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Developer(s) Amuza
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) NintendoSwitchLogo
Series Mario Party (series)
Predecessor Super Mario Party
Release Date(s) Flag of Japan 17 August, 2020
25px-Flag of USA 17 August, 2020
Flag of European Union 21 August, 2020
25px-Flag of Australia 21 August, 2020
Age Rating(s) ERating 3Rating OFLC-G
Media Included Media Switch icon Switch Cartridge
Media DL icon Digital Download

Super Mario Party 2 is an upcoming game in the Mario Party series set to be released for the Nintendo Switch in 2020. The game is being developed by Amuza.

The game is a continuation of the original formula introduced in Super Mario Party, which focused on smaller boards where players move independently of each other. Whilst playing a game, players have to try and collect coins which can be used to purchase stars. The player with the most stars and coins at the end of the game is declared the winner.

Super Mario Party 2 takes advantage of the Switch hardware for its minigames, such as using the HD Rumble to feel a can of soda in your hand, followed by pouring as close to half the soda out of the Joy-Con. The game is also the first installment in the Mario Party franchise to feature online play for the game boards and minigame mode.

Nintendo eShop Description[]

Grab your friends because it's time for a party!

On the night of the Shooting Star Festival, Mario and friends are excited to collect as many stars as they can, but Team Bowser are hot on their tail! Race to stay ahead of Team Bowser, or risk losing the big star prize!

Try your hand at the three different party modes to see if you can collect the most coins and stars and be crowned the Superstar! Or you can put your minigame skills to test in the many different minigame modes.

There's something for everyone in the biggest party of the year!



Our party begins on the night of the Shooting Star Festival.

Mario and friends are all in Toad Town, watching the night sky while many shooting stars fall down into the Mushroom Kingdom. As they watch the stars fall, Toad suggests they all go star searching and try to collect as many stars as possible. The group love the idea and they head off to collect the falling stars.

As the gang begin to run off, Bowser and his minions jump out from the shadows of Toad Town with Wario and Waluigi. Bowser has convinced Wario and Waluigi to help them catch Mario and friends for coins in return. Bowser argues with the duo for letting Mario and friends get away. Wario and Waluigi have a new plan though! After hearing Toad, they decide that they should chase down the heroes and take all the stars for themselves. Now its a race to the finish between Team Mario and Team Bowser.

After Team Mario wins on all six boards, Bowser admits defeat. However, Mario is kind enough to let Bowser and all his minions join in on the party. They all celebrate the Shooting Star Festival together in Toad Town. Pauline gives a musical performance over the credits for the festival.



Super Mario Party 2 features the traditional gameplay of Mario Party that was featured in some of the earlier instalments and the more recent Super Mario Party. Four players take turns navigating around a linear game board attempting to collect the most amount of stars and coins. At the beginning of a player's turn, they will get to decide what dice they roll, if they want to use an item, or if they want to view the map of the board. The character will then roll the dice and move the amount of spaces indicated by their roll, and a specific event will occur based on the space they land on. For example, a blue space will reward the character with 3 coins, whilst a red space will take 3 coins from the character. Prior to the start of each game, players roll a dice block to determine the turn order.


Cappy introducing Dry Dry Desert

After all four characters have made a turn, a minigame will be played where a maximum of 8 coins can be won (plus an additional 2 for high-fiving). The type of minigame selected depends on the spaces the characters have landed on throughout the turn. If all players landed on the same colored space, a 4-Player minigame is played. If one player lands on a different color to all other players, a 1-vs-3 minigame is played. If 2 players land on the same color and the other 2 players land on the same color, a 2-vs-2 minigame is played. A Team minigame or Rhythm minigame may also be selected instead of a 4-Player game. Some Team minigames will only appear if a 2-vs-2 minigame is being selected (New New Donk, Capture the Flagpole and Bird-off!). If a player lands on a VS Space, a Battle minigame will be played at the end of the turn.

In Partner Party, 4-Player, 2-vs-2 and Team minigames appear on the minigame roulette all together, as there are no colored spaces in this mode. In Bowser Party, only team minigames will appear if a team lands on a VS space. Co-op minigames can also be played if the Bowser team catches up to the Mario team.

Coins can be collected by winning mini-ames, landing on a blue space on the board, or landing on other special board events where coins can be won. Coins can be used to buy stars, which are needed to win the game. First, the player has to reach the star space where Tiara will sell the player a star for 20 coins. After a star has been purchased, Tiara will move to another location on the board. Coins can also be used to buy items from Flutter which can be used to help the player or harm other players.

Similar to the previous iteration, a Last Three Turns Event will be hosted by Cappy and Tiara where they will predict the winner and give the current last place player a bonus. The last place player and Cappy will each roll a standard dice. If the player gets a higher number than Cappy, they can win coins or an item. A random board event will also occur, as decided by the last place player. The board event can include; doubled coin spaces, Blue and Red Spaces switched, two Star Spaces appear, all coins are distributed evenly between all players, stars are free, or Bad Luck Spaces become Extra Bad Luck Spaces.


At the end of the game, two bonus stars are handed out based on results from throughout the game. Two bonus stars are selected at random out of the following;

  • Minigame Star: Given to players who have won the most minigames.
  • Rich Star: Given to players who have the most coins throughout the game.
  • Eventful Star: Given to players who have landed on the most Event Spaces.
  • Item Star: Given to players who have used the most items.
  • Ally Star: Given to players who have the most allies.
  • Buddy Star: Given to a player who has a particular, random ally.
  • Sightseer Star: Given to players who have traveled the most spaces.
  • Slowpoke Star: Given to players who have traveled the least spaces.
  • Unlucky Star: Given to players who have landed on the most Red Spaces and Bad Luck Spaces.
  • Stompy Star: Given to players who have stomped on other players the most. (Partner Party only)
  • Doormat Star: Given to players who have been stomped on the most. (Partner Party only)



Mario Party[]

Mario Party is the main mode of the game. In this mode, players select their characters, the board they want to play on, how many turns they will play - up to 50 - the minigame set they want to play from, computer player settings, if they want bonus stars or not, as well as any handicaps.

After settings have been decided on, the players are taken to the selected board where they play the traditional Mario Party gameplay of rolling a dice and moving around a board to reach the star. Up to four players can play on this mode. The game can be paused at any time during play, which will display the number of turns, as well as other options available. These options include changing computer players to human players and vice verse, adjust computer difficulty, view or skip the minigame explanation screen, adjust which minigame pack is being played, change message typing speed, save data, or quit from the game.

Partner Party[]

Partner Party plays similar to its appearance in the previous iteration and Toad Scramble from Mario Party: Star Rush. Two teams of two navigate freely around a grid-based board, able to move around anywhere within the board, rather than following paths. Some grid spaces can also have special affects, such as coins, items, event spaces, lucky spaces and bad luck spaces. Unlike the previous iteration, every space on the board will have a special effect. However, each square will appear as a plain gray tile, and the effect it has can only be discovered after someone lands on the space.

In this mode, 1-vs-3 minigames do not appear, instead only 4-Player, 2-vs-2 and Team minigames are played. To buy stars and enter the shop, rather than passing the space they have to be directly landed on to acquire their benefits.

Bowser Party[]


Dry Dry Desert's form in Bowser Party mode

Bowser Party functions as the main story mode of the game. In this mode, players create a team of four Heroes and face off against a team of four Villains, always including either Wario or Waluigi. Similar to Bowser Party from Mario Party 10, players are chased by the team of villains, and always have to stay at least one space in front of them. If the Hero Team is caught by the Villian Team, they will have to play a Co-op minigame, and can lose hearts depending on their performance in the minigame. If a player loses all their hearts, they are lost from the team and cannot roll a dice anymore. They can still play in minigames for a chance to regain a heart and return to the game. Hearts can also be won by winning team minigames, which are activated by landing on a VS space. Mode exclusive items appear that can hinder the villain team by instantly knocking out one of their members, or making one of their team members rolls take away from their roll total.

At the start of each turn, all four players will roll a dice, and their rolls will be added together. All players move together rather than independently of each other, as the boards are linear. Allys can also be picked up in this mode by the heroes or villains, and can only add a 1 or 0 to the total roll. The game takes place on modified versions of the Mario Party boards.

To win in this game, the Hero team has to make it around the board two times without losing all of their members. At the end of the board, a horde of stars awaits the players. After winning on a board, the next board will be unlocked in this mode, until the mode is complete. Playing through Bowser Party is the only way to unlock the Deep Space Drive board. After completing the mode, players can also split human players over the hero or villain team.

Minigame Mode[]

Players can play their unlocked minigames in many different and fun ways. Up to four players can participate in five of the modes available, with The Road Less Travelled being exclusively for one player.

Free Play[]

Players can choose to play any of the minigames they have unlocked whilst playing the game. After a minigame ends, there is the option to play it again, play a random minigame, go back to the minigame selection screen, or go back to the main menu. Holding down the minus button in this mode will instantly restart the minigame being played.


The mode selection screen


Players are fighting to be the minigame champion. Before the game begins, players choose how many victories are needed to win (3, 5, 7 or 10) and the types of minigames that can possibly appear (not including Co-op minigames). The first player to win the set number of minigames, wins the game.

The Road Less Travelled[]

Cappy challenges the player to win in every single minigame in a row without losing once. Luck-based minigames are the only minigames that won't be played in this mode. After completing this mode, the statue in the middle of Toad Town will change to a golden version of the character the player won with. Winning with every character will unlock a different setting to play the Mariothon mode in, taking place in a golden room filled with treasures.

Heart to Heart[]

Each player starts with 10 hearts. The goal of the game is to steal other player's hearts and end up with the most hearts at the end of a set number of rounds decided by the player.

First, a 4-Player, Battle, or Rhythm minigame is played. The winner of that minigame will then be on the one player team for the next 1-vs-3 minigame. If the one player wins the minigame they steal one heart from each player, or two hearts from any players they knocked out of the arena. If the one player completely loses the minigame, they will give one heart to each opponent. In some minigames, the one player may lose the minigame but have knocked out one player, meaning that they would have collected two hearts from the player they knocked out, but subsequently lost two hearts to the two player's left standing, leaving them even.

Sink or Swim[]

Each player gets to hide three submarines underwater. Upon starting the game, each player gets to hide one submarine anywhere on the grid that is 4 squares wide and 4 squares tall. Each players submarine starts in the top left corner. The player either presses NS JC R White to move their submarine right, NS JC B White to move their submarine down, or NS JC T White to reset placement of their ship back to the top left corner.

After all ships have been placed, any minigame can be played, except for Co-op minigames. The winner, or winners, of the minigame each get to fire off a Torpedo Ted on one square in the grid. If the Torpedo Ted hits a submarine, it will sink, and that player will have to place another submarine. Once a Torpedo Ted has been launched on a square, that square is permanently blocked. No new submarine can be placed on it, and no Torpedo Ted can be shot on that square. To win, you have to be the last submarine standing.

Toad Town Treasures[]

Toad Town has been completely destroyed! The aim of the game is to help rebuild all of Toad Town and end up as the player with the most amount of coins after a set amount of turns.

The game takes place on a square board with four paths leading to the middle where Tiara awaits. At the start of each turn, a minigame is played to determine what dice each player will get. 1st gets a dice with 1-6, 2nd gets 1-4, 3rd gets 1-2, and 4th gets 1-0.

Each player will then get to roll and move across the board. Each space a player passes, they will instantly rebuild on that space and be the owner of that space. At the end of each turn, players get a coin bonus for each space they own. Players can also spend coins to put a toll on the space they have landed on. Opponents that land on a space with a toll will have to pay coins to the player that owns that space. Spaces can be stolen from opponents simply by passing over their spaces. Any space with a toll on it cannot be stolen.

Tiara in the centre of the board will give the player a coin bonus when they reach her. At the end of the game, the player with the most amount of coins will be crowned the winner!


Online was overhauled from Super Mario Party to Super Mario Party 2. Now, all multiplayer modes in the game can be played online as well as locally. This means Mario Party, Partner Party, Bowser Party and Minigame Mode can be selected to play online.

If an online player drops out, they will be replaced with a computer temporarily until their connection returns.


In Toad Town, players can enter the Rewards House to customise different aspects of the gameplay, and purchase souvenirs to decorate Toad Town with. Options can also be accessed when setting up a game.

From playing the game, player's will earn Party Points that can be spent on decorations in Toad Town. There are many different statues, stalls, and objects that can be purchased. Some of the decorations that can be purchased include DK Barrels, Ice-Cream Stalls, and a Peach's Castle diorama.

Newly introduced to the series is the enhanced customisation of the options for board gameplay. Taking inspiration from Super Smash Bros, almost any condition can be altered in the game.

For example, the price of stars and items can be changed, which items that can appear in a game can be altered, which allies can be acquired can be altered and the items that player's start off with can be altered. There are many more options that can be changed to suit every player's favourite type of gameplay, such as playing Mega Party in which every character will be huge, and passing another player will allow you to squash them and steal coins. This even extends to the possibility of playing without stars, meaning the player with the most coins at the end of the game will be declared the superstar.

Different settings can be saved as a Favourite Party. When setting up a game, the saved Favourite Parties can be instantly selected instead of inputting all the conditions manually.

Superstar Road[]

Challenge Road returns from the previous iteration in a very similar vein as its predecessor, but renamed to Superstar Road. The player traverses across 9 different worlds, that each consist of 10 minigames. Minigames progressively get more challenging as you progress through Superstar Road.

In each minigame, the player will be given a challenge they have to complete to pass the minigame and continue. The player can earn a one, two or three stars on each minigame, depending on their performance. Many of the minigames are altered in some way in this mode as opposed to their standard form. For example, all of the Rhythm minigames have a different song in this mode, or Bounding Bowling has a different race-course set on a beach.

The player will be given a rival character from the opposing hero/villain team in each world. This rival follows the player through the world, being the one that sets all the challenges, and the one the player fights against in the final minigame of that world. Each world has a different, randomly selected, rival character. The first time playing through, only hero characters can be picked to play as on Superstar Road.

The final challenge is a unique minigame where the player has to defeat Bowser. Completing Superstar Road once will unlock the mode to be played with as the villain characters. When playing as a villain, the challenges and clear conditions of each minigame will be much harder. The final minigame is also changed to have the enemies fighting a robotic Mario.

W1-1 Rally Alley Make a rally of 20 W2-1 I Am Not A Robot Clear the minigame in 15 seconds or less
W1-2 Toad-nado Place in the top two in each round W2-2 Mean Clean Don't let the rivals complete more than 60%
W1-3 Superbros Beat the rival team by at least 5 seconds W2-3 Question Blocked Slide out 5 question blocks or more
W1-4 Merry Goes Around Knock the 3 players off in 20 seconds W2-4 Five Toad Review Twirl 15 metres of spaghetti
W1-5 Watering Cannot Survive for 30 seconds W2-5 Cooking Mario Bake 5 cakes on your own
W1-6 Blooper Trooper Spray 5 Blooper posters and stick up 5 Mario posters W2-6 New New Donk End the minigame with more than 65% of New New Donk demolished
W1-7 Endless Plumber Catch 15 hats W2-7 As Not Seen On TV Smack the TV 25 times in 15 seconds
W1-8 I Cue Don't make five complete misses W2-8 Line of Applause Clap 10 times inbetween auditions
W1-9 The Toad Code Get within the same 100s of the code number W2-9 Whose Snooze Be the third player to press the snooze button
W1-10 Travel Unravel Unwind more map than your rival! W2-10 Beat Cheat Get more points than your rival!
W3-1 Pop Goes The Mario Make Mario pop in 15 seconds W4-1 She Sells Seashells Collect 8 pairs of shells
W3-2 Waddlewing It Knock out 10 Waddlewings by yourself W4-2 In-Or-Out Get over 1000 points
W3-3 Running of the Goombas Survive for over 30 seconds W4-3 Passport Report Stamp 15 passports
W3-4 Leap Jog Reach the finish line within 20 seconds W4-4 Air Traffic Out Of Control Make the plane land within 10 metres of you
W3-5 Capture the Flagpole Capture your opponents flag within 30 seconds W4-5 Random Bicycle Make 0 mistakes with your partner
W3-6 Goomba, Goomba, Gone Only touch the ground 3 times W4-6 March of the Cataquack Direct over 30 Cataquacks
W3-7 Mechanical Bill Get 10 perfects W4-7 Who Took The Cookie? Score 10 points
W3-8 Path of Most Resistance Be the last player standing W4-8 Jump the Sushi Clear the Sushi by 30 metres
W3-9 Short on Staff Miss less than 10 coins W4-9 Tilt, Slam, BAM! Knock off the 3 cataquacks
W3-10 Hedge Fund Collect more coins than your rival W4-10 Bounding Bowling Finish the race before your rival
W5-1 Hide and Boo Seek Be the first to find a Pink Boo two times W6-1 Color Coded Sort over 50 Bob-ombs
W5-2 Feel it Still Shake the Boo out first 3 times in a row W6-2 It's Raining Coins Collect over 15 coins
W5-3 No Eye In Team Beat the minigame in less than 20 seconds W6-3 Raining Cats and Hog Last 35 seconds before one of the team members wins
W5-4 Do A Barrel Rolled Roll for 35 seconds without hitting anything W6-4 Explosive Event Win 3 rounds in a row
W5-5 Turntable Direct 22 trains before time runs out W6-5 Wait for the Drop Defeat the lone player in less than 15 seconds
W5-6 Gone with the Horn Finish with more than 2000 points W6-6 Mega Mini Golf Get the Mega golf ball in the hole in less than 20 seconds
W5-7 Glass Half Full Pour out between 49-51% of soda W6-7 A-Maze-ing Navigate to the end of the maze
W5-8 Growing Pains Destroy the door in less than 20 seconds W6-8 Build a Blizzard Build a 20 metre tall Mr Blizzard
W5-9 Hammer Head Survive against a horde of Hammer Bros W6-9 Drop a Bob-ombshell Make the Bob-omb Buddy circle in less than 25 seconds
W5-10 Bridge over Cheep Cheep Waters Build the bridge before Cheep Cheep destroys it W6-10 Chained Chomp Together Make it to the end of Chain Chomp's gauntlet
W7-1 Swarm and Fuzzy Collect the three hidden green stars W8-1 The World In 80 Spins Spin the globe over 50 times
W7-2 Tug'O'Friends Beat the rival team by 5 metres W8-2 Flipside Flopside Fall down 20 levels
W7-3 Did You Catch That? Avoid all balls thrown at you W8-3 A Day in the Life Flick to the correct page 3 times in a row
W7-4 Swipe Right? Win the minigame in 10 seconds W8-4 Lock and Roll Beat your rivals by 5 seconds
W7-5 4-By-4 Bit Get over 2500 points W8-5 Lost In Relation Lose the minigame
W7-6 Wrong Side of the Egg Knock out the sleeping Yoshi's without ruining any eggs W8-6 Flagpole Goal Keep all three rivals off for at least 20 seconds
W7-7 Gambled Eggs Find four Yoshis in a row W8-7 Hokey Pokey Smack out 40 segments on your own
W7-8 Break Thwomp Breakdown Destroy the Thwomp first with no help W8-8 Room for Desert Take out all the rivals with a Star
W7-9 Time Signature Get over 2800 points W8-9 Greedy Pigs Win the minigame with a score of 20
W7-10 Flutter Bye Flutter higher than your rival W8-10 Stars from Mars Beat your rival team
W9-1 Bird-off! Bump into 0 walls
W9-2 Organic Intelligence Win three rounds in a row
W9-3 Pinching Pennies Avoid the falling Lava Bubbles
W9-4 Red-Hot Run Survive on the endless run for 1 minute
W9-5 Get in Formation Win the minigame in a best of 10 rounds
W9-6 Swept Off Your Feet Survive for 1 minute
W9-7 Flatpack Squash all the other players within 15 seconds
W9-8 Let Go and Let Squad Reunite with none of your teammates
W9-9 Pace Invaders Get over 3000 points
W9-10 Big Boss Bowser Defeat Bowser



Playable Characters[]

There are 28 playable characters in Super Mario Party 2, which is the largest number of playable characters thus far in a Mario Party game. 24 are available from the start and are all returning playable characters from previous games except for the Sprixie Princess. There are 4 characters that have to be unlocked before they can be played as. All of the unlockable characters are newcomers. Pauline, Tost, Nabbit and Petey Piraha make their first playable appearance in the Mario Party series. The roster is split similar to Super Mario Party, in which Bowser invites fourteen of his own minions as they chase down Team Mario to get all the stars for themselves.

Donkey Kong
Diddy Kong
Dry Bones
Hammer Bro
Shy Guy
Bowser Jr.
Monty Mole
Pom Pom


Petey Piranha

The following is the conditions to unlock the characters. Once the conditions are met, the character will appear in Toad Town, and the player must talk to them to unlock them.

  • Pauline: Play a game of Partner Party on every board one time.
  • Tost: Play a game of Mario Party on every board one time.
  • Nabbit: Beat Superstar Road one time.
  • Petey Piranha: Beat The Road Less Travelled one time.


Cappy is the main host of the game, and he acts as one of the three judges at the conclusion of a game. Cappy will guide players by giving tutorials, advice, and explanations when events occur. Cappy will also comment on the player's progress throughout the Bowser Party mode, Superstar Road and the various minigame modes.
The secondary hostess with the mostest. Tiara sells the stars on the board. Every time someone purchases a star, she will fly to another location on the board. She also helps Cappy and the Broodals tally up the results at the end of the game.
All four of the Broodals act as the host of the Back Luck Spaces and the Extra Bad Luck Spaces. Whenever a bad event is happening to one of the players, you can count on one of the Broodals being there to dish out the penalties. The Broodals will also host the Battle Minigames, with one of them pushing Cappy out to take over the minigame roulette.
Represented on the board by its head, Flutter owns one shop on every board in the game. When the player arrives at the shop, they can spend their coins on one of the three items available for purchase. The items that will appear can be customised in options.
If a player passes by his area, Lakitu can enlist his services to steal coins for free or a Star for 40 coins.
Koopa Paratroopa can send a player to a rival's space for 5 coins. In addition to this, the player can also get Paratroopa to bring an opponent to the space they are currently on for 5 coins.



Super Mario Party 2 contains six boards that can be played in Mario Party, Partner Party or Bowser Party mode. Each board shares the same location, but will be altered to have either a path-based, grid-based, or linear board layout depending on the game mode being played. Like its predecessor, each board is notably smaller than the boards from earlier instalments, as the standard dice roll only goes up to 6. All of the boards are slightly bigger than those found in Super Mario Party. Deep Space Drive is an unlockable board, that can be unlocked by playing through the Bowser Party mode, which acts as the story mode in the game.

"Don't get a dizzy head from all the warping."
"Try not to get lost amongst the three floors of hotel."
"Sometimes this desert gets covered in ice and switches all blue spaces to red spaces!"
"The Koopalings have crashed one of Bowser's airships into these underground caverns."
"Explore the airport terminal and venture out onto the runways, but beware of the planes!"
"When the clouds come in, there's no way of telling what space you will land on!"


Warp Pipe World is the first board in the game, and the most simple to play on. It is available from the start. It appears to take place in a grasslands area of the Mushroom Kingdom, inspired by World 1 of many New Super Mario Bros. games.

The board is shaped like a rectangle, with a smaller rectangle inside of it. There is also a branching path at the bottom of the board. There are two different happening events that take place on the board. Pipe Warp! will have the player jumping inside a warp pipe, and transport them to another pipe of the same colour. Pipe Switch! will have all the warp pipes change colour. A pipe of each colour will appear in the inner rectangle, the outer rectangle, and the bottom branching path. The bottom branching path spaces will take the player to the outer rectangle, and the outer rectangle spaces will take the player to the inner rectangle. The happening spaces within the inner rectangle will switch the colours of the Warp Pipes.

The board is set on three different layers of a hill. The bottom branching path is the lowest part of the board, and is inside a dirty ditch with mud. The outer rectangle is the tallest layer, and is dotted with many Toad Houses, Toad's enjoying outdoor activities, and of course, warp pipes. The top right corner of the board is covered in demolished houses and broken pipes, which is reflected in its many nearby negative spaces. The inner rectangle is the middle layer, and is circling a lake and a warp pipe sculpture. Many hills and warp pipes can be seen in the background, as well as Toad Town and Hotel Mushroom, the location of the second board.

Flutter's Shop is on the northern path connecting the inner and outer rectangles. Koopa Paratroopa is on the left section of the board, and Lakitu is on the bottom branching path.


Hotel Mushroom is the second board in the game, and the difficulty starts to increase on this board. It is available from the start. The hotel is set within Toad Town, the same location of the hub world in the game. The board is split into three different floors of the hotel, each with their own differing shape. To reach different floors, players have to take the elevator, which costs 5 coins to move per floor. The elevator is signified by a green arrow. The happening spaces next to the elevator on floor one and floor two activate Broken Elevator!, where a Koopa Paratroopa will fly you to any floor for free.

The bottom floor features the start space, which begins out the front of the hotel next to a large fountain. Inside the hotel, the bottom floor features the foyer and a large staircase leading to the elevator. Happening spaces on this floor include Watch Out!, where coins or a hammer are dropped from the roof on the player's head, which rewards them with coins or makes them lose coins respectively. The other unique happening space on the bottom floor is the Grumpy Guest! at the check-in desk, where the Koopa at the desk will have a problem with a guest. The player can choose three options to help solve the guest's problem, and they will be rewarded for helping out with the problem. This includes either getting 10 coins, an item, or being taken to a room on the second floor. Flutter's Gift Shop is on this floor.

The second floor has many hotel rooms and amenities on it. In the top left corner of this floor is the kitchen, and the bottom left corner is the pool. The top right and bottom right corners of this floor is the hotel rooms, with the top room being quite basic and the bottom room being a deluxe suite. The paths in the middle of the floor are part of the hallway. The happening space in the hallway triggers Runaway cart!, where the player is chased to the other side of the hallway by a food cart. The happening space in the deluxe room triggers Holly Koopa buyout! where Holly Koopa will want to buy your items for coins. Lakitu is on this floor near the elevator.

The third floor of the hotel is the roof top. The happening space on this floor will have the player sliding down from the top of the hotel to the bottom, collecting a maximum of ten coins on the way down. Koopa Paratroopa is on this floor.


Dry Dry Desert is the third board in the game, and introduces tougher mechanics. It is available from the start. The board appears to take place in the famous Dry Dry Desert which has been featured across many different Super Mario games. The board also takes inspiration from Dry Dry Outpost, the town featured in the original Paper Mario.

The board covers three different areas that transition as the player moves from the left to the right of the board. The left section of the board features a bazaar, with the endless loop section circling around the many stalls of the bazaar. The three happening spaces in the endless loop trigger Hot or Cold!, in which the desert will freeze over and be covered with ice, switching all blue spaces to red spaces and vice versa.

The path leading towards the central part of the board leads the player jumping higher into the air, as the central part of the board takes place on pathways and rooftops high off the ground. The lower path takes the player on a pathway past many shops, including Flutter's Shop. The right path takes the player across many rooftops and past Koopa Paratroopa. The happening space near Flutter's Shop triggers Sneaky Little Mouser, who will steal something of the player's and move to a space on the board. The first player to catch the Little Mouser will be rewarded with what he stole. The happening space at the bottom of the rectangle triggers Three Wishes, where a fortune teller will let you select one of three wishes, all of which will determine what happens in your next turn.

The right most part of the board has the player leaving the town and exploring the desert, with a temple to the north. The two happening spaces in the endless loop also trigger Hot or Cold!. The happening space in front of the temple triggers Pyramid Magic! which will cause all the player's to be transported to the same space.

Lakitu appears on the bottom path of the board.


S.S. Shipwreck is the fourth board in the game and is available from the start. The board is set in a rocky cove where many ships pass through. Some ships have crashed into the rocks as the water can be quite rough. Pirate ships and ships carrying numerous goods pass through these waters. The board is split into two halves, and the players choose which half they decide to explore after the start space. The board features many rocks, which are sculpted into numerous different shapes such as skulls, playable characters, and aliens.

The board is shaped like a video game controller. The left shoulder area of the board is on the edge of the cove, and the only part of the board where sunshine reaches. There are small homes that Noki appear to live in around this area. Ships can be seen passing in the distance. Flutter's Shop appears along this route. Where the joystick would be is a whirlpool filled with numerous enemies. Landing on one of the happening spaces around the whirlpool will trigger Whirlpool spin! in which all the spaces around the whirlpool will be spun into a different place. Where the D-Pad would be is part of a broken ship that crashed into the rocks.

The players start on a flat rock surrounded by rock formations where the start button would be. A number of rocks that are partially submerged is where the second joystick would be. Koopa Paratroopa appears on this route. The four happening spaces on the D-Pad and second joystick area trigger Walk the plank! where the characters walk the plank to the other side of the board.

Where the face buttons would be are four small rock islands. Landing on one of the happening spaces here triggers Island Hopping!. All four players press one of the fact buttons on their controller. The button chosen most by all four players will determine where the player that landed on the happening space will have to move to. Lakitu appears on the path of the right shoulder area which is on a large rock with rock formations carved into the side of the wall.

On the top path of the board is the shipwrecked Bowser airship the board is named after. On random turns, one of the Koopalings will come out of the ship and remain there for that entire turn. When the player reaches a Koopaling, the Koopaling will challenge the character to a dice roll for a prize. If the player wins, they can possibly win coins, items or even a star depending on which Koopaling they go against. After the event, the character will ride down the waterfall back to the start space, and can choose which side of the board they want to explore.


Runaway Runways is the fifth board in the game, and is one of the more linear boards in the game. It is set inside the terminal of the airport, where players travel through the terminal, baggage handling, and the airstrips. The board features many looping pathways where the player can circle back around the same spaces numerous times.

The main path of the board is the central rectangle. This rectangle is set inside the airport terminal. It features numerous different areas that are commonly seen inside airports, including boarding gates, baggage claim, and shops. Flutter's Shop appears on this main path near the start space. The green arrow in the terminal represents the Pilot Koopa. Players can pay Pilot Koopa 5 coins to trigger airplanes to land or depart from the runways, chasing players on the runways back into the terminal. This is a great strategy to stop other players reaching stars on the tarmac.

The three rectangular branching paths all represent airstrips. The airstrips can either have a plane on the tarmac or not, changing the appearance of the board but not changing any of the spaces. All of the happening spaces on this board trigger Flight arrival! or Flight departure!. During these events, planes will land or take off from the respective airstrip the happening space was landed on. Arrival or departure alternates between the plane being on the ground or not. Lakitu appears on the northern air strip.

The square shaped branching path represents the baggage handling area. In this back area of the airport, players traverse across conveyor belts and on top of bags. Koopa Paratroopa appears on the path through the baggage handling.


Deep Space Drive is the sixth board in the game, and is the only unlockable board in the game. It can be unlocked by beating Bowser Party, the story mode. The board is set in the Cap Kingdom that first appeared in Super Mario Odyssey. As such, many areas of the board appear in grayscale. The board also takes place on and around many different hat airships and top-hat towers, with the Broodals flying around in their own airship.

The board features a circular path in its centre. Four paths branch away from the circle and eventually all lead back into the middle. The circular path is situated on a top-hat tower. The pink arrow in the circle represents Flutter's Shop.

The branching paths lead out on to the land of the Cap Kingdom where many different airships, lampposts, and archways can be traversed. The pink arrow on the northern path is where Paratroopa resides. Lakitu can be found on the easternmost path.

The two happening spaces in the circular path activate Broodal heist!. This causes one of the Broodals to jump down from their airship and steal the star. The Broodal will roll a dice and move that many spaces. It will then leave the star on the space that the Broodal moved to.

The happening spaces on the branching paths activate Cloud cover!. During this event clouds will cover the entirety of the board, making it impossible to see what space is below. The clouds will only disperse on the space a player is standing on, making it impossible to know what type of space you will land on until you have already landed on it. The event will last until the player who landed on it finishes their next roll.



Dice Blocks[]

Like the previous instalment, each player has their own unique dice block. This dice can be chosen any time the player gets to roll. If a player has an ally, they can also use the unique dice block of that character. The following is the list of all the unique dice blocks in the game.

A useful, well-balanced die! Use the abundance of 3s to your advantage. 1, 3, 3, 3, 5, 6
A die with high highs, and low lows. It's easy to roll a 1, but that can be useful too. 1, 1, 1, 5, 6, 6
Odds are good that you'll roll a 4, but there's always that chance of getting a 0. 0, 2, 4, 4, 4, 6
A dice filled with speed! You'll either be running far or moving at a crawl. 0, 1, 1, 5, 5, 7
Donkey Kong
With three 0 faces, you'll have a bit of a gamble with this die. However, the two 10 side faces may be worth the risk! +3 coins, +1 coins, 0, 0, 0, 10
Looking to travel 3, maybe 4 spaces? Then this die is for you! 3, 3, 3, 3, 4, 4
This die is a sure fire win if you're in the need for some coins. +1 coin, +1 coin, +3 coins, +3 coins, +5 coins, +5 coins
Slow and steady wins the race, especially if you need a low number. 1, 1, 2, 2, 3, 3
If odd numbers are your thing, then this die has you covered. 1, 1, 3, 3, 5, 5
An out-of-this-world die that makes it easy to get coins! Not only that, one side advances you a whopping 8 spaces. +2 coins, +2 coins, 1, 2, 3, 8
Diddy Kong
A die with a 50% chance of rolling a 7!? That might be powerful enough to overlook the 0s! +2 coins, 0, 0, 7, 7, 7
This magical die is filled with high numbers, but with two 1s you can never be sure! 1, 1, 5, 5, 6, 7
Sure, there are some downsides, but every other face has a 6! What could go wrong? -2 coins, -2 coins, 6, 6, 6, 6
Odds are good that this dice will get you at least 5 spaces! Just watch out for that coin drain. -3 coins, 3, 3, 5, 5, 7
The 5s and 6s are attractive, to be sure, but keep in mind the possibility of losing coins! -2 coins, -2 coins, 5, 5, 6, 6
Dry Bones
Will you get a 1 or a 6? Roll these bones and you'll either win big or inch forward. 1, 1, 1, 6, 6, 6
Hammer Bro
You'll most likely get a 5, but even if you don't, you might get +3 coins instead! +3 coins, 1, 1, 5, 5, 5
Shy Guy
If the place you need is exactly 4 spaces away, then use this die. Even if you roll the 0, you'll get there eventually. 0, 4, 4, 4, 4, 4
If you just missed the space you want to land on, the abundance of 1s may help you out! 0, 0, 1, 1, 1, 1
This die will almost guarantee you stay exactly where you are. Perfect if you like the space you're already on. 0, 0, 0, 0, 1, 2
Bowser Jr
With a max of 8 but three chances to roll a 1, this die is high risk, high reward! 1, 1, 1, 5, 5, 8
Monty Mole
Without a 1 on any face, this is an effective die if you end up right next to an undesirable space! +1 coin, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
Pom Pom
Hey, 3s a good number right? Yeah! And who knows, maybe you'll hit the 6! 0, 3, 3, 3, 3, 6
You could rocket forward with a 10 or just as easily lose coins. Only the bravest are gutsy enough to use this die! -5 coins, -3 coins, 1, 1, 6, 10
This die has it all, coins, low numbers, and high numbers. Unfortunately, that means you may lose coins too! -2 coins, +2 coins, 1, 2, 6, 9
With the ability to actually move backwards, this die may turn the game on its head! -2, -1, 1, 2, 3, 4
A truly special die, since it doesn't have any numbers of its own. Instead, the die will mimic that of a random other player on the board ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?
Petey Piranha
This die makes it impossible to guess what you are going to roll. Any number that appears on any dice in the game has the possibility of appearing on this die! ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?

New Items[]

  • Punching Glove ("Knock out one of your opponents allies")
  • Chomp Ticket ("Move the location of the star")
  • Minus Mushroom ("Make an enemy's roll take away from the team's total") [Bowser Party only]

Returning Items[]

  • Dash Mushroom ("+3 to Dice Roll")
  • Golden Dash Mushroom ("+5 to Dice Roll")
  • Poison Mushroom ("-2 to opponent's Dice Roll)
  • Golden Pipe ("Warp close to a star")
  • Custom Dice Block ("Roll whatever you want from 1 to 6. Stops allies from rolling dice")
  • Golden Drink ("Gain 1 coin each space you move. Can't use this while Peepa is in the way")
  • Peepa Bell ("Call a Peepa to take 1 coin from a rival every space they move")
  • Coinado ("Steal 5 to 10 coins from rivals")
  • Ally Phone ("Call on an ally")
  • Warp Box ("Warp close to another player")
  • Fly Guy Ticket ("Steal an item from another player")
  • Double Star Card ("Allow you to buy two stars at once")
  • Hidden Block Card ("If you're lucky, you might get a Star!")

Board Items[]

  • Coins
  • Red Coins (+5 to coin count)
  • Star
  • Hidden Block, a Gold Block that has a chance to rewarding the player who found it with a Star.
  • An elevator symbol, in which a Koopa will take the player to a different floor of the hotel for five coins [Exclusive to Hotel Mushroom]
  • A Koopaling symbol, in which the player can win coins, items or a star in a dice roll against a Koopaling [Exclusive to S.S. Shipreck]
  • A pilot symbol, in which the player can pay the Pilot Koopa to move the planes [Exclusive to Runaway Runways]
  • A cloud symbol which summons Lakitu to steal coins from a rival for free or give the player a star for 30 coins.
  • A wing symbol, which summons a Koopa Paratroopa that will carry its summoner to a rival's spot for five Coins.
  • A Wiggler symbol, which summons a Flutter who owns an item shop.



Super Mario Party 2 has a total of eleven different kinds of spaces. The only new space introduced is the Chance Space. There is one Chance Space on each board. When a player lands on a Chance Space, Cappy will appear before them with a roulette. The player jumps into the roulette three times to determine who gives away something, who receives something, and what will be given away. Some of the results for the third roulette include giving a star, coins, item, allies, and switching coins.

Each space acts the exact same as it did in the previous iteration except for the Battle Space. When the Battle Space is landed on, this will trigger a Battle minigame at the end of the turn, rather than at the exact moment the space is landed on.

  • Start Space
  • Blue Space
  • Red Space
  • Event Space
  • Ally Space
  • Item Space
  • Battle Space
  • Lucky Space
  • Bad Luck Space
  • Very Bad Luck Space
  • Chance Space



Super Mario Party 2 has a total of 89 new minigames. Of these, 25 are 4-Player minigames, 13 of them are 2-Vs-2 minigames, 13 of them are 1-vs-3 minigames, and 6 of them are Battle minigames. 11 of them are Co-op minigames that come from the Bowser Party mode, in which the four players need to work together to beat the minigame; 11 of them are Team minigames where players form a team of 8 and work against another team; and 10 of them are Rhythm minigames, where players get points for performing tasks in a rhythm.

There is also a 90th minigame, Big Boss Bowser, though it is not counted in the minigame total. This minigame is a boss fight between Bowser, and acts as the final challenge on Superstar Road. In this minigame, the player teams up with all the heroes to defeat Bowser (or a robotic Mario). This is done by punching Bowser whilst avoiding his attacks. The team members can also do extra powerful attacks by completing platforming challenges, pushing switches at once, and making formations on the battlefield.

4-Player Minigames[]

Question Blocked "A Question Block has gotten itself stuck inside a puzzle filled with brick blocks. Slide the Question Block out from inside the puzzle box the fastest to be the winner!" Joy-Con Icon - Tilt Box
I Am Not A Robot "A fun day on the computer is interrupted by a bundle of pop-ups! Follow the directions outlined by the pop-ups to remove them from the screen and prove you aren't a robot. The first to remove all of the pop-ups will be declared the winner!" NS StickWhite - Move cursor

NS StickWhite (Press in) - Select

Glass Half Full "Each character's Joycon is filled to the brim with soda! Feel the soda fizzing through the rumble and pour out exactly half of the soda. Whoever pours out the closest to half the soda in 10 seconds will be declared the winner!" Joy-Con Icon - Pour
March of the Cataquack "Direct the Cataquacks to the correct side that matches their color. Tilt the Joy-Con left for Red Cataquacks, and right for Blue. Careful! If you make a mistake they'll send you flying sky high and eliminate you!" Joy-Con Icon - Tilt left and right
Color Coded "Bob-Ombs are escaping from the factory! Sort the most amount of Bob-ombs by their color or risk being blown up!" NS JC T White - Blue Bob-omb

NS JC L White - Red Bob-omb
NS JC R White - Black Bob-omb
NS JC B White - Green Bob-omb

Turntable "Your Joy-Con is now directing the train turntables! Lay the Joycon down flat and spin it around 360° to guide the most train carriages through the open doors. Only one door will be open at a time!" Joy-Con Icon - Spin Turntable
Travel Unravel "All the players are holding a large map of the Mushroom Kingdom that has been rolled up into a scroll. Flip the Joy-Con over and over to unravel as much of the map as you can. Whoever can unravel the most amount of the map when the timer runs out will win!" Joy-Con Icon - Unravel
Flipside Flopside "High up in space, the aim of the game is to drop down through the floor as many times as you can. However, these flipping red and blue platforms won't stay still, so you have to be quick! Beware of gravity changes and Pulse Beams!" NS StickWhite - Move

NS JC R White - Jump

Five Toad Review "Who's spaghetti can get a five-star review? Point your Joy-Con to the ground and twirl the most amount of spaghetti on to your fork to win!" Joy-Con Icon - Twirl fork
Whose Snooze "Everyone is peacefully sleeping in their bed, but they are soon to be met with a rude awakening! When the alarm clock goes off, quickly hit the snooze button to go back to sleep the fastest. The player with the shortest time spent awake after 3 alarms will win!" NS JC R White - Press snooze
Endless Plumber "An endless supply of hats are falling down from the sky! Move left and right in your four different rows to catch as many hats on top of your heads as you can! If any hat drops to the ground, you will be eliminated. Catch the most hats to win!" NS JC L White - Move left

NS JC R White - Move right

Do A Barrel Rolled "Each character gets blasted from a cannon and is rolling on the ground. You can't stop your momentum! Avoid all the obstacles to make it to the end. Get caught on an obstacle and you'll be eliminated with a nasty headache!" NS StickWhite - Move

NS JC R White - Hop

A Day in the Life "Flick through pictures of a Goomba's day to find the matching image. The first player to match 3 images wins!" NS ZL Button - Flick forwards

NS ZR Button - Flick forwards
NS L Button - Flick backwards
NS R Button - Flick backwards

Hide and Boo Seek "Pink Boos have trapped everyone inside a haunted mansion! The only way to get out is to find one of the Pink Boos that have hidden in the room. Find them quickly, as one character will be eliminated from each room!" NS StickWhite - Move

NS JC T White - Search
NS JC R White - Jump

Hedge Fund "Jump through the holes in the hedges of Peach's garden. Why? Because coins are hiding inside many of the holes! Get stuck on the hedge and you'll be sitting out of the game temporarily and miss your opportunity for coins." NS StickWhite - Move

NS JC R White - Jump

Running of the Goombas "A large horde of Goomba's are filling up the screen, running from the right to the left. Avoid the Goombas as they escape from their fortress by pushing your way through. If the Goomba's push you off the screen, you will be eliminated!" NS StickWhite - Move
Air Traffic Out Of Control "Guide a plane to a safe landing on the wild airstrips! Use the Joycon as a glowing wand and direct the plane to go up, further to the left or right. Whoever lands the plane closest to them without hitting them will win the minigame!" Joy-Con Icon - Direct plane
As Not Seen On TV "It looks like your TV has stopped working, and is only showing static. Alternate your left and right hand as you smack the top of the TV to get it working again! You'll be able to feel the rumble slowly disappear as you fix the TV." NS SL Button - Smack left

NS SR Button - Smack right

It's Raining Coins "It really is raining coins, but also hail! Hold the umbrella above your head to protect yourself from hail, but make sure your umbrella is out of the way when coins fall so you can collect them. Getting hit by hail will make you lose two coins!" Joy-Con Icon - Move umbrella
Toad-nado "A wild tornado is destroying Toad Town! Press the button combination that appears or risk being sent hurtling into the tornado. The last player to complete the button combo will be eliminated, with the tornado finally leaving after one player is remaining." Press the buttons that appear
Flutter Bye "Each player is trying to flutter away from the Goombas that are piling up underneath the characters! The last player left fluttering in the air will get to ground pound all the Goombas, while the others are left injured. Mash the button that appears to keep fluttering above the Goombas!" Mash the button that appears
Mechanical Bill "Every player is riding a mechanical bull, shaped like a Bullet Bill! But this bill isn't friendly, and is doing everything it can to knock the player off. Tilt the Joycon in the opposite direction the mechanical bill moves to stay riding on top!" Joy-Con Icon - Lean
The World in 80 Spins "Who can spin the globe 80 times the fastest? Flick the Joycon until the globe slows down, then pinch the globe and spin it again! The faster the flick, the more spins you'll rack up! If you're good, you can get over ten spins in one go!" Joy-Con Icon - Spin Globe

NS JC R White - Pinch Globe
NS ZL Button - Pinch Globe
NS ZR Button - Pinch Globe

Bounding Bowling "It's a race around the Snow Kingdom! Each player is controlling a Shiverian as they roll and bound around the race course. The first player to finish a lap wins!" NS StickWhite - Move

NS JC R White - Bound

Pop Goes The Mario "Spin the crank to the Mario-in-the-Box around and around. The faster you spin it, the quicker you will get to popping Mario out of the box and winning! But watch out, if you spin while a Bob-omb is nearby it will explode on you and slow you down!" Joy-Con Icon - Spin crank

NS ZL Button - Stop crank
NS ZR Button - Stop crank

2-vs-2 Minigames[]

Leap Jog "It's a wacky race to the finish! Jump over your partner and duck so they can jump over you. The first team to the finish line is the winner!" Joy-Con Icon - Leap

NS ZL Button - Duck
NS ZR Button - Duck

Break Thwomp Breakdown "A Thwomp has trapped your teammate underground! One player has to ground pound down while the other jumps up. The first team to break the Whomp separating them will be the winner!" NS JC R White - Jump/Ground Pound
Superbros "Cardboard Peach has been kidnapped by Cardboard Bowser! Use your mushroom superpowers with your partner to complete a number of obstacles and save Cardboard Peach first!" NS StickWhite - Move

NS JC R White - Jump
NS JC T White - Punch

Did You Catch That? "Stand behind the line and throw the ball to your partner and back as many times as you can. Careful where you are throwing the ball, as your teammate has to catch it to gain a point." Joy-Con Icon - Throw Ball

NS StickWhite - Move to catch

Lock and Roll "One team member stands on top a Star Ball with a key, while the other player is locked inside their Star Ball. Make your way through the obstacle course to reunite with your partner and unlock the Star Ball." Joy-Con Icon - Roll ball
Explosive Event "It's a Bob-omb tournament! Shake the Joy-Con to bring the Bob-omb closer to blowing, and then pass it to your rival. Careful not to shake it too much or you will be the one blown up! After the first round, a second round may be played if one member won from each team." Joy-Con Icon - Shake Bob-Omb

NS JC R White - Pass Bob-Omb

Growing Pains "One team member has a horde of Mushrooms that they are throwing at their teammate to make them bigger and stronger, while the other team member is trying to punch out the door into a temple filled with coins. The more Mushrooms taken in, the stronger the attacks will be!" Joy-Con Icon - Punch

NS JC R White - Throw Mushroom

Random Bicycle "It's a perfect day for a bike ride! You and your partner are riding a tandem bicycle along the beach, press the four buttons in a circle to pedal your bike to the finish line. You will get a speed boost if you and your teammate are in unison!" NS JC T White - Pedal

NS JC L White - Pedal
NS JC R White - Pedal
NS JC B White - Pedal

Wrong Side of the Egg "Each team stands on opposite ends of an obstacle course. Each team has two sleeping Yoshi. The goal? Bowl Yoshi eggs across to your rival's side and hit one of their sleeping Yoshi with the egg. The first team to wake up their rival's two Yoshi will be declared the winner!" Joy-Con Icon - Bowl

NS StickWhite - Steer

Tug'O'Friends "A rope separates you from victory! Work with your teammate to stretch the rope further than your rivals. However, stretching the rope out too far will make you and your teammate be flung back into each other! Take big steps and little steps to stretch your rope out the furthest!" NS SL Button - Big step

NS SR Button - Little step

'Lost in Relation "Uh-Oh, the space ship the characters were riding in has blown up in outer space! Reunite with your partner as fast as you can, but be careful! The crash has made you dizzy and flipped all your controls! A random button will also be selected to make you move faster, see if you can figure out which button it is!" NS StickWhite - Move

? - Dash

She Sells Seashells "A tidal wave has destroyed the Pianta's store! Help her recover her products by collecting matching shells with your partner. Run into your partner with the matching shell, and the Pianta will instantly collect it. Get the most matches to win!" NS StickWhite - Move

NS JC T White - Punch
NS JC R White - Pick Up

Who Took The Cookie? "There's two cookie jars, so each team will face off against only one of their opponents. You have three options. Take the cookie and earn three points. However, if your opponent takes the cookie, and you decide to slap the jar, you will get two points. If both player's decide to do nothing, they will each get one point. Zero points will be awarded to the player if they go against any of those rules. Each team's points will be combined over five rounds between the two cookie jars. The team with the most points will win!" NS JC T White - Take cookie

NS JC R White - Slap the jar
NS JC B White - Do nothing
NS JC L White - Random choice

1-vs-3 Minigames[]

The controls for the lone player are listed first, followed by the controls for the team of three.

Organic Intelligence "The one player presses any button to choose one of ten Goomba disguises, and hides themselves amongst a horde of Goombas! It's the three players job to find the human hiding amongst the AI, but they each only have one guess to get it right." NS StickWhite - Move

Any button to select disguise

NS StickWhite - Move
NS JC R White - Select

Tilt, Slam, BAM! "Mario's days in the sunshine come back to life! The three players have to stay on top of the mirror while the lone player controls the tilt of the mirror, and can gain enough momentum to send the team players flying off the mirror! If any team player is surviving when time is up, the team will win." Joy-Con Icon - Tilt mirror

NS JC R White - Flip mirror

NS StickWhite - Move

Mega Mini Golf "There is no 'Hole-In-One' on this fairway! Each team starts at the opposite end of a mini golf hole, with the hole in between them. The team have to hit a mega golf ball to the hole, while the lone player has to hit a mini golf ball to the hole. The first team to get the ball into the hole is declared the winner." Joy-Con Icon - Swing club

NS StickWhite - Move

Joy-Con Icon - Swing club
NS StickWhite - Move

Flagpole Goal "Every player is out to climb the flagpole! The lone player rides a flying flagpole, controlling it around the arena. For the other three players to achieve victory, the only goal is for all of them to jump on to the flagpole before time runs out!" NS StickWhite - Move

NS StickWhite - Move
NS JC R White - Jump

Pinching Pennies "Coins are falling from above, and the lone player gets first dibs. Snag the falling coins between your hands to collect them, but if they fall past the lone player, the team members will get a chance to collect them. The lone player has a slow, but larger grip, while the team members can pinch coins faster, but have a smaller area they can grab from." NS SL Button - Grab

NS SR Button - Grab

NS SL Button - Grab
NS SR Button - Grab

Watering Cannot "It's a classic carnival game of water guns, only this time the clown is the lone player! The lone player has to quickly move amongst the three rows of Shy Guy faces, while the team players have to get enough water into the lone player to pop the balloon above their head. If the lone player's balloon pops before time runs out, the team of three win!" NS StickWhite - Move place

NS StickWhite - Move cursor
NS JC R White - Spray water
Joy-Con Icon - Refill water

Raining Cats and Hog "The lone player is hogging the umbrella and leaving the team members out in the rain! While the lone player runs away from the three players, the team has to have at least one member stay under the umbrella long enough within the time limit to be declared the winners." NS StickWhite - Move

NS JC R White - Jump

NS StickWhite - Move
NS JC R White - Jump

A-Maze-ing "Everyone is lost in the maze, but the lone player has the power! With the flick of the Joycon, the lone player can flip all of the walls in the maze to a new position. If the lone player can have none of the team players catch them before time runs out, they will be declared the winner." Joy-Con Icon - Flip walls

NS StickWhite - Move

NS StickWhite - Move

Swipe Right? "Set atop four platforms in the night sky, the lone player has the power to swipe out one of the platforms at a time. If the player swipes out the platform one of the team members is standing on, it's game over for them! The team players will win if they can have one member surviving when the time runs out." NS JC T White - Select top platform

NS JC B White - Select lower platform
Joy-Con Icon - Swipe left/right

NS StickWhite - Move
NS JC R White - Jump

Wait For The Drop "The lone player is in danger of being squashed by Clear Pipes! The team players stand up high on a grid of clear pipes, and can ground pound on to the clear pipe to send it down below, where the lone player awaits. If the lone player is hit by a pipe before time ends, the team members will win." NS StickWhite - Move

NS StickWhite - Move
NS JC R White - Jump/Ground Pound

Hammer Head "The three players are stranded above a river on a rickety old bridge. The lone player has an arsenal of hammers at their disposal, which they can throw across the river to try and hit the three players off the bridge. The lone player wins if all the team members get knocked off the bridge into the water below." NS StickWhite - Move cursor

Joy-Con Icon - Throw hammer

NS StickWhite - Move
NS JC R White - Jump

Merry Goes Around "The lone player has taken control of the carousel, and is spinning it round and round. The lone player has to spin the carousel around, attempting to knock the three players off the carousel, while the three players have to do anything to stay on. Watch out cause the lone player can instantly send the carousel spinning the other way around!" Joy-Con Icon - Spin carousel

NS StickWhite - Move
NS JC R White - Jump

Mean Clean "A Koopa is trying to clean up her house. The three players have to pick up one object at a time and place it back on the shelf. However, the lone player is sabotaging the clean up! They can pick up two objects next to each other at a time and send them back to the floor. If the room is still messy when time is up, the lone player wins!" NS StickWhite - Move cursor

NS JC R White - Select

NS StickWhite - Move cursor
NS JC R White - Select

Battle Minigames[]

The Toad Code "Each player has their own bomb that is going to explode on them! Quickly input the code to defuse the bomb! A number between 1 and 9999 will be displayed. Hold up to quickly cycle through numbers, but once you let go of up you will immediately stop on that exact number. You only have one shot to get as close to the number as possible and win!" NS StickWhite - Change number
Feel It Still "A Boo is haunting your Joy-Con! The Boo will make your controller rumble, wait until your Joy-Con has completely stopped rumbling and then shake it to get the Boo out. Shake closest to the rumble stopping to win!" Joy-Con Icon - Shake
Rally Alley "This time, Mario and friends are playing Squash! Hit the ball back and forth from your left side to your right side the most amount of times to win, but the ball will speed up after every hit so you have to stay focused!" Joy-Con Icon - Swing racket
Passport Report "You are all now in charge of stamping passports in the airport. At the start of the minigame, a character portrait will be displayed, and this will be the only passport you are allowed to stamp. Press right to return any other passport. The person who stamps the most passports will be the winner!" Joy-Con Icon - Stamp

NS JC R White - Return passport

Red-Hot Run "Its a red-hot race to the finish line! Each player has to quickly race across the thin pathways to the finish line, crossing over speed boosts to gain even more speed! Careful not to fall off the edges!" NS StickWhite - Move

NS JC R White - Jump

Gambled Eggs "A horde of Yoshi eggs sits around the players, however not all of them contain a Yoshi! Open an egg with a Yoshi inside to be safe, however open an egg with a Boo inside and you'll be scared out of the arena!" NS StickWhite - Move

NS JC R White - Select

Co-op Minigames[]

Goomba, Goomba, Gone! "A horde of Goombas is stomping around the arena. Work as a team to defeat every Goomba on screen before the time runs out, otherwise the Goomba's will get the last laugh!" NS StickWhite - Move

NS JC R White - Jump

Bridge Over Cheep Cheep Waters "There are four jobs to be done to build the bridge; getting wood, hammering the wood in, stringing up the bridge, and keeping Cheep Cheeps off the bridge. Coordinate with your teammates to build the bridge quickly, or risk falling into the rapids below!" NS StickWhite - Move

Joy-Con Icon - Hammer
Joy-Con Icon - String bridge
NS JC R White - Jump
NS JC T White - Pick up

Swarm and Fuzzy "Stuck inside a cave, a swarm of Fuzzys are hot on your trail! Each player gets a different power up they can use to help the team escape the cave to safety. Use the Cannon Box to hurl bombs at cracked walls, the Spring Mushroom to activate jump pads, the Super Bell to climb walls and reach out of place areas, or the Metal Cap to push down switches." NS StickWhite - Move

NS JC R White - Jump
NS JC T White - Use power-up

Blooper Trooper "Blooper posters cover the drab walls of the harbour, but not for much longer! Either grab a spray can to paint over the Blooper posters, or grab a stack of Mario posters to slap over the top of Blooper posters that have been sprayed already. Don't forget to go back and grab more posters or another spray can once you have run out." NS StickWhite - Move

NS JC R White - Select item
Joy-Con Icon - Spray paint
Joy-Con Icon - Place poster

Build a Blizzard "Mr Blizzard is here to save you from getting squashed by Thwomp! Snowballs form in the arena, which players have to grab and place in the middle to create the tallest Mr Blizzard they can. Some snowballs are so big that you need more than one team member to help carry them to the middle. Create a tall enough Mr Blizzard to resist the Thwomp instead of letting him squash you!" NS StickWhite - Move

NS JC R White - Pick up

Cooking Mario "Each team member is given a different station to work in as they attempt to make enough cakes to satisfy the Shy Guy. One member cracks the eggs, one member mixes the batter up, one member cooks the cakes in the oven, and one member cuts the toppings. If one player stops working, the later players will end up running out of work to do, so don't stop moving" Joy-Con Icon - Crack eggs

Joy-Con Icon - Mix batter
Joy-Con Icon - Use oven
Joy-Con Icon - Cut toppings

Waddlewing It "Waddlewings are attacking the Great Acorn Tree! The team has to protect a stash of acorns in the middle of the branch by jumping on the Waddlewings that come by. Each team member has their own circular ring around the stash that only they can move in, and have to protect from within their ring. The team fails if all the acorns are stolen before time runs out." NS StickWhite - Move

NS JC R White - Jump

Hokey Pokey "A very, very tall Pokey blocks your path. The Pokey’s segments come in four colors. Each team member is assigned a color, and they are the only one who can knock out the segments of that color. One press of the button will knock out a Pokey segment instantly. Coordinate your attacks to defeat the Pokey before time runs out. Make sure you wait for your turn or you’ll slow down the team!" NS JC T White - Red segment

NS JC L White - Blue segment
NS JC R White - Green segment
NS JC B White - Yellow segment

Chained Chomp Together "The players have been chained up together around a barrel! Survive a wave of fiery attacks directed by the Chain Chomp to win the minigame. Look for where each player is chained up, as they are the only ones who can lead the team in that direction!" NS StickWhite - Move
Drop a Bob-ombshell "King Bob-omb is asleep in the middle, with something he would never expect going on. The four team members have to wind up Bob-omb Buddies enough to direct them through a small maze to create a circle around King Bob-omb. Create a circle of Bob-omb Buddies around King Bob-omb before time is up, and he will wake up to a big explosion! Be careful, because the maze walls are made of bombs that will instantly destory you Bob-omb Buddy!" Joy-Con Icon - Wind Bob-omb

NS StickWhite - Move Bob-omb

No Eye In Team "Inside a haunted mansion, a Big Mr I appears! Each team member has to help run around the Big Mr I in a circle to progressively make him smaller and smaller until he is defeated. He will disappear faster if all four players are running around him together. However, the Big Mr I will sometimes roll around to another part of the arena, and spawn smaller eyes to slow down the players!" NS StickWhite - Move

Team Minigames[]

Some of the Team minigames will only appear in the 4-Player roulette, while some will only appear in the 2-vs-2 roulette. The 2-vs-2 minigames are New New Donk, Capture the Flagpole, and Bird-off! The rest of the following minigames appear in the 4-Player roulette.

Greedy Pigs "Each character is standing on top of a cloud. First, Cappy will roll his own dice, followed by every character rolling their own dice. If a character gets the same number as Cappy, then they will be eliminated and be sent crashing to the ground! The last team standing wins!" Joy-Con Icon - Hit dice
New New Donk "New Donk City is undergoing renovations! One team is attempting to help build the city, while the other team is trying to destroy all the buildings in New Donk City. If more buildings are left standing than destroyed when the time runs out, the building team will be declared the winners, but if more buildings are left destroyed, the demolition team will win!" NS StickWhite - Move

Joy-Con Icon - Build/Destroy

Get In Formation "Cappy will display a formation he wants the teams to get into. Each team then has to scramble to create the formation shown, with the winning team getting a point. The first team to three points will be declared the winner!" NS StickWhite - Move
Swept Off Your Feet "The characters are suspended above lava, with a firebar circling them! Jump over the firebar or risk being sent flying away into the lava! The last team standing wins!" NS JC R White - Jump
Room For Desert "There's only room for one team in this desert! Mash the button that appears as fast as you can to push your enemy into the quicksand behind them. The rounds will continue until one team is left standing!" Mash the button that appears
Stars From Mars "Every character is placed on a lone planet in space, with stars shooting down onto the surface. If a character grabs a star, they will run around the planet while invincible, eliminating anyone that gets in their way. Eliminate all your opponents and be the last team standing to win!" NS StickWhite - Move
Capture the Flagpole "Its a classic game of Capture the... Flagpole! Attempt to grab your opponents flagpole and run it back to your base to score a point! The first team to two points wins, but your opponents will do anything to stop you, including sending Koopa shells across the battlefield!" NS StickWhite - Move

NS JC R White - Jump
NS JC T White - Punch/Kick

Path of Most Resistance "Every character begins running across a singular platform, then they can choose between three different branching paths. Each path will have its own platforming challenges, but the biggest challenge will be not getting knocked off by your opponents! The last team standing will win!" NS StickWhite - Move

NS JC R White - Jump
NS JC T White - Punch/Kick

Flatpack "The aim of the minigame is to not get flattened by the many Thwomps! Each Thwomp is falling from the sky into the arena, and will leave a shadow showing where to avoid, but your opponents may try to push you into their path! Avoid the Thwomps and be the last team standing to win!" NS StickWhite - Move

NS JC R White - Jump
NS JC T White - Punch/Kick

Let Go, Let Squad "All the characters are stuck inside a dark, haunted mansion! The objective is to reunite with all your team members by making your way through the many halls of the mansion! The first team to be completely reunited will be declared the winners! Those with less members on their team will have to find a colored Goomba." NS StickWhite - Move
Bird-Off! "Its a battle between Wingo and Cookatiel! Each team is riding on one of the bird's wings while they are stuck in a volcano. Many rock walls block the escape path, and so the team members have to flap the wings to angle the bird correctly through the passage. The first team out of the volcano will win!" Joy-Con Icon - Flap wing

Rhythm Minigames[]

Beat Cheat "Don't try this at school! Mario and friends are cheating on a test, but trying not to get caught by the enemy acting as the teacher. Look down at your paper when the teacher is looking, but look up to cheat when the teacher isn't looking. The music and teacher will guide you on when to look!" Joy-Con Icon - Look up/down
In-Or-Out "We are open for business! Each player is working as a doorman for a restaurant, and has to let heroes in to the restaurant, whilst keeping the bad guys out! Toads and Goombas will line up to be let in, and you have to open and close the door in time to rack up the most points and win!" Joy-Con Icon - Open/close door
Pace Invaders "Octoombas are falling from outer space! Move left and right the beat before hitting the Octoomba to rack up as many points as you can. The player with the most points at the end of the game will be declared the winner!" NS JC L White - Move left

NS JC R White - Move right

Time Signature "You're famous! Everyone is asking for your signature, but you'll have to write it in time to the music to get the most points in this game! Make small wiggles with the Joycon to write a signature, then flick the Joycon to return the paper. Each piece of paper will have a number on it telling you how many beats to sign it for." Joy-Con Icon - Write signature

Joy-Con Icon - Return paper

Short On Staff "In this melodic minigame, the players are playing the music with their body! Jump between the five different beanstalks that are acting as a music staff, collecting coins that are acting as the notes. Whoever collects the most coins will win!" NS StickWhite - Move up/down
I Cue "You've been hired as a manager of a construction site, but the workers don't seem to know what they are doing! Help direct the worker's by moving your conductor's wand in time with the music. The better you are, the faster the construction workers will complete their tasks. Build the most amount of the hotel to be declared the winner." Joy-Con Icon - Cue workers
Line of Applause "The players are the directors of a new play and are holding auditions. After each audition they have to applaud by clapping the Joy-Con between their hands. Four different species are going to audition; a Toad, a Koopa, a Goomba, or a Chain Chomp. Each different species will direct you on how many times to clap after their audition! Whoever claps the best in time will win!" Joy-Con Icon - Clap
4-By-4 Bit "Everyone has been sent back in time to an 8-Bit level out of Super Mario Bros! You will have to do one of four actions in time with the game as it appears; jump, use a fireball, use a star, or go down a warp pipe. The player who does these actions in time the best will reach the flagpole with the most points and win!" NS JC T White - Jump

NS JC L White - Fireball
NS JC R White - Star
NS JC B White - Use Warp Pipe

Gone with the Horn "Each player is the conductor of a train, but a lot of Koopas seem to be getting in the way of the train! Pull on the train's horn at the right time to get the enemies out of the way of the train, or send them hurtling into the air, and losing points in the process!" Joy-Con Icon - Pull horn
Jump the Sushi "All the players are riding on a skateboard headed towards certain doom! Line up your skateboard pushes in time with the music and icons on the ground to build up momentum. The player with the most momentum will have enough speed to jump over the Sushi at the end of the ramp, while the others will crash into the ocean!" NS JC R White - Push skateboard


Super Mario Party 2 originally started life as a reboot of the series, simply known as Mario Party. However, following the success of the previous instalment, Super Mario Party, development was overhauled to create a sequel that continued the ideas introduced in that game.

MP2014 MushroomHeightsLayout

One of the scrapped boards from the original build, Mushroom Heights. It would of been Toad and Toadette's board.

The reboot was originally going to have Toadsworth return as a host, with the story being that Toadsworth challenged all the playable characters to see who could put on the best party. Each character would break off into pairs and have their own shared board that they would host. After playing through every board, Toadsworth would declare the team that put on the best party. One of the only things used from that build of the game was the board title, Warp Pipe World, which was set to be Mario and Luigi's home board. Some of the other scrapped boards were Bowser Wasteland, Egg Island, Kong Peaks, Royal Castle and Mount W.

Throughout development seven minigames were scrapped. The 4-Player minigames scrapped include Hot Air Heads, in which players would use the Joy-Con to pump up a hot air balloon. Bowser on Paper, in which players had to graffiti over papers with Bowser's face, but leave papers with Mario's face bare. Keep Your Fin Up, a racetrack-style minigame set on the ocean, and Survey Says, a trivia mini-game that asked players to answer questions about the game.

The only 2-vs-2 minigame scrapped was called Hang Ten, which used the same gameplay as Hanger Management from Mario Party DS. Two 1-vs-3 minigames were scrapped. Not Invited To This Party had players rolling dice and moving across the board. The lone player started five spaces behind and had to catch up to win. Rushing Roulette was a luck-based minigame, where the three players would hide under a wedge on the roulette table and the lone player had to guess which wedge they were hiding under. Endless Plumber originally started as a 1-vs-3 minigame before being changed into a 4-Player minigame.

Based on beta footage, it also looks like Duel minigames were initially going to be implemented. They seem to have been taken out to streamline turns so minigames wouldn't be played half way through a turn, as well as in consideration to online matches.

References to other media[]

  • Super Mario Bros: The minigame 4-by-4 Bit takes place on a stage that uses similar pixel art to this game.
  • Super Mario World: Dinosaur Island on Superstar Road is very reminiscent of Dinosaur Land.
  • Paper Mario: Dry Dry Desert originated in this game. As well as this, the board Dry Dry Desert seems to take many inspirations from Dry Dry Outpost which originated in this game.
  • Super Mario Sunshine: The minigame March of the Cataquack looks to take place in an area of Gelato Beach. The minigame Tilt, Slam, BAM! also seems to take place on Gelato Beach and takes the name of a mission from this game.
  • Mario Kart: Double Dash!!: Dry Dry desert also appeared in this game.
  • Super Mario 64 DS: The minigame Color Coded is very similar to the game Sort or 'Splode.
  • Cooking Mama: The minigame Cooking Mario has gameplay very similar to that from this series.
  • Super Mario Galaxy: Toad Town takes many inspirations from its appearance in this game. The minigame Flopside Flipside takes place in space on Red-Blue Panels. Lock and Roll takes place on obstacle courses reminiscent of Rolling Greens Galaxy, Rolling Gizmo Galaxy, Rolling Masterpiece Galaxy and Rolling Coaster Galaxy with the players on Star Balls.
  • Mario Kart 7: The board Dry Dry Desert takes many inspirations from the track Shy Guy Bazaar.
  • New Super Mario Bros. U: The minigame Waddlewing It takes place on the Great Acorn Tree.
  • Super Mario 3D World: Clear pipes appear in the minigame Wait for the Drop. The minigame Red-Hot Run is largely inspired by the stage of the same name from this game. The minigame Swarm and Fuzzy plays very similar to the stage Fuzzy Time Mine from this game. The minigame Path of Most Resistance is set in a location that looks similar to the stage Rolling Ride Run.
  • Mario Kart 8: The Runaway Runways board is reminiscent of the Sunshine Airport track from the game. The players are riding in the Blooper Spaceship before crashing in the minigame Lost in Relation.
  • Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker: The player's ride on Wingo in the minigame Bird-Off!
  • Super Mario Odyssey: Pauline's performance after beating the story mimics her performance in the festival from this game. The minigame New New Donk takes place in New Donk City. The player's ride on Cookatiel in the minigame Bird-Off! The board Deep Space Drive takes place in the Cap Kingdom. The minigame Bounding Bowling reuses the resources from the Bound Bowl minigame found in the Snow Kingdom.
  • Luigi's Mansion 3: The mansion in Hide and Boo Seek is modelled after The Last Resort.

Minigame references[]

Many of the names of minigames make reference to phrases from other media. All of which are listed below.

  • I Am Not A Robot: The title of a song by Marina and the Diamonds.
  • Glass Half Full: A common saying to describe an optimist point of view.
  • Five Toad Review: A mock of the five star review, a common rating used by critics.
  • Endless Plumber: Reference to the endless runner genre of video games, popular on mobile phones.
  • Do a Barrel Rolled: Quote from the Starfox series.
  • Hide and Boo Seek: A pun on the game, Hide and Go Seek. Interestingly, this is the name of a minigame from Super Mario 64 DS.
  • Hedge Fund: Reference to investment terminology.
  • Running of the Goombas: A pun on the annual event in Spain known as the Running of the Bulls.
  • Air Traffic Out of Control: A pun on Air Traffic Control, a sector found in every airport.
  • As Not Seen On Tv: A pun on the products that commonly feature the label 'As Seen On TV'.
  • It's Raining Coins: A reference to the 1982 song, It's Raining Men, released by the Weather Girls.
  • The World in 80 Spins: Reference to the 2004 film, Around the World in Eighty Days.
  • Pop Goes the Mario: A pun on the children's song, Pop Goes the Weasel.
  • Leap Jog: Reference to the children's game, Leap Frog.
  • Lock and Roll: Pun on the music genre, Rock and Roll.
  • Growing Pains: A common term that refers to the medical pains associated with child's legs whilst they are growing.
  • Random Bicycle: A pun on the tandem bicycle that the characters use in the minigame.
  • Wrong Side of the Egg: A pun on the idiom, woke up on the wrong side of the bed.
  • Lost in RelationL In reference to the 2003 Sofia Coppola film, Lost in Translation.
  • She Sells Seashells: A line from the famous tongue-twister, 'She sells seashells by the sea shore'
  • Who Took The Cookie?: An excerpt from the children's song 'Who Took the Cookie from the Cookie Jar?'
  • Organic Intelligence: A pun on the term Artificial Intelligence.
  • Tilt, Slam, BAM!: A reference to the Super Mario Sunshine mission of the same name that features a similar objective.
  • Pinching Pennies: Referring to the term penny pincher.
  • Watering Cannot: A pun on the object, watering can.
  • Raining Cats and Hog: A pun of the phrase, Raining Cats and Dogs.
  • Swipe Right?: A reference to the term of swiping right on a dating app.
  • Wait for the Drop: A common phrase used in relation to the drop of an EDM song.
  • Feel it Still: The title of the 2017 song released by Portugal. The Man.
  • Red-Hot Run: A name lifted directly from a stage in Super Mario 3D World.
  • Gambled Eggs: A pun on scrambled eggs, a way to cook eggs.
  • Goomba, Goomba, Gone: Going, Going, Gone is a phrase typically uttered by real estate agents at house auctions.
  • Bridge Over Cheep Cheep Waters: A pun on the Simon & Garfunkle song known as Bridge Over Trouble Waters.
  • Swarm and Fuzzy: A pun on the idiom warm and fuzzy.
  • Build A Blizzard: Reference to the Build A Bear children's store.
  • Cooking Mario: Reference to the Mama video-game series that originated with Cooking Mama.
  • Waddlewing It: A pun on the phrase to wing it.
  • Hokey Pokey: Title of a children's song/dance.
  • Drop a Bob-ombshell: A pun on the term to 'drop a bomb shell'.
  • No Eye In Team: A pun on the idiom, there's no I in team.
  • New New Donk: A reference to New New York referenced in the TV series, Futurama.
  • Get In Formation: A lyric from the 2016 Beyonce song, Formation.
  • Swept Off Your Feet: In reference to the term, sweep me off my feet, used when someone falls completely in love with someone.
  • Room For Desert: A pun on the phrase, 'save room for dessert'.
  • Capture the Flagpole: References the popular game Capture the Flag.
  • Path of Most Resistance: A pun on the phrase Path of Least Resistance.
  • Flatpack: A type of furniture that comes in pieces and has to be put together by the buyer. Popularised by IKEA.
  • Let Go, Let Squad: In pun on the term 'Let Go, Let God'.
  • In-Or-Out: The name of a fast food franchise in the USA.
  • Pace Invaders: A pun on the video-game, Space Invaders.
  • Time Signature: In reference to the actual music term of a time signature, which relates to the format of the bars in a song, as well as a signature usually written out by celebrities and given to their fans
  • Short on Staff: A pun on a music staff, and a business being short-staffed, meaning they are low on employees.
  • I Cue: Pun on the term IQ, as well as how a conductor 'cues' their members of the band.
  • Line of Applause: A pun on the phrase 'round of applause'.
  • 4-by-4 Bit: References the most common time signature in music, 4 by 4.
  • Gone with the Horn: A pun on the 1939 film, Gone with the Wind.
  • Jump the Sushi: Used in reference to Jumping the Shark, a phrase associated with a ridiculous event.


  • Daisy wears her sports outfit during gameplay instead of her Princess outfit. This is the first time in the series this has happened.
  • Sprixie Princess and the Tostarenan both have different names for their characters in-game. Sprixie Princess was shortened to Sprixie due to length and the Tostarenan was given his own name of Tost.
  • Wario and Waluigi are classified as villains in this game due to their role in the Story Mode. They were labelled as heroes in the previous instalment.
  • The Koopalings appear as part of the S.S. Shipwreck board, marking their first appearance in a Mario Party game.
    • The Broodals also appear as part of the Deep Space Drive board, marking their first appeaarance in a Mario Party game.
  • The Sound Stage mode from the previous iteration was merged into the Minigame Mode as Rhythm minigames can now appear during board play.
  • The board S.S. Shipwreck is shaped like a Nintendo Gamecube controller.
  • Entering the Konami Code on the setup screen for Mariothon unlocks a third location that Mariothon can be played on. Instead of the standard coliseum setting, the game will take place in a area reminiscent of the Step It Up minigame mode from Mario Party 9.
  • Super Mario Party 2 has the second-most amount of minigames in the series, sitting at 89 minigames.
    • This is one more than Mario Party 7, and 11 less than Mario Party: The Top 100.
  • Co-op minigames act very similar to the Boss Minigames from the recent instalments. Each minigame revolves around taking down a common threat, which is usually a minion of Bowser's.
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