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Super Mario Odyssey 2 is a platforming game for the Nintendo Switch released on 14th of June 2024. It is the nineteenth title in the Super Mario series, and it is the seventh 3D Mario title on a home console. As the name suggests, it is a sequel to Super Mario Odyssey, since it uses the same sandbox-like elements and design. The plot itself revolves around Mario and Luigi travelling across the other side of the Earth to more Kingdoms, in order to stop Bowser from trying to find the Statue of Love after learning that the wedding from the previous game was going to lead to the disastrous result of Peach's wish power being used for the destruction of the Mushroom Kingdom. The brothers also end up in a tangle against the Broodals' former boss and Madame Broode's ex husband Lord Fennington, who wants to kill Mario for bruising his former minions and kill Bowser for hiring them in the first place. While the story keeps the series' signature of simplicity, it does add some character development to the Mario brothers (moslty their love and respect for one another) and Bowser (giving him a back story explaining why he does what he does)


While the core gameplay of Super Mario Odyssey is still present within its sequel, there are some changes here and there made to expand upon the original. For one, Mario and Cappy are not the only playable characters, two more are playable, one being mandatory during intermissions between beating certain kingdoms, Luigi and Bowser, making a total of four playable characters. As the main two heroes, Mario and Luigi are the only two characters that have their own character specific weapons.

Playable Characters

Name Description Special Weapons
The plucky plumber himself always gets himself in a wild goose chase with different villians, either Bowser or whoever, but with the help of Cappy, he and Luigi are able to jump through Kingdoms and find Bowser.
  • F.L.U.D.D

The Comical Coward of the Mario Brothers is back as he joins his older brother in recovering different Moons, Stars and Sprites in order to progress to different Kingdoms.

Luigi is considered the easier character of the game as he has higher jumps than Mario and is able to spin in the air when doing a somersault, but generally he's a lot slower at running than he is at swimming.

  • Poltergust 6000
Cappy is a Bonneter that once helped Mario in stopping a wedding between Bowser and Peach, this time though, he joins the duo in trying to stop Bowser from finding and stealing the Statue of Love.



Bowser is the only character of the four who isn't part of the main gameplay itself, but only appears in intermissions where he has to defend his kingdom against the attacks of Fennington's Froonies.


Unlike the previous Super Mario Odyssey, this game allows for three player co-op where the second player plays as Cappy, moving independently from the other players instead of hovering automatically over Mario's head. The three other players act the same as the first player, moving on the ground as they can use the second player to jump on for more momentum. Additionally, the live system is brought back, only instead of 1-UP Mushrooms, Life Bubbles fill this purpose as they bring the character back to the checkpoint they were at before they died.


Like the first Super Mario Odyssey, the sequel offers a variety of minigames.

Money Mocks

Similar to Balloon World from the first game, which was a hide and seak type of game, players now have to hide different Star Coins from players, also giving them the option to trap players and make them waste their time inside of the traps, trying to get out. Wario and Waluigi run this mode as a public game from WarioWare.

Ring of Rage

Located within ShimmerRock Kingdom and run by the mayor of the Guinie Town, this mode revolves around the characters as they fight against various sets of enemies, increasing in speed and damage. At the end of the selected set is a scarier version of one of the bosses.


Located in the Ghost Kingdom, this is played during the Zombie/Boo war, where Luigi has to survive the war by using his Poltergust 6000 to suck up the Boos and break the zombies' jaws by hitting them across the faces. This can be replayed on the Minigame Machine in the Odyssey after transferring it from Professor E.Gadd's hard drive.



  • Missile Sherms - They are Sherms that fire Tomahawks Bills instead of explosives.
  • Tomahawk Bills - They are Bullet Bills that have an appearance based on the missiles used by the US Army. Instead of being fired by Bill Blasters, Tomahawk Bills are fired by Missile Sherms.
  • Bunny Soldiers - They are anthropomorphic rabbits that serve as soldiers for Lord Fennington. they throw hats that are capable of exploding.


  • Rexes - They are dragon-like dinosaurs. In this game, Rexes use the design of Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga + Bowser’s Minions.The Rexes will chase Mario if they spot him. They must be defeated in the same way as the Morty Moles in the game Super Mario 3D Land.
  • Bullies - They are green-footed enemies with horns. They have the same behavior and sounds as the game Super Mario 64 , but keep their design and size from the game Super Mario 3D World. They will be defeated when they are pushed into the lava, into the abyss and into the poisonous water.
  • Mr. Blizzards - They are snowmen that throw snowballs. They have the same behavior as Super Mario 64, but they keep the Super Mario 64 DS design. Running around them will defeat them.
  • Goombas - Are enemies members of Koopa Trop. Their behavior is the same as in previous 3D games. Can be defeated by any attack.
  • Koopa Troopas - They are bipedal shoe anthropomorphic turtles that are members of the Koopa Trop.Green-shelled Koopa Troopas act in the same way as Koopa Troopas in Super Mario 64, while red-shelled Koopa Troopas act in the same way as Koopa Troopas in Super Mario 3D World.The Koopa Troopas will hide in their shells if they are trampled by Mario, but will be knocked out of their shells if hit by Mario's ground pound, turning them into Beach Koopas.
  • Stingbies - Are bee-like enemies with their stinger located on their face. They have the same behavior as previous games.
  • Whomps - Are stone enemies that resemble rectangles with snaggletoothed faces, simple hands and arms, and legless feet.They act like they did in Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Galaxy 2, but they keep the design of Mario Party: Island Tour. They can be ground pounded if the Whomps are face down.

Weapons and Instruments

Unlike the previous game where the main gimmick was to buy clothes and caps at stores, the main gimmick of this game is to buy specific weapons and regional music insturments that unlock certain paths and please most people at big events, such as the grand opening of the McHicky Pub in the ShimmerRock Kingdom


Character Specific Weapons

Name User
FLUUUDD.pngF.L.U.D.D MAD.pngMario
Poltergust6000.pngPoltergust 6000 LUUU.pngLuigi

All Rounder Weapons

Rainbow Star
Super Feather
Koopa Shell
Fire Flower


Name Kingdom
PianoQ2RQW.pngPiano Waterfront Kingdom
Harp.jpgCeltic Harp ShimmerRock Kingdom
Mandore.jpgMandore Amour Kingdom
Harmonica.pngHarmonica Shizwizer Kingdom
Crilly.pngCastanets Marcorino Kingdom
Ukulale.pngUkulele Delfino Kingdom
Tamborines.pngTamborines Cathedral Kingdom
ELEC.pngElectric Guitar Fatherboard Kingdom


The amount of kingdoms has been added up to twenty. Each kingdom, like the previous Super Mario Odyssey has a specific theme. Only this time, instead of being the usual Mario location desert, snow, forest, etc, a good portion of said kingdoms are heavily based on different countries across the globe, mostly on Europe. However here and there some are based off of other themes of media, such as religion.

Kingdom and Location Description Boss Fight Power Moon Color Purple Coins
Corrupted Kingdom


Based off of the south side of the European country of Portugal, this Kingdom's one important church is set in a very small town, the only people to reside here are residential Shrimpos as they seem very friendly to Mario and company. The Church itself is the reference point to one of the challenges that the player will have to face if they chose to 100% the game. NONE Mooon.png 10
Waterfront Kingdom

Spagheto Mon Porto

Based off of the many ports of the European country of Italy, this Kingdom's location is very popular in terms of money and food, but it is also home to an ancestry of two red and green heroes. One of the more famous museums with in the kingdom is located within the location on the top of the slope. Here this is where Mario and Luigi learn about their ancestry and how their history was ruined during the cold war of 0016. Atom-Scare NONE 60
HappyDam Kingdom

Dino Dino Jungle

Home to a familiar specie that Mario and Luigi were given a boost by when they were little tots, Yoshi and his long going family of dinosaurs live here and once they hear about the news of Bowser being an idiot again, the long term pal of the Mario brothers and his rainbow colored family don't hesitate to join them in their cascade across the globe. Burt the Bashful Star242121.png NONE
SnakeShade Kingdom


Sarasaland is one of those places that lies on the equator with one side being dry grasslands, cold mountains and the Samanthi Palace, and the other being located exactly on the equator's middle part, filled with sand, pyramids and empty waterholes. Princess Daisy lives in the Samathi Palace as she rules the kingdom with an iron fist and a sense of fun and hard work. She joins the convoy as she decides that a break from the hot weather would be a good idea. King Totomesu Star242121.png 70
Shimmerock Kingdom

Guinie Town

Based off of the European country of Ireland, this kingdom is well known for it's amazing drinks the pub sets up within the many villages and towns that reside. In this town however, something about it seems too quiet. Occasionally there are some amazing fights between LeperVauns within the pub that Mario and Luigi visit from time to time in order to fight there themselves, however the main section of the town includes a theater called "The MulliFar Theater for Fine Arts". This where things get a little strange as they learn a little more about the history of this place and how it came to what it is today. Alan The LocoFire 100px-SMO Power Moon Red.png 100

Amour Kingdom Marie

Based off of the European country of France, this kingdom is mostly known for keeping an ancient antique called the "Statue of Love", this antique is Bowser's main machine in getting Peach's affection and love so he can use her. However this time, he's got one thing coming to him, which is Lord Fennington. The residents of Crossies in this kingdom live to their name of being cross over the smallest things, which is something that Mario should probably avoid. Bowser 100px-SMO Power Moon Purple.png 100
Marcorino Kingdom

Zarboni City

Based off of the bull fighting city of Mardid from the European country of Spain. This kingdom is famous for its intense bullfights, Mario and Luigi get involved in a serious bullfight against a mechanical bull in the city and with the help of the Odyssey under the control of Daisy and the Yoshis, they have to shove the bull off the bridge before it goes on a murderous rampage and kills everyone. Beefy 100px-SMO Power Moon Brown.png 80
Shizwizer Kingdom

Power Tower

Based off of the Berliner Fernsehturm in central Berlin, Germany. Mario and Luigi have to climb the top of the tower and turn on the electricity of the tower agan after a rain storm. NONE 100px-SMO Power Moon White.png 60
Cathedral Kingdom

The Dark Heights

Based off of the Russian Orthodox Cathedral. Mario and Luigi, enter this place, with no sense of danger and reflect on how life has been. However they are taken by surprise by Lord Fennington, and have to fight him. Lord Fennington Mooon.png 40
Fatherboard Kingdom

Virus Hospital

Based off of the celebraty's home of Hollywood, in the United States of America, Mario and Luigi enter this technological place full of past celebraties that died after being infected by Viruses. After jumping inside of the main computer of the hospital, they have to find a way to fix the circuits that were also infected by the viruses. ElectroZing Mooon.png 100
Delfino Kingdom

Delfino Plaza

A familiar island that Mario once visted before while Luigi was sleeping in his mansion. Here, everything is sugar coated with sunlight and real tans. Mario and Luigi visit the island once again to relax and take in the atmosphere, also while sorting out some fruits for the Piantas of the plaza. Petey Piranha attacks the plaza at one point, forcing the brothers to take him down. Petey Piranha Shine.png 50
Amazezing Kingdom

Cogwald Rainforest

Based off of the Amazon Rainforest in South America, Mario and Luigi walk through this fresh forest of rain, and inscets that lead to a painful and agonizing death. Until they find the soda machine of the forest, and have to take it down because of the fact that it is malfunctioning. Soda Scrayer 100px-SMO Power Moon Cyan.png 100
Lagoon Kingdom

Jolly Dire Lagoon

A combination two various water worlds from an iconic adventure inside of paintings and walls of a castle. Mario and Luigi travel through this watery world of Eeels and ships in order to get to the docks. NONE Star242121.png 100
Ghost Kingdom

Boo Woods

A familar woods that was once taken over by ghosts and dangerous beings, but is now just a forest of nothingness, except for Luigi's special mansion. However Mario and Luigi find out that one last ghost managed to escape from a painting and that ghost is none other than Bogmire. Bogmire Star242121.png 70
Roadway Kingdom

Fennington's Mansion of Scare

A highway road located right outside of the Ghost Kingdom where Fennington's house is located. Mario and Luigi visit the house after seeing a suspicious sign outside of the house, and are in for a big surprise when they enter the house. The Broodals Trio NONE NONE
Galactic Kingdom

Rosalina's Observatory

Being something that faith calls back, Mario and Luigi explore the Observatory and find Rosalina in the library, and tells the brothers that she's been watching over them ever since their adventure in the stars. And that she's glad they haven't let their duties gone from their lives, but that they can stretch to new horizons if they wanted, and that no one is stopping them. NONE Star242121.png NONE
Kurdcrush Kingdom

The Holy Bridge

Based off of the 14th of July bridge in Iraq, this bridge keeps a strong position of belief and war behind it, and is the point where Bowser comes in to for a fight that should end everything to the best note he could think of. Bowser Mooon.png 45
Railway Kingdom

Lineroad Station

Based off of the English Countryside, mostly where the rails lie, Mario and Luigi travel to this place to catch the next train to the Queen Kingdom in order to find Lord Fennington and stop him before he takes over the world. NONE Mooon.png 10
Queen Kingdom

The Countdown Clock

Reaching the Queen Kingdom they arrive at the countdown clock, where the time strikes at dusk. Setting on the final fight of the game between the brothers and the snivling rabbit and his fat ugly wife. The goal of the fight is to break the clock's arms in order for the couple to fall down and break their legs, only when they rise above with the power of the Moons they've harnessed, now is the time to use the Odyssey and get out of the building before it blows. Lord Fennington and Madame Broode Mooon.png NONE
Superstar Kingdom

Throne for the Kings of the Mushroom Kingdom

After collecting all the collectables in the game, Mario and Luigi recieve a letter to the Superstar Kingdom and bring everyone in the castle with them, to celebrate their glorous victory. Bowser shows up out of the blue to congratulate the brothers for their victory and doing the job for him, also apologising for doing what he did. Rosalina leads them the throne room where they recieve something very special... NONE Grand Star2.png NONE


Name Description
Star1111312312.pngPower Star These allow Mario and Luigi to upgrade their abilities and special weapons. There are seven Power Stars to be found in the location of each Kingdom. Most individuals consider it to be an extra value to fueling ships. But hey...It has many values, within where it originates from that is.
Shine.pngShine Sprite Shine Sprites allow Mario and Luigi to get a much easier price on the Musical Instruments, dependending on the type of song that plays in front of the cashier at the Music store found within a kingdom. Like Power Stars, these can possibly fuel the Odyssey in one shot.
Mooon.pngPower Moon These are used as the real main fueling source for the Odyssey in order to let Mario and company reach and traverse different kingdoms across the globe. While they're not exclusive to every single kingdom, they play an important role in moving across the globe.



The success and acclaim for Super Mario Odyssey as a best seller on the Switch lead to Nintendo EPD considering ideas for a sequel. Originally they didn't want to do a sequel as they didn't really want the project to directly compete with the first Mario Odyssey, which could've been updated with DLC at any time, but Shigeru Myiamoto insisted on making a sequel as he felt that he could challenge Mario and friends, more than he would ever do in a full feature film.

  • Even though Mario is one of those things in gaming society that most people usually play just to make themselves mad and engaged, we wanted to make the sequel more adult and serious [....] something that even parents would look at and get a bit of a kick out of what they're looking at, something that wouldn't just make a kid cry, something to give the players mixed raw emotions.

The developers looked for a more regional kind of look, something similar to what they did in Super Mario Sunshine, having realistic looking locations, based off of countries from Europe.