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Super Mario Odyssey 2: The Lost Levels is a 3D platforming game that was made to be the sequel of Super Mario Odyssey. The game was Published in the year 2021. It is on the Nintendo Switch, XBOX, and PC.


Once Upon a Time, it was an ordinary day in the Mushroom Kingdom, But then, all of the sudden, Bowser attacked! Bowser took all of the Power Moons from the mushroom kingdom, and scattered them all around the world! He also took Mario and Luigi, and threw them To the Cap Kingdom. Mario And Luigi wake up, and cappy tells them what happened. So mario and cappy team up again, but this time, with luigi!



He's the main character. He is the only one who can capture things, Because he has help from cappy. You start off with him.


He can jump very high, He can ground pound faster, and when he's crouching, He could do a OP Backflip if you press A. You also start off with him.


He is very fast, he can pick up items more faster then anybody, and he has a bad jump. He is unlocked when you talk to 30 toads in a week.