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Super Mario Powers
Super Mario Powers logo.
Beta Logo of Super Mario Powers Δ
Developer(s) Orange Productions (former)
Pyro Enterprises (current)
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Genre(s) Adventure
First Game Super Mario Powers 黒
Nintendo Switch

Super Mario Powers is a spinoff series of the very popular Super Mario series, formerly developed by Orange Productions before being adopted by Pyro Enterprises. The series is darker in tone from the main series, more in line with the RPG spinoffs, and takes inspiration from Super Mario: Elemental Journey and Super Mario Odyssey (Inora). The first game in the rebooted series is Super Mario Powers 黒.

Main Characters

Name Description Appears In
Mario The elder Mario brother and the hero of the Mushroom Kingdom; unfortunately, he's off in unfamiliar territory. Peach has abandoned her life as princess and left her kingdom, and it's up to Mario and his brother to track her down and fix things. His quest to find Peach will lead him all across the world, solving trials and dangers in many new foreign lands. Super Mario Powers 黒
Peach Former princess of the Mushroom Kingdom, something has spurred her to abandon her kingdom and begin travelling the world, leaving nary a trace. Bowser claims he isn't behind it this time, and her motives are completely unknown. It's up to the Mario Bros. and the allies they find along the way to find her... But what if she doesn't want to be found? Super Mario Powers 黒
Luigi The younger Mario brother, clad in green and a cowardly yet loving hero. Valiantly joining Mario in this quest to find the princess and bring her home, he often travels apart from his brother, having a few stranger adventures. Nothing the great Luigi can't handle... right? Super Mario Powers 黒
Bowser Koopa king and dedicated arch nemesis of the Mario brothers, he's immediately considered responsible for Peach's disappearance. When it's determined that he is not, in fact, responsible, he goes on his own journey to find Peach, and this journey may bring him to blows with the Bros. on multiple occasions. Super Mario Powers 黒
Princess Lotus Princess and head miko of the Hana Kingdom, Lotus doesn't seem to be fully human, given her small horns and electrical aura. Despite her intimidating prescense, she is a kind soul who uses her power to keep her kingdom running... quite literally, given the electric qualities. She works with Mario to recover the Energy Blossoms stolen by the mysterious force ravaging her kingdom. Super Mario Powers 黒
Jigea A spider-like woman pursuing Mario and Lotus, determined to prevent them from finding Princess Peach. She is highly cunning and manipulative, using occult magics and advanced technology to achieve her ends... whatever they may be. Jigea is the primary antagonist of the Super Mario Powers series. Super Mario Powers 黒


Main Series

Name Description
Super Mario Powers 黒 The first game in the rebooted version of the franchise, acting as the introduction of the Hana Kingdom as well as Princess Lotus. Introduces the basic plot foundation and gameplay.