging enemies like Bandineros, Black Koopas, and Tap-Taps.
World 6-2 You must navigate a dry, stony wasteland swarmed by Pokeys and Dino Rhinos.
World 6-3 A large tunnel is the fastest route through the mountain. Bomps can block passages through the tunnel, and you will need to find a way past or around them.
World 6-Fortress The fortress in this world is filled with dark mazes where the Minokawa Mango will be very useful. These mazes are patrolled by Squigglers, Spike Tops and Bony Beetles. At the end of the course you'll fight Skimmer, the dragonfly-like Wiggler king.
World 6-4 Players must find the five Shine Sprites spread around the a small village. Unlike other courses before it, you start at the end in this one.
World 6-5 The level automatically scrolls up, then back down when you reach the top. Your task is to find the seven Dream Bits, each matching a rainbow color, and bring them all back to the Goal Gate.
World 6-Ghost House At the top of the mountain lies a small, haunted cabin. Most of the level takes place outside the cabin, where Swoops, Crowbers, and Terekuribos wander the ominous woods. This level's boss is a possessed Queen Merelda.
World 6-6 Enter Subcon! Many of Wart's minions are on the lookout for intruders, and some portions encourage you to pick up and throw these enemies.
World 6-7 Hop onto a Para-Buddy and ride their shells through the sky while avoiding Fuzzies and Banzai Bills.
World 6-Castle Snake Blocks will guide you through this floating castle, but you'll need to keep your balance as you dodge Firebars, Mincers, Phantos, and Whomps. Wart serves as the castle boss; after fighting him, Peach and Daisy are both unlocked.
World 7
Magma Dunes
World 7-1 The deserts of Sarasaland have plunged into chaos! This world is a mix of volcano and desert themes, and this particular level embraces that with fiery enemies and lava pits galore.
World 7-2 Sarasaland's finest gold mines have been infiltrated by a squadron of Hammer Bros. and related subspecies. Find the ten Shine Sprites and make it to the exit.
World 7-3 A blistering sandstorm is approaching. You must dodge the debris and watch out for Tweesters as you push through the devastating wind.
World 7-Fortress This fortress has been conveniently placed at an oasis by none other than Aqualea. As such, her Maddies and Loggers will patrol the moat to make sure you don't get inside. Aqualea herself will fight you with the help of the Koopa Bros..
World 7-4 The small rainforest just outside Aqualea's fortress is filled to the rim with traps and poison water. Use the vines to your advantage and swing across the oasis.
World 7-5 Upon your arrival at this course, you'll find a strange mishmash of freezing and burning stage elements. Use the Fire and Ice Flowers to balance out the cold and heat.
World 7-Ghost House You enter an ominous pyramid at the center of the desert. You'll need the Minokawa Mango to keep things light around you; otherwise, a huge army of ghosts will attack. At the end, King Boo will make his move to wipe you out.
World 7-6 Our heroes now come across the ruins of Sarasaland's old capital city, which have been rotting for years since Daisy abandoned the kingdom. Use the Super Leaf to become a statue and blend in.
World 7-Castle Daisy's old palace has been overrun by Bowser and his Koopatrols. This castle is a classic Mario castle jam-packed with firebars and pits of lava, but with a twist -- the lava is slowly rising. After fighting Bowser, he is free from the hypnotism spell and joins the heroes.
World 7-7 The eruption of a nearby volcano is causing huge magma rocks to come crashing down. These rocks will be destroying the bridge you must cross, so try and activate the Frog Switch as soon as possible.
World 7-Airship Tatanga's warship is lifting off and heading to his cosmic headquarters. Several elite forces of Bowser, Wart, Captain Syrup, and King K. Rool have been pulled in to stop you. Tatanga fights you in his control room, only to be betrayed by Aqualea as the airship arrives...
World 8
Realm Destroyer
World 8-1 It's a last-ditch effort to save Mushroom World as our heroes enter the docking bay. This course mirrors World 1-1, but with much harder enemies and platforming sequences.
World 8-2 A warp pipe leads you into a chamber filled with the Realm Destroyer's backup energy source -- water. You must swim through this fast-paced level to disable the flow.
World 8-3 This course takes you into a high-tech city built into the superweapon ship. You must make your way past a security system fitted with lasers and Bullet Bills to get through.
World 8-Fortress Unlike the other courses, this one turns out to be more of a boss rush. You must fight all seven Koopalings one by one before eventually going up against a giant Minokawa Reznor steered by Carlton, one of Aqualea's top knights.
World 8-4 Now, you'll have to climb up the security tower, which is heavily guarded by some of the toughest enemies in the game. Push the switch at the top and get back down as fast as you can.
World 8-5 Security systems are going off all around the Realm Destroyer, and Aqualea's guards are after the Mario crew. Find the ten Shine Sprites and bring them back to the reactor at the start of the level, which will shut down the force field surrounding the space station.
World 8-Airship Hop into the Sky Pop and go up against a fleet of airships commanded by Aqualea's most powerful henchman, Blue Bowser.
World 8-6 Aqualea has infiltrated Tatanga's secret lair on the moon. Gravity is weaker in this level, but the player can use it to their advantage depending on their character's skills.
World 8-Finale Our heroes arrive at Aqualea's castle, where they must put all of their skills to the test and save the world once and for all. Aqualea mutates into a horrifying Cthulu-like creature to destroy Mario and his friends. After defeating her, things are finally back to normal... or are they?

World S1
Bob-omb Battlefield
Special Dimension

World S1-1 A mysterious clone of Mario has trapped the heroes in another dimension, and they need to find a way out as soon as possible. The player will navigate a prairie inhabited by Bob-ombs, and the Vanish Flower is introduced.
World S1-2 This level is split into three portions, each with five Bob-omb Buddies the player must release from their cages. After finding the five Bob-omb Buddies in one portion, they will guide them to the Bomb Gate at the end, in which case they will break it down and the player can proceed.
World S1-3 The Bob-omb soldiers have equipped their cannons with Bullet Bills and are using them in sky combat. Kab-ombs make their first appearances in the game.
World S1-4 Bob-omb Buddies are attempting to break into Big Bob-omb's castle through an underground path. Release the prisoners from the ? Blocks to help them -- but beware the Poison Mushrooms.
World S1-Castle Big Bob-omb's castle is filled with explosives, as expected of a Bob-omb king. Nokobons, Snifits, and Bomb Bros. all guard the castle, and Big Bob-omb himself serves as the boss.

Moon Missions

Moon Missions are sidequests inspired by the Comet missions in the Super Mario Galaxy duology. Occasionally, a Moon will shine over the world map, activating a mission in a specific course. There are multiple possible varieties of Moons that can show up throughout the game, each with its own type of mission.

Completing a Moon Mission will reward you with a Power Star; if you collect enough of these, you will be able to unlock gateways to secret worlds.

Moon Description
Strawberry Moon Activates a Double Time mission in the specified course. This means all hazards and enemies will move twice as fast as normal.
Blood Moon Spawns a lot more enemies in the level. The majority of these are simple enemies, but some may be larger or more difficult to defeat.
Golden Moon Several coins will appear in the course. Gold Flowers will be found, and can be used to turn enemies into gold variants that spawn even more coins.
Cheshire Moon Purple Coins will be hidden throughout the course. Your task is to find all of these, then make it to the Goal Ring without dying.
Solar Eclipse In Solar Eclipse missions, Metal Mario will race you to the Goal Ring. He can use power-ups and other items to hinder you.

MC Ballyhoo's Treehouse

MC Ballyhoo opens a treehouse filled with bonus content after you complete World 1.


Minigame Description
Treetop Safari Aim your Super Scope at enemies and shoot them down to earn coins. The longer the game goes on, the faster the enemies get. If you miss three times, the game is over.
Kingdom Beat Dash through levels unique to this minigame... to the rhythm of the background music. Your mission as to gather as many beats as possible while also timing your moves perfectly.
Microgame Hodgepodge Compete with other players in WarioWare's hit microgames and rack up coins within a two-minute time limit. Successes give you coins, while losses take some away.


  • This game is inspired by Athena Hawkins (tbc)'s Sonic REDUX trilogy, consisting of Sonic the Hedgehog REDUX and Sonic the Hedgehog REDUX II.
  • The minigames you can play in MC Ballyhoo's Treehouse -- Treetop Safari, Kingdom Beat, and Microgame Hodgepodge -- are inspired by the video games Yoshi's Safari, Donkey Kong Jungle Beat, and the WarioWare series, respectively.

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