Super Mario Party 10 is the tenth game in the main Mario Party series. It has 50 playable characters, and 10 different boards. It is for the Wii U and 3DS.


Gameplay is like most Mario Party games. There are four different modes: Free-For-All (everyone against each other), Tag-Team (two vs. two), Duel (one on one), and Carpool (like in MP9). You can use all three of these modes in Party Mode and Story Mode. Other than that, it's effectively the same. There are Mini-Stars and Mini-Ztars in this game too, and you collect them in threes. If you get 30 Mini-Stars, you get a normal Star. Once you have a normal Star, you can't collect any more Mini-Stars. You can only fight the boss if you have a normal Star. Mini-Ztars work like they do in MP9. You have to spend 3 Coins to get 3 Mini-Stars.


There are 6 different modes in this game, each hosted by either Geno or Mallow.

Party Mode

Party Mode is the classic mode from every Mario Party game. In this game, it is hosted by Mallow. You can play on any board (except the Bowser Board, which you have to unlock before you can) in this mode.

Minigame Mode

Minigame Mode is another classic mode from the series. In this game, it is hosted by Mallow. You can play any minigame you've played before in this mode. Also, there is a minigame shop, where you can buy retro minigames.

Story Mode

Story Mode is yet another classic mode. In this game, it is hosted by both of the hosts, who alternate boards- Geno first, followed by Mallow. See below to read the story.

Super Duel Mode

Super Duel Mode is a mode introduced in Mario Party 5. In this game, it is hosted by Geno. The gameplay is the same. See below to view all of the vehicle parts.

Extra Mode

Extra Mode is a mode also introduced in Mario Party 5. In this game, it is hosted by Geno. The gameplay is the same as in Mario Party 5.

Shop Mode

Shop Mode is a mode introduced in Mario Party 6. In this game, it is hosted by Paratroopa, Paragoomba, Lakitu, and Wiggler, who each run their own shop. At Paratroopa's place, you can buy the characters. At Paragoomba's place, you can buy retro minigames. At Lakitu's place, you can buy new vehicles for Carpool Mode. At Wiggler's place, you can buy extra things like voices or "Extra Hard" mode.


This story is used in Story Mode.

Every year, at the start of the year, the Star Festival takes place. At the Star Festival, all of the Mini-Stars form together into real Stars, which, with the help of Geno and Mallow, award the 10 Star Stamps to the ten Mushroomers who deserve them most. This year, Bowser really hopes to get his hand on one of the Star Stamps.

It's time for the festivities to begin! Everyone gathers to Peach's Castle's roof, with Bowser and his children watching from overhead. As each of the 10 Star Stamps are awarded, Bowser becomes angrier and angrier- none of them were sent to him! In a fit of rage, he uses his super-vaccuum to suck them all away! Mario and his friends chase after him.

While flying over the kingdom, Bowser is so busy laughing evilly that he drops all of the Stamps! They fly through the kingdom, landing in ten different realms. Bowser quickly sends his ten children to get them back before Mario and his friends do. Mario and his friends split up- that way, they can all get it first!

Before a major fight begins, Geno and Mallow decide to make it fair and square- whoever can get the Stars back can also have a chance to defeat the boss and get the Star Stamp. Everyone agrees, and the game starts.


The gameplay is very similar to Party Mode, but you progress through the ten different boards. Everytime you beat a board, you get the ability to buy the Koopaling of that board. There are four different versions: duel, tag-team, free-for-all, and carpool. In duel, you can only play one player, and your only opponent is the Koopaling. In tag-team, you can have one other person play with you, but you have two opponents instead of just one. In free-for-all, it's back to only one player, but you now have three opponents. In carpool, you can have up to three more people playing with you, but you have FOUR opponents. Unlike in normal carpool, where there is only one car, there are two cars- one has all the heroes, the other has all the villains.

Board Order

  • Bianco Hills
  • Desert Fortress
  • Dolphin Sea
  • Cosmic Station
  • Candy Central Station
  • Four Seasons
  • Mushroom Heights
  • Frozen Wasteland
  • Pipe City
  • Junior's Roasted Rock
  • Bowser's Castle


On each board, you have one (or two, or four depending on which mode) character that you must play as, depending on the board. This is the list.

  • Bianco Hills - Wario (duel) + Waluigi (tag-team) + Shy Guy + Nabbit (carpool)
  • Desert Fortress - DK (duel) + Diddy (tag-team) + Dixie + Funky (carpool)
  • Dolphin Sea - Daisy (duel) + Lubba (tag-team) + Hammer Bro. + Boomerang Bro. (carpool)
  • Cosmic Station - Toadsworth (duel) + Tumble (tag-team) + E. Gadd + Shadow Mario (carpool)
  • Candy Central Station - Peach (duel) + Rosalina (tag-team) + Cheep-Cheep + Blooper (carpool)
  • Four Seasons - Koopa (duel) + Goomba (tag-team) + Waddlewing + Kamek (carpool)
  • Mushroom Heights - Luigi (duel) + Boo (tag-team) + Dry Bones + Perry (carpool)
  • Frozen Wasteland - Yoshi (duel) + Baby Mario (tag-team) + Baby Luigi + Birdo (carpool)
  • Pipe City - Toad (duel) + Toadette (tag-team) + Violet + Kelley (carpool)
  • Junior's Roasted Rock - Mario (duel) + Gina (tag-team) + Yvan + Wolley (carpool)
  • Bowser's Castle - This is the only board who you can play as anyone- except the Koopalings.

Star Stamps

Each of the "duel" characters (heroes, anyway) get a Star Stamp. These are all of them.

  • Wario - Witty
  • DK - Strong
  • Daisy - Beautiful
  • Toadsworth - Protective
  • Peach - Loving
  • Koopa - Clever
  • Luigi - Courageous
  • Yoshi - Kind
  • Toad - Helpful
  • Mario - Heroic

There is one last Star Stamp, which is revealed at the very end. Once Bowser is defeated, he admits that he only wanted his own Star Stamp. Because of this, Geno and Mallow create him his own- the Evil Stamp.

Playable Characters

As said above, there are 50 different playable characters. 40 are default, 10 are unlockable.



Default Teams

  • Mario - Luigi
  • Peach - Daisy
  • Yoshi - Birdo
  • Toad - Toadette
  • Wario - Waluigi
  • DK - Diddy
  • Boo - Dry Bones
  • Koopa - Goomba
  • Kamek - Shy Guy
  • Hammer Bro. - Boomerang Bro.
  • Blooper - Cheep-Cheep
  • Waddlewing - Nabbit
  • Toadsworth - Tumble
  • Yvan - Wolley
  • E. Gadd - Shadow Mario
  • Baby Mario - Baby Luigi
  • GinaPerry
  • RosalinaLubba
  • VioletKelley
  • DixieFunky
  • Ludwig - Bowser Jr.
  • Lemmy - Iggy
  • Roy - Morton
  • Wendy - Larry
  • Ellen - Dolly




1 vs. 3





  • Green Space - Does nothing. Usually, you start on this, and there aren't very many.
  • Blue Space - Gives you three coins. They are the most common.
  • Red Space - Takes three coins. They are rather common.
  • Mini-Star Space - Gives you three Mini-Stars (if you land on it). They are not very common, but not exactly rare either.
  • DK Space - A random Kong (DK if he's not being played as, then Diddy if he's not being played as, then Dixie if SHE'S not being played as, then Funky, if HE'S not being played as, then finally Cranky) will appear and challenge you to a very easy DK minigame. If you win, you get 10 free Mini-Star. If not, nothing happens. They are rare.
  • Lucky Space - Takes you down a path where several free Mini-Star Spaces are. They are rare.
  • Mini-Ztar Space - Takes three Mini-Stars (if you land on it). They are rare.
  • Bowser Space - The Koopaling of that board (Bowser if that Koopaling's being played as) will appear and challenge you to a very hard Bowser minigame. If you lose, you get 10 Mini-Ztars. If you win, nothing happens. They are rare.
  • Event Space - Something will happens. They are rare.
  • Unlucky Space - Takes you down a path where several Mini-Ztar Spaces are. They are very rare.
  • Boss Space - If you have a Star, you battle the boss of that board. There is one per board.
  • Arrow/Which-Way Space - In Free-For-All, you choose a direction, and head that way. In Tag-Team or Carpool, the team that lands on it must choose a direction, and it works like the Which-Way Wheel from MP9.


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