Super Mario Panic
Developer(s) Blender Maximum
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo Switch
Genre(s) 3D platforming game

Super Mario Panic is a 3D platformer title in the Mario series for the Nintendo Switch. The game was created by Nintendo and Blender Maximum. The game is somewhat of a successor to Super Mario 64, but has many differences to the original, including a large cast of playable characters and multiple storylines. The game will be released in Summer 2017.


Panic plays comparably similar to past 3D Mario titles, but also differently in many other ways. As a platformer, the A button (or Right button, in multiplayer) on the JoyCon is used to jump when using standard controls. The A/Right button can also be used to interact with select items and non-playable characters in the game's world. The analog sticks are used for movement, but the left stick can be used to control the camera in single player. All characters have attacks or other abilities as well, used by X, B, and Y on the controller. Four of the games' characters, however, actually have four abilities that can be used, one of which is accessible through the shoulder buttons. The goal of each in-game stage varies from performing set tasks to defeating bosses. However, the game is open-world to an extent in that you can visit most worlds from the start of the game, and every world acts as both a level and a hub.

Power-ups, a staple to the Mario series, also make a return in this game, but in a different manner. While power-ups would usually unlock new abilities for characters to use, they do not act the same way in this game. For example, the Fire Flower will not allow characters to throw fireballs; instead, it will give them a "fiery" aura upon collection. Despite this, the old function of power-ups is not entirely removed. Some characters are able to gain special abilities from the power-ups. Mario, for example, is able to throw fireballs using the aforementioned Fire Flower, but other characters cannot. These special attacks do, however, replace one of that character's attacks.

Bingo Technique

The Bingo Technique is a new feature in the game, inspired by Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door's Bingo! aspects. Bingo Cards can be purchased from shops around the world, with five rows and five columns all filled with enemies and, occasionally, mini-bosses, excluding the centermost square which acts as a Free Space. Defeating five of an enemy (or one mini-boss) will scratch out the enemy on the Bingo Card, and once five enemies in a row are scratched out, a random item will roll to either benefit or harm the player. The Bingo Cards are randomly generated with enemies each time one is bought, and Cards bought for more coins will give better rewards to the player. The Bingo Technique, however, must first be unlocked in a level for each team before a Bingo Card is accessible.


In some worlds of the game, the weather can now change. Weather presents different effects that can boost or decrease the power of a character or, in some cases, harm them. Weather will rarely appear in game worlds the first time you enter them except in cases where they are specifically meant to. Other worlds nearby may also share similar weather effects. Weather effects can also be combined to any extent, though it is unusual for more than two to be combined.

  • Rain boosts powers involving water or ice 1.5x, but lowers fire powers to 0.5x as much damage. Fire Flower power only boosts characters 1.5x in attack as opposed to the usual 2x.
  • Lightning makes electric powers stronger by 2x and boosts the speed of characters hit by it by 2x while lowering 5 points of their health. If this effect appears without rain, it will also give fire powers a small boost of 0.25x more attack power.
  • Chill makes the ground more slippery and slows down characters to 0.75x their original speed. This will also gradually damage players using fire powers, but will not decrease their power.
  • Tornado is rare, but makes everyone much floatier when jumping. It also decreases all attack power to 0.75x and lowers speed the closer you get to it. The tornado will not actually damage you.
  • Heat strengthens fire powers by 0.25x more. If players do not have a Fire Flower, they may lose speed over time.
  • Rainbow can only appear after a stage that has been raining, and boosts every power by 1x more. This affects not only attack power, but also speed and jump.


When Bowser initiates a plan to kidnap Mario in order to stop him from intervening in his attempts to wed Princess Peach, both the Mushroom and Koopa Kingdoms fall into chaos, and five groups plan to restore the kingdoms to their former glory… but does that mean something different for each group?

Playable Characters

Mushroom Knights

Character Description Attacks
Meowser B
Meowser is the leader of the powerful Mushroom Knights and the strongest member of the team. In actuality, Meowser is Bowser transformed into a cat-like form because of a Super Bell. This allows him to climb up walls and scratch foes, but this transformation does not stop him from using his classic fire-breathing and shell-spinning techniques. Scratch: Meowser scratches a nearby opponent or item.----

Fire: Meowser spits out fire in the direction he faces.

Spike Shell: Meowser hides inside of his spiky shell, immobile, but invincible. If struck by an object, he will spin around.

Green Gearmo
This Gearmo has a magnet. A former garbage man (or lady?), Green Gearmo joins the Mushroom Knights in search for a new job after being fired for making other people do his/her job. S/he is the weakest member, but also the quickest. His/her attacks mostly work to stun enemies, but make that up with a far range. Catapult: Green Gearmo transforms into a catapult and launches him/herself across the stage. Upon impact, his/her body may crack the ground, stunning enemies nearby.----

Magnetize: Green Gearmo waves his/her magnet around, stunning every enemy within a far range and drawing coins and other metal objects closer to him/her.

Trash Compactor: Green Gearmo swallows a nearby enemy whole and can spit it back out in a cubed form as a projectile.

Mario 2 - SuperMarioRun
Mario is a spaghetti-loving plumber and one of Princess Peach's closest allies, as he's saved her from the usually-nefarious Bowser time and time again. He often relies on his Power-Ups to stop enemy troops in their tracks, but he's also got some strong attacks. Aside from that, Mario is the most balanced character in the game, with only slightly below-average speed and slightly above-average strength. Hammer: Mario smashes his trademark hammer into the ground, defeating the closest enemy and stunning those surrounding.----

Spin Jump: Mario jumps with a slight spin, allowing him to jump on things he can't usually jump on, like sawblades and Spinies.

F.L.U.D.D. Blast: Mario pulls out F.L.U.D.D., a device that shoots water, and blasts nearby enemies using it.

Money Bomb: Mario uses up ten coins and throws a weak bomb with a large range.

Pauline is an old friend of Mario's. Like Peach, she tends to find herself getting kidnapped, though, strangely, not by Bowser, but by various members of the Kong tribe. She has a sweet soul and currently works at a theme park based in the Mushroom Kingdom that Mario once built in his days as a carpenter. She can't move quickly, though she has a high jump and slightly floats. Capsule: Pauline encapsulates a foe in a sphere. She can either roll or throw the capsule afterwards.----

Sweep Kick: Pauline spins around, using her heel to hit surrounding enemies.

Balloon Roll: Pauline mounts a small balloon and dashes around, crushing weak enemies below her.

Mr. L's Mysterious Mercenaries

Character Description Attacks
Mr. L Bike
Mr. L
Artwork by User:Yoshi3000
Mr. L is a strange criminal known by many under the secondary alias "Green Thunder." Though he has become infamous for his crimes, nobody truly knows Mr. L's identity behind the mask. Mr. L rides around on a motorcycle when he lacks necessary speed, and when he isn't using it he is able to jump higher than any challenger. Luigi- er, Mr. L- is directed by his trusty Brobot on this quest. Punch: Mr. L punches, hurting enemies in front of him.----

Motorcycle: Mr. L pulls out his motorcycle, giving him a quicker speed but a weaker jump. While on the motorcycle, he cannot use any other abilities, and if used again, he will get off the motorcycle.

Mini-Brobot: Mr. L summons a small replica of Brobot as a partner. The Mini-Brobot will shoot lasers at nearby foes.

Charge Jump: Mr. L charges, then springs upwards.

Mr. Γ
Mr. Γ is Mr. L's equally-mysterious second-in-command. As such, Mr. Γ is also a criminal, though he's more in the job for the money than his boss. Mr. Γ has lead a heavy life of gambling, and he's certainly not new to the scene as he constantly gets involved in fights and other active scenarios. His experience has given him power and speed, and he's also a clever acrobat for some reason; perhaps it has to do with his secret identity? Racket: Mr. Γ hits an enemy with a tennis racket, whacking it downwards. This can also hit spiked enemies.----

Smoke Bomb: Mr. Γ fires a smoke bomb, covering the area with smog that only he can see through. The smog also boosts his attack power until it disappears.

Gamble: Mr. Γ rolls a six-sided die and pulls a card. Depending on the card, either a nearby enemy gets struck with the attack power of the die's topside, or he himself gets hit by the attack.

Toad Army

Character Description Attacks
Mountain Sage
The Mountain Sage is one of the three Chosen Toads of Prism Island, and the most experienced of the three. He has immense power, able to dent entire mountains with only his mind. The Mountain Sage believes that he must assemble and lead a team of Toads to save the world from any threats… but he's been convinced by a monster that everyone who isn't a Toad cannot be trusted now. He has a humongous amount of strength and isn't very fast, but he can teleport wherever he wishes. TBA
Toadsworth sunrise stroll by vinfreild-d7no3sq
Toadsworth is usually Princess Peach's advisor and the ruler of the Mushroom Kingdom when she's been kidnapped, but he will tend to his kingdom no longer! All the kids nowadays are fighting off dangerous foes and going on quests, so why can't he? He hopes to find a way to fit in with the changing world as he joins the Mountain Sage on his journey. While Toadsworth is rather weak, he makes up for his lack of strength with his speed and jump… which are just slightly above average. TBA
Art by Yoshi66666666
Bedsmith, while not technically a Toad, has joined the Toad Army. He's actually a Pi'illo, a sentient dream being from Pi'illo Island, but the Mountain Sage believes he can be trusted. He's in love with Prince Dreambert, hoping to one day take a nap on him. He's surprisingly good at fighting, especially when his love is involved. He's also able to float off the ground and often prefers doing so... He does, unfortunately, get a bit drowsy at times. TBA

Princess Squad Z

Character Description Attacks
King Bob-omb MPSR
Big Bob-Omb
Princess Shokora 3D
Princess Shokora
Artwork by LudiculousPegasus
Slanito Lines
Artwork by AgentMuffin, colored by Athena Hawkins

Koopa Knights

Character Description Attacks
Wart Artwork - Super Mario Bros 2
Eggplant Man

Kong Family

Character Description Attacks
Cranky Kong

Rideable Characters

Character Description
Yoshi Rio2016
Yoshis will hatch from eggs scattered throughout the world. They will begin as Baby Yoshis and need to be fed five fruits before growing, and, once fully grown, they can have different attributes based on the fruits they've eaten. Their standard abilities include ground pounding, eating enemies, flutter jumping, and throwing eggs. Some extra attributes from fruits include being able to run up walls, roll up into balls, maneuver easily on ice, fly when an enemy is in its mouth, and even breathe fire.
Artwork by SonicWiki
Boshi can randomly hatch out of a blue Yoshi egg, beginning as a regular Blue Baby Yoshi and transforming into Boshi when it has eaten its food. Boshi is both faster and stronger than the average Yoshi, also having longer flutter jumps and the ability to bite into foes. Regardless of fruit, Boshi will always be guaranteed to have one extra attribute, and he will never be able to fly.
Copter Koopa2
Copter Koopa
Copter Koopa is a quick character who uses a propeller to propel upwards and float for some time when he gains enough traction. This allows him to carry players over gaps and holes that they could not cross beforehand. Unlike other rideable characters, players can use power-ups such as Fire Flowers while riding Copter Koopa, although they can only use them while flying.

Non-Playable Characters

Character Description
Bingo Boo
Bingo Boo leads the Bingo Bazaar, where he runs games of bingo and tries to sell items. He's a bingo master, and he challenges the Mushroom Knights to a competition involving bingo, random chance, and spooky circumstances in exchange for his bingo secrets. Items can be bought from his bazaars throughout the game, and he grants the Bingo Technique to the Mushroom Knights.
Kharon Dark Axe
Kharon is an axe-wielding friendly Koopa Troopa from the Aether Kingdom on his own adventure. He appears in several different levels, sharing his stories to other characters that interact with him. Kharon serves as a knight under the order of King Gildern with several of his friends, and he certainly isn't new to the scene. He sometimes even has special items to share with players!
Slade is a Koopa Paratroopa and the son of the famous Professor Paragon. Along with Kharon, he lives in the Aether Kingdom. Slade, taught by his father, is a mechanic, and he works well with technology. He is helping Kharon on his adventure this time around, and he loves to play video games. Slade is the brain of Kharon's quest, striving to be as smart as his father one day.



Character Description
Marx is a larger-than-usual evil Boo, dastardly planning maniacal plots to defeat his foes. While Marx attacks multiple teams several different times, his true plan is to defeat King Boo and take over his reign as king of the dead. He ignores any attempts to compromise with his foes and fights them regardless of their stance on King Boo. He also likes to make other people do his work and has his own army, although they are much weaker than King Boo's army.


Power-Up Description Attributes
Fire Flower
The Fire Flower gives you a flaming aura! You can burn anything made of wood and your attack power is even doubled when you've got this nice power-up. Mario can even throw fire balls!
SMP Mario Emblem

- Money Bomb
+ Fire Ball
1-Up Springboard
The 1-Up Springboard is an item that's definitely worth the cost. If you lose all of your health, the 1-Up Springboard will bounce you right back into action, only setting you back a few steps! These are generally hard to find, but they can be bought at shops. N/A


Area Description
Mt. Durnip
Mt. Durnip is a tall, snowy mountain accessible from a sky lift in the village below it. On the side of the mountain, there's a small farm, overseen by a family of turnip people. The farm has a windmill and animals on it, though it's hard to grow crops in such a cold environment. At the top of the mountain rests an old fortress that belongs to Bowser himself. The castle is old, but the Mushroom Knights use it as their home base.


  • The game was based on fan concepts of "Sonic Heroes with Mario characters."
  • The Panic portion of the name comes from Yume Kōjō: Doki Doki Panic, a Japanese video game that was released in the Americas as Super Mario Bros. 2.
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